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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 15 January 2015

Adolescent innocence and moral depravities.

We Malays often pride ourselves as good Muslims, compassionate, reasonable and not easily given to extremes. And if Malay people say- we are all those, except we don’t compromise on religion, I will respond by saying, that’s a load of crap. For as long as I remember, we have been tolerant Muslims, showing understanding and compassion towards others not of the Islamic faith. Most of all, as Malays and Muslims we show tolerance and compassion towards the aged, women and children.
When Jawi responded highhandedly in the case of Kassim Ahmad who is an octogenarian, I was taken aback. Jawi seems to operate on the basis of might is right. When it responded in the same manner but with extraordinary speed and efficiency in the case of 3 young girls rubbing bodies with Korean pop stars, I am shocked and said- these are young children and teenagers. We might as well lock them up, ban them from driving and just prepare them for marriage, most probably to some lusty ustazs.
I have not seen Malay people trending towards paranoiac intolerance as we do now. It’s happening because the leadership of this country is too weak to assert itself and affirm that we are a liberal democracy and a secular state. I am beginning to believe when a few years ago Tun Daim told me, Najib hasn’t got what it takes to run this country.
I am shocked to see that we are slowly losing these qualities. Perhaps this a sign of the creeping middle-eastering, talibanising, boko-haraming of certain people of influence in charge of religious departments. I hope not. But people might mistake us Malays of trending towards those behaviour in our treatment of the old and young. To old people like Kassim Ahmad, we want to finish him off. To young children like those young girls showing affection to Korean pop singers, the voice of the unreasonable sounded like wanting to lynch them.
I am urging for some sense of balance here. These few days, Muslims in Malaysia have been tied up with the issue of 3 young girls hugging and kissing their pop idols. Those who are saved, who think they enjoy salvation, please don’t be hasty to condemn them. Some people seem to think if we crucify these girls Malaysia will be saved from damnation.
People come up with a variety of schizophrenic and paranoiac responses; the k pop stars are agents of Christianity, they are agents of Israel. There is a big conspiracy of enemies from without to destroy the moral fibre of Muslim society.
So the government must ban these kind of concerts. I am asking- why ban the concerts? Ban Muslims from attending such concerts. Non-Muslims may want to watch them and we Muslims should not be concerned with the non-Muslims’ moral depravities right? We look after our own flock.
How do we look after our own? We have lost the compassion, tolerance, understanding and neighbourliness that made us Malays in the first place. The harsh comparison has surfaced. Muslim women in Syria fight for a cause. Accordingly, they are more Islamic and deserving of adulation and admiration. They are the role models of Muslim women.
Muslim women in Malaysia? They commit sin when they go on stage and embrace, hug and kiss their pop idols. Because of these 3 girls, God will punish us. Will God punish us all because as a people we sit back ad allow this government bully us, intimidate us, at war with its own people, commit corruption, steal public money, mismanage the economy? Will God punish us more because we allow some people the means to play God , judging and punishing people here on earth when God Himself chooses to do that in the afterlife?
I pray God will punish us more severely because we excuse those who commit evil things because they are of the same race and of the same religion as us.


Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 08:36  

Hahahahaha Dato, you must realise that a lot of the Malay Muslims that you are writing about here, especially the paranoid ones and the ones that are led by the nose by these paranoids ... hardly read a word of English. If you are looking to vent your frustrations, that's good because I am equally frustrated as you. If you are looking to reach out to these paranoids ... better write in Malay ...
Have a nice day.

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 09:12  

What can one say when it comes to fanatics with their warped sense of what's right and wrong? As someone commented before, who the heck wants to go to heaven if heaven is full of people like them? To suffer their bullying for eternity?

walla 15 January 2015 at 09:21  

They don't want balance. They want imbalance. Because only when things are unbalanced can they exert power to control so as to strengthen their own personal positions yet in a community which is increasingly becoming more educated and liberated enough to see their hypocritical behaviors and extremist excesses.

And their personal positions are protected by the interference of politics in religion rooted in two objectives: to neutralize the Opposition while lobbying for Malaysia to appear as a moderate Muslim state on the world stage.

