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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 2 February 2011

UMNO and its Rational Leader-2

The truth about journalists and NST.
Journalists have always prided themselves as the self-appointed spokesperson as what should be 'news' to the public. They basically have a high opinion of and about themselves believing, they are the only people, with the right to write about anything.
This was only true before the age of the internet and the rise of the citizen journalists. Now anyone with access to the internet can rival the self-appointed spokesperson to offer analyses, news and information. Most important, the public acquires the right of reply. This has been the single most important tool of empowerment which at once renders traditional journalists quacking in their boots.
Why is that so? Well, LKY puts it again:
Once you have the right of reply. Then the journalists no longer appear so clever. If they write something and the other side cannot reply, they sound very clever. But when the write and they get rebutted in a succinct and acerbic manners, then they look very small.
And we have been wondering why circulation of mainstream newspapers minus those that hawk sensational news about sex, scandals, murder and those kind of things, diminish. It's because now, suddenly journalists can appear stupid when the public has the right of reply. Nobody wants to appear stupid most of all journalists who grew up with this notion; they and they alone can pontificate about things.
It's like, suddenly their positions as the sole purveyor of what's newsworthy to the public is shattered. Their gut reaction is to flail out against anyone who can challenge their once impenetrable monopoly. Once their shallowness is exposed, everyone can realize, after all, they are just paper tigers.
There's more. I think those important people in NST in particular should comment on what LKY said about them. On page 88 of Hard Truths:-
You look at what happened to NST and at the ST. one has lost credibility, one has not. Whatever they say about the ST, why are people from all over the world looking at it? Because it's credible… we are not propagating untruths.
The gravest mistake is to assume the reading public is composed of dullards. They think they can slash and burn, carry out selective misinformation.
So I come back to this widely headlined- LKY says Najib is a rational leader. How so? You see any Malaysian patriotic enough will realize that this statement is both a compliment (maybe) and an imperative ( LKY telling Najib) about becoming rational.
You see, in order for Najib to qualify as a rational leader- Najib, must in LKY's understanding, reorganize the basis on which  Malaysia operates.
Number 1: Malaysia has to get rid of its Malay ultra-Malaysia. If he does that , Najib is a rational leader.
Number two: Malaysia must follow the Singapore way- get rid of its envy and pangs of separation.
Najib is rational if he can abandon this notion of a social balance that insists that Malays be on top.
How is Singapore organized according to Lee Kuan Yew? It's a multiracial, meritocracy with a balance between the races, social and economic classes. Of course the Chinese dominate but this LKY justifies by imputing the Chinese are superior in so many ways.
Najib is rational because he wants to work with Singapore, wants to cooperate with Singapore. The two countries do not have to live one another, but work together on convergent interests. That's how, according to LKY, rational and pragmatic countries work.
These things, the journalist never tell us. So when the blared about Najib being rational, they didn't elaborate.
Because in order for Najib to become rational, that would pit him against the prejudices that UMNO people have and
DS Najib will of course square off against the most recent Dr Mahathir's insistence that Malaysia is Tanah Melayu and UMNO is nothing but a party of contracts.


Anonymous,  2 February 2011 at 11:26  

What ever it is please forgive MM. He is delusional.he is suffering from what my be concluded as selective amnesia. We dont usually scold old sick people in our asian culture. so lets be forgiving given that there may not be much time left.

Anonymous,  2 February 2011 at 15:44  

Dear LKY,
We are not bothered by what you and your colleagues think about our country or our leaders simply because we have always known that you and your government have always suffered from chronic and almost incorrigible Napoleon Complex

To say that we have no respect for you or your government would be, Mr Lee, an understatement. We laugh at the nakedness of the cold and wrinkled anatomy of your cocktail diplomacy.

The truth is, Mr Lee, you, your colleagues, your government and your country are not perfect.Nobody is.
So please. Take your smug pimply face away and mind your own business.

Malaysia can survive without you. Can you survive without Malaysia?


Suci Dalam Debu 2 February 2011 at 17:15  


You quote LKY ah? Berani betul Dato ini.

One thing for sure, LKY is still coherent while our TDM has gone off tangent into irrelevance.

