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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Selangor: Life is Better after UMNO

You will remember last month, the UMNO president visited Selangor and proclaimed boastfully that he was confident in recapturing Selangor? He came with a thousand menacing and public peace-disturbing motorbikers in what was basically a show of force.
There is a famous quotation that says force works on servile natures, not the free. That would be an apt description of UMNO people at the moment. Their servitude and muted acceptance of the excesses of their leaders is mindboggling. It suggests a terrible affliction of mental blockage.
That is why Najib prefers the language of force and violence. He is a keen follower of the actress Katherine Hepburn who once retorted why tap on their hands with feathers when you can knock their heads with sledgehammers.
The need for UMNO in associating with disparage groups of dubious repute such as Perkasa, Motorbikers aka Mat Rempits, Martial Arts Groups and the shadowy Pekida, exposes the real bully in UMNO. UMNO is just a big bully organization who likes to intimidate people and threaten them with the use of force.
I have to say a big bully organization because the majority of UMNO supporters are rational and polite but duped masses. It’s the leadership that has corrupted the integrity of UMNO.
What Najib conveniently forgot was that he entered Selangor as leader representing the opposition in Selangor. Remember, UMNO is the opposition in Selangor. UMNO has 20 seats to Pakatan with 36 seats.
That immediately places what Najib said in its proper perspective. He had to offer some words of confidence and bravado to his paid audience to inspire them. To which I responded with an extempore rhymed quatrain (the Malay Pantun)-
One, two, three, four
Lima, enam, tujuh, lapan
Dato Najib cakap saja besor
Nak tawan Selangor tidak ada harapan.

But remind yourselves of his boasts. He challenged all and sundry to judge him by his track record and big ideas. His track record is littered with tales of controversy and corruption. His big ideas are generally the ideas presented to him by his well paid consultants. But because he challenged everyone to inspect his track record and big ideas, we will take him on.
Let’s take one record of achievement in Selangor which Najib will find it difficult to emulate.
Let’s talk about the only meaningful measure by which we judge an administration. How has the state government handled the economy? How is the performance of Selangor in this aspect thus far?
Selangor state assembly was told recently that the state government's revenue increased by RM200 million during the first six months of this year. The state's cash reserve stood at RM918 million at the end of 2010, RM1, 100 million at June 30, 2011.
 Investment has increased by RM557 million as at June 30, 2011 compared to RM668 million at December 31, 2010.  That’s 6 months( 2011)  compared to 12 months(2010). With the two sources combined it will be RM1, 760 million compared to RM1, 580 million for the same period in 2010.
In six months, the state government has managed to increase the state revenue by RM200 million and this is the best financial record over the last 28 years said Khalid Ibrahim. the last 28 years, it was UMNO who managed the state.
Najib should take a leaf from Khalid’s book as to how this was achieved. Khalid stressed that the state not only achieved revenue increase but also good financial management. Yes, good financial management is how we should judge Najib’s track record. He is a big spender out to please people.
Look at the Selangor government’s initiatives in its Micro Credit programme for instance. The Selangor government has distributed RM50 million to the people with sources generated from debt collection. The debt collected was grouped under the Mentri Besar Consolidated Account. The amount of debt collected also reflected the state’s civil service for efficient management of the state revenue.
Perhaps the Najib administration can emulate Khalid Ibrahim’s efforts in keeping score on who owes what amount to the government. The Selangor state has begun to digitally document details of debtors. The Selangor government has now digitalized its filing system. In particular Najib should learn the art of defraying the cost to any of his initiatives. In Selangor almost 2 million records have been digitized and the cost came from debt collection.
Will the mainstream media owned and controlled by UMNO dare publish these achievements so that people can judge the ideas and track record of Pakatan governments?


Anonymous,  6 June 2012 at 09:54  

Hello Sakmongkol,
The danger of BN recapturing Selangor is real. Why? Not because they have the hearts of the people, but because of the cheating, the electoral roll. That is the issue we need to tackle.

malchindian,  6 June 2012 at 10:25  

Greetings Dato,

I attended the dialogue session at the dewan MBPJ last night which saw approx 250 residents in attendance. The MB chaired and answered complaints/queries on land office and burial matters personally. I have to hand it to TS Khalid; he was personable, on top of current problems and satisfied each question thrown at him. One left the session confident that the 3 outstanding queries will to be investigated and resolved quickly by his cohesive team.
This is a trend all Pakatan led states must continue to champion; have more dialogues with the people and taking responsibility to resolve all issues.
Selangor residents do not need any more "talk-down" bullsh*t from the "opposition".

