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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 31 May 2010

Ibrahim Ali is my hero

I have another installment essay on the subsidy issue. I shall post it later. At the moment, I have to take a leave of absence from that topic. This term seems to be very popular nowadays.
I want to talk about another more urgent issue. I want to save myself from being labeled a traitor to the Malays.
Before Muay Thai fighters fight they performed the wai kru ceremony. This is some sort of salutary dance paying homage to their teachers and masters. I find myself now having to perform a political wai kru. I pay homage to the only person in Malaysia who loves his Malay race. He is kru Ibrahim Ali. Stopa to folks back in Pasir Mas.
Ibrahim Ali is the only person in Malaysia who loves the Malays. None can surpass his love for his race than Ibrahim Ali. Never mind the fact that he built a bridge with the assistance of non Malay contractors. Never mind the fact that his business associates and even backers are non Malays. He is a Malay first through and through. He is, every inch, certified, bona fide Malay. He is more UMNO than UMNO. He is more Malay than Dr Mahathir.
Amir sham Abdul Aziz has been branded as a traitor to the Malay race. He is the one responsible for coming up with the New Economic Model- the model by which the PM will manage the economy in the years to come.
Actually there is no such economic model. None has been published definitively. So we cant comment on something that has not been finalized. Even PM Najib says nothing has been finalized. PM Najib doesn't know it- but people are saying, a pattern has now emerged. lets see.
The way PM Najib does things nowadays, he is turning flip flopping into a new art form. He has become a political contortionist. Subsidy? Trial balloon. NEM. Not finalized yet. Sungai besi land? Concluded. RRI land? Concluded. Sports betting? Already settled. Kampung Bharu land? Unlocking hidden value.
Amir Sham is paying the price now. Because of the NEM he is called a traitor to the Malays. He is after all a rapacious ex banker who couldn't string an answer in Parliament. What does he know? He knows only debits and credits. He knows only digits.
Who has labeled him so? It was done by that ominous Malayness accreditation body- Perkasa which is headed by Ibrahim Ali. I am not related to Amir Sham even though we share the same surname. So before any of the Perkasa people say I am guilty by association, I must absolve myself.
The boss of Perkasa must have the attributes of Ayah Pin- the founder of the government in the sky deviationist movement. Remember that giant teapot? How else can I explain why and how bright people, even with advanced degrees, who studied overseas, are attracted to the cause championed by Ibrahim Ali? Perfectly rational people are mesmerized by shout- yourself coarse Ibrahim Ali? He must have that magnetic pull like Ayah Pin.
I also remember, not long ago, some people compared KJ to the young Dr Mahathir. Now I know those who did that were dead wrong. Even outright stupid! The person who most resemble the young Dr Mahathir  is Ibrahim Ali. Minus of course a large portion of that cerebral material. Less a diet on fish because Dr. Mahathir doesn't each fish.
Ibrahim Ali, more than anyone else in Malaysia, indeed the whole wide world is the only person who loves his race. No one else can compare his intensity. Even though his business partners are Chinese, he loves his race more than Dr Mahathir, more than PM Najib and more than the entire UMNO fraternity. In fact, Ibrahim says UMNO does not love the Malays anymore. Ibrahim Ali is the only person eminently qualified to pronounce whether you love your race or.
So, I am forced to petition PM Najib to include Ibrahim Ali as a cabinet member. It is most unbecoming, for a leader of UMNO, the Malay party to exclude the only person capable of loving his race from UMNO and cabinet. Otherwise, PM Najib will be accused of being less Malay than Ibrahim Ali. Maybe even a traitor to the Malay race despite the fact that he is the son of Tun Razak.


Richard Cranium 31 May 2010 at 09:15  

uhm, he is more Malay than Dr Mahathir? This is hilarious! You are a laff-a-minute!

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 09:35  


Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 09:41  


The problem is that half your readers will think you are dead-pan serious.

You wait and see when the comments started coming in !


From Vung Tau

Donplaypuks® 31 May 2010 at 09:41  

"He is more UMNO than UMNO. He is more Malay than Dr Mahathir."

Most Malays are more Malay than Constitutional Malays! Lol!

