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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 5 May 2010

PM Najib and his cabinet-1

PM Najib needs to have a new team. He is now the undisputed number one. It is not just about kicking out or bringing in new faces. It's also placing the right people at the right places.

Hishamudin Hussein who is his cousin has not performed well in his home minister portfolio. He appears to be impotent and couldn't rein in the IGP. In any other country, no chief constable to the country has assumed overt political stance. Any political stance has always been the province of the minister in charge of the police. Here in Malaysia, Hishamudin hasn't been up to the mark. He is no King Ghaz when the latter was the Home Minister to Tun Razak. He should be reassigned to another post. One that doesn't require the projection of a toughie. I know he is holder of a black belt in something, but he is no match for a Muay Thai exponent.

Loyalty shouldn't be the topmost criteria. Loyalty can be rewarded by other means- plum jobs at GLCs or ambassadorships. What is needed is leadership capabilities, skills dedication and smarts to do a job. More important, people who can operate on their own with the shared vision and ideals of the PM. Not necessarily always agreeable but loyal to a cause.

Just what is the meaning of indisposed? That's the description given to our invisible foreign minister. For the 1st time in history, Malaysia has an exceedingly shy foreign minister. I thought this is one of the easiest jobs for any given minister. Just for hobnobbing and rubbing shoulders with other foreign ministers and diplomats at cocktail parties. It should have been a cinch job for a person like Anifah Aman who is no stranger handling himself at glorified watering holes.

Since becoming the FM, we hardly hear of him. Perhaps he is not up to the job. He once declined to be in the cabinet when Pak Lah wanted to appoint him a deputy minister. I hear that actually one of the reasons he doesn't want to become FM is his extreme frustrations of being asked questions regarding the Altantuya murder each and every time he meets the foreign press. He can't handle the pressure. He says he has to fend off questions regarding this Mongolian every time he lands in foreign countries.

I hear he is asking to be stationed in Mongolia. He wants a sabbatical to take up the Mongolian language and understand the culture. So its time for PM Najib to let him go.

Put someone else with the silver tongue and hide thick enough to maneuver the issues. Yes, Rais Yatim will be a good candidate provided he is in the right mode always. If he has his emotional menses, ask him to stay home. His wife would be happy enjoying frequent sojourns in cooler climes. She is getting tired having to attend to the PM's wife. Let's see whether he will refrain from 'cakap oreng puteh'.

Its time PM Najib forged a team of his own- projecting his image, values and vision. Those deadwood ministers and deputy ministers who are no longer performing or are underperforming, must be encouraged to go off. Ask them to join PERKASA. Puad Zarkashi who seems to share a close affinity with the ideals of Perkasa should be let off. Maybe he can be UMNO's fifth columnist inside Perkasa.

Mukhriz Mahathir who seems not to serve any useful purpose other than as a shield against the tirade of the old man, should also be put to pasture. What did the victory in Hulu Selangor show? It showed the coup de grace for that victory was the personal appearance of the PM. It shows that the PM is sufficiently strong to be unassailable. He is no Pak Lah. He can stand on his own and by extension can make independent decisions. It's time for this PM to sever the umbilical cord to DR Mahathir.

PM Najib has no reason to be all things to all people. MIC which has only 3 MPs in Parliament should be adequately represented by just one member in the cabinet- and that too, at deputy level. The PPP who offers nothing to BN shouldn't be over tolerated in any way at all. Heck, PKR has more Indian MPs than PPP and MIC put together.


Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 14:13  

Heck, fire Md Noh Yaacob as well. He has fingers in the cookie jar.

Heck, heck, fire Koh Tsu Koon, too, while you're at it. He has fingers up Najib's ass.

Heck, heck, heck, fire everyone and start over.

yoong sin sin 5 May 2010 at 15:45  

i like yr last part.truth always.

Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 15:46  

Here in Malaysia, Hishamudin hasn't been up to the mark. He is no King Ghaz when the latter was the Home Minister to Tun Razak. He should be reassigned to another post. One that doesn't require the projection of a toughie.

Ask him to take Shahrizad post

Quiet Despair,  5 May 2010 at 16:11  

Aha Ini best. After my own heart. Can bitch about YB menteri kita. Thanks Sak.
I setuju bangat dengan semua nama you sebut. Luckiyly lah Hisham anak Husein Onn and cousin Najib. If not orang tak pandangla. Even then, people are only looking at the beautiful wife.
But Rais, of the infamous bridge burning, is past his shelf-life. Pension him off. Then his wife can concentrate on being full-time grandma. Sometimes, they both are acting like the Second Couple.
Letihlah dengar si Rais yang cakap sebutir-sebutir tu. And being Menteri RTM, he never fail to get a sound-bite. After Najib, RTM will turn their mike to him.
And talking about the wife, she enjoys being in competition with Rosmah. Note the DC dinner. The jewellery from the two maidens light up the whole room. The American ladies who normally wear costume jewellery must be thinking do this third world country ladies mine their own gold.
On Anifah guy, I dont know why the low-profile. Rais followed Najib to US. But at the same time, Anifah was issuing statements for Wiosma Putra including the cautionary visit to Thailand.
Time to replace Mukhriz with Khairy. Tapi Najib berani ke rock the boat??
On MIC, yep one deputy minister is enough. Let Palanivel vegetate in the Senate since he cant speak Malay well.
That Kayveas PPP fella yesterday was demanding a senate seat and a minister post.
They talk abut quota but fail to garner the required MPa. Geeeeeeeez!

sniper,  5 May 2010 at 16:24  


can you suggest a full cabinet
line up which you think can really meet the demanding responsibility.

In general I do agree with you that we don't need a free passenger but I can't figure out which these BN MPs can match the Singapore cabinet's capability in general as some of them keep a low profile when in Parliament.

may be you know better.

sniper,  5 May 2010 at 16:33  


Forgot to mention earlier.

What happen to the KPI and Idris Jala and Koh Tsu Koon.

Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 16:56  

Menteri Kewangan kedua Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni & Rais Yatim - Red Card

Both of the said minister above are indeed below par ESPECIALLY Rais Yatim most of the time talking gibberish.

It would be extremely nice if we could see Rais Yatim swap portfolio with Shahrizat Jalil let see how could Rais can "cakap Oreng Puteh" with them women, family community development -

Silap hari bulan pekena Kuali melayang muka Rais Yatim.

Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 17:08  

Dear Dato,

An excellent suggestion.

For PM to move forward, he needs a truly capable and dedicated team to fulfill his vision of 1Malaysia.

People first, performance now is great but above all, integrity, honesty and fair play for the 'rakyat'.

I wish the PM every success in his endeavour for reformation and transformation.

Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 17:43  

Either this PM takes it as what you have mentioned or it is time up for him to give up or will be kicked out soon.
But pity this PM, he has no choice of people in the UMNO hierarchy!!! The only thing is to look out of the box but don't select people like Jala, the ustaz general and The Mat Kotak!!! lagi serabut jadi nya!!!
He has to do it now or it will be too late when the onslaught of the wrath of people that soon he will have to face.
Tetapi Dato', Ia lah bak kata orang dulu, berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah atau too much baggage that he can't even sleep at nite. Kesian juga kat PM ni but if it is left unchecked the nation will be another Greece in the making!!!
Kita nyanyi je la Dato'
"UMNO terus maju....
tambah je la apa yang suka!!!
Tension!!!!.....dan lagi tension if PM holds hand with Brahim!!!

Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 18:07  

"What did the victory in Hulu Selangor show? It showed the coup de grace for that victory was the personal appearance of the PM."




Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 19:25  


I think people don't really understand your message in penning this article. What you have subtly revealed is the humongous gap in the number of capable politicians who can become good ministers.