Kutu Maya,  6 June 2012 at 11:20  

Life can be much better IF we have Freedom of Information and Expression.

What the fcuk! WE WANT OUR FREEDOM !

# Scorpene Submarine Scandal | PM Najib, UMNO & Cronies

Anonymous,  6 June 2012 at 11:53  

BN will claim they had laid the foundation for PR achievements.

Quiet Despair,  6 June 2012 at 13:04  

I am a Selangor resident for almost a year. Seriously don't know about life being better here after UMNO.
Moved from KL to the state simply because I want to be one of the voters to trounce Pakatan.
Am staying in what is supposed to be a high-end gated community. But quality of life is similar to settlers in stingarden Kampung Baiduri.
No wonder Americans call gated community as high-end slum.
Have to contend with roads riddled with pot-holes, numerous house-breakings, poor rubbish collection, poor water quality and erratic water-cuts etc.
What's the point of having high revenue for the state when the people are deprived of basic amenities.
We have been warned about the hardship of Selangor residents.
But we will suffer this to help increase the BN voters among my relatives who number in the 100s in Selangor.
Once the poll is over, we will move back to good old KL.

One, two, three, four
Lima enam tujuh lapan
Bukan Najib cakap besor
Selangor dalam genggaman tangan.

Anonymous,  6 June 2012 at 13:46  

He can talk and talk & nobody will listen and trust HIM anymore!

Anonymous,  6 June 2012 at 17:37  

Salam Dato
"UMNO is just a big bully organization who likes to intimidate people and threaten them with the use of force. "
I think that is too polite a discription of what this thugs "United Mamak National Organisation" which founded by that Kerala Kutty after being caught cheating in the original UMNO polls.
Ahli UMNO Asal

Anonymous,  6 June 2012 at 19:46  

How do people assess the effectiveness of a government in charge? Quite Despair said he doesn't feel it in the quality of life better after Umno in Selangor. So for the current government just aim at showing that it has managed better balance in the state cash flow, then could we say it is better than the previous government? I think of course it is not merely so. The good management of cash flow inflicted also by the advancement and enhancement in the social and physical development of the people even through some managable credit, wiyh not so much burdensome to people but maintain good living standard.
Our diverse society is very unique I would say. I believe we cannot simply follow regime change like somewhat happened elsewhere. Our very history is not the same as theirs. Even if we are likely moving towards two party system, I strongly believe that the majority of Malaysians of all races very sensitive about this. The present system is okay with strong opposition.

Sam Yap,  6 June 2012 at 20:00  

Quiet Despair
6 June 2012 13:04

You are staying in a high end gated community? And the roads plus other amenities are in disrepair?

Bro, I think you got shafted. Roads and other amenities in a high end gated community is not the responsibility of the state govt or the city council. Its the management of the gated development who is responsible. More likely someone swiped the money .... inspired no less by BN-UMNO .... "kepimpinan melalui tauladan" (remember this slogan by BN, years ago?)

Secondly, why choose to live in a gated community? You are probably either a clueless snob or you are worried about the high crime rate. The high crime rate is as a result of poor nation building policies and bad governance by BN. Search your heart and you know its true. BN has not only sidelined the Indians but even the poor Malays are not spared, wherefore you get the rempits and druggies.

However, at the same time, I wish to address Dato Sak's essay about Selangor being better.

Yes, Dato, if you look at the financial performance scale, then Selangor is better off. But have you addressed the issue of service? A government at its most fundamental is about service ..... to provide services to the citizens of a state .... security, public amenities, health & hygiene etc. This is where most Selangorians don't feel any difference. I am a Selangorian, (check my IP)and I can tell you the level of service by the state offices/departments is either same (which is bad) as under BN's Toyol or in some cases worse than BN.

Why? I can only hazard a guess that the state civil service is not executing its duty as required to do so, whichever political party rules the state. Corruption at the lowest levels still rule the day ..... the morning market stall holders will tell you all the stories about the "shopping bandaraya officers" ...... 500gm sawi, 1 ayam, 1 bottle ABC soya etc.

