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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 11 June 2012

Reasonable Malay and the Reasonable Malaysians. Free ourselves from UMNO Bondage!

The reasonable Malay.
If we were to go into legal history, there were so many sources being attributed as the origins of the phrase the man on the Clapham Omnibus. Omnibus is an archaic term which simply means public transportation. That was why I mentioned Bas Srijaya, LRT etc. when I was a student, the bus company operating from Pudu and Jalan Silang near Bangunan Cahaya Suria was the Toon Foong Omnibus( not sure about the spelling).
It’s a legal fiction or a hypothetical person selected to represent the standard by which a man would act or behave. The legal fiction was used by the courts in English law where it is necessary to decide whether a party has acted in the way that a reasonable person should. Should a reasonable man condone the corruption perpetrated and patronized by UMNO? Only an imbecile would. The man on the Clapham omnibus is a reasonably educated and intelligent but non-specialist person, against whom the conduct of the defendant can be measured. If one departs from this standard, then he is not reasonable.
The opinion of the reasonable man , then translates into the opinion of the Public which is the opinion of the bald-headed man at the back of the omnibus- this phrase was used by the English writer and public opinion shaper Walter Bagehot to describe the normal man of London.
For those who travel abroad, they may make comparisons. In Australia, the man on the Clapham omnibus has his equivalent in New South Wales and Victoria as the man on the Bondi tram and "the man on the Bourke Street tram". In Hong Kong, the equivalent expression is "the man on the Shaukiwan Tram.
In Malaysia, a more practical and direct meaning to the term has been thought out by some very sensible readers of my Blog. I must thank them in advance. One meaning of the term was provided by the commentator who goes by the penname of OneMalaysian.
By “reasonable” Malay you must surely mean a reasoning Malay, a rational Malay, a thinking Malay. Yes, I think a large section of Malays are reasonable. Why would they be otherwise? When they think things through, they would realize that if Pakatan Rakyat wins, the majority of the MPs would be Malay simply because there are more Malay seats than non-Malay seats. It would be a new coalition of clean and high-minded Malays in charge compared to this current corrupt, inept bunch.
The reasonable Malay will realize that the institution of Malay monarchy is still well and alive. The Malay Rulers are protected by the constitution. And Malay customs would continue to flourish. If the Malay rulers are in power, so would Islam, the official religion as provided in the Constitution. And Malays would continue to speak Malay or any other additional language they so choose.
None of these rights and privileges will be taken away by the new Malay-led government. Why would they want to do that? What is there to gain?
The reasonable Malay can see that the new coalition – Pakatan Rakyat – does mean to bring about a better future for the Malays and for all Malaysians. There will be no cronyism. There will be no corruption, at least at the top. Wealth will be better distributed. Rural development will finally get some serious help. And the poor – 40% of all Malaysians, but mostly Malay – will at last get helped.
I am sure more and more Malays will come to realize all this. I just hope there are enough reasonable Malays to make this happen. GE 13 hinges on how reasonable they are.

And here are some thoughts from the redoubtable Walla.

Our reasonable Malays are the heart of this country. Without them, the road to chauvinism and injustice would have been shortened, what more with UMNO tolls vigorously erected along the way.
An astute observer noted that right now two-thirds of our Malay voters are poised to vote for Pakatan in the coming GE13. This means they will vote for even DAP so long as doing so delivers a Pakatan win. In the coming days, that two-thirds is going to increase dramatically because many of the retired UMNO old-hands are themselves abandoning UMNO to join PAS and by their doing so, they are creating shining examples by their action that they have the awakening courage to walk away from the lies and hypocrisy of UMNO towards a new resurgence of national conscience.
This tsunamic shift in allegiance cannot be stopped because our reasonable Malays no longer trust or believe in UMNO. They might have believed in the old UMNO but not this one. They have gone beyond the calculative handouts and soporific but hoaxing coaxes.
  And what is today's UMNO whose DNA was corrupted by that M-the-M? Everyday a new worm wriggles out from the woodwork.
You know they depressed the angle of their tear gas cannons by 30 percent. Instead of shooting up, they lowered their aims to shoot down and right into the Bersih 3 rally marchers. That's how our brave Malay engineer lost an eye. That's how thousands were bullied that day. Why is UMNO's Hishamuddin holding back the release of his videos? Why is UMNO's Haniff of ISA infamy heading the panel when he had already sinisterly labeled the marchers without fact before the event had even taken place?
  People who marched that day saw plain-clothed blues with names but no serial numbers on their tags. A video caught one who had breached the barricade; during the CSL-LGE debate he was with the other SB officers. Was all of this because one senior PDRM officer, ambitious and of the same mould as M-the-M, had before the event said the marchers will be 'smashed'? Anything you didn't like about that event - look at the agent provocateurs and heavy-handedness of UMNO the bully.
 Someone did a calculation of the area of Jalan Tun Perak and based on the jam-packed area of each marcher, came to 100,000 for that stretch alone. At least two times that were on the other stretches. Thus, 250,000 is not a small or unreasonable number that depicts the real presence of our reasonable Malays and non-Malays of this country who have had enough of UMNO. It is certainly bigger than the 'tens of thousands' that was used as a phrase by one MSM to describe the turnout at an UMNO event, and that after the MSM was exposed as bluffing on past numbers by none other than the great Sakmongkolians in this blog. Right? The MSM of UMNO have met their match right here.


