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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 12 February 2011

Debating Mr. Mallot- 2

Like many others, I watched the news coverage on TV about the demonstrations in Egypt. One of the media coverage is by Bloomberg- Taking Stock. The anchorman appeared disappointed the disturbances in Cairo have nothing to do with USA despite excruciating imputations by several people interviewed, to suggest some links to Israel's interest. If there is a link to Israel, then America can validate a more substantial involvement.

Why would the measure of all things be USA? People are actually surprised that democracy can emerge without American involvement. Most of all Americans. Get real man.

But to everyone's (mostly Americans) surprise, there have been no directions leading to an anti-America movement or a mention about Israel. The only person taking pains to suggest some links with America and Israel is a former Ambassador to Egypt.

What is it about former ambassadors? They have a tour of duty in their respective countries, perhaps taken an affinity and emotional embrace of the countries they served and felt compelled at any time they fancy, to make a more than cursory mention or feel just nostalgic about the places they once played. They felt urged to get involved, perhaps try to impose their values.

How about our Malaysia? Ambassadors and expatriate workers like it here in Malaysia. Perhaps that is why they feel they must get involved. But if they do, then they would have to accept that their views are going to be treated on par with the views of the local. Their views do not necessarily contain undisputed truths. Because views by expatriates are by no means righteous nor are they gospel truths.

Where I once worked in a multinational, I enjoyed taking pot shots at expatriates on cross-postings here. Those coming from western countries get an allowance they euphemistically termed as culture shock allowance. Actually it's just an excuse to get paid and get laid.

Indeed, I relished telling my expatriate friends in that multinational company, they are enjoying the cultural benefits. They get to go to groceries past 6pm (in their countries most shops closed at 6pm), they get to enjoy all kind of delicious foods (have you seen the kwailos tuck into our foods? - it would seem they have never eaten for years); most of all they get to screw our women of various races. So as I often tell these people, you can shove that cultural shock allowance up your alley.

The point is, in general expatriates carry within themselves a condescending attitude- what they say are undisputed facts and truths. Their thinking must be demolished and they must be put in their places.

Here in this region, in particular where Malaysia is concerned, there is also a former ambassador, John Mallot. I wasn't planning to be drawn into a debate on the article written by John Mallot in the Wall Street Journal. It would be pointless to do a point by point rebuttal. That would make Mr Malllot's day. You can be sure; he can come out with extraordinary details to demolish your arguments.

He is at it again, nitpicking at us. Mr. Mallot is a former US ambassador to Malaysia. While Ambassador he saw it fit to engage in political debates with our own politicians. We remember his flare-outs and conflagrations with Dr Mahathir over a number of issues. Mr. Mallot has also been a crusader for what Anwar Ibrahim represents. We are not going to penalize Mr Mallot for making friends with whom he wishes. To each his own, my friend. And I wouldn't go as far as to suggest some sinister motives out of his friendship with Anwar as did our overstaying Goebbels- Rais Yatim.

Let us instead see Mr Mallot as a product of an Imperial America trying to operate in a world, where American influence is no longer of prime relevance. Where could we place Mr. Mallot?

I found an interesting observation in a passage written by Paul Starobin in his book Five Roads to the Future. Mr Starobin sat down with James Schlesinger who served as Director of CIA in the Nixon Administration. Schlesinger conceded that after WW2, we (USA) were the Fairy Godmother for a world on its knees. In a telling elaboration- Schlesinger intimated that this could never be a permanent situation, because the rest of the world, contrary to what many Americans think, does not want to be "like us" …and now the world is going to quite ostensibly pay less attention to what America thinks. Schlesinger is disturbed as what he sees as America's refusal to recognize how things have changed from the past. America is suffering from a form of mental illness.

Place John Mallot now as a person trapped in a make believe world who thinks we Malaysia want to be like America. In that world, America talks down on us- giving us unsolicited advice and pointers on how to run our business. We are actually part of the world that is going to quite ostensibly pay less attention to what America thinks.

That is because Mr. Mallot has offered us half an analysis as argued by Umar Mukhtar. Indeed if we looked at the mirror really hard as suggested by Mr. Mallot, the reflections from America's past, gives Mr Mallot and the US no moral grounds whatsoever to pontificate on such things like race relations, or on more practical things such as handling the economy.

