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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 16 June 2012

UMNO and its hijacking of an Ancient Covenant.

Nizar jamaludin, former MB of Perak is in a pickle nowadays. We can’t leave him alone though because he represents the people. What happens to him could also happen to us later when we, out of public spiritedness raise an issue involving the royalty. So, the rakyat must continue to speak because, we actually do remember the tenets of Malay customs and etiquette.

 I can’t offer Nizar Jamaludin any ideas on how to resolve his predicament with the Johor Monarchy. Perhaps he may have to offer momentary lapse of memory as defense. He has simply forgotten an important ingredient in Malay custom. He will not suffer embarrassment if he adopts this defense because others more prominent than him have chosen to adopt selective recollection. Mahathir forgot so many things when faced with the issue on the VK Lingam tapes. Or Nizar embraces humility and admits that he is stupid in this area.

But which part of the Malay custom are we talking about? This article seeks to explore the corruption of a very important component of the Malay customs and etiquette - his relationship with the Malay ruler. That relationship is represented by a code of conduct expressed in the avowal Pantang Melayu Derhaka! This is probably the part of the Malay customs and etiquette which is referred to. This is the underlying and awe-inspiring code of conduct that regulates the relationship of the Malay subject with his ruler. Pushed to its extreme form, this code of conduct leads to the blasphemous deification of another human being. That however is a separate matter best left to Islamic theologians to debate as the deification of another human being, means making the human equal to the Almighty.

This subject has recently come to the fore when Nizar the former MB of Perak tweeted his discomfort on the amount of money spent to acquire a car number plate. His tweet invited the ire of Johor youths. UMNO youth Johor was quick to exploit the issue. What was it that Nizar said that raised so much venomous response from the axe to- grind UMNO youths?

Can the unease of one person upset the whole institutional structure that has always upheld the position of Malay Monarchy? Nizar’s grumblings were not directed at the person of the ruler or at the institution. What Nizar did was to raise the issue of indecent spending. This wasn’t a case of disputing whose money it is. Even if it’s your money, if it’s applied in a controversial manner, ownership of the money is irrelevant. Nizar said out loud his opinion against the `idea’ of indecent spending. The better idea on such a large amount of money would be to apply it to socially beneficial ends.

When the late Zakaria built his mansion amidst the squalor of Pandamaran a few years back, the issue was the building of a palatial home amidst the hovels in Pandamaran. The behavior was indecent.

Since the issue has been politicized, we will take it from there. So, now we are interested in the politics behind the avowal. The Malay Monarchy is the symbol into which is invested special meanings which are sometimes operated as tool for political expediencies. In the hands of UMNO, the special meanings invested are mostly used for political convenience as exemplified in the recent gathering of the so called absolute loyalists before the Johor Monarch.

Would anyone subscribe to the view that behind the pretentious display of undying loyalty, it’s only UMNO that upholds the institution of the Malay monarch? If anyone does, then he has forgotten that in 1993, it was UMNO which mobilized the whole nation into a frenzy demanding doing the King Philip and Marie Antoinette thing on the Malay Monarch.

Because in the hands of manipulative UMNO, the primordial code of conduct is now being used as the measure of one’s Malayness, loyalty and patriotism all at once. The Malay who appears as straying from the measure is to be taken as someone who has violated the meaning of being Malay. In UMNO’s twisted political lexicon, unconditional loyalty to the institution of the Malay monarch forms an indispensable and mandatory cultural DNA. Without which, one ceases to be Malay enough deserving of support and communion with fellow Malays.

The avowal can universally be translated to mean, the people shall never be disloyal to the king. The term disloyal is used in its most general forms. The common man never trespass the king in any way and form; never shall he insult the king in mind, never speak evil and more so does not commit trespass of the person upon the king. The term treason is also a close description. Used in these terms, UMNO and its surrogate NGOs can then brand Nizar, his party and all those who support Nizar as unMalay, unpatriotic and disloyal. It is this vicious use that we are now objecting. UMNO cannot now claim to be sanctimonious when what they attempted to do to the Malay Monarchy in 1993 was clearly worse and disloyal.

We turn to the venerable Sejarah Melayu or Malay Annals to search for the origins of this avowal. It is there, that this covenant which was to form the basis to measure the Malay’s cultural affinity and ethnic oneness originated.

