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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 23 September 2013

BEEP BEEP Here Comes The Roadrunner!

Najib has launched the Bumiputera economic empowerment Plan. BEEP. It has come to this now. Twittering, face booking, blogging, whats-apping and now beep-ing the country. Naib will be  beep-ing the Malays so that they can take their rightful place in our country. After NEPing the country, Malay equity stands around 23%? Does ownership of this 23% mean anything to the ordinary Malays who have the face the daily grind of life?
Many of us know exactly what the BEEP means. It means a license to pillage and plunder in the name of king, religion and country. The Malay elite salivates at the prospects of carving out wealth earning resources.
23% is owned by GLCs, the Malay elite, the privileged and the Malay monied class. This BEEP is going to turn into another excuse to justify the rape and plunder. After raping the girl repeatedly, the rapist presents her with a bunch of flowers. This is exactly what the BEEP announced by Najib represents- the presentation of a bunch of flowers after the raping the Malay lady over and over again.
 If you can’t dazzle people with your brilliance, confound them with your bullshit.
There are almost 10 million Malays living with a monthly income of RM1500. Why aren’t these people directly aided? Why do we arrogate ourselves the authority and omniscience to even claim we know what is best for the Malays? The ordinary Malay knows he wants to get out of poverty and destitution if only he has the means to. So why don’t we give them the means to? The problems of the present lot of 10 million people must be tackled immediately.
Why must we create an artificial layer of decision makers, central planners to work out things for us? It’s good that we acknowledge education, re-skilling and advanced training to be one of the means. Buts that for future generation and it’s also a deferred realization. What about the now and present? The 10 million destitute- no house, no land, no money, many children , no income generating resources?
I have gone around with a keener awareness about what to do with the people of Raub. To me, if we want to help the Malays, we do the Raub Model. 3 things the government must do. Help the 10 million people directly by (1) building them really affordable and decent homes (2) give them land (3) give them capital. Then they work. They have a home over their heads, they have land on which to cultivate and they have capital in hand, presently to start their enterprise off the land. No need for that elaborate structuring of a blueprint thought about by a central body directing economic enterprise.

This is a fundamental error the government is repeating.  We all know the role of government. A minimalist umpire responsible for a certain number of specific functions. Beyond that, we must have faith in the market system. If we continue placing faith in a handful of men/women who plan our lives, then we are going to regret the decision. If we allow ourselves to believe in the myth of trickle down sharing of wealth, we are also going to get disappointed. Help the poor and destitute directly. Place income renerating resources directly in their hands. Dont assume we can manage their money better.
Instead the government plans to spend through the middleman institutions. Education is deferred wealth creation. You reap the benefits of education years later. In the meantime, the 10 million living on less RM1500 per month will do what? Every essential item has increased in purchase price- rice, sugar, fish, meat, food stuffs,. Transport, utilities, etc.
These 10 million ordinary Malays face the daily grind of life. A pair of Bata shoes has increased by RM3. School bags, transportation, schooling equipment have gone up in price. The cost of living is going up. The self-employed in the kampungs living on a monthly allowance of RM300 per month , with 3-4 children, rented housing will have to make ends meet. These people are destitute. Why are they not aided directly?
Here is something which I cant understand. We know who the destitute and poor are. But we don’t aid and assist them directly. We don’t appoint them to wealth creation resources.


Anonymous,  23 September 2013 at 08:55  

As long as the rural Malays remain gullible, ignorant and 'stupid', UMNO will fool then again and again.
It is the economy and food price hikes which will make then turn against UMNO.

Anonymous,  23 September 2013 at 08:59  

There is no real genuine desire, only the political one in the latest empowerment programmer.

In the course of implementation, all the vultures from the cronies flock would devour the meat, leaving the skin and bones for the poor and needy ones.

Only fools would buy in this con game, hence the continued efforts to stupefy the kampong folks.

Anonymous,  23 September 2013 at 09:11  


Why would UMNO/BN bother? The destitute and the poor, the majority of the Sabahans & the Sarawakians can easily be bought off with RM500 come next election time. In the meantime, lets feast on the country's wealth before they eventually wake up to THEIR mounting debts!

PR could expedite the downfall of UMNO/BN by NOT opposing to the increase in petrol, toll, AES, GST, Road Tax and Insurance, School fees, basic foodstuffs etc that immediately burns their livelihoods and let these people suffer terminally enough to vent their anger on the streets against prevailing government!

~ There are no victims, only volunteers.

bruno 23 September 2013 at 09:14  

Dato,any body who can see the signs and is not illiterate can know that the Umnoputras and their lackeys are not just taking the Malays for a ride.They are taking all Malaysians for a ride,except their own families and running dogs.They are the miniority 0.3% who have accumulated all the wealth of the haram money.

In the past and all other GE's,they have been using race and religions to trash their opponents.How come the opposition do not dig out their haram activities overseas.Just ask the staff of the Embassies over there.In fact just ask the drivers of the high and trade commisions.