Now Mr. Mallot pontificates about the race relations in Malaysia. He says race relations are worse during Najib's tenure as PM. This has been brought about because the current leadership countenances such divisiveness. The chiefly Malay government discriminates against the non-Malays. The media it controls mocks the non-Malays. Its ministers questioned the loyalty and patriotism of other races. It continues to paint a gloomy picture of Malays being subjugated by china or India. He cites cases of religious intolerance. He cites the case when crosses had to be removed and carols not sung when the PM went visiting churches. Malaysia has to carry out actual reforms says Mallot.

All these translate into economic costs says Mr. Mallot. Because of government's affirmative policies, the economic growth rate is held back whereas it can grow at 8%. Perhaps Mr Mallot would care to identify how many countries in the world grow at 8%. Maybe he can even explain, in countries that are supposedly free from religious and ethnic differences- if they fail to grow by 8% per year, to what is that sluggishness attributed to?

The source of growth namely human capital, which by definition of Mallot, is represented by the many non-Malays are leaving Malaysia because they couldn't see a future for themselves.

You could almost sense that Mr Mallot is disappointed that Malaysia in run by Malays.

How do you explain Mr Mallot?

The only way is to see Mr. Mallot as an unfortunate victim trapped in time within the Pax Americana or American century syndrome. That unfortunate mental incarceration places Mr. Mallot as a crusader proselytizing American values onto his external world. Our only line of defense is to affirm our refusal of becoming stooges of his pontifications. The same mental incarceration sees Mr. Mallot appointing himself judge jury and executor in so far as Malaysian politics is concerned.

Why does Mr Mallot continue running down Malaysia and its leaders? Probably because during his tenure as ambassador, he has found Malaysians not as stupid as he thought they were. Instead he has been made to look stupid so many times that he carries vengeful thoughts about Malaysia. He decries the fact that Malaysians are a patient lot so very unlike testosterone driven Americans. Why can't Malaysians be like "us"? Because, Mr. Mallot, you lived in a make believe still existing American century.

Miss Rosa Parks.

We didn't have a Miss Rosa Parks type of race relations. That makes Malaysia on a higher moral ground than Mallot's America. Not better, but never less morally. The way we handled our race relations may not have been exemplary. 1969 was indeed a black moment in our history. But we have not gone through a more damning period of race relations such as that exemplified by what Miss Rosa Parks had to endure in America's own experience in race relations.

We didn't go through conscious and deliberate racial segregation, we didn't go through a for whites only bus period, or seats for whites first on buses. We didn't have KKK phases. We certainly didn't go through the horrifying pogrom described by Dee Williams in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Can non Malays here in Malaysia point out these events occurring here in Malaysia?

For those not familiar with this name, Rosa Parks symbolized the defiance of African Americans in their struggle against the racism of white America. Regrettably Mr. Mallot appears to conveniently forget America's own history when he chooses to pontificate to us about American values. We know these values are often packaged as universal values, which whether we, the non-Americans like it or not, must be enforced on the uninitiated and unenlightened world.


Anonymous,  12 February 2011 at 09:59  

"It would be pointless to do a point by point rebuttal. That would make Mr Mallot's day. You can be sure; he can come out with extraordinary details to demolish your arguments."
The title of this post is misnomer. If you want call this a debate then do just that - a point by point rebuttal.

You just can't do that because what Mr Mallot wrote is the truth.

None of you, the DPM, Rais or your good self have actually rebutted Marllot's views.
All are running round the mulberry bush.

Anonymous,  12 February 2011 at 10:26  

Yes, I do agree with Anon 09:59 on giving rebuttal point by pint to Mr Mallot.

Are the points he brought up true or false?

There is no point in personal attacks on their intentions. These guys (foreigners) speaks from a neutral point (Not Malays, Chinese or Indians). They are the outside observers who can see what is happenings unlike our MSMs.

Like Mr Mallot said, EN Umar's rants is on personal/individual levels practised by ALL RACES ( remember little Napoleans by the thousands?). Dont give too much credit to Mr Umar's replies. If we are to take out all the individualised instances , the volume is on his side.

To us, we know whatever the State does for the Malays, nothing will change unless the Malays themselves start to change.

They themselves have to study what makes an economy ticks and what makes a person attain wealth. Most important is to study whan the NONs Do NOT DO.

The nons have better things to do then to try to rectify for others.

We just wish to be left alone to concentrate on how to overcome all the disadvantages we are facing without hurting anyone.

We want to learn how to handle during the days when Malaysia is on the same level as Indonesia or Phillipines. We want to learn Mandarin to be ready for the next generation and decade when PRC is the top economy of the world.

We want to be better than even Singapore Chinese when it comes to competition for business with Chinese Mainland where most of the businesses will be. We can, because we are multi-lingual and proven to be among the tops .

That is the future.