That is why PAS must reinvent itself to be more relevant to the youths of today. Because our youths are going to grow up, face the dreamless realities of the real world and see for themselves how what has been taught to them by the religionists in their midst is unequal to what is needed in order to survive and thrive in this 21st century.

Words, exhortations, tears and prayers are not alone enough to solve any problem in this new century.

Certainly, not huddud too.
It is utterly stupid to say that since it was promised as an election manifesto, it must be delivered. There is no shame in going back to reexamine more carefully again the promise. Including who were the ones coming up with that proposal. Especially their personality profiles, thought processes and past results.

What will be huddud's real effects not just on the state but also on the country? And the reputation of the faith before the world which has only seen honor killings, videoed beheadings and the machine-gunning of cartoonists?

These days where minds have opened and alternatives are happier, even good intentions delivering faulty product to increasingly discriminating customers will lose market share immediately.

The days of moral policing are over. Nobody in his or her right mind thinks highly of people with limited reasoning powers good only for throwing their weight around without any real-world justification.

After all, we are not living in some primitive desert where man-made rules of law were non-existent then and prophetic statutes had a role.

These days, know-how, common sense and discipline are needed first, foremost and last.

And people have eyes to see for themselves, and compare and contrast how others live and conduct themselves without fear of being labeled false and hypocrites.

You know, the first plane had mostly atheists, the second mostly christians and the third almost all muslims.

So which religion was remiss when disaster struck?

As for the ambition to play some global role, clean up one's own house first.

Frankly, how did we come this far to give the appearance to the world we are a modern, progressive, moderate and democratic state and yet exercise malignant persecution and prosecution on our own peoples who are non-muslims, truth-seekers, even mothers deprived of their babies and families deprived of dead bodies?

We have only succeeded in branding Malaysia as Hypocrites Inc, if not a nutcase state run by crooks, idiots and incompetents.

So, get real. Saudi Arabia and the other middle eastern states are not Malaysia's last resort for future brotherly financial support just because we think they think we are like them faith-wise. They never were.

Does anyone in his right mind think the industries of the west won't do their damnest to innovate around the Opec in order to get cheaper fuel needed to ramp up their economies?

walla 15 January 2015 at 09:21  


When they do, there is absolutely nothing else the middle east can offer in this century. So why use the wahhabi and taliban cards as if they will come save our economy? They have already learned as much from their investments in 1MDB, haven't they?

One other point. Social ills of unwanted babies and drugs. What, bring back the chastity belt? The solution is to re-centralize the family and community as the nucleus of rational behavior based on knowing why one needs to be cautious about some things.

And 'why' is based on knowledge about consequences of one's actions. And one's actions are determined by personal discipline which is something that can be instilled and cultivated as a habit. So get family, community and school to champion good habits. It doesn't have to be based on any religion. Just what causes which effect. Teach the young to think for themselves how to decide and make better decisions based on why and why not. Forget the form, focus on the substance.

Furthermore, since the best of plans can get mislaid these days, use a safeguard. Why buy foreign when Supermax works? Is it shunned just because it is made by a pro-Opposition company? Tsk tsk.

Yes, birth control is a must to be taught early. Suppression of what is biologically natural coming of age without safeguards will only create bigger problems later. Even now.

As for drugs, the antidote is elsewhere in four points. What everyone seeks in life from a political angle are three things: equity, peace and continuity. The posit is that all three must be present at the same time and place.

People want equity. Not shares but the opening to improve themselves. They also want peace. Not having to look over their shoulders just because some nutcase expediently defined sedition and officialdom to suit his own corrupted political ambition. And both improvement openings and social peace must be continuously available from one generation to the next. That's also sustainability.

Right now, we have none. In fact and as the fourth point, the only things we have which people have have concluded for themselves are a moribund cabinet that supports triad activities and a judiciary system in which politically favor the criminal behind the sentenced.

So how to solve the drug problem if the moral and ethical exponents of the government in question have already been destroyed completely by its leaders?