And in the end, the public views the whole state govt as "no change". Its all about perception.

As long as the voting public perceives no change, then you are doomed.

BH,  6 June 2012 at 20:27  


I would be lying if I were to praise the Selangor government to no end and say that I am happy with everything they do.

But I can say in general that I like the initiatives taken by the PR state government much more and I am prepared to give them more time. This means my whole family will vote for PR again.

Anonymous,  6 June 2012 at 20:29  

The future of Malaysian lies in the hand of thinking Malay.

loveMyKris,  6 June 2012 at 20:45  

QD batu api betul ya. hahaha

Anonymous,  6 June 2012 at 22:35  

Selangor is a PR stronghold. Najid can continue to dream and bullshit

Anonymous,  6 June 2012 at 22:48  

the state wealth is also safe and protected from the former pirates of Melacca Straits but the King pirates are constantly eyeing, dreaming and salivating at assets from afar

Ministers:99%cow brain,1%human brain for stealing,  7 June 2012 at 03:48  

The bottom line is,in Sel now very minimal for Kaum Kerabat & Cronies Sdn BHd,misused of power,corruption,loss of state money stolen by Lanun2 BN and building of Istana equivalents by Toyol and his gangs.That's good enough for me to continue voting PR..heh

Anonymous,  7 June 2012 at 04:03  


You forgot one major thing that Najib could achieve against all the previous PM's. This is the greatest NAjib track record that can not be matched by any previous PM both in Malaysia and South east Asia. Najib is the only Malaysian PM linked to murder of foreign nationals due to corrupt practices. He is also the most popular Malaysian PM mentioned in the overseas press and media related Scopene scandal and murder. This is an excellent record. Dato and Malaysians should be proud to have a PM like this. Does it?.

To QD,

Everyone knows you just a pencacai to UMNO BN. If current Selangor Chief Minister still UMNO BN people I am sure there will be another luxury palace owned by the Ministry of BN in the state. More and more Khir Toyo will be created by UMNO BN.

People do not expect everything perfect in the state ruled only about four years under PR compared with 50 years under the authority of UMNO BN. But within that short time span PR has been praised by the National Audit on their performance. Imagine if PR is granted permission to manage this country for more than 20 or 50 years.. for sure the whole Malaysian can see a great developments.

Hello QD!

Expect your small children age of 4 years to do many things that adults do is a very stupid action. Give enough time for your children to grow. Do not be a donkey, a greedy father. So you should not fool others with your fanatic stand.

By Pattani Warrior

Malchindian,  7 June 2012 at 07:36  

Sam Yap is spot on about the Selangorite perception of the state govt. 50 years of BN rule has been equated to the 4 of PR rule.

So TS Khalid and team, address that damning perception. As mentioned in my earlier comment, the 3 outstanding cases raised at the dialogue can easily be turned into a public relations building event for the state govt.

Conduct a simple press conference, invite the 3 affected residents, invite the govt staff who resolved their cases for public recognition and performance. Acknowledge govt office shortcomings but work on overcoming them.

PR inherited legacy staff when they took over Selangor. Spend time educating staff on getting it right and address public perception.

Educate, educate, educate.

Quiet Despair,  7 June 2012 at 09:05  

Oh guys, I forgot to mention the high assessment rate PJ residents have to pay. I pay the same rate as my gandpa in KL whose property is valued three-fold than mine.
First rate for third rate slum.
And the incessant traffic jam. The jam in Section 16 where my dad grew up 40 years ago is the same now. And let's not talk about high-density Subang Jaya.
Try going to One Utama, The Curve or Ikano on week-ends, jam jam jam all the way.
What a pathetic life to spend where there's no recreation. The green lungs are gone. Bukit Gasing is as bald as Kojak. The PJ lake, Taman Aman are in a state of disrepair. The only one now is KJ lake and vicinity which is under threat with the PKNS field which is a contentious issue now.
Malchindian said the issue is solved with TS Khalid . Really? A friend who was there said the MB was waffling trying to put the blame on the MBPJ and PKNS.
Infact he said PKNS is the aggrieved party. Isnt it the Jk residents?
That's about the living. What about the dead. People as far s Subang Jaya also choose to be buried in Bukit Kiara Muslim cemetry.
That is for Damansara Heights, Taman Tun and Bangsar residents.
The Kampung Tunku and Kampung Baiduri cemetery are aleady full house. Now only they are using the Kota Damansara and Kampung Kayu Ara cemetery.

malchindian,  7 June 2012 at 11:19  


Well, TS Khalid can waffle away as long as he acknowledges his dept's shortcomings and strives to resolve outstanding issues. The onus is on him to deliver and the residents to keep him on his toes!

