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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 8 November 2010

Trust regained = monumental shift.

For UMNO, its Malay trust that is.
First some clarifications are in order. Maybe some people misread my criticisms on my own party. I saw my article being uploaded by Anwar Ibrahim ( Zaman kebangkitan?). Another article was uploaded by Lim Kit Siang. (Momentum yes…). The main purpose of these two articles is to provide a reality check on UMNO's exuberance. They are not written to push forward the agenda of parties opposed to UMNO.
I have said it many times, I believe in UMNO being the safest bet for the Malays and Malaysians in general. Because, the bedrock of UMNO has always been moderation and pragmatism. For example, some people may say cooperation with non-Malays is tantamount to selling out Malay interests. The truer interpretation is that UMNO is pragmatic enough to acknowledge that this country needs the participation of all Malaysians. 1 Malaysia as a concept of inclusiveness is workable provided the big idea percolates down wards. It can become an operational concept provided, I believe, if that idea becomes a shared ideal.
At the same time, the UMNO leadership must be realistic enough to admit it cant shed its ethnicity and the responsibilities entrusted upon it as a result of that identity.
Unfortunately as I see it, the idea is not being sold down the line. It then becomes non-operational and the PM is looked upon as being disconnected. That portion of connectivity and making the concept operational, I have criticized extensively.
I have called it as it is. During the recent UMNO General Assembly, if delegates and UMNO people are honest enough, they will have to come to terms that delegates in general rejected the big ideas of Najib. They didn't want 1 Malaysia- they wanted Malay first. They didn't want the New Economic Model- they insisted on NEP like policies. In the end, Najib has to defend himself by declaring the fact that he is Tun Razak's son.
I bring the same attitude when assessing what happened in the recent by elections. People forget that I was rooting in for an UMNO win in Galas. But then I see something wrong in the extrapolations after Galas.
Some people are irked that I said the wins in Galas and Batu Sapi created a momentum but they haven't reached the level of a monumental shift.
The Batu Sapi's majority is marred by a mathematical error. Indeed, the BN candidate won but not by the majority of 6000 plus. The majority should be the difference between her votes and the combined votes of the opposition. It's not the difference between her and her nearest rival.
When seen in the proper way, she got a marginal increase over that achieved by her late husband. It's a win in any case of course. We must be honest in our analysis if we were to make meaningful responses.
The opposition says BN spent a lot of money. That's not true. The projects brought by BN will be enjoyed by both who voted and those who didn't vote for BN. in any case, haven't we heard the opposition parties saying that politics of selling development don't work anymore?
But in terms of a quantum leap? She only got 620 votes more than her late husband did. This is not a monumental shift.
In Galas, we shouldn't uncork the non-alcoholic sparkling drink yet. UMNO won by a majority of 1190 votes. That's true. But where does the majority come from?
The increase in Malay votes for UMNO was around 4 percentage points. This is hardly a monumental shift. UMNO got more votes from the orang Asli and gained some 200 votes from the Chinese.
The only possible explanation that I could come up with, the bulk of UMNO's support came from 'repenting' UMNO votes. PAS won the last time because a sizeable number of UMNO people voted for them. From those who didn't like the UMNO candidate then- Saufi Deraman. They have now come back.
So in terms of Malay votes, there is only a perceptible change in status quo. I would say, Malay supporters of UMNO and PAS are about even.
The people who hold the balance are the Chinese and the orang Aslis. I am sorry to say, these are fickle minded supporters. They flow with the tide of fortune. They may go the other way around.
So, in order to say that we have created a monumental shift, a lot more work has to be done in the Malay heartland.
So before UMNO people start accusing me of riding rough shod over UMNO's sensitivities, please think again. I believe UMNO is the safest bet for Malays and Malaysians.
But UMNO must first of all recapture that trust among Malays first. In Galas, if it could only take away 4% of Malay votes from PAS, I can't support the opinion that says it's a monumental shift. It's even more ridiculous if I am forced to interpret this marginal shift as indicative of the general acceptance of 1 Malaysia, ETP, GTP etc.
I am not saying I am right, but unless you can come up with a more convincing argument beyond mere invectives saying that I am double faced and serves me right for being dropped as candidate in 2008, I will be inclined to say you are a fool.
I want UMNO to win with substance and secure that victory on conviction.
So think about this. In 2008, UMNO candidates got only about 2 million votes from 5.7 million Malay votes. I will concede, we have made a monumental shift, if we can recapture the bulk of the 5.7 million Malay voters. Now, that is a tectonic shift.
As for me, let's just say I am UMNO's early warning siren. Does not matter if it's self-appointed.


Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 05:52  

tahniah kerana melantik diri sebagai sistem amaran awal, dan bertungkus lumus berusaha menarik umno keluar daripada belenggu 'self-denial' dan 'self aggrandisement'.

Hakiman,  8 November 2010 at 07:30  

Datuk Sak, you said, "I believe in UMNO being the safest bet for the Malays and Malaysians in general. "

Malaysians, especially non Malays, and the more enlightened educated Malays, have to take truckload of salts to agree with you.

As anybody who takes Organisational Management 101 knows, an organisation does not exist by itself except by a constitution of people.

UMNO as a entity on paper has no existence by itself, and UMNO mandates with its altruistic goals and objectives are meaningless if not effected.

One can crow about UMNO, but it is people in UMNO who are the face of UMNO.

Over the last 40 years, UMNO is anything BUT "bedrock of moderation and pragmatism", and certainly NOT "a safe bet" for Malaysians in general.

I believe you are taking a very selective view of what UMNO is, or rather a naive, unrealistic view of what UMNO has evolved to this day. It will take another 3 generations for UMNO to come back to what its founders had wanted it to be. The process has almost become irreversible for UMNO. That is why Lee Kuan Yew and Tengku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak knew back in 1965, and they wisely agreed to let Singapore go, because bloodshed was going to be imminent with UMNO race-based politics already in place back in the 1960s.

You must know what happens when genetic mutation takes place in an organism. UMNO is an organism where the WHOLE is or has become bigger than the sum.

Perhaps, Dato Sak, your allegiance to UMNO, despite your good intentions to criticise UMNO today, has blinded yourself in the reality of what UMNO is today, molded and already cast in stone by the leaders of UMNO, notably by the Mahathir regime.

I will not bet anything that UMNO is capable of change within the next 2 generations, definitely not in your and my life time, and not even in our children's life time.

