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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 25 May 2010

The son rises? Sets?


S Val Pari- has accused UMNO of masterminding the eventual downfall of his father, Samy Vellu. In the 2008 GE, MIC secured 179,422 votes. They now have 3 MPs in parliament, each  given government posts. That's a 100 per cent achievement, rarely accorded to other BN component parties.
Bad blood appears to build up since Samy Vellu lost the GE. His prestige is unassailable as long as he remains MIC's boss. When he holds no office, the mice come out to play. Even those still in diapers when he took over Manickavasagam now are emboldened enough to ask him to go. Mugilan, the jilted candidate for Hulu Selangor, has even started a group that will be pressuring Samy to go. How will it accomplish that? Maybe by holding mass demonstrations ala Hindraf. By aligning with HIndraf if they are still around.
Combining with UMNO? UMNO is beset with its own agenda and problem to be mired in MIC's fiery political vindalloo. So, we shall politely deny Val Pari's accusations.
As leader of MIC, Samy was probably miffed at not being made a senator to keep MIC on a even keel and also to retain his prestige. Others who lost were given senatorial positions- Shahrizat was made a senator, the bungling Koh Tsu Kun was given one.
Samy Vellu feels that he must not only be consulted in any issues involving MIC but also that his views must prevail. So during HUlu Selangor by election, he wanted Palani to stand but the BN knows that Palani were to stand, we would lose. The name of one MUgilan was bandied around as UMNO's preferred candidate. This got Sam incensed and he threatened to sack MUgilan then, if Mugilan accepted candidacy. Samy Velu has also threatened to leave BN.
As a measure of vindication and small victory, if Samy can't get what he wants, UMNO will not get theirs too. So in the end we settled for kamalanathan who I believe will only be serving for 2 years more.
Val Pari must come out with incontestable proof that UMNO is behind his father's descending politics. So far he has offered nothing other than conjectures and broad innuendos that permit escape in future. UMNO has no need to accelerate Samy's departure. MIC will self implode.
If Val Pari must know, UMNO grassroots are equally angry about MIC being given 3 government posts when they were able to bring in a measly 170,000 votes. MIC has more members than that. That proves that MIC has been ineffective and is no longer the undisputed voice of Malaysian Indians.
The HUlu Selangor elections showed that UMNO can sidestep MIC and go directly to Malaysian Indians to gain their trust. This is only possible as a result of MIC's own effete presence. The Indians as a whole are disillusioned with Samy's leadership. The MIC leadership must also recognize the symbolism when PM Najib was able to go into Batu Caves and took part in the Thaipusam merriment. That showed that UMNO and BN are capable of linking up direct with the average Indian who feels appreciated and counted. Samy himself treats his people as digits.
Now, if there is one reason why Samy Vellu is going downhill, it's because he has overstayed its time and MIC no longer the sole voice of the Malaysian Indian.
Val Pari has a choice actually. He can disembark at the next bus stop. Please go.


Anonymous,  25 May 2010 at 16:31  

Political suicide by the son for the father maybe the son knows the end is near and so by doing this maybe he hope's to broker a deal.

Anonymous,  25 May 2010 at 16:48  

both father and son are thiefs !!

pordah dey !!

Jati Diri,  25 May 2010 at 17:38  

Marilah kita mengundi samada nak kekalkan Sammy Velu atau tidak.

Anonymous,  25 May 2010 at 18:32  

Even Tun Mahathir knows when to step down when his turn came. Samy should have emulated him and retired at the same time and not hang on to be pushed down the pedestal.

Pak Tua

Ir. Hanafi Ali 25 May 2010 at 20:41  

Wei Dato where lah you get all these gems. Hahahahah.