They can tell and descripe the activities of the ministers and politicians when they are in London.Orang putih perempuans young enough to be their grand daughters.How many times tembak and jugs of the blue diamond pills.Main judi in the casinos.Getting mabuk,not only themselves but their children too.

And what do the pakatan top leaders do.They screwed each other up instead,letting the Umnoputras have a free ride screwing their behind.Some pakatan leaders who have outlived their welcome has to go.Make way for the younger leaders to come up and lead the coalition.Or else the Umnoputras will be having a fiesta GE's after GE's.

Anonymous,  23 September 2013 at 13:52  

We can't really blame umno, the are rural rakyat s gullible and they fall for the BR1M and sweet talk. If the more educated children of those Malay folk don't enlighten their parents and kampong folk, they can only blame themselves. By the time they 'wake up'. whatever monetary crumbs left in the treasury will also be gone, and once again, they will blame the non Malays and Christians, but not the umnoputra, who by then are already enjoying their loot in another country. That's why the education system is perpetually in the dumps, to keep the people stupid.

Anonymous,  23 September 2013 at 19:09  

Salam Dato'

Saya peminat blog ini. First time nak beri komen. Bila baca blog Dato saya jadi depress.

1. Jiran saya ni ada dua bini. Anak 16 orang. Dia tak kerja. Yang kerja bini yang kedua. Masak di restoran satu hari 50.00.Pergaduhan selalu berlaku. minggu lepas bini pertama kena halau tak bayar sewa. Jadi, satukeluarga pergi rumah bini muda.
Dalam satu rumah yang sangat buruk ada lebih kurang 16 remaja dan anak2 dan tiga dewasa mengharap pada satu orang mencari makan. Kadang2 kami jiran tolong jugak. tapi dah tak berdaya dah.

2. Kebanyakan saudara saya semua belajar takat lulus SPM.Contoh saya beri. Kerja kecik macam mekanik. gaji sebulan 1200. Anak 3 orang. 2 orang masih pakai pampers dan susu. Isteri tak kerja tapi berniaga bihun sup di pasar malam. Tinggal anak kecil rumah mertua. Kehidupan sangat susah. Sewa rumah dah 200 (rumah buruk). Anak2 saja 4-5 ratus. Tidak termasuk elektrik dan air lagi.

3. Lagi satu saudara kerja kilang pendapatan 1800 sebln. Kerja dah 18 tahun tapi kena tindas dengan Jepun. 400 bayar sewa rumah, 400 bayar duit kereta. Anak di tadika (180 sebln). mak kerja kerani. gaji 1200. Campur tolak duit makan, hantar anak rumah pengasuh.Eletrik, air, beri kepada ibu mertua dan ibu sendiri yang dah tua 150+150. Tolak kos minyak pergi kerja...Tiada apa yang tinggal. terpaksa berhutang

Senario Melayu yang membuat saya depress bila baca blog Dato

Anonymous,  23 September 2013 at 23:00  

Sambung Senario Melayu miskin

1. Miskin sebab attitude dan salah ajaran agama.

2. Miskin sebab salah kerajaan. Tidak ada gaji minima, tidak ada sistem untuk bantu orang tiada rumah. Tiada bantuan untuk susu anak. Nak kata malas tidak adil kerana suami kerja baiki lori punya teruk. isteri berniaga di pasar malam kadang bawak buaian ke pasar.

3. Kerajaan tidak pantau pelabur asing yang bermaharajalela. Kerja 3 syif sehari maksudnya kalau kilang tu operasi 10 tahun yg sebenarnya 30 tahun. Dahla begitu, dapat pelepasan cukai dan segala macam.

tokio_rain,  24 September 2013 at 01:07  

Saudara Anon 23 September 2013 19:09,
Bila saya baca komen saudara, saya pulak jadi depress..

Anonymous,  24 September 2013 at 07:44  

Maaf cakap,

Kerajaan tak bersalah! Yang salah adalah rakyat yg tidak mahu mengubah nasib mereka dgn mencuba kerajaan yang baru.

~ Bukan lagi salah musang kalau ayam yg masih mahukan musang untuk menjaga reban mereka..

Anonymous,  24 September 2013 at 09:51  

haha belajarlah dari Cina.. kerja kuat saban hari, kebanyakan hanya kahwin bila duit banyak atau kahwin lambat, kahwin satu, anak seorg dua aje; tak kahwin pun ok.. tapi the percentage dah berkurangan

Anonymous,  24 September 2013 at 10:48  

Saya ada ramai kawa/rakan sekerja Melayu. Mereka tau betapa buruk kerajaan tapi sampai masa undi, mereka undi BN. Tanya kenapa? Mereka takut bangsa Melayu akan jadi lebih teruk kalo umno kalah.
Tak tau nak cakap mcm mana.

