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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 18 June 2012

Bully UMNO and the Hijacking of an Ancient Covenant

What was it that Nizar said that greatly offended the sensibilities of the youths who gathered on the grounds of the Istana in Johor? Why are they so worked up? Precisely because they are little Melayus who believe there is only one way to progress- by having an absolute system tending towards totalitarian. If the people can be muted and be made compliant, then the little Melayus can rule unfettered.

That is the UMNO mentality. UMNO’s longevity rests on being able to keep Malays subjugated and subservient- and if these objectives can be achieved by using an ancient covenant which they think Malays are programmed to accept, UMNO will have no qualms to use it. 

Nizar does not have to meet up the Johor Sultan because he has publicly apologized for what appears to be an unguarded statement. The ancient covenant demands the king to act magnanimously. In the 1970s, when the late Sultan of Selangor built an arch leading into Petaling Jaya( on the Federal Highway) costing at that time RM 4 mullion, it caused so much public uproar. Did the Sultan demand the vocal people be rounded up and impaled? No, he commended the people for having public spiritedness. 

It’s the UMNO youth and their Chinese and Indian running dogs who are demanding a Shylockian justice be enforced on Nizar. They want his pound of flesh and his blood too. It’s better for the king to laugh off at Nizar’s stupidity and forgetfulness instead of being made an instrument of UMNO’s bully politics. 

Do these UMNO foot soldiers and its second rank leaders understand what democracy means at all? The bedrock of democracy is of course liberal ideas and principles of freedom within legal and constitutional libraries. What does UMNO want? They want unfettered concentration of power so that they can do as they please, plunder and pillage and bully the people. 

This episode serves to widen the rift between the people and UMNO. 3 years ago when Najib pompously proclaimed that the age of big government was over, he was only doing a publicity stunt.  That was said only to get absolute support from the people by making them believe that his government believes in liberalism. Buy what he actually wanted was the concentration of power promoted under the disguise of liberal principles.

Najib just as Mahathir before him does not believe in organic growth or the intrinsic dynamism of free people.  His method has always been collectivism, concentration of power and government does know best. That is why he is actually continuing with the Mahathirist policies of absolutism and economic cronyism. 

They (the youths who assembled) can’t suddenly be discovering a long lost affection for the Malay monarch. UMNO has had a bad track record as reviling the Malay monarchs and of shaming them. They were there to promote collectivism and the idea of a benevolent despot by the name of UMNO. What they cannot understand is UMNO has become the dirty 4 letter word which is despised by the people. The gathering was orchestrated by Johor UMNO youths to declare and reaffirm their undying unconditional loyalty to the King. They did the assembly to promote the idea of undemocracy. 

Let’s widen the scope of the debate a bit. One issue that arises from this episode is whether or not the Malay are unpatriotic when they question the excesses of their rulers. UMNO wants to use this episode to distinguish between the unpatriotic and patriotic Malay. Its self-serving agenda is apparent to all- by making it out as if it is only UMNO which looks after the interest of the Malay Monarch; UMNO wants to go to town claiming that Malays must rally behind them. 

Unfortunately UMNO’s Black Hand approach in manipulating the Malay Monarch for its selfish end and advantages must be recognized. UMNO is placing the fish trap between two narrow channels. UMNO’s own record of patriotic zeal has been completely cancelled out by its own bullying of the monarchy.  

Could it be that the shameless reaffirmation of the unconditional loyalty pledge to the Johor king was only a “fetishized” symbol invested with heavy political connotations? And because of the overt political leanings of the group that staged the gathering, the avowal Pantang Melayu Durhaka has only resulted in widespread skepticism to the very institution that is meant to be the focus of loyalty?

The partaking of the ruler in such a gathering only serves to convince people that the institution which is supposed to be the fountainhead of justice renders itself to manipulation? Rulers should stay above politics and not let them be compromised by overweening political ambitions of some people. 

