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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 23 February 2011

On the rounds with UMNO.

I have written many essays about UMNO. I have written about the dangers of feeling superior. It breeds arrogance and complacency. That feeling seems to be nourished further by the recent wins by UMNO of some by elections. Galas was won basically by the figure of Tengku Razaleigh. In Tenang, those who actually went there, if they take 'the presented facts' with a pinch of salt, know how we won Tenang by election. We did it the old fashion way- mostly paying our way through.
Some people say the win in Tenang bears the hallmarks of Isa Samad's modus operandi. We all know how he won the UMNO vice presidency. Somehow UMNO people seemed to think, if the wrong is committed by an UMNO man, that wrong is forgivable. How stupid.
I am surprised at the recent stout defense of Isa Samad when a corporate leader provided some adverse remarks of Isa. Why the defense? If UMNO people can't get rid of this destructive idea of stubbornly defending actions and behavior that can make UMNO weak, UMNO hasn't got a chance to defend itself in the court of public opinion. Because UMNO will be seen as standing on the side of the wrongdoer, the fornicator, the corrupt, the wrong side. It stands opposed to the people. Look at Egypt. Look at Tunisia.
I have said it many times, and I say it gain- I want to save Malaysia. Anwar Ibrahim isn't the only one with ideas to save Malaysia. But if UMNO leaders shy away from debating and engaging Anwar, UMNO loses by default. Our refusal to debate him on the way to manage the economy only serves the widespread perception, that our ideas are just empty rhetoric.
We have our ideas to save Malaysia. But the way to do it is to place UMNO under capable hands. Those who are committed to democratic ideals, the rule of law and economic and social justice. Those who are committed to good governance. UMNO should condition its mind, that it governs not 60% of the population but the 100% percent of Malaysian citizens.
If Isa Samad does indeed cause the stock market some adverse repercussions, let that young ciku, however obnoxious he sounds and acts, say his piece. If he is wrong, then let him suffer the end of the big stick. Already he was made to eat humble pie by being directed to say sorry to Isa. Meantime, Isa spends RM 2 million refurbishing his office suite at the 10th Floor Felda building. Each week he sits on his imperial throne, dishing and dispensing wisdom from his short physique. Some of us would be fools to delude ourselves this is the kind of leadership that can save UMNO and save Malaysia.
So much of the Felda resources were committed to winning the Tenang by election for Isa Samad. Felda vehicles were placed at the disposal of Felda settlers in Tenang. Cars were filled with fuel and were literally handed over to settlers to do as they wish. Other resources were used mainly for the benefit of our kind of voters. Our kind means those voters who think they owe us a living when we give some form of consideration. Ballot boxes were literally on army trucks without anyone guarding them. Who would when flood waters were neck high? Everyone would be more interested to save their lives and property.
So, to the UMNO people, the recent wins must not be fodder to our exuberance.
As regards, Kerdau and Merlimau by elections, I have no doubts that UMNO and BN will win. We don't know who the BN candidate in Merlimau is. But with resources and concentration already channeled to Merlimau, no opponent to BN can stand a chance. As for Kerdau, the candidate is personally known to me. I wrote an earlier article about his impending candidacy. It has been proven right. I don't see any real threats to him becoming the ADUN there. With only 28 UMNO branches in that division, there will be little room for UMNO backstabbing. Kerdau is a sure bet.
Bu these are specific instances. Overall, the picture is not that upbeat. That will be in the next article. Meanwhile, maybe I can be categorized as a declinist. Because I see the decline of UMNO.
Let me touch briefly the scenario as a precursor to the next article. Penang is a gone case. Lim Guan Eng is simply a good leader. He is a good person. Penang is well managed. Ignore the staged protestations of the street hawkers who have not been paying the rates. Ignore Rizal Merican. The majority support LGE. Penang stays opposition.
That thamby in Perak is just there warming the MB's seat. Support for him in his own constituency is dwindling. Perak will be returned to the opposition with a vengeance. In the meantime, we hear Zambry is making hay while the sun shines. UMNO people are saying- kita salah rampas. Kedah- even the UMNO people like Ustaz Azizan. He says he now sleeps better when Najib appointed Bashah. Because Najib appoints a person he trusts more than a person he knows can work. Kedah will stay opposition. In Perlis let the warring factions in this land the size of an ape's straddled legs fight it out. There even the UMNO grassroots want to punish Najib. Selangor? Even the Auditor General says it's the 2nd best financially managed state after Penang. Who wants to be MB Selangor? Noh Omar? Zain Badak? By the way, where did PLCE ( passed LCE) Satim Diman got his doctorate? Did he buy it or what?
Kelantan? What can we say about Kelantan? Except that every UMNO leader will one day become the president of the Kelantan FA. They will then fight out who gets to manage the team and who gets to build new stadiums. In Terengganu, there are signs it's going to the opposition. Pahang in the meantime will stay under BN but question marks hover over the fate of at least 7 parliamentary seats. Johore will remain BN. Negeri Sembilan can go either way unless Mat Hassan is jettisoned fast.
New leaders must come to rescue UMNO.


