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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Story of Androcles and The Lion

I am writing this on a personal basis. As one who writes on politics long before I joined DAP and later became its candidate for Raub Pahang. And Raub Pahang is a Malay majority constituency ya.

I am puzzled by the strategy taken by the leader of PR- Anwar Ibrahim. Maybe I have not read a hidden political manual from the Shaolin temple. My political Kung Fu is not fully developed yet.

He has offered to provide evidence on the corruption that Tun Daim Zainduin did. He has stories about embezzlements, commissions, award of contracts, licences, monopolies and even sexual trysts? Now, as readers may know, I came to know a bit about Tun Daim. Most of all I know, he is not the PM who is now controlling Malaysia.

So here is why I am puzzled. Why attack Daim when the focus of our efforts ought to be centred on kicking Najib out of Putrajaya? We should be giving as much space for the UMNO people to kill off each other.

I would have thought, an enemy of our real enemy is our friend. We should allow Daim and his people (writers, bloggers, ex ministers) to whack Najib. Let us not stop Zam for example to reveal those juicy stories about Najib so that all Malaysia will know Najib for what his truly is. An overrated blue blood who has not much grey material between his ears who is actually a menace to our country. Come on Pak Zam- kasi keluaq habis.

Let us also encourage people like Kadir Jasin to write negatively about Najib.

The objective is to save Malaysia from the insouciant Najib. Look at our debt. It’s really more than the meaningless ceiling of 55% of GDP thing. I can’t remember what it is already- maybe RM560 billion. The amount of contingent liabilities alone is RM160 billion. This amount is cleverly not shown in the Malaysian Budget. Most of us don’t know. These are loans undertaken by specially created vehicles, such as GLC or some SPVs which are guaranteed by the government. If they go bust or default on their loans, the government steps in and pay. Where will the government get the money? From the treasury of course which is our money.

Look at what is happening to race relations. UMNO wants us to be at war with one another. UMNO wants nothing better than waging a war against the Chinese, the majority of whom have become supporters of DAP. But its own senior minister is helping out a law breaker now investigated in America. And he is a Chinese.

The narrative by UMNO about the Chinese? They will take away the special privileges of the Malays, will attack the Malay religion and will dethrone the poor and hapless Malay rulers. I say hapless because Malay rulers depend on people like Perkasa to defend them. That’s implying, the Malay rulers are not that bright to the extent that they must depend on Perkasa.

It means that The Constitution is useless. The Malay demography is useless. 

Look at the government’s acting as bystander to the vetocracy unleashed by unelected Islamists now inhabiting many of the religious departments. I don’t want to appear mean-hearted when I say, what does Najib understand about the Islamic religion to expect him to do anything about it?

So why lend a hand to Najib? Indeed TV3 as the main spin master of the PM is giving Anwar a large space to denounce Daim Zainudin. This is suspicious and it’s not because that Saifool bloke is complaining about it. TV3 or other communications medium owned and controlled by Media Prima will not move or do anything, unless cleared by Najib’s people. I don’t think people like Johan Jaafar, Ashraf  Abdullah or Manja Ismail got the balls to give space to Anwar.

To me it appears that Anwar’s priority is no longer PR. So what is it? Even though he has told me he doesn’t care about it- I think his priority now is his personal freedom.

So is there a deal between Najib and Anwar? Anwar lends a hand to Najib to whack Daim who is actually fronting for Dr Mahathir and by doing so, if Anwar succeeds, remove the thorn in the lion’s paw. Is Anwar playing the role of Androcles removing the thorn from Najib’s paw? The lion then becomes tame and shares game with Androcles Anwar?

Or maybe the hidden manual in the Shaolin temple contains a coded message that says- Grasshopper- isolate Najib first and then go for the kill?



bruno 20 January 2015 at 07:53  

Dato,first of all what has Anwar got on Daim?Being a politician and opportunist can anyone think that Anwar will hold back information to take down an opponent?And for 16 years?He must be a real moron to think that he can hoodwink his supporters again,like 9/16?

PR needs good leaders.Good leaders do not come in the likes of Anwar,Rafizi,Tien Chua or Tony Pua..Mahathir took Anwar into Umno because he was becoming a pain in the Dr's ass.Mahathir did not take him in because of his smarts.Anyone who do not believe can go ask Dr Mahathir.

