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Monday, 7 April 2014

A Tribute to the Late Bernard Khoo aka Zorro Unmasked.

I have on the sidebar of my blog, the blogsite of Zorro Unmasked. Zorro or Uncle Bernard Khoo passed away on the 4th of April. He died after a courageous and stoic battle against cancer. I received a message from a fellow Blogger named Mat Salo informing me of the sad news.
As a mark of respect, his blogsite shall remain on the sidebar of my blog for a very long time. In my opinion, his family members should not delete his blogsite. It will serve as a reminder to us of his undying cause.
On the masthead of his blog, is emblazoned the caption of his campaign for me to be on DAP CEC. I am eternally grateful for his support. That is an indication of his personal conviction in what I am doing. He does not know that I have not served the required time as a member that qualifies me to stand as a candidate for the CEC. His support will be cherished forever.
I met Zorro personally a few years back. He is a tall dignified man the qualities that failed to be obscured by his way of everyday dressing. We have not met before but he quickly warmed up to me. We gave each other a hug. That’s how Zorro is. He is immediately trusting as a friend reminding us that the basis of friendship is trust.
He was already a big name in blogosphere and was among the early public spirited individuals who chose to write on the internet. As a result, the world of Malaysian blogosphere got richer.
Zorro has been unstinting and consistent in his social critiques. He is motivated primarily by the cause in pursuit of truth. That cause transcends colour, creed and race. By adopting that universal stance, Zorro has been able to attract many adherents and like-minded individuals to his cause.
I am privileged to be associated with him. Rest in Peace, Uncle Zorro. Adieu and Farewell.


bruno 7 April 2014 at 21:27  

Dato,you are correct.Bernie stands many times higher,pricipled with dignity and pride that many of our leaders and politicians from BN and PR cannot compare to him.He is up there laughing at us always 'quarreling babbons' arguing and quarreling over trivial matters,forgotting the very important and urgent ones.May he have a good life at eternity.

Cheang PH 7 April 2014 at 22:43  

YB, while Zorro has won wide admiration, you are equally among the legends for courageously going against the flow.

Better to tell you now than when you can't hear the words you deserved.

You choose to follow your conscience and have spoken loudly and clearly.

Your battle is as much as mine.

Greenbug 8 April 2014 at 02:27  

Dato Sak, Zorro aka Uncle Bernard Khoo was one of the many arrested while demonstrating in front of the State Secretariat Building in Ipoh after the Perak State coup d'├ętat... That was 2009... I have never met him but has been an ardent fan of his blog and his work with the likes of Dato Din Merican and Harris Ibrahim etc fighting for Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia. To me, Zorro shall always remind us as a Malaysian who fought for a better Malaysia for everyone and we should honour him by remembering him for that. RIP Uncle Zorro.

Anonymous,  8 April 2014 at 18:41  

Kalau tidak di maklumkan di sini mengenai blogger Zorro meninggalkan kita,takkan saya tahu. Pernah juga bertandang di blog beliau. He is a truly malaysian.Takziah buat keluarga Tuan Zorro.

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