The ancient king figure being represented by king Seri Teri Buana (STB) and the people figure by Deman Lebar Daun (DLD). Seri Teri Buana is one of the 3 mythical figures that appeared at Bukit Siguntang Mahameru. He was made king when Demang Lebar Daun the incumbent ruler of Palembang abdicated from his throne in favor of STB because of the mythical origins of the latter.

The Sejarah Melayu tells us, the ancient King took a total of 39 ladies as brides but as soon as each union was consummated, the bride contracted Chloasma- a skin disease that left the face discolored or blackened. He was resigned to spending life as a roving bachelor when fate intervened and he was informed that his man Friday, DLD- his sidekick has a beautiful daughter, Wan Sundari. Whereupon he summoned his faithful former king now turned sidekick and expressed his desire of wanting the daughter of Demang Lebar Daun. Fearful that his only daughter may be stricken with the same affliction, DLD asked for a covenant with the King if he wants his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Since then, only the second part of the ancient covenant has been stressed over and over again. This part read:- “That your descendants shall never for the rest of the time be disloyal to my descendants, even if my descendants oppress them and behave evilly. And DLD said- very well your highness, but if your descendant depart from the terms of the pact, then so will mine.

But what was the part of the people’s bargain?

 “Your highness, the descendants of your humble servant shall be the subjects of your Majesty’s throne, but they must be well treated by your descendants. If they offend, they shall not, however grave be their offense be disgraced or reviled with evil words: if their offense is grave, let them be put to death if that is in accordance Shariah law. 

 Clearly then, there are two sides of the Malay customs and etiquette which are in question. Not only does the first part need adherence to, the observance of the second part is also demanded.


Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 12:59  


When Japan went to war, The Emperor of Japan was considered to be divine and his edict was similar to that of god's edict. The Japanese Military used his divinity to declare war on the US. Later when Japan lost the war, the Americans, instead of prosecuting the emperor for starting the war used him to unite Japan into a new age of Peace.

In Thailand the Law is even more strict on the preservation of the monarchy's divinity...Thaksin found out too late on what can happen in not keeping the monarchy on his side during the yellow and red shirt skirmish.

So It's nothing new that political parties, governments and military leaders conveniently use the monarchy for their own ends....

The Question is, are the monarchy willing to allow such things to happen?

Joe Black

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 13:01  

From my understanding of your last 2 paragraphs, the first is obedience as required by the Malay customer and the latter is Justice as required under Islamic Values, thus whether Cultural or Religious values take dominance is entirely dependent on the opinion of the majority. However this will become a problem should one day Malays abandon Islam. There will be a serious problem should one day Islam be abused and both the Malay Ruler & the Highest Religious Order deviate from what is humane. Thus, in any culture & religion, there is a need to engage in progressive thinking. This should not be a problem because there is provision for the law of humanity & justice in any religion and progressive civilization will ensure only the virtue of tradition is preserved; the problem is man himself.

Leithaisor 16 June 2012 at 14:33  

A timely discourse on, and reminder of, the ancient 2 part covenant between the Malay people and their ruler! Sesungguhnya Raja adil Raja disembah, Raja zalim Raja disanggah.

But the "axe-to-grind UMNO youths" not only make a big, grand show of showing their loyalty and love for the Sultan, they have selective recall, hearing and eyesight.

They cannot recall how some of their own side were not shy of protesting loudly against another sultan, to the extent of calling said sultan "natang" [binatang] back in 2008. And nobody was charged , punished or had any action taken against them even though a police report was made.

Even on this matter of the Johore Sultan and the RM520K WWW1 number plate, another minor royalty, the infamous RPK had used this as the subject of his posting: "Why is the Sultan so stupid?"

But the UMNO heroes have stayed silent on this. Not a peep, much less a "venomous response", in defense of the Sultan, no police report against RPK, no demo here and there. Even Pekida, Perkasa, Mubarak and all the assorted sidekick outfits had nothing to say about that. No axe to grind!

ajib,  16 June 2012 at 15:48  

since when did umno care about the kings? never!! not even from the days of the original 1946's umno. there's a long list of the co called durhaka acts by these idiots from the dato' onn's era until todate. the kings are making a big mistake if they think umno cares about them

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 15:49  

Dear Sir

The Johor Sultan is an IDIOT isn't he?

He should have ask it for FREE, not pay for it

Jong 16 June 2012 at 16:03  

Another great piece and well articulated Sakmongkol!

