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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 25 November 2010

Snap election is a march of folly

I think Dato Najib has better watch out for overzealous news carriers saying that it's time for general elections. The recent victories in Galas and Batu Sapi are no indicators of a changing tide in people's affection. Galas was won on account of Tengku Razaleigh. Batu Sapi's victory leaves a sour aftertaste. Shafie Afdal worked hard to deliver victory at Batu Sapi. Good for him, though not necessarily for BN.
People are looking out for success stories. Where are they? Success at carrying out an Islamic Fashion show in Monaco doesn't conjure a feel good approval. People know, that show was just a machination by Reza Shah to earn some money. Those people attending the BAKTI bash the other day are also not impressed by the attendance of Shahrukh Khan and a bevy of Bollywood beauties gracing the event.
While they view as salutary the concern of HRH the Sultan of Selangor over the RM300, 000 dinner party by Yayasan Selangor, people are also eager to know how much the spenders spent on the Islamic Fashion Show in Monaco or the same event at St Regis New York. Can Messrs. Jamie Fox, Robert Deniro or Charlize Theron provide any semblance of accreditation that Islamic fashion has arrived? These elaborate PR exercises are too far removed from the exacting demands of life and reality in Malaysia.
What are people looking for? People want to see a purge of UMNO leadership. UMNO is a byword for arrogance and detachment from reality. UMNO is the political version of jom heboh and rah rah get together. Staying in power isn't the result of only UMNO people voting in. it's the people. You go around, there is still this easy to utter expletives against UMNO. To me this signifies a general attitude that is worrying.
What are people actually looking out for? First of all they want to see a new UMNO leadership composed of people, young or old who are committed to the greater good of society. They simply want good men at the helm. Dedicated, purposeful, determined and more or less clean. The last requirement usually insisting on a saintly quality is much overrated. The saintly person gets credit for himself and earns spiritual points. A saintly but incompetent leader while a credit for himself is a disservice for the greater good. It's not like entering priesthood.
People will definitely be looking at the state of the economy. With the appreciation of our currency, our exports will become relatively more expensive and we can expect export earnings to shrink. In major towns, the price of homes is getting more expensive by the day. In Selangor Malays are selling their houses in Taman Tun because of better price. With this demographic shift, UMNO/BN can forget about regaining Selangor.
The main scourge of this country is still corruption at almost every level of government and among political leaders.
I am reminded of the story of Voltaire which I have told before. He disembarked in Portsmouth and was greeted by an execution of a British admiral. Upon inquiry he was told that was the penalty for the inability of the admiral in killing French navy men. On the necessity of doing the macabre, he was told that every once in a while, the British finds it necessary to kill one or two admirals so that others will work harder.
South Africa's former police chief and ex-president of Interpol Jackie Selebi was convicted of corruption for accepting bribes from organized crime. The trial laid out his startling links with the criminal underworld, in particular with convicted drug smuggler Glenn Agliotti who was accused of giving him cash and luxury gifts. Would this kind of thing happen in Malaysia? In Hong Kong, the ICAC will check the bank accounts of top government officers including former top cop to see whether they have accumulated money beyond their salaries. Will that happen in Malaysia?
The best thing that can shore up PM Najib's credibility and seriousness is to arrest 2 or 3 ministers. This  should be our Voltaire moment.
Please don't make a decision based on the perceived weakness of the PKR and PR. Those PKR people are just going through a phase of bloodletting. They will regroup and reunite. Don't use Zaid Ibrahim as a yardstick. If he forms another political party, he will fade into oblivion. His only chance to stand as candidate would probably be as PAS candidate. Zaid Ibrahim made the mistake of forgetting that PKR was formed in the first place, having as one of its core mission, seeking justice for Anwar. It's in their DNA and Zaid just can't wish this will go away.
Decide on the basis of our own strength. This involves an honest evaluation of the readiness of the combat troops on the ground; the acceptance of the people of UMNO and BN and putting up winnable candidates.
The government in addition must earn the respect from the public. It must show some success stories.
The public is weary of empty promises. They now want action. The clamoring are in line with the PM's commitment to uphold the rule of law and imposing zero tolerance on corruption. It would appear every avenue of government spending is seen as a chance to skim the fat.
The purchase of laptop computers which can be gotten at maybe RM 200 from China are sold at RM 1000 apiece. A friend of mind has a more practical idea of refurbishing old laptops with new innards to make them current. These can be sold at a very much cheaper price than importing new.
A project such as building the new LCCT2 will incur cost overruns. Those people doing the costing and the quantity surveyors must have been boozed out of their heads to undercost the project the first time around. The purchase of capital items seems to be always overpriced because it incorporates the tea money meant for retiring KSUs and so forth. A former KSU of Home Affairs sits on the board of the Lotus group of restaurants and you wonder how on earth Lotus restaurants get unlimited supply of foreign workers.
So, please Mr. Prime Minister be your own counsel. You have been at this game since 1976. You are better at reading the tea leaves than others.


Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 08:15  

Every word here is true. This is the sorry state UMNO is in but yet unaware.
The arrogant party is still talking about ions, neutrons and electrons to kampong folks who are looking for their next meal of jantung pisang and daun keladi.
UMNO has completely not in tune with the pulse of the Malays community. It is in a make-believe world of its own.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 08:38  

Dato' Sak,

One simple example.

Please take a ride on a small kapchai bike around Kuala Lumpur City Centre,from Jalan Sg Besi to Jalan Tun Razak,then to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,Jalan Ampang,Persiaran KLCC,Jalan Stonor,Jln Bukit Bintang etc.

Then you can see and feel how "excellent" our road condition in Kuala Lumpur city centre itself and that potray how "excellent" our Public Works Department do their job.

Then we can shout loudly about Government Transformation Program

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 08:53  

Dato' Sak,

Another simple example.

I believe that you are aware on an issue regarding long overdue completion of a flyover/viaduct at Seri Kembangan (near Astro head office).This issues was been highlighted in media several times.

The length of the flyover is less than 300 meters but it took more than 3 years to complete and unfortunately until now, it is still incomplete.

Therefore, we can proudly talk about National Key Result Areas

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 09:03  


What's wrong with you? Today's UMNO is so full of capable leaders with the best interests of all Malays in their hearts. What's wrong with some little corruption here and there as long as the corrupt money still flows within the UMNO family. I disagree with you that UMNO needs to change because according to the PM and the DPM, UMNO has already transformed and is already winning the hearts of all the Malays in this country. Come the next GE, all the Malays will vote for UMNO (a vote for the BN is a vote for UMNO). See how our UMNO leaders like Muhyddin and Hishamuddin are working so hard in Sabah and Sarawak to show our East Malaysian brothers just how caring UMNO is. Which country on earth has their number 2 man operating an excavator to earn his daily bread?

I love UMNO the way it is now and I have not a single bad word to say about UMNO. You are being unkind and negative about my beloved UMNO. Are you a sour grape because no one listens to you in UMNO or is it because you are not given the opportunity to operate an excavator? Perhaps if you are gentler with UMNO, toe the line and accept our UMNO's entrenched practices of some minor corruption (in Rome do as the Romans do), you might have a great future in UMNO.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 09:04  

Taman Tun is in KL, not Selangor. Geographical error notwithstanding, why would the decision of a Malay (or another other race, for that matter), trading in their own asset (house) for something else that they desire (usually bigger house, but in a "new" area), be of concern? He is making a decision that maximises his own utility - he provides greater value on space, vs location - but yet your comments challenges his decision as something undesirable for society at large. This strikes me as a big brotherish, father-knows-all, perspective.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 10:12  

Now UMNO is enchanting the Malay community, exploiting its gullibility and burnishing its hollow pride (maruah bangsa) by sending a second Malay astronaut (or is it a space traveller) to space.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 10:56  

Baru Sapi? It was Musa Aman's effort and not Shafie's.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 11:00  


I hope our PM will not ignore your well meaning advice.

Failure to take careful note of this article and listen to the voices of the 'rakyat' will not auger well for UMNO and BN in the coming GE.

TomCat,  25 November 2010 at 11:32  

Good piece of reality - which most common folks know but not these corrupt scammer-politicians. Will Najib listen? Nah, he is too cowardly - been like that his whole life -so we'd continue to see more of the same til the sky crash on him.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 11:49  

This same KSU even endorsed the opening of a restaurant in Chennai in his good old glorious day under the regime of the son of Iskander KK.

Can Mr Rosmah truly believe that he can deliver the 2/3 mandate in the coming "erection", opps election? We, the people are feedup of his so called extended family enthics, spending rakyat hard earned monies without batting an eye for the need of the kampong folks, who are very IT, FB savvy and whatnots.

d'enricher 25 November 2010 at 12:25  


UMNO/BN need to lose big.

Accept the fact that right is right and wrong is wrong. If you are in the right there is no reason to worry of a fair justice, hopefully there are FAIR JUSTICE.