Not local politics and be bogeymen and punching bags for local politicians fighting to regain power.

Now among many NONs, parents are encouraging their children to look beyond Malaysia - something beyond our comprehension a few years back.

What happens in Eygpt WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE.

Hakiman,  12 February 2011 at 10:54  

I am sorry to say, Dato Sak, this is one of your worst response article to an article by former Ambassador Malott.

You are a believer in not killing the messenger if you don't like the message. You said that on several occasions.

But you just did that.

Cakap tak serupa bikin, Dato Sak? No?

Qute disappointing, to say the least, after having such high regard for your intellect and indepth understanding of what constitute a rational discourse.

Anonymous,  12 February 2011 at 15:43  


A man of yr calibre, can't see through the wool of deceit? Or more likely, just trying to argue for a syok-sendiri cause?

Just for a minute, do u honestly think that Mubarak is going down just bcoz of the demos in Tahiri Sq?

Remember, he has rule Egypt with iron hand for 30yrs. He sees power & the military is on his side. many Egyptians have been suffered under his rule, without him betting an eye-lib.

Like it or not, when the US of A quietly ask him to go, he refused. Simply he still can argue for the alliance that he provide for US in Middle East Arab world. If he goes, the chances for an inward looking Islamist govt is very real & the sole superpower of the world cannot allow that. More so the Israelist, who has a strong lobby within the US administration.

In other part of the world, USA has been slowly losing her political influences. Not so in Middle East, yet!

So yr comments on John Mallot can be reflected on yrself. Just substitute John Mallot with Sak, then all pictures fall in nicely. Any surprise?

BTW, at least John Mallot has stayed long enough in M'sia to talk about M'sia. Can u say the same thing about u to talk about the politic of Egypt? A few minutes of CNN Egypt news will not elevate yr standing as an expert on Egypt politics.

BTW, could this rant about John Mallot falls on the same ground as that ex-director of ISIS, putting up a full page advert to 'teach' Al Gore about M'sian sensitivities?

I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous,  12 February 2011 at 16:13  

I have quite a high level of respect for most of your articles. But this one is definitely not one of them. It looks very similar to articles in MSMs.

If we want to comment on articles by other writers, we got no choice but to debate point by point and countering with facts.

I don't see anywhere in Mr. Mallots's article that he tries to impose the Americans values on us. Its just the global views which are widely accepted by international standards. Basically what we learnt in schools and universities.

Anonymous,  12 February 2011 at 16:41  

And yes the Malays will continue to main drive of change...see for yourselves who joined the BERSIH rallies, demos againts the police and even heckle the indonesians at Bkt Jalil Stadiuum and risk themselves at Bung Karno during the Suzuki cup while it is the non Malays who abuse Indonesians maids and oppress Indonesian workers for gain and profit and yet it is the Malay students in jakarta who get their rooms robbed and targetted for reprisal.

The non Malays are practically non existent at any real 'Malaysian' social and political event...even the Indonesians target Malays when targeting Malaysians!!..guess all Malaysian Chinese pretend they are liberated from Malaysia when travelling outside Malaysia.

Despite predicting doom for Malaysia's economy the non Malays forget they are economic migrants,they did not migrate to Malaysia randomely because they knew they could prpser here and prosper they did, when Malaysia's economy collapse they will suffer the most and will embark on another multi generational voyage to sume obscure land like perhapsAustralia which is already closing its immigration doors due to non-whites creeping the 15% mark of the population or Papua New Guine which is seeing riots againts Malaysian Chinese for bringing vice and corription.

It will be the malays and the bumis who will pick up the pieces a usual when things are messed up.., the Federal Election of 1955 where the Malay literally voted Tunku who accepted the independence terms to then naturalised the 2 million odd non-British alien citizens regardless of their BM and cultural differences the confrontationn, Lee Kuant Yew using Malaysia for personal political ambitions,Indoesia confrontations and the 1969 riots and not to mention the Communist insurgency where the Malays never ever retaliated againts the Chinese for being apart of such heinour terrorist movement.

If the Malays were indeed greedy..why the hell we only only ask for 30% of the nation's equity , might as well go for 100%!!

These are details that silly Mallot forget to talk about the Malays who never ever talked badly about their non-Malay brethren abroad.

Fabian,  12 February 2011 at 17:16  

While race relations are tricky and require a lot of political will to manage, please call a spade a spade.

Positive discrimination is, I believe, a good thing. But it's not a blank cheque. You don't silence any questioning by introducing new non-historical concepts like "Ketuanan Melayu" and the "Social Contract". Everything was stated in the Constitution. The ORIGINAL one, mind you, before all the changes.

