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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 26 February 2011

MRT- our penchant for big, bigger projects.

The KVMRT ( Klang Valley MRT) project is a behemoth RM36b, 33b, 37b or even 43b project. The numbers keep on changing. Put this idea to the residents of commercially conscious people, they say why don't we built the MRT underground.
Then the cost will balloon. Sometimes I think remarks from corporate denizens are purposely highlighted to form a public opinion that will not be shocked by the astronomical costs. Gamuda-MMC will once again perhaps employ the German engineering firm, Wayss & Freytag of Germany using the Tuah and Gemiling TBM- Tunnel Boring Machines. Gamuda-MMC is the 21st century apek contractor now known as PDP- Project Delivery Partner.
The people in charge of this project are presently acting as a much pressured midwife, running helter skelter trying to do a job which should be done by the PDP. The notices on tress remind us of the notes from Tukar Tiub, Volcano Massage and Adult Toys notices.
Why not ask the PDP to conduct the research and come up with the paper? After all this EPP was touted as a private sector driven project which is the driving force behind our great Economic Transformation Plan.
The 'great' component of this project now seems to be the cost- indefinable as yet. It could be anything.
When people start questioning about more details about this project, don't skirt around by saying people are politicizing the project. Politicians do what they do best- ask irritating questions so that answers are forthcoming forthrightly. If we cannot come out with reasonable answers, the public has a right to insinuate some hidden agenda.
Somehow, this project does not fit into the agenda components that can win Najib elections. Where is the rural development agenda? I mean, this MRT benefits only people in the Kelang Valley who are not likely going to vote BN in the next general elections. You are going to spend money in an area where you are NOT getting the votes while ignoring much needed development in rural areas.
The spillover effects are going to benefit precisely those who are rooting for this project. The land owners and people who have the money to park shopping premises at strategic locations on the MRT lines. According to an assessment, properties near MRT's will tend to have a 20% to 30% premium. The biggest beneficiaries of the MRT project are developers or owners of large land banks near MRT interchanges in Kuala Lumpur city with high density development potential.
In a telling passage the same assessor noted that these people have strong and well-connected shareholders with strong balance sheets and a track record in high density development to bid for MRT stations to be integrated with or located near their projects.
So who will benefit most or more than other people? They will include people like YTL Land & Development Bhd, Selangor Properties Bhd, Guocoland (M) Bhd, Bolton Bhd and SP Setia Bhd which have the highest Revalued Net Asset Value exposure to potential interchanges. Ah yes, the ubiquitous SP Setia who gets 51% while PNB gets 49% percent in a recent venture.
Already property prices would start moving ahead as developers price in improved accessibility and higher traffic from the MRT.
So when property prices rise can Malaysians afford them? Malays can afford them? Malays are pushed outwards as they become displaced by rising property prices. If Malays don't get housing, will they vote BN?




Anonymous,  26 February 2011 at 21:00  

"If Malays don't get housing, will they vote BN?"

Yes, they will.
Just frighten them that the Chinese will take over the country and make them their slaves.
Tell them that only UMNO can protect them?
And give them some ringgit, bicycles, batik, and a mosque.

Come one sir, Malays can be easily duped as they have always been by UMNO.
Do you think such a corrupted party can rule Malaysia for half a century if not for the gullible Malays?

krmn,  26 February 2011 at 21:57  

Mr Anonymous,wht u said is absolutely rite!!

BaitiBadarudin 26 February 2011 at 23:12  

it's between the devil and the deep blue sea ...

Anonymous,  26 February 2011 at 23:17  

"Where is the rural development agenda? I mean, this MRT benefits only people in the Kelang Valley who are not likely going to vote BN in the next general elections. You are going to spend money in an area where you are NOT getting the votes while ignoring much needed development in rural areas."

Well said, Dato.
Even the stubborn Saudis are learning fast.

"Saudi King Abdullah, fearing a revolt like the ones sweeping away his neighboring despots, has announced $37 billion in benefits for his subjects.