As for Amersham, we should ask him to disclose his role in the record and unheard of 4.7 times book value purchase by Maybank of PT Bank Int Indon for $8 billion and now write-down provision of $3 billion before the first year! Who brokered this fiasco and was anyone paid 2% commissions?

Was this why Pak Lah indoctrinated him into the Cabinet?

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Quantum Metal Consultant 31 May 2010 at 09:44  

Memperlekehkan Ibrahim Ali sebagai 'Hero Melayu' adalah antara kerja remeh temeh tetapi seronok orang2 Melayu Phd terhadap orang Melayu lain.

Hari ini kalau ada Melayu yang memperjuangkan Melayu dalam kondisi yang berbeza, ternampak lebih, mengada ngada atau beragenda, mempopularkan diri dengan mudah dan cepat Melayu2 lain mengorek apa yang patut lalu dijadikan menu sinis untuk tatapan umum.

Ini kerja popular orang2 dan bekas pemimpin UMNO dari kem yang berbeza.

Fenomena ini jarang ujud di kalangan PAS.

Ariff Sabri 31 May 2010 at 10:02  


saudara ingat keikhlasan dan kejujuran adalah monopoli satu kelompok saje ye? saya pun tahu maksud ikhlas dan jujur. Ibrahim Ali bukan ada monopoli keatas kejujuran. alhamdulillah- kalau sifat macam ni tidak ada dalam kelompok pas. maksd sdra- kejujuran dan keikhlasan?

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 10:02  

hahaha this is too funny :D


PS. Read and Like your article on Malaysian Insider regarding subsidy.

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 10:04  

Ibrahim Ali has no other choice but to appear like a Malay patriot.

Actually if there is some goodies for him, 'dia boleh runding' and he can forget even his PERKASA.

Red Alfa 31 May 2010 at 10:46  

Salam Dato'

@anon 0935, aren't you a screamer of an idiot!

As a distraction from the main course, I am enjoying your Muay Thai indulgence.

And Kataki Brahim is more Malay than TDM? ... No Dato', he is even more pedigree Malay than the Daeng of a Sultan ...

The idiocy of it all when one takes the more holier than thou for one's assumed eminence of anything. As you have put it Kataki Brahim is indeed doing his very best at it!

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 11:01  

Ibrahim is the only original Malay. Since he is the only one he should get 60% of the nations wealth.

Quiet Despair,  31 May 2010 at 11:09  

Haha, Sak, Sak. I catch your drift.
Arrived home to this. LMAOF. Thanks. You made my day.
My chuckle for the week. last week was Samy Value. Ibrahim is THE Malay of the Malay just like Samy is the champion of the Indian.
Sure you know, Malays are constantly searching for a hero. That's why we have Ayah Pin, Abuya of Arqam and now tada enter Ibrahim.
We heard that Al-Arqam people are standing guard at Abuya's grave because he is re-appearing. His wife has written that he created the Acheh Tsunami and also saved a family from a fire by shouting Abuya.
Masha-Allah. Bertambahlah kita orang Melayu percaya kepada tahyul dan mistik.
Jadi Iibrahim Ali nak jadi mythical hero.
He's just teasing, friend. He knows what Najib is all about. As I stated before Najib is daddy's boy. He's forever reminding us his father left us with the DEB legacy.
Sure he will not betray dad's legacy. He will rule to preserve the legacy.
Ibrahim, a Cabinet member? Minister of Malay Unity, boleh. LOL.

You also made me laugh. Sincerity and honesty in PAS?? When your revered Tok Guru is proclaiming halal to haram and haram to halal at his whim and fancy.

Quantum Metal Consultant 31 May 2010 at 11:14  

Ibrahim Ali sudah berada di luar gelanggang, tetapi sebagai 'political addicted' dan nampak peluang terbentang luas, dia terpaksa bunyikan kuat 'airhorn'nya untuk dipandang dan diberi laluan. Dalam PERKASA, dia berjaya.

Kejayaannya dalam PERKASA berjaya menempatkan dirinya lebih penting dari sesetengah pemimpin dalam UMNO itu sendiri dan nampak lebih Melayu dalam UMNO yang pucat lesi dan ini membuatkan sesiapa yang 'kenal sangat' dengan Ibrahim Ali cukup terhiris dengan operanya.