And yes, sir, you have yet to make a rebuttal to his points.

What the USA has done and have gone through is history. The important thing is where they are now. Else we'd be saying that all advocators of human freedom are hypocrites as the world practised slavery.

For the record, I expect nothing to change. People WILL still continue to justify it. But the fact that it's blatant racism and discrimination doesn't change. You can love your own race; but it's not an excuse against others.

guwawijaya,  12 February 2011 at 17:29  

Datuk, I choose this post to point out in the previous post that while Umar Mukhtar has written some truths about racism being a common attitude among the major ethnic groups in our country, it's not according to the way he has written. I pick this post because you mentioned Rosa Parks, a good starting point. Umar has unwittingly attempted to draw parallels between US busing segregation in the 1950's with our national-vernacular education system, and their fallout. The former is a racist-racial system not unlike the Apartheid in former White South Africa or the current neo-Nazi Israeli treatment of Palestinians, a ketuanan segregation based on race, skin colour and accident of birth. I'm sure we are familiar with the term ketuanan. OTOH, vernacular education (Chinese variety) in its present popularity started as a (parental) search for quality education, an alternative to national type education because of abysmal falling standards in the latter, thanks to that political football called 'Malaysian education' that successive UMNO Education Ministers kicked around to better their nationalist scores (party-nationalistic credentials). In those days, the Education Minister’s post was virtually a foundation stone to being UMNO-president and PM because of the vast UMNO grass root contacts (and thus support) accorded by the Malay teachers network. Thus, it was ironically UMNO intra-party politics which gave a new lease of life to Chinese education in the ‘60s when it was already suffering from terminal disease in the face of English education and the better career prospect the latter conferred. The Chinese educationists of course exploited the unexpected gift horse to guarantee parents of quality education, and they worked very hard at it to preserve their growing prestige and popularity. No race was/is barred from Chinese education where we know several Malays and Indian students have done well under it. Since then, to many Chinese Malaysian parents, Chinese education is seen as the only quality education at the primary standard. When you consider the several incidents of racism that occurred recently in national type school, these would have only reinforced the Chinese parents’ preference for vernacular education. As for RPK’s story about his motorcycle dealership, Peter is well-known for his creativity, blogger’s licence wit his 'pen' and exaggerations, all aimed to shock, titillate, entertain and make some points he has in mind. I don't take him seriously as I do you.

Anonymous,  12 February 2011 at 21:59  

Anon 16:41
You posted...
" Despite predicting doom for Malaysia's economy the non Malays forget they are economic migrants,they did not migrate to Malaysia randomely because they knew they could prpser here and prosper they did, when Malaysia's economy collapse they will suffer the most and will embark on another multi generational voyage to sume obscure land like perhapsAustralia which is already closing its immigration doors due to non-whites creeping the 15% mark of the population or Papua New Guine which is seeing riots againts Malaysian Chinese for bringing vice and corription.

Funny, facts do not reflect what you are saying. Malaysian Chinese are VERY VERY MUCH in demand from China all the way to Australia. It is happening right now.

500,000 or more already out and more to go. Today , Malaysia is just another country in the world.

You need to go to the Malaysian embassy in Singapore and just watch the number of Malaysians giving up their citizenships would make you very happy :>)

So do not rant about us nowhere to go. We choose where and when we go or not go and it is none of your business. We have flexiblities you have not when all you know is BM with a little English. Sorry no market outside Malaysia.

Yes it was true our fathers were economic migrants and have contributed so hugely that Malaysia was(not is) one of the Tigers of Asia envied by all. For all the contributions what we get...they still call us all children "Pendatangs" when earlier you guys are no different.

Just ask yourself what is the difference between Indonesia and Malaysia? The common factors.. same race. the non common factors ..lack of Chinese and Indians. See the point? Yet Malaysia boost to be the most developed Muslim nation.

For this we know. There can never be any appreciation no matter how hard one tries. So we now say... you want our votes? Please us or forget it.

Meanwhile many of our kins are moving with their feet because we know the rot will continue to get worse.

Currently you need to notice how the likes of TDMs even right now is bashing the NONs. How he twists and turns to get the Malays angry by saying it is the Malays who do not complain that is hurting themselves. Yet he claims he is not racists.

We are just fed up and would not careless lah.

Go ahead have another 50 years of rule with mega purchases announced daily until your own EPF money when matured can only buy a piece of bread.