"He can disembark at the next bus stop."

jebat Jr,  25 May 2010 at 21:29  

Datuk Sak, kita tunduk lagi, kini tanah KTM dari Woodland ke Tanjong Pagar digadai Najib, Tol 2nd Link diturunkan, pasir berlori lori merangkak ke Kota Singa, Jambatan Bengkok hanya mimpi disiang hari,.. tolong nasihat si Najib ni, jika dulu, sampai pencen, Che Det dok simpan tanah KTM tuh,. tup tup Najib n Rosmah turun Kota Singa, lepas pekena Durian spesel, dah terduduk dek tekanan Si Singa,.

Quiet Despair,  25 May 2010 at 21:32  

Now this Vel fella is talking in tongues.
All this while he's enjoyng the smooth,comfy ride on an air-cond bus.
Get off the bus now. We are dropping you in the jungle. You will be knocked down by timber lorries or eaten by a tiger.
Dey Vel, You are a true Pariah. Your semi-value dad is on the way out and you want to bring others down too.
Yesterday you blamed Subra, your power-crazy dad's scapegoat. Today you accused UMNO.
Ungrateful parasites sucking the blood of UMNO for a long, long time.
Only three MPS and still begging for parliamentary seat, for Senatorship, for Cabinet post. Look in the mirror. Shameless pests.
UMNO wanted Mugilan but for BN spirit Kamal was chosen. Now Mugilan is finally sacked for so-called asking Samy to quit. Actually you wanted to sack Mugilan during the HS by-elections.for aleged sabotaging and working with UMNO.
UMNO is fed-up with your ruse, Samy.
Everyone in UMNO including Muhyiddin is in chorus demanding MIC to retract the "biadap and tidak bertanggungjawab" statement.
Samy, you sacked thousands of MIC members in order to stay in power.
How about you taste your own medicine - being sacked by MIC and BN.
Don't try to assert power when you are weak. You are never in a bargaining position.
Poodah pundek.

Ramli Mohd Yunus 25 May 2010 at 21:37  

On any account, appointing Val Perri to the CWC is just crazy.

Yes, any President has the power to appoint anybody as an appointed CWC member, that happens in China Communist party too, but it is done within the framework of the party heirachy not as whim and fancies of the president alone.

Please not define democracy as defined and practiced by Tarzan and Superman! That applies to other BN and other political parties too.

We are living in a very civilised world..please do not make us look other wise!

Malaysian Indian,  25 May 2010 at 22:27  

Hear hear..well said the point

Malaysian Indian,  25 May 2010 at 22:29  

Leave it to Dato...he knows his stuff
"ding" next stop..Sentul toddy shop..

Donplaypuks® 26 May 2010 at 01:16  


They have been thumbing so many free rides they thing they own the bus, the station, the drivers and the passengers!!

In homage to your no nonsense and to the point "puki" message to the looters, mine is:

Dei para pundek, fuck off today!! They told you to do so 2 years ago and you still haven't got the message!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  26 May 2010 at 06:48  

Both Ikan Pari and bapak Ikan Pari tak akan turun bas, sehinggalah:

- penumpang lain menolak mereka turun; atau
-bas ditimpa kemalangan akibat drebar, konduktor, penumpang bergaduh sesama sendiri. Last sekali, semua dalam bas mati atau cedera parah, bas jadi total loss. BN kena cari bas lain.

sri hartamas

Anonymous,  26 May 2010 at 08:20  

The Honourable Goonda Shivaji,

Like father like Son……..It’s good knowing a son protecting, defending, standing for, shielding and dying for thy father for the reason only known to both of them. The father with the long mileage of political bullying, sacking, dismissing, terminating and threatening is coming to its final run down. What would the next episode be that could turn the Goonda Shivaji into another act of heroism? All those best walla in designing the best available script that money can buy had already been dismissed and who else would best parroting the rotten script?. Now the only one left that could be rely upon is none other than the Parri Pariah Walla the Goondaji son. Looking around in this small and its neighboring estates, all the General Goonda Shivaji had already in place their blood heir except for one estate that is MIC. And the best and nearest amiable estates that is easily targeted and blasted is UMNO. At this point of time now he did realized that UMNO is the driver and the father was the passenger for all this while. And every time the bus was in troubled the driver fix it without any assistance from the passenger. Currently, the bus is having major problems and the driver is trying to get some assistance from that same more than 30 years of being passenger doing nothing except fulfilling the lucrative life of his Parri Pariah Walla sonaji.