We have to give credit to the man to come out and say it.
Yes, Nizar Jamaluddin is definitely NOT alone and you were so correct with your words - "out of public spiritedness raised an issue..." Yes, and he did with his head high; what more can you ask from a people's elected rep, and of course in this case, the well-loved Perakian of course!

He owes no one any apologies but out of humility, he did. He need not have to for he let his heart take its stand on the principles of reason. That's the truth and truth sometimes hurt, huh?

Thanks to those turds in UMNO for the 'bonfire'. And I will always remember, it takes two to tango.

primehonda 16 June 2012 at 16:04  

mr sak,

during perak crisis on 2009, raja nazrin shah had conducted professionally when dato nizar quoted the famous 'sembah derhaka'. raja nazrin chose to act as gentleman although he had all reasons in the world to get angry..he could have asked his bentara to drag dato nizar's mouth on the street for saying something that disobeyed his royal highness decision. but raja nazrin did not do that. he remained cool. even the umno leaders kept on provoking him to do something more aggressive but he is not of that kind.
Moral: the true bloodline of a malay sultan can be seen from his or her conduct/saying and how he handle the situation...

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 16:21  

I respect you dato for threading on this sensitive topic but you have done it in style.

1. In 1993, Mahathir made mince meat of the royalty and I remember there was not a squeak from any of the royal houses. It was as though the mice went into hiding when Mahathir the Cat went round the country roaring. Utusan went to town with "demeaning stories."
2. There are several monarchy who publicly show their 'leanings' towards UMNO. (A politician who crossed over from BN to PKR was stripped of his datoship. Why? And a political party was allowed to hold a loyalty rally at the palace.
3. Are they allowed to be involved in business?
4. There have also been gossip (in local lingo, The Truth) about the unIslamic behaviour of some of them.
5. Shouldn't the rulers themselves be frugal in their lifestyle? Is spending thousands on a numerals considered frugal, when the subjects kais pagi makan pagi?

7. Can we compare the behaviour of our rulers with the Thai/Japanese Monarchy?

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 16:22  

"It's not rakyats money..neither mine..then who?" hehe!

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 17:01  

Well said Dato'

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 18:09  

Excellent..........Glad you left UMNO!!!! That said need to educate the monarchs of Islamic principles above tribal customs.....something that the Prophet himself spoke of in his last khutbah

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 19:24  


"Pantang Melayu derhaka" tidak sesuai diamalkan disemua situasi. Melayu atau siapa saja boleh dan wajar derhaka kepada seseorang jika terbukti orang berkenaan sama sekali tidak menjalankan tuntutan Islam atau mengamalkan apa yang dilarang ajaran agama.

Seorang anak tidak dianggap derhaka pada ibu atau ayahnya jika dia tidak mematuhi suruhan ibu atau bapa ke arah jalan yang mungkar. Menegur seorang ibu atau bapa yang melakukan perkara dosa dengan cara berhemah bukan merupakan satu dosa atau derhaka.

Bila ada pihak yang memperlekehkan agama dan sekali gus merendahkan kedudukan Allah dan Rasul, kenapa ini tidak dianggap menghina atau menderhaka sedangkan di alam ini Allah yang lebih berhak diberi penghormatan?. Martabat manusia dan pemimpin mana jua tidak boleh disamakan atau dipuja melebihi Allah itu sendiri. Menjunjung seorang pemimpin mengatasi junjungan terhadap Allah dan rasul adalah salah sama sekali.

Soalnya kenapa ada sesetengah pemimpin negara kita yang meletakkan seseorang pemimpin tertentu didarjat yang sangat tinggi seolah olah mengatasi darjat Tuhan itu sendiri. Saya tidak merasa sedikit pun teguran yang dibuat Nizar itu satu penderhakaan atau dosa. Apa yang sebenarnya berlaku adalah kerana adanya tukang jolok dan pembodek yang mahu mengeruhkan keadaan walhal tukang bodek berkenaanlah yang sebenarnya terbukti tidak saja telah menderhaka kepada pemimpin tertentu malah juga terang terang tidak menghormati Islam dan Allah.