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 08:21  

Perhaps, the key main here is the internecine war within umno!

At this moment, the best chance to further weaken umno is to agitate their internal civil wars among the factions.

Rosnajib is on the way down & out. But never underestimate the flom schemer! She will go down screaming, toe & nail, if it has to be.

Right now, the retaliation against the M-faction is clearly the handy works of her rather than ahjibgor.

So, a slight push on an enemy, holding onto a cliff-hanger, is a charitable move.

AI's move might not work fully. In fact, it might back-fire, due to the consolidation of the common interest among the waring umno factions.

However, it does throw a unexpected spanner into the chaotic scene. Thus putting the lady schemer to go full force for attack!

This is interesting time indeed....

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 08:30  


This is the politics of stealth and mind games of the highest order. Your 'kungfu' prowess has not reach that level yet, and you have to continue with your training with your masters.

One day soon, "the water will recede and the rocks will be revealed".

People will realise that it is time the old men and women of politics and government in Malaysia be removed and sent to retirement homes to live the rest of their wretched lives. The younger people should take over the helm of leadership, be it in BN or in PR and focus on running the country instead of running each other down.

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 09:01  

Daim played a huge role in dethroning Anwar in 1988. These two men hate each other. This, I think is a personal vendetta.
I doubt it will have political implications for PR. If any, its minuscule.
In any case, Daim will go free because MACC will say "not enough evidence".

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 10:51  

Well nothing surprising if both Najib and Anwar join forces this time round. After all both were in umno wawasan team in the 90s and presently, both are fighting for their political survival. Anyway i still believe the warlords in umno is still behind Najib and he still will have a firm grip of things. Btw Datuk how do you foresee Pakatan to win the GE14? Not when you have Pas breaking up within, Pkr looking the same replica of umno and only Dap being the most disciplined and well ran party. That itself will be put to test soon as presently, its MP and Aduns are as quiet as church mice on the impending Kidex and Dash tolled highway projects. Already klang valley voters are labelling PR and Bn as abang adik 2x5 and if Azmin Ali does not take a stand to cancel these two highway projects, then the likehood of PR losing ground in Selangor is frightfully real

the mean machine,  20 January 2015 at 11:23  

Could this action by Anwar be a get out of jail free card.

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 12:21  

A case of you help me, I help you.
Najib, I whack Daim for you and you get me off the sodomy charge... sounds believable? Perhaps.

the gaffe guy who know's,  20 January 2015 at 13:15  

Politics is a crazy world for Anwar.It is damn if I do or do not help Najib.

If you are damned either ways,then why are you doing it?It is a crazy world,that is politics Umno way,or rather Anwar way,isn't it?No wonder Anwar is still doing Chinese kung-fu dancing for that imaginary PM post.

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 13:25  

Assalamualaykum Dato Sak

I believe Anwar Ibrahim is in the same position as you. He is given what many critics claim red carpet platform to pursue his revenge on his biggest nemesis. It is no secret that Daim was Anwar's Sodomy 1998 architect. And no surprise upon 2004 jail released Anwar publicly declared he forgave Mahathir but not Daim.

On the other hand, helping 'enemy to my enemy' to get rid Daim is not a wise political strategy. Anwar may have his personal valid reason of doing so but as much as 52% Malaysian who casted vote on PR last GE are concern, be it Najib or Mahathir or any other team within UMNO, they are all must be fought all out, regardless what color they may now turned into, foe remain hazardous to rakyat's ambition to see Malaysia a peaceful free land.

bumi-non-malay 20 January 2015 at 13:35  

While Rakyat Malaysia yang sudah Di Basuh Minda sibuk dengan Acara baru Daim-Anwar.....

Malapetaka Rakyat yang kena Binasa oleh Banjir dah hilang rupanys?? Semua dah PULIH Macam Zaman Gemilang sebelum banjir rupanya??

Pembunuh Altantuya boleh diikat jamin, keluar main-main....ini Undang2 Hakim UMNO-BN(bangsat Negara) dengan IZIN S&A??

Ekonomi Negara Kian Merosot dan Duit PERMATA Hampir diKebas....oleh Golongan Elit UMNO-BN....Duit Permata diguna Macam Duit NFC(Kandang Kerbau) atau dah diguna beli Apartment Kat New York/London/Paris/Bangkok/Hawaii selepas bersara.....