One gives useful advice, the other gives divisive rhetoric and allows his children to "steal" from the national coffers.

umar,  2 February 2011 at 19:01  

You expect our journalists to explore what LKY says about Najib being a rational leader! You have indeed passed a judgement they are afterall form-five dropouts.How could they elaborate his compliments or imputations? LKY kept his silence on Tun Razak or Tun Hussein or Badawi or Mahathir for the rest of his life.It's very ironical of LKY to comment on Najib.Our journalist are devoid of criticism. All they wish that they get to be a press secretary to any ministry or PM.Reward for flattery and loyalty.That is the highest achievement in malaysian journalism.
I notice that many academics are now contributing series of articles in Utusan and Berita Harian on politics and economic issues. It seems the editors have outsourced the editorial columns instead of working their mind.
So our prof madyas from UM,UKM,UIAM , USM are writing for our dailies instead of in academic journals of international publications.
there goes the standard of academics and journalists !

Donplaypuks® 2 February 2011 at 19:53  

"DS Najib will of course square off against the most recent Dr Mahathir's insistence that Malaysia is Tanah Melayu and UMNO is nothing but a party of contracts."

It's interesting to note that Firaun thinks non-Malays should embrace the concept of 'Bangsa M'sia' when practically all the opposition to it is coming from ultra-Malays!

Firaun talks about the oneness and all-inclusiveness in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. He forgets that you can't have 1 'Bangsa M'sia' and also race-based NEP as opposed to an income based one. Firaun's concept of Tanah Melayu would place non-Malays here in the position of B-class shareholders in companies - you pay full taxes, but have no voting right i.e. there is no pari passu equality. A 2nd class citizenship is instantly created.

By Firaun's reckoning then, USA belongs only to white americans of british origin. Blacks, Italians, French, Germans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Red indians and the new wave of Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis and other citizens there have no equal rights unless they all become white and Christians! What a screwed up way of thinking!

What Firaun is actually attempting to do is patently clear; he is sowing the seeds of illegal rioting and rebellion and asking the Malays to ditch the Constitution, democracy and free elections. He is appealing to the basest of Malay instincts to secure votes. For that, he should be charged with sedition and placed under ISA arrest 'for his own safety'.

Is Najib up to taking this rabble rouser head on, or will he be content to continue playing the 'good cop, bad cop' routine?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  3 February 2011 at 01:16  

PM Najib def slow to decide on evacuation of our citizens in the time he decided SBY hv got a 747 in the air and other countries already doing shuttles.

Hate to think if Mubarak decides to close airport...pray that our citizens can get out safely.

I do not understand why PM needs to send a Dep Minister to assess the situation when we have a full fledge embassy there.

Its another example of outsourced leadership.


Anonymous,  3 February 2011 at 07:23  

I have great praises for you because you saya, 'black is black and white is white'. Dr M has lost his glory. For 22 years he stayed up there and screwed up the nation. Hes started by screwing UMNO and make it into more corporate party then a peoples party representing the people of this country. Then he screwed up the government institutions of whatever that was left.The PDRM,SPRM,The Judiciary and the names can keep on going. He has evaporated the Constitution of the country. He even screwed up the royal houses. Tell me what he has not done to further screw the country.
Today, he is telling he is more Malay then a Malay. He wants the Malays to be the lords of the country. Please if you have any info on the background of Mahathey, I hope you can enlighten us, the ignorant Malaysian public especially the Malay's. He screwed up the finances of this country. 100billion wasted on projects that never gave any good to the Malays or the Malaysians who form the majority in paying taxes on which he survived all the years. Then we woke up to hear the 'dirty money' amounting to some 800-900 BILLION taken out of the country. By whom? Politicians, Cronies of these politicians etc.
Today, when UMNO is under attack and are lining up their defence for their own survival, they are telling us, the Malays that the country belong to us more then the other races. I am confused. My non malay friends who were born here and are definetely going to die here compared to the UMNO leaders who have bought properties overseas and are just waiting to abandon Malaysia, just in case things don't favor them anymore. Can we say that they are patriotic. What bullshit. For a start, they send their children, grandchildren for oversea studies making them more superior then the 'Melayu' of this country whom they have made stupid with their stupid policies. They keep on changing and upgrading laws that are not favorable to their rule of this country.They give half past six education curriculum to suit the brains of the locals thus enabling themselves as becoming the lords of this country. Tell me one good thing that they have done for us, the Melayu's. The day my child is born, he/she is indebted to the country because of the excessive loans that are affecting us all. I have to cater for their education and if I can't afford it, it's either leave school or take up a PTPTN loan, payable six months after the child graduates immaterial of whether he/she is employed. Talking about employment, the post of a driver needs a 'cable' to get him a job. What do you expect of executive posts.
Then you have the AUKU that binds the mind and soul of the grads enabling them to become 'kangkong' graduates just like their 'kangkong' profs and chancellors etc.
The local main stream media has lost all credibility.Nothing else to talk about. Fed up of these UMNO politicians. Do they see whats going on in Middle Eastern countries. Oh I forgot they don't give a damn. Guess,they have the PDRM and Askar to take care of things.

