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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 15 November 2010

The post UMNO Malaysia-Part 2


Because Hillary Clinton had just visited Malaysia last few weeks, let me compare UMNO in an analogy with America. I was listening to the BBC program Hard Talk- in which the interviewer asked the guest speaker what he thought about America. Without hesitation, the guest answered- America will remain as the preeminent power.

That is the observation and prognosis despite America having suffered much battering at its image. This despite America suffering economic problems such as subprime debacles, increasing unemployment, gargantuan deficits as Obama thinks about all kinds of stimulus spending, its growing indebtedness to China etc. this is despite America being led by not always competent presidents.

Now why is that? Because it's basic values and motivations are still shared by the majority of nations on this earth. America stands for freedom, rule of law, good governance, democracy and such things valued by freemen all over. It stands for modernity and practical solution to life's problems. Despite many shortcomings, America remains as the primus inter pares.

Iranians and Iraqis and many of those who hate America want to send their students to study in America. The most strident of voices arguing for a return to puritanical Islam originate also in America. That's because, the American setting or to use a more fancy word, the American ecosystem allows that kind of outpouring of zany ideas however incredulous and outrageous they seemed.

Why, because America represents the dream of the majority. People subscribe easily to egalitarian ideals. People want to demolish all vestiges of privileges. If we are moving towards these ideals, UMNO cannot extend its relevance if it hinders these trends. It must adapt.

What UMNO must do is to go back to its fundamentals. The old UMNO was a tolerant UMNO cognizant of the interests and rights of others. It knew the way forward is to give sufficient space for other stakeholders. In return, it secured the understanding of the other stakeholders of the dominant presence of Malays in this country. Perhaps the mutual understanding was interpreted as the social contract although no such agreement formally exists. Mutual respect and the realization of sharing the same destiny bind people together. This lost idealism must be recovered.

Over the years, UMNO has lost it sense of balance. The reasons are many. The chief is inability to deal with success which resulted in arrogance and the trivialization of risks. When those in power think their actions are riskless, they act with wanton abandon. UMNO didn't do well in coping with success.

What do people point out as proofs that UMNO cannot and will not change? They will point out that UMNO has violated the constitution by selecting parts of the Constitution that suit them, they point out to the corruption, bad governance, lack of transparency, they point out to the violation on the justice system. They will point out to the corruption and subversion of UMNO's struggles and point out to the pervasive culture of seeking personal interests and wealth. They will point out to UMNO's clever machinations of racial sentiment and constant malicious tinkering with the fragility of inter-racial relationships.

Clearly, these are attacks from people moved by libertarian ideals. However, they do not stop there. The assaults on UMNO also come from its supporters. They point out to UMNO's negligence in uplifting the Malays. They openly censor UMNO's leadership double-faced dealings. UMNO as the vanguard of Malay interests stands accused as over compromising.

Can we say the UMNO leadership insulates itself from these afflictions? Of course they don't but it would be stupid for UMNO to advertise to the world what it is doing to address the situation. Certainly it won't broadcast the measures it's taking to the opposition parties. So, the opposition people (not necessary party people) infer UMNO hasn't change. What UMNO does to its own body politic is UMNO's business. It will carry on regardless.

How was the response from the UMNO leadership? The spokesman for the UMNO response is Najib Tun Razak. He came out with a slew of grand designs, visions if you may. The New Economic Model, the Economic Transformation Plan, Government Transformation Plan, New Political Model etc.

Obviously, these are not churned out as badges of self-glorification. Najib can't be seeking immortality through these initiatives that needed to be worked on and whose success depends on a host of other factors. They can't, because self-glorification is too quirky a justification for coming out with such elaborate plans. If Najib had wanted that, he would do a better job by erecting statues of him or producing busts of him and placing them at strategic places.

He has to reconfigure UMNO from a party that is inward looking to a party that is forward looking. He needs to recapture the original spirit of UMNO. First, he has to make UMNO people relearn its own idealism and history. He has to recast UMNO into a party willing to give space to other stakeholders. His problem? Finding a balance with demands from his own ward with those of others.

In that forward looking scenario, he finds these. People want to live in less troubling social, political and economic settings; they want to embrace modernity and practical solutions to life's problems. Not many are seeking immortality through martyrdom. Those who offer extremism either in politics or religious movements do indeed attract people, but they will be small in number, both the sponsors and their adherents.

He sees a society wanting the rule of law, better good governance, more egalitarian ideals and removal of privileges. That's where he finds being sticky on NEPish policies is not defensible.