Nak Romantik lagi dengan Kezaliman, Kekejaman ISIS Boko Haram Sulu Terrorist Racis UMNO-BN??...

GUNA WANG TUNAI atau wang asing Masa GST dilaksanakan...supaya UMNO-BN tak dapat sesen pun!! Ayuh BBB..... Bangun Bangkit BELASAH UMNO-BN.... Sebelum Awak di ZALIMI UMNO-BN

Ringgit Akan RUNTUH tak Lama Lagi...Amaran!!!

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 13:49  


Being a contemporary of Anwar in UM in the 70's, I can say that he is very unpredictable to the extent that some dub him as a chameleon. You have good grounds to have your doubts on him.

In the present political climate, nothing is certain. Many non-Muslims had voted for PAS in the last GE only to regret big time now. So what is going to happen is anyone's guess, Anwar's case included.

As a PR supporter, I am truly confused and frustrated.

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 16:58  

U must udstand, macc is like a caged tiger. Anwar may have a lot of evidences v Daim but it would be useless to reveal if d tiger is caged.
Anwar had publicly making allegations v Daim all these yrs since 1998 but nothing came out of it since d tiger is caged.He had evev lodged a rpt v Daim that Daim held a lot of shares thru proxies but nothing out of it,
Now that d cage has been opened, u see a maurading macc.
Anwar is now telling what members of d public had already known. Being a former DPM he cld reveal d juicy part.
As for d rakyat, all those who commit corruption or abuse of power, whether frm PR or BN shld b brought to justice, incl fmr PMs.

Unknown 20 January 2015 at 17:38  

life is Short..

i support anwar if he need to poke daim to save himself from jailll

if he out of jail... he wins..
if he goes to jail, he wins...

either way najib loses...

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 18:27  

A very wild assumption.....a trade-off for the impending verdict?

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 22:23  

Dato SAK, PR is in shambles and we have to blame PAS for that. Anwar is a seasoned politician and a master tactician when comes to politics. Hadi has stabbed Anwar and is known to be making inroads to UMNO's arms. It's a matter of time. All of Hadi's warriors from the pro Ulama group are now taking sides of Hadi. With TGNA gone from the winds of PAS the high flying PAS sales have broken down and in Kelantan the game is changing from hate UMNO to marry UMNO and it's all matter of right and ripe time to enter BN.
Don't you think Anwar is playing a game too. I would, if I were in his shoes. This is opportune time to kill two birds with one stone. What would PR acheive if Najib is dropped? Can PR take over the reins of Putrajaya? No. No way man. The next man will go into action replacing Najib. Then what? What if that person happen to be real mettle steele for UMNOBN and turn out to be the better candidate as PM, then what prospects does PR have to capture Putrajaya with only DAP at it's forefront. PASMA wouldn't get a chance in Malay areas. The rural Malays will forever buy the Islam, Raja and Melayu story. So, can Anwar with PR acheive anything?
We know Daim is your good friend but you must not let down Anwar. Have trust in him. There is no choice. As the saying goes, in politics there is no permanent enemy and no permanent friend.

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 23:27  

In order for Pakatan to take over Putrajaya (Anwar becoming PM), Najib must remain as PM until GE14. By then, the country's economy will be in a total mess and the peoples' anger at boiling point.

Replacing Najib with a new person will give UMNO new hope to retain power as any tom dick and harry or makcik can be better than Najib by a thousand long as he is willing to open his mouth on important issues.

Secondly, this is the best time for Anwar to take revenge on Daim and Dr. M for the things done to him previously.

I see that Anwar is still the Shaolin master and Dato' must go up the mountain to learn from him.

John Malott,  21 January 2015 at 07:59  

Dato Ariff, I am sure that you know the British (and now the American) television show called "House of Cards."

UMNO is a "House of Cards."

If people dish the dirt on Daim, that will help to negate Mahathir's power, because everyone knows that Daim would be nowhere without Mahathir. (Although Daim's ego thinks the opposite -- Mahathir would be nowhere without me!)

If the truth comes out about Daim, then maybe Mahathir will be hesitant to open up what Tom Friedman of the New York Times called Mahathir's IBM -- his "International Big Mouth. Why? Because who knows what other secrets Anwar and other people have about Mahathir?