Anonymous,  24 September 2013 at 18:37  

anon 08:55,

the rural Malays are not gullible per se nor stupid but merely expressing gratitude to the government for all the aids given.

they will remain to be so until the learn the valuable lesson of being critical and being learned about the difference of being given a fish and being taught to fish.

if Anwar claims that he has the brain the lead Malaysia, he should figure out how to win this game where UMNO/PBS/BN is good at.

After all, he was from UMNO.


Anonymous,  24 September 2013 at 18:40  

anon 09:51,

tak perlu belajar dari Cina, belajar dari mat salleh esp dari amerika syarikat.

pasal? mat salleh tak payah susah payah kerja dan menghasilkan barangan dah boleh cetak uang/wang untuk beli dari mana-mana tempat.


Anonymous,  24 September 2013 at 18:46  

anon 10:48,

dia orang takut apa kalau UMNO kalah?

dia orang takut tiada siapa yang akan bagi uang/wang, BR1M, motosikal + helmet percuma untuk rempit dan diberi ikan tiap-tapi hari pasal sudah larat nak pancing dan kail ikan sendiri.

ada se-setengah dah takut dia orang akan dikafirkan oleh golongan minoriti Kristian pasal tak faham peruntukan perundangan dan Perlembagaan Malaysia. Ini lah yang paling kesian.

Tiada siapa yang boleh mengkafirkan dia orang selagi akidah diri-sendiri tidak bergoyangkan?

kalau golongan minoriti Kristian dikatakan boleh mengkafirkan dia orang, mestilah ada masalah mental.

asyik-astik kita dengar Tok Him berjerit-jerit Islam diugut di sana sini tapi dia sendiri makan suap dari taukeh/cukong Vincent Tan.

itu pasal orang kampung asyik terikut ikut omongan golongan P E R K O S A yang dah gila talak.


Anonymous,  24 September 2013 at 22:30  

respect kat lu.anonymous.komen yg cukup berkualiti.

SamYap,  24 September 2013 at 23:46  

Kpd semua rakan Melayu sini, maaf saya guna bahasa Inggeris. Saya dari era bila bersekolah masih guna English.

This evening I was at Parkson with my wife shopping for a travelling bag. The promoter of one of the brands was a young Malay boy. I was pleasantly surprised he spoke fluent English. These days its not common to meet a young Malaysian regardless of race, who speaks fluent English.

I praised him for his good English and he graciously said thank you. I asked him if he was a student earning some pocket money part time. After hesitating for several seconds he told me that he took on the promoter job because his family could not pay his second year college fees. He had to stop and and work and maybe go back to college in a year or two.

I asked him why did he not apply for PTPTN. He said that was another long story. He was close to tears, so I decided not to ask anymore except to wish him the best.

I wish I am in a position to offer him some schloarhsip or a soft loan but alas I am not within the upper class of Malaysian society.

Its really sad to see such youth wasted, especially a Malay boy who has such a good command of the English language.

Anonymous,  25 September 2013 at 07:39  

Salam, Dato.

You are right on the money, as ever. And your point is at the crux of the whole BEEP, NEP, and previous fiascos: the people who, by right, should benefit most from assistance - well, in many cases they benefit the least.

I am way past trusting UMNO to ever change. Najib will cling on and the plunder will continue. To restore that party will require a leader of such exceptional courage and conviction that he / she would border on superhuman.

In the Greek mythology, the Fifth Labour of the great hero Hercules was to clean the stables of Augeas, King of Elis, which were the largest and the dirtiest stables in the whole world.

Augeas had a prodigious number of oxen and goats, and the stables in which they were all kept had never been cleaned. The result was a mountain of filth and litter, which not even Hercules could clear away in a lifetime — not, of course, from want of strength, but from want of time. Hercules beheld with disgust and dismay the loathsome and degrading toil in which he was to spend the rest of his days. The other labours had at least been honorable, and befitting a prince: this would have appalled a scavenger.

He eventually solved the problem by diverting a river through the stables. But I suspect the task of cleaning UMNO would have been beyond the strength and imagination even of Hercules.

So, why do the rural Malays keep in power a party that so clearly manipulates them?

Well, there are the well-timed handouts, the influence of penghulu who act almost as BN govt "whips", the increasingly political sermons they hear in the masjid, and the reliance on mainstream, govt media. All telling factors. Having lived in the East Coast for a while, I think that it's also a mindset - a reluctance to shake what they have been used to, a fear of the unfamiliar, and of not fitting with what the community wishes as a whole. It's also remoteness - the financial failings and skulduggery in far off Putrajaya seem to be another world (even to me, when I was out there.)

Although it will take immense patience, I think it is possible for these people to understand that they are being taken for a ride. For their sake, things must change. Najib has put no safeguards in place to preserve the chastity of BEEP from being forcibly ravaged. Or ravaging is all part of the plan, I guess. And in doing so, they will deprive the very people they claim to champion.

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