Nizarkah yang menyeleweng duit rakyat?. Nizarkah yang balun berjuta juta komisyen Scorpene?. Nizarkah yang membunuh Altantuya?. Adakah pemimpin yang dipuja puja itu pernah bangkitkan soal Scorpene dan pembunuhan Altantuya ini?. Tidak bukan ?. Adakah membunuh Altantuya dan sapu komisyen Scorpene itu suatu yang dihalalkan oleh Islam? Seorang pemimpin yang mempunyai kuasa tetapi tidak menggunakan dijalan yang benar bukanlah pemimpin yang harus kita hormati.

Nizar hanya dijadikan bahan oleh puak yang mungkar ini untuk membodek. Malangnya pemimpin yang dibodek itu seakan tidak mahu memahami situasi atas alasan yang dia sendiri sedia maklum. Ingatlah...tanggung jawab kita kepada Allah adalah melebihi segalanya berbanding tanggung jawab kita kepada mana mana pemimpin. Menyokong pemimpin yang terang terang membelakangi hukum agama adalah merupakan satu kesalahan dan dosa. Jangan biar diri anda terperangkap dengan mainan golongan mungkar dan iblis bertopengkan manusia ini!

Kisah " Sultan Mahmud Mangkat di Julang " patut kita hayati mesejnya.

The Phoenix Foundation 16 June 2012 at 19:38  

SAB! I have one query: I am not Malay,but a Malaysian of ancient indian heritage(Raja Cholan).
Respect be get's respect!
I work my ...###@@@@ off to keep my family & me in good shape & form.
I further ensure all who I interact with( of all colors, shapes & sizes ) are treated with respect & decorum!
But when I continually witness, certain persons, who are primarily LEECHES, strut their ill gotten gains!!!!
Please remind our Ra'akyaat & the Powers that Be (POTAB) of The Storming of The Bastille!

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 19:48  

Trust me many rakyat agree to what Nizar said, unfortunately there is not avenues to express it. The Royalties being royalties are fools to play into the hand of UMNO. We as commoner should remember the long list of cruelties done by the Royal Johor dynasty and yet some goons pretend not to see it or speak about it.Sad that we are all cowards. Cant God do something?

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 20:45  

Responding to PrimeHonda:

1. Perak Royalty system originally does not go to the son of the Sultans. There is a complex system of Orang Besars, Orang Kaysa, Orang Kecils and whatnots. Only since HRH Azlan took over, then his son became the Raja Muda..... . It originally should be someone else.

2. Apropos someone else, HRH Raja Azlan's line historically should not be the Sultan. There was a "switch" many years ago during the Brits time etc.

3. The Perak Royalty is also very much into business, somewhat linked to UMNO.
E.g. Check out who is Kamaruddin in Gamuda? HRH Azlan's daughter Princess Elina is also a director of companies, and Kamarudin Gin Gamuda is her uncle or close relation. Who are the directors of many companies such as that built the Kota Kamuning, and other construction? The Alymanns. All related.... .

So, Nazrin is not the true bloodline or rightful Raja Muda, according to the complex original Perak Royalty system. Perhaps the sembah derhaka then did not and does not apply to him?

Let us ask the historians on the old system of Perak royalty on the rotation system..... . And its origin etc.

The 3Crowne

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 21:07  

A Sultan must show himself to be kind, but he is not in this case. A Sultan must be big hearted and care for the rakyat and not take offense at just a small matter.

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 21:57  

This is the year 2012, not 1515. I thought man would have progress such that offending words uttered by one against the other could be resolved by a heartfelt apology. Whereas, words that while reasonable within the context by consider offensive by the other could be resolve by a court action for libel or defamation.

This is the year 2012, not 1515. My religion teaches me that I bow to no man (only to the Almighty), nor do I consider another man to be divine such that I have to be subservient to him, even with my life.

Malay Muslims are freaking jokers. They scream Islam at the top of their lungs and then bay for blood when one Malay Muslim utter something against another Malay Muslim that is consider offensive by the latter. Is this latter Malay Muslim the Almighty himself? You folks are an insult to Islam.

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 22:19  

Sak & friends and quests, Salam

It has been a quite while since we have read Bruno's fine writing. Wonder if he had gone surveying the kataks' pond and got interrogated ? Is he all right ?

walla 16 June 2012 at 23:49  

Anon 13.01 spoke with wisdom.

Let me narrate something as well.

One morning an old man, self-made, highly respected and very wealthy, dropped a two dollar coin as he was about to get into his car. The coin rolled under the car and rested near a wheel which was near a drain. If he drove the car aside, the coin would fall into the drain. So, with much difficulty, he knelt down and tried to reach for his two dollar coin. On seeing that, an indonesian guard ran over and offered to help. The guard managed to get the coin which he returned to the old man who in turn gave the guard one hundred dollars.

