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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 17 May 2010

Jaga Lah UMNO baik baik.


The only worthy advice Musa Hitam gave UMNO when he was defeated was "jaga lah UMNO baik baik". It could just be a loser's melancholic repartee or it could be a prescient advice.
I want to write another installment about Sime Darby. This time something about the overrated managerial talents of Sime's 3 Abduls. This has to wait though. I read that our DPM and Deputy UMNO president giving his gratuitous and unsolicited advice to PKR to disband and rejoin UMNO. If they do disband and UMNO in turn celebrates their incoming, it confirms my suspicions that UMNO has become a political Alam Flora.
Then, I saw my friend Aspan Alias wrote a response piece entitled Muhyidin should take care of UMNO instead. I say- this is a good advice. Let's take care of our own party. Let's not fondle PKR's behind. Leave that to Anwar Ibrahim.
Let's change the mindset of UMNO members. Change their docile and submissiveness and almost unquestioning acceptance of what's determined by UMNO top leadership. Let's train them to demand quality. Quality from our leadership. Let's get past characters like Bung Mokhtars and copycats of Ibrahim Alis in UMNO. Let's work towards making UMNO a Malaysian and not a Malay UMNO.
Examine the causes why UMNO members deserted our own candidates in the 2008 elections. You can't argue with the figures. We have 3.5 million members it is claimed. Yet UMNO candidates secured only 2.38 million votes from their election areas. After discounting votes from non Malay Malay voters, UMNO candidates could then be assumed to have secured only 2 million votes.
So it its better for MUhyidin to reconcile why we got 2 million votes with the stated fact that we have 3.5 million members? That means 1.5 million UMNO members did not vote UMNO candidates or didn't come out to vote.
This is more serious than salivating and carnival-ling at the orchestrated migration of PKR members. Most of these are riff-raff material that will not augment the UMNO quality. Their migration is not going to bring cheer to UMNO people.
In any case, how do you connect the exodus from PKR to UMNO's recovery? UMNO's recovery depends on its people/members, on its own re engineering, re-branding and its own internal changes. If we think, we become better as a result of some developments outside of UMNO exemplified by the mass exodus of PKR rejects and riff-raff , then UMNO is a re-active political party. It is still far from being a pro-active party.
Just in case Muhyidin forgets what it means to be pro-active, it means UMNO behaves and acts by leveraging on its own internal stimuli. It's a re-active body, if it can only mechanically respond to outside stimuli.


Anonymous,  17 May 2010 at 17:37  

Dear Dato', spot on. When I read abt Muhyi telling PKR to disband, I simply was exercised.
Buat apa jaga tepi kain orang? Tengok2 lah backyard kita sendiri.

And enough already with this gifts bearing at election time. Orang dah tak support. Rugi duit je beri kat sekolah tu, church sini.
Biar tentu kalah dari kalah dan rugi. Terkilan juga kita tengok. Kawasan kita yg sokong Umno, susah nak dapat pertolongan selesaikan masaalah banjir kerana parit tersumbat.
I call on Umno leaders to pls stop making noises about other parties' internal affairs.
Klu orang pkr tinggalkan parti, ada kah ini membuat Umno lebih harum?

Anonymous,  17 May 2010 at 19:39  

Kaum Cina akan mengundi DAP. Sebab mereka sudah sedar bahawa tidak bermakna menguasai 70% dpd ekonomi Malaysia sahaja. Kaum Cina mahu memerintah Malaysia spt yg berlaku di Singapura. Kaum Cina tidak boleh 100% memerintah Malaysia melalui parti2 MCA dan Gerakan dlm BN. Kaum Cina hanya boleh melalui DAP. Sebab DAP ada kaldai PAS utk mendapatkan undi orang2 Melayu. PAS akan hanya menganggukkan kepala dgn apa2 sahaja tindakan DAP. Tengoklah apa yg sedang berlaku di Penang dan Selangor sekarang.
Pakatan Rakyat dgn hanya DAP dan PAS akan menang besar di PRU13 nanti! Pada masa itu, Malaysia akan jadi sebuah republik spt Singapura. Kaum Bumiputera akan mengemis di negara sendiri spt apa yg berlaku di Singapura sekarang. DAP akan mengubah perlembagaan utk mencapai cita2 kaum Cina. Pada masa itu nanti orang Melayu akan menangis! Sudah terlambat. Nasi sudah jadi bubur!
Tahniahlah UMNO dan PAS yg bodoh.