Anonymous,  11 June 2012 at 13:03  

BATMAN dan ROBIN (jaguh kampong)

It’s hilarious that the DPM openly declared that BN has a ‘perception problem’ by the public. The one who has this perception problem is the DPM himself !!!

It’s just that he cannot lose face and admit this. It is his own doing anyway after continuously making so many gaffes.

Ask anyone you meet today on the street about our DPM. Just a simple test will do (thumbs up or thumbs down) like how Roman emperors decided the fate of people at the Colisseum (not the restaurant along Jalan TAR that the oldies know) and see how many give him the thumbs up. By the way, the middle finger counts as a thumbs down! You can even do this in Johor if you happen to be travelling there just to give him the benefit of doubt.

He’s actually not such a Mega Jerk as what people who haven’t met or worked with him think he is. It’s just that he’s an old school politician who still goes by the strategy of playing on race and religious issues to a predominantly kampong and rural gallery. This as we know is a declining strategy in current times and has zero impact on the younger generation. Even HH the late Sultan couldn’t stand the sight of him and wouldn’t want to touch him with a 10 foot pole.

He has to back paddle real hard after his incredibly dumb and senseless support of the idea in freezing the education loans. Most of the benefactors are Malay children who are deserving. Internal currents within UMNO are going to rip him on this issue.


On Robin, …what a bozo this guy Khaled Nordin is. For someone who purportedly has some brains, he has jeopardised all his chances. Lets just wait see in the next few days what spectacular gig Khaled Nordin is going to pull off to win back brownie points from the PM. He’s like a wounded animal now just about to be put to sleep.

Think he knows this too. Boo Hoo.

Anonymous,  11 June 2012 at 13:32  


The reasonable Malays are found in the urban areas. But are there any reasonable Malays in the rural heartlands where they are constantly being fed the UMNO lies and propaganda that all's lost without UMNO?

Come to think of it, there are unreasonable Malays in the urban areas too. The likes of Ibrahim Ali, Ezam Md. Nor, Zulkifli Nordin, Hasan Ali, the Lamborghini driving - ikan bakar petty trader, the Pekida, Perkasa, Pembela, ex-army butt execising veterans, UMNO mat rempits, bully cops led by their senior bigger bullying cops, etc.

Quiet Despair,  11 June 2012 at 17:39  

Dirgahayu Sakmongkol

Reasonable seems to be the buzz-word these days. You started the trend and Uncle Moohyi also used it in his speech yesterday.
He said: "Right now a lot of people are saying that many of the young voters are anti-Barisan and anti-establishment.
"But I think otherwise. I think the young ones know that Barisan is a reasonable party which can deliver on its promises."
To him supporting BN is reasonable but to you it's unreasonable.
And like many who said I am unreasonable in your last posting, I said nay.
That By the DPM's reasoning I am one of the 40 per cent youths who are reasonable for supporting the BN.
That we are proud to be categorized as reasonable people who will be the king-makers of the GE. The 40 percent who will ensure the 2/3 majority the BN is seeking.
And look at it another way. Both sides think they are the reasonable ones. So who is the unreasonable ones?
And going by you and your fans rationale, of course BN supporters are unreasonable and stupid and all the negative attributes.
What if 2/3s of the people voted in the BN? Are we sewel for choosing a sewel government?
Have you ever thought of Anwar losing in Permatang Pauh? And his princess defeated in Lembah Pantai, if she did not change constituency.
Does this mean the people in both places are unreasonable?
I prefer to be unreasonable if Pakatan is still rooting for Anwar as PM.
Can the party choose someone else as a better alternative than the UNREASONABLE aNU-wAR?
I think this is a valid question which you or the redoubtable Walla can answer easily.