Those who gathered before the Johor King have not realized that their actions in entrapping the King into their machinations has only led to people questioning and challenging the notions of jingoistic nationalism, xenophobia and “little Malayu” mentalities in this country. And there are many who now believe that what the group has actually done was to misappropriate and hijack the idea behind the avowal for selfish political ends. and as we have said doing all these things- hijacking, stealing, plundering are second nature to UMNO.

Only the present UMNO generation has no shame in doing this kind of depravity.  We now know, because of the action of the group, UMNO is using the rehabilitation of the narrow patriotism in its last desperate attempt to save its cause and even its existence. 
What has UMNO not used? Intimidation, bullying, religion, racial relations and now the ancient covenant which no one really cares about. UMNO will use any dirty tactic which they can find. Like a friend tells me, to a drowning man, even a patch of floating vegetation is treated as a life saver. 

Even in the primordial covenant, loyalty is conditional.  Even in the original form, it is less about the person but about a set of ideas. The idea of trust for example- where reciprocity plays a vital role. The subject remains loyal in so far as the Ruler too observes his part of the bargain. The ruler shall never abuse or shame his subject and even if the subject has committed a grave wrong, he shall never be killed except as sanctioned by Shariah law. 

If the subject fails to recognize that loyalty is conditional and a fundamental ingredient for conditional loyalty is reciprocity, then the subject is actually unpatriotic. In the history of the Malays, such misplaced loyalty ended in the greatest symbolic tragedy of the Malays- the killing of a friend by another friend. The conditionality of loyalty and patriotism must always be upheld, and if upheld, the Malay will go at great lengths and extremes to preserve it. Let the child dies, but never the adat. 

And because of that, we will not fall into the stupid UMNO trap to challenge them on their terms which is to see who can demonstrate absolute obeisance to the ruler. Rather, we must challenge them on the grounds of their terrible obsession with their version of ethnicity and on their claim of monopoly to call people Malay or not Malay. 

It is therefore UMNO’s evil machinations that will lead the institution of the Malay Monarch into disrepute. Because it is UMNO that is deprave enough to drag the institution into their political game and thus results in the institution being compromised.


bruno,  18 June 2012 at 09:45  

Dato,what is so wrong in Nizar criticising a sultan for bidding 1/2 a million for a numberplate.Afterall Umno likes to say it is a free country.What is a free country if there are two sets of laws.One for Umnoputras and cronies and the other for the ordinary guys.

Why all the fuss about a numberplate.It is as usual the cowardly Umnoputras making use of the stupid and brainless tongkat and clutches youths to do their dirty work.Just drop some ringgits and they can wriggle the youths like puppets.

The Johore royalty has a notorious reputation for assault, thuggery,murder and rape etc.Maybe instead of Najib we should have recall the Dr to place these Umno loving law breaking royalty in line.They have forgotten how the Dr taught them a lesson decades ago.But like the Dr said,Malays have a poor memory.

OneMalaysian,  18 June 2012 at 10:35  

Dear Sakmongkol

“UMNO wants to use this episode to distinguish between the unpatriotic and patriotic Malay.”

I thought a patriot is one who loves and supports his country. In ancient times it means swearing absolute loyalty to the king. In modern times, the absolute powers of kings have been abrogated and are replaced by a constitution in which the rights, privileges and duties of everyone, including the king, is defined and encoded. Everyone, including the king, must uphold this document.

It now seems we are being dragged back to some mythical time of ancient covenants, where once again unquestioning and blind loyalty is demanded of us. Have we not got a constitution? Have we or don’t we practise democracy? When we swear loyalty to and promise to uphold the constitution, we also agree to respect the institution of the king.