Anonymous,  23 February 2011 at 16:44  

Dato', jangan main main tok! Ini bunyi nya amat serious!
Nanti nak lari kemana?

Red Alfa 23 February 2011 at 16:49  

Salam Dato'

While many had reservations with Isa Samad, others including your goodself had made the winning case for his and UMNO comebacks.

Now we are wishing for the really true comebacks, aren't we?

So how many more Isa Samads before the powers that be in UMNO will get it?

Anonymous,  23 February 2011 at 16:59  

Dear sir

As a Pakatan supporter, I can tell you want to save this country. It's sad that your friends at UMNO do not share your belief. Malaysia is doom to be like Philippine. We need strong UMNO that's clean and efficient. We've seen how clean and efficient government under Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail. It's a shame we lack leaders like them. Bila UMNO akan bangun? Time for us to rise up for our beloved country. I hope more UMNO leader like you. Thank you for fighting for this country.

I'm a Chinese, Malay, Indian..... I'm anak Malaysia

OneMalaysian,  23 February 2011 at 17:00  

Dear Sakmongkol

“I have said it many times, and I say it again — I want to save Malaysia”.

I have no doubt you do. On this I am 100% with you. But on the vital question of how to save our beloved country, many of your readers have quite different opinions from you. The main difference is that you think it must be done with UMNO as the anchor. Many don’t agree, and they have given their reasons.

However, pragmatists don’t really care whether the cat is black or white, only that it can catch mice. If UMNO and BN can deliver, that’s good, and it is equally good if PR can do that. We don’t care.

But let’s be real. With the leadership and corruption problems weighing UMNO down, can we believe it can deliver? Politics is merely a means to deliver results to the people. Right thinking citizens should just vote the party that can do that. Many think the alternative party should be given a chance.

Quiet Despair,  23 February 2011 at 17:23  

It is a sober awakening for me to read this. Sad really.
UMNO knows it cannot win in Penang and Kelantan. It's just a confidence booster if they are publicly proclaiming it.
But Kedah and Selangor? If you are another blogger, I will just brush it off. And I don't know whether I want to believe you.
I will go with Daim's prediction that it's 50-50 chance of BN victory for both states.
It really hinges on the good governance Najib is touting. In Selangor it all depends on UMNO bringing in fresh and clean faces.
You cannot see any MB material among the present crowd.There are many technocrats who are willing to contest if Najib chooses them.
If Khalid is still chosen, it will not be difficult to trounce him with all his fumbling and stumbling.
In Kedah, Azizan is indeed well-liked. But the rest are just so-so.
BN has revamped its state liasion committee with Mukhriz as deputy chairman. He's looked upon as the next BN.
Kedah has shore up ts image during the recent Kedah floods.
In NS, Yes Mohamed must go. Khairy can be MB. But this attitude of not liking KJ must be abandoned for the good of the party.
Really hope Isa will not be given an seat. Enoughla of sitting cosy in the seat inherited from his late dad.
Really I don't understand why he's still around and be given that comfy felda chairman seat.
Maybe this boy-scout speak the Felda settlers language.
As for Pahang I am really shocked with your prediction of losing 7 seats. If 4 seats I do believe.
From what I heard, Sofiee Razak and two others will not be contesting.
And we want to see you getting a seat. Be brave to offer yourself like you are brave reforming UMNO.

UMNO has many taented members. But you keep seeing this same old, tired faces.

