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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Controlling the heavens

I am not done yet with what's happening in the communications industry. To me, cyberspace is the next business frontier. Anyone controlling it will have a stranglehold on our economy. I hope the government appreciates the implications of being in control of the heavens. It shouldn't leave the decision making as to who gets a piece of this business to people who make decisions arbitrarily and clearly with the intention of lining their pockets. I am now meeting up with an authority in this industry and will be writing more on this subject.

This morning, i joined many who think PM's instruction for the MCMC and the Ministry of Communications to review the award of rights over the 700 MHz spectrum as a welcome relief. There are many things which can be put right. We should now review the role of the MCMC and how to create a new Telekom Malaysia which SHOULD be the government organ controlling the basics of the communications industry.

While waiting for further writings on this subject, I would like to share a comment posted in response to my article. The comment was posted in the Malaysian Insider.

Clearly, there is lots on Sakmongkol's mind - from "I was an undergrad in UM" circa 1977, his brief take on the perennial Malay malaise (Melayu makan Melayu - chiefly, UMNO who else) and ending with YTL hitting pay dirt.

Without a doubt, the government "gifting" YTL Corp the 700mhz spectrum has everything to do with business and politics UMNO's Way. In most jurisdiction, especially economies of the North, such co mingle of business and political ties would have alarm bells ringing but not so in M'sia.

It is just a matter of time before elections are held but prior to that, before working the ground to get another opportunity (mandate) to continue to 'play' M'sians, forsake and 'makan Melayu' for another term, UMNO's war chest needs replenishing - and yes, the rational is a simple as that.

Except for MCA which is sitting on a healthy cash pile and Taib Mahmud's lot in Sarawak, UMNO and all components don't have access to liquid funds. To make matters worse, UMNO's track record speaks for itself, a bankrupt entity that is not a good credit risk that even Nasir Razak won't extend a helping hand should UMNO call for a loan. Loan UMNO money .... forget it, don't mention it for no banker will hear of it.

Francis Yeoh is a noted Mahatiew crony from way back, so what better way than to revisit old ties - roll out the red carpet for YTL to bag a deal and the son of a gun, born again Christian won't have to sell his daughter to kick back some to UMNO. And sure, other telco's aren't too happy (they will be buying bandwidth/excess capacity from YTL near future) such a major consideration was done and dusted without much ado. If anything, the entire deal was stitched up in double quick time just because Vincent Tan failed to launch his football gaming business, still moaning that lost opportunity but there are market signs Vincent Tan is side stepping various obstacles, regulatory submissions, cutting short due diligence with Securities Comm facilitating the soon-to-be listing of various Berjaya's Food and Beverage business into one stand alone company.

All in, Toto Tan's lost is Francis Yeoh's gain - the fella' with the 70's porn star mustache lost billions, not being able to 'realise' profits from a very lucrative 'cash' business, which in turn translates into UMNO's pain as well. And having said all that, my hats off and pat on the back to all who vehemently protested against PM Najib awarding "the" most lucrative of ALL licenses under the aegis of UMNO - well done.

Just to side track a little, I was against the decision of the football gaming license being awarded to Toto Tan but totally in support for a statutory gaming authority ie social welfare body of past, being charged with regulating and administering a football pool, in the same guise as how the football pool is run in the UK, or S'pore for that matter. The upside presents a two prong benefit by curtailing mob influence, mopping up excess liquidity from the market place. Also, if it ever takes off, the statutory body responsible for doling out profits from football gaming can operate in the guise of public benefactors, just like how the Hong Kong Jockey Club dishes out hundreds of millions in charity each year - making good a public vice for the benefit of a larger collective ]

I'm an avid market watcher, fully vested and it is clear there is much 'monkey' business of late. Beyond the normal horse trade, the KLSE is abuzz with multi-million/billion dollar capers - capers (not the edible) because UMNO is in need of hard cash, so just imagine the charades behind the screen, the uncertain deals stitched amongst few beneficiaries but what I know is the certainty of UMNO proxies and agents making off with their share of the loot and as expected, forsaking the greater good of fellow kin's - Melayu makan Melayu - is such a norm that victims no longer feel the pain.

