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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 28 April 2014

The Obama Visit

President Obama, came, saw and left. There must be some substantive issues discussed between him and the government- but  because it’s a discussion of a very high quality suited to the 21st century, just like the TPPA, the discussions were shrouded in secrecy.
The way Obama went about doing his visit to Malaysia appears to be an all American affair with little or minimal supervision or control from the PM’s office. He went to meet up NGOs who are critical of the BN government. This could not have been an agreed itinerary by the government. Obama went to visit the national mosque. He went to the University of Malaya where he engaged selected students. The American president does his thing the American way. Malaysians could only look on.
The president even brought his own car. The Malaysian government could not even get the car to fill gas from PETRONAS. Instead the Americans filled up from a brand familiar to Americans- Caltex. A phalanx of special agents and security personnel body-guarded Obama and his entourage.  Obama could not trust Malaysian security personnel who may want to allow a security breach by an unidentified entity assumed to be non-hostile.
UMNO has been silent about the visit. Usually the UMNO people and its controlled media will be jumping up and down proclaiming the visit a triumph and endorsement of what Najib is doing. Instead we are hearing counter attacks from UMNO leaders like Zahid. I hope Zahid understood what Obama said when the latter spoke because speaking English to Zahid is a tiring enterprise. The only person who have tons of bragging rights to regal whoever wants to listen to him is Khairy Jamaludin, the minister assigned to chaperon Obama. KJ’s braggadocio will not endear him to the UMNO warlords.
For the former ambassador Jamaludin Jarjis, the visit vindicated his appointment as a special ambassador on a special mission. His tour of duty as ambassador included tasks to cultivate da man Barack and to feed information to media cells and media guerrillas in USA to discredit Anwar. Obama came to Malaysia, Anwar is going to the lockup soon- so in that sense,  JJ has succeeded. He can now concentrate making money through PRIMA and other business endeavours. And continue to be a nuisance in parliament.
What has Obama achieved? We know the American president did not come to Malaysia to say good things about Najib. So Dr Mahathir- who’s the America’s man for Malaysia now? Has Najib become America’s man for Malaysia? If it were Anwar, Dr Mahathir would have come into town and label him an American agent.
He has probably come to apply pressure to Najib to sign the TPPA. Democrat Obama is just another spokesman for big businesses who has come to Malaysia to say, open up or else. As consideration, we will slight Anwar by not meeting up with him; we will issue palliatives on the policies of the government and will say the politically correct Sound Bites.
There was one statement from Obama that is causing less than desirable implications. President Obama says Dato Najib has the instincts for unity and moderation. That’s a most diplomatic way of saying- hey man I think you suck. It only serves to confirm that Najib is not a rational leader who believes that the way forward is moderation and unity. Instincts as we already know are associated with animals who don’t think but act on instincts and impulses. So what Obama is saying, Najib’s intelligence is at the same level of animals like chimpanzees and orang utans.
We are really not sure what Obama’s agenda is. It’s not all complimentary on Najib as we all saw. Patting each other is just a show of bonhomie that hides the bitter medicine which may have been communicated to Najib. Maybe it was hey yo jibby, when will yaalls sign the tppa? Hey man- you gotta jive in with the Chinamen.
Obama must have spoken about the sorry state of the rule of law, impingements on rights of the citizens, worsening race relations made by irrational UMNO and pro UMNO elements.
So Obama concedes that Najib does have the instincts  but elements within his party and outside are cancelling out what could have blossomed from instincts into rational thoughts and actions.
This is not a visit which Najib can rejoice on. It is more a visit of the college principal coming down to scold the errant student.


Anonymous,  28 April 2014 at 20:45  

Dato, dengan Zahid Hamidi tak psyah le cakap bahasa Inggeris. Perkasakan Bahasa Malaysia. Saya lihat Malaysia ni tergadai kerana kelas atasan Melayu mempertabatkan bahasa Inggeris dari bahasa ibunda.

the mean machine,  28 April 2014 at 20:50  

Dato,did anybody have the brains and balls to ask Obama what he thinks of Hudud?

Anonymous,  28 April 2014 at 21:54  

wahhh latuk gemok lu banyak pandai loh. lu ada ilmu bomoh loh boley baca apa itu obama cakap sama najib. tapi gua manyak kasihan sama itu anwat liwat dan itu komunis lim bapak dan anak loh, obama tarak jumpa loh sama mereka. dia antar itu kucing kurap jumpa sama kucing kurap lohhh.....kasiyannnnnn!!!

Anonymous,  28 April 2014 at 23:10  

Spot on Dato but what is Obama purpose to meet the NGOs?

flyer168 29 April 2014 at 03:22  

"The Obama Visit"

"It is more a visit of the college principal coming down to scold the errant student."


Yes on.