Anonymous,  11 June 2012 at 18:07  

reasonable malays are all around ,its just that there are some who think that they are indebted for life to a certain party, there are some who " bila kena batang hidung sendiri baru nak melatah", there are some who think " why take a risk?" and the ones who continue to walk even though there is a small stone/pebble inside their shoe.Its uncomfortable to walk in such a situation, you have a simple choice to stop, take off your shoes, take out the stone and enjoy a comfortable walk or carry on walking with the stone being a nuisance.Sadly though many chose the second option.What more can i say?

Anonymous,  11 June 2012 at 19:05  

U being unreasonable go ahead vote for unreasonable UMNgOk to ensure ur comfort life from money of deceit and lies. Haramjadah as ur Najib said.

Anonymous,  11 June 2012 at 19:34  


" The reasonable man adapts to the world but the unreasonable man persists, so all progress depends on the unreasonale man?"


bruno,  11 June 2012 at 19:45  

Dato,the DPM Mr Moo has a personality problem.But what he could not come to terms with himself is whether it is his personality or inferiority ego that is at stake.

But we have to give him the benefit of doubt and assumed that it is both.Mr Moo has make more blunders than Najib,who as usual is surrounded by overated clowns.It is safe to say that the rakyat would prefer to see Mr Moo go first before Najib.They way the rakyat will not be stuck with him if the BN unexpectedly wins this coming GE.

For a man who made a reputation for shaking down legitimate businesses and at the same time filling his personal wealth retirement fund has no place in leading the country.We already have enough crooks all around Najib to have no more room for a bigger crook cum taikoh too.

That is why in the end the much smarter reasonable Malays will be able to figure out the forest from the trees and triumph over the unreasonable Malays.

Anonymous,  11 June 2012 at 22:35  

A reasonable who owns a Proton, has been working his live for the past 25 years or so, probably a graduate from the UK if not one of the local university,owns a link house which he bought for RM 130,000 or so 20 years ago either in the neighbourhood of USJ, Sri Damansara, Gombak, one who works with the government, one who was offered bribes but refused,one who has hard time to make ends meet...... and one who has second thoughts of the current government...

Anonymous,  11 June 2012 at 23:21  

Dear Dato,
I seem to notice that it's very difficult to read your article. Every now and then it goes off, just like the Malaysian Chronicle. Is someone or authority trying to stop the public from reading your blog? If they do, then I will say they are desperate!

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 09:49  

The name of the bus co is TOONG FOONG ommnibus co and the serviced very well the areas of pudu,cheras kg.pandan and surrounding areas.
Gone are the days of just in time transportation.

Patrick 12 June 2012 at 10:29  

I would have thought that we have all got past the racial divide issue by now. Afterall, we are now in the the internet age where boundaries of race, creed, color, etc have been blurred. Seems that we are still stuck on the mold that UMNO has created and is using, thus helping UMNO perpetuate the racial divide.

What intrigues me is that with so much talk on 'reasonable malay' and their anger towards the govt and BN, who are the 'unreasonable malays' in our midst? Shouldnt the opposition be focused on these demographic group? I feel enough discussions, chatter and deliberations have been going on about the 'reasonable malays'. Its a given that the 'reasonable malays' are safely on the side of a new and fresh govt.

Who are the 'unreasonable malays'? Why are they 'unreasonable'? How and what will it take to change the mindset of the 'unreasonables' to empower them to think independantly. Or at least, engage them in a discourse on current affairs? Let us not play to the tune of the govt and focus on their groove. Lets move away from their groove and engage the other people in a more constructive and meaningful manner. In concluding that we are from one mindset, we tend to stick to the safety of similar mindset grouping and not venture out of our comfort zone. Let us zoom in on the 'unreasonable malays'.