His explanation later for doing so was classic: "If the two-dollar coin had fallen into the drain, the money would have been squandered but in giving one hundred dollars to the helpful man, i would know the money will be used well."

To the old man, the principle of money was not to squander it but to use it fruitfully, especially where it can benefit others.

What with money, so too with position. A position should not be squandered. It may be given but what is given in advance of work to be done has to be earned through deeds for the welfare of others.

And if the position has been given by fiat, even more so must it be earned by exemplary speech and exemplar action.

In turn both these expressions of humanity, speech and action, are covenant to another principle, namely the higher the position, the more humble must be its carrier enjoying the good fortune while shouldering onerous responsibilities.

Especially if the good fortune and responsibilities have been bequeathed from a Position even higher to Whom the mortal has pledged local representation.

Now, actions do not include just the act of communication but also the intention encapsulated in the thought that motivates the communication.

Let's take an example from ancient lore of some feudal society in a faraway land.

Some plebeian made a chance remark (communication) that too many dinah has been spent on something frivolous (motivation) which could have been spent for the common good (intention).

Upon hearing this, it would be logical to think that all the other plebeians, hoi-polloi, and what not would be in agreement. Especially since the intention was congruent to their welfare.

The intention of the plebeian was actually akin to the intention of the old man above for the welfare of the guard (other plebeians). Especially if those other plebeians have been asked too many times to change their lifestyle and be more prudent.

Is it therefore any wonder they will also take exception when they are labeled in all but name and at the same time as being uncivil?

But all these fractures are not happening solely because of protocol infractions or miscommunication or shadowy innuendos or the need for pomp and circumstance above practicalities and grassroots adulation. It could be something deeper.

Perhaps it's because supply has not sufficiently met demand for a "political awareness of what ought to matter to people in international society".

The structure at that moment in that faraway land seems to have been riddled by fear of erosion of traditional identity as society itself changed from feudal to international.

And that fear emanated from the dilemma of how to administer tradition which by definition is unchanging.

In other words, how does one maintain tradition and yet be relevant to the people whose acceptance of an institution is the only thing that can enhance and extend its existence enough for it to play a role that will mengharumkan nama dan prestasi of the institution concerned even more?

That question should be answered, and especially before fists are bunched.

By the way, the old man is Li Kashing.

Anonymous,  17 June 2012 at 00:24  

I wish Dr M would comment on your article and I bet he will not say 'Nizar is right'. I still remember he said in parliament during the constitutional crisis that Sultans have gone beyond the boundaries with the famous phrase "the straw that breaks the camel's back". I know what he is going to say: 'Saya sudah lupa'

Anonymous,  17 June 2012 at 04:56  

Quote, "In turn both these expressions of humanity, speech and action, are covenant to another principle, namely the higher the position, the more humble must be its carrier enjoying the good fortune while shouldering onerous responsibilities." Unquote.

Well articulated. In the most recent speech to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, i heard, " In giving her total self to the service of her subjects, she lost herself and in doing so, she found herself " Unquote. Humbling in deeds and actions for sixty years, 60 years, and going strong. And her subjects celebrated her life and times. In great wisdom and the changing of time to be relevant to her subjects. Her common subjects in her big kingdom or their smart children need not be selected and taught how to address her and her household unlike someone from N9; and another royal- ty kid through a column in the paper, quoted that some were jealous of not being royalty, that they forbade others from addressing the royal-ty. Bizarre.

In comparison to the unassuming young Prince William and his beautiful gracious wife, Kate who can fit in endearment to their Majesty grandma. And they are gaining popularity and relevance by a highly discerning majority of QE2's subjects. On home ground ?

Hence, " the more humble must be its carrier enjoying the good fortune while shouldering onerous responsibilities. " Splendid. No title, level of education or position or all in, can reduce ones to otherwise. One fine example is Dr Michael Jeyakumar in serving the poor Malay, orangasli, Indians, regardless of race, rushing in through the years where angels fear to tread. There are other fellow unassuming Malaysians; pondering deeply, all of them demonstrated " the higher the position, the more humble must be its carrier. " i will always remember this beautiful quote.

