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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Footnotes on the Galas election


How can you predict BN will win in Galas. In the last outing BN lost by almost 600 votes? These were the questions friends asked me. With incredulity, if I may add.

That was in the last outing, I responded. At that time, the focus wasn't there. Gua Musang has 3 DUN seats. The other two being held by UMNO/BN. KU Li lost the peti undi at Kampung Sungai Terah. This is PAS stronghold.

This time, there is more focus and the stakes are higher. PAS is willing to lose this battle in order to win a bigger war. The bigger war is the interests of the Kelantanese in general and the possibility of a future unity government. UMNO and PAS know both will be drained of resources if both continue coming at each other's throats.

Ku LI sees this win as a means of substantive political rehabilitation. It's a chance to show UMNO in general, that he is a force to be reckoned with. In some ways, that has already been established. His appointment as director of this election is proof of that. UMNO bigwigs are paying homage and giving deserved respect to the person who would have become our PM earlier.

Since then a lot of things have happened. Ku Li has always been a respected figure. He is seen as sympathetic to the interest of Kelantanese as a whole. He does not distinguish between PAS kelantanese or UMNO kelantanese. Hence in the fight by Kelantan to get its oil royalties for example, Ku Li's role has been exemplary. He remains UMNO's most distinguished dissident. PAS is keen to cultivate his good will because they know they can count on Ku Li as the founding chairman of PETRONAS to set the records straight.

The man is more motivated by ideas of doing what is right and embraces undividedly the concept of the rule of law, the sanctity of contracts and so forth. He is also a democrat first believing we build trust with people if we fight on issues, ideas, beliefs and principles. Most of all, everything must be done in a civilized manner. Hence, from Ku Li's perspective, UMNO does not gain by attacking Nik Aziz or any other PAS leaders personally.

His approach in the Galas by election represents a different way of campaigning. He hasn't encouraged hordes of UMNO people swarming all over town creating a sieged atmosphere. Voters are not that keen either to see too many people converging into their homes, sometimes creating a confrontational atmosphere.

This different style is unnerving to both side of the divide. UMNO people are accustomed to the heavy artillery style. Hit them hard and hit them fast. Use everything at our arsenal to demolish the enemy. But this enemy could be a friend the next time around. In any case the use of overwhelming resources and power can be costly. We know the drill. People from outside demand this and that. The Perhubungan Negeris have to fork out lots of money to send troopers into Galas. The host in Galas has to make extra efforts to play the good host thereby diverting resources at the real target- the voters. Sometimes a lot of ill feelings are generated when visitors feel slighted when not treated accordingly. We don't need these aggravations to fight a common enemy.

So it's best to let the home grown forces to fight this battle and outsiders limited to giving supporting assistance. The Badan Perhubungan Negeri Sembilan which is headquartered in Taman Wangi for example has played a fitting role building goodwill among the inhabitants of Taman Wangi. They don't need to venture outside their sphere of assignment. It has played host to a kenduri recently and more than half of the inhabitants in Taman Wangi came. Speakers were able to explain the BN's stand on many issues. PAS responded by having a gotong royong sprucing up the surau in Taman Wangi.

The low key approach has also unsettled PAS's campaigning style. It has also slowed them down. Usually, they will respond in like manner to UMNO's aggressive style. This time around, they have to contain their exuberance reluctant to destabilize the good will they have created with Tengku Razaleigh and loath to destroy future possible alliance. Tengku Razaleigh can be a bridge for future talks with UMNO regarding Malay unity. PAS is not going to spoil those prospects

The Malay votes in Galas are split equally between PAS and UMNO. UMNO has to mobilize undivided support from its own members and those fence sitters. I hope the Ketua Pemdua Bazlan and Ketua Wanita, Wan Hazani will give their best to win this election.

As of last night, support from the orang Asli community has increased for BN. They may very well be the deciding votes that will give BN a victor. Their support comes as a result of trust and sincerity built over the years. When PAS leaders came a calling suddenly and offered to resolve orang Asli's land issues in the face of an election, they know, it's more to do with political expediency.

Ku Li enjoys almost complete trust by orang Aslis. I hope the orang Aslis will reciprocate the attention and service given by Ku Li over the years.

Today, the Malay first, Malaysian second TPM will come visiting Gua Musang. He is scheduled to have two sessions at 10 and 11 am. I hope he will take the opportunity to explain to the Chinese people in Galas, that despite his own personal stand, the BN government stands for moderation and justice. This is crucial coming from him. His clarifications, coming from a perceived Malay nationalist will allay fears by the Chinese community. Mahathir was a Malay firster but proved to be very inclusive when he actually deals with non-Malays. Muhyidin will need to give the same impression.