Tetapi dari segi 'Melayu' apakah Ibrahim Ali wajar diperlekehkan dengan menghubungkaitkan perniagaannya dengan orang bukan Melayu. apakah satu dosa dan bukan Melayu namanya sekadar berniaga dengan bukan Melayu?? Apakah dia tidak boleh digambarkan sebagai perjuang anak bangsanya sendiri sekadar dia berniaga dengan bukan melayu?

Apakah terlalu cepat Ibrahim Ali bangkit semula untuk dijatuhkan segera.
Apakah Ibrahim Ali bekas ahli UMNO yang sudah 'usang' dan 'kampongan' dan 'temepelan' nampak boleh menggugat semula kepimpinan UMNO yang baru dan muda.
Apakah kemunmculan Ibrahim Ali merugikan Melayu.
Apakah perjuangan Ibrahim Ali tentang Melayu sangat cacat dan merendahkan lagi martabat Melayu.
Apakah 'perkaumannya' itu salah...dan disalahkan oleh kaumnya sendiri.
Melayu nak tunggu Melayu yang macamana lagi? Ada ke yang lebih vokal dari segi perlaksanaan???

NGINAP SRENGENGE @ SRENGENGE 31 May 2010 at 11:28  

Ho,ho I don't like this figure.

Macam cerita bangsawan.
Dia boleh harap menonjolkan diri selagi ada Tun M.

Kalau Tun tak beri backing,dah lama dunia politiknya berkubur.

Kalau orang pas tak undi dia di Pasir Mas dah lama juga berkubur.

Binalah politik yang lebih cantik.....jangan berpolitaik.

hishamh 31 May 2010 at 12:17  

Dato' Sak,

A wonderful, wonderful piece of satire. You made my day!

alan hiley 31 May 2010 at 12:58  

kluangman has a point there. Sakmonkol, you're doing great with yr blog, let Ibrahim Ali do his part.
No personal attack. We all have our history we want to forget.

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 12:58  

Dato' is Hitler my hero.

The difference, Hitler is DEAD !

bat8 31 May 2010 at 13:00  

dato Sak,

1Am sitting on the sideline on tis issue. Ingat lebih baik makan kuaci sambil membaca komen-komen sahaja. Else am making berahing ali jadi hero.


Wenger J. Khairy 31 May 2010 at 13:06  

oops hot hot hot...
I guess one has to understand how things work and how consistent Dato has been on practical ways to improve the Malays before they accuse of Dato of being an arm chair critic.

The problem is a lot of youngsters have bought into a very impractical and unrealistic way of life espoused by the politicians.

Just my 2 cents in response to Kluangman's comment. Must be careful if not he will ban me from Malaysia!

Eyes Wide Open 31 May 2010 at 13:08  


Careful Dato'! PERKASA may just produce this post to the PM as proof of UMNO grassroots support for a Cabinet post for Ibrahim Ali!

Habib RAK 31 May 2010 at 13:08  

Ak47, Im afraid many dont understand what sarcasm is.

nstman,  31 May 2010 at 13:08  

Bozo used to be my all-time favourite clown. Now I have a new superstar clown. His name is Ibrahim Ali. But hey, hang on a second. Germans laughed at a young clown called Adolf Hitler. The whole world wasnt laughing when hundred of millions perished in the second world war. So pse stop laughing at this Malaysian clown, because we will be in big trouble. A serious and deadly clown. An oxymoron. A very dangerous oxymoron.

A Voice 31 May 2010 at 13:28  

That's not satirical but sarcasm.

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 13:46  

adakah mungkin satu hari nanti Ibrahim Ali menjadi Perdana Menteri ???
the one and only one that defend the malays?

satu m/sia

pok soh,  31 May 2010 at 14:07  

Sungguh kelakar apabila melihat macam mana orang-orang Melayu yang dikatakan bijak-pandai (ada yang PhD) boleh duduk bawah tempurung Brahem..

Sedangkan orang Kelantan jebeh melihat betapa hudoh dan jelek?