If I could offer a cue to Sakmongkol, in relation to solving the Malay malaise, perhaps he should start addressing the problem and take the view that education provides the BEST solution.

The road to success (not necessarily material riches) begins with a superior mind - it always been that way from time immemorial, and there is no short-cuts to the method - none of that fast track, promise of false success/life on easy street Mr.Tech Transfer Mahathir Muhammud as advocated by that big slime ball when conceiving Proton. With hindsight, all that effort in vain resulting in many newly rich Malays cropping up - handsomely wealthy not from new or old money BUT "stolen" loot that deprives the more deserving and the many who really really need assistance and a meaningful leg up.

DAMN all 'em monkeys of UMNO, BN dogs and also the notable royal leech - DAMN all y'all blood suckers.

Pray read these comments with an open mind.


Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 10:09  

Dato' Sak,
The above comment put to record what is perceived to be true by most readers. Plundering some riches under the guise of building up UMNO's war chest. Some may filter into UMNO's coffer, just some...

Pak Tua

Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 10:26  


So u'd censored my part2 (about why umno elites works hand-in-glove with non-malay cronies) & also my reply to that pseudo-smart-alecky

Never mind, its yr blog.

Now, let me ask that ultimate question of WHY 700mhz is SO..sooo important within that infinite length of EM spectrum?

This question has NOT been surfaced bcoz most (KJ speech-writer included) cant see the forest for the tree.

Yes, useful blocks of spectrum is pricey & governed by the individual countries. There is NO universal agreement about common base, with the exception of those fall under ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band worldwide. These ISM application ranges r usually very range-limited & block-limited due to their original designed allocation. (, quick - go google & study IFF u can understand)

cont 2

Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 10:30  


Now, with the encouragement of US, this 700mhz is been ear-marked for world-wide COMMON COMMERCIAL digital broadcast. Already there r many countries have put their signatures to that agreement. EU is the only grouping, who signed with a caveat. Its universal status is a done deal. It also means that individual govt has now almost NO control over this range application, just like those under the ISM applications. One just assigned that block, & its usage application is universal. Something like the transition of INTRANET to INTERNET! In a nutshell, it's a land-based pseudo-SAT transmission protocol.

Astro eats yr heart out. & understand why TM is still sleeping in the job?

This particular frequency range was conventionally used for analog TV transmission. Its power/coverage efficiency suits this application.

But with the advancement in digital broadcasting technique & the redistribution of this spectrum range for digital transmission, it means that now a POWERFUL broadcasting tool, with long range coverage with low power, is opened for military, commercial applications across the globe. Both these applications have significant cross-borders implications that many lesser developed countries r unable to comprehended & grasped the opportunity.

Hopefully, Wikileak can throw something onto this.

So go & chew on this!

Ariff Sabri 30 November 2010 at 10:49  

anon 10:26

sorry i didnt censor yr part 2. there wasnt any.

Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 11:02  


G'day !

I'm afraid only God is controlling the heavens, not PM, not YTL, not MCMC and surely not the ordinary 'rakyat'.

Only when we have a capable, accountable and transparent government will the 'rakyat' see the light of the day.

That's why we should support Raja Petra's MCLM initiative.

OneMalaysian,  30 November 2010 at 11:09  

Dear Sakmongkol

What that anonymous writer wrote is the absolute truth. That is how close certain cronies are to the UMNO big wigs. They are prepared to pay big. How many politicians can resist money stuffed in suitcases? The YTL Yeoh’s are expert in this game of cozying up to the powers that be. But they are not alone. Vincent Tan is another one. Now that it is election time, sludge funds are in high demand, hence the frantic attempts to dole out gaming licences or cyber bandwidth.