That is the sad truth, and an unfortunately truth, much as I want to believe you, for the sake of our country and our future generations.

Seriously, Datuk, I honestly need you to sincerely ask yourself in your quiet moments of reflection, and away from the keyboard for your blogging on your undying faith in UMNO as the ONLY solution to the current malaise in the nation.

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 07:39  

Salam Dato,

Najib kalau baca, mesti dia kata - lu potong stim la, dato !

hahahaha... the 'real' analysis of both PRK so far.

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 07:57  

"I believe UMNO is the safest bet for Malays and Malaysians."

That would be so since you are an UMNO man and UMNO men can only see with blinkered eyes.
This UMNO Baru is not the same as the old UMNO under Tengku, Razak and Hussein.
This UMNO, after Mahathir, is self serving, corrupted, immoral, lacks integrity. It has almost destroyed the sanctity of all the Institutions beginning with the Judiciary.
UMNO is filled with rent seekers , opportunists and hangers-on.
Woe betide, if this party is the BEST for the country.
You are still betting on a 65 year old race horse with broken legs.

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 08:49  

Dato' Sak. DO you think UMNO will sideline Ku Li, now that Gala by-election is over. After all, Ku Li is not flowing with the msinstream UMNO and jar the nerves of many people there.

Fooart 8 November 2010 at 09:09  

Majoriti ahli UMNO hanya suka berita yang menyedapkan selera dan diri mereka walaupun kebenaran adalah sebaliknya. Dato' telah cuba dengan segala usaha untuk memahamkan mereka dan mengubah persepsi mereka namun seperti komen saya sebelumnya, amatlah sukar nak ubah pemikiran mereka. Nak katakan mereka ini bodoh, tidak jugak. Bab mengipas dan membodek agar dapat mengecap kekayaan melalui UMNO memang hebat.Memang pandai. Kekurangan yang ada didalam UMNO adalah tidak mahu langsung mendengar komen yang mengurangkan kehebatan UMNO itu sendiri. Itu lah UMNO. Alhamdulillah Dato' tidak dalam kategori yang bodoh ini. Yang paling menyedihkan kebodohan ini bukan setakat di pihak akar umbi malah ada pemimpin yang bergelar menteri pun masih bodoh. Masih cuba mengelak dari kebenaran.

Quiet Despair,  8 November 2010 at 09:25  

I hear you loud and clear Sak.
You dont mince words. You are honesty personified.
But some see and hear what they want.
Kit Siang and Aljay are twisting your words to suit their purpose.
Keadilan is in disarray, so they cling to any straw to stay afloat.
What better way than to spin the words from an UMNO man.
Sure you know that PKR bloggers and sympathises wouldnt say anything bad about their party.
They will pounce on you and ridicule you, if they don't delete your comments against their beloved party in their blogs.
In some blogs, they will pick your article and print them if it suits them. If you say good things about UMNO, they will be criticising you as another BRUMMO.
You can never win with them.
I put my comments on Galas in another blog and a fellow from Galas replied don't ever mention Najib's name if UMNO wants to win Kelantan.
What?? Isnt Najib our PM???.
It's right for UMNO to claim the euphoria on both the victories.
Muhyiddin has said BN is now back in business and is again relevant.
Najib has even said the elections is coming soon and both of them wsill be meeting the people on the ground.
From now on, please help UMNO in the coming elections by writing good things to help our leaders.
I am not saying you did not. But sometimes your words can be used to fight against UMNO for the opposition opportunists.

P.S. In this blog too if you criticise UMNO, you are put on a pedestal. But if you criticise Aljay, some rear their ugly heads.

OneMalaysian,  8 November 2010 at 10:10  

Dear Sakmongkol

The fact that Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang have uplifted your articles should be seen as a compliment to your sharp analysis of the by-election results. It points to the fact that the UMNO folks are blind-sided and are rejoicing when in fact they should have been a bit more circumspect.

It would be interesting to see what the BN manifesto would look like if the election were held early next year. The non-Malays and many thinking people of all races like 1Malaysia and NEM, but the UMNO folks don’t like them. So how does BN write the manifesto? Include 1Malaysia and NEM in the English, Chinese and Tamil versions but omit them in the Malay version?

The fact remains that we are a very divided nation with different people demanding different things. The PM cannot possibly be all things to all people. That is why those 2 by-election results mean nothing when we have the general elections. Very different issues will come into play.

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 10:12  

You want UMNO to win the trust of Malays? Very easy, just get rid of the corrupt and incompetent UMNO leaders and warlords starting with those who practice the "I help you, you help me" modus operandi.

walla 8 November 2010 at 10:26  

A: 'Are you happy Barisan has won both, Sir?'

B: 'Aren't we now looking at it like it's a military operation, Sofea? A series of local skirmish affairs? Is that what making Malaysia is all about? The occasional sizzles between fizzles?

I am reminded of the raid at Dieppe. Over five thousand canadians and sixty-three RAF pilots were sacrificed just to test the defenses for the Normandy invasion. Like Arnhem, Dieppe was a total disaster.

The parallel is not what happens within our borders, Sofea. It is us as one versus what is happening in the world.

The blogger said wholesale politics has been sacrificed for retail politics. I would go one more step to say global politics has been sacrificed for wholesale politics.'

A: 'But, Sir, in this case Barisan won to learn some new things for GE13. Furthermore, without using money to buy votes. Your Placido Domingo said if Umno had bought votes, they wouldn't have lost so big in GE12.'

B: 'You're sure about that? Then could you ask him what he had done to a certain project when he was MB of Johor? What was the money for? To feed the poor, donate to Treasury, build the state? And while at that ask his boss what he had said in Sibu.

Please, Sofea, spare me the starry-eyed polemics.'

A: 'All the same, Sir. You must be relieved that Barisan won this round and with such gratuitous margins.'

B: 'Oh, i am but not for what you may be thinking, Sofea. You see, Pakatan has lately been losing its sheen and its political machinery has started to veer offtrack with a steering wheel loose like some of the ball bearings have fallen off. Look at some of their people and educated though they may, they too have their own limitations in character which influence how they interact with others.

Pakatan needs to pull up all its socks. Stockings, if i have my way. And Barisan just presented it with the wake-up call.

Yes, i am therefore happy that Pakatan has been given a jolt. If it were up to me, a fifteen-man firing squad would do nicely. Using bolt-action Lee-Enfield's too, if i may add.'