People all over Malaysia are ready for fairness, sure some are still thinking at all cost, but like it or not it is a matter of time. If not PRU 13, then PRU 14, 15 or so on.

If any of those people who takes what is not theirs and believed that they are safe because their friends in high places can take care of them as "I scratch your back, you scratch mine", think again.

We are ready, offer us something worthwhile, and never think that everybody can be bought.

On another note, what do you think of set election like they do in the USA. I think the concept of completing the term and limit the period of holding office will be good for Malaysia.

Have a nice day.


Greenbottle 25 November 2010 at 12:36  

"You go around, there is still this easy to utter expletives against UMNO."

Ah Dato sak... how astute and observant you're! yes, a case in in the MNC where i'm the only malay left standing the mantra is FUCK UMNO...and i guess most educated, idealistic and thinking young people everywhere are of the same opinion.

keep the malays stupid and ignorant and umno will be okay....

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 13:59  

Right On Dato Sak!

Rakyat want's results!

- Ikan Tongkol -

OneMalaysian,  25 November 2010 at 14:04  

Dear Sakmongkol

I have mentioned earlier that our country would be better served if we have two viable political parties or coalitions that can be an alternative to each other so that there is no monopoly of power. In other words, Malaysians will always have a choice. This will force political parties to do a better job at governance because they can easily be replaced at the next election.

Some people reading this might roll their eye-balls when they see that the alternative doesn’t look much like one. PR appears slightly weakened because of the comical stuff – funny if it is not so serious – going on at PKR. How could this coalition ever dream of replacing BN, corrupt and inept though it might be? Why should Malaysians want to vote them in when they seem not able to even conduct party elections, and some of their leaders behave in such juvenile fashion?

To this one should say, let’s be a bit patient. BN is a very old alliance. It had time to forge a cohesive front (at least most of the time, and at a minimum, during general elections). PR, on the other hand, had only been cobbled together less than 3 years ago out of the common aim to provide an alternative to BN.

The question voters should ask is this: Is it better in the long run to continue with a virtual one-party system, that is, only having BN (UMNO in reality), or to encourage the development of an alternative, even though this alternative (PR) currently looks like a donkey compared to the horse called BN?

The answer is this. Imagine a one-horse race. This horse doesn’t need to run because there is no competition. Even though horses are considered stupid, they can figure out that it is a waste of energy to run when there is no need to. Clever horse. Now, let’s introduce the donkey. On seeing this donkey run, the horse starts to sprint. We now have a good race. It doesn’t matter that the horse wins; the spectators (read: Malaysians) all gain because we had more entertainment (read: economic, social and other gains).

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 15:26  

With reference to your statement: "In Selangor Malays are selling their houses in Taman Tun because of better price", I assume you're referring to Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). Please take note that TTDI is under the Segambut constituency and is under the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. Thus, you may want to refer to a Selangor-proper residential location to cite your example.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 16:04  


A few good men! U will certainly qualify!

I sincerely hope U get back into a high impact public office and then keep saying what you are currently saying and more importantly ensure they translate into action as well.

If that happens, you as a person and what you stand for will resonate with all Malaysians regardless of race & religion!

Miracles do happen!

Stay Well!

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 16:12  

UMNO will never be able to change because it is too much at stake for many, including people at the top. They will fight tooth and nail to prevent their streams of free money being faded.

The only way is to dethrone UMNO and let a new set of leaders coming onboard.

By then, Malaysia will also have a better future than today.

MakYong,  25 November 2010 at 16:43  

Belanja RM300,000.00, tiba-tiba semua "peka"...

Boros RM2,000,000.00 cuti-cuti Disneyland, Dubai and Turkey belly dancing, semua nya "PEKAK"!

Ingat Rakyat jelita bodoh kah?

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 16:45  

The way they are rewarding themselves now is as if it is going to be doomsday tomorrow.
UMNO must be replenished with new less tainted blood to be acceptable by the rakyat and remain relevant.

Pak Tua

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 16:56  

Dato', Jibby knows everything on what you wrote today. But has he the will to execute and put it right? Don't think so! and surely you know why.And your article has identified UMNO exit strategy and only short of telling Jibby that he too must go away if he loves the party and the country.
Now with Zahid creating all the mockery of the non- bumi soldiers' loyalty and patriotism-what a mess!!! Dah lah orang Melayu meluat dan ditambah pula dengan perkara sebegini- aduh!... kucar kacir di buat nya.
Kesian dia....!!!