Abdullah returned home after a three-month medical absence yesterday to create his country's first unemployment assistance and to nearly double the aid fund that helps Saudis buy homes, get married and start businesses.

Read more:

and the stupid DUMNO leadership is still sleeping.


donplaypuks 27 February 2011 at 00:04  

"So when property prices rise can Malaysians afford them? Malays can afford them?...."

How did the rest of us afford it when housing prices have been going through the roof since the early '90's.? We worked hard, scrimped and saved and paid MARKET prices and mortgage interest on top of 7% discount to support affirmative action for the have nots (and in many instances, the haves too!). I guess we will have to teach everyone again the old fashioned virtues of thrift, moderation and down to earth expectations. Not everyone needs to own bungalow and semi-d houses.

And if we have to go S'pore's way of clustered high-rise condos for the masses, so be it; a solid roof over the head is a solid roof over the head (i.e at least 1 that doesn't collapse 3 years after construction!).

As for the MRT, once again UMNO/BN is going arse-about-face with a
$multi-billion project which is necessary for Kl. The primary reason is obvious - they want $billion disbursements to me made to the main CONS soon so that in turn there will be funds to fight the next GE.

That's why even before they have started proper studies and sorted out project financing models (1M Bonds?), TTDI residents have been issued compulsory acquisition notices!

And you will note there are already disputes about passenger delivery numbers quoted by Roti Jala's people which will impact adversey on monetary returns which means they will come to Parliament with begging bowl sooner rather than later with "Supplementary Bills".

I'll stick my neck out and say the true cost of MRT will easily exceed RM50 billion by a long way and that Roti and his people and MMC/Gamuda have massaged and fudged the numbers to bulldoze their way through Rosemajib and Parliament.

But then again, that's what you get when corruption and plunder is at the heart of robbery by, of and for the "Government".

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Amn,  27 February 2011 at 00:05  

Anon 21:00,i totally agree with u. Malays are easily dupped with even rm 50.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 00:12  


UMNO want to help Malay. If you they really want to help Malay they can use the money to build better school and hire better teachers to teach the younger generation Malay.

Can we trust MRT will be a success? Look at KTM komuter train service. If you took Komuter before you'll realize how pathetic the service is. What about PKFZ? What happen to the billions of dollar? They let the crooked Chinese to swindle the money. These money could have done so many great things to not only Malay only but other races too.

Why is the Malay not angry at all? Don't they see how much money being spend on enrich the few. It's not even enriching "regular non-Malay" like me. I'm just a ethnic Chinese that earn some money enough to buy a perodua only. I can't even afford a house in Klang valley. It cost about RM400K to get a decent place for my family. How many people can afford Rm400K house in Klang Valley.

Why is UMNO not helping low income Malay? Why don't they improve the bus system? It's not only help Malay only but all "poor Malaysian". Once again, I'm a ethnic Chinese that love this country very much and piss with UMNO not even helping their own race. Certainly, I also hope UMNO will help other Malaysian too like me.

We're all Malaysian that want an efficient government that serve the people. We want high pay job, low crime rates, better education system, more university for all races, effective public transportation system, help the poor, more affordable housing, etc.

I pray and hope there is UMNO leader that'll standup not only for Malay but all Malaysian. We want a leader that lead the people. Is that too much to ask?

Hopefully, we can achieve WAWASAN 2020.


vinnan,  27 February 2011 at 00:15  

Malays too proud to learn, too scared to change. Half a century of UMNO rule cannot be possible without the vast majority of Malays supporting UMNO. Why should the Malays worry though? There are the subsidies to take care of the big families which Malays tend to have so that the Malays can continue to breed like rabbits. Unlike the Arab world where the Arabs now see their leaders for the greedy, grubby bastards that these devils are, UMNO can always blame the pariah, prostitutes and shit carrier pendatangs. Not this time Dato. Never again.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 00:20  


Chinese and Indian cannot afford too. Not many Chinese earn a lot of money. I earn 4K and I need to send my kids to tuition, save money for university, pay car loan, etc. By the way, I need send my kids to tuition because of lousy education system. Why I buy car? Lousy public transportation. Why save money for university? Not sure if my kids will be accepted to local uni next time. ...... By the way, high inflation too... very expensive car too. I can't believe even a lousy new proton cost so much.. I've friends force to buy gated community because of high crime rates! Thus, the house is more expensive..