Remember if funds are not used for productive purposes but only for wasteful projects, jobs will dry and salaries will go Indonesian/Phillipines ways. Find out WHY SINGAPOREANS are earning high income and how Sing govt use their money.

When that happens who will be the main losers? Not the Chinese I tell you for most would have left and earning developed status salaries. The local Malays who are mostly employees will be the ones worst hit. Without good English and Mandarin how can they compete?

Businessmen can always raise their prices when such hyperinflation happens and will not be affected. Actually they profit even more by raising more than the inflation rates.

So guys like us, say... go on. Do your ways while guys like us find other ways to cari makan. Yes, we do not like to go to street demos to fight battles that benefit only the Malays actually... Annuar VS Najib. Why should we? In the end, we still get bashed.

You guys just do not realise what is happening and continue to bash the other races ... especially this TDM

Anonymous,  12 February 2011 at 22:08  

Aiyah, Datuk Sak.

Malaysia has a system of institutionalised racism while
the USA has dismantled institutionalised racism.

Phua Kai Lit

Blogmaster 12 February 2011 at 22:09  

Dato Ariff,

I read your posts from time to time, thanks to The Malaysian Insider, and learn from them.

Ibrahim Ali says I need a psychiatrist, so I guess you have decided to become mine. That is because you think you know what is going on inside my mind and know why I believe and write what I do. But you don't me at all.

If you would like to know more about my motivations, then please read the interview that Malaysia Chronicle did with me, called "There once was a dream called Malaysia."

I think your readers' comments said it best. If you disagree with what I wrote, then tell us all what is wrong with it. But I think most people are getting fed up with these kind of responses, that attack the messenger and not the message. I chuckled when I read the DPM's comment that my views should be ignored because I am not a former President, and he doesn't know where I live.

There is a saying in America, when the facts don't fit your case, attack the other guy's lawyer. Whenever I see someone attack me personally, I think I have won. It means that the person has no facts or arguments to counter what I said, so they just engage in personal attacks.

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 02:27  


You always have given the impressionn that you are anti Perkasa but this article suggests otherwise.

By the way, I worked my whole life in this 'multinational'and I know expats a lot better than you given your short time there; please dont paint all expats with one black brush.I am a believer in Malaysian talent but I dont despise expats.Its not professional.

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 03:28  

the topic "price of m'sia racism" seems to point to governments not people.?
What will Mr.Mallot say about the "price of US racism" on the latinos ,the blacks ,the muslims......?
Your country need you Mr. Mallot.

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 08:14  

yes. Agreed. This is one of the worst column ever written by Dato Arif.
I notice he is so much into UMNO, that he only talks on ways, how this party should be preserved and can be preserved. Number one , he attacks Dato Seri Najib because he holds him responsible for he being not nominated to defend his state seat under Pekan Parlimen in the 2005 state elections. Since then he has been saying that Dato Seri Najib is a weak leader and keeps on harping issues that he can put the blame on Dato Seri Najib.
Coming back on this article, I agree with many critics that are of the opinion that Dato Ariff is being bias and wants to be seen to be agreeable with the opinions of Ibrahim Ali. I would suggest that Dato Ariff makes a point to point rebuttal on Mallot's raised issues.Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali is blowing his own trumphet, blaming everybody except for themselves. Is UMNO and it's leaders GOD who make NO mistakes. Are they above the angels who don't do any sins. Its sin enough to divide a country and rule for their own benefit. This country is Malaysia bearing people of all races. For the information of these stupi leaders, can't they see the Indian and chinese origins generations are BORN and BRED HERE and GOING TO DIE HERE. They are the citizens of MALAYSIA which does not belong to UMNO and its members. WHO ARE THE TAX PAYERS. WHO BRINGS GOLD MEDALS FOR THE COUNTRY? Please Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali and Dato Ariff, do your part to develop this country and stop dividing the people according to ethnic lines. We are ALL MALAYSIANS. Wake up please. Thats what Mallot is trying to do.

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 10:36  

it is so stupid when chauvinists trumpet that their athletes bring gold in sporting events and pay more taxes.

Let me ilustrate how much our govevrment earm

You can say this is rubbish but I have my sources....but it should make sense.

The malays,constitute a majority of the 12 million worksforce,the chinese workfirce would not be able to fill as naturally only about 40% of any population can work the other being children and elderly, so at most 3-4 million chinese are in the just because some companies have more malays does not mean they practice racism,it is as good as saying why there more Asutralians working in Rio Tinto!The one whomplay racism are those ;Mandarin speaking only' companies..although I know thereb are barely any documentations oor even manuals in Manadarin in any companies in Malaysia..even stuff in China have manuals in English!