And your friend...tsk,tsk,tsk, should have talked less and listened more for he has missed all the pertinent information on new burial sites and plans.

Kutu Pasar,  7 June 2012 at 16:07  

You can't help but share the disappointment of some Selangorians.

At the highest end of the high point of Malaysians' life what would, you wonder, be this satisfaction point?

We can croak and crow and it'll be only a personal opinion and some anecdotal general assumptions.

But can you do real objective polls in Malaysia? There's current talk you can't poll voter sentiment on GE13 outcome because the UMNO/BN says you can't! So at best we have to live with anecdotes or personal observations, not better understanding that can be appreciated as in a "real poll". More importantly, not without dishonesty, of more substantive things that underlie the ordinary.

The trouble with Selangor is, though councillors are generally elected by the voters, they weren't for local government specifically. There are overeaching laws that also regulate local government, as they do of other bodies. In getting a glimpse that gave no glimmer, Khir Toyo, attempted to instill governance and accountability by a crude award of "the broom" to a local government employee. The rest of the toyol administration is history.

But polls are not allowed. And this is the order of the BN gomen sanctioned by mother fcuking federal laws. Some would choose this government, which we have to respect, to continue to lie to them, while reforming local government is out of the agenda. We have ended up with 6 decades of abuse and pretence and we should be a little wiser to tell the wood from the trees.

There's an interesting idea propagated by the Gallop Poll. It says, "If democracy is about the will of people, then someone should go find out what that will is. - George Gallup"

Well, now, should we be talking about substantive things like "freedom" and the modes of how to get at that freedom or near it, so as to make as good if not better the essence of that life in "gated communities", insulated, estranged from the mundane and the dirty which, by fair appreciation is what the life of the Malays or Melayus in Selangor or the larger landscape of Malaysia is more reflective of. And of course how they will deliver that will !

Is Rais the Yatem gentlemanly or honest enough to truly inform and educate of how that delivery is to be made?

Anonymous,  7 June 2012 at 16:55  

Ha ha ha,

Issues raised by QD only stabbed UMNO BN them selves. Who is causing all the problems if not UMNO BN in power for 50 more years?. UMNO BN berak tengah jalan..but QD blamed PR and want PR to clean in no time. Thus slandering human behavior!

Malaysian,  8 June 2012 at 18:44  

"Moved from KL to the state simply because I want to be one of the voters to trounce Pakatan - QD"

Perhaps that explains why KL was chosen as my constituency even tho my IC address is in Selangor! Since then I checked it regulary to make sure that the staff will not do another "mistake" (that was the reason given when I enquired) Hmm, was it a genuine mistake or .... ?

Luckily I managed to have it corrected before the next election!
I will definitely going to vote this time cos this is the first time that my constituency is under PR!

Alan Newman 8 June 2012 at 22:16  

Am too far in NZ. Please could someone start a website and an int'l call for impeachment. The truth is more than enough for an impeachmt. Condoning & sheltering of multi-billion corruption & losses. Submarines & murder. Int'l bodies' call for the arrest of Sarawak's CM of 31 years went unheeded. Deceiving the people of Malaysia through controlled media. Fabrications to blackmail & sabotage the Opposition. Unfair & fraudulent electoral systems...the list is endless. Failing this we have to call for a paralysing Curse on this regime from the heavens. Alan Newman, NZ.

Alan Newman 8 June 2012 at 22:16  

Have they BN got a trace of the people’s interest at heart? NO! It’s endless tricks, acrobatics & deception to stay in power. Not after 55 years of BN & UMNO! Time Magazine quoted an economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore as saying that the Malaysia might have lost as much as US$100 billion since the early 1980s to corruption (RM300 billion = 300,000 million). It must now be zero tolerance & striking back with the greatest force. Why are you so forgiving & relenting?

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