A: 'Sir, you belong to a bygone age-lah!'

B: 'Don't be too sure, Sofea. I may be getting on but there's still some fire in the belly.'

A: 'But we shouldn't blame Pakatan so much, Sir. They had a state stolen from them. Some of their reps were bought to cross-over by money and by erasing charges. In most cases, they have been denied mainstream coverage as well as permits for peaceful congregation. And you can throw in denying access to court evidence prejudicial to charges made as well as reduction of development funds. Not to forget sabotage by little napoleons in the civil service partial to Umno.'

walla 8 November 2010 at 10:27  


B: 'You expect the hoi-polloi and orang asli's in those remote places to know and think about all this, Sofea?

You expect them to know the real wholesale cost when their existence has been made to be thankful for the smallest parcel of retail discount?

You expect them to be able to connect the dots when they don't even have proper shelter from rain and a modicum of hope for the future of their young while the cronies continue to coast from deal to deal in the cities on funds that will ultimately be taken from helping the income-challenged get a crack at improving themselves by a merit they will never have the chance to smell in their lifetime?

Furthermore, if and when they get to the next rung, they will find as with the middle-class that the household debt per GDP is the highest in Asia ex-japan. What's going to happen when the ETP programs return higher risks and costs than income-generation? Yes, that debt magnitude is going to enlarge. So, except for the super-rich, things are not exactly that rosy for the rest, isn't it? Pessimistic assessment of a pareto inefficient allocation? What do you think when a water tycoon can be teflonized from investigation over his conflict of interest in buying pipes from an indon supplier in which he has interest? Who will be paying for it through the water bill if he gets his way next? And he is Umno big-time, you know.

You think all these things have crossed the minds of people who will be putting in their ballot slips each time someone conks out during term?

People just don't care to and as such they will get the gomen they deserve.

Pakatan mustn't leave it to just the blogs and alternative media to convey the chicaneries and shenanigans that have been going on and on. Remember my most famous adage - the very factor of success will be the same factor of failure. Their implicit trust that the alternative media is their strength is misplaced. It can only do so much because its audience is a certain segment. To go beyond that, to explode the truths and realities beyond MSM, they must walk the truths all over again.

Why do we want an alternative to Barisan? Because two hundred and fifty ringgit is just honey money compared to the billions lost, the rape of Malaysia, what more by Malaysia Inc., the creative destruction of the future of our young.

The brains of this country are going to see these two wins, and walk. They may stick around just long enough to see how the ETP pans out. But their bags are packed, or if they are staying, their drawbridges are drawing up. Our society is going to be balkanized. People who know will just say up-yours and doing their own thing. Who will suffer the most in the end? Those who need to interact with others in order to come up in life.

Don't believe me? Look at Noh. Can you imagine what was his rationale for saying it? It's a siege this-is-mine-that-should-also-be-not-yours mentality in the 21st century. And remember, in the last Umno GA, Najib stood alone in his 1Malaysia. No wonder he got chicken pox. Meanwhile Toon of Oafs is still at it, cranking up the juices of divisiveness.

I think we are wasting our time talking harboring hope of renewal and revival.'

A: 'Don't lose heart, Sir. We only live twice. And one's a dream.'

B: 'Who said that?'

A: 'Fleming.'

B: 'Alexander?'

A: 'Ian.'

Red Alfa 8 November 2010 at 11:37  

Salam Dato'

If I was that UMNO who had moved, I wouldn't had returned yet to give that Galas win.

TRH had done a good job with the winning strategy. The Form might have been beautifully transformed but the rotten and the rotting Substance still remain. It was to obvious UMNNO good TRH was given to do his thing and didn't he proved the obvious outcome. Yes, what a guy ... and probably he remains the only ONE guy there ever is!

Yes, nothing has changed and UMNO will not change until all UMNO is thoroughly cleansed and many of us would still be hoping that should happen beginning at the next GE.

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 12:01  

booooooo deeeeeek nampak!

Tapi Tak pe Datuk, yang baik kita kena puji dan yang tak elok itu kita kena kritik dan pernetulkan. Barulah ada check and balance.

Bagi saudara Hakiman, kalau anda nak makan satu kapal garam pun sila kan lah sebab selain UMNO tak de lagi parti orang MELAYU yang besar (PAS pun besor juga tapi tak le sebesar......depa besar kepala adelah!)

Shabas Dato'

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 12:59  


We'll discuss more once UMNO is able to 'teach' Rosmah Mansor her proper place. The 'koro' syndrome affects the UMNO President and by extension, the UMNO leadership and members. Disinfect UMNO first!


Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 13:06  

Dear sir,
You are a rare species because you practice bipartisan politics. People without any party like me love your articles. It is refreshing and gives us hope to look forward to a better Malaysia.

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 13:15  

Orang Asli fickle minded? Nope, i beg to differ.U got it wrong.If they have the ficklemindness in them then JHEOA wouldnt exist today.Call a spade a spade lah dato.If you say that the chinese are fickle minded , then u are right, MANYAK UNTUNG MANYAK SENYUM.Ask any sensible malaysian they will 100% agree with you.
Hakikatnya sometimes the truth is bitter and it hurts most of the times.We have a bunch of hypocrites who call UMNO names and scream abuse of power and plunder alike, but ironically deep from the bottom of their hearts , want UMNO to stay in power.Why?
MANYAK UNTUNG MANYAK SENYUM.Do you agree quiet despair?

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 13:43  

Dato', agree with you that UMNO is the safest bet for Malays and Malaysians.
But with the current leaderships, better be very very careful and you know it is not safe to bet on them.
Like it or not, the momentum for the monumental shift must start with the rocking of the leadership.
If Mr. Jibby continue to play safe, then no matter what you wrote and many UMNO sympathizer will lose appetite come next PRU.
Who cares whether he is the son of his father. What matters for the people now is whether future generation can survive in this land of ours. No need with 100 storey building and all the craps of Idris Jala GTI and all the (I)s.
Still waiting for TRH to take over what say you sir?

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 15:44  

You said..."Indeed, the BN candidate won but not by the majority of 6000 plus. The majority should be the difference between her votes and the combined votes of the opposition. It's not the difference between her and her nearest rival. She only got 620 votes more than her late husband did." "The increase in Malay votes for UMNO was around 4 percentage points. This is hardly a monumental shift. UMNO got more votes from the orang Asli and gained some 200 votes from the Chinese."