The Malays would naturally contribute more the the GDP due to numerical advantage and more and more Malays with higer education enter the workforce.Even the GLC are primarily run by Malays demystifying the myth that Malays can't run businesses or any Malay run businesses do not prosper. Petronas which is majority Malays practice meritocracy when selecting employees through IQ tests and interviews in BM and EnglisH are able to become a 500 Fortune company and become one of the gigantic seven sisters oil/gas company and the Petronas workforce/students,Malay or otherwise are much sought after and even universities abroad beg Petronas to release them from their bond to take up PhDs fully funded by foreign universities.

Ironically, a SIngapore GLC employ the former CEO of Petronas, Hassan Merican.

Ironically meritocractic singapore has not a single global 500 fortune company..not even state owned ones.

As for sporting events, in major sporting events which means no rubbish stuff like swimming and gymanstic or silly wu shu, for example football and hockey, which is communal sports, the Malays dominate and play very well at the international arena.The suzuki cup was won by a fantastic all Malaysian team although sadly no chinese, the hockey team which is also a Malay/Indian affair punced hard on traditionally world class teams India and Pakistan and won silver in the Asian championship which is a feat!!.As for badminton, please look at school tournamenst and realize that Malays do extremely well, BAM should be color blind when selecting the 'pelapis' players and note Malay badminton players won Thomas cup last time, till now, even with majoriity Chinese cannot beat Indonesians or even the China's Chinese!!

So all this rubbish that non Malays are the gods that wrought Malaysia out of nothing is nonsense..ironically the nons that parrot 'kesamarataan' put labels on other races particlualrly the Malays to make them cover their weaknesses and insecurity

The only people that are insecure are the non who keep parroting and bragging how valuable the are etc etc..the fact is,.bumi demographics in increasing and wil reach 70-75% of the populationa and will play more dominant roles in all aspect of Malaysian life.the Malays are in the civil service, work in MNCs and private sector, they work the factories, plantations and even plant the rice we eat and represent Malaysia in sporting events..whereas the chinese are absent in many walks of Malaysian life..they are barely even there when Malaysia trounced Indonesia in the Suzuki cup ut jeer at the national team in Malaysian-Man U friendly match which is disgusting.

Monsterball 13 February 2011 at 13:20  

I have lived and worked in the US - the Deep South, where my US counterparts had their office. The Americans indeed had a dark past with the way they dealt with their racial minorities, but today they also provide a hopeful view of how a nation can deal with such a difficult issue as racism.

There is on one hand institutionalised racism, condoned by a government, or even part of active government policy. Then there is social racism - like passing over a qualified minority candidate because of his race, or even trivial matters like serving a non-white customer last - I had that experience myself while in the US Deep South.
Racism exists everywhere, but can you legislate against racism ? YES, you can.
The difference between the US and Malaysia, is that the US government has largely outlawed or frowned upon institutional racism.
The Head Master who asked Chinese Malaysian students to "Balik China" would be quickly without a job and facing other kinds of disciplinary action in a proven case in the US.
Government can do little directly to fight social racism,but, guess what ? Once the goverment makes official racism illegal or heavily discouraged, social racism also becomes increasingly frowned upon. Its a slow process, and may take years or even generations, but social racism eventually becomes unacceptable behaviour. Of course, like other forms of anti-social behaviour, it will still occur.
The US is not there yet, still plenty of racism, but they have taken important steps.
Malaysia still enshrines racism as official policy.
You don't have to listen to Ambassador Mallot. Just ask the thousands of Malaysia's brightest young people who have chosen to pursue their careers in other countries.

HuaYong,  13 February 2011 at 17:24  


Umar Mukhtar response has only two and a half point, which he thinks would justify racism in Malaysia, 1) vernacular school 2) business 2.5) the most stupid “Mandarin speakers (only?) job advertisement. What about you? Why is it that you often feel the need to make comparisons? Beside telling us how bad is America and American, perhaps you shall take over from Umar and continue the rebuttal, and not level yourself with politician that could only make some name calling and ad hominem response.

Look forward your Debating Mr. Mallot 3.

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 19:43  

Sak, with all respect to you, I think Mallot is more wiser in his judgement. I see your writing as crap and you are not sincere at all. I am a pro-government too but I don't do stupid deeds.

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 20:25  

Anon 10:36...

Sorry to disappoint you. Your figures actually showed how poor the performance not how great are the Malays in the economic field.

If you are to study carefully, tell us how many and which GLCs are performance accordance to the desired level compared to privately own non Malay run companies.