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 12:02  


It is very unfortunate and sad when a minister like Anifah says Scorpene scandal that became a court case in France and discussed by people the whole world is not a serious issue. Is the issue of Scorpene commission involving hundreds of millions RM and Altantuya murder associated with this case is a small thing for Anifah and Naib him self?. What about the dignity of Najib as PM to million Malays and all Malaysians?.

UMNO BN can announce an publish about Anwar's sodomy case all over Malaysia and the world, but they keep silence and coward to defend themselves when accused in a case involving a far greater loss of money. It is clear already that Anifah and UMNO BN is the unreasonable people. Unreasonable people were not able to think rationally as a result of their own bad deeds crammed.

Anwar's dignity almost everyday spoken by Najib's and UMNO BN but Anwar is not a Malaysia PM. But the dignity of Najib as a well known Malaysia existing PM did not become important to Anifah and all Malay UMNO BN ministers. Is this the Malay (UMNO) that Malaysian want to give their belief?.

Do not risk the future of Malaysia to these unreasonable Malays. 50 more years in power but Malaysia's left far behind compared to the nearest neighbors. And majority Malays remain in poor situation.

Strange! ... UMNO BN blame opposition for their failures. Very very unreasonable!!!!

By Pattani Warrior

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 12:30  

Majority of the reasonable ordinary people are NOT in the position of power, trust and influence.

The small minority of Unresonable people, with power and money, are in total control to exploit the country and her reasonable people.

walla 12 June 2012 at 15:04  

Imagine a boxing match.

It is a grand event. The ring is surrounded by thousands of rakyat. Many poor, mostly down and out, they have walked all the way in a downpour and through flood waters to watch this match. Soaked to the skin, they have come to root for Anwar.

Under the light, he looks pale and weakly. The gloves the ringmaster gave him are loose and strapless. The ringmaster also goes by the name Speaker of the House. On some days, Attorney-General. Sometimes Governor, too. That's after Election Committee Chairman. Or is it Superintendent of Opposition Traffic Control and Rallies?

When the bell is struck, the Umno hood grunts, punches his over-sized, lead-filled gloves, and stomps to Anwar. The hood swings a nasty right hook and hits Anwar in one eye. The blood vessels immediately break and the eye is blackened. It is a black eye.

Anwar's legs wobble and he goes down. The referee grins. His initials are Q.D. Tipping his bowler hat, taking his cuban cigar off his thick lips, he gleefully counts 'one, two, three, four, rizat's still at umno's door; five, six, seven, eight, anu-war's crushed under umno's weight'.

Anwar painfully tries to gets up. He is seeing stars. 'Stay down', growls the hood with the tattoo of a keris on his (cough).

To reverberating and stirring applause from thousands, Anwar gets up half-way. The referee mutters but only to himself 'why can't you be "reasonable" and just stay down? Let's get this match over with quickly. I've got shares in Felda and i need to check the price. Lapan ratus ringgit for the settler, lapan ratus ribu ringgit for saya!'

But Anwar gets up. Just as he is about to stand, the Umno hood comes on again. The referee gingerly and adroitly steps aside. The hood pounds Anwar on the head, barely missing the other eye. But the blow hits the neck. He goes down again.

Someone at the ringside yelled 'that's not fair'. His name is Bawi. On hearing that, another, in the VVVVVVVIP seat bellows,'Shaddup. Who are you to say it's not fair? You wanna ruin me? I've got money on Anwar to be knocked out in round one. Millions. Billions. Trillions!' His name, incidentally, is Mathir s/o Kutty.

Mathir turns and looks up to the observation deck and gives a nod. Suddenly a salacious video flashes over the giant screen. It's ok, Mathir says to himself. 'When i regretted internet freedom giving porn as reason, that's different from this public display of porn even if this match is telecast worldwide. As my marchai said, it's do-or-die. Meaning when i do, you better die' he whispers to himself with half a chuckle.

On seeing the screen, the audience boo, and thousands of pairs of eyes drill into the back of Mathir's head. They boo so loud the roof almost comes down. Like what happened in some state.

Anwar gets up. Again. The referee looks in disbelief. 'Why won't you be reasonable and just surrender like any Umno-abiding citizen?'