Here lies the problem,the mass media and even our profesor kangkong on TV never mention these facts. But instead they highlight the big majorities obtained both in Batu Sapi and Galas. They are saying, the voters are flocking back to UMNO/BN...horray!!!

In fact in Galas the increase of malay votes came from those UMNO members themselves who didnt vote in 2008.Apart from that there were 2 fixed deposits in the form of postal votes and the orang asal votes. See how JHEOA played their role as to ensure they voted UMNO/BN so mana ada demokrasi?

As for the chinese,money played an important role. Chinese voters received their angpow early,before Chinese New Year mainly thru MCA's effort. But SPR says its OK as long its UMNO/BN.

In Batu Sapi the scenario is the same.Is it worth for Najib to invest 100 million RM just to obtain an extra 620 votes? Something must be wrong ma!

Anyway, let UMNO/BN syiok sendiri & hopefully Najib will announce an early GE soon. Lets see how much money he gonna dig as angpow for the over 5 million voters. I am already waiting for mine!!


rance,  8 November 2010 at 17:05  

Dear Dato'Sak you said..marginal shift as indicative of the general acceptance of 1malaysia,ETP.n etc. Really Dato' pls. I am no political analyst but simply put the Galas seat was won because of our Ku Li and Batu sapi sympathy votes i assume from ladies.

Ariff Sabri 8 November 2010 at 18:34  


pls read the sentence again,. dont just pick up parts that suit you.

Quiet Despair,  8 November 2010 at 22:08  

Anon 13.15

You posed a question to me: "Manyak untung, manyak senyum sokong UMNO. Do I agree?
Nope. Tatak untung ada jugak senyum lar.
I can safely say that 99 per cent of Malays agree with me.
We dont gain more than you. But we still think UMNO is the best party which gives the best to all.
I have Indian friends who tell me they do not trust the Chinese if MCA is the ruling party. They fear they will be alienated.
Then there are Chinese friends who say they dont trust Indian leaders with the same suspicion.
They still feel Malay leaders are the best compromise to unite us and take care of our well-being.

Anonymous,  8 November 2010 at 23:01  

Well said, Dato ... I am glad we think alike. My comment on same subject below.
"Well done UMNO on the double victory, but dont let it get over your head. BN won because of KU LI factor and also the people are getting pissed with PR. Just like the 2008 GE, it was not love but the hate factor. Please engage Ku Li more, give him the FM 1 post and Tan Sri Aziz as the Pemandu CEO. See link "" "Then you have Malaysia Airlines. A commentor Little Bird said this in my Blog yesterday : Please look into MAS 2009 Annual Report Pg 92 “” You will notice that MoF (i.e. NMY) pumped in RM1.67 billions in 2007, RM 3.34 billions in 2008, RM 3.34 billions in 2009, thus a total of RM 8.355 billions were wasted on Roti Jala from 2007 to 2009, the best executive and now minister, money can buy. Wonder who is the most stupid of them all, Jala, NMY who choose him or the public, for being so confused?"

Submitted by UMNO Lama Fan on Friday, November 5th, 2010

rance,  9 November 2010 at 14:03  

Dear Dato'Sak, Saya meminta maaf. Sebenarnya Dato' i ran through your article, bukan mencari kesalahan. I think the tajuk had something to do with it.No excuse.
My fault.

Tinta Hitam 9 November 2010 at 17:00  

Dear SakMongkol,

There will be no monumental shift of malay support to UMNO.You see malays votes in general had gone to PAS steadily albeit slowly to PAS each time.

Looking at the trend it was predicted UMNO will fall from power not more than 2015.It seem the prediction made by some of my friens way back in 1990 mos tlikely come true..

Anonymous,  9 November 2010 at 22:46  

to quiet despair
read carefully my fren.u have got it all wrong.Let me put it this way.There is a certain lot of people in this beloved country of ours yang hanya pentingkan diri sendiri.That certain lot is not UMNO my fren, tu yang i kata u got me wrong.Buat sesuatu pun tak ikhlas dan hanya main wayang tunjuk buat kerja.hakikatnya kerja hanya dibuat bila ada kepentingan peribadi.Maybe we can have coffee sometime together.Mana tahu kita boleh come up with something good for the benefit of all and sundry and not unutk kepentingan peribadi.

Quiet Despair,  9 November 2010 at 23:58  

Anon 22.46

I have read your comments again.
Okay point taken. Sorry for not understanding you.
Okay. We meet one day. Boleh pekena teh tarik or maybe we go for a good dinner.
Problem if I am finishing a project that most times take me away from KL.

Quiet Despair,  10 November 2010 at 00:16  

Tinta Hitam

I beg to differ. As long as there are regular Malays like me, UMNO is still relevant and the party of choice.
If you analyzed the elections and by-elections results, Malay votes did not swing that much.
They remain hard-core UMNO or PAS supporters.
It's the Chinese voters who have swung to PAS.
If you surf the blogs, PR supporters are having second thoughts on Keadilan after the Zaid-Anwar debacle.
You don't see UMNO supporters doing that, immaterial what people say about UMNO leaders.

Anonymous,  10 November 2010 at 11:45  


The way I see it, Ku Li is the defining factor in the 4% gain in the Malay votes. Likewise with the gain in the Orang Asli and Chinese votes.

So Galas is not a good indicator for the perceived shift to BN.

Anonymous,  11 November 2010 at 15:06  

Dear Walla
fully agree, it's the rape of Malaysia, done "legally", or big bully tactics stealing the rights of the minorities/aslis, or riding rough shod over the citizens / unfortunates who lose every time they use the courts to seek justice!
Two wins don't right a wrong, the mathematics are clear, however I fear this will give false encouragement to the conmen to redouble their efforts now, there's so much for the takings man! With early elections a certainty, the mood is join the crowd and make some money at the expense of the gullible while you can. In the aftermath, pack up and leave. Is there an alternative? James Bond......
History repeats again, will anyone learn?
Thank you for the clarity of your thoughts. I scour Datuk Sak's comments to read yours too.

Anonymous,  11 November 2010 at 20:11  

To Quiet Despair @ 10 Nov 00.16,

You are anything but a regular person so don't think too highly of yourself. How's your project going on at the bottom of the tempurung?