I accept there will be large number of doubters who dismiss the idea of an UMNO willing to change. The anecdotal and personal musings will turn out to be largely wrong. The anecdotal musings are probably the result of personal rejection of the many abuses in the system, corruption, the abhorrence to the rise of puritanical groups such as Perkasa which is considered an extension of UMNO and so forth.

But what proportion di these groups represent the bad side of UMNO? Very small. The noises created by these disparate groups that may have given birth to the personal musings are just the work of gangs of misfits. The majority want modernity and stability which BN can give. The majority of UMNO people are sensible people.

Meanwhile, while America will remain as the preeminent power, others are asserting their presence on the world stage. France, Germany and even Turkey have played crucial roles in geo political crisis managements. In economics, China and India are emerging as major players. Obama is supporting India be given a seat on the Security Council. Brazil and other countries are also capable of playing center stage in business and economics. America is just ceding some of the areas which it monopolized in the past not because America is declining, but because the rest is moving up.

Something similar to that is happening to UMNO. UMNO may have lost many seats and states, but together with other BN parties retain control over the federal government. It still has 140 seats. UMNO alone still has 79 seats. But the rest have also risen. PR and non BN parties got 82 seats, less now as a result of desertions. The rest are asserting their presence. But whether that rise can be sustained is another matter which the 13 General Elections will reveal later.

Whenever I write something that places UMNO is a good light, there will commentators who will scoff at the idea. The usual flippant are just personal claims backed by mostly anecdotal and personal accounts that UMNO and BN will be kicked out. I have only one term to describe these musings- it's just a cottage industry spewing out invectives mostly personal at UMNO. Its wishful thinking, wishing UMNO will just fade away. It will if ALL its leaders are ignoramuses, an assertion that is supremely difficult to objectively defend.

UMNO still remains (in Malaysia) the political superpower. But like America it is no longer the sole voice narrating the story of Malaysia just as America is not for humankind. Most of the leaders recognized this. That is why they are making adaptation.

Consider the concept of 1 Malaysia. While I may personally not like the term 1 Malaysia, it does represent a step towards adapting to new political realities. Najib recognizes the need to give more space to other stakeholders. The Chinese for example who have so much role to play in Malaysian economics will want a bigger political role. Whether they do this through MCA or other party is irrelevant actually. I have once said that maybe one day, UMNO may have to work together with the DAP which appears to have cornered Chinese loyalties.

In Malaysia UMNO is no longer the only voice telling the Malaysian story. Like America, UMNO no longer dictates a unipolar world. It is now a Malaysia where power is diffused. No longer monopolized by UMNO.

This is the post UMNO Malaysia I am talking about. There is a term to describe this. Samuel Huntington, the person who wrote that famous Clash of civilizations called it a uni-multipolarity world. I prefer the term used by Chinese geo-political thinkers. They called it a world where there is one superpower but many powers.

In our context, UMNO remains the superpower but it lives in a world where there are other alternative power bases who are acting with greater assertiveness and with greater activism and also dynamism. Hence I entitled this article- the post UMNO Malaysia.

The title of this essay may be misleading. No, it's not a Malaysia without UMNO. It will be a Malaysia with a redesigned UMNO. UMNO is not going to be written off just yet. The Pakatan people and others may continue in their wishful thinking. UMNO is not about to wither away. Very sorry people.

It's about a Malaysia where UMNO is pragmatic enough to share the building of this nation with other stakeholders. The strident voices shrieking out narrow patriotism and master race-version of the Malaysian story are voices in the peripheries.

In order to achieve this, UMNO must provide renewed and different kind of leadership. So too must the other stakeholders. The MCA, MIC and others who share the vision of BN.

The sad thing is, the majority of UMNO people (not just the leadership) is in denial. Most are patting themselves in the back while sailing on the Titanic which is heading straight into the iceberg. In the recently concluded UMNO GA, there were hardly any restraining and realistic voices. UMNO people still talked of an old order founded along the lines of NEP, continued dominance of Malay rule, etc.

Could it be possible that only a handful of our leaders most notably Najib Tun Razak see the incompatibility of such a stance against reality?


Anonymous,  15 November 2010 at 20:01  

"UMNO still remains (in Malaysia) the political superpower."

Dream on, Sir, dream on.

Penilai Sebuyau 15 November 2010 at 20:27  

salam,diharap boleh linkkan blog saya ini. tq

Anonymous,  15 November 2010 at 20:57  

Do not carry always by the list of program rolled out of the expensive consultant mill. They will roll out anything that look very impressive and good as long as their fees are met.

But most of it are on paper or for presentation only, with very little intend to be fulfilled.