So revealing the truth about Daim is just the first step. Dishing the dirt on Daim and Mahathir will show how corrupt UMNO is. People will notice.

And then UMNO is vulnerable. The attacks on Najib will come next -- there are so many scandals -- Scorpene, Altantuya, Rosmah, 1MDB, etc.

One thing I have learned in life is that we need to be careful what we wish for, because we just might get it!! If you think that Najib is bad and want to get rid of him, then what about his likely successors, Muhyiddin or Zahid? It will only go from bad to worse.

So I only can say, please have more faith !

Years ago, I decided, this is not about Anwar -- this is about Malaysia. And Anwar has said the same thing many times. He has said he is ready to go to jail. He has told that to the press, and he has told that to me personally.

I wonder, how many Malaysians would be willing to go to prison for what they believe in? Would you?

This week in America we are all thinking about Martin Luther King and a famous phrase -- "Keep Your Eye on the Prize." And in Malaysia, the prize is true democracy and political freedom.

We all need to keep our eye on the prize.

Anonymous,  21 January 2015 at 12:07  

Chances of dethroning Umno/BN is much better if Najib is not replaced. The moment Najib is ousted the majority of Malays will feel that they have a new lease of life whoever takes over as Umno leader is secondary. It is like the pain to shoulder Najib's ineffectiveness have been lifted overnight. That's the thought process of ordinary Melayu. Anwar is right in choosing Najib. He may well be killing 2birds with a few stones.

Anonymous,  21 January 2015 at 17:28  

Tun Daim & Tun Mahathir adalah DUA Perompak, Penyangak, Penipu, Pemutar Belit yang telah menzalimi seluruh Rakyat Malaysia dgn membawa keluar BERBILLION-BILLION Wang Rakyat. Kalau Penyangak Daim membawa lari ke berbagai bank di Eropah dan Afrika, Mahazalim, MahaFiraun Mahathir membawanya ke Guam. Oleh kerana jumlah banyak, maka mudahlah bagi mereka memiliki Bank-Bank dinegara tersebut, dgn proksi-proksi terpilih, khususnya Pedagang Matawang yang dilantik oleh KeDUA-DUA Penyanggak Terbesar dlm sejarah Malaysia Moden.
Lim Kit Siang sebagai Ketua Pembangkang di era Kegemilangan Kerajaan BN/UMNO 2/3, telah membawa topic “THE BANK NEGARA RM30 BILLION LOSSES SCANDAL” di Parlimen sekitar tahun 1994, namun keunggulan 2/3 Majoriti, skandal tersebut lenyap begitu saja, Lim Kit Siang tidak lagi mengungkitkan sehngga ke hari ini.
Hansard Parlimen Skandal lapor pd tahun 1989 Bank Negara telah dikritik hebat oleh Pihak Berkuasa Kewangan Barat kerana berspekulasi KETERLALUAN ke atas matawang Yen dan US Dollar di mana Group 7 Negara Maju cuba menstabilkan pasaran kewangan ketika itu. 1991, Reuter melaporkan Bank Negara memiliki suatu kuasa dominan ke atas pasaran kewangan & digelar sbg “PEMBULI PASARAN KEWANGAN”.
Kapasiti Bank Negara lakukan spekulasi US50 Million satu lot berbanding pasaran normal berkapasiti US5 Million, Jepun saja yg memiliki kapasiti tersebut dan hanya spekulasi satu atau dua kali dalam masa satu tahun. Berbanding Bank Negara melakukan BERBILLION dalam masa satu hari.
Teknik spekulasi pada US50 Million pada 2 Bank Ternama dan kemudian mengulangi spekulasi dengan kadar sama 10 minit kemudian. Kemudian Namk Negara bertukar tempat dan melakukan spekulasi lagi 24 jam sehari dengan jumlah wang BERBILLION-BILION.
SOALNYA JIKA KERUGIAN YANG DICATAT HANYA RM30 BILLION, kemana wang-wang Rakyat BERBILLION-BILLION yang lainnya pergi? Sedangkan Rezab Bank Negara ketika itu hanyalah US20 Billion dan Tidak berubah spt lapor DS Anwar di Parlimen?
Kejadian berlaku di zaman Penyanggak Daim sbg MENTERI KEWANGAN dan Mahazalim Mahathir sbg PERDANA MENTERI, manakala Ketua Spekulasi Kewangan di Bank Negara ialah Nor Mohamad Yaacob. Nor Nohammad Yaakob masih di dlm Kerajaan, menutup rapat Rahsia Besar ini, di Bank Negara, Mahazalim MahaFiraun Mahathir arah Zeti Aziz, simpannya dlm peti besi. Zeti Aziz, bukannya cekap & pandai manapon mengendalikan urusan Kewangan/Bank Negara, tapi TIADA SESIAPA PON yang mampu mengugat kedudukkannya. Mahazalim Mahathir akan cepat memintas/memotong sesiapa saja yang berani kacau “CARETAKER GUNDEK” utk jaga Rahsia Besarnya.
Hanya Penyanggak Perompak, Lanun Daim dan Mahazalim MahaFiraun Mahathir sahaja yang mampu menjawab persoalan ini. Sila rujuk artikel “the bank negara rm30 billion forex losses scandal”.
Lim Kit Siang, DS Anwar Ibrahim dan Rafizi Ramli desak di siasat Penyanggak Daim, Mahazalim Mahathir, dari mana kekayaan yg mereka dapat asalnya dari mana?,Bawa kpd World Bank, IMF, ICC, Bank Of England, FSA, Federal Reserve. “SEPANDAI-PANDAI TUPAI MELOMPAT, AKHIRNYA AKAN JATUH KE TANAH JUA” akhirnya terbongkar jua.