How can the Malays progress from a feudal society to a modern economic race if they are forever bound to ancient mythical covenants? Blind allegiance to mythical covenants and corrupt political parties will hold them back from making the progress they want.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 11:19  


Allahuakbar 3X!
Akhirnya parti UMNO (Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Mesir Bersatu) kalah kpd parti PAS (Parti Islam Se Mesir) dalam pilihanraya Mesir setakat ini. Apa2 pun aku percaya UMNO ini tak akan duduk diam...boleh buat apa2 saya bagi mempastikan calon presidennya Safiq (boneka barat) menang ke atas Morsi...
Dengan berita ini aku rasa Najib dah mengelabah...

manfrommachap 18 June 2012 at 12:05  

I am just too glad that I do not belong to this type of Malays.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 12:14  

"Rulers should stay above politics and not let them be compromised by overweening political ambitions of some people."

Dato, I would say its more of you scrub my back and I scrub yours.

Do you think the sultan would have allowed a rally by Pakatan to hold a similar show of loyalty?
No way, because some rulers do not and will not stay above politics.

Why? Because their life is cosy and comfortable.

Dato, do you think the Religious Department will conduct a raid even if it has prove of a "regal wine, women and song party" in progress?

Who will swear that they are teetotalers and absolutely pious.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 12:35  

I beg to disgree with this statement"It’s better for the king to laugh off at Nizar’s stupidity and forgetfulness instead of being made an instrument of UMNO’s bully politics." Nizar is smart. He is fully aware that UMNO Baru morons particulary those who are argely bread by “own foot shooter Moohideen” and Khaled “PTPN” Nordin will be trapped in their very own 3R. The damage will be inflicted on this ancient R institution and UMNO Baru. The young and senior generation of Malaysian are beginning to debate and question how much longer should they continue to bear the burden of this archaic parasitic institution and UMNO Baru.

Quiet Despair,  18 June 2012 at 13:00  

So if Nizar is in the right, why did he apologized? Gertak sikit, dah chicken out.
Learn to be like LGE. Mouth running and never look back to say oops, I'm sorry and go on bended knees.
Why did he plead to have an audience with Tuanku Sultan to say sorry?
He is a coward. He should have stood his ground and proves himself an anak jantan.
Hahaha, not! In the final analysis, PAS or no PAS, jaga periuk nasi is uppermost.
Takut miss soru tak dapat jadi MB and calon PAS, ya Nizar.
Have a bit of class, Nizar. You lack finesse and niceties of a Melayu.
Yeah, maybe it's got to do with your being a half-Malay.
Opps, I am too. But I try to mind my ps and qs. Hahaha.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 13:46  

One day UMNO can get its members, at RM 20.00 per head, to demonstrate at the palace with a "natang" banner.

The next day they can hold a rally to show their love and loyalty to the monarch, also at RM 20.00 per head.

Some young UMNO boys will do anything for RM 20.00.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 15:27  

Well said and that is why Education is so important and every effort should be made to ensure that Education stays free from politicians, be it BN or Pakatan. The power to discern in Education must also be encouraged.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 18:15  

THE little Malay Minds that can be manipulated & fooled remains very small and getting smaller by the minute!

SAK leave it to nature, the river surely knows where to flow, its waters will find its natural course from high to low ground, never the other way!

Hang Tuah killed his best friend Jebat, becos of BLIND LOYALTY.

Will history repeat ITSELF, lets wait & see.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 20:36  

Dear Dato Sak,
A very well written and articulated piece that tell it as it is, without any bull and straight to the point.

All right minded rakyat can see through the charade being played out and it doesn't reflect very well on both parties.

Anonymous,  18 June 2012 at 22:04  

Very well said sir and really encompas my feeling about this debacle.

nick 19 June 2012 at 08:56  

I find it laughable and nauseated all at the same time whenever I hear that a bunch of hypocritical invertebrates (that's UMNO B to you and me) are demonstrating and professing their loyalty and reverence to the Malay people and their royalty. These are the same bunch of rent seeking and mercenary thugs that were clamoring for the bloods of the royal a few years ago and THEY are now trying to convince us that they are the protector and defender of the royals and of the Malay people??? They have got to be kidding me!