When I hear Noh Omar talks I cringe. When I hear Mukhriz, I can either laugh or cry and whenever Muhiyudin opens his mouth, I always wonder whether his has engaged his brain beforehand. That's only for a starter.

Truth is what we have now is a bunch of half-past six politicians. Perhaps Najib should consider appointing capable individuals regardless of party affiliation.It has been tried before but never really been persevered. But such is the style-patronage of our politics I doubt it will receive strong support from politicians.

Sometimes I wonder what did we do wrong to deserve such as curse?


Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 19:27  

Salam Dato Dato',

Alangkah eloknya jika apa yg disarankan oleh Dato' itu akan menjadi kenyataan,tetapi melihat kepada perwatakan dan keperibadian PM DS Najib dan juga kepada cara dan pendekatan terhadap segala tindakan dan keputusan yg dilaksanakan sehingga kini,saya percaya perkara itu tidak mungkin berlaku.Namun begitu,saya percaya perubahan itu boleh berlaku jika ianya didorong oleh DS Rosmah.

Jika perubahan akan dilaksanakan, jangan lupa untuk menyahkan juga si kaki pukul Nazri Aziz itu.

Askar tua

PANJI HITAM 61 5 May 2010 at 21:44  

Well said, Dato'.

Allow me to join you in this challenge to Najib.

Let the new cabinet line up be the final test for Najib, failing which, the Professionals will gang up again, just like they did in getting rid of the former PM. (Yes, the Bersih and Hindraf rally were the hors d'oeuvre, GE 12 results were the main dish and PL dismissal was the dessert) and still long way for a climax.

Btw Dato, can you be slightly gentle with Ibrahim Ali since we are scraping the bottom of the barrel for capable leaders.

Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 22:05  

If there are not enough capable people, Najib should shrink his cabinet. If you remember, Mahathir's cabinet was also filled with some below par people. the difference is that they appear good because Mahathir was so domineering such that people do not have to depend on his minsters. Najib does not have the same charisma. He doesn't talk half as well as Mahathir, and Anwar. There are only two "anak jantan" in the cabinet, i.e. Nazri and to a lesser extent,Zahid. Shafie Apdal cannot be taken seriously at all. He lacks charisma, leadership. I just don't get ot why Najib has to choose so many MP's from Sabah and Sarawak to be in the cabinet. I don't see any of them making an impact at national level.

sri hartamas

Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 22:09  

Apa nak heran? Dari zaman old man lagi, the modus operandi in selecting and putting in place the wrong man at the wrong place has been practised, why?
Senang aje latuk.CHoose someone who has a list of problems.SEnang control.Dia akan jadi yes man.He cant go against the boss.Nak mampus? boss dah ada satu fail about your u lawan cakap atau disagree then you are done for!
But if you choose someone like dato SAKMONGKOL AK47. then susah.koz sudah pasti dato SAK will call a spade a spade, and tell you off if you try to screw around.Susah nak control org macam dato Sak.lebih parah lagi , dato sak lebih bijak pandai, nanti kedudukan bos way jose!
Justeru itu jangan pilih org macam Dato Sak.|Pilih someone dari jelapang, behrang atau balik pulau.they make awesome leaders.

Fi-sha 5 May 2010 at 22:18  


Dear Dato'

Like kitchen cabinet, we should change those people in the cabinet but looking at the list of Yes-Man candy-dates compatible to Tok Ketua to fill up the posts, i am not sure if they would do any good being paid as ministers.How sad...

Anonymous,  5 May 2010 at 22:24  

Hhmmmm........KJ loyalist........

dua sen,  5 May 2010 at 23:01  


I think you've left out 1 important minister to replaced ie MOE aka Ustaz Muhyddin. He is putting up too many roadblocks which is an impediment towards high income society. Effective education is the only way to high income society !