Groom our youths to be more progressive humans. Give them space to grow and find their inner worth. Show them good examples and role models of progressive thinking and reasoning. Support them to do better and appreciate the importance of discipline and focus to achieve higher standards. Help them connect to the world to see the bigger picture. Fight off extremism and hypocrisy. Never bully them.

bruno 15 January 2015 at 10:17  

Malaysia has come of age.But the country had gone backwards instead of forward,towards the stone age.

Indonesia,a Muslim country with the most Muslim inhabitants on this planet have practiced moderation,while Malaysia,once the most respected democratic Muslim country in our region or the Muslim world,had gone backwards and practiced extremism.

In Indonesia,they have Muslim soldiers and policemen drinking beers and having dinners in Chinese kopitiams.Many Muslim women work in massage parlours and nightclubs,without fear of being raided by the religious police.Go to tourists resorts Brastagi and Lake Toba,and one see the ladies plying their trades.Medan,Jakarta and the other holiday resorts are all the same.

In Malaysia,I used to have Malay police friends drinking in nightclubs and coffee shops.They also have freebies in massage parlours too.No need to look far,just go to the red light districts in BB,Pudu and others in KL and see how many Malays girls are working there.

Why have tax free beers and smokes for our men in the armed forces,if Muslim soldiers cannot drink or smoke.Before nobody cares if Muslims drink beers,liquor or do whatever they love to do.

Now everybody wants to be a Muslim expert.Even the Brunei sultan practiced Hudud.Did he not have orang putih pussies flown in from the UK and USA? No drinking of the world's best cognacs and wines? Hudud,what Hudud lah.

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 10:54  

We need more Malays like you and the G25 to save this country from turning into Talibanism, Bokoharmism, Alsabaabism or Alqadaism.
Surely, it is heading in that direction because the leadership is impotent.
Why should these 'saved men' focus there attention on what women should or should not do. They even blame women for being raped!!!
So women must cover up, no yoga, no ballet, no swimming, no gymnastics, no concerts, no hugging of pop-stars and dogs. Separate queues for men and women or seating in cinemas.
And they issue random fatwas as though they are divine revelations.
Surprisingly they do not speak about Malay boys who make the majority in snatch-thieves and Mat Rempits. What about corruption by the leaders?
Do you honestly think the so-called protectors of Islam will raid a hotel room where an UMNO leader or a member of royal blood is in??
Do you honestly think the so-called protectors of Islam will raid a restaurant/golf club/pub where an UMNO leader or a member of royal blood is drinking or eating during the fasting month?
Will they admonish an UMNO leader or their children when they go round hugging and kissing the members of the opposite sex? (there are countless pictures of them in the web). Hey, didn't Rosmah hug Lee Chong Wei?

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 11:35  

Dear Dato, I would like to suggest that you & Lim Kit Siang write in both English & Malay so that both of you can reach a wider supporters politically.As all we.know the percentage of B.M. Readers are bigger than Engliish.

the mean machine,  15 January 2015 at 12:02  

We have an Umno HM,who knowingly or unknowingly,sending a letter to the FBI vouching for an alleged gambling kingpin and known triad member who is on the radar screen of Bukit Aman.Those baboons going after the three teenage girls in the pop concert have anything to say?Of course not.When it comes down to big guys who act like samsengs,these baboons have lost their balls.And their dicks have shrink to tiny mini carrots

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 13:15  

These extremists are imposing their warped minds on the public, but sink to depravity with their own conduct.
The example of the neighbouring ruler is just one typical case of the Jekyll and hyde syndrome.
At home, conniving, cheating, amassing wealth by illicit means, lying, persecuting and bullying of the old and young, are supposed to take them to paradise?
Then there are madrasahs where students are told to follow slain jihadists footsteps.
Can go on and on forever and forever, last word to them, they can all meet in hell and share notes.

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 14:11  

Dato, another brilliant piece.

Please, this must be translated to Bahasa in order to reach a wider audience.

It saddens me that the old Malay customs of tolerence is slowly being eroded by those playing religious politics.

These people do not want us majority to live in peace and harmony.