If you track back the presentation and action you should not have problem understand what I observed. Pikin tak selupa cakap or cakap saja.

There is no doubt some of the program are very professional and well thought off because it come from expensive and quality consultants.

But most of them will not be carry through because the political will is not there, the elite politician have different strategies, most of them are more interested in lining their SW banks account than doing good for rakyat.

More than half of the rolled program are election charming or vote begging rather than true public good for the rakyat.

Time will tell, the true will prevail.

Anonymous,  15 November 2010 at 21:05  

most of the UMNO goons are sailing on a sinking boat.

perahu dah nak tenggelam....biar lah UMNO/BN tumbang secepat mungkin.

OneMalaysian,  15 November 2010 at 21:38  

Dear Sakmongkol

In this article and in others that you have written in the past, you have shown some deep insights with regards to UMNO’s weaknesses and mistakes, and have tried to offer solutions with the aim of ensuring that UMNO changes and survives, albeit in a different form, to serve the Malay interest and also to provide Malay leadership to this country. Most of your readers can agree with your analysis, but judging from their postings on your blog many do not share your optimism that UMNO can survive in the long term. You have cursorily dismissed these people as “belonging to a cottage industry spewing invectives against UMNO”.

It would be salutary to remember that every empire declines however powerful they might have been. Remember the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, British empires? At the zenith of their power and influence who would have dared say they will meet their comeuppance? But corruption, complacency, incompetence and loss of competitiveness have all in one way or another brought them low. Greece, Italy, Turkey and Britain are now just another small country in Europe. As for the U.S, its decline follows the same path as the others before it. Like the others, it is not about to disappear, just that other nations are emerging to make it look ordinary. This is plain to see.

A declining America is still a powerful country that has some wonderful ideals. But to compare the ideals of UMNO with those of America is nonsense. Democracy, rule of law, love for open competition, openness to new ideas, meritocracy, religious tolerance, secularity, and equality of all its people are all the things UMNO is not. Yes, America too has its share of bigots, but they are at the fringe of society, but the American Constitution is always upheld and it protects all. So even though there may be discrimination at a people-to-people level, the state does not tolerate this. American was not perfect from day one, but like Obama said in his election, “we are making this country (America) more perfect everyday”. 45 years ago, a certain Mrs Rosa Parks sat in a bus and refused to give way to a white. She unknowingly started a revolution. Today, in less than 2 generations a black man sits in the White House. That’s political progress.

Yet today in Malaysia, 2 generations after Merdeka, we are still talking about how we should politically and economically divide this country into racial realms, each race with a party representing its political, economic, and religious interests. These groupings then collaborate in some coalition to run this country so that each can maintain control in its designated realm. This was the formula hammered out 55 years ago when we were fighting for independence. The immature politics of the time offered no better alternative. We were not even independent yet.

But is this still the political paradigm going forward? Are we still to live in invisible racial ghettoes, each race pursuing its own dreams, and collaborating just enough to ensure a minimal, fragile peace? Is this any way to build a nation? If we admire America for what it stands for then a wholesale change is needed. I am glad you chose to make the comparison. It really shows UMNO up for what it is not.

Finally, let’s go back to empires. UMNO will one day go the way of past empires. The “death” of UMNO does not mean the “death” of the Malays. UMNO is nothing but a political party. Something will emerge from its ruins, and life will go on. The political reality is such that because the Malays form the majority of the population, any government can only be viable if it fulfills two criteria: accept Malay leadership (an enlightened one hopefully), and ensure that the Malays (and all other needy Malaysians) are not economically left behind. If one limits one’s political vision to Malays=UMNO, UMNO=Malays for all time, then the lessons of history will not have been learned.

Anonymous,  15 November 2010 at 23:36  

Dato', nothing wrong with UMNO the party but like you said it is the leaderships and don't blame the members down the line especially those in the kampung.
Why you heard sole voice from Najib is simply the rest have no respect for this PM but kaki membodek ramai- yes!
Post UMNO Malaysia will be less the present PM and no Kak mah then maybe ok la... so that will be UTP-UMNO Transformation Program.
Selamat menyambut Raya Korban Tok.

Anonymous,  16 November 2010 at 03:18  

Dato Sak,
Post AMENO. Wow hari ini dalam sejarah. Bayangkan Malaysia bebas dari Rasuah. AMENO buat majlis tanpa kakitangan kerajaan. AMENO akan menjadi pembangkang yang disegani..bla-bla. Rakyat.. he3..