Quiet Despair,  11 November 2010 at 21:42  

Anon 10.16

Hahaha Oh yeah.
At least I got project di bawah tempurung.
Not a rent-seeker or using crutches.
But sure cannot lawan Chinaman big project lar.
Okaylah if can cari makan, walk-walk eat wind sometimes.

Quiet Despair,  11 November 2010 at 21:46  

It's for Anon 2011 (Nov.11).

Aiya why so late you comment.
Sak is starting another posting.
Oh I know you missed the bus to take you home to Jinjang, is it?

Anonymous,  12 November 2010 at 09:59  

Quiet Despair=Walla=Sak are all good for nothing arm chair critics who thinks too much of themselves. mega ego maniacs!

shamshul anuar,  12 November 2010 at 19:36  

Dear Sakmongkol,

Indeed UMNO is the safest bet for Malaysia, warts and all.

As per Hakiman's ascerbic comment, I am not so sure about that. He claimed that UMNO is anything but "bedrock of moderation...:

If not for moderation, UMNO would not have fielded non Malays in many malay majority areas. UMNO would have contested the constituents on its own.

Not many would have wanted to listen to facts that at independence, UMNO controlled almost 70% of Parliamentary seats. UMNO could have "bulldozed" its ways if it had really wanted to do so.

But it stands firm on its principal. For decades, I had listenned to PAS members telling it is "haram" to vote for MCA.

UMNO could have played to the gallery. But it did not. In 1990, when Gerakan and MCA were whitewashed by DAP in Penang in election, UMNO became the party with most number of seats in State assembly.

Any other parties in this planet would have put their people as Chief Minister. That is logical. The party with the most number of seats deserves to get the coveted post.

But what did UMNO do? Despite having the capacity to do what it can do, it still thinks of its relationship with Chinese. It opted for Gerakan to assume the post.

Is that not a hallmark of humility?

As for misleading info on Singapore cessation from Malaysia, Lee kuan Yew must be a very lucky man. In other countries, belligerent state leaders have always been firmly dealt with. Just look at Kashmir, Acheh, Timur timur, Chenhya to name a few.

Lee kuan Yew questioned the rights of malays as enshrined in Constitution. that is the crux of the problem. He conveniently forgot that the "special provision for malays" was in fact in return to Malay Rulers unimaginable generosity in granting more than 1 million citizenship upon independence.

It was an act on generosity unparalleled by world standard. At a stroke of a pen, citizenship granted en bloc, changing Malaya then from land EXCLUSIVELY OWNED BY MALAYS to being a modern multiracioal country.

Such magnaminity must be appreciated. But certainly it would be unfair for us to expect UMNO to renounce its stance in defending the interest of Malays.

Why DAP can vigourously defend Chinese interest TO THE POINT OF CHALLENGING MALAY RIGHTS but UMNO is accused of being racial for defending legitimate interest of Malays?

That does not mean UMNO is not without problem. Which political party is free from challenges anyway?

But certainly UMNO responds to challenges. It amended its constitution, effectively putting a stop to money politics.

Ah that word "money politics". The act that was immortalised by Anwar Ibrahim in his "THIRST" to oust Tun ghaffar Baba from the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

Despite whatever said to UMNO, it is a lenient political party. People still can "maki hamun" UMNO leaders at mosques, in between prayers .

However, I am not sure about DAP should ( Allah forbid, come to power). DAP would ,I believe, uses ISA to the maximum.

Sometimes, Malays, after "seeing the world a little bit( made possible by DEB) believes they are strong enough and they hate any reference to race.

They forget that other races cling to racial entity firmly. Many Malays forget they are "there" because the party in power has their interest at their heart.

They refuse to see that in Penang, for example, many stalls were demolished " simply the hawkers ARE MALAYS".

Defending the legitimate interest of Malays cant be construed as being racist.

UNLESS HAKIMAN believes that Malays have no right to defend their interests.

Quiet Despair,  12 November 2010 at 22:33  

shamsul anuar

Bravo. Good one, bro.
Long time no hear.

For those S'pore and LKY lovers, please read Utusan online today written by Zam, former Information Minister and Utusan Editor-in-Chief.

The title is 13 Mei: Ikut cara Singapura.

It is a good history lesson for those born after 1969 like me.
I am sure for you guys too.

shamshul anuar,  13 November 2010 at 00:23  

Dear Anonymous,

Yes Sir. Ku Li is a big factor in Galas.

But do not overestimate that factor. Other factors play crucial part in enabling UMNO to wrest the constituent from PAS.

PAS is the govt in Kelantan and UMNO is the "pembankang". As such, PAS is in receiving end for its failure in developing the state .

As much as people love Nik aziz, one can not forget that his "fatwa" becomes erratic for as long as anyone can remember.

People start questioning him. People start questioning PAS on its ties with DAP.

People are asking why PAS said "haram" any allince between UMNO and MCA but its ties with DAP is allowed in Islam.

Anonymous may not want to admit that PAS influence among Malays is on the decline. That is the real factor.

Humble the Malays may be. Silent they may be but they are not stupid. Malays generally not happy to see PAS "kowtows' to DAP.

Let us get real. For the Malay community, any Malay based party in any coalition must play a dominant role.

And PAS is not in that position unlike UMNO. PAS chided UMNO as leading an UMNO-BN coalition, not realising that that 'UBN' term actually is a recognition of dominance of UMNO in BN.

The dominance comes naturally as UMNO controlled almost 60% of BN seats, a feat unchallenged by PAS.

Rather Malays feel PAS as "melukut ditepi gantang".

For vast majority of Malays, Penang is a good example when a state is ruled by a party , DAP, that many Malays know has a very anti Malay attitude.

But of course, I expect condemnation here for voicing what generally Malay feel .

Anonymous,  13 November 2010 at 00:28  

Shamsul Anuar,

For heaven's sake dont post rubbish.

To say UMNO has been generous based on history but not now... is tell the young boy he was well behaved and when adult (not so) but should be deemed well behaved.

To say DAP fighting only for Chinese rights is also another pure rubbish which I do not need to say again and again to stubborn heads. No amount of explainations can satisfy you.

To say Lee Kuan Yew was fighting against Malays is another pure rubbish.

Lee Kuan Yew was from SINGAPORE which like Brunei, Sabah, and Sarawak were from different states. He was fighting for what is universally known as rights of all citizens. Given citizenships to non Malays were a CONDITION of INDEPENDENCE and nothing to have to be grateful about. It is our right.