Remember what you said about the British occasionally shooting an admiral or two? Yes, if Najib wants to run a tight ship, he should start doing just that. There are already a couple who deserve that punishment – the MCMC chief and the chap at Ministry of Finance giving out the gaming licence. But hold the fire! They might have been merely obeying orders. Underlings like them don’t have the power to give away the crown jewels. We should shoot someone far higher up.

Quiet Despair,  30 November 2010 at 12:34  

Really there's nothing new.
You scratch my back, I scratch yours.
Sama-sama makan, sama-sama kenyang.
Garbage in, garbage out, year after year.
Awaiting the outcome of your meeting with the people that matters.
Grill them hard, Bro Sak.

Chinaman,  30 November 2010 at 14:25  


I do not know what beef you have with YTL and its like. I for one would like to see more Malaysian champions out there. So what if they have 1st generation IPP, they saw the opening and went for it. It obviously involves lobbying and a lot of convincing. But look it's no different from anywhere else.

From one miserly IPP look ow they have built upon it. They now own the most profitable and largest water supply and distribution business in UK, they are the second largest power producer in Singapore after SingPower, they have electricity grid in Australia and power plant in Indonesia.

So they go for 700mhz so what, they see the opening they go for it. Like that also cannot ah?? This is business Dato, you see opportunity you go for it.

You want to blame you blame your BN govt and corrupt officials. If they play the thing above board and let ppl bid for it openly you will have no such problems. Alas, our Govt have no such resolve.

Your previous article, suggests we award the spectrum to TM and lease it to operators, is so typical of Malay state of mind. no value to add, no clue even, but let us park the spectrum wt them so they can get a free lunch!!!! What non sense.


Ariff Sabri 30 November 2010 at 15:05  

this is yr problem chinaman- park it with another chinaman, it ok. park it with TM- not ok. you think you can do business better than the rest? you haven't read the comments in my earlier article. you give the same privileges and advantages which YTL got to another qualified Malay- se whether he can do the same. pls don't talk about old TM. we want a new TM. there is sufficient number of ordinary Malays hungry for the same chance.
what's yr beef with malays getting the same business?

Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 16:43  

Tuan Pemblog,

Politikawan dari semua spektrum tidak dapat dipisahkan dari kuasa. Kuasa paling berprestij bukanlah fizikal sifatnya tetapi kuasa membuat keputusan.

Cuba bayangkan kalau salah seorang politikawan pembangkang diletakkan pada kedudukan pembuat keputusan, apakah keputusan yang mereka buat adalah sama atau berlainan dengan keputusan yang telah diputuskan oleh lawan mereka?

Jawapannya adalah pasti, iaitu berbeza! Cumanya apa yang berbeza itu? Nah! dalam konteks isu yang dibincangkan, kalau sekarang ini keputusan berpihak kepada si A, tetapi kalau pembangkang yang membuat keputusan ia akan berpihak kepada si B.

Bagi jurublog pro-pembangkang, keputusan untuk memberikan kelebihan kepada si A adalah dianggap tidak kena kerana si A dilihat rapat dengan parti lawan mereka tetapi bukan bangkangan itu disebabkan oleh keputusan berkenaan bertentangan dengan amalan biasa.

Soalnya, kalau yang membuat keputusan adalah politikawan pembangkang dan yang mendapat keistimewaan adalah si B, apakah jurublog yang sama (pro-pembangkang) akan membuat sebarang komen meskipun cara B dipilih adalah tidak ada kelainannya sebagaimana si A dipilih? Rasa-rasanya tidak, semua tutup mulut.

Ini bermakna, polemik yang timbul adalah disebabkan pertembungan kepentingan antara dua pihak yang taksub kepada blok masing-masing tetapi bukan kerana ianya bertentangan dengan nilai sejagat yang dipegang oleh kedua-dua belah pihak.

