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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 17 January 2015

The Politics of Flooding: Demolishing the Big Lie

Nothing much was said about this. Indeed, we sense the presence of an eerie silence. The DAP, a party that is dominated and led by Chinese, was in the thick of things, helping out flood victims in Kelantan, Pahang and Perak.  Never from mainstream media. Not from PAS or the Kelantan state government. The MB of Kelantan, a pleasant and a good man I believe, was himself trapped in the floods. He could not help himself so it was not possible for him to help others. I am not telling about him with malice but stating the facts.
We can be God fearing, articulate, lucid and all that,  but if we can’t deliver good governance which is a by-product of a top quality government, we are finished. I hope, the PAS leadership in Kelantan and elsewhere will take note of this. If they don’t buck up, they will lose Kelantan in the next election because, UMNO while being a lousy party, will be Santa Claus bringing money into Kelantan.
My ustaz says- if a person is pious and God fearing- he scores high marks for himself before God. The benefits go to him alone. But if one is incompetent, then the incompetence is detrimental to the whole state and even nation. Najib may be a nice bloke- well-mannered and all that, but his incompetence is now plaguing the whole nation with upheaval.
What silence was I talking about? About the help, unsolicited and unforced that was brought by non-Malays, non-Muslim and non-Malay cultured.
DAP is not a party that likes to do a peacock dance. The Penang state government ruled by DAP contributed more than RM1.5 million. The DAP on its own collected about RM800,000 and has disbursed and will disburse it to flood victims through organisations in the state. MCA of course collected more but contributions came from 5 or 6 tycoons. The contributions for DAP came from common man from all walks of life, the number of contributors filled 3 pages of A4 paper. 5 people voting for MCA will never give it victory but the thousands who contributed to the DAP fund?
We did not make a mountain about delivering container loads of supplies. That excludes the numerous smaller Lorries, 4-wheel drives carrying supplies and food. A Buddhist welfare organisation allocated rm5 million for Kelantan to clean up the mess after floods.
Demolishing the Big Lie.
But you hardly hear about these things mentioned do you? Why? Because it breaks the hitherto myth about the reluctance of Chinese mainly, to come to the help of fellow Malay Malaysians. Can you imagine UMNO telling the people sincerely that so many Malaysian Chinese came to the aid of  Kelantan, Pahang and Perak when all this time, the Chinese and in particular that damn party that has gotten the trust and confidence of the majority of Chinese- the DAP, were painted as unpatriotic and ought to-be-stripped of citizenship community? That would mean, the myth so carefully designed and perpetrated was all this time a big lie.
The Kelantan people now know this is not true. These are not Dapigs, not an uncaring lot, not true at all, those negative description. That would mean that the foundation on which UMNO sits , that’s built on keeping the people divided can’t help UMNO any longer.
That myth was broken during the Kelantan floods recently. The Chinese came motivated by nothing more than their eagerness to help out fellow Malaysians suffering great misfortune.
DAP did not come to the aid of Kelantan people to seek political gratifications. It does not even have a branch there and has never contested in Kelantan. So it wasn’t looking for political dividends even though, I need to add that came as a natural outcome of its goodwill.
I was talking to Tan Kok Wai the MP for Cheras and the acting party chairman who cited me about a Chinese saying (he was speaking something in Mandarin)  or proverb about something- to the Chinese you work hard to plant the seeds, you don’t worry about the harvest. Something like that.
The DAP extended goodwill to fellow Malaysians who needed help. It did not differentiate those needing help along racial, religious and cultural lines.
The recent floods proved one thing. The true test of integration, togetherness, unity, fraternity is the occurrence of a crisis. More fortunate people came forward, to extend help, sympathy, stand in solidarity with people who suffered misfortune and undergone a great calamity.
How we reacted as citizens of this country point toward a host of political possibilities. The one in which we are particular interested is the rearrangement, restructuring of power sharing dynamics.
We saw people, Malaysian citizens coming together as a voluntary spontaneous response. DAP was in the forefront- mobilising funds, material and working hours. I was able to watch convoy after convoy of individuals and groups of various races, culture and religion passed not once but repeatedly on their way to Kelantan to help. Unexpectedly, the DAP is a role model to these well intentioned people. We have people of kindred spirits who can be potential supporters of DAP now. How so? Because DAP showed them its committed to the same selfless endeavours and most important, DAP is capable of giving that aspiration a political form.
What differentiated DAP’s work ethics, if I may so, was it did its work without much ballyhooed fanfare, no pompous exhibition of flags, did it quietly and that conduct has earned DAP respect from people who went to help and people who got help.
For as long as people want to remember DAP has always been seen as a Chinese party which in turn is seen as not wanting to help out especially in Malay areas. This time it was different. DAP showed it just wanted to help. In that process, the party earned the grudging respect of its hudud wanting ally. Flood victims received DAP people with open arms. Many expressed open admiration.
The enormity of help needed after the floods was quick to be exploited by pro UMNO elements or by people who we must admit are frustrated at the way PAS is governing Kelantan. So there were calls initiated by a businessman for umno and pas to form a unity govt. the calls were quickly acted upon by UMNO leaders who expressed the same desire. Admittedly there were also pas elements wishing for quick fix to support the idea.
They can’t be more wrong. The floods showed that unity can cut across races, religion and culture such that the unity that is desired is a unity among all Malaysia citizens. Why should it be confined only to a unity between UMNO and PAS?
What the floods in Kelantan and across the country showed, was that people can come naturally together because they are united in a desire for common good without distinction of race, religion and culture.
That’s translates politically into a commitment to establish a top quality government with high stands of governance. This is DAP territory. We are not claiming we have a monopoly on the idea of such a government, but we have shown to people we have been consistent in fighting for that.
Such a government and political arrangements can only attract the best among us who are also committed to the establishment of a top quality government with high standards of governance. Extending help to a homogenous group of people bonded by a common need will come naturally.