Salam, Merci.

loveMyKris,  17 June 2012 at 05:28  

it looks like the sultan is determined to get his pound of flesh..irrespective of whether it makes sense to the rest of us.

Anonymous,  17 June 2012 at 07:28  

In my eyes, Nizar is more regal than most sultans, combined.

Anonymous,  17 June 2012 at 10:28  


Do you think the Royalty matters to the Mat Rempit takder kerja, penoreh getah, Pesawah padi, Peniaga pasar malam, Penjual ikan pasar basah, Penjual nasi lemak kecil- kecilan, adik-adik lepasan SPM berkerja di GM store dan pasaraya Mydin or Jusco or Tesco, etc-etc?

NOT ONE BIT! Bila cuti keputeraan Sultan or Agong pun I don't think they care at rat ass of whose birthday or coronation it is.

So the Privilege ones and their arse licker can continue to live in la-la land until one day we all meet our Maker and there you answer for all your deeds and misdeeds.

Orang biasa

Anonymous,  17 June 2012 at 11:13  

Nizar is a common man....a nobody in their eyes.

The ordinary people want freedom, mutual respect and equality.

Nizar, like few other leaders, is an ordinary people's man.

Kuda Kepang,  17 June 2012 at 11:27  

[ "...Dear Sir

The Johor Sultan is an IDIOT isn't he?

He should have ask it for FREE, not pay for it

16 June 2012 15:49 ..."]

It looks like it. You can read more about how the Spittoon Times publicly make an asshole out of him H E R E [KLIK] !

Next time don't humor a fool and embarrass yourself. The Spittoon Times just humiliated the fool Ruler publicly ! :-))

Kutu Genetics,  17 June 2012 at 12:35  

"...I wish Dr M would comment on your article and I bet he will not say 'Nizar is right'...." - Anonymous, 17 June 2012 00:24

As s good Spin Doctor Mahathir would talk bio-genetics. Didn't he say that in his "Dilemma"?

He and Taib paid some money and asked Harian Metro to say the Penans married among themselves even in their own direct families. The Dayaks nearly took out their parangs!

What happened was Taib had nothing original to say so he and Mahathir came up with the idea and paid the UMNO media. Like Zunar said at the SUARAM dinner, these jokers only have ready made ideas clowning around in their cartoon characters.

But seriously, if BN continues ruling and mismanaging, their dastardly corrupt acts will humiliate Malays and all bumiputeras. You take away all capital, keep it amongst yourselves and Wallah! ...there'll be continued exteme poverty, bad health, bad education and guess what ...maybe people will marry within their own families !!!

And you have jokers ruling the world!

So fcuk them out this GE 13 !

Anonymous,  17 June 2012 at 13:35  

This arrogant, corrupt and uncouth United Mamak National Organisation aka UMNO Baru will in the end serves to hasten the destruction of an archaic institution which is more of a liability to the nation.

Anonymous,  17 June 2012 at 15:17  

I am not Muslim but since I was a young boy I was told by my Muslim friends that Islam teaches one to be moderate in the way he /she leads his/her life. e.g
Extravagance, gluttony, exorbitance,lavishness,overindulgence, overspending and wastefulness.

But I see these same values being pratised by your monarchs who are the heads of your religion.

Wonder what your Council of Ulamaks and the Perak Mufti have got to say about the spending of half a million on a number plate?
I bet you, they will remain dumb.
Ironical, isn't it.

Anonymous,  17 June 2012 at 15:51  

True, Nizar has the utmost humility, rumah dulu sgai MB pun simple saja. He has the smartness and the humor, he invited himself to the perak mb's meeting recently, grinning throughout ( ? ) that's it ... was caught stunned. what's he doing there ? And the ah soh, ah pek adore him.

A.B.U. 17 June 2012 at 16:09  

Don't worry, it's "Blessing In Disguise" for Nizar ... I just couldn't wait for Nizar to be my MB again! Being a Jelapang constituent myself, I'm looking forward to the Katak Hee (Yit Foong) defending her seat in GE13 .... kalau dia berani !