With one eye closed off like Rambo and oozing blood, Anwar replies. 'But i am not Umno. I was Umno. I've learned. I'm now your worst nightmare'. He grins painfully, and two more teeth fall off.

walla 12 June 2012 at 15:05  


'Get on with the show,' shouts Mathir. He turns and asks Nib, 'don't you think so too?' Nib turns to Roz, 'what say you?' Roz looks at the crowd and turns to reply, 'best you look non-committal. Like how you've been in all the other state issues where Umno has come out looking like the world's biggest hypocrite.' Nib turns and tells Mathir, 'no comment'. Mathir explodes, 'what no comment, it's Umno we are talking about here. If we do, we die. If we don't do, we also die. Thanks to your administration, we are already in limbo but we ain't rockin' (' Nib replies, rolling his eyes, pucking his lips of a certain color, 'xxx-cuzzz me, your awesomeness. We are in this shit because of YOUR (italics, bold) administration. Just keep your high-n-mightiness to yourself. Now watch the show. Despite my gazetted dua puluh dua ribu ringgit gaji sebulan, i too have bet gazillions that Anwar will be knocked out in the next ten seconds.'

The hood is now like a raging bull. He brushes aside QD ( and growls fearsomely. Some of the children cry. Raiz walks around helpfully handing out gula-gula. Rizat too is going around dishing out cartons of NPC susu.

Just as the hood reaches Anwar, he swings a massive and quite an arrogant left hook. Anwar ducks. Dancing like a butterfly, Anwar lands one bone-crunching tom yum goong right punch ( to the face of the Umno hood, knocking out two molars, three premolars and four canines.

To the horror of Mathir, Nib, Roz, Muh, Khal, Rais, Anpah, Zah, Rus and the rest of the Umno mafia gang including the now quiet Khai, their Umno hood reels, totters and hits the canvas with a heart-stopping thud. The entire hall erupts into an earthshaking wave of delighted and thunderous applause. The Umno gang take out their respective calculators and start punching out their betting losses.

Meanwhile the cigar has already dropped from the referee's open and slightly foaming mouth. He kneels down next to the Umno hood who is also seeing stars now, but in a different galaxy, and pleads, 'Get up. I have got money on you. Please, be unreasonable.'

The hood is floored and refuses to get up. He's had enough. 'Enough is enough' is all that he hears in his head. He only reasons to himself, 'i've sold my soul to Umno Baru for too long. Without substance but with only form, how can they ask me to get up now? On what? Tin-can noise? I give up. It's time to hang up these lead-filled gloves.'

He stays down, spreadeagled.

Mathir nudges Ibali who nudges Muh who nudges Nib. 'Go on stage, quick, and say something, anything.'

Nib looks at Roz who looks at Nib who grabs the national flag that has been rolled up just for this occasion. Nib sprints forward and climbs into the ring. He waves to the crowd. Who hoots back at him.

'Please, rakyat-rakyat yang disayangi. People first, government now is my motto. I am glad you've enjoyed this show our Umno government has arranged for you. It only cost us dua puluh juta ringgit, of which dua juta untuk cleaning services.'

A voice from the crowd asks, 'but it's too much, Yang Teramat Berhormat'. 'No-lah, it's just some money taken from the PTPTN bahagian Selangor, Darul Ehsan. Sarp-sarp-sui, as your Jib-Kor will say', Nib replies.

walla 12 June 2012 at 15:06  


He continues, wiping perspiration from head, and lips.

'My bosses Mathir and Muh want you to remember how good Umno has been to you. We must all appreciate and value our Umno. Umno is good for you. Evolution, not revolution. And look at our record of achievement. Is there anything wrong with it that we have not done for you?'

The crowd take a few seconds to ponder that mystifying question. They turn their eyes to Anwar who is now standing at one corner looking somewhat bemused.

'But Umno has had fifty years of evolution. So what has it evolved our nation to and on what record that can possibly beat the performance in just one term by our Opposition-run states?', some nosey-parker asked from the crowd.

Nib takes out a bigger handkerchief. 'We have made progress for you, haven't we? We even have submarines that can really dive. I must however confess that, like the APVs we had bought at ten times the market price, they cost a bit more. But that's just us, Umno. We like to do big ticket things to shake up the world that Umno bukan main-main. In the world of investment, if no money out, how can money in?'

Another seedy-looking crowd member asks, 'yeah, but into whose pocket, Yang Teramat Berhormat?'