Anonymous,  3 February 2011 at 08:35  

Mahathir - born as an Indian but transformed into Malay (by definition) - claims that this is Tanah Melayu.
If that is so sir, show me your roots, your genealogy. Show us it began in Tanah Melayu, not in India.

If Mahathir is Melayu, then he is a Melayu celup or a second class Melayu.

The real Melayu and more cultured.

Quiet Despair,  3 February 2011 at 10:56  

Harry Lee SIR

What exactly is your point about Najib being a rational leader?
You are indeed vague. And how can the press justify what you meant.
Do you mean to say Najib is rational by kow-towing to Singapore. Call on your son every three months?
Giving in to every issues affecting both of our countries?
Playing second fiddle to Singapore when we are bigger and our political scenario is different.
Leave Najib be, for he is tryng very hard to transform our nation according to our mould.
We do not need your sanitized way of cleansing souless Singapore.
And sometimes I think Najib is too rational for our liking.
Sometimes he tries so hard to placate the Chinese that he's more Chinese than CSL.
I fear that he will lose some Malay voters. And some Chinese will still vote for DAP despite the giving in to their demands.

Anonymous,  3 February 2011 at 11:12  

LKY knew is deeply frustrated that Mahathir despiote of his old age and no post in government aka Senior Minister or Minister mentor was able to overthrown slumberjack sleeping PM frm the throne.

If Slumberjack still the PM of Malaysia, things will be smoother for Singapore as, slumberjack as thye most stupid PM of Malaysia can be easily tricked by SIngapore.

Either way LKY and Spore will benefit, that is with Slumberjack continue as the PM or PR at the end of the day able to grab Putrajaya.

But Mahathir has thwarted LKY dream. SLumberjack is finally kick out.

UMNO and BN is gaining momentum. Th edream of PR taking over Putrajaya seems remote for now.

Thus LKY has to jack up Najib as rational leader.

I pray Mahathir will be blessed with good health , good mind for many many years ahead, as he is the only one in Malaysia that is able to see Singapore games, PR games and able to overthrown be it the naib Razak government or PR run government.

May Allah bless Mahathir with good health...and continously frustrated LKY, PR ( LKS LGE ANwar And Nik Azizi) and any UMNO leaders who seems to kowtowing to Spore needs.Amin


Anonymous,  4 February 2011 at 10:05  

Quiet Despair,

Again you put words into Harry Lee's words/thoughts with your self senseless logic(as usual).

LKY was actually his personal opinion in his book and it is within his right to write what he wants about what is happening around him.

Try putting his views to the world and YOURs and let us see how many in the world will choose yours compared to LKY. It is understood yours will be in the rubbish practically by all.

Snobbish remarks about "we are playing second fiddle when we are bigger."

So you think you are greater and better and Singapore souless ?

What kind of rubbish is this? They are smaller but their GDP is now exceeding yours lah. Stupid.

As said before ... sour grapes.

What makes you say, Singapore is souless? You think being non Islamic is souless? Take it from me, we are more connected with God (the real God)than you.

Another sour point obviously from someone who hates to see Chinese gain ANYTHING... that Najib is being more Chinese than CSL. Gosh how stupid that statement can be. If you say , Lim Guan Eng trying to be more Malays than Malays themselves at least you can see the evidence. Najib more Chinese? You are a joker lah.

He is conning everyone with 1Malaysia while patronising Perkasa members like your kind. hahahah.

He is playing politics lah.

Now TDM say Malaysia belongs to Malays, do you think Najib DARE to take a position on what he thinks?

As usual he will keep quiet.

What is your opinion before we blast you?

Anonymous,  7 February 2011 at 09:58  

Quiet Despair,

Obviously u’ve not read LKY’s Hard Truths!

Well, what can one expect for a lemming?

For yr benefit, digest this to yr heart’s content with compliment from Sak’s tireless read;

‘If they write something and the other side cannot reply, they sound very clever. But when the write and they get rebutted in a succinct and acerbic manners, then they look very small.’

Well travel? Educated?

My foot! 2nd best or best of the worst, more likely.

u r just a product of the bolihland’s famed markah buta, even though u might get yr paper from oversea.

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