Anonymous,  17 May 2010 at 22:14  

From rights2write, Dr Raffick

My research on the internet, shows the following;

From the EC press release on voters turnout (BERNAMA)
1. Total No. of Registered Voters : 54,695 (including 2,537 postal voters)
2. Number of voters who cast ballots : 32,742
Voter turnout : 59.86 per cent

From the EC official results announcement (BERNAMA)
1. Robert Lau Hui Yew (BN) – 18,447 votes
2. Narawi Haron (INDEPENDENT) – 232 votes
3. Wong Ho Leng (DAP) – 18,845 votes
Votes cast : 37,919

The difference between announce turnout and actual count is 5177 votes (ballot paper)
(or about 2x postal ballot )

From the above we could see that 5177 additional ballot paper has come in into the final tally. A few hundred more ballot papers, PR would have lost Sibu as how they have lost Batang Ai. These is something that EC need to explain. Can it be that they made a mistake at the original announcement? It sounds so unlikely. It is time a special select committee at Parliament look at this matter seriously. They need to scrutinize each individual ballot papers and voters listing tally in detail. Credibility of Malaysian Voting system is at stake here.

Anonymous,  17 May 2010 at 22:20  

Digress sikit...but still on a subject close to your thoughts and concern.

Read the article in

MAS would have made an operating loss if it did not get the compensation from Airbus.

But then, the compensation should go to Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad - which is the purchaser of the aircraft.

How can such monies be included in MAS accounts?

This GLC has been reporting 'operational' profits from revenue obtained through 'non-operating' sources.

You can get to see this trend by studying its previous financial statements.

Why are the public still being 'fooled' about 'operating profits' by this GLC, when it is so obvoius that its operating revenue (excluding Airbus compensation) is lesser than actual operating expenses?

You would like to comment?


pwcheng 17 May 2010 at 23:04  

Why cant Moohideen mind his own business. What is happening in PKR is non of his business. Umno being a big bully is trying to mind other people's business when they do not want other people to mind their business. LKY has given them a dose of their own medicine and now they had completely stop minding the business of Singapore government. It needs people like LKY to put them in their place.
Anyway this guy always put his foot into his mouth. Did he tell UMNO to dissolve during the crisis of UMNO A team and UMNO B team which later became UMNO baru.. I think he does not have much grey matter up there and it is people like him that is bringing the country to the backwaters of the 50s.

Anonymous,  18 May 2010 at 00:37  


I can't agree more with this piece. It just shows the level of aptitude the present leadership that UMNO has. They just a bunch of morons. They can't even think of their own programs for the rakyat and needed APCO to tell them.
They can't clean their own backside and talking about others' backside.

walla 18 May 2010 at 00:40  

A: 'Sir, why is your right hand holding your left wrist and your left hand holding your right wrist?'

B: 'I am trying to feel both pulses of nation and rakyat, Sofea.'

A: 'Ah, and what do they say, Tun?'

B: 'Give me a few seconds, how come i feel neither pulse??'

A: 'Sir, please don't frighten me.'

B: '(raised eyebrows feigning surprise) You DO care, don't you?'

A: 'I protest. Of course I don't. And that is because i am just following Umno leadership.'

B: 'Oh yes. They don't care so why should anyone else? Therefore why bother with jaga Umno baik-baik?'

A: 'You saw it too, Sir?'

B: '(sighs) Long ago, Sofea. It's in their DNA. Really bad genes.'

A: 'So if they respond to internal stimuli, do you think something good will come out of it?'

B: 'Right now? Nah. Let me share with you my predicament, Sofea.

Let me tell you what Umno is. Umno is the prodigal son. It has some skills. But it is arrogant and stubborn. And it is a prima donna. Outwardly it may show contrition and eagerness to please. But inside, it is calculative and cunning. It wants to win. Winning is everything to it. Winning at all costs, remember?