Asam Pedas,  25 November 2010 at 21:02  


Perhaps South Korea is a great disciple of Voltaire. They just fired their Defense Minister over North Korea shelling on their island. Other disciples are Japan, GB, India and any modern democratic elected countries.

Unless we want to claim that we are better and above those countries that Voltaire rule does not apply in this country.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 22:49  

I quote one Anonymous comment:

"What's wrong with some little corruption here and there as long as the corrupt money still flows within the UMNO FAMILY?"

These believe has become the norm for most UMNO supporters. They claim to fight for the Melayu but all they do is fight for UMNO-putra. The educated Malay youngsters fighting for UMNO think of UMNO as a salvation to richness and wealth. "Masuk UMNO baru boleh dapat contract. Apa salah komisyen sikit". It is not their fault, where are the role-models for a Malay success story? Majority of the rich Malay became rich through association to UMNO and its leaders. The corrupt,commision base earning and nepotism ways are the norm. They believe it is the norm and it is legit.

I am one of the youngsters who joined UMNO, playing golf on weekends as a student, in touch with top UMNO lads from my family connections waiting for a contract to come my way. I accepted this as a norm through the examples I see around me until I realise it’s not what UMNO can do for me it is what I can do for UMNO. Without skills and knowledge there is practically nothing I can offer to UMNO apart from expecting UMNO to make me rich. Even a fool can accept and realise that but not the typical UMNO-putra. To cut the story of my life short so I can elaborate my comments further, I indeed won a contract through my connections (or ‘cable’ the term used amongst rempit) but the guilty conscience started to eat and cut me deep inside. No prayer (solat) could heal the profound wound. I have achieved something through means of unfair advantage. Bribing JKR officials and contacting family members for recognition to a skill that I do not have. I gave it all up and started working hard, went to a top uni for further studies and secured a job in London base on merit, competitiveness and self believe that Melayu adalah bangsa yang berjaya.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 23:13  

Whats wrong with PM's policies and strategies?The current admin is the most professional and focussed ever.We now have very clearly defined roadmaps and transformation gameplans...a very comprehensive and detailed action plan.Which other country in the world have the courage and vision to do something similar.

The benefits are filtering through to the people.Crime is down,poverty is down,more people have electricity n water and we are living more harmoniously thanks to the groundbreaking 1Malaysia policy.

Lets appreciate what PM Najib have done.

Soon we will be doubly rich and can live in peace with doors and windows fear cos we have 1Malaysia neighbours and zero crime.

I love this country and is thankful that we have been given such a rakyat centric and extremely wise leader.Long live PM Najib..we are solidly with you.

Call for an election now and lets wipe the evil and the naysayers from this wonderful country.

Quiet Despair,  25 November 2010 at 23:25  

Yoohoo my friends

I think it's a headache for Najib to decide on the date. You can see it on his expresion when the reporters kept pestering on the date.
This is a 6 million dollar question even to him. To hold now or wait until nearing the end of the expiry term.
Uppermost is of course the economy. There's a fear in the US that from mid-2011 it will be bad.
So if going by that rationale, the GE must be in May or June.
But I think it all hinges on the Sarawak elections. Taib has said he got the inspiration for the date while on his recent Haj.
Najib is looking whether to hold the GE simultaneous with Sarawak.
or he should wait how the BN fare in that state.
It will be good for the government as the opposition will not have the machinery for such a massive task. Also it will save a lot of money than holding it separately.
And if I am not wrong, the PR states may not want to dissolve the state assemblies. Also a headache.
But I sense a buoyancy in UMNO now. Not because of Galas or Batu Sapi. But overall performance so far.
Let's see how the Najib-Muhyiddin meet the people session from January. If the feel on the ground is good, then the polls will be in the first quarter.
Also the impending cabinet reshuffle. Looks like they have no choice but to get rid of at least three, chief of which is Rais due to his son alleged graft scandal.
But I must commend the UMNO leaders and pro-UMNO bloggers who did not really go overboard on the Zaid fiasco.
Treat it as insignificant as should be.
But this Rah-rah person feels that the mood is upbeat and Najib must seize the moment.

P.S.You are right about the selling of houses in Taman Tun.
My grandmother sold her house there several months back and it fetched a very good price.

Quiet Despair,  25 November 2010 at 23:30  

Thank to my fans? who missed me during the last two postings.
I too missed your treatment of me.
But I am busy collecting rents lor.
Rent-seeker am I? It's hard you know knocking on doors to collect rentals.
Susahnya mencari sesuap nasi nak menyara keuarga. Wakaka.