Kesimpulannya, bobrok yang sama bakal timbul juga meski pun pembangkang yang mengambil alih posisi pembuat keputusan. Ini kerana pembangkang tidak nampak ada lain-lain sistem yang boleh diikuti yang dapat memberikan kepuasan kepada semua pihak.


Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 17:53  


'there is sufficient number of ordinary Malays hungry for the same chance.
what's yr beef with malays getting the same business?'

R u joking!

I do have many beef with the current bunch of so called Malay entrepreneurs.

1st, let’s be honest – there is really not that many Ramly Moknin out there? Why Ramly, bcoz as thing stands on current setting, if u r not well connected politically, yr chance of achieving something in life is that much much lesser.

Here is the descending ladder of (Malay) business opportunity;

1)umno cronies with money (1st non-Malay then Malay)
2)umno ma’ cha (1st educated then FLCEs – these r 99% Malay)
3)ordinary Malay
4)PAS Malay

So, if u fall under category 3&4, unless u can work like hell as Moknin during his infant-phase business struggle, u r death meat to the competitive outside world. In between, u must also count yr blessing that there is a ‘guardian angel’ looking over yr shoulder. Otherwise, make very sure yr old man has left u with enough halal heirlooms. It’s a TOUGH live - so ever wonder why 95% of the young Malays go for the cat 1&2 short-cuts for their pot of gold in life.

cont 2

Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 20:51  

All that for the umno coffer.We are just fed up with the antiques of umno and that has been the umno sops'for their slush fund. where else do you suppose umno to get fund not from that RM1 lifetime membership fee

Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 22:09  

Salam SAK,

Tak kan la naive sangat, atau pura2? UMNO ni tak lekang2 crita x cukup duit. UMNO byk duit sebenarnya tapi yg dipercayai jaga duit UMNO semua pao habis2an. Jd smpai kiamat pun UMNO "xde duit".

Anonymous,  30 November 2010 at 23:51  

Hahaha @ chinaman

you're the joke la chingky tell it straight you prefer to engage with ordinary chingky same color right?

whats up with those descending ladder 1,2,3,4? and since when PAS malay work similarly like the rest 1,2,3?

Hey mate, there's not much ramly moknin but it would definitely stepping up the ladder.

Oh kalau tokay DVD bawak beemer 3,5 series lu takde beef pulak, macam itu punya kira kah?

Imam Muda or Bilal masjid putrajaya bawak Camry - OooO itu Rakyat punya duit "lu tak tau sapa bagi m'sia kaya?" itu macam lu insinuate kah?

- Ikan Tongkol -

BaitiBadarudin 1 December 2010 at 08:52  

Salam Dato' Sak,
You can get a free download of infoDev & ITU's Telco Regulation Handbook at
Hopefully it'll be of use to your analysis and critique.

Anonymous,  1 December 2010 at 08:53  


Agree with your suggestion - lock down MCMC and have them investigated by MACC.
There are just too many corruptions in the country and everyone is getting so bold. MCMC failed to carry out their duties.

Imagine, one MCMC Director proudly said, she asked people who complained to MCMC of the poor RTM reception to subscribe to ASTRO. Wonder, if ASTRO has in-house agents within MCMC to do their sales promotion?

Anonymous,  1 December 2010 at 10:03  

Ikan Tongkol,

Dungu would be more appropriate, or maybe that would be an insult to all aquarians too!

Could it be yr understanding of England is extreme for part 1 & the missing part2 didnt provide u with enough juice to revitalise yr grey matter to think deeper?

See, all the issue has to be about Malay & Chinese. What about the best Malaysian entity does it?

The world see us as MALAYSIAN & MALAYSIAN company only. Keep that in mind.

U want to win the race, OUT THERE, then bloody make sure that ONLY the BEST MALAYSIAN (person/company) does the job.

Otherwise, u r not only been done-in faster than u blink yr eyes, u r also the laughing stock of the world while u syok-sendiri with yr tin-kosong designation, for a company running with red ink, with fund coming from sugar daddy.