So when Isa won, it was actually money politics and double standards which were elected. While the rakyat were still rankling against those things, the Umno general assembly was seen applauding Isa. Does anyone then think there will therefore be half a chance the ISA will also not be repealed? Does anyone not think that money politics and double standards are out so long as Umno is in?

Next, Umno won Hulu Selangor. Was it a feather in its squashed cap? No, again. It was using the rakyats' money to buy their acceptance. In the process, the rakyat were again split down the centre. Isn't that so against the essence of 1Malaysia? Politics created that idea and the same politicians bastardized it using money.

Let me ask you, if Umno is the champion of the Malays, why did it use money to buy their hearts, even more when it knew they have been having problems for so long there? Didn't doing that cheapen them even more before the others who didn't vote for Barisan while still suffering too?

Remember the movie Apocalyse Now? Remember that deer at the precipice? It knew it was about to be shot. An innocent animal caught in the sights of a hunter. Turned left, turned right, no escape. Then in one magical tragic moment that reflected the full plight of life, it turned to face the muzzle of the hunter and stood still, held its head high, resigning itself to its fate.

Sofea, when i think of that deer, i think of our rakyat. And when i think of that hunter, i think of Umno.'

A: 'But Sir, in that show, the hunter pulled back and didn't shoot the deer.'

B: 'Alamak, dear girl, that's just a movie. In real life, Umno would have pulled the trigger and invited its family members to a kenduri of satayed deer meat, complete with peanut sauce.'

walla 18 May 2010 at 00:40  


Four, it is said the Orang Asli's will support Barisan. Yet in those states, many have been living in dire conditions. Their assimilation into a better life afforded to other bumiputeras across the sea has been much lower and slower. Not a single local in those two states will hesitate to tell you that palms have to be greased there for anything to be done. In other words, the administration and civil service are corrupt to the core.

Now here's the stroke. With all these sufferings going on for so long - until their young have to come over and lepak by the roadside because they have been cheated while hoping to get a job over here - what do you think will happen if you show them the photos of the mansions of the Umno and other barisan leaders that are in those two states? What do you think they will say when they see the wealth of Pak Moh the silver-haired-and-tongued one, and his children and in-laws, what do you think they will say when they realize their oil and gas and timber and cocoa and pepper wealth have been used to subsidize the lifestyles of the young bumiputeras of the peninsular? Right, Nazri?'

A: 'Tun, you said biggest mistake. What was it?'

B: 'That someone now say that he is undecided about giving out the money to solve the flood problems after saying he would give it out if his candidate is voted to win.'

A: 'But his sidekick, Senor Domingo Placedo, reversed by saying all promises will be kept?'

B: '(sigh) Sofea, eight mistakes were made in just one stroke.

One, he broke election rules by promising something if his candidate wins.

Two, he used the rakyats' money in the general pool to do so in something that is not short of inducement.

Three, some of that money would have come from the Opposition through taxes that their members would have paid.

Four, he made the promise knowing the money was around and he said it would be for something that the rakyat were suffering from, therefore he had the money all along and knew all along they were suffering but he did nothing about their plight, holding them thus to ransom.

Same too you can say for the felda settlers and chinese schools of Hulu Selangor, no less others all over the country.

Now, five, after Barisan/Supp lost, he said he was now reconsidering the conditional promise. That's like withdrawing it despite knowing the rakyats' suffering. Wouldn't it thus immediately and automatically reinforce all the four points above, what more torpedoing the very face he has been at pains of portraying to the rakyat - caring, people first, performance now? If you turn to page two of one of yesterday's MSM papers (17th), there was a caption '...caring bosses'. If he can be caring to his staff, shouldn't he also be really caring to the rakyat?

Let's finish it. Six, since he did it, the only motivation one can conclude was all along about winning, not about helping. So the question is win for who? And the answer is win for Barisan. Since Barisan has been helming those two states for so long, in fact as long as the floods and other things, what does it mean? Winning had not solved those problems. Conclusion, winning was for themselves only, the politicians and apparatchiks and self-syiokers and power-mongers.

walla 18 May 2010 at 00:40  


A: 'Tun, you have a wry sense of humour about you.'

B: 'I am old and wizened, Sofea, and have seen enough of the duplicity in men's hearts.