Quiet Despair,  17 June 2012 at 19:01  

Poor, poor Nizar. Even the PAS people are distancing themselves from him. Now regarded as social outcast or pariah.
He can kiss good-bye to getting back his MB post. May not even get a berth to contest.
MB Zambry is doing a terrific job in Perak. Reduced the state deficit and paid up the state debts.
Adopting more than 100 students and giving them places to study with scholarships.
Nizar has been making so many bloopers and incurring unnecessary wrath like accusing Najib of seeking military help for emergency rule if BN loses.
Has he still got a job building highways or bridges? Or is he an honorable jobless or penganggur terhormat.
I had a good time laughing over his fancy 2 digit number plate of his cars as portrayed by the MSM.
Talk of pot calling the kettle black.
Nizar, I suggest you wipe your big trap before speaking or tweeting. There's still crumbs around your mouth. Yikes!

OneMalaysian,  17 June 2012 at 20:20  

Dear Sakmongkol

When King Farouk of Egypt was overthrown in 1952 in a revolution led by Gamal Nasser and sent into exile, he was reputed to have lamented that in the end there will only be 5 kings left: the King of Spades, the King of Hearts, the King of Diamonds, the King of Clubs and the King of England.

The situation as of now is not as dire as Farouk had predicted, but the world has certainly moved in that direction. The tyrannical, cruel and wasteful kings of old have all but gone (or have they, really?). Their more enlightened successors have wisely traded in their absolute powers for a constitutional role in which real power devolved to the people through a democratically elected government. Some countries of course completely did away with this arrangement and sent all their former royals into exile or simply killed them, as in Russia.

People retain a constitutional monarchy more out of sentimental reasons than any other. To think monarchs somehow serve as receptacles of tradition and culture is probably giving most of them more respect and regard than is due. Many royals are uneducated; some don’t know how to behave; and many in real life don’t even practise the culture and traditions they are supposed to uphold. And certainly without the public purse, most can’t find a decent job that can keep them alive.

It is good that occasionally everyone thinks about what constitutional monarchy means in a true democracy. Constitutional monarchs have a unique relationship with the people; but it is the people who have real power. This is a modern relationship; it is certainly not a feudalistic one.

bruno,  17 June 2012 at 22:02  

Anon 16june,2012 22:19

Thanks for your concern.I am just as fine as ever.Have been checking in on Sak's blog as it is one of my daily chores.Being a busybody always checking on the comment section too.I can see that my buddy QD is getting more energetic in Sak's and especially Wenger's blog.

I have a cousin over from Australia so have kept my comments short.Maybe having an excuse to recharged my batteries for one final lap down the stretch.I am just patiently waiting for the FGVH IPO.The FGVH IPO couldn't have come at a better or worse time,depending on whom you asked.

Taking the cue from the markets the last week or so,smart money is factoring a Greek stay-in the Euro.So all things being fine the Dow has rallied more than 700 points.(i take my cue from the dow and a lesser extent the ftse and dax.)When news of the Greek elections come in,the markets in Asia and Europe will rally.

Then come the open in the US,the crowd will join in.But later in the US session or the next day,the euphoria will sizzled off causing a pullback and a correction into late June or early July,for one final push at the US presidential elections,before the fat lady sing's.

The FGVH IPO will be caught in the market correction and because of fear of a market meltdown and lack of public interest will caused less volume.Therefore the support by the underwriters and later on by the GLC's will not work as the sacred crowd will be waiting to sell.So my best bet will be that FGVH shares will closed at least once lower than the IPO price the first two weeks,before rallying to hover around the IPO price or slightly higher.

But it will closed much substantially lower at year's end.By then the grizzly would have taken over.PIGG'S or no PIGG'S the bullmarket in stocks and commodities will be over sometime around or after the US presidential elections.Do not be shocked and have a heart failure if CPO is trading between 1,200-1,600 2-5 years from now.It could even trade lower and hover around the 1,000 level for months or years .

P/S am taking your cue and will survey the kataks pond.when i finally got my tally will round them up,and no matter where these kataks are reared(umno or pr)will have the butcher skinned them,and asked the best chef in town to cooked them and feed to the dogs.

Red Alfa 17 June 2012 at 22:32  

Salam Dato'

I doubt very much today's Malay generation care much about that covenant of the Malay with his Sultan.

If ever, they are more into "becoming true Muslims less Malay subjects" and sultan's silly braggadacio is to them just that. UMNO's johor melayu youths are but just loud out of key minority.

UMNO is getting it wrong to think tapping into raja-raja Melayu issue will get the Melayu youth back in droves.