Anonymous,  16 November 2010 at 03:19  

Hello Dato Sak,

In my own average layman understanding - najib has some credit due to his resume, yeah ok his rise up from pekan and so on so forth,

Grand Rhetoric, mega announcement is all in UMNO super mantra.

Better yet majority malaysian are well design and groomed within similarity vice versa include the opposition as well.

Back to fundamental yes - however najib failed to show any firm decision albeit 1malaysia merely shout talk smooth and a little bit "gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua"

Pak Lah Had-hari used this kind of substance and stylo-milo too and who can forget KJ super grand ala godfather with the rest of head honcho

That time Nazri & Rice Yatim as well the rest can go fly kite.

Whats the difference 10 years ago benchmark per se while we on the perfect path - commonwealth 98 plus with recession and the black eye ala reformasi.

At that time was really good times and honestly I believe the we really stepping up the gear LRT is available so called Cyberjaya with rhetoric "smarthomes" and many other listless to mention.

Now fast-forward to 2011 we @ KL banjir still happening once in a while
YES we are a tropical climate country and some of us still think,act and talk like some hillbilly from USA

This includes everyone mentality of leaving in Malaysia.

We're approaching and growing rapidly at approx 30 million both peninsula and borneo - we want shopping mall and yes plus so called pkfz, proton, transport efficiency and many more.

But Alas, the present government of the day i.e. umno is merely lifting a finger.

Semua cakap kosong lepak goyang t*lor gesek t**ek

Effort takde.

Look at Zaid Ibrahim, semua haprak

UMNO & Opposition

Rakyat just wants those good times roll again thats all.

This is when you miss Madhater and his grand plan of making everyone happy. "Lu tak tau sapa bagi Malaysia Kaya?

- Ikan Tongkol -

Anonymous,  16 November 2010 at 09:23  


Are you not being too far fetched using USA as an analogy with UMNO? Today's UMNO stands for everything which is opposite of USA, most notably, UMNO is far more racist than the USA. USA does not support affirmative action while UMNO clings on to the NEP as if the NEP is their birth right. USA has a American African as it's president while UMNO practices ketuanan this and ketuanan that. The USA does not threaten it's citizens with sedition whenever it's citizens voice their opinions which differs from the UMNO agenda. The USA does not practice racial politics whilst UMNO basks in racial politics and glorifies in it. The USA is a developed society with mature leaders who can debate on issues affecting the all USA citizens without resorting to "crushed bodies or showing of the keris" politics while today's UMNO is heavily laden with irresponsible, immature, scycophantic and greedy leaders and members screaming and ranting their heads off at the slghtest murmur/rumour which does not appear to be pro UMNO agenda.

You are better of equating UMNO with Myanmar's military junta or the Khymer Rouge.

Anonymous,  16 November 2010 at 09:29  

Nothing wrong with UMNO in its earlier days.All that changed when TDM took reigns and UMNO under him spawned into a vicious circle destroying everything we called GOODNESS AND HONESTY.
Since his reign he taught UMNO how to be corrupt, he spawned cronies and everything clean became unclean in everything be it a simple traffic offence right up to contracts and businesses with the government.Well the malays are so used to money anytime of the day its already in their blood.Try motivating the best civil services in the world[this idiot DPM related the other day] to be clean! Sorry! it will take two generation for the people to come clean like Singapore standards.Only then the country will have hope.You have to cut the rot from the top but could your PM do it for a start?

Anonymous,  16 November 2010 at 09:47  


‘I accept there will be large number of doubters who dismiss the idea of an UMNO willing to change. The anecdotal and personal musings will turn out to be largely wrong. The anecdotal musings are probably the result of personal rejection of the many abuses in the system, corruption, the abhorrence to the rise of puritanical groups such as Perkasa which is considered an extension of UMNO and so forth.’

U r in the same class as Aspan. A Malay nationalist through & through – with the continue saga of the Malay ketuanan uppermost in any of the M'sia sopo setting. Unable to see the bigger thing for a ‘macro-Malaysia’ in a new global setting, where race pre-requisite should be a bygone product, only championed by inferiority-infested cocoonist.

The comparison of umno with US is superficial, without touching the depth of the essence.

‘The origins & Evolution of Ethnocracy in Malaysia’ by Geoff Wade should be yr bed-time read. Then perhaps u can see the fallacy of yr claim for the relevancy of umno in the on-going development (up / down the sopo ladder in the next 5 yrs – (yes, that short of time, in view of World Bank’s projection & the current BN’s governance)).

U’ll most properly disclaim my takes with one-liner. Never mind, let see who has the last laugh. I’ll certainly laughing with sorrowful tears that so much of my forefathers efforts have gone down the drain, just to sustain a tongkat infected mindset.