All these while non Malays have not been questioning the provision of article 153 which guaranteed the rights of Malays to special treatment. If you are to look at what is happening now, can you seriously say it is special or far far more than special?

No ... we non Malays do not question the special position as enshrined in the constitutions. It is just that the rights of the Non Malays as enshrined in the constitution is wrongly interpreted and implemented to the point of unfairness. Just look around and you surely would know what is happening.

Most Chinese are now migrating and poor parents have to be split with their children. Do you think we like that?

You call this call for fairness to be challenging the rights of Malays which is your fault not ours. It is pure rubbish.

In this world, when a person becomes a citizen, he/she enjoys equal rights under the constitution nothing more and nothing less. It is so happen that there is a provision of special position for the Malays that we accept. But how special is special? No one can answer me this. Can you?

Ibrahim Alis dare not .. dare you?

Tell me what is the difference between Sumatra and Malaya? and yet Malaya outshone Sumatra.

Anonymous,  13 November 2010 at 06:33  

Shamsul Anuar,

which umno are you talking about? umno of past or umno of today?

why are there so many problems with the umno of today that even malays themselves reject it?

give honest answers to these two questions before you repeat yourself every time by using the past to justify all the misdeeds of the umno of today.

what do you want the nonmalays to do? give gratitude to the umno of the past by supporting the misdeeds of the umno of today?

the problem is not with hakiman.

the problem is with you.

shamshul anuar,  13 November 2010 at 08:51  

Dear anonymous,

That is exactly the problem with people like you who simply refuses to admit that there are 2 sides of a story.

You only choose to listen to writing that are aligned to your thought.

Remember Hulu selangor. It is a Malay majority area. Remember Batu sapi. It is A Muslim majority area too. And yes. Ong Tee Keat won in Pandan, a Malay majority area. and do not forget that Dr Subramaniam, our Minister of human Resource won in Tapah, again a Malay majority area.

Why on earth a non Malay contesting and win in Malay majority area. Tell me. Is that not a sign that UMNO is willing to include other races although it is easier for BN to win if UMNO contest there.

Nobody is suggesting that that a mistake should be condoned . Why are you making such an interpretation.

I am just saying from viewpoint of Malay and how they see things. They remember fir decades PAS told it is sinful for UMNO to have alliance with MCA.

Now what is PAS up to? Not just being friendly with DAP but it "kowtows" to DAP.

Yes. Sir. Not every Malays like UMNO. Just like not every Chinese agree with racist DAP.

"what do you want non Malays to do?". For a start, rethink alliance to a party that abuses religion.

How? There is a party that distributes leaflet by saying that it is haram to vote for non Muslims . Yes sir. They did it at Pasir panjang, where Nizar won in 2008 election.

Again. rethink alliance with a person who immortalised "money politics". I am talking about Anwar.

Rethink alliance with a party that maintains a very anti Malay attitude by constantly inciting hatred against Malays. They go on and on blaming UMNO for May 13. But they are silent on roles by none other than Kit siang on lorry insulting Malays in Kg baru.

I am not condoning UMNO's mistake. I also criticize UMNO. But I give credit when it is due.

What is your comment on demolished stalls in Penang. You know that stalls are demolished as "the hawkers are Malays.".

Please do not give excuse that the stalls are disturbing the traffic as there are stalls literally on road. But of course, as the hawkers are Chinese, nothing is done against them.

Who is racist here?

Hakiman,  13 November 2010 at 09:28  

"For vast majority of Malays, Penang is a good example when a state is ruled by a party , DAP, that many Malays know has a very anti Malay attitude."- Shamsul Anuar

Typic myopic view of a pseudo-intellectual Malay who sees the world through a tiny tube.

People like Shamsul still stagnate in the mindset of the 60s of pursuing a Malaysia ONLY for the Malays instead of a Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Somehow his copy of the Federal Constitution got used for cleaning his toilet.Or he had a different copy of the Federal Constitution.

Of course Shamsul will shriek, I am not racist like those Ku Klux Klan members and the blind followers of Robert Mugabe.

Anonymous,  13 November 2010 at 09:46  

Shamsul Anuar,

First let me make a guess. Are you a BTN trainer by chance? It seems the way you post, you really qualified to be one. One who sees from his own warped view and his "superiority" ego. One who only sees the bad but not the good of his opponents.

Practically all your posting again are pure rubbish.

1. to say Kelantan unable to develop because PAS is in Power. Well do you know who is withholding all the money due to Kelantan ? So how do you feel that your friends are denying Malays(YOUR RACE) in Kelantan their rights? ...and you are saying you are champions of Malays... gosh how stupid and hypocritical.

2. You say Penang now is anti Malay...another stupid post with no evidence!!
Look who are the ones complaining ! All UMNO guys not Malays. Malays in Penang loved Lim Guan Eng for your info. .. the ordinary ones with eyes they can see.

You belong to UMNO hardcore and should not praise yourself.

3. You say Malays are abandoning PAS.... heheheheh how stupid that statement .

Yes a few would be swayed by the Ibrahim Alis kind of talk. Which race doesn't? Even many Chinese would do the same, if a Chinese Ibrahim Ali exists.

The fact is that those in the know are statefast anti UMNO.

Know what, this is the truth. When I deal with a Malay in business, at first I thought they are UMNO people...but practically all in the end I found out they are anti UMNO! From my staff to my business associates ...Malays .. all anti UMNO ..MOst pro Pas or PKR. That is a fact.

You self syiok sendiri lah, using racist people to gain the FEW votes of Malays BUT lost the HUGE NUMBER OF non Malay votes.
That is about one of the MOST STUPID political strategy I know.

4. Using May13 to frighten the non Malays? No it wont happen in this Internet age where everybody knows what is happening. Today it is not the Malays Vs non Malays. It is the Malays Vs the Malays.

In fact if Pakatan comes into power Malays have even more power and more seats because there are no so many parties to give out. It is only DAP only.

But we believe Pakatan can give a fair deal to all Malaysians while taking RIGHT CARE of the Malays when more moneys go to development instead of cronies. Are you guys blind to what is happening everyday on the corruptions? Just bothers us why in this part of the world , it can so easily get away with it?

Remember Sime Darby? the head only goes on leave...nothing more.

Do you love the hundreds of millions and able to go on leave or just get your RM10,000 a month and retire like our first PM - YM Tungku Abdul Rahman (I think the poorest former PM).