Contrary to what TDM or najib or UMNO drones like to believe, the Malays do not have a short span of memory. We never have. What we have is an over abundance of misplaced tolerance for the wrong thing and of the wrong deeds. Fortunately after decades of exploiting this trait of the Malays, it finally ran out and the Malay's tolerance for UMNO's abuse and exploitation no longer exist. Nothing last for ever and such is the tolerance of the Malay people of UMNO excesses and abuses.

Furthermore, the attempt of hoodwinking the Malays into supporting UMNO using the racial cards and the royals will not succeed simply because both cards no longer have a very special place in the heart of the Malay people. This is all thanks to UMNO leaders and warlords since they are the ones who have shown the Malays that they are nothing special in this land of UMNOputras (which places the Malays at par with other races as the 2nd class citizen) and it was UMNO's exploitation of the royalty institution that has the once revered institution of the Malays people degenerated to venality and self-centredness.

It is unthinkable a few decades ago but in all likeliness, the Malay people no longer hold the Malay race and its royalty above and beyond themselves. The wall of feudalism that has for many years imprisoned the minds of the Malay people is no longer invincible and invulnerable. The Malays of today have broken down the walls of the prison and are escaping in droves and nothing can stop them, not UMNO and especially not the royalty (who have shown the Malay people their true face of venality). UMNO had better find other cards to use and the royalty had better learnt the message as well. Reverence, respect and royalty has to be earned and in Malaysia presently, UMNO and the royalty has short supplies of those commodities if not depleted already. UMNO and the royalty should know by now that the future belongs to the people and whomever is against the people has no future. ABU exist because the people want it to exist, so UMNO and the royalty should take the hint and change!


Anonymous,  19 June 2012 at 08:59  


A thought - hiding behind this ancient folklore (covenant? By who's definition? As told by a fictional story?) is a caste system so despised by the modern understanding.

Is the Melayu, forever been divided into the blue bloods & the commoners? Then, how's the blue bloods came about? By god's decree? Or through how-many-bodies-died-under-your-kris?

“Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat” has trapped the Melayu mindset into a perennial regressive mode.

Is this adat still relevant? to this day & age?

The old & irrelevant, of whatever forms, must be discarded & replaced. Otherwise what's progress?

Navi,  19 June 2012 at 09:11  

QD, I totally agree with you. There is no reason for Nizar to apologize as his statement was general and meant to apply to anyone who bid such large sum of money for a number plate, when such money could have been put to better use.
The story expounded by Walla recently is very apt. Do not waste your money, no matter how you gained it. Use the money for the better even if it meant giving away to someone who need it more.
Disappointing was the Sultans reaction to all this. His open support for the ignorant and hypocritical mob that gathered at the Istana was exasperating. Didn't he see the motive of those who had gathered there was to criminalize Nizar. The show of support was meant to make a mountain out of a molehill, and in no way was it accountable.
Why didn't these jerks who protested at Nizar do likewise at the wanton corruption that is ruining this country?

Anonymous,  19 June 2012 at 11:27  

At last, somebody with real balls!! Well done Dato'!!!

Anonymous,  19 June 2012 at 12:06  

It will be interesting to conduct a referendum to find out the respect the people have for their rulers.

They should be happy to get 30% support.