P.S. Satim Diman did get a PHD in 2006 from UKM.

rance,  23 February 2011 at 17:43  

Dear Dato'Sak, Jangan bimbang tentang UMNO. I think they know how, when,and what to do.Both upcoming byelection is BN's. Axe is looming over Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim head feel v sad. Our PM is in Turkey perfect timing.By the way congratulations your man is in Kerdau

mpn kadaram 23 February 2011 at 17:57  

Dato Sak,Umno is in the self destruction mode,it's getting rarer to see untainted leaders in Umno, to reinvent and lead the party and the nation.Anyway a beautiful article written with good sense of humor, and equally a very thought provoking one.Hope to see you as the next MB of Pahang,with your ideas and integrity.Only regret is that I will read less of your writings.

Anonymous,  23 February 2011 at 20:41  


Time and time again you have hit the nail on it's head but time and time again, your "advice" will fall on deaf ears of the UMNO head honchos. These head honchos are buried too deep in their self belief world that they are untouchable and above all laws (God or man made). Surmise to say, they probably think they are God's "chosen" people. Let me repeat, UMNO will never change. For UMNO to change, it must be destroyed and a new and reformed UMNO (one which you subscribed to) will rise from the ashes. Will this ever happen? I doubt it because the UMNO head honchos will be playing their fiddles while Malaysia and UMNO burn.

Anonymous 23 February 2011 at 21:19  

Fair assessment by Dato Sak.

Have to admit, albeit reluctantly that at least 5 of the Parliamentary seats in Pahang will be lost to the opposition due to discontentment.

Bentong, Bera, Temerloh, K.Krau and Kuantan(now PKR)
2 ministers and 1 dep. minister's seats are in jeopardy.

Please do more in order to secure enough votes in Pahang, Mr PM.
Probably, PM could at least retain few hardworking MPs such as the current Dep Higher Edu. Minister.

Anonymous,  23 February 2011 at 21:29  

Very very pessimistic eh...So do I.Just don't know when these UMNO people gonna wake up from their dreams. Just hope that it's not going to be that late...Samad Isa that joker was a big mistake. He is the epitomy of what's wrong with Umno and it just go on and on.

George Choo 23 February 2011 at 21:56  

Dear Sak, Umno will win Merlimau because in Ali Rustam they have the RICHEST MAN IN MELAKA and he will be able to buy over all the voters just like what he have done in the Umno election.

Umno will also retain Negeri Sembilan because in Isa Samad and Mat Hassan,they have the 2 RICHEST MAN IN NEGERI SEMBILAN. If Pak Lah and Kj did not fix up Isa,Isa should be the current Deputy Prime Minister.

Remember how Mat Hassan sent 10 Million Pound to UK through a mamak money changer in KLCC.

Just like Sarawak,BN will win because in Taib Mahmud,BN have the RICHEST MAN IN MALAYSIA (NOT Robert Kuok). With the billions he had,he would be able to buy over all the voters in Sarawak.

Sak, do you know why Umno did not go into Sarawak ? It is MONEY. The dEAL was that Taib donate RM 400 MILLION TO UMNO and in return old man Dr M agree not to let Umno into Sarawak.

Anonymous,  23 February 2011 at 22:35  

Maybe it's not pessimistic for UMNO to lose this GE. With the result, hopefully UMNO can wake up and fresh new faces will lead the country again.

Pakatan Supporter

Hakiman,  24 February 2011 at 02:01  

Dato Sak

I like your acidic humor in this article.

Fun reading... those your colleagues in UMNO won't be too happy with your comments.

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 09:29  

Remember Mubarak's party won 95% of the seats in his parliament in Nov 2010. The rest is history.

Winning by-elections is UMNO's way of self-flagellation. Nothing more.
Remember Ijok. BN won convincingly just months before the last GE but lost it on March 8 2008.
UMNO can only win power with the use of money, police, Election Commission, media, army and civil service.
It cannot win on its own merits. The party is morally bankrupt. It is corrupted and has lost all sense of right and wrong.
It embrace the corrupt, rapist and even murderers. All that matter is power. UMNO = Gaddafi!!!!

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 10:01  

One of the legacy left by corrupt Mahathir, is a corrupt Umno full of corrupt Umno leaders. Pity the Felda folks and all those poor ordinary malays who continuosly put these corrupt Umno leaders in power. It is these group of hardcore Umno supporters who suffer the brunt of any financial hardship in any economic recession or downturn. They get only RM500 for every GE and By-Election, and they think a hell of those corrupt Umno leaders. Well as they say, you reap what you sow.

I believe the only way to eradicate corruption is to defeat Umno in just one GE, and let PR govern the country for one term. Umno leaders who want to see honest, capable and clean people leading Umno should support such a proposition. A cleansed Umno could always try to regain power in the next Election.