Mana mungkin Melayu nasional begitu terpesona dan terlalu bodoh ambil pemimpin untuk mereka, Brahem yang pernah tewas dalam pilihanraya dengan hilang wang deposit.

Orang kampung tempatan Pasir Mas lagi cerdik.

kuldeep 31 May 2010 at 14:14  

somebody got to say things loud M'sia that seems to work better

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 14:53  

But Mahathir IS NOT MALAY! So what is Ibrahim Ali is more of what?

Frank,  31 May 2010 at 15:38  

Datuk Sak

I love the humour and the satire.

Great stuff. Unfortunately the folks in UMNO will take you too seriously.


IbnAbdHalim 31 May 2010 at 15:56  

I don't think he understands you. He's so thick skinned. Btw, Najib should bring him back to the UMNO fold because that's what he's fighting for. He loves UMNO like no one else.

fusion 31 May 2010 at 16:01  

hahaha, RPK expounded the old adage Melayu mudah lupa. dangle a carrot money and woman included at ebraham, he will forget everything

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 16:16  

to Anonymous 31 May 2010 09:35,

Please bear in mind the author's sharp sarcasm on such 'suggestion'. But frankly, I do agree that Ibrahim katak become a 'cabinet' minister i.e. minister of 'Water Cabinet' a.k.a 'Water Closet' a.k.a 'W.C.' a.k.a Jamban! ...because he likes to say 'SHIT!' and said it more than 3 times already. Make Ibrahim the Jamban Minister

mangchikla 31 May 2010 at 16:30  

Dato, tq fro displaying your photo. PAyah btoi carik kat internet tak jumpa jumpa, hensem org nya :D

rob 31 May 2010 at 16:38  


Your output is top quality lately especially with regards to subsidy.

This one about IA tops the list.

Enjoy that .. hahahahhaha

'more malay than Dr Mahathir' ...reminds me of a scene in 'Good Morning Vietnam' where the general chuckle to himself after chewing off Robin Williams ... something about an oral job ..

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 17:11  

i love the attack frog too. he should have his own mini series and cartoon... perhaps even a chain of restaurants under his name?
i mean, all he has to do is just beg even louder right?

William Wang,  31 May 2010 at 17:40  

How PKR can have such an idiot in the first place? Good riddance.

Harpoon,  31 May 2010 at 17:40  

You made me larffff....

Hey, why not make a quick check on this "weebit" background... see if he's got some seberang Sungai Golok blood in himself or not??! For all we know we've got a 'Tomyam Toad" here!!

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 17:52  

Ibrahim Ali is a result of the incompetence of the leaders in UMNO. How bad UMNO is perceived by Malays is accurately reflected by the support to Perkasa. Is Ibrahim Ali a joke? Maybe. Is he an opportunist? Yes he definitely is. Does he really care about the Malays? I wish I can be certain but many in Perkasa thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. So I agree that we should have Ibrahim Ali in the Cabinet if only for the comic reliefs he will provide. After all we are going to be a bankrupt nation pretty soon. What else to do. Laughter is a pretty good medicine.

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 18:01  

Ibrahim Ali the ape man would be king (kong) if he is in Congo, swinging after Tarzan!

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 18:06  

Good article Dato else people might think that the Malays are in congruence with IA.

This IA is just a useful idiot to Tun M!

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 18:07  

IA is like McCarty and his unamerican witch hunt.

alan hiley 31 May 2010 at 18:15  

the ultimate tempurung is not understanding world politics and business as well american or jewish hegemonic endeavours. wenger and the like will do better after reading ppl like mathias, richard barnet, perkins, chomsky and amy chua for wp 101.

alan hiley 31 May 2010 at 18:23  

ppl like wenger despite all his flashiness wd be the kind of ppl who wd send our soldiers to belgian congo in the early 60s in the name of progressiveness and 'free world' and help topple democratically elected Patrice Lumumba - only to find out later that they'd done the western gangsters a favour.

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 18:53  

I get it.
But I guess IA has a role to play in this politics-mad country.

Unknown 31 May 2010 at 19:16  

More Malay than DR M? That I agree coz DR M is a KOYAKUTTY from Kerala.