Anonymous,  17 January 2015 at 20:53  


Sapiee,  17 January 2015 at 23:44  

There is a Prophet saying: If you want to know afriend is good or not, ask him to travel together. Whenever both of you encounter difficulties, see how your friend reacting. So is the saying goes.
In Malaysia,we seldom encounter great calamity such as earthquake,floods or civil wars as in Syria and Iraq right now. If that were to happen then you can see who is your true friend indeed.

Anonymous,  18 January 2015 at 07:41  

Yes, Sir

This shows that the ideology of Social Democracy puts people first. Social Democrats condemn all forms of racial and religious discrimination.

Countries with strong Social Democratic movements and political parties such as Norway, Sweden and Finland are among the best governed in the world. Their socio-economic indicators are also at the top.

Phua Kai Lit

Unknown 18 January 2015 at 08:25  

Salam Dato'

Terbaik! Can't comment much. The internet stinks, as usual.

Keep up the good work. May Allah rahmat you.

bruno 18 January 2015 at 10:34  

Umno,Mca and Mic are race based parties.Gerakan is a multiracial party,but is powerless and considered a minnow in the BN.Therefore these people do not understand that the Dap is multiracial.

The Malays have been brainwashed and bombarded by the BN friendly media.But now that they have seen with their own eyes that what they have been led to believe is all political bullshit.They have seen how organised the underfunded Dap with it's supporters can do with proper planning and good leadership.

Whereas with the over funded Umno/BN and it's poor planning and bad leadership cannot seem to do anything right.They flopped badly in getting the much needed medical and food supplies to the flood victims.But what they can really do well than the opposition is getting their pictures with flood victims in the front page and eight o'clock news.

If after the worst floodings in Malaysian history and the people,especially the Malays with their eyes wide open still believe in the Chinese,Christians and Dap being the bogeymen that the Umno/BN must really be a cat with nine lives.

My two cents worth,Umno/BN have used up three quarters of their charmed cat lives.Come GE 14,if the PR can get their act in order,that is if they have new and good leaders in place,Umno/BN could be sitting on the hard opposition benches when the dust have finally settled.

Anonymous,  18 January 2015 at 12:40  

Even Japan, China, Taiwan, came to help.
How much did UMNO, PAS, the Malays or other Muslim countries donate to the victims?
They have never, I repeat never known to help people hit by natural disasters.... be it earthquake, typhoon, floods or whatever.
It's always the non-Muslim countries like USA, Australia, Germany etc
The Muslims are more concerned about hugging, touching dogs, implementing Hudud, beheading women or forming unity government or donating money (or provide sex) for those who want kill in the name of religion, cos that is jihad.
Perkasa and Isma the defenders of Malays and Islam were no where to be seen. Not a sen did they raise for the flood victims.

Anonymous,  18 January 2015 at 15:29  

The actions of DAP and volunteers in helping the recent flood victims are in accordance with Islamic teachings.

There is no such thing as race in Islam. This "race" thing is created by politicians (and those who are pitifully ignorant but talked a lot and thus leading people into ignorance - blind leading the blind syndrome)for their benefit.

Anyone who requires help should be provided for regardless of their race and religion.

Every man will be judged solely by their good deeds (and bad deeds).

A non-Muslim will also get his reward for helping a Muslim (or non-Muslim)and vice-versa.

It is all about good deeds and not race.