Unknown 24 February 2011 at 11:03  

asalamualaikom Dato', boleh bagi tip dato' apa nak buat nak lemahkan umno

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 11:50  

Ha ha ha..Nice Dato'

Anyway, congrat for calon Kerdau, first time tenggok calon UMNO pakai ketayap..ha ha ha..He against the norm...boleh tertukar dengan calon PAS .. ha ha ha..

Abot this Postiing..very pessimistic post..but sometimes we should stay awake..problem with some UMNO leader, they still sleeping or "stoned" with goods feedback by kaki ampu..ha ha ha..

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 12:24  

"I have said it many times, and I say it gain- I want to save Malaysia." Sakmongkol AK47

Save Malaysia? Keep on saying till Judgement Day.
The strongest message was sent to UMNO on March 8 2008. It became worse not better. And you want to save Malaysia.
If it refises to listen to these millions of voters, what makes you think it will listen to you or Tengku Razaleigh?
UMNO thinks it is God's gift to Malaysia.
If you really want to save Malaysia, then you need another vehicle not UMNO. The UMNO Juggernaut to heading into a bottomless pit or even Hell.

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 12:41  

Salam Dato',

Sayangkan anak di tangan-tangankan? Tapi nampaknya Pembesar-Pembesar umno ni memang tak reti bahasa. Kebanyakan Pembesar-Pembesar umno dikalangan anak-anak manja dan apabila besar dia jadi angkuh, sombong, bongkak tapi sebenarnya mereka semuanya penakut. Sebab itu mereka mempergunakan segala jentera kerajaan yang ada.

Dengan memperkudakan segala jentera yang ada Umnobn boleh menang di banyak tempat dan boleh dapat kembali 2/3 di PRU13 akan datang. Namun Tapi umno tidak akan dihormati oleh ahlinya sendiri dan rakyat dan akan gugur dgn hina..tunggu dan lihat.

Teori saya mudah, Saya juga ahli umno dan saya suka memerhati sekeliling yang berlaku dalam umno. Saya tahu dan Dato' lagi tahu. Di peringkat cawangan sudah main duit utk jadi pemimpin dan biasanya pemimpin yang paling banyak tabur duit dia akan menang jadi pemimpin cawangan. Kerana apa? kerana criteria utk memilih pemimpin dalam umno sudah tersasar jauh. Pemimpin cawangan akan jadi perwakilan ke Bahagian. Dato maklum bahawa di Bahagian duit lagi banyak di taburkan kepada perwakilan utk saingan memilih pemimpin@pembesar ke Pusat.

Seperti biasa yg banyak melabur akan jadi perwakilan ke Perhimpunan Agung Umno.

Di sepanjang Perhimpunan Agung semua perwakilan akan ditatang sebagai minyak yang pemuh. Penginapan di hotel-hotel mewah. Makan, minum di taja secara berlebihan. Sampul surat berisi RM diselitkan sana sini. Kepada yang 'bijak@menipu' pergi dgn kawan tapi bila balik boleh pandu kereta mewah, hebat kan? Rasuah@komisen tidak boleh dikawal.

Untuk memendekkan cerita; jika di peringkat cawangan pemilihan berdasarkan rm..bermakna yg dipilih adalah pemimpin di kalangan lanun-lanun kecil. Maka di peringkat Bahagian pula yang di pilih adalah dikalangan lanun dan perompak maka bayangkanlah di peringkat Pusat yang di pilih semuanya adalah dikalangan bapak-bapak lanun dan di ketuai pula oleh ketua dari segala bapak lanun dan perompak.

Jadi Dato' apalah yang rakyat harapkan dari ketua segala bapak lanun@perompak yang memerintah negara ini?

Dato' tentunya maklum apa yang ketua lanun@perompak sanggup lakukan jika kedudukannya dipersoalkan dan tergugat?

Ugut, rompak, bunuh?

Dato' untuk menyelamatkan umno, maka umno perlu di tumbangkan. Apabila umno tumbang kita akan lihat siapa yang benar-benar sayangkan umno dan siapa yang awal akan cabut lari meninggalkan negara ini atau di heret ke muka pengadilan.

Baru kita boleh lihat siapa katak sebenar, siapa pepijat dan siapa sebenar penjuang orang Melayu.