Angry voter!

mycorpora 27 February 2011 at 00:59  


My rant is that the amount allocated for this project is humongous. For whose benefit?

On the topic of transportation, I am quite baffled on the heavy emphasis on Klang Valley alone. Have any of you been to the bus terminal at Butterworth, for example. Or rather, have any of you notice how poor the red Selangor buses (the one that ply from K Selangor to KL) are run and maintained? Again have you noticed how bus stops are poorly designed, and when it rains, you have to stand on the benches? You see, these are the small things that matter to the rakyat. Not to mention the Komuter. KTM now stands for Keretapi TakTentu Masa.

That said, do we have a comprehensive plan on public transportation for whole of Malaysia? Sometimes I wonder what the Transport Ministers, past and present, did or do?

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 02:41  

I know for sure Quiet Despair will.

Prove me wrong. LOL

Main beneficiaries of the 40Billion investments are .... CXXXXXE

So who earns even more and from these MRT services in already developed urban areas? Houses jumps automatically from 500K to 1 million. Instant millionaires ...

Ibrahim sure complain one.
Great. Cheers.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 09:46  

He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a Rural Malay who supports UMNO?

No housing, no unit trust shares, no scholarships, no survival skills, inferior education, knows nothing about human rights, justice and democracy. But supports UMNO.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 10:27  

Yes Dato sp setia with a land bank of 20 odd acres(acquired) around bank negara will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Ayurvedic Hepatitis Treatment 27 February 2011 at 11:20  

Atleast here the work is getting done. In some countries the money gets allocated and just disappears. It is almost the case of Rakyat chosing lesser of 2 devils.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 11:36  

I also agree with you Anon 21.00. If not how would you explain most of the victims of Skim Cepat Kaya/Pyramid are Malays. If Malays are not easily duped and gullible, they can also succeed. But sadly, UMNO leadership is the one that is duping them and making them gullible. The enlightened Malays will not vote UMNO in its present state.

The methodology use by UMNO to help the Malays to be able to stand on their feet is all wrong. Instead UMNO is breeding mediocrity. What can you expect when 80 per cent of its leaders are mediocre by any standards. Most of them are rent seekers, govt contractors and suppliers.The other common feature of these leaders is that they are all rich. The wealth was accumulated mainly through duping the majority Malays by hijacking the NEP to enrich themselves.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 11:46  


People will continue to start asking about all and sundry projects to be carried out by the government using people's money.

I'm surprised you have not raised the issue of the recent Petronas Deals with local selected companies. This matter was brought to public notice by the Star and based on the fact that our oil reource is depleting rushing in to deplete the marginal fields within 5-7 years will make the situation worse. Not to mention the mystery surrounding the "Deal" (Petronas says it's all "confidential".

Joe Black

dahseriknganracist 27 February 2011 at 15:10  

whoa based on the comments here it seems that MRT should stand for melayu rakyat tertipu.

dato, what else is new? it seems the main justifications have been overlooked. MRT to alleviate traffic, id like to suggest that political party members do their bit and volunteer as traffic custodians, the traffic problem is not really about poor roads and an increase in car number but due to SELLFISH DRIVERS, so educate educate and educate and also end kautim, so if political volunteers are recruited im sure we'd stop kautim!.

go to singapore and be in traffic there, they have less roads and more cars, but their traffic jams dont last 4 freaking hours....WHY?!?!?!?!? simple human understanding and fear of the law. Here in malaysia buat salah kautim...lepas tu marah ade rasuah....WTF?! bodoh ke celake? cina melayu india....sama je lah semua, i hate when other races shoot at the mouth and associate my race with stupidity when their race is at the bloody root of kautim....hamkachan!

police yang mintak? butoh nko la, lain kali jangan kasi.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 18:48  

I should vote for which party? I don't know. Both are devils. So, better the devil I know rather than the angel I don't.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 22:29  

Oil prices reaching sky high. If Saudi Arabia is to be next, it would hit the moon not just our roof.