Today T.C.Mohon was saying that they do not hesitate of their consideration leaving BN. Do so by all mean and do not, do not apply that threatening game that you are well learned of from your Goonda Shivaji. The earlier the better for all malaysian that understand what Malaysian is all about. Rather playing stupid game for the entire of your stupid political life. Leave the bus as the bus no longer able to carry that full beer tummy of yours. Ayoo Goonda Shivaji dying is all that matter now!!!!

Quiet Despair,  26 May 2010 at 09:23  

"Ini Kamalanathan menang kalu, esok saya berenti."
Dey, Kamal sudah dua bulan jadi MP bila mau berenti?
Ane punya orang sudah demand you berhenti. Apa lagi mau?
Mau tunggu itu Sept 2011. Macam mana kerja 30 tahun tak boleh jalan, lagi mau sampai satu tahun lebih mahu bikin.
Itu play safe Palanivel sudah gatal mau itu kerusi.
Dia main belakang sampai dia orang kuat Mugilanpun dia setuju kasi sack.
Atau you mahu angkat you punya son jadi President ke??
After the 2008 elections debacle, UMNO and Gerakan have changed leadership. MCA has two leadership changes.
MIC is still stuck with the loser from Sungai Siput.
OY Samy, nanti orang Melayu lagi tak mau undi calon MIC.
Youpun tau itu Melayu juga kasi vote orang MIC jadi MP.
Jangan kasi bising macam Keling karam.

Anonymous,  26 May 2010 at 12:13  


Apparently the bus can't slow down at the next stop as it's speeding downhill into the ravine.

The driver and its passengers are doomed and soon into political oblivion.

Anonymous,  26 May 2010 at 12:50  

sri hartamas,
tolong bagi full skrip cerita anak beranak ikan pari tu. Boleh jual arr kat hollywood tak pun jual pada bollywood.


Quiet Despair,  26 May 2010 at 15:56  

Aya Samy, you can jump from your wife's flat in Brickfields.
First drink some toddy plus samsu.
Tomorrow can blame UMNO .

Anonymous,  26 May 2010 at 16:53  

Why we alway said other must changed and I must changed.
We have lot of blogger but hte result we create more anti people

Samy velu was elected by the MIC delegates and the delegates was elected by downline and the down line was elected by leader so who should go .... simple everyone should go. Mugilan talk very loud but what he did for the past years in MIC. Duduk bawah Samy ketiak. When not get what he want, he lawan tauke. We want UMNO yes man leader, we want People yes man candidate. Comeon lah don't waste ur time reading this blogger politic article .... will cause u ur BP go up. Use this time to create mor good things

Sy no to blogger who is unprof

Anonymous,  26 May 2010 at 16:55  

Quiet Despair said...

Ohoi jangan nak kuyrang ajar .... ckapa tak serupa fikir

Suruh lu punya bapa Najib undur .... 10 pilahraya 3 menang 7 kalah ..... apasal lu semua diam

walla 26 May 2010 at 17:02  

"He can disembark at the next bus stop."

He can't.

Anonymous,  26 May 2010 at 19:36  

Looks like everyone here is having a field day whacking the doomed "bus driver".
Thats perfectly alright with me because i am not very fond of the bus driver as well.
However i do hope that we can continue with the whacking and bashing with anyone who crosses the line , regardless of the party he/she represents.Call a spade a spade.
As such, to people macam"quiet despair" by all means do whack and bash those buggers who take us ,rakyat for a ride and assumes that we are ignorant.Tapi janganlah buat macam everything is alright dan langsung tak whack if orang yang buat onar dan mungkar tu dari kumpulan yang kita sayang dan oleh kerana sebab-sebab yang tertentu.

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