Daripada; ahli umno

Quiet Despair,  24 February 2011 at 14:01  

UMNO/BN should forget about Penang and Kelantan. Concentrate on the other states which they are sure of victory.
In Terengganu and Perlis for example, it's the in-fighting between the UMNO factions that may lead to loss of seats.
Najib must be firm enough to stop Idris Jusoh and gang of undermining Ahmad, the current MB.
Idris Jusoh should give up since Tuanku is not on his side. Janganlah jadi somobong bodoh like Aruah Rahim Bakar, MB Pahang. (Ya Allah, ampun ku for dragging in the late Rahim's name).
And the midget state Perlis, Shahidan should stop flexing his muscles. You see people like Radzi siding him and some siding the MB.Only the Raja of Perlis's brother Syed Razlan is neutral.
Najib must rid UMNO of all these trouble-makers.
And that UMNO Penang guy (forgot his name but bin Sheikh Fazil), look after UMNO there.
Don't lose the UMNO seats. You can fight GE for the plight of the poor Malays and the petty traders.
But don't poke your nose into the quarrel over the appointment of Isa as Felda boss.
Why are you appearing on TV vehemently pressuring the Maybank CEO to sack Tengku Zafrul over his remarks on Isa.
And the CEO has to remark it's Zafrul's personal opinion. Look's like he will bow to the pressure.
I am no fan of Zafrul but why is that Mamak Tanjung butting in? Is it for the sake of some few minutes of sound-bite?

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 15:36  


Untuk melihat siapa Pembesar-Pembesar umnobn yang sedang rakyat perjudikan masa depan mereka elok juga di cadangkan kepada sesiapa yang pandai melukis atau paste'kan gambar pembesar-pembesar negara seperti; Najib,Soi Lek,Dr. Jamaluddin Jarjis, Rais Yatim dan Rahim Thamby Chik(Satu Barisan berpegang bahu). Di ikuti dgn gambar Hishamuddin Husin(pegang kris) bersama Ibrahim Ali, KJ, Nazri Aziz, Ketua Polis Negara, SPRM dan SPR. Dr.M, Tengku Adnan Mansor (pakaian dirajaj)Vincent Tan dan Lingam di Belakang Najib sedang memulas telinga CJ. dan lain-lain..

Dunia luar juga boleh tengok.. hebat 1Malaysia kan?

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 16:02  


Are you fishing for something with this article?

Article which condems UMNO always seem to attract praises and comments but the real gain is nought except for what we have already know.

Anonymous,  24 February 2011 at 16:33  

dato' mongkol,

umno itu wang tok, wang itu umno.

this is life and it is a fact.

Melayu Baru,  24 February 2011 at 17:18  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

Aik Dato'? What did you have for late supper last night?

We are fighting for change Dato, yes?

True change in Malaysia will only happen when we have informed voters. Voters who are aware of the type of leaders the elect in office. Voters who are clear on what kind of future they want for their kids. Voters who are aware that the country's future lies within the little box they tick - and know collectively they mean something more than having their ADUN showing up close to election time.

As long as the voters are not mature, any change is transient. It will not last. A vote simulation exercise indicated that small swing votes can make the government be back in power.

Make no mistake - UMNO is aware of this fact. Hence the threat to natives in Sarawak. Ditto the election goodies. Same with think skinned, not an offence "Lu tolong gua..."

UMNO also realized that it is fast running out of time. Hence increase in RELA (they will be made elegible as postal voter if they have their way), increase in supplanted voters in Sabah (now Selangor) and controlled new media (will come sooner - look at the University elections)

Now, SPR will help with gerrymandering. JPN with transplanting new voters. Police/BTN with intel. There's a grand strategic plan taking action now.

I dont think the outcome will be as bad as you think. You're being too kind with the opposition - but if you love Malaysia ore, the campaign must be on educating the voters. Let us together raise the consciousness of the voters.

Let them know how our economy is doing. Let them know how the country is managed. Let them know the real meaning of federalism. Let them know where they can get real justice. Let them know that the executive, judiciary and parliament are independent. Let them know all the monies government spend come from taxes, from rakyat, from all races.

Let them know the country is better off with less corruption. Let them know those AP holders are bloodsuckers. Let them know that and more...

Are you interested, Dato? This is for the future of Malaysia.

Then, when the rakyat understand the above, we can have real, meaningful and lasting change. Then only our future youths and leaders can lead the nation to greater heights.

I dont think under the present regime there's any chance of that, la Dato'. Just look at the recently concluded U elections. What are we teaching our youths?