Now govt talking about cutting subsidies and raising oil prices. This would have a chain reaction for other items to rise in price.

But who really makes money in the event of oil price hitting the roof?

Petronas lah...and that means the government.

So price hike...cronies makes tons and tons more (well oil money goes to only one SECRET account ).

The people pays ...the poor guys.

three cheers to those countries with lots of oil e.g Arab countries. That is why those countries have lots and lots of crony class billionaires and millions of poor earning US 2 a day.

Oil is a curse to the country i tell you.

The elite will have lots of money to spend and the govt will have lots of money. But the poor guys plus the middle class will have to bear the costs.

In the end...habis.

Anonymous,  27 February 2011 at 22:34  


So you think everything that the Gomen does must be to win votes and that it must be targetted to the fixed deposit Malays in kampungs? That's what the Gomen been doing all along anyway; UMNO cronies get Rm 100 from Gomen, give Rm 20 to the kampung folk and sapu the balance Rm 80!

My issue with the MRT is the impending disaster in the way its being implemented. This is what you get when you have the likes of Idris Jala who thinks he can do his Shell tricks outside on Joe public. And of course he has enough of salivating companies like Gamuda who will sing praises of him.

Quiet Despair,  28 February 2011 at 09:08  


Ooh owey, you are still around to spew forth your venom in tis blog and elsewhere.Vinnan the venom.
I thought you were among those chucked into the black maria during the Hindraf rally yesterday.
If I am the government, these Hindraf communists should be taken to Kamunting as guest of the ISA.
You have too much angst in you.Nothing much to offer except to cast aspersions on the Malays. Can't blame you when you have leaders like Uthaya and Samy Vellu. Now you have the spineless Palanivel.
Your wealthy like Ananda Krishnan, Vickneswaran or A.K. Nathan are not helping your race.
You are the minority race with the castes system differentiating the classes.
Wasn't it your race who have the pariah caste. Yet you want to it be removed in the Interlock book.
See for yourself the bit elitist among you who are walking on air and acting as though you own the world.
The poor in the estates are left asking for help from the government. They are also the ones who want the scholarships from JPA or other GLCs.
And who is breeding like rabbits? It's the poor Indians.

guwawijaya,  28 February 2011 at 09:59  

Datuk, sometimes it's depressing to identify the truth; unfortunately this is one of those times. The MRT project, like most government-approved or endorsed projects has at its core not so much about political service or infrastructure considerations but cronyism. It's about an oligarchy selfishly gouging the nation's coffers or exploiting the "friendly" situation for all its worth.

Malaysia is just like a (cash?) cow which has been heavily milked by successful "penjaga lembu" and cronies. We have been very fortunate to have a (once?) very healthy lembu but healthy as it might have been, successive and severe milkings have been seen to have adversely affected it, where now we are caught in a vicious cycle, namely, of milking it like it hasn't been milked before, because the "penjaga lembu" think they can see the end of the wonderful Malaysian lembu, or at least the potential end of their stewardship. A cynical Carpe Diem!

These ratcheted-up milkings will naturally hasten the transformation of the lembu into steaks (hence my use of the term 'vicious cycle').

After the non-renewal steaks, it'll all be vegetarian fare for our children, but of course by then, the milkmen and their cronies will be in greener pastures. Maybe we ourselves are lembu's afterall for permitting wolves to look after the Malaysian lembu?

Excuse my bovine gambol :)

azman 28 February 2011 at 12:24  

Why we need to gaduh2 on the MRT. For me is a must.....period. No matter who is our government (BN or Pakatan). This project is long overdue the same as HSBB. I don't give opinion coz I support BN or Pakatan, I believe we need the infra. Not because of the "the greater kl" or any tagline intro. by PM. It's a must that all. All of you who speaking nonsense who are giving opinion based on political party!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  28 February 2011 at 12:48  

No need for projects to the poor. Mahatir can always play the race game to woo Malay votes while Najib fools the non Malays with 1Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Najib and his cronies can share their loot with the Chinese opportunists. They are all traitors to the nation.