Do you like Penang today ... doing so well or a Penang under Koh with tons and tons of deficits?

So you love your UMNO still. Poor thing where is your logic?

Anonymous,  13 November 2010 at 11:48  

Shamsul Anuar,

I will answer you about the Penang stalls being demolished.

First and foremost. Just because you are a Malay , the stalls cannot be demolished? If they, including you , falls foul of the regulation, i would even join to demolish it.

Now, as far as is known, why were the stalls demolished or not allowed? You know there is such a thing as PAYMENT FIRST.

Who nowadays allow stalls to be set up and not paid the rent?

And do you know who lead the demo on this? Ohhh.. you for refuse to read this. It was the one who COLLECTED THE rent BUT did not pay to the authorities concerned. Yes, the one who led the demo was the one who collected.

After paying all were allowed.

Let me guess... You READ UTUSAN!!!! They are infamous for printing news they want you to read... the demolition but not the reasons nor afterwards what happened.

Now come to think of it, do we non Malays have to explain every damn thing and reasons to your hard headed fellas who REFUSED to acknowledge the well intentions of all non Malays for the good of MALAYS and Malaysians in general?

Yes without doubt ... this is the impressioin we have on BTN trained guys like you.

Sorry to say that... that is our view.

Look around , who brings all these racists events out first...?

For every action there will ALWAYS be a reaction . ..and you guys are calling reactions racists when you guys just forgot the real racists are the ones bring it up in the first place. This is like the Headmasters and that Chinese rapper who responded incidents.

You called the latter racist but forgot about the former ones.

Post with logic not with your self concluded warped ideas.

shamshul manuar,  13 November 2010 at 16:46  

Dear Anonymous,

Ah falling into the time tested method of character assasination again. So typical of you.

My dear friend, my relatives live in Penang. they are born and bred there. I often go back to Penang to visit them. and they have ample story to tell.

Long before Utusan publishing stories about stalls being demolished simply because the hawkers are Malays, they have been telling me. The conclusion is always predictable.

I am critical of your view, not anti Chinese. If UMNO or Malays maintains a very anti Chinese atiitude, I am afraid Ong tee Keat would not be able to win in Pandan.

And Kamalanathan can forget being an MP in Hulu Selangor so to speak.

Please do not twist my point by asking whether non Malays do not have rights to decide, question on the type of government they want.

Nowhere in my writing that i suggest, or infer that rights of non Malays being taken away. I am critical not paranoid

And nowhere I said that Malay hawkers should not obey traffic regulation. But why Chinese hawkers not subjecting to same treatment.

If hygiene is the issue, why Chinese stalls are spared. Why suddenly hygiene or traffic regulation suddenly become a non issue with them . Why ?

Please do not tell me that Malay stalls occupying same road obstructing traffic but Chinese stalls occupying the very same road do not obstruct traffic.

SINCE WHEN UMNO questions Chinese good intention ? If UMNO questions Chinese good intention( your own word), please explain why UMNO is willing to put Devamani contesting in Cameron Highland or MCA guy in alor star.

Remember, my dear friend. for more than 50 years, UMNO stands to its principle by including non Malays in govt when PAS went around condemning UMNO as being sinful for its alliance with MCA, MIC.

Yes. sir That is your view. And i am telling your the Malay viewpoint. You know from the perspective of Malays who saw Kit siang on a lorry shouting profanity during May 13.

And for once you are spot on. But do not forget who is it that go around inciting hatred against police when a Malay who happen to look like Chinese were in police station. Teresa Kok played the issue because she thought the girl is Chinese.

She became all quiet when she realises that that girl is a Malay. Suddenly the concern of the girl's welfare dissapear.

Not surprising .

Blaming game will not bring us anywhere. And for your info, I also read Star, Harakah beside Utusan. Nothing to be ashamed of by reading Utusan.

Utusan yes gives special interest on Malay community just like Nanyang siang Pau with Chinese community. Nothing to be embarassed about.

Despite many attempts by Kit siang to potray that Utusan as racist, I vouch actualy it is not.

It never promotes hatred the way some vernacular newspapers thrive on.

Utusan never promotes "Rob Peter to pay Paul" attitude. Utusan never promotes the attitude of "taking" everything for Malays.

I am not in denial by saying that UMNO does not need non Malay support. But I also must admit that without alliance with UMNO, Gerakan, MCA, MIC will be relics of the past now.

BY saying that does not mean that I only praise without critizcizing. I criticize them a lot.

Good thing is that they do not accuse me of this or that when I criticize them.

Some people who claim to be democratic but cant take criticism. Only they can criticize.

Anonymous,  13 November 2010 at 22:09  

Quiet Despair and Shamsul Anuar are like two rotten peas in the BTN rotten sad, sigh. No hope for recovery nor redemption for these two malignant cases.

Anonymous,  13 November 2010 at 22:40  

Shamsul Anuar,

Fact is that Lim Guan Eng is doing a fantastic job in Penang and only guys like you will find trouble and attack him practically daily.

This is a fact. It is also a fact that Lim Guan Eng and government is in fact more Malay than Malays themselves from our outside view.

Of course there are two camps. .. the UMNO camps and the other disillusioned Malay camps. I tell you more and more Malays are supporting PR now and that is why UMNO is soooooo very afraid and launch daily nonsensical attacks to the point of looking pure stupid.

... Gosh you say Utusan is non racists? Let it be. If a guy like you cannot see it, then a million words would not be suffice.

And I notice that you like to mention about the magnanimity of UMNO giving Malay majority seats to Chinese or Indian candidates.

You really want to know why????

So here goes. If UMNO had not given those safe seats to those we call running dogs and "yes" men, today those running dogs do not even have a head running in their parties. These guys have betrayed their own people and were soundly rejected by their people. Need I to elaborate? Those heads feel safer to run in Malay majority areas than Chinese or Indian majority areas! They know it and UMNO knows it. Without heads those running dogs parties would be finished and BN cannot survive a single election.

Without those Chinese and Indian support, do you know that even in Malay Majority areas a lot of UMNO seats would have fallen?

Have you seen the heads of those running dogs parties compete in say Cheras or Puchong ? These guys would be wiped out. Not a single head dare to compete in non Malay majority areas. Koh did it in Penang... what happened?