That is why I dont think the salvation of Malaysia/Malay is with UMNO. It has become a monster. The point of no return has been crossed.

Too idealistic, perhaps? Ideals give births to actions. Aim high, try hard. Then tawakkal. Leave it to God.

Otherwise, the effing politicians will continue to screw this cuntry (misspelling intended).

Melayu Baru.

Anonymous,  25 February 2011 at 00:01  

UMNO after the syiok diri nowadays with shouts of 1Malaysia now dreaming to take over the entire Malaysia.

My take is ...come on, lets roll and see if you still rule Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  25 February 2011 at 12:30  


Today, how much does it cost to be a ketua cawangan and ketua bahagian?

I remembered in the early 70's when I was involved in UMNO politics in C.Highlands and Kuala Lipis, its quite difficult to get someone to be a ketua cawangan. The reason being,as ketua cawangan,like the ordinary members you dont get any special privilege or rewards.

Today,everyone want to be ketua cawangan because the benefits you can reap from it.They even buy votes so that they can be ketua cawangan.

Datuk,you should know how much
Isa Samad paid to be UMNO VP!

UMNO is a party full of selfish and corrupted leaders,cronies and spouses and they never learn their lesson.

How I wish what you predicted will come true and I would like to see UMNO lose this GE13 so that the next generation of UMNO leaders will at least open their eyes wide!


an UMNO member since 1963 but voting oppostion soon.

Anonymous,  25 February 2011 at 13:18  

there is one thing to openly comment on your party members.Wouldn't this further worsen public perception about UMNO. even I that is not an UMNO member who support UMNO felt disgust with UMNO from what you portrayed.Maybe its a high time to support Konsensus Bebas. I heard rumors that there is a camp in UMNO that want to replace Najib as PM.I've always looked up to UMNO to fight for Malays as Malays is unlike other races where we are bound by Religion, Language and Custom but i've never heard any UMNO members explained about this. Even most of Malays do not understand the definition of Malay. Thanks for really enlighten me on UMNO is a lost cause as vote will be for Konsensus Bebas.

Anonymous,  25 February 2011 at 19:10  

Regardless we're BN or Pakatan supporter, we all want a credible UMNO with principle. A crooked UMNO will hurt not only Malay but everyone.

Anonymous,  25 February 2011 at 19:38  

Dato Sak, I am very disappointed you are not appointed to the MACC consultancy panel or are you? I am no UMNO lover but at least in you some fairness would prevail? Outsyed the box was chosen instead. he may be sensible but when he starts calling Mahathir "ayahanda".......

Taubat,  25 February 2011 at 21:24  

I believe UMNO is trying to put a "Gadaffi" stance. Plunder while in power and bribe their way out later.

The Malays can still be candied with ketuanan Melayu, even though there are no future for the younger generations, except for the well connected. The average Malay graduates are getting less than RM2000 per month and are living their life like UMNO men with SPM qualification, i.e. branded everything and high life style. When I attended an interview in Singapore many years ago, the HR Director of the company was surprised to know my salary. I was immediately offered more than double my salary. I have since moved-on and my current salary is now more than 20X that. I still cannot live the life of an SPM qualified UMNO man.
As long as the Malays can be candied with the ketuanan Melayu, they will always be grateful to be cheated by the SPM qualified "leaders".

Viva Mancunians!

Ariff Sabri 25 February 2011 at 21:47  


much obliged for the reminder of the term Mancunians. almost forgot that. yes viva Mancunians.

Anonymous,  26 February 2011 at 08:38  

Taubat.. your post.

When I attended an interview in Singapore many years ago, the HR Director of the company was surprised to know my salary

This is Malaysia Vs Indonesia
analogous to Singapore Vs Malaysia.

This gives a very glaring picture how we have degraded from the pre NEP days when Singapore = Malaysia.
to today.

How embarassing of 53 years of "glorious" rule loved by so many.

Matter of fact is , it is still continuing. Until today, not a single long term sustainable revenue generating initiative is implemented. Instead the reverse is true... we spend like no tomorrow on mega projects at lightning speed.

The people most hurt in the end will be mostly Malays (since most are wage earners)

Hyper inflation hurts the working class far more than the Business class.

The irony is, it is the Malays that are resisting the change.

Come on Pakatan is still mainly Malay led.... in fact Malay representation will increase.