Miracle Bullet 22 January 2015 at 00:21  


Jangan lupa bahawa tunggak kekuatan UMNO BN bukan pada PM PM pengganti Mahathir. Sebaliknya Mahathirlah merupakan key player sebenar. Inilah dalangnya. Pengaruh Mahathir masih utuh di dalam UMNO BN justru kerana beliau dikelilingi oleh tentera tentera yang kewangannya kukuh. Daim adalah satu darinya selain ramai lagi seperti Kadir Jasin, Zam serta NGO NGO tertentu yang ikut menjadi juak dan balaci Mahathir.

Mahathir menyedari UMNO BN bakal punah jika parti itu terus diterajui Najib. Ini bukan hanya soal kelembapan Najib menguruskan ekonomi negara semata mata sebaliknya ini hanya satu diantara sebab tersebut kenapa Najib perlu ditolak oleh team Mahathir. Serangan Mahathir dan team beliau termasuk Daim terhadap Najib adalah bersifat serampang dua mata kerana mereka mahu Najib segera digantikan PM Boneka lain yang WAJIB mampu mengekang kemaraan PR khususnya Anwar Ibrahim. Inilah kemahuan sebenar team Mahathir.

Dato mungkin berpendapat Daim bukanlah sasaran yang tepat dan betul. Tetapi tidak pernahkah Dato terfikir nasib PR dan masa depannya jika Najib digulingkan dan diganti oleh PM lain yang pastinya calon pilihan Mahathir?. Apakah Dato fikir pengganti Najib lebih mudah ditangani sedangkan dalam masa yang sama PM boneka Mahathir ini akan mencorakkan strategi untuk lebih menekan PR dan Anwar sendiri.

Saya lebih bersetuju dengan analisa Cekgu Bard yang melihat bahawa dalang dan pembuli sebenar dalam politik Malaysia ini adalah Mahathir sendiri. Kalau sebelumnya Mahathir mampu menghalalkan segalanya termasuk memperkosa sistem kehakiman negara semata mata untuk mengekalkan kekuasaan beliau,apa kah Dato fikir perkara ini mustahil berulang bila PM pengganti Najib pilihan Mahathir itu mentadbir Malaysia kemudiannya?. Apakah Dato boleh beri jaminan team Mahathir termasuk Daim tidak akan mengulangi hal durjana bila berkuasa nanti sedangkan ada sebab kuat kenapa mereka ini perlu menyekat kemaraan PR terutamanya Anwar Ibrahim.