Take for example, MAS compared to SIA or air asia.

Felda productivity per hecta compared with ANY other private plantations like IOI etc.

Sime Darby , just look at their losses.

etc etc.

Your statistics btw,

GLC 40%
Malays with 12 million 30%
Non Malays 3-4 million 30%

exactly prove the point which race is of higher productivity and which is really contributing.

Remember the more people there are the more the consumption and brings down the wealth of the nation.

Btw, GLCs is public government owned with government money (not Malay Money). If the GLCs had been run by really competent NON Malays/Malays/indians do you think they would have contributed even more or be among the top 500?

You talked about Petronas. Well it was run by a very efficient no nonsense CEO .. that we have to admit and even Singapore was impressed. Does one represents a race?

Btw... if you care to go into Petronas, find out who are the ones that actually do most of the top technical work. We know . So dont brag. You need to know the number of orang putehs there earning RM50,000 pm or more while locals there earn a fraction.

You are saying Petronas is among the top 500 in the world ... well if one is given a licence to get all the oil in the country for free and one only need to joint venture and get its cut , how not to be top 500?

This goes to other National oil companies too. Singapore does not have an oil company . They only trade in oil... and funny part is they trade more than Malaysia in this field plus better downstream too. Hey no resources... .nothing yet they are on top.

You said the population of the Malays will reach 75% .. yes it is all agreed and will certainly reach there! Reasons are multfolds.

Many young productive Nons are leaving and many are bringing their assets there too if not most already. They are earning not RM1,500 per month as a local graduate but talking about RM10,000 to RM50,000 per month with NO racial barriers to head any position.

My own young niece is earning RM150,000 British pound per year.

So actually with or without NEP, many are leaving.

It would certainly be interesting then to know how competitive Malaysia would be without a dynamic Mandarin business class able to do business with the likes of Chinamen in Singapore, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong... Notice these countries practically prepresent the ENTIRE ASIAN business lah.

Like we said before. When the population of Malays become say 75 to 80% , it would be like Indonesia lah. By then our oil would be gone and lack of FDI means no factories.

Btw, no one is saying Malays are not capable. What we are saying is the country is losing lots and lots of capable and in fact among the best Nons.

Already the low end Nons is out performing the others as your stats show, what about the top of the cream of the Nons?

Quiet Despair,  13 February 2011 at 21:44  

Let Malott sees what he wants to see and write what he wants to write.
We don't have to believe him. He has a selective reasoning, writing mainly negative views on Malaysia.
To him, it's all about Anwar, the odomy king.
I followed his articles from the start and he sounds frustrated that Anwar is not becoming the future PM of Malaysia.
He is very pro-Anwar and now that he sees Anwar is a spent force, he is furiously promoting Nurul Izzah as the IT politician and the future PM - Malaysia's first woman PM.
Also it's a ploy to divert the atention of Anwar's ineffectivess in controlling the party which is dying a natural death.
Really don't know what's eating him. But he sure got a lot of axe to grind.
A bitter man, sounds like. Guess he was so upset since he was the ambassador when Mahathir was in power.
But now things have changed and Malaysia is better engaged with the U S of A, he is still in a time-warp.
Normally envoys who completed their tour of duty have good things to say about out country.
They dont really talk down to us. The expatriates here are having a jolly good time wining and dining at the Ritz Carlton, Double Tree or KLCC bars. Things are cheap and they can have a good life here.
Maybe if PKR is in power, they will have a moral police to an gwailos from drinking.
As a son of a retired diplomat and was born, schooled and worked in the States for a long, long time, I have yet to meet an envoy like Malott.
He lacks diplomacy. And diplomats normally worked at furthering the best interest of his country and not poking noses at other countries.
Ambassador Malott, did Malaysia treat you so badly that you so enjoy running us down?
You can have Anwar and family for all we care.

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 22:44  

Dato', what to say about the nons. It just take for you to write just one article to be not in their favour and that's it ..... you are beheaded. How SELFISH can they be.Btw please don't close shop

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 22:47  


I don't think the pendatangs have any bone to pick with the Malays in general.

Since early 1970s a sizable portion of us have had our formal education in Bahasa Malaysia. At school every week, we studied English for only 30-minutes a day, and one 30-minute session of Chinese or Tamil. We still went on to become fluent in these languages, notwithstanding we studied almost everything in school in Bahasa Malaysia. At home, education, regardless of what language is of paramount importance. My parents scream their heads off at me when I do badly in my Bahasa Malaysia paper. We pendatangs have no qualms about learning Bahasa Malaysia or any other languages ... it just makes us stronger and more competitive.