Anonymous,  25 November 2010 at 23:44  

A good piece where one can sense the frustrations an UMNO man not involved in the fiesta the others are having right now. Seeing with his own eyes, how friends of Quiet Despair, do their work.

We have had those kind of frustrations years and years ago. Not now. No amount of words from us, could change or affect anything. Those numskulls continue to pillage.

Actually when all is lost and money is gone, the Malays and Indians would be the main losers. Why? Most are employees and many are poor.

When inflation the Zimbabwe kind strikes, businesses do not lose. They charge higher. And for those Chinese with abilities in academic, with capital, with good knowledge of Mandarin etc etc, they can also find employment with high pay overseas. Not all , but many will. See many Chinese work in government service? Few right?

But funny , it is the Chinese who are advocating for a better Malaysia for all.

Friends of Queit Despair... say no.

Ha hahahah , as far as we are concerned, with NEP or other affirmative policies, they are only minor irritation. We only need to use our brains to adjust.

After all the real losers are other races actually if any one of you would care to study it carefully.

The average working guy is losing a lot of purchasing power. The business guy and the migrating guy do not lose much but in fact gain from inflation. Inflation 5% they raise 10%... The migrated guys gets even greater returns when they earn stable foreign money.
Their properties increase in value.

So the ball is at the Malays feet actually. Decide how you want the country to be ruled.

It is Malays vs Malays and NEVER ABOUT Chinese Vs Malays.

In fact if PR wins, Malay power would increase .. by having more seats. We dont care or fear... as aforesaid.. we can survive anywhere in the world. Hence you find Chinese in almost every corner of the world. With the rise of China, wow.. opportunities abound if you use your head and knowledge of Mandarin to deal with those snaky Chinese in China.

We only want a good and fair Malay led government to allow us to achieve our dreams to be somebody in this world at the same time with our investments Malaysians of all races gain.

Petty and stupid Ibrahim Alis kind of talk just make us work harder.

flyer168 26 November 2010 at 01:11  


"...a country doesn't have to be an economic giant to be among the richest countries in the world.

It just has to have either a government that makes sure wealth is distributed broadly across the population or a small population that includes some extremely wealthy people." Unquote.

Just to share this...

See full article from DailyFinance:

This is the essence....

You be the judge.


flyer168 26 November 2010 at 07:05  



"...a country doesn't have to be an economic giant to be among the richest countries in the world.

It just has to have either a government that makes sure wealth is distributed broadly across the population or a small population that includes some extremely wealthy people." Unquote.

Just to share this...

The 10 Richest Countries in the World - DailyFinance -

This is the essence....

You be the judge.


Quiet Despair,  26 November 2010 at 10:05  

Zam zam ala kazam
Sak, Sak if you are to counsel Najib, when should the GE be held?

Anon 22.49

So you were once an UMNOputra who have mend your ways.Good.
There are many, many Malays both in the country and abroad who are successful in their own way without the benefit of cables from UMNO.
But alas, it was seemingly made as though Malays were successful via UMNO connections.
How many Malays, I think only 15 percent, who know UMNO leaders and benefit from the party largesse.
Take me as example. I was born in the US and spent 30 of my 40 years overseas following my dad who was posted in many cities of the world.
I attended a boarding school in the US from high school to a top varsity and then worked there. Took the advantage of a cheaper US education similar to other Americans as compared to our Malaysian students in the States.
I came back to claim my roots here 10 years ago and strive hard just like any other Malays. I only joined UMNO two years after I came home.

Anon 23.44

Chinese supremacy at work, eh. Friends of Quiet Despair say good for you.
Chinese have always had sense of importance that they are the great contributors to the nation's progress vis-a-vis purported paying high income tax.
That is really artificial superiority.
You are really the chosen one. The real supremacist who gained the most from our country. Count your blessings, my brothers.
What's the point of being tagged Malay supremacy when on paper you really have nothing.
Just a feel good thingy, that is all.
So lets stop this defensive stance of being so-called pendatang, second class citizens when you the ones reaping the harvest from the BN gomen which you so much castigated.

Gotta go cari makan now. Be back with you Sunday night.

Anonymous,  27 November 2010 at 01:09  

Sack those stupid ministers as in the likes of Hishamudin, Zahid. Let go of the Minister of education to some one full time.Clean up the Fed treasury. No more negotiated tender. How's that for a start.

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