Soal Anwar bersedia bersemuka dengan SPRM berhubung skandal Daim tidak boleh dianggap bahawa Anwar telah 100% mahu bekerjasama dengan Najib. Soal ruang TV3 yang diberi kepada PR untuk menyerang Daim juga tidak bermakna PR mahu pun Anwar telah MOU dengan Najib. Anwar telah lama dalam kerajaan UMNO BN itu sendiri dan pernah menerajui kementerian kewangan. Dan sebagai orang dalam yang berada pada kedudukan yang tepat ketika itu, Anwar lebih maklum apa yang telah berlaku sepanjang kekuasaan Mahathir dan Daim, Jangan lupa bagaimama ketika itu Kadir Jasin diberi peranan yang besar dalam NST.

Saya mahu bertanya Dato?. Antara Najib dan Mahathir, mana yang lebih berkemampuan memimpin?. Diantara ular air dan tedung mana yang lebih membahayakan?. Dan jika Dato dikelilingi ular air dan tedung, mana satu yang perlu Dato bunuh dulu?.

Andaikata Dato biarkan tedung berada dalam kedudukan strategik tanpa sebarang tindakan, nyawa Dato berkemungkinan besar boleh melayang. Kerjasama Najib Anwar tidak mungkin bersifat kekal jika benar ianya wujud kerana Anwar tidak mudah menggadai prinsip. Memang dalam sejarah peperangan ada kerjasama sesama musuh untuk mengalahkan musuh bersama. Tentulah kerana musuh ketiga itu lebih kuat dan kerjasama itu perlu untuk seketika.

Mahathir, Daim, Kadir Jasin, ZAM, Sanusi Junid dan ramai lagi adalah rakan rakan sekapal. Sebab itu hampir mustahil untuk melihat team ini menyerang sesama mereka. Bila Mahathir memberi bola tanggung, kumpulan2 inilah yang menunggu untuk merembat dan buat lipatan maut sedangkan hampir seluruh rakyat Malaysia tahu Mahathirlah ibu segala kerosakan. Bukankah Najib juga direstui Mahathir sebelumnya?.

Pandangan Dato bahawa Anwar dan PR kehilangan fokus adalah tempang dan keterlaluan. Kenapa hanya membuat andaian dan tidak bersemuka secara empat mata untuk mendapat penjelasasn sebenar?. Pepatah ada mengatakan betapa berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. Apa yang dilalui oleh Anwar selama ini, beliau yang lebih mengetahui dan menanggung sengsaranya. Kita cuma mampu membuat andaian andaian sendiri.

Tiger 23 January 2015 at 11:31  

Keep Najib around. He's the best bet to lose Putrajaya if he sticks around.
You PR fellas need to see the big pic. PR has a better chance to win GE with Najib around. Trend started from 2008. If the M camp takes power, expect militant and dictator style clampdowns. Bye bye to you fellas then

dt rahman pekan 23 January 2015 at 13:36  

I was told that anwar once made a remark 2 his inner circles that d biggest obstacle 4 him 2 bcome pm was najib.he was sadly was tun m. if he was 2 launch a challenge against tun m 2 yrs ealier instead of worrying abt najib,he wld hv been pm 2day. that was d time when "pak sheikh gets what he wants" just look at how his juggernaut mercilessly pushed tun ghaffar aside.2 me anwar's time is over.he has been caught wth his pants down once 2 often.najib is relatively young. he is stil able 2 think if he wants to.what he needs 2 do is 2 seriously consider all d views of elder statesmen n engage them honestly n intellectually. all of them mean well.d recent more than 2 hrs meeting wth tun m is a good start.he shld argue out his case n impress upon tun m that his program n strategy wil work."conciliation is d best option"as 4 u yb - 2 me u r d best political mind that has ever come out of pekan or 4 that matter Pahang.unfortunately I think u r in d wrong camp n possibly d wrong side of history.i hope u can put yr anger n frustration aside n work from inside - like what anwar did.apart from u I don't c any propable candidate that can carry d Pahang flag in yrs 2 come.pls do it 4 agama,bangsa n Negara.this is my sincere observation.salam.

Anonymous,  24 January 2015 at 12:00  

I do believe Anwar is playing a double game. He knows Najib has his back to the wall and will be finished off by Mahathir and gang soon. And the rise of the Mahathir gang will mean starting all over again for Anwar and most likely to be more vicious than the Najib gang. So why not use Najib to destroy Umno itself and when the time is ripe, kill two birds with a single stone!

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