Oh yes, we pendatangs have a major bone to pick with some Malays ... the UMNO Malays (your party). We also have a bone to pick with MCA Chinese and MIC Indians. These people messed with our livelihoods and most importantly, they mess with the Malaysian education system and my children's future.

Barisan Nasional politicians messed up the education system such that the system is no longer to educate our next generation but to make our next generation docile and obedient to the political masters. Where is University Malaya now in the Asian ranking, let's not compare at global level? It used to be one of THE university in Asia. Now, even local corporation think twice about hiring graduates from UM. Don't blame the pendatangs because hardly any of them managed to get a place there. It is also helmed by UMNO Malay politician and cronies.

You would probably know that while Malaysia debates about Malay special rights and disloyal pendatangs, the rest of the world have moved on at tremendous speed, on all fronts. Even Singapore has overtaken us by leaps and bounds.

Now can you blame us, the pendatangs, if we want to be able to compete with the outside world and make sure that our children have a better future than us. Can you blame us for wanting to educate our children in Chinese or Tamil so that they can one day stand side by side with the best and brightest globally. Oh yes, our children are still gladly learning to read and write in Bahasa Malaysia.

We the pendatangs have nothing against the Malays or Bahasa Malaysia. We, the pendatangs, are serious about our children's future, just like any Malays who cares about their children.

How many of the Barisan Nasional leaders sent their children to the local Malaysian school or the local universities? Did you send your children to the local schools and universities?

Quiet Despair,  13 February 2011 at 23:53  


The correct spelling of his name is Malott. You spelled wrong.
There's no double L and it should be double T.

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 23:54  

Quiet Despair,

Hey didn't we just posted, don't judge the person. Prove what he said is false.

Sure you cannot. They are all facts.

Want to be an ostrich babbling nonsense to hide your guilt?

As usual guys like you will NEVER ACCEPT others to be right. Not once.

Your kind has no future lah.

Anonymous,  14 February 2011 at 09:51  

Anonymous@13 February 2011 10:36,

Let see who’s been stupid & chauvinistic!

M’sia tax statistic (dept of statistic) indicates;

1)As at Q3 2008, Malaysia has 11.1 million workers of which 10.8 million are working.

2)Out of the 10.8 million workers. 6.6% fall in the 55-64 age group. That 6.6% is considered 'old' by some parties.

3)Out of the 10.8 million, only about 10% are paying income tax. The remaining balance of the workforce has salaries below the tax band of RM2,500 per annum.

4)Total Government revenue in 2007 was RM140 billion. 50% (RM70 billion) of that revenue came from direct taxes. Out of that RM70 billion, RM20.5 billion (17%) comprise of individuals' income tax. The rest are companies' income tax (46%), petroleum income tax (29%) and miscellaneous types of taxes (8%).

5)About slightly over 1 million workers contribute to RM20.5 billion income tax.

So, from just the taxpayers, how much is contributed by the Others, by the Malay M’sian?

How many Malay M’sians don’t pay income tax, due to many other factors - low income, zakat, tax evasion?

R GLCs’ assets all Malay M’sians owned? How many GLCs r making money & paying tax?

I don’t want to spoon-feed u. Go & do some more in-depth study & THINK,. Sometime if one willing to use that grey matter between the ears carefully & logically, even fool can triumph over any master.

The rest of yr comments DONT worth any CPU time to process, & that’s in few nano-second!

BTW, fool knows how to keep his mouth shut, to remain unknown. Only idiot opens his mouth to prove to the world what tin-kosong he is!

Anonymous,  14 February 2011 at 11:14  

to anon at 13 February 2011 10:36,

last time malaysia won thomas cup was 1992. team consist of:

1st single rashid sidek
1st double razif/jalani sidek
2nd single foo kok keong
2nd double cheah soon kit/soo beng keong
3rd single kuan yoke meng

in the finals malaysia vs indon results are
1st single rashid won ardi wiranata
1st double razif/jalani lost
2nd single foo kok keong won alan budi kusuma
2nd double cheah soon kit/soo beng keong won
3rd single kuan yoke meng lost.

we won by a slim 3-2 and i don't mean to be racist but the non malays 2 of the 3 matches we won.
take a good look at the stats here

so u saying malays won the last thomas cup is nothing but b*llsh*t. maybe u are talking bout some other thomas cup but the last time we won was in 49, 52, 55, and 67. all of which are mostly non malay players. the details are here:

malott is right. malaysia suffers from lack of meritocracy. YOU are one of the reason we need meritocracy.

have fun!

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