Perhaps the recent medical studies about guided dependency in mice, that eventually get coded into their gene is a good start to look at how the current Malay M’sian evolves. Judging from this light about - umno willing to change - will be a time clock setting that is totally NOT in synch with the on-going of umno.

This cartel has evolved into a death end just as the Neanderthal on the tree of human growth!

"Tak Melayu Hilang Di Dunia" ? Ya, all u have now is the pseudo-malays, who take the rightful title via the FC settings. Where r the TRUE original Malay? U bet, they r almost at the echo-end of that Tuah's cry!

Melayu Baru,  16 November 2010 at 11:11  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

I applaud you, Dato for this article. The central theme of your article is a reformed UMNO. Changed UMNO.

You imagined a world where UMNO is getting back to its root. You theorized a with a reformed UMNO. You noted the similarities within UMNO and the USA. You envision a more advanced nation when UMNO has changed.

I agree with all that, Dato.

But I would just like to shorten your theme to just 'Change'. You harbor hope for change from UMNO, I just hope for a change. With or without UMNO.

The society in Malaysia will move to that state that you mentioned, eventually. Even with UMNO at its most corrupted, vile and evil - change will happen. In a millennium's time, UMNO's role in history could be just reduced to an insignificant 1-2 sentence in the history of Malaysia.

Changes is happening all over the world. Roman kings come and gone. How long they ruled" Over 1,00 years? The party's over.

Ditto other countless kingdoms. We may see the end of glorious age of the USA, and the rise of others. China and India was once world superpowers, and they are getting there again. Heck, in time, we are all but just a speck of dust.

But what matters is what do we do when we are alive, and our contribution to the incoming generation.

I am your minorities, Dato. I am the one that is beyond conviction that UMNO is beyond salvation. UMNO has atrophied from its noble center to the state that it is now. The change in UMNO happened slowly over a long period of time - that the point of no return has been crossed.

In a simpler word, UMNO dah jadi katak rebus. Put a from from its surrounding temperature to a mildly hot water, it will jump out. Tell Allahyarham Tun Dr. Ismail about the abuses that is going on in UMNO now, and he will be angry beyond description.

But put the frog in a cold water, and slowly heat it up - before the from know it, it is too late. UMNO, and its acceptance of all kinds of abuses, croniysm and corruption - combined with the ever subservient MACC, Police, AG. Meddling with education, university systems - and there you have it - Katak Rebus.

The theme of change started few general elections ago. Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah, Gagasan Rakyat, and now Pakatan Rakyat...

They have failed, and PR - given their current situations, may also fail. Just like new technologies that challenge current boundaries, or new plant that open new ground - many failures precedes success.

And that is where I am betting. Time is on my side. A lot of history also seemed to be on the side of change.

I do not believe UMNO can change. I know its systems, people and (real) core values.

People like you, just like me - are minorities. From your blogs you have more that sufficient materials for ILMU - and it may be too little, too late.

And while I am alive, I will ensure that I do something that help change - for the better. For the next generation. For your kids and grandkids. And theirs too...

Melayu Baru

Anonymous,  16 November 2010 at 13:05  


I beg to differ on the absent of official social contract.

I just downloaded a copy of the document from MalaysiaToday of the recently declassified 'secret' paper.

Interesting to note that the document was signed by the Alliance Ministers.

Quiet Despair,  16 November 2010 at 16:38  

Yes UMNO will still be the supreme political power. I have no doubt about that.
With the hullabaloo in Keadilan, the party is riding on a crest.
The beauty of UMNO is that no one wants to do a Zaid Ibrahim.(I predicted UMNO will not take him back and happy UMNO has declared to cerai him talak tiga).
If the party mandarins announced something or made a certain stand. everyone avers and toe the line.
Najib has set the right tone for a party reform in tune with 1Malaysia.
It may look like members and the Malays do not agree. All it takes is more explanation and members will support it. And the moderate Malays will follow suit.
But Najib must be brave to kick out dead woods like Rais before he decides to call for an elections.
By now, he must have a list of the right people to carry on the policy for the next five year term.
With him and his deputy going to the grounds soon, UMNO should be secured.
To the critics, you are gonna see UMNO many times over.

Anonymous,  16 November 2010 at 19:15  

UMNO is stupid, cruel, uncivilized, inhuman, sinful, no amount of facelift and makeup can cover up the sin this Uncivilized Malaysian National Organization had done to the country and the citizens.

The leaders are racist, tyrannic, despotic, barbaric, they oppressed and marginalized other races, they crippled their own race to stay in power and prolong their looting game.