Wenger J. Khairy 31 May 2010 at 19:48  

I apologize for my rude tone during the last posting.
I was just very upset that Jala had tried to pull a fast one.

valentineyapp 31 May 2010 at 19:53  

...fren! your AK47 scope is making you shoot from a different angle...hahhaa! but i like it. yes as you said it this is the top chameleon in ibrahim ali! anyway i'm moving off tangent for a bit ...what about those bumiputeras from sabah who are umno members. i mean, what would this joker think about them...being bumiputeras but not malays!! i'm speaking about the kadazans, muruts and etc (a majority of them are christians). although the bajaus are muslims i think, and correct me if i'm wrong, they may prefer to be called bajaus!!...hmm...maybe that's why he's doing his shouting in perkasa and not umno...not to scare these non-malays away from umno...

Red Alfa 31 May 2010 at 20:26  

Salam Dato'

@kluangman 11:14

Maseh ada lagi pengikut blogg yang terpesona dengan gerangan Kataki Brahim!

Pernah dulu PAS juga terpesona dan beri dia laluan untuk March 2008. Sebelum itu Semangat 46 sungguh terpesona?

Bila lagi kita jadi bijak macam Dato' Sak ni, kluangman?

sniper,  31 May 2010 at 20:37  


I don't see any difference between you and Ibrahim Ali and most of the current Malay politicians be it in BN or PKR or PAS.

It's about followers first and Malay second

Unless if you can prove me wrong.

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 20:42  

If Najib is sincere about his 1Malaysia he should ban ibrahim Ali from all media coverage. Najib is a hypocrite. With the non malays he preach one thing, but in front of PERKASA he said he will reconsider implementing the NEM.
Ibrahim only wants to get free meals. Poodah! Kachah!

Katak Bebas,  31 May 2010 at 20:45  

Dato, actually, if we notice lately, most of the newly "independented" MPs are busy showing up with many innovative ideas (or weird, i should say). Everyone of them wants to impress someone or some group which is quite powerful. The reward must be pretty handsome, i believe.

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 20:54  

Who is the nut who suggested thatYAB be inducted into the cabinet.That is stupidity of the highest order.
YAB Ibrahim Ali should be made PRIME MINISTER.Had it not been for him, Amer Sham's shit NEM would have become our official economic policy.
Let us start campaigning for him:IA 4 PM.

dahserikngankeris 31 May 2010 at 21:11  

brahim ali muke dia cam kak fidah sikit la...sedara kee?!

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 21:23  

Why waste your time talking about this pscho dog barking.He is nobody without PAS.He is ungreatful to PAS and empty vessel makes the most noise.

ibn-abas 31 May 2010 at 22:56  

Ibrahim Ali is my hero. I bet he is to many Malays. He speaks our lingo, dude..!

shamshul anuar,  31 May 2010 at 22:59  

Dear Sakmongkol,

I may not agree 100% on your admiration towards Ibrahim ali. But I am thankful for the existence of Perkasa.

Perkasa serves as a wake up call for UMNO and PAS too. The message is clear. Both parties are not "sacred" to the Malays.

If UMNO and PAS refuse to take heed, than Malays have other alternative; that is Perkasa. It may not a political party but even UMNO recognises it as a force to be reckoned with.

As for PAS, I pray that Hadi ios not blind. Cant Hadi see that PAS influence is waning among the Malays. The reason? simple. Kowtowing to DAP may please the latter but the Malays are upset.

PAS now loses the moral high ground. It still does not realize that Malays are uncomfortable with its alliance( or rather subservience) to DAP.

In an effort to reach the non Malays, it betrays the very community that gives its legitimacy; the Malays.

As For UMNO, the habit of silence when Malays right are questioned will cost Najib and his Govt dearly. The latest being UM becoming a venue to slander Dr mahathir. If I were to be the Minister of education, I would have sacked the VC and the head of Dept that organised the talk.

And UMNO easily forgave Vel Parri. Instead UMNO should remind MIC that without UMNO's support, none of MIC candidates would have won the elections after elections.