Or like all u ketuanan fan out there, NOTHING is M'sian if it's not control & manage by Malay, no matter how incompetent that Malay is.

Look like all the education been provided is been wasted, not only the amount of time & money, through these NEP-fit years.

R u people really that dump & short-sighted?

The hole is getting deeper & yet u still want to dig yrself in.

Or is the sense of fatality in-built or created by years of ketuanan propaganda?

Really hopeless!!!!!!

Anonymous,  1 December 2010 at 11:16  


Cuba suruh MACC korek siapa yang selalu guna YTL punya The Estates in Pangkor - beautiful beach villas. Siapa yang guna dan siapa yang bayar. Tengok jugak lah list siapa yang gana YTL punya yacht dan helicopter atau private jet. The you will know who's who that support YTL.

Itu baru yang kat Malaysia.

Helicopter helicopter company (not only of YTL) selalu juga diguna oleh pihak pihak tertentu yang gaji mereka kurang daripada RM25,000 sebulan.

Biasalah, you scratch my back I scratch yours!

Semua dah berlagak macam raja, lebih daripafa raja sometimes....

Anonymous,  1 December 2010 at 12:54  

The terminology “Ketuanan Melayu” or Malay Supremacy need not be debated because it does not exist in the country’s constitution, said history expert, Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim.
What say you Dato?

Red Alfa 1 December 2010 at 13:04  

Salam Dato'

Syabas, Dato' and don't we need more of you disclosing and will be continueing to disclose all the facts behind much murkiness!

Looking for and behind the big failings call for having the investigative insights for the unique technicalities and the dogged dedication to see good governance in play .... it's the job for many fearless nosies. Are they thereabouts but somehow/somewhat being leashed?

It's the OSA that now we have but a generation of journalists, investigators, prosecutors and judges all trained as pet poodles would!

There are someones having the growing lowdowns on the MRT. They are praying hard for the coming of a Malaysian wikileak!

Anonymous,  1 December 2010 at 17:25  


Here is something equally interesting about MCMC. I copied from YB Wee website.

YB Wee,

Kami mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kpd YB kerana membangkitkan soalan panas berkenaan USP kelolaan SKMM. Kami memohon supaya YB dapat mengemukakan soalan-soalan berkaitan SKMM berhubung isu-isu berikut:

1 Gaji terlampau tinggi COO SKMM Dato’ Shahril Tarmizi
Berapa gaji beliau? Oh man.. you won’t believe it. Kami diberitahu gajinya melebihi gaji YAB PM dan Pengerusi SKMM sendiri iaitu RM58000 sebulan !! Gaji Pengerusi SKMM baru RM25000 sebulan, tapi COO SKMM mendapat lebih dua kali ganda…hebat ! hebat ! Apa yang lebih menarik, jawatan COO SKMM tak pernah wujud sebelum ini dan tak pernah diiklankan, walhal, SKMM perlu sekurang-kurangnya mengiklankannya terlebih dahulu dan penapisan ketat perlu dijalankan sebelum mengambil seseorang untuk memegang jawatan penting tersebut.

Jawatan tersebut pula sepatutnya tidak berstatus tetap. Sepatutnya jawatan ini berstatus kontrak sahaja dan tidak boleh lebih dari 3 tahun memegang jawatan itu. Jika prestasi cemerlang baru boleh dipertimbangkan untuk sambungan kontrak. Oleh kerana jawatan disandang berstatus tetap, jika prestasi kerjanya macam sampah, tiada siapa boleh mengambil tindakan terhadap dia seperti pemberhentian atau sebagainya.

Sebelum dia re-join SKMM sebagai COO, dia memegang jawatan sebagai Pengarah Eksekutif di Bina Fikir. Pada masa yang sama, dia juga adalah Ahli Lembaga Suruhanjaya SKMM. Kami percaya perlantikkannya sebagai Ahli Suruhanjaya SKMM dan pada masa yang sama memegang jawatan COO SKMM ada “conflict of interest”. Siasatan perlu dijalankan untuk mengetahui bagaimana jawatan COO diberikan kepada dia.