Quiet Despair,  19 June 2012 at 13:15  

This loose cannon should know better than to offend the Sultan and the sensibilities of the Johorian Malays.
Didn't he know that the Johor royal family is ultra rich.That the Sultan gives out charity from his own coffers.
That the Sultan's late father gave RM1m of his own money for his subjects after the big Johor floods. That he donated RM1mil from his own funds for the relief work in Acheh's Tsunami.
Nizar is getting bizarre by the day.
Click U-Tube Nizar giler to see him gate-crashing the UMNO ceramah in a village near Kampar last month.
Imagine, he shamelessly sat through the ceramah where a video of him accusing Dr Zambry of dabbling in black magic was playing on the projector screen.
That's stark, staring raving mad. You be the judge.
He is full of vengeance towards Zambry for taking away his MB post of only 10 months.
So gila talak that even his rented home has the signage Kediaman Menteri Besar. And he enjoyed the introductions of Menteri Besar yang sah.Haha.
Can't blame him when the talk last time was he will be PM after Anwar. His behavior is so unlike PAS. More suited to Anwar's insanity.
He accused Zambry of approving the ore project in Teluk Rubiah. But at the last State Assemby sitting the MB produced a letter showing that it was Nizar himself who approved the project. Kantoi lagi.
He's got a looney way to stay relevant as MB again as he knows PAS and Keadilan have other choices as MB if Pakatan gets back Perak.
It is rumored that Pas is pitting in its latest sensational member former CID chief Datuk Fauzi Shaari and Keadilan is fielding Dr Mat Nur Manuty.
But I think DAP will be the majority winner in the Perak state. They should field Sakmongkol and he will be the next Perak MB.
Yes Sak, you have a chance in Perak and Penang and not Pahang.

Anonymous,  19 June 2012 at 14:01  

By apolozising....Nizar, like most ordinary people, respect the royals.

This is a sign of a potential great leader.

Anonymous,  19 June 2012 at 23:26  

Even unto the divine, people don't pledge absolute loyalty. In fact, people expect the divine to protect them, not the other way around. What more a human being, blue blood or not. Sak, the trouble is that some people forget what others had done to them. So sad.

bruno,  19 June 2012 at 23:36  

Dato,for once my buddy QD is using his head(brains) instead of his mouth(foot).Soon QD will be cheering for the DAP.Maybe a potential DAP convert.Hahaha.

troubadour 20 June 2012 at 00:22  

This WWW1Nizar issue will be fully capitalised by BN/UMNO orchestrated by SB & self-proclaimed cybertroopers, QD inclusive, to get PR & supporters to rally behind Nizar with UMNO & "supporters" behind & with sultan. They are looking to spur a kind of crisis of PR with monarchy. Just do not be overly emotional with our comments on this subject & do not let it snowball into the crisis they expect. Let the whole episode fizzles into thin air.

Incidentally, comments by both Nizar & Kosmo were made long (in internet measure of time) before we knew identity of the bidder & hence there was no intention whatsoever for both parties to tick HRH the Sultan of Johore for his "extravagence". Can someone in cyberspace who care enough to prove a point to verify & let us know the exact time of Nizar's fateful tweet with the news of the (royal) bidder that won the bid? If this is done, PR can go to town to dispel the accusation against Nizar (and apparently NOT Kosmo!).

The SB is working extra hours to blow up this issue. Our duty is to kill the issue & chase UMNO government from Putrajaya. With like-minded people on our side I think the SB has no chance to progress further. Whatmore with the scorpene issue slowly surfacing to bare its gigantic form, much like an iceberg with only a small portion visible, only the scorpene's periscope is visible now! Not for long eh?

Cheers & bless you Datuk..

Anonymous,  20 June 2012 at 02:19  

malay n malay fight ''''the others smiling !!!think !! think !! think !!!pernah tinggak kat ROC ?? REPUBLIC OF CHINA//or MIDDLE EAST ..ok how about SINGAPORE?? pernah tinggal ??

atas pagar peeps say PEACE PEOPLE ..

Jong 20 June 2012 at 05:04  

The irony is the King's son now ponders, wondering why do the Melayus criticise them most? LOL!!! they just had ENOUGH of your nonsense lah, what else!

Bruno said it all if he is sincerely receptive into the truth. Maybe daddy's not talking huh?

Anonymous,  20 June 2012 at 12:40  

Only god is right all the time!
We humans die and we will be eaten by the worms!

What is the big deal?
KINGS, queens,prince, princess all do not die?

Do not tell me the worms have a selected agenda too!




Anonymous,  20 June 2012 at 19:55  

Dear Bruno,

ai say, i've promised to take good advice from fellow bro not to layan ahem.... sesetengah org kaya dah mula beli baju raya sedangkan puasa pun belum start

will you pls buy him a yellow raincoat from mydin instead, haha

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