They squandered billions and plundered 100s billions tax payers money, their children promoted to ministerial post even lost in election, their children spend the loot lavishly over sea whereas the hardworking ordinary citizen has to work and study hard to earn their degrees.

Many talented students with very good results are being side lined to give ways to less qualified students base on skin color and aligned to the elite group.

What an wicked and evil party is this, embrace satanic, evil ideologies, engage in sinful practices, causing huge losses, damages and suffering to the society and country.

Hakiman,  17 November 2010 at 01:16  

UMNO is a political power??

So is Robert Mugabe's regime.

Anonymous,  17 November 2010 at 10:24  

The trouble with UMNO's coalition model is

1. UMNO divisions decides who the PM and DPM will be. Coalition partners have no say.. not a single word or voice.

2. UMNO determines who gets what. All golden money Ministries.. they get.

3. All other parties, just "Yes" parties without consensus.

... and all these years, just give some goodies posts to their few leaders, and they became obedient servants.

Sure, as long as this model is practised ( I think the only one in the world) , sure UMNO would be supreme so long as the other parties are still around.

How stupid the other parties are.

Anonymous,  17 November 2010 at 10:30  

Mr onemalaysia,
What wonderful ideal does the US have, for goodness sake? I am surprised we still have lots of Pak Pandirs in our midst.
C'mon, Oney...US is nobody but a big bully whose government is nothing but a shadow casted by greedy business. Whose hegemonic policies not only oppresses and exploits other nations but also it's own people.
Ideals, my foot.
Democracy, my foot!
Human Rights, my foot!
Go and scrub yr brainwashed peeny brain and learn reality.

Anonymous,  17 November 2010 at 10:46  

dato dearest
You got to agree with the comments of ONeMalaysian.If you choose to differ then u should stop writing about politics and concentrate on kickboxing.
You did mention about some people being in a state of denial in your party, well its about time you do some reflections too, plus you said that many are sensible.If you are sensible, then think and act with a sensible mind.
Bikin lah serupa cakap tu.Anyway selamat hari raya Aidiladdha

Anonymous,  17 November 2010 at 10:57  

DAP is stupid, cruel, uncivilized, inhuman, sinful, no amount of facelift and makeup can disguise the sinister aims of this Devilish Anti-Malay,Muslim Party and what they will do to the country and the citizens.

The leaders are racist, tyrannic, despotic, barbaric, they will oppress and marginalize other races esp. the Malays, they will cripple their own country to stay in power and prolong the looting  - what the Chinese been doing all these while! 

They will squander billions and plunder 100s billions tax payers money, their children promoted to ministerial post even lost in election, their children like that Lho guy will spend the loot lavishly over sea whereas the hardworking ordinary Malays has to work and earned a meagre RM 468 salary and study hard to earn their degrees while their Chinese  children will be given copies of exams questions prior to the exams  so that they can score like they've been doing all these years. 

Many Malay  talented students with very good results will be side lined to give way to less qualified students base on skin color and aligned to the elite group. 

What an wicked and evil party is this, embrace satanic, evil ideologies, engage in sinful practices, causing huge losses, damages and suffering to the society and country

walla 17 November 2010 at 13:41  

A: 'Sir, there are many things which our blogger has written here in his two posts on a post-Umno Malaysia. What do you sense of them?'

B: 'I applaud his intellectual honesty and share his despair.'

A: 'Is that all you want to say? Surely there must be more to it?'

B: 'What's the point of my saying anything anymore? Que sera sera. As with everything in life, our nation will ultimately find its own level, Sofea. And by the looks of things, the nearest recycle bin.'

A: 'That's too fatalistic for even me, Sir. Go ahead, throw me your thoughts.'

B: 'Tabula rasa?'

A: 'Tabulated taste?!'

B: '(eyes roll). No, Sofea. Clean slate, no preconceptions.'

A: 'Oh oh, i sense a storm coming...'

B: 'Ok. Let me start with a quote. It's from Darwin. He said it's not the strongest of the species which survive, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most responsive to change.

So next we ask what is the most unresponsive factor in the mindset of our Malays which prevent them from changing.

I think it's their idee fixe that their land and identity are being taken over by immigrants so that they must fight through politics to defend and safeguard all that they can get.

And this stubbornness is magnified through the prism of Umno via its self-arrogated objective to champion and advance the cause of Malay interests.'

A: 'But, Sir, Najib has come out as the first Umno president to say that our nonMalays are no longer immigrants.'

B: 'Sofea, there are two things here.