Semasa dia menjadi Pemangku Pengerusi SKMM banyak funny things telah dibuat. Boleh dikatakan salah guna kuasa la.. Beliau ada banyak harta termasuk sebuah rumah di “Down Under”. Mungkin SPRM boleh tambah kes ini dalam KPI mereka untuk tahun depan.

2 Projeck Mobile Blocking (IMEI)

Projek ini adalah untuk menyekat penggunaan handphone yang dicuri atau hilang. Projek ini melalui proses “tender-free” dan “direct-award” kepada Numera Sdn Bhd yang dimiliki oleh Dato’ Amin (Impact). Setiap tahun syarikat ini akan memperolehi RM60juta atas bayaran RM2 yang dicaskan kepada pelanggan. Pihak Celcos tidak berpuashati mengenai projek ini kerana diberikan kepada Numera dan membabitkan kos pelaburan yang mahal. Tak silap kami, owner Numera adalah kawan baik Dato’ Shahril Tarmizi…? Cuba siasat peranan Dato’ Shahril mengenai isu ini semasa beliau memangku jawatan Pengerusi SKMM.
Minta jasa baik YB Wee war-warkan perkara panas ini. Makin naik la saham YB moga-moga..terima kasih.


Anonymous,  1 December 2010 at 17:27  

This is from YB Wee's about problems in MCMC again..

1 Gaji terlampau tinggi COO SKMM Dato’ Shahril Tarmizi
Berapa gaji beliau? Oh man.. you won’t believe it. Kami diberitahu gajinya melebihi gaji YAB PM dan Pengerusi SKMM sendiri iaitu RM58000 sebulan !! Gaji Pengerusi SKMM baru RM25000 sebulan, tapi COO SKMM mendapat lebih dua kali ganda…hebat ! hebat ! Apa yang lebih menarik, jawatan COO SKMM tak pernah wujud sebelum ini dan tak pernah diiklankan, walhal, SKMM perlu sekurang-kurangnya mengiklankannya terlebih dahulu dan penapisan ketat perlu dijalankan sebelum mengambil seseorang untuk memegang jawatan penting tersebut.

Details from here:

chinaman,  1 December 2010 at 18:07  


I didn't say give to chinaman. I say open tender the fella and do it above board. The reason YTL can seize the initiative is precisely because there is no transparent process in the whole thing.

We rakyat don't care who get it for as long as it a CLEAR and OPEN process. My point is why do you take down YTL or anyone else for that matter for seizing the initiative. If you want the best for country and consumer competition and creativity has to be cornerstone to how we run the country.

The beef I hv with the idea of TM controlling the spectrum is simple, what's the value add? And where the due process. By awarding the spectrum by default to TM, we are just creating an additional layer between service provider and consumer with no apparent value add. If the spectrum is so key, MCMC lease the bloody thing to everyone la. Why create a structure to add to cost and gv TM free money? TM wants it compete for it in open tender. The let consumer decide who to buy from.

FYI I am TM subscriber hor.

chinaman,  1 December 2010 at 18:20  

Dear Ikan Tongkol,

That 1 2 3 4 comment wasn't mine bro. My stand is simple, I love my rendang as much as I do my babi guling.

I just call for open tender on the spectrum, if anyone was to get monopoly it has to be gov agency who leases to highest bidder. I only understand what I get as consumer and service level that what I care about.

Let's do it above board for a change.

Bro kaya no kaya, is your own choice. Behind every dvd seller with a bmw is a melayu fella with a cayenne or bentley. We reap what we sow brother.

zarinahtakesapaycut 1 December 2010 at 19:35  

Trying to bring this matter to the public eye Sir, Could use a leg up by having the link in your blog.