Now, where was i? Umno lost Sibu and it then proceeded to make the biggest mistake in its campaign trail to win back lost votes since GE12'

A: 'How, Tun?'

B: 'Someone promised money to solve the floods problem which have been plaguing the rakyat there for years. For Umno, 'win at all costs' in Selangor has now become 'i help you, you help me' in Sarawak.

B: 'But isn't that practical, Sir? Wouldn't the opposition have done the same?'

A: 'Perhaps, Sofea. But who is holding the rakyats' money today? Who is collecting their hard-earned tax money? And who is deciding where and how to disburse or invest the money? And who is using it to tease and taunt and tantalize the voters?

If Umno wants to talk only about money, and wants to monetize political support, surely it will also not deny that the rakyat can do the same, no?

Well, how do you think our rakyat will return the compliment? They voted for the Opposition. They voted against religious intolerance. Sofea, they also voted against thuggish blackmail.

There's nothing that will incense the rakyat more than being bullied by the very people who should be serving them, even if it is done with soothing placations and polemical exhortations.

Next, i want you to imagine this. It's easy. Just a few strokes.

One, imagine all these floods coming again and again. Nothing done for them in Sarawak. But when it was Johor, goodies were given so rampantly that some of those affected actually claimed and claimed again for new furniture each time it happened. So, if Sarawakians are poorer than Johoreans and both are Malaysians, don't you think more help should have been faster given to the poorer in keeping with affirmative policies?

Two, imagine Shahrizat in Sibu town or at a longhouse somewhere in the jungle. Looking at their backward conditions still after so many years of Barisan administration, what will she be saying to convince the people there that Barisan is the better choice? Remember she said the same thing in Penang.

Three, imagine Hishamuddin facing the thousands of Malaysians who do not have Mykad. Now he has publicly said he knows what is happening in his PDRM. No less may be expected of his knowing what had happened in his Immigration department. He would have the records. Isn't he the home minister? So if one of the rakyat asks him there and then in Sarawak, or Sabah, about the mysterious thing called Project M, what will be his answer? And new minister in old ministry is no frigging excuse for sitting on remedies, no?

walla 18 May 2010 at 00:40  


Now, seven, his Senor Domingo reversed him. Seven point one, can a second in command do that? Seven point two, was the reversal based on calculation of impact? Seven point three, was the original reaction to the loss based on emotion? Seven point four, should a CEO be prone to emotions? Seven point five, is being prone to emotions the norm of the government to such latitude that it can be overlooked even in the leadership of its GLCs such as Sime which has burnt over a billion ringgit of the same rakyats' money in Bakun of Sarawak, the financial black hole of the country?

Since i said there were eight mistakes in one stroke, eight then. Is the face and are the words to the rakyat and the world really and honestly sincere and true?

If the answer is no, then everything else under them will collapse and fall to pieces, torn to shreds. Zero credibility, in fact.'

A: 'Sir, i sense your predicament, anger even.'

B: 'Sofea, look at the people of Sarawak and Sabah.

They are simple, sincere, smiling, straight folks.

They work hard, they cause no problems, they are well-mannered and God-fearing. Their educated ones, especially those who have studied overseas, are some of the brightest sparks of this nation.

But the majority are what we may call middle-of-the-road Malaysians, moderate, law-abiding and good people. Not very bright, practically naive in most instances, and silently-suffering for too long.

So answer me if you can, why are they being bludgeoned by moral depravity disguised as political salvation?

Where is our conscience?

Where is our wisdom to give them dignity?

Where is our loyalty to the noble ideal of what being a Malaysian is all about?

And if these be not even considered and offered to them, what hope do we have that they will be offered to Malaysians over here? The so-called smarter ones? More like smart-assed ones, i gather.'

A: 'Sir, your passion for the rakyat knows no bounds.'

B: 'I'm sick of our country, Sofea.'

A: 'Even so, someone said he would not budge even if a gun is put to his head.'

B: 'Why waste a perfectly well-honed bullet on a numbskull, Sofea?

We've gone to the dogs, Sofea. The whole edifice and facade have crumbled. The way things are going, it's time to jaga-jaga sendiri.'