Waving dismissively, Nib pounds the canvas. He looks down at the hood, and tells him to go home and await sentencing. He looks round at the crowd, and with a heaving chest, asks them, 'Aren't you all benefiting from my ETP and 1Malaysia? Why, we even have buses specially to ferry you to the LRTs. Today Sunway, tomorrow Kampung Attap, maybe. Isn't that an achievement? And our BN governor says that our GDP growth rate masih 4-5 percent. Who can beat us?'

'But that growth rate is because they have just changed the price base for computing GDP, Tuan. And the ETPs have been found out to be over-reported in actual KPIs achieved, Tuan again. And the buses to LRTs are no big deal, Tuan again and again,' another loud-mouthed member of the crowd shoots back.

Nib replies quiveringly, 'Noo-lah. All you say bukan serius. I have little knowledge otherwise.'

A ramrod-straight old man with a songkok stands up, and shouts back, 'Ex-Defense Minister, it's more than serius. It's treason to sell state secrets, bukan?'

Turning red in the face, Nib asks, 'are you insinuating something? here, let me unfurl this national flag of ours to show you what is deepest in the heart of my Umno.'

And he unfurls the flag and holds it high....

there is a deathly hush in the hall...

Mathir looks at the ceiling, takes out his handphone and calls his ticketing agent. He barks into the phone, 'one-way ticket, first-class cabin, wahyu beef in meal, destination:

The end.


It's not about Anwar. He's just the pathfinder. It has always been about the Rakyat DiRaja Malaysia.

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 15:34  

Dino says

I am reasonable Malay, you can count on me.......

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 16:31  

Part 1
Someone said that to root for Anwar is unreasonable and a question that is easy to answer. I beg to differ, not so much on the unreasonableness of choosing Anwar but on the question being answered easily. The truth of the matter is, it is a difficult question to answer because the current govt is unreasonable beyond hope.
The abuse of power ever since the ascension of Tun M to the throne is as clear as daylight. Yes, the throne because he has treated all the resources of Malaysia as though they belong to his parents and the rule of law as his personal bodyguards. His legacy is nothing but an amplification of the immorality planted by him. Thus, History will probably accolade him the Seed of Destruction while the current leadership is the fruits of his labour.
The sodomy charge against Anwar was so frivolous where the prosecutor had to change the dates where the sodomy was supposedly to have taken place 3 times. The SB’s officers had given contradictory statement while the alleged victim had said 3 times in court that he was not sodomized by Anwar. To lend strength to the charge, Anwar was also charged with abuse of power that did not involve any monetary sum. In retrospect, had the RM3b scandal been true, there is no doubt that this would have been used. The prosecutors had taken so much trouble to try to nail him with frivolous charges and yet such a strong case such as RM3b was totally ignore. Anyway, there is not much point in explaining the obvious to those who had willing allowed their rational thinking to be brainwashed by power of reasoning.
The amount of money lost in the past 30 years is no laughing matter. The culture of cronyism had bred lackadaisical handling of public money. The destruction of our check & control had ensured that crimes could be carried out and continue to infest in our system. The scandals were just too many, to name a few, the over RM100b that was used as collateral by the Treasury as collateral for 7 GLCs after the 1998 financial crisis (one of the companies that was the largest beneficiary was Renong), the RM45 million in stock that was missing from Proton, the Skyhawk fighter planes that were purchase that never left the country of origin, the missing Jet engines (this is another case and not the Skyhawks), the RM80k per lamp post in Putrajaya, the massive bail-outs to almost all the GLCs & etc etc. The list is extremely long. Cronyism has bred lackadaisical management of GLCs. I haven’t even mentioned lopsided agreements that were signed with Toll, IPP & Water concessionaires, not to mention protection of Proton. The abuse of subsidies too runs into billions and when the Opposition mentioned that RM1.07 had left the country illegally till end 2011, it is only realistic to perceive that there is some truth about it. Look at our national debts, as at 7th June 2012, the figure stands at RM470b and this figure was released by Bank Negara Malaysia. Independent foreign bodies had estimated our pilferage at over RM20b per year. All these figures are not without substance.