Questions regarding the way the Securities Commission's Audit Oversight Board is discharging its duties to the public.

Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar must take a RM100 paycut

Audit Oversight Board -Chronology of formation and...

Accounting fraud. Recent history from around the w...

Anonymous,  1 December 2010 at 21:12  

to chinaman
NOthing to be amused or shocked by your comments.Thats typical of you buggers.Did i generalize all as being with that kinda of attitude? opss! nope.Ada juga yang sensible and mahu sama sama cari makan.BUt u are not one of them.too bad.
to dato sakmongkol
call a spade a spade but then all talk no action.The plunder and looting continues as we stand aside and look.Poor me.

Anonymous,  1 December 2010 at 22:12  


You keep harping about TM being right choice for the 700MHz spectrum. However TM should first revamp itself and replace it's useless and inefficient employees (from top down) with the right calibre people first before anything else. TM should first improve it's mediocre services to prove themselves to the malaysian public. If TM is awarded the 700 MHz spectrum with it's existing human resources intact, you are pissing against a head wind.

TM cannot even properly manage or operate their basic telco service (fixed line and streamyx) despite being the monopoly since day 1 and yet you have your delusional opinion they have what it takes to operate the 700 MHz spectrum.

What's your real gripe?? Is it because you dislike YTL since it is chinese owned? How about awarding the bandwidth to say, Primekar or an UMNO linked company or a bumiputra company since Primekar also did not have any experience with submarines maintenance and yet they were awarded the servicing contract.

Anonymous,  2 December 2010 at 00:10  

Anonymous 10:03

No I dont get you're drift.

enlightened me please moi enlizia is not very good sir

Oh no,no, no ... definitely not a chink vs malay issue you misconstrued moi

Oh probably Ramly Moknin aka Ramlee Burger is a no brainer either?

@ chinaman sorry mah bad and i absolutely concur - behind every dvd seller with a bmw is a melayu fella with a cayenne or bentley.

We reap what we sow

Ah Babi Guling ... Bali Calling No?

- Ikan Tongkol -

Anonymous,  2 December 2010 at 01:25  

To Chinaman.

Your words show that u r pro-Chinese. Pls admit it.

FYI, I hv been in this communications biznes for 13 years. I know the 700MHz allocation (not assignment, there is a big difference between those 2 words) to YTL involves the top people at Ministry AND MCMC. And this MCMC people are also pro-Chinese like you. Pls look at MCMC's org chart, and make a guess who are they.

The bottom line in, the allocation did not go thru the normal process like spectrum tender, etc.. (the awards of 3G and wimax spectrum a few years back followed this tender process called "beauty contest"). MCMC tries to be as transparent as they can, but this new set of Menteri & Cronies are just too greedy. 700MHz is the best spectrum for Mobile Broadband. That's why the captains of the Celcos sent the love letter to our YAB PM. And that spectrum should be available only after 2015.

Anonymous,  2 December 2010 at 08:22  

Ikan Tongkol,

I'm the one that object to yr link with anything aquarian. I'm that Chinaman.

Too bad if yr enlizia is not very good. & there is not much help too when someone’s maruah bangsa comes into play. When that happened, often time the juicy part is lost, deliberately or unintentionally, along the blog pages!

‘Oh probably Ramly Moknin aka Ramlee Burger is a no brainer either?’

Comes on, Moknin is soooo low profile that if someone didn’t mentioned him way back about his struggle with a burger stall at Jln TAR, u most probably only know him as a burger u chew on yr chow time.

BTW, currently Monkin is also suffered from the disease of the 3-generation-wealth. No guarantee what he built up will last through that proverbial circle.

See the Almighty is fair – one only enjoy what one’s effort created. The next generation’s well-being is only a side-effect aberration.

Incidentally, there r DEFINETLY not that many Moknin prototype out there among u people. No insult intended – it’s just the way of nature.