Anonymous,  18 January 2015 at 16:31  

It is a fact that Third World ruling regime kleptocrats are not above stealing from funds which are supposed to be used to help victims of natural disasters.

We should not be surprised if the same thing is happening to the government funds meant for flood victims in Kelantan and other Malaysian states.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  18 January 2015 at 22:18  

You have made an excellent point. Islam enjoins all us to help others in need. A million thanks to DAP for doing what it could, and very quickly, too, to lessen the hardship of flood victims in Kelantan and other states. Kudos!

Greenbug 18 January 2015 at 23:00  

I did help Sak, truly I did... it was shown all over TV3 and Utusan and Astro Awani and RTM etc.... I rode the speedboat and I waded into the floodwaters too... I did this for a few days... in fact I had to cut short my holidays in Hawaii to carry out my responsibilities... I even ate with the rakyat and I contracted e-coli... until I need to go to Bangkok to rest a few days to recover...

Sak... I did help... you know me so long already...

Anonymous,  19 January 2015 at 06:51  

I still can recall, at the height of Kelantan's flood and heavy rainfall, NIK AMAR the Dep. MB of Kelantan was still playing politics. He was still adamant on holding press conference on Hudud. Imagine, his countrymen are drowning and had lost their belongings and the so called leader of a MUSLIM party was not on the ground organising help but was busy with Hudud on his mind. Nik Amar's antique reminds me of a scene from the movie TITANIC. While the ship and people were drowning the musicians kept on to play their music till the water overcame them. But, at least that was done for a cause, to strengthen the moral of the victims/passengers but Nik Amar gave no moral to his countrymen.
All know that Hudud is being politically motivated in Kelantan. UMNO and PAS both are fighting a game to tell the MALAYS/MUSLIMS that they are real fighters of Islam. This is plain hypocrisy. Why was the big floods sent to Kelantan under such circumstances is for us to interpret using whatever knowledge one has. Of course certain PAS leaders will say that is Gods wrath on people who oppose Hudud. On the same tone some from the non Muslim parties can say the opposite and so forth and so on...
But, the true champion of the people was DAP who under no circumstances used any of their aid for politicking unlike PAS and UMNO who were serious in making sure that their help is SEEN and the help was an advertisement motivated to show their political inclinations. Whatever the reasons, the people of Kelantan majority Muslims and Malays were led down by the Federal Malay/Muslim government. They made sure that their political will towards Kelantan remain steadfast and political and made every effort to punish the Kelantan government in the eyes of the Kelantanese. But the people suffered on and on. I think the British government if they were still ruling Malaysia wouldn't have done such a bad deed.
If only Emergency had been declared, things would have been different. But no, that did not happen for some reasons which some believe is related to the assets owned by the government would have been ridiculed. How sure are we that all that has been claimed in the various years budgets as claimed by the defence Ministry has been properly utilized to beef up the Military assets that could become helpful in times of grief such as Floods and tsunami. The government of the day has failed to show it's ability to function strongly in encountering the floods that were more of tsunami to Kelantan. It's for the people to decide.

Anonymous,  19 January 2015 at 12:24  

Dato, all of us just want to side by side harmoniously. As it was centuries ago, before UMNO.

We so called "pendatang" are as much part of this soil as the Malays. This is our home, tanah tumpah nya darah ku. We owe allegiance to Yang Di Pertuan Agung.

Why cant these racist politicians & religious bigots see this? They just want to plunder the country and it ends up ruining everything, so be it.

My fellow Malays, we are not your enemy. We are your fellow brothers and countryman.

Greenbug 19 January 2015 at 20:11  

Please leave me alone Sak.... please do not disturb me... I am off to Davos Switzerland after presenting the revised budget 2015 and then go to London to rest and mingle with our students there, please do not force me to fly back again...

Anonymous,  20 January 2015 at 00:35  

Tun Daim memiliki kekayaan MELAMPAU dan SOALnya dari mana datangnya sumber kekayaan beliau? Akhir tahun 1969 selepas Peristiwa 13 Mei , Daim bersara drp dunia guaman buat selama-lamanya,bekerjasama dgn Low Kiok Boo &n Thamby Chik buka bisnes garam, tapi kurang ilmu DAIM GAGAL.Daim buka pula bisnes buat plastik &n alami kerugian kerosakan jentera akibat mogok yang dilancarkan oleh pekerja yang tidak puas hati. Kilang terpaksa ditutup dan pinjaman permulaan yang tidak berbayar daripada Bank Bumiputera dengan ugutan untuk mengisytiharkan Daim muflis.DAIM GAGAL LAGI.