Malaysia's mishandling of the missing MH370, meeting the NGOs & University students gave him all that he needed to repremand Jibby ...

Coming here alone on the visit must also be by "design" control the visit's focus, eliminating FLOM's agenda...


Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 05:11  

I think what gave the non Malays the upper hand in bashing the Malays is their command o English or its just the Malays could not bother so much of being bashed because they just cannot answer back due to the language barrier. This is due to the mistakes of the upper crust Malays whom have idolise English as a superior language compared to a Bahasa.This can be seen how they will start off with Bahasa in  a conversation or interview andgradually switch to English.and end up with it. The command of English among the Malays is generally due to the flip flop policy of our education system. From the English blogs which are mostly maintained by non Malays  I've read a lot Malay bashing left unreplied for the Malays could not be bothered or lack the mastery of the English language except for a few Malay bloggers whom I know are not umno goons but would stand up for the MalaysWe should  use Bahasa as a true officially language and loathe at government officials or even the PM for inter switching between Bahasa and English except for proper English usage internationally. Lets make Japan Germany and the French as an example.

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 09:03  

By having as meeting with our NGOs (plus Susan Rice's special meeting with Anwar, LGE, Mustafa), Obama is giving a loud and clear message to Najib.. you such big time on unity and moderation.

Bu using the word "instinct", Obama is actually saying Najib is not doing anything or most likely doing the opposite with regard to the unity and moderation.

By now, I think Obama knows the "doublespeak" thing(a nicer word for li.r)that Najib is famous for.

Unknown 29 April 2014 at 10:20  

You are right,Datuk.
I expect the pinky lips must have turned purple during meeting with the President.
Another observation Datuk,don't you think it's odd there was no state dinner thrown where all Parliamentarians are invited as usual?
Either Umnporno acting miliciously or government don't have money to spend anymore!
What about the TPM having no role in the Obama visit?
The good prognosis from visit is that the Sodomy 2 appeal to the Federal Court shall favour us because Najis dare not present a blatant Kangaroo jJudiciary.
He he he.

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 10:32  

My own guess is that its dawning on Obama that Najib may be all talk - and good chance will not deliver on TPPA now that he got his advertising campaign using Obama.

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 12:29  

Malaysia is now known the world over - we invite people over as guests and after the leave we criticize them..How appropriate we will be known as two-face nation under Najib.

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 14:07  

Obama used the softly softly approach, for now. He has publicly expressed his expectations for our govt to be more transparent, fair, open and just for ALL its citizens. And in meeting the NGOs, told off Najib, Putrajaya and gang, this is how you should engage with your own people.

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 15:16  

Who cares what Obama thinks bout Hudud?

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 17:13  

The School Principal must have been amused meeting those primary school kids at the UM.
But it will be business as usual in Bolehland.
1.0 The buttock groper will be seeking new rental opportunities. Must have depleted his NKVE take.
2.0 The son in law will be basking thinking that he is another Obama in the making.
3.0 That quack Phd minister will continue to make a fool of himself.
4.0 The Minister of MH370 will be enlisting the help of dolphins.


Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 18:21  

Dato, u r good jolly good.

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 18:39  

The total lack of bragging from the government controlled press go to show how little Najib was able to benefit from Obama visit. Nothing of substance came out of the visit apart from some sightseeing. Although Obama didn't get to meet Anwar in person, Najib is not a clear winner either. On the whole, it's just a waste of time. Or maybe not. After all, Najib got to ride in a US president's stretched limousine. Mahathir did not.

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 20:41  

Ini latok otak ada tapi kurang akal sebab tu dia jadi BARUA cina komunis...

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 21:22  

Ball su...r of the gomen

Anonymous,  29 April 2014 at 21:29  

Otak sotong.... oops.. sotong lagi pandai la mangkuk... good article sir

Anonymous,  30 April 2014 at 00:54  

dey !!!!! itu najib sama yumno ada salam.ada puluk,ada kawan itu komunis china kapla sana.. apa lu mau cerita?

Anonymous,  30 April 2014 at 13:11  

I like how everyone brilliantly concludes that somehow, you were bashing BM, and glorifying English. Missing the point of the article entirely..

Great writing Sir. Please activate your FB account, it looks dead. Some of us are your ardent fans.

Anonymous,  30 April 2014 at 18:19  

28 April 2014 21:54
Dah lah rempit cybertropper umno nak pura2 jadi DAP ?!

Anonymous,  1 May 2014 at 12:25  

Anon- 20:45 suruh kau 20:50 ... Perkasakan Bahasa Malaysia.

Malulah orang Melayu macam kau tulis,"wahhh latuk ak loh, obama tarak jumpa loh sama mereka... antar itu kucing kurap jumpa sama kucing kurap

kasiyannnnnn!!! kasiyannnnnn!!!

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