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 16:32  

Part 2
Let’s play the pyramid game and make a calculated guess on the worth of people who could have benefited from our system. Should one make a guess about the estimated worth of a Minister & MBs, these figures can be an understatement. Just take our latest case, the Lembus in Gemas, that is RM250m. How about the former MB of Negri who was charged for money politics involving RM76m, he must be worth a lot to be able to dish out RM76m. Imagine if there are 10 Ministers worth over RM1b each, surely the 2nd liners are worth at least RM250m, how about 3rd liners, 4th liners & so forth?
Construct a pyramid system and I have actually tried this out, and for your info, RM1.07 trillion is indeed achievable. One only needs to construct a pyramid system with 7 generations with the lowest income earner at merely RM50k per annum (notice it’s not per month), with a multiples of 5 people in each generation, the total is 19,531 people. Keep doubling the 50k till the 7th generation and you get RM3.2m per annum, now is this realistic figure? I would think so.
Multiply this by 40, about the numbers of cabinet ministers + MBs and the result is approx. RM52b / year. Multiply that by 18 years (from 1991 – 2008) and the figure is RM936b. I have not taken into consideration those worth RM100m and above. We’re only talking RM3.2m per annum. Why 1991, because that’s the beginning of the boom in the 90s and 2008 because that’s when the worse financial crisis happened. Call me imaginative or whatever but if 19,531 people with annual income of RM50 – RM3.2 can generate RM936b over 18 years, then why not RM1.07 trillion with 3m UMNO members over 30 years?
Now, the next issue is did we really need to borrow so much? Our current PM has been borrowing an average of RM50b per year despite our oil, palm oil and other revenue.
No amount of unreasonable Anwar can beat the argument against continuing pilferage that has been happening and will continue to flourish, probably worse should BN wins the GE13. As it is, it is already every crony for himself. After the GE13, there will be a mad scramble among the cronies to make as much as possible as the cake gets smaller. The reasoning is simple, imagine one is trapped in a 12 ft deep pit built by BN and suddenly there is a rope ladder by Pakatan. Does one remain put and ponder whether to climb out of the hole with the notion that it could be worse outside since the only view from that hole is the blue sky? Or does one take the risk and climb out or else die from hunger in that hole?

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 18:11  

to rob- to steal n plunder is acceptable in our nation affairs. 456 billions in national debts__ who took malaysia to bankruptcy ?? 53 % of GDP ?? why- now freeze PTPTN loans to 2 unis in selangor n sid not to punish students>> but punish who THEN>> our ministers have no brains- students will suffer when there is no money??no wonder malaysia is in deep trouble now- economically n financially++ corruption- cronies are there to plunder?? can we tolerate such behaviour any longer??

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 18:30  


Itu hari punya news online ada kat Vancouver Canada, Camobdia Newspapaer, Hongkong ... kemudian sekarang kat New York post bakal PM punya he .he .

Rujuk :

Anonymous,  12 June 2012 at 20:51  

"Foreign Minister Dato Seri Anifah Aman is walking on thin ice when he says the Scorpene probe is "not a serious matter that we need to follow"."

One sure strength that BN has is strong teamwork whether it is sub-gate, cow-gate, pkz-gate etc.

Teamwork in supporting BN comrades when they are caught by spinning the black to white. I scratch your back you scratch mine, is the untold unwritten rule, rarely happen in any other country esp the developed ones, except here.

I wish how such positive teamwork attitude should be inculcate in our sports esp our national soccer team so that we can be a team to be reckoned with in Asia like old days

Happy watching Euro 2012

Anonymous,  13 June 2012 at 01:20  

Old story of Anwar kept three billion of assets outside the country in strike back. Investigation initiated immediately after Anwar was sacked from Umno. ACA investigated Anwar when he was no longer a member of UMNO or TPM. No evidence was found and he was free. Why UMNO suddenly want re-open this case?.

Anwar has challenged Royal Commission of Inquiry established to investigate both his bank accounts and Mahathir account overseas but the request are rejected. Why?.

UMNO could only accuse, but failed to prove even though they are in power. Anwar sodomy I and II cases are the best evidence of the dirty work of UMNO BN top leaders to trap Anwar. And now UMNO switch to direct the next film, after their latest blue film about Anwar fails in the market. UMNO BN party in Malaysia is no longer relevant. UMNO BN is a nest of unreasonable people. UMNO is the tribe's nest of "Melayu Terlebih Melayu", the Malay version of Kerala and contemporaries.

These "Melayu Terlebih Melayu" in actual has damaged the original UMNO. Real Malays in UMNO just a "Pak Kaduk menang sorak tapi kampung dan tanah tergadai". Ask yourself .. who is the founder of UMNO Baru?. Ask yourself who take away billions of duit rakyat for forex speculation?.