For the fence sitters, they have to think of the myriad of possibilities living under an environment that promotes modernity. This town of Gua Musang thrives on the industriousness of its business people and inhabitants who make up a large portion of the fence sitters. Drive through Jalan Persiaran Raya, on either side of the main road, there is much development. The buildings may be mostly owned by Chinese, but Kelantanese Malays are not shy to rent the premises and do business.

For these people, it's an environment that creates as much opportunities that is valued. This environment comes from a government and party committed to modernity. These, people know Tengku Razaleigh can fight for.


Anonymous,  3 November 2010 at 18:57  

Dato' Sak,
Many will be surprised to note that the development of the shop houses along the Jalan Persiaran Raya was the effort of Majlis Daerah Gua Musang during the PAS rule via joint ventures with the private sector. It has nothing to do with BN or the Federal Government. Your statement is a misrepresentation of fact and should be corrected. Your presumption on this score is definitely off.
Anyway the Federal Government paid for the land acquisition but never get to develop them. Ku Li was instrumental in acquiring the land but made the mistake of their life by keeping the title under the state so as to avoid paying tax. When PAS took over Kelantan and formed the Government, they found themselves to be the owner. UMNO thought they would rule Kelantan forever. I guess BN should learn from the mistake of UMNO Kelantan.
Fact Finder

Anonymous,  3 November 2010 at 19:04  

Dato', I will pray tonite that God willing PAS will win the Galas Election. Not that I hate TRH and much I respect him but UMNO needs a good lesson from the people and it will clear in the mind of TRH of the actual political situation in the country and then allow him to make his final decision either retire now or ready to be called Dinasour in UMNO or help to topple UMNO and once and for all help to reform the nation that we love!
Both sides have worked very hard and ALLAH maha mengetahui segala gala nya. Apa yang akan berlaku pasti punya hikmah nya dan terima lah ia dengan penuh keyakinan.
So be cool.......!!!

Anonymous,  3 November 2010 at 20:08  

Aku harap UMNO/BN di kuburkan secepat mungkin.


Anonymous,  3 November 2010 at 22:56  

Dato Sak,

1. Pembangunan di jalan Persdiaran Raya Gua Musang oleh Majlis Daerah Gua Musang adalah salah satu usaha kerajaan negeri membangun kegiatan ekonomi kelantan secara kerjasama dengan swasta.Walaupun dengan sumber kewangan dan hasil negeri yang terhad.

2. Pembangunan seperti ini rancak berjalan diserata negeri. Kota Bharu khususnya di wakaf che yeh, pembangunan shoplots dan premis perniagaan ini begitu ketara sekali.

3. Mula-mula dulu saya sangsi siapalah yang akan menjalankan perniagaan dipremis-premis ini.

Namun sangkaan saya meleset. yang lebih membanggakan lagi, ramai orang melayu yang menjalankan perniagaan di premis-premis ini, bersaing dengan bukan melayu.

Ini satu fenomea yang membanggakan kita orang melayu. Berbanding dengan tempat-tempat lain, kita sewajarnya tabik kepada orang melayu kelantan.

wak jerman

Quiet Despair,  3 November 2010 at 23:19  

Insyallah, within an hour its curtains down and by tomorow night, Aziz is the new Adun of Galas.
Lucky you saudara to be the first to know tomorrow before the official result is beamed nation-wide.
And Muhyiddin wrapped up the hustings
well with sembahyang hajat for Aziz's victory.
And life goes on including for Ku Li.

Anonymous,  4 November 2010 at 00:33  

Cuba Dato & sdra2 jalan2 ke teluk mas & air molek, melaka.

Akan kedapatan melayu yg berniaga dalam kedai2 yg baru didirikan.

Mcm kelantan.

Alangkah moleknya tunggak parti melayu umno memperjuangkan pembangunan iktisad anak jati semerata jajahan negeri & tidak hanya rakus mengejar laba dengan fokus tak tentu hala mengkayakan segelintir di kotaraya kl & jb?

Anonymous,  4 November 2010 at 04:48  

Within the overall scheme of things, it is not a bad idea for PAS to give up Galas this time around. A rejuvenated TRH team could give hell to the corrupted and evil lot in BN ... but then this is politics.

Notwithstanding, I will still wish for a change of federal and state governments in the next general election and I will exercise my vote accordingly.

It will be naive to think that the current lot who runs the country can wake up next morning and work in the interest of the rakyat. They are way, way beyond redemption. TRH cannot change that.

Anonymous,  4 November 2010 at 07:43  

Anonymoue of 4:48,
Agree fully with you. It will be great if we could reverse the positions at both state and Federal level. Let us see who can deliver better, BN or PR. The people of Kelantan nearly changed the state government in 2004 GE but Slumberjack handed it over to PAS again in 2008. With the current leadership in UMNO/BN who in their right mind would want this party to be in power? It's suicidal.
Pak Tua

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