Pada tahun 1971, Daim buka Syarikat Maluri Sdn Bhd. Menjelang awal 1970, Daim baru tahu cara yang mudah dan cepat untuk menjadi tokoh peniagaan Malaysia ialah mendapatkan kontrak perniagaan yang sudah pasti dalam genggaman melalui jaringan politik. Daim telah membeli tanah lombong di sekitar Maluri drp kerajaan dengan harga yang sangat murah dan membangunkan kawasan tersebut dan sebahagian di jual kpd Kerajaan. DAIM MULA BERJAYA.

PD tahun 1979 bila dia membeli Malaysian French Bank. 1984, ambil alih United Malayan Banking Corporation Bhd dan sempena perlantikkan sebagai Menteri Kewangan pada tahun yang sama Daim menjual kembali saham perbankan tersebut. Sebelum bersara, Daim Zainuddin membeli saham dalam Hock Hua Bank (Sabah) Bhd pd 1997 dan sekali lagi menjual kepentingan di dalam bank selepas sekali lagi dilantik menjadi Menteri Kewangan.

Pada 1997, Langkah Bahagia membeli saham di dalam Hock Hua Bank (Sabah). Mohd Nasir Ali umum beliau bertindak bagi pihak Daim. Hock Hua Bank ditukar nama jadi International Bank Malaysia Berhad dan digabungkan bersama Multi-Purpose Bank serta enam lagi syarikat kewangan untuk menjadi AFG.

Setelah ditamatkan riwayat sebagai Menteri Kewangan, dikhabarkan, Daim telah membawa sejumlah Wang yang disimpan diluar negara PULUHAN BILLION US DOLLAR dan melabur di dalam sektor perbankan. Daim dikatakan memiliki International Bank of Commerce (ICB) 59 cawangan di Indonesia, 23 cawangan di Africa dan 9 cawangan di Eastern Europe. Daim menguasai ICB Financial Group Holdings Ltd. (ICB) memiliki dan menguruskan bank komersial di 12 buah negara termasuk di Asia, Afrika dan Eropah Timur. Daim kini memiliki sebanyak 151,844,00 unit saham dalam ICB yang mewakili kepentingan 84.4 peratus.

Mungkin DS Anwar berkata benar BUAT PERTAMA KALINYA (Sebelum beliau dihumban ke Penjara). Dari mana Daim mendapat PULUHAN BILLION US DOLLAR? Tun Daim "the small man" juga dikenali sebagai Pembuli Pasaran Kewangan bilamana Bank Negara mengasak hampir kesemua matawang di pasaran kewangan antarabangsa di antaranya Pound Sterling, US Dollar dsbnya. Lim Kit Siang telah membawa permainan buli matawang oleh Bank Negara sewaktu Daim menjadi Menteri Kewangan di Parlimen - tetapi dijawab dan diSELINDUNGKAN oleh DS Anwar sebagai TIADA APA PERUBAHAN ASET BANK NEGARA. Mungkinkah sewaktu itu DS Anwar tidak tahu atau sama-sama mencuba menaruh harapan akan wang gelap pasaran kewangan dikongsi bersama? Apakah DS Anwar dituduh meliwat kerana Daim tidak mahu berkongsi wang gelap hasi drp buli pasaran matawang?

Jika sekiranya Daim memiliki Bank dan kepentingan besar dalam Industri perbankkan ICB, Tun Mahathir juga memiliki Bank di Guam. Tapi tak banyak yang mengetahui Kekayaan Tun Mahathir berganda-ganda drp Daim yang sebhg dilaburkan kembali di Malaysia. Macammana anank-anak Tun Mahathir semuanya kaya raya? sebut saja Mokhzani...Tokey Minyak, Mukhriz..laa pon Tokey Judi, Kapal, Arak dan Minyak, Mukhriz Tokey Fibre optik? Cuma Marina Mahathir miskin papa kedana kerana selalu lawan Tun Mahathir, jadi dia tak dapat apa2..nak kahwin jadi bini no. 2 Nazri Aziz pon Tun M larang...kesiannya Marina...sampai matilah melawan Bapak?

Apakah Kekayaan Melampau Tun Daim dan Tun Mahathir ini sebenarnya Wang Rakyat yang dirompak keluar oleh kedua2 Tokoh Negarawan yang merupakan Lanun dan Perompak yg Merompak melaui batasan? Adalah diharap DS Anwar mampu mencerahkan suasanan dengan penyerahan bukti-bukti?

Frankie 21 January 2015 at 07:06  

The Buddhist Tzu-Chi volunteer bowed tens of thousand of times whenever one donated.

The Chinese bowed in order to help the Malays. They never asked for anything. This is true humanity.

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