When pariah pretend to be Brahmins ... this is the result! Do remember the story of Si Kitul? Today Si Kitul generation through UMNO Baru which is actually trying to kill the potential of a pure Malay leadership which is led by Anwar Ibrahim. You should be a reasonable Malay if you do not want these "Melayu Terlebih Melayu" governing Malaysia.

True .. Najib is the original Malay. Unfortunately he was only a puppet to these "Melayu Terlebih Melayu" due to his deepening personal problems. "Melayu Terlebih Melayu" had made ​​PM Najib's head as a "toy" to achieve their aspirations. Najib's head is like a ball in Euro Cup for them!

Enjoy Euro Cup 2012 !!!

By Pattani Warrior

Krishna 13 June 2012 at 20:35  

The reasonable Malay must ask, should ask and will ask: Why is that after 40 years of NEP and Malay dominance, we still have poor Malays in this country?

Anonymous,  13 June 2012 at 21:48  

Walla, we are not amused.........

Anonymous,  13 June 2012 at 23:14  

What an inspiring evening to read all the above comments after long days of absence where the highly exhausted mind ... and body having to naik the LRT, then the rapid slow, long delayed bus by its well planned schedule and the govt planning ... to and fro ... being drowned daily by indon women yakking non stop to flirt rubbishly with one or two of QD typed jom sini sana bus drivers .... then listening to an indon maid negotiating house cleaning service over her hand-phone followed by endless dialogue with her fellow indon maid, all done, conversing in english passing by segambut dlm heading to mont kiara every morning; being punished to stand throughout to trim me up, fearing to mess up my sharp clothes sprayed with french fragrance, trying not to look real smart and nice, at the same time reflecting deeply how is it my fellow Malay and Malaysians are discouraged from conversing in English ...

Listening to them ... how they charge from 15 - 25 rm an hour of house cleaning to earning rm 1200 - 1800 per month ( 9 am - 6 pm )whereas my fellow poor Malay, Chinese and Indians haven't been offered those jobs instead ?

To top up this great evening of reading true intellectual writing in English again, here is to fellow brothers to recap our great time at universities... long missed... guys who dressed up sharp as real men and sing with clearest diction and meant what they sang as by Westlife & Boyzone 'No Matter What' Live HD - YouTube.

Enjoy listening and Happy Father's Day, for in every father who reads well, thinks well, have great sense of humor, works so hard, guides and disciplines us, prays for us, laughs with us, smiles approvingly at us when we work hard, trying to make you proud that you are beloved Dads... and to those exceptional ones - color blind ... you are walking on the paths where good angles love to tread for fellow Malaysians !

Thank you so much. Merci. With doa of great blessings !

Anonymous,  14 June 2012 at 01:32  

Dear Walla, we, the highly thinking professionals, yet humble are ever as enlightened by your writing of razor sharp mind and observation, with such elegance... seen only in top notched writers abroad and in this nation.

If ones who want to be entertained by written scripts and dance, there are " entertaining circus" sites and blogs.

Anonymous,  14 June 2012 at 18:48  

Sak & all,
Ai say with this newly- amended evidence act, how are we going to read Sak's articles and others' to share and discuss intellectual ideas, frank discourse and brainstorm for better and the best ideas ? Thinking about the safety of everyone in our camaraderie.

Perhaps we need to consider renting mailboxes at the post office / posh office with calls answering facilities ? And send snail mail instead ? How to communicate with fellow friends on the same page and across pages simultaneously ? Snailing through, arriving months later or never arrive ? But again can't guarantee they won't be intercepted.

Let's wait and see how this nearsightedness and paranoia going to backfire. Or it is only to copy the heading of any article and upload it ? Filing questions by repeating the questions. How courteous and professional is that ?

This amendment is akin to hindering the intellectual cane molasses written by Sak and his friends, supporters and guests here, from being read by the rakyat and the people served with the hampas instead ! Cavemen mentality waiting for extinction like the dinosaurs.

Anonymous,  20 June 2012 at 12:52  

A Good Malay will never join UMNO!
He becomes a racist immediately!

A good Malay practices true Islamic teachings a fear ALLAH swt more than anything!

A good Malay is still out there, amongst us.

They have a kind heart and kind soul!

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