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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 15 June 2012

Fokus PRU13 Interview

This is a video on an interview I had recently.


Quiet Despair,  15 June 2012 at 11:46  

Salam Jumaatan Pak Yeh

Syabas. Penjelasan yang teramat baik. You come across as really caring for the Felda settlers. As a layman who dont know much about the machinations of Felda, I am enlightened.
I am impressed. You know what you are talking about. You have got the quality of a statesman in the making.
Remember about me saying you will be the PM if Pakatan comes to power.
But that does not mean I agree with you on the agenda tersembunyi. If am a peneroka, i will take offence on the short attention span and juga yang membeli keseksaan masa depan. You made them sound like stupid and greedy oafs out for small instant gains.
But i do agree with you on why the special treatment to the Felda settlers rather than the traditional kampung folks. Infact I have said this on Najib's FB and blog.
I brought up on the kampung people being slighted as the government seem so focussed on the Felda settlers and the Chinese.
My argument to him is that it's the kampong people who are fixed depositsof BN. The loyalty of some felda schemes to UMNO in particular are suspect.

Anonymous,  15 June 2012 at 15:07  

Fifty years of hard work to develop the land from nothing....they get $15k plus 800-1,000 shares with no security of a future.

Most are not good with finance and money...their land is their future.

Anonymous,  15 June 2012 at 21:27  

Ah Gee Gor is superb in cheap publicity. Never failed to invite foreign politicians and stars to his office for some cheap publicity. The current one is soccer manager, Mourihno.

He can invite all he wants whether President Obama or Queen of England, etc, my vote is 200% with PR.

Anonymous,  15 June 2012 at 21:48  

Sak, you did a great job at clarifying the pressing issues of Felda.

QD you jgn nak merepek pulak. You systematically chose to leave out what Sak had said. He was sincerely empathetic bahawa dia cukup memahami peneroka 2 Felda memang memerlukan wang untuk pembayaran serta perbelanjaan seharian.

Betul kah you ni peneroka - membanting tulang empat kerat you di ladang Felda ? Pada hal nya you bukan main sibuk lagi di putrajaya, di merata tempat dgn Ipad !!

Short attention span does not necessarily mean " unlearned ". Kalau pandangan you tak myopic. Short attention span also means easily distracted by offers from people with vested interests kerana peneroka2 Felda memang mempunyai hati yang ikhlas. UMNO dah propagated melalui tropeers upahan mereka, kalau Melayu dipuji ikhlas, simple erti nya tak pandai !! ? Simple erti nya simple tidak manipulate org serta keadaan.

Furthermore, tidak mustahil yg datang dtg kpd peneroka2 dgn offer adalah org2 yg overly enthusiastic serta aggresif in wanting to close the deals. Short attention span happens kerana badan serta minda mereka terlalu letih setelah bertungkus-lumus di ladang, rungsing memikiran masa depan anak 2 serta cucu-cicit saban hari sedangkan usia mereka semakin meningkat.

QD, you tak pernah suffer from short attention span or are you taking unprescribed Ritalin ?

loveMyKris,  15 June 2012 at 23:39  

dear Anon 15 June 2012 21:48

i have said it many times before. QD jerks off from your responses to his inane postings. dont take his words at face value, he actually adores anwar. heheheh.

umar,  16 June 2012 at 01:26  

Let's look at the real FELDA matters.

1. I visited a relative in Felda Chemplak near Labis in Johor.

2. The actual man died last year. The wife stays with 2 daughters.The daughters are teaching in nearby schools outside the Felda scheme.

3. The wife told us , she gets cetain amount of money every month.The manager of Felda takes care of their land. They don't have to go to the field.

4. Some contracted Bangla or Indon workers are doing all the work in the land: planting, spraying pesticides or fertiliser, harvesting etc. The family do not go the the actual plantation.

5. The Felda manager looks after everything.He has his workers to collect the bunches and sending them to the mills. whatever he says or records as the cost of the proceeds after deducting the loans taken are accepted as true by the madam.

6. What happens when the lady is no more ?

Corporatisation of FELDA scheme and listing in KLSE is beyond their scope of understanding even if explained in simple malay.
All they care is constant flow of money coming without going to the field because the late husband has given his services for 40 odd years. The children are not bothered as they have married and settled or have other jobs.

Anonymous,  16 June 2012 at 16:28  

Dear loveMyKris,
TQ for your patience. Will do.

M,  17 June 2012 at 00:06  

Did this guy analyse it correctly?

It looks really bad. Regardless of whether I buy the stock, I will end up paying for it one way or another. WTH!

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