At best the Malay youth are not pro royal but if gets to the shove now thinking about it, they will find the sultan's unregal behaviour and being regally murka after as more unacceptable than Nizar was derhaka in the context of the covenant you talked about.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 00:25  

Dato Sak, kadang2 terfikir juga berapa banyak rumah anak2 yatim yang boleh di bantu dengan ongkos yang sedemikain banyak itu. Saya rasa banyak temolok yang boleh di beri makan. Disebalik nya pula apa yang dapat dengan mempunyai nomber tersebut selain dari sifat2 takbur dan bangga diri. Salam

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 03:53  

Dear Sir,

The past myths are no longer applicable. It was reshuffled or reassorted when the people came together to found a new nation in 1957. These monarchs are now constitutional monarchs as you stated so bluntly before. Our loyalty to them and their roles in this new country is governed by the constitution, no more and no less!

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 12:11  

Malaysians bear costly financial and social burden to maintain states and a federal feudal and other several parasitic institutions created by UMNO Baru that can be done without.

IJ Dude 18 June 2012 at 15:02  

As a Perakian, I agree with Anon 16 June 2012 20:45. Another thing, the last time I checked, the Johor royalty is not even a pure royalty...They're from the Temenggong line started from Temenggong Abu Bakar (later Sultan Sir Abu Bakar) & he's a Bugis by ethnic....In fact, the royalty line before also not a pure royalty too! It was from the Bendahara line after Sultan Mahmud "Mangkat DiJulang" (from Malacca Sultanate line) died with no heir to the throne...

So, these people has no connection with the so called "Ancient Covenant" & furthermore we prefer to bow to our God rather than other idiotic & selfish being!

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 18:23  

When a King kills somebody, rapes somebody, robs somebody, maims somebody, abducts somebody and imprisons many innocent beings do we still worship them like GODS?

I guess God gave us brains to think and not just follow blindly!

Otherwise we do no justice to the Almighty for giving us brains at all!

Might as well be a LEMBU..fed enough and get ready for Korban only!

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 18:27  

True Islamic Laws never abused anyone!
May it be a Muslim or Non-Muslim!

The teachings are clear!
It is the so-called "Bad Islamic Leaders" that we have, that gives a BAD Name & negative notion of Islamic Laws and all it stands for!

Kings & Rulers are all alike they rule by FEAR & TERROR, accept for a very rare few!

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 18:31  

Only an idiot would fear a Ruler or KING!

We only live in this world for a very short period of time.

We only fear GOD the Almighty!

He too would answer to all his misdeeds in this world, never to escape its severe punishments!

Just too bad there are no DVD's or VCD's in the pasar malam to show us how KINGS, QUEENS, PRINCES, PRINCE AND RULERS are punished in HELL!

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 18:35  

Only an idiot would fear a Ruler or KING!

We only live in this world for a very short period of time.

We only fear GOD the Almighty!

He too would answer to all his misdeeds in this world, never to escape its severe punishments!

Just too bad there are no DVD's or VCD's in the pasar malam to show us how KINGS, QUEENS, PRINCES, PRINCE AND RULERS are punished in HELL!

Kutu Bytes,  19 June 2012 at 10:56  

Quiet Despair,

It's not about Nizar doing the same thing in different degrees.

It's about plain idiocy!

You wanna hawk what with a "WWW" 1 tag? Because you have invited some paid UMNO bloggers over for a chat which spilled about 50megs of pages how dumb you are?

That you tremble in your socks because when there's turbulence in an aircraft? That sounds like a rural makcik who's gravitated at more than 14.8 lbs per sq inch!

It's just plain simpleton vanity...mind of a dumbo.

It's too much to ask people to Google search what cheap appropriate computers can be and the great potential of how the idea can educate rural and less previlliged folks but young enterprising bloody nons and Malays.

They're talking crazy unemployment in the US now and with the Peace Corps idea of teaching Yanklish we could make it ride rougher. They'd wet their pants maybe to come come out here set up networks with a $90 computer! I bet can push down the price to RM90 on an expandable plan if you have a thinking songkok.

But that's not all. I bet you can devise a curricula for teaching maths and logic and you'll have even dumb looking Malays doing programming. Not a few have gone to Singaland looking for pasture.

If his Highness had the littlest inkling of this and suchlike near notions he should have shut the fuck up! Rather than hog that stupid car plate! Then I'll prostrate naked before him! :roll:

Anonymous,  19 June 2012 at 19:00  

18 June 2012 18:23,

i couldn't agree with you more.

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