Just vote for CHANGE.

sam/PRAY, it works,  28 February 2011 at 19:26  

"If Malays don't get housing, will they vote BN?"

Yes, they will.
Just frighten them that the Chinese will take over the country and make them their slaves.
Tell them that only UMNO can protect them?
And give them some ringgit, bicycles, batik, and a mosque.

Come one sir, Malays can be easily duped as they have always been by UMNO.
Do you think such a corrupted party can rule Malaysia for half a century if not for the gullible Malays?"

The above no matter how you look at it is 100% true. So who is going to tell the malays the true colour of umno? Who wants to bet it's the chinese or indians? So we have to wait for the sons and daughters to have visions. Then umno will fall and malays proper.

Anonymous,  28 February 2011 at 23:33  


Why do you always mention that malays cannot afford housing? Why do you always think that only non malays are rich and they are the only ones who can afford to buy houses?

Instead I think you should get your UMNO party to educate the malays and teach them to compete globally and embrace meritocracy to improve their competitiveness and livelihood instead of continuously giving them the crutches and wheel chairs and brainwashing them that the world and malaysia owes them a living. Not all malays are like the thick skinned Ibrahim Ali you know. I've met malays who are proud they are making an honest living by being hardworking and resourceful on a level playing field. This is what I call pride and dignity which UMNO and Ibrahim Ali are unable to fathom.

Anonymous,  1 March 2011 at 21:14  

So no need projects? No schools, airports, roads, no buildings, prayer houses, flats for the poor {let them live on trees) and no need hospitals too. If your mother is sick let her die. No need development of any kind. No cars, LRT or trains. Just sit down on the ground and do nothing. What kind of katak bawah tempurung are you?

Why do you think the opposition wants Putrajaya? Because they can't wait to enrich themselves and plunder the country.

Anonymous,  1 March 2011 at 21:35  

Vote PKR. Everyone no need to work. PKR will give everyone RM1m everyday. Just go to Petronas and take your money. Everyday. Or ask Anwar to send you the money in a tennis bag everyday. Vote PKR. Then you know.

Anonymous,  4 March 2011 at 11:47  

Bodo punya soalan. Ada ke mana-mana komen yg mengatakan jgn buat projek utk pembangunan. Ini yg di katakan bodo tak bole di ajar, cerdik tak tak dapat nak di ikut.

Dah beri peluang ke pada PR untuk memerintah Negara? Soalan macam nujum pak belalang?

Yang pasti kerajaan negeri yg di pimpin oleh PR menunjukan prestasi ekonomi n akauntibiliti yang jauh lebih baik dari Kerajaan Negeri yg di pimpin oleh umnobn. Itu laporan dari Ketua Audit Negara.

Lihat saja Pahang setiap tahun menangung deficit yg amat ketara.

By the way; Gamuda bukan ke kepunyaan keluarga diraja Perak yg bersetongkol dengan Najib utk merampas kuasa dgn kerjasama mahkamah di negeri Perak?

Jika bengap juga biar di maklumkan sekali lagi; maksud projek itu adalah dgn harga nya; sebagai contoh; Jika kapal ronda tu harganya sekitar 200 juta jgn lah melambung jadi 1000juta.
Kerana yg dibayar itu adalah dr duit rakyat, duit anda juga. Kemudian di tambah pula dgn qualiti yg hampeh sehingga kapal selam tak boleh menyelam. Yg bertugas dalam kapal selam itu adalah tentera negara, rakyat malaysia, yg mati tak timbul akibat dari ketamakkan itu adalah rakyat malaysia! Cukuplah Alanthuya saja yg terbang nyawanya akibat dari ledakkan C4 yg sepatutnya dalam jagaan pihak tentera.

Patutlah pembesar-pembesar umnobn terus menerus memperdayakan rakyat kerana masih ada manusia yg percayakan jembalang perkasa yg merayau di senja hari.

Drp; rakyat biasa

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