A: 'Why do you think so, Sir?'

B: 'Umno's new strategy is to monetize all support. Not just from the common folks as voters. Also from the police, civil servants, and now the teachers. They are hell-bent on corrupting the rakyat and bankrupting the nation.'

Greenbottle 18 May 2010 at 00:52  

my alternative proposal is for UMNO to DISBAND and join PAS.this will be the ultimate paradigm shift.

Yes, i know there are a lot of riff raffs in umno, but these can just go jump in the river...

and a person like anonymous @ 19.39 that really destroys umno. this kind of idiotic racism is the bane of umno...

dahserikngankeris 18 May 2010 at 08:59  



seriously i might be giving ye olde' SIL too much of credit. but the extent of the knowledge displayed by walla in his/her writing....u very close to power no?assumptions derived/analogy/campaigners. and the talk about ISA....tsk tsk tsk...nah, rpk? *scratches head* ;)

ahem ahem

anywho, i read that book by tung musa....all he said was crap, i learnt a hell of a lot more reading SHI7.

direct elections in umno to elect party leadership....esok saya isi borang ke-ahlian confirm! lol

also dato, if u have the time, talk about lobbying and inflation...the slowpokes in malaysian insider recently wrote something about real estate bubble...what happend in america might happen did didnt it back in 98/99? inflasi nih keje sape sebenornya?!

policies and idealism might just save umno. but not with that guy leading....pfffft!

malays need a reason to join umno....and it should not be MONEY!

program menguntungkan rakyat....provide us skills at a discount....something to think about lol.

*this comment can be chiplaked by anyone, just give me credit and dont take my ideas and call them yours entirely!!!! hidooooup BUMI!(bumi means planet) rotflmao!

Quiet Despair,  18 May 2010 at 10:06  

UMNo is a class of it own and there's no need to resort to nit-picking.
The trouble is it does not use the best brains available to devise the party stratagem.
There must be quality control in admitting members and party-bearers.
It must ensure only qualified and able people contest for top party posts and also in divisions and branches.
Don't just accept riff-raffs from PKR just to make up the numbers.
Sometimes, when I hear Hishamuddin speaks for example, I wonder how he got his law degree.
I feel UMNO is better off when it was headed by the cikgus. They are more dedicated and committed.
About UMNO voters, it has been stated that more than a million of the 3.5 million members did not register to vote.
Umno must re-educate its members first on the importance of voting, and not only preach to the other Malays.
UMNO must also stop the preachig. I dedidate the song Papa Don't Preach to Najib and Muhyiddin.

Anonymous,  18 May 2010 at 11:27  


It appears Tan Sri Muhyiddin is looking at a quick fix solution for UMNO. No doubt money and position can buy some PKR members, but at what cost ?

Perhaps he can take a lesson from PAS and DAP. The commitment of their members to their party struggles are rock solid, and not easily influenced by money and position.

I believe UMNO needs member like Dato' to truly achieve lasting reformation.

UMNO lama,  18 May 2010 at 18:26  

Salam Dato'

Alangkah sedihnya jika UMNO yang ditubuhkan untuk memperjuangkan nasib orang-orang melayu dan kemerdekaan tanah melayu di hancurkan sekali lagi oleh orang-orang melayu sendiri . Cukuplah UMNO pernah diharamkan dahulu akibat peperangan dua gergasi dalam team A dan Team B . Jangan merosakkan nasib dan harapan orang-orang melayu yang juga beragama Islam demi sedikit keuntungan yang dikongsi diantara beberapa kerat orang melayu yang sudah pun terlalu kaya hingga boleh menyara tujuh keturunan !

Richard Cranium 18 May 2010 at 19:34  

Anon 19:39

"Kaum Cina mahu memerintah Malaysia spt yg berlaku di Singapura."

Bukan begitu. Kaum Cina mahu Malaysia diperintah sebaik Singapura. Malah jauh lebih baik.

Takkanlah negara kita tak dapat bersaing dengan mereka. Kita semua ada - minyak, sumber manusia, hutan, ladang-ladang, tanah, galian, pelabuhan, dll.

Malangnya, kita juga ada Umno and kroni-kroni yang melesap duit.

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