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 15:52  

Datuk, just look around Asean. Those countrys that lag behind us have over taken us. Those far behind us is catching up. U know why. Because this peoples, I don't know how to descript them, busy blaming everybody is wrong except themselves. Wasting public funds, going courts to courts for nothing that benefits the nation at all. Only a tough gov, that mean business, put politics behind them, can take us to a greater height.

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 18:24  

Salam Dato,

Saya tidak kenal Dato, tapi melalui penulisan Dato, saya rasa hormat dan respect pendapat anda.

Bagi saya kegagalan senario politik, sains teknologi dalam kalangan umat Islam hari ini ialah kerana tidak memahami konsep Al-Quran sebagai message to all humankind. (Adakah Quran ini hanya untuk umat Islam atau Pak Imam sahaja? Tidak! Quran harus di baca oleh semua umat manusia tidak kira bangsa apa, agama apa, pencurikah, pelacurkah, penjenayahkah, kerana Quran itu cahaya, boleh menukar 360 darjah seseorang itu dari jahat kepada baik)

Bilamana salah tafsir maka wujud kelompok ekstremis seperti Talibanisme, ISIS, Boko Haram dsb. Pihak sebegini sebenarnya sudah lari dari dasar Quran dan peribadi orang yang bernama Nabi Muhammad. Seolah-olah macam putus asa dalam dunia ini sehingga meletup diri sendiri. Saya boleh katakan meeka-mereka ini BODOH!

Islam Quran sebenarnya bukan bercakap tentang kopiah, janggut, purdah (dari mana asal purdah ni?).

Islam Quran bercakap tentang ....
kemanusiaan, keadilan, keterbukaan, tidak ada paksaan, tidak menghukum melulu dsb.

Berkenaan Kassim Ahmad, adakah dia penjenayah? Beliau hanya memberi pendapat atas dasar Quran. Kalau percaya dia adakah dunia ini akan kiamat?

Kalau kita menolak orang seperti dia dan mazhab yang lain ambil contoh mudah.... siapa dulu mengerjakan amalan maulud Nabi? dari mazhab mana? puak mana?

Amalan menutup muka dan berpurdah dari mana asal usulnya? Dari Islamkah atau dari agama lainkah?

Terpulang kepada pembaca mengkaji sejarah, budaya, cara pakaian dan peradaban manusia dari sebelum zaman Muhammad, bukan sahaja di sekitar Arab, tapi di sekitar Greece, Roman dsb.

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 18:29  

Women in syria hmmm last i heard is jihad al nikah in other words comfort sex or givin a

Sam Yap,  15 January 2015 at 18:43  

Absolutely agree with you!

Anonymous,  15 January 2015 at 20:15  

As I see it, bread and butter is more important than playing the shepherd's role which is for show only. Corruption and injustice are ignored.

Greenbug 15 January 2015 at 20:30  

When I see the birds of the same feathers - an ex Chief Justice, the Minister of Religious Affairs and the head of JAKIM etc - together on stage, tears come to my eyes.... what has become of this country....

I am Malaysian Chinese, Dato, and I used to sit next to my Malay friends when we were kids and watch them learn the Koran reading during "mengaji" and of course we then go catch our grasshoppers to feed our burung murai... there was no problem back then, so why now there is a problem of having my Malay friends come to my house on Christmas to share a slice of chocolate cake?

Anonymous,  16 January 2015 at 12:46  

When the "religious businessmen" are running riot may I ask why the heads of religion of the respective states been silent. Can't they stop this madness?

Anonymous,  16 January 2015 at 19:23  

Can all the Muslim Malay stand up and ask the religious departments when did Allah outsource the creator job to them?

elizabeth 17 January 2015 at 10:10  

This is a petty issue that had been played to the max to help divert people attention on the critical issues. This is moral policing that has gone too far.

Anonymous,  17 January 2015 at 11:49  

and don't forget the young boy who was dragged to the police lock up b'cos he could attend the PLKN - sad day for the country.

Anonymous,  17 January 2015 at 21:17  


and don't forget the young boy who was dragged to the police lock up b'cos he could NOT attend the PLKN - sad day for the country.

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