Anonymous,  26 February 2011 at 14:02  

Pity UMNO. Same old faces. Rais Yatim. How long does he want to stay? Tak mau bagi orang lain peluang naik. Dah berapa lama sebagai MB dan minister? Orang dah muak tau. Macam dia saja yang pandai. Isa Samad. Najib's biggest mistake. What about the other kaki kaki bodek? Sharizat, Zahid Hamidi, Nazri, buah sukun. Pencenlah, bagi orang lain peluang. Nak menongkat langit juga. UMNO will lose because of these people. Kalau UMNO kalah jangan harap bolih menang balik!

Anonymous,  26 February 2011 at 17:59  

Dalam umno buat apa pun tak apa asalkan baik dengan orang atas. Polis pun tak berani kacau. Jarjis ialah satu contoh. Dapat jadi duta lagi. Apa punya kerajaan ni?

Anonymous,  26 February 2011 at 18:03  

Dato, Isa spent RM2 million refurbishing his office? is it OK to do so? Nobody can say anything?

Anonymous,  26 February 2011 at 19:55  

Dear Thaiboxer Russian rifle,
I still feel that you are a 'has been' and trying to win a place in UMNO /BN with your articles.Isa Samad is back in the fold but you are not. You have conveniently forgotten that Isa Samad was framed by a master tactician to be a Youth Leader.That person is like you now, having a position in UMNO but without any ministerial portfolio. Why don't you stand for election in the next General election and see what voters thin of you.My opinion is you are an opportunist in every sense of the word.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 22:30  

Salam Dato,

Saya tak faham macam mana Dato' masih mengharapkan UMNO boleh berubah jika kepala Umno itu sendiri adalah ketua segala perompak,bapak lanun, pembunuh, perasuah@mr.komisen?

Boleh kah kepala perompak menasihatkan anak buahnya agar jgn merompak, boleh kah kepala lanun menasihat anak-anak lanun agar jgn membunuh? Boleh kah bapak segala rasuah mengatakan jgn ambil rasuah? Boleh kah bapak kroni menasihatkan anaknya jgn pilih kroni?

Mahu kah anak buah, anak mereka akur dgn nasihat tersebut?

Boleh Dato' jelaskan kenapa pembunuh Alanthuya di hukum gantung tanpa ada motif pembunuhan. Pihak polis, pihak AG dan Mahkamah tidak mencari motif pembunuhan atau siapa suruh bunuh Alanthuya? Kenapa tidak ada rekod imigresen Alanthuya masuk ke Malaysia?

Rela kah kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia berdiam diri?

Drp; rakyat

Al-Lifsi,  27 February 2011 at 23:15  

I think I can agrre with you that Present-PAS is Nowhere like the Past-PAS..too much politicking nowadays even with the Old Man Ulama Nik Aziz..Simply said, a a True Blue Muslim, I think I got to stay with the flock based on Aqidah..Either I trust the Aqidah of Lim Kit Siang or Najib..The bottom line for the flock of Lim is Bottomline profit...halal2 tak main lah kecuali menguntungkan...At least teh Aqidah of Najib is Pragmatism tetapi dia buat masjid....dan sembahyang di masjid..Lim even at 70 and Karpal about that, masih dalam kesesatan...Carry on Dato...Melayu Bersatu Islam Memacu

dahserikngankeris 28 February 2011 at 03:54  

you didnt really mention the finishing on selangor dato.mayb u were being sarcastic :)

i agree with u wholeheartedly dato, why are those in power so blind to see the simple truth.....Do or Die.....DO OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown 1 March 2011 at 16:43  

Circle of life, whatever on top will come down one day. So UMNO leader should prepare themselves so their faith will not like what happen such a leader in Libya, Egypt n Tunisia. Still have time for the young generation of leader to correct themselves before been forced to be corrected

Anonymous,  1 March 2011 at 22:42  

Salam Dato'

Apa kah perubahan yang boleh di harapkan dari Bapak lanun kepada anak lanun untuk memerintah Negara?

Rasuah@komisen akan berkurangan? AP di agihkan secara saksama? harga barang harian akan di turunkan? Petrol turun harga? Kenderaan akan turun harga? Tiada lagi pembelian kapal laut, kapal terbang, mee maggie yg harga yg melampau?

Tua kah Najib, tua kah Zahid Hamidi? Tuakah Hishamudin keris, Serahkan kepimpinan negara kepada KJ?, Mukhriz? Hanya dari umno?

Ha..ha..ha.. Lingkup negara

Drp; rakyat

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