One, the fact he said that doesn't mean the rest of his Umno members accept what he said in much the same way one can expect they will cringe at what he had said before the Chinese assembly that without the Chinese, there will be no future.

After all, did he walk his talk when he did nothing to solve the flood problems of Chinese-predominant Sibu so how much weight can the rakyat expect from his words as a political leader?

And you know it's true because despite his assumed accommodating stance towards the nonMalays, the rest of the Umno herd at their recent General Assembly were just a cackle of the same-old arrogant and racial chauvinists. A parade of the best of the worst before the tv eyes of the blinkered.

The people who were supposed to take orders from him every day were in fact indirectly telling him they knew he was just saying things for the gallery.'

walla 17 November 2010 at 13:41  


A: 'Sir, i think you're unduly harsh on him. He has to walk the tightrope with a view to long-term resolution amenable to all interests. He has to practise the most difficult art of management - bimodal taiqi - or solving two problems simultaneously which carry apparently opposite objectives.

In other words, he has to be a diplomat first, then a leader second, and finally an administrator last.'

B: 'Let me continue, Sofea. I said there are two things. The second thing is about facts. Since our Malays are not our Orang Asli's, therefore our Malays are also immigrants. In other words, the history of this land didn't begin from 1400AD. So let's see how the SPM sejarah syllabus will be rewritten by malay-first but bugis-rooted Muhyiddin.

And since it is obvious that the idee fixe of our Malays has come about because they see our nonMalays, labeled immigrants in all but name doing better, shouldn't our Malays accept the fact that if they think themselves as immigrants as well, then then the success factors of the nonMalay immigrants can also be emulated by our Malay immigrants?

In other words, success in the world is not a function of some outlandish naturalization. Personally holding a first class citizenship, especially built on a pact between non-originals, doesn't make other second class citizens less capable. Success is a function of constantly thriving despite unremitting changes every day.

And to do that needs guts, hardwork, sacrifice and brains. Which means what the resisting mindset has implied is that our Malays don't have those things. And that is something i won't accept. Because to accept it is to accept double standards for humanity. If we cannot accept double standards in a court of law, how can we accept double standards in a society, especially one supposedly founded on moral highlights that celebrate diversity and ethical honesty? If we can accept double standards, how have our Malays working overseas survived until today? Did they get any special privileges?

You want a practical perspective as well? If our society remains divided so that different communities will do business within their own race, won't our Malays suffer the more for losing at least half their customers from the other races?

If anything, the world has become more integrated and networked. People are not islands or archipalegos. We depend on one another independent of politically-designed artificial constructs in order to meet and triumph over globally-sprung changes. A friend in need is a friend independent of race indeed.

You know, Sofea, i have just given you a biological foundation for human cooperation in the modern world.'

A: 'But surely Sir, our Malays also need to nourish their pride that they can stand on their own.'

walla 17 November 2010 at 13:42  


B: 'So do the others, Sofea. But to do that, one must first and before anything else lay an honest foundation for self-reliance. Do our Malays have the attributes and qualities to sufficient levels to take on challenges on their own? I can answer that. If the program had been phasal in helping them to help themselves, then the objectives could have been met. Instead, it was helping them to help certain others more while creating feigned threats pinned on the nonMalays in order to continue the dream-scheme. How can this be right?'

A: 'Sir, events have overtaken what you have said. The Umno leadership has realized it has made huge mistakes and it is trying to make its members mend their ways. See, they have even suspended the BTN chap. It will take time, Sir.

B: 'Sofea, can leopards change their spots?

Will the doktor emeritus defense minister in saying that perhaps the nonMalays are less patriotic also say that he is puzzled why this should be so since he can confirm all conditions of employment and promotion are the same, and he is willing to attest to that in writing in front of a notary?

Now how dare anyone ask that of him as one of six ministers in Najib's cabinet still aligned to the Toon?

Sofea, let's not talk about appearances and forms anymore. Let's get to the heart of the whole matter.

And the heart of the whole matter is this - what is a government? Please answer me after looking over all the events and things which have happened in this country in the last, say, forty years. What is a government in this country? That's my question for you.'

A: 'Well, Sir, a government is the organization or agency through which a political unit exercises its authority to control and administer public policy, and directs and controls the actions of its members or subjects.'

B: 'Hehehe. Well, normally it starts like that but after a while, it becomes something else, doesn't it?

Sofea, the government here is just a collector and dispenser of public funds. Including those from the ground.

That's all, Sofea. Funds and nothing but funds. No funds, no fun, eh?

Let me give you an example of how not to differentiate a government on the basis of politics. In other words, the system aspect of government. It's a simple example, really. The longkang in my backyard alley.