Show them that nobody messes with UMNO. that is what Malays want to see. Be firm but fair. Not lembik.

alan hiley 31 May 2010 at 23:18  

There are leaders, and there are nerds. Where would people like wengers and other wankers be grouped under?
hmmmm...tough question

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 23:21  

Shamsul Anuar 22:59

"You wanker cum I support anything that uphold the malays since UMNO is not doing its job properly albeit PERKOSA is the "In Thing nowdays"

Well, I dislike UMNO since they accept Brader Anwar Sept 16 from those Abim days - but Stoopa Berahi
Ali is ... how should I say ...wack
and purely alang-alang menyelam sambil minum air and Jual Songkok Tinggi cum Shout Ketuanan Melayu.

Hello, Saudara I cant blame you if your heart is Blind but come on la
i'm sure you're not that NAIVE to accept alternate option cum "NGO" as your savior of the day.

Hey Shamsul, no offense lah but there One million ways to uphold the malays, just because Berahi Ali sitting
comfortably in his office on top of his "empuk" business eksekutip with compliments of YTL - you and many others plus "Ayahanda" in the making makes you holier than tho and pass judgement to others?

Your missing the point - thus this article " Ibrahim Ali is my Hero" too much for you to comprehend in short kau punya comment sesuai macam itu proposal MB Pahang Adnan nak bagi $$$ for REMPIT as to educate about road safety.

Bodoh betul lah - why bother about PAS and others think?

alan hiley 31 May 2010 at 23:21  

apology accepted

Anonymous,  31 May 2010 at 23:36  

Dato can criticize Tun and there are so few comments.
Once he criticize Ibrahim Ali fulamak all the boys turn up. Even those who like to censor other comments.
Datos article proven hook line and sinker.

Anonymous,  1 June 2010 at 01:07  

Truly wicked! hehehehe.its damn bloody well written.I was in quite a pensive mood today but this really got me back into the groove.U RULE! cheers! up the irons!

Anonymous,  1 June 2010 at 01:09  

Senor IB Ali represents the slime, grim and dirt that lies beneath the dark, desolate landscape of the deep-deep ocean floor in the depths of earth.

This Senor is sliming his way through the mazes of hell which DUMBNO has created for all Malaysians, which btw.. is none of their own doing.

The point here is; this turd from the lowest murks of mother-earth would do anything to surface and do untold damage.

For such a creature who surfaces for it's pure survival & created by a goverment who says yes with the right hand at dawn & say no by dusk & say maybe the next noon; only 1Malaysians can answer this equation before them.

1Malaysians; lead this creature back to the gateway, back to the depths of NERAKA. For, that's where he deserves to be.

Senor IB, welcome to mother-earth's surface. You will be welcomed with a parade of poop-poop-poop. Seemingly obvious that you're so full of it.

Anonymous,  1 June 2010 at 04:55  

1. Idris Jala is a Christian

2. Mahatir is an Indian

3. Abraham Ali is a tin kosong that makes loud noise.

4. Malaysia will surely goes bankrupt if the chinese and indians behave like the lazy majority.

Anonymous,  1 June 2010 at 08:37  

Well. well well= In 1963 I studies George Orwell's Animal Farm in which the animals got together and threw out the farmer and his family. They (the farmer and family) were seen as exploiting the the animals. The animals said that from then on everyone (the animals) would be equal in the farm with equal voice and opportinities.

Subsequently with changes to their founding ideals and principles the, pigs managed to obtain special rights for themselves (the pigs) and became the masters- they walked on 2 legs instead of 4 -their previous slogan was 2 legs bad and 4 legs good- used to deminise the humans- then they now took over the farm and enslaved all the other animals.