Of course, there are more deadwoods but what the most important I think is MOE. In fact, we should revamp the whole education system so that the minister don't have so much power to change policy at their whim and fancy. There should be an education council which comprises of academics and representatives of various industry guilds and NO POLITICIANS !

Anonymous,  6 May 2010 at 00:20  

Honestly, I do not think the known "play safe PM Najib" will do the right thing. He is too scared of Mahathir that he has to appoint Mukhriz i/o KJ for fear of Mahathir's backlash. Also, the warlords will go after his head if he is sincere in doing the right thing. And he is scared of the warlords. This is UMNO culture.

To change, the head must be changed.A new head who could stand on his own. Ku Li is the ideal candidate. I hope he offers himself for the next UMNO Presiden and let the 160,000 odd UMNO members decide. Otherwise, might as well change the govt to PR.

Anonymous,  6 May 2010 at 00:28  

I think it's easy to say than doing. To become judge of anything and to critic, it's simple and easy. Why don't you list down the right man that can perform and achieved the 'KPI ies'? Do we have enough.... or invite those from the other side of the bench that can work with the PM??

Anonymous,  6 May 2010 at 00:44  


I like this article of yours. Very accurate and to the point.

I wish you were the Education Minister or the economics adviser to Najib.

Najib is encircle by those who are mentally-challenged. Tak de otak, tak boleh cakap dengan fasih pun. Apa guna? buat malu aje.....

Those ministers reallly bring shame to us. That Rais Yatim is not only having mental menses....he is suffering from male menopause. His an old fart...should be bungkus out of Putrajaya long ago. Muka dia cam monyet really..the ugliest old fart I have ever seen and begitu sombong tau.

That Hishammudin's balls are in Musa Hassan's grip. Hishammuddin is a useless minister. Dia tu dapat gaji buta aje.

All these mentally-challenged ministers are like parasites - drawing big fat salary, plus commission n corruption lining their deep pockets, womanising n drinking but doing nothing for the rakyat.

Dato, if only the cabinet is filled with people half of your IQ, Malaysia will progress. We need an educated workforce to progress economically. But, look at our education standard.....very poor.

There are not many Malays like you and me who are proficient in this language.

I heard a malay guy near central market say "mos-q" when he meant mosque when talking to an orang putih asking for direction. My jaws dropped.

Dato, please knock some sense into Najib's brain to have a cabinet shake-up.

Thank you.


Richard Cranium 6 May 2010 at 06:53  

Anon 00:28

"invite those from the other side of the bench that can work with the PM??"

Now, wouldn't that be a smashing idea? If, say, he appoints someone from the opposition to the Cabinet, it would certainly send a 1Malaysia message loud and clear, no?

Anonymous,  6 May 2010 at 07:42  

what Najib is doing now is to wait for the day when Tun Mamak 'kick-the-bucket'. He have the people but he don't have the gut to go against Tun Mamak wishes.

Anonymous,  6 May 2010 at 10:29  

As long good old TDM is around you will find nothing much the PM can do.The PM cannot wean off this old guy !Heck! he has'nt the balls to tell him off!

Anonymous,  9 May 2010 at 11:50  

UMNO kena ketengahkan pemimpin yg boleh berkerja sepertimana Zulhasnan Rafique Dan Shahrir Samad. Mereka ada wawasan dan pendekatan tapi agal malangnya di singkirkan dari kabinet. Dahulukan pemimpin pilihan rakyat bukanya pemimpin pilihan atasan.

zarinahtakesapaycut 7 December 2010 at 21:03  

There was a dinner in the Chairman Tan Sri's house in Taman Bukit Pantai, Kuala Lumpur where the guest are the MD of PwC iaitu Mr Chin Kwai Fatt and satu lagi Executive Director for PwC Mr Manohar Benjamin Johnson.

After dinner there is a plan and menurut plan Mr Manohar Benjamin Johnson becomes the No 2 at the Audit Oversight Board on the 1st of April.

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