Over time, moss and weeds grow in it clogging the drains. Which means if rainwater collects, mosquitoes breed and there are children in the area. Well, under Barisan, the worker came regularly. He was an indonesian. I remember him as a sad-looking and quiet but very conscientious man. He cleared the drains until they looked new. Never said a word. Next, under Pakatan, the workers were now from Bangladesh, chatty and noisy. They stopped, looked at the clogs and had to be coaxed to do their work otherwise they would have walked away. Months later, the drains were clogged up again. Then one day, a Malay man in a jacket walked by and took photos using a small camera. A week later, a single worker appeared, no longer those workers, and finally the drains were cleared.

walla 17 November 2010 at 13:43  


A government independent of politics is just about systems. System of delivering proper service cost-effectively, intelligently and efficiently. A proactive system would make sure that its efficiency is measured by how infrequent the citizens have to suffer derelictions or siphonages.

Over time, any government worth its salt would have to do its job more effectively than a similar service provider in the private sector.

Can we say that in Umno which has roosted for half a century we have found the epitome of government efficiency and cleanliness?

So, independent of politics, government here is all about money. Who controls the national treasury controls everything.

Therefore, my question to you, Sofea, is whether Umno has changed enough to be considered responsible to the rakyat in the way it collects and dispenses public funds.

From that question, everything springs forth. Whether our blues should eat mcdonalds with students, how a signature can be worth forty million ringgit, the annual parade of the derring-dos recorded in our auditor-general's reports, even how come the living room of an expired Umno chieftain as seen on tv was so big that it could comfortably admit at least twenty men paying their condolences, especially when one also recalls the photos of the other mansions of branch chiefs elsewhere of an organization which says it champions the interests of the poor Malays, no less the interests of the poor others, those others who must surely take delight a few of their students will finally get five grand each a year over three years while our illustrious education loan fund can bleed over twenty five billion to-date. And don't forget the ferrari and porsche in the porch.

How have the public funds been used, who have really benefited from them, and where has it all gone?

And that, Sofea, is government of the people, by the people but for the ?'

walla 17 November 2010 at 13:47  


A: '(sigh) Isn't there anything else you didn't notice, Sir?'

B: 'I have a complaint about Parliament. Which idiot designed the ergonomics until our MPs have to read their replies standing up but looking down all the time? Why can't they be given laptops, ear-phones and mini-mikes?'

A: 'Hehe, Sir, maybe they can go one more step and wire the laptops to their heads directly.'

B: 'Sofea, i will have a problem with that. We know the laptops have brains. But the other end of the wire?'

A: 'You're incorrigible, Sir.'

B: 'Government in our land must be about balance.

The blogger said Umno had lost its balance and now asks for amnesty by working towards one.

For all their showmanship, the last GA delegates showed they not only have not regained it, they were actually traipsing like chimps on a tightrope.

Unfortunately for our country, there's no safety net below in the world. And they will bring this country down with them.

The most important things before us all are integrity with public funds and serious thrusts for national competitiveness.

If for instance the latter requires them to shore up our nonMalay SMEs and vernacular schools, will they do so and how much? Instead of polemics, Najib should just say it outright. And do the damn right things for once.

However, looking at them, i don't think they even know how serious is our loss of national competitiveness.

The world bank has just confirmed that Umno's policies have created the biggest income disparity within one community. Over ninety percent of the total.

And building hardware alone is no longer a magnet to attract investors. They have better offerings elsewhere.

You know, places where an above-ground train system doesn't fail just because the ground below has flooded.'

Anonymous,  17 November 2010 at 16:18  

Walla is being very sensible and clear about the problems at hand.Many others share the same notion,including you dato arif.Am i right? Well if you are really aware of all this then what change and reform are you expecting to take place?
Not being able to do anything besides to stand aside and look is killing many softly.
Frustrations are abound from the middle till the tail end.Only those at the top dont feel and experience this frustrations.Maybe you have read about this frustrations as seen in your writeups.Experiencing it firsthand day in and day out is different thing my dearest dato.

Anonymous,  18 November 2010 at 08:54  

USA is rule by white but their ideals has not been white.Malaysia is rule by Malay with its ideal not been Malay.All through it's history USA has committed atrocities , their people knew and not proud of it.Malays has been subjected to colonial and new comers , their people knew and proud to remedy it. Malaysia will be with the Malays and the Malay egalitarian ideals....which will eventually be pass on to the new friends.
Umno will change because there are power lucking in from outside and power depending on it from inside.Umno elite will be force to play with corporate rules and the public demands.

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