46 years later I think it (the pig mentality) holds trues of all politicians in all countries the only difference is the subtlety or crudity of how this is engineered.
This book should be introduced in all Malaysian schools but I doubt that it would be as the main characters are pigs.

dahserikngankeris 1 June 2010 at 08:37  

perjuangan melayu masih belum berakhir?

adakah perjuangan melayu selandas dengan ajaran islam?

adakah mengadakan demonstrasi memburukkan orang melayu lain selandas dengan perjuangan orang melayu.....?!

satu soalan, adakah orang melayu itu sendiri FAHAM dengan maksud perjuangan satu bangsa?

dimanakah IPTA sekarang? graduan graduan IPTA terkenal dipandang remeh kerana penguasaan bahasa inggeris yang lemah menjadi alasan sector swasta untuk tidak mengambil mereka berkerja.

ini adalah satu contoh di mana UMNO/PERKASA dll telah gagal memperjuangkan bangsa mereka sendiri, bukan kah ilmu tunjang kepada kebolehan di dalam apa jua pekerjaan dan perniagaan?

dengan adanya campus yang besar cantik molek dan serba lengkap...adakah di situ sahaja tanda noktah kepada perjuangan melayu kamu?!

jangan jadi manusia lemah yang takut kepada cabaran, jikalau orang melayu masih fikirkan kemelayuan sangat dan lupa asas asas ISLAM, tak ke manalah kita.....kalau tidak boleh baca buku belajarlah bertukang, kalau bertukang pon takbole belajar lah memancing... apa jua kita buat jikalau ia halal insyallah berjaya....akhirkan budaya kautim rasuah untung atas angin....mulakan pekerjaan dengan ke-ikhlasan. kalau majikan melingkup, dengan kita kita sekali melingkup...faham tak? kalau tak faham gi lah masuk perkasa memperjuangkan tah ape bende?!

ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu ilmu

education education education education education education

perkasa cerita ape?
cine/lobby kene tolong perkasa

umno cerita ape?
cine/lobby kene tolong umno

pkr cerita ape?
umno rasuah, aku nak jadi PM
sambil tuh yang lobby kat sana ade gak lobby kat sini, bole kautim maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

pas cerita ape?
aku dah tak tau lah sape ketua?!

melayu bangsawan bergaduh, melayu biasa yang kene lanyak. malaysia kene jual

hip hip hoooray!

Khun Pana aka johanssm 1 June 2010 at 09:47  

This Ibrahim ali might be out to destroy bn/umno, don't you think so?
If not, why should he be more hero than the hero?
Ibrahim is able to reflects umno baru mentality . In fact he is the "mirror" of umno baru which umno is trying to deny.

Anonymous,  1 June 2010 at 09:59  


in my opinion if necessity arise ibrahim ali can be more chinese than chinese, more indians than indians and if he tries his best more mat salleh than mat sallehs..hehe..the man is a genius.

Anonymous,  1 June 2010 at 10:31  

Ha ha ha!! I have been following your blog and I realise you are the MOST fair and sensible blogger.

Despite your Umno links, your always steer an intellectual argument. Keep it up. You deserve to be one of our leaders.

btw, thanks for your wonderful humour. It's sad some of them can't see it.

Anonymous,  1 June 2010 at 11:58  

Seriously, what's more funny than your article is the fact that so many people here didn't get it. Bwah aha ha... now that was really funny.

shamshul anuar,  1 June 2010 at 21:47  

Dear anonymous,

Malays are drawn to Perkasa NOT because it is the "in thing" nowadays.

Rather, it is a natural reaction after seeing how PAS sacrifices its principle in order to please DAP; the very party that interests clashes with that of Malays badly.

and also as a response to perceived failure of UMNO to uphold the Malay interests.

And PERKASA , contrary to what some people sepecially extremists from DAP want us to perceive is not anti Chinese.

Rather, it serves as a potent force that no Malay political party can afford to dismiss. Meaning that just as Malay voters punished MIC candidates due to Hindraf and MCA candidates for being silent when DAP slandering UMNO, they are al;so now willing to teach lesson to both UMNO and PAS.

MEB is a classic case. Many Malays are upset that Najib is seen as not vocal as his father in guarding the interests of Malays. If not for PERKASA, UMNO would have carried away suggestions by Amirsham whom many seem as insensitive to Malays.

Many ridicule me for supporting PERKASA as a reflection of a race that is not confident. My answer is what is wrong with supporting PERKASA if it gives bargaining power to Malay voters.

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 04:01  

Hak Melayu Perkasa screams, but look here at this article,
Is now Perkasa recruiting Palestinians? Does that mean this Palestinian man has become Malay? That's the hippocracy of Umno. Pleaselah Perkasa is part and parcel of Umno.

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