No, Shamsul , you are sooo very wrong to post that point once too often. Your posting on this as usual is pure rubbish.

The next election you would see a lot of things.

Tell you from our circles.. those running dogs parties would be wiped out and I tell you, you guys better give them Malays majority seats (even that is no more safe come GE13 UMNO included).

You know what damage they had done to their race to the point even asking to be fair we got fired top left and center . If they had been your race what would you do ? WE are no fools. We are a proud race and out to achieve greatness in this world and today would be too stupid to be hampered by stupid policies.

WE wish to help all our brothers be it Malays, Indians or Penans to achieve greatness for the country.
We want them to join the "among best' businessmen in the world to achieve high income.

But this is not to be... with guys like you hammering us top, left and center with nonsensical issues.

Sadly this is not going to happen until a PR govt comes into place.
we are ready to face it even if PAS comes to power and Malays have more seats if they can make Malaysia a rejuvenated place. Chinese can always survive ....anywhere in the world.

China is going to be the top global economy upon the downfall of USA... and who cares nowadays we look global and not warped into stupid local politics that are getting worse by the day.

Our knowledge of Chinese Mandarin gives us great advantage when combined with our knowledge of English and Malay. That is why Malaysians are greatly sought in the entire regions from China to Singapore if you do not already know.

When the world over are starting to learn Mandarin , guys here using the Unity excuse want to stop Chinese schools which is against the constitution simply to deny others the extra.

We now just dont care. we take care of our rice bowl now before it is too late. You guys can continue to do what you have been doing... govern the way you government, meanwhile those who can look globally and we wish to be left alone. Stop those stupid racist issues.

Look Ibrahim Ali only needed to take a "heart" break, how peaceful the place has been. Even my blood pressure had come down already.

Anonymous,  13 November 2010 at 22:42  


It is stupid to indulge in local politics with guys who treat us like enemies when we day in and day out we thrive to make this place a better place for all. We become the bogeymen when those who seek powers are your own race in PAS and PKR.

We Chinese or other non Malays vote where our conscience decides to those who can take care of us.

Stupid fellas advocating "Chinese " is going to take over the country. Gosh .. and guys like you propogate it and do not deny it. How stupid can this be?

We are not character assasinating, but rather you and I know this is happening. Using falsehoods and bogeymen to achieve your ulterior aims to remain in power.

Who cares... nothing will change. We shall continue to slide and those with brains are helping countries like Singapore to overtake us. Yet you are not shy.

We cant fight briliant Malaysians in Singapore with leftover Malaysian brains in Malaysia. That is a fact.

(Recently had a reunion dinner with fellow classmates... more than half are now in Singapore holding top posts in hospitals and government and businesses earning top dollars)

Let it be.. you are beyond redemption.

HAKIMAN,  14 November 2010 at 09:43  

Anonymous (13 November 2010 22:40)

Malays like Shamsul Anuar and Quiet Despair have got their brains fermented in vinegar and salt, ( we call it Otak Jeruk).

There is no use trying to convince people with fermented and salted brain. That is why they can only see others in jealously and always in negative terms. BTW, the fermentation of their brain was completed by the BTN courses and by their constant immersion in the sewage nonsense propagated by Utusan Melayu.

shamshul anuar,  14 November 2010 at 22:46  

Dear anonymous,

I notice you have the tendency to make assumption on my writing. and unfortunately, your assumption, well ussually are off the tangent.

I never deny the facts that UMNO also depends on non Malay votes. Many constituents have significant numbers of non Malay voters. and there are also Chinese majority areas have high percentage of malay voters. Meaning any political party can not depend on only one race vote to form a govt. Kelantan and Trengganu are exception, though.

What i stress and you are unable to rebut is that if not for spirit of give and take, why would UMNO let , as an example, MIC to contest in Tapah, a Malay majority area.

By UMNO putting a Malay contesting in Tapah as an example, it would be spared the condemnation by PAS that was so common for the past 50 years.

Is that not a source of inspiration that is lacking in DAP. As for DAP, everybody knows that only bloodline of Kit siang and its admirers matters. Those who are not in that cateogary will see that they are sideline. Penang DAP chairman learnt the hard way.

And wow. Your "supposed Malay support for Guan Eng. Hmn.... . They used to support him but almost every Malay whom I met now say they "menyesal".

Simply by writing on the need to appreciate UMNO's willingness to share the running of govt does not mean that I deny the right and interest of other races. Please discard the DAP's way of politics . Not that I admire your point but please, I mean show a decent standard of argument. I mean the bare minimum standard that everyone expect.

As for Koh Tsu Koon's fate in Penang, I say good for him. For years, he refuses to take bull by its horn" by confronting to DAP's lies that Gerakan is UMNO's lackey.

Kih simply did not show any effort to tell the Chinese that he cant ignore UMNO's influence among Malay community. They may not the majority race but they account to almost 40% of votes.

As there are 3 Chinese based parties are vying for Chinese votes in Penang, they naturally will have to depend on the next largest voter base. In that case, the malays.

That situation is not peculiar. Any politician worth their salt know that.

But what did DAP do? Go on and on telling Chinese that Gerakan is useless as UMNO is the real emperor behind the scene.

The intention? Just to create hatred towards UMNO; the only stumbling block that they face .

Funny is it not? You are able to twist what people say.

SEPARATE SCHOOL SYSTEM brings exactly as what is says: Bring separation.

Why cant we have one school system? Why? What cant we study under one roof with provision for Chinese to study Mandarin and Indian to learn Tamil BUT UNDER one roof.

Other race( example, Malay are encourage to take another third language, say Mandarin or Tamil).

Why must we study separately? Why other countries do not have separate school. Why Malaysia an exception.

CORRECTION: Constitution does not guarantee Vernacular school. At time Constitution was made, there are already separate school system under purview of British officialdom.

Constitution only sets aside the school system to be solved by mAlayans then. It however guarantees the right to practise one's mother tongue and to learn it without hindrance. That is sensible and the right thing.

Unless and until we are willing ti rise to challenge and pettyness about one school system, until then we must accept that different races will look at other races suspiciously.

Why? because we do not "know' them.

And oh yes. You mention Singapore. In singapore, there is only one school system. What an irony you give glowing tribute to singapore but "conveniently" do not want to follow its school system.

AH. Here you go again? WHERE IN MY WRITING THAT I discourage learning of Mandarin. I am sure you have heard what people say about those who like to assume.

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