How to create more Moknin when the educated one climbs through the career ladder via sycophantic kow-towism, dis-regarding their 'education'? That’s despite the fact that majority of their academic qualification is achieved via spurious means, Many r also on extended probation. Quantity matter, quality what?????

Even those, who parked their learning with Oxbridge, is not conscious about the moral ethic that they should up-hold. Money now is above everything, even yr parent & the supposed guidance of yr religion.!

Strong words, BUT 100% truth.

Many of yr thinking is liken to the story of a drunk who falls into a river on his way back from a haram merriment. While a good Samaritan is trying to help, the drunk cry out & ask if he is a kafir! If he is, then let the Lord takes him. Otherwise, by all means, save him!

Go figure after yr praying sections.

Anonymous,  2 December 2010 at 12:26  

Anonymous 08:22

Haiya, true what my English is not good and precisely perfect compared to others, the very least I am trying to improve it day in day out, too bad or not that’s subjective lor … takde sapa lantik lu jadi de fecto or even the “Guru” of all anonymous in the blogosphere.

Needless to say I yet to grasp totally what you meant by linking it to Aquarian – are you the long lost mermaid I’ve been looking for?

Tsk, Tsk, damn right Ramlee Burger is a struggle similarly like UMNO better yet every success would require Struggle no? apa lu cakap Ramlee Burger looooOOOooow profile? No one cares about Ramlee or Kit siang bak kut teh even Samy Roti Canai!

Basic common sense lor, shall take your Moknin comparison and why most of the Malay entrepreneur suffer more that 3-generation-wealth and likely will suffer and eventually will collapse. For simple layman like me better known as Ikan Sardin or Tuna in the “English” speaking world its purely MALAYSIANS are not simply innovative and unable to send across the right message – macam mana Ramlee Burger tak maju!?

Ah here’s the kicker folks WHY? It’s purely on EDUCATION upbringing.

Also you bet your ass the almighty is fair – but I agree to disagree kau la, and what ever floats your boat as well seating on your comfortable chair typing all those “anger” comments “no insulted pun intended – its just the way of nature”

Oh yea – I’ve heard different version of your story , a drunkard fell flat-face on some street and while in his head getting tipsy and almost puking his guts out, every turn and any chance of taking a glimpse of “brown” or even Islamic-allah-o-akhbar lookalike who tried to help the drunkard get up, the chap would curse the poor fellow for no apparent reason – what a prick.

Bring it on your Lord, I for once trust my own faith and I submit with my own pace and humble offerings – and that doesn’t mean I label everyone “infidel” or the trinity is just one orgasm party who likes to touch little boys bottoms.

- Ikan Tongkol -

Anonymous,  3 December 2010 at 10:57  

Ikan Tongkol,

This is my LAST reply to u - no point trying to enlighten a REAL pariah!

1st, where had I trying to be yr language guru? Prove it?

Yr consistent misunderstanding of my writing is glaring. Either u r been syok-sendiri within yr cocoon, or u r acting dumb.

This shown yr type of personality.

Read this - 'why most of the Malay entrepreneur suffer more that 3-generation-wealth and likely will suffer and eventually will collapse.'

Yr pseudo-maruah bangsa has TOTALLY clouded yr thinking about the above phrase, which is an imagination of yrs.

There r more examples, but then I'm NOT yr guru. Go figure yrself!

BTW, why insulting other's religion when there is NONE from the others?

Yr up-bringing shows u that is ok?

So, pariah u r to the nth power.

Anonymous,  3 December 2010 at 18:09  

Anonymous 10:57

The Feeling is mutual brother,

It takes one Pariah for another to be called one Pariah.

But then again thats mere assumption no?

Oh. Oops I didn't called anyone Pariah nor I'm belittle any Religion - I stand Corrected.

It is evident you got issues - go work on you're gibberish anger management on " Maruah Bangsa " simply passing on judgment god knows what do you mean by that


- Ikan Tongkol -

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