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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Use and Abuse of Divine Intervention

Many people are perplexed to read that only divine intervention can save Anwar now. Now that is a masterful manipulation of a premise that must be kept alive at all costs; which is that the judiciary here in Malaysia is inherently unjust that it requires nothing short of divine intervention to rectify it. The thing is, divine intervention doesn't come when you want it to happen. It's independent of the human will. If Anwar appeals to divine intervention, it implies that Anwar has divine rights in the first place. Now, what kind of rights would that be? Rights to do as he pleases such as redefining sexual norms here in Malaysia?
The only weapon that Anwar has is to convince others that the whole legal system and the judiciary are conspiring to do him in. Yet this is the very same judicial system that overturned his conviction of sodomy. Perhaps because he knows that it is very technically difficult to convict an accused of sodomy, he was prepared to challenge the legal system a second time.
How does he go about this? He does so by accusing the government lawyers, the judges and the entire judiciary of political conspiracy. By accusing that his case in politically motivated and that this is a political trial. The dutiful wife comes along to say that this is an attempt by the government to end Anwar's political career. The truth is, deep in the bowels of the Malay heartland, Anwar has lost any moral legitimacy. He is not going to get any comfort by proclaiming he is not going to jail because he knows that his former friends are also fornicators.
It is Anwar who is using international political pressures to force the government give up this legal case. He is also using all the legal devices to delay the hearing. The whole world is waiting for Saiful, Anwar's accuser to be cross examined. The longer Anwar delays the court process, the greater will be people's inference of guilt on his part.
The reality is divine intervention has set in the first time around. What else could explain that what could have become his triumphant march into Sri Perdana was snatched away from him at the very last stage that would have seen Anwar ascend the highest political office? That was divine intervention that stopped Anwar from leading this country.
The average Joe in the kampong, the surau goers or those layabouts at the various warungs are universally united in the belief that divine intervention has helped this country by stopping Anwar.
The Muslim, devout or not will resign to the principles of qadha and qadar. That Anwar is fated not to become the leader of this country. That divine intervention steps in to save this country from the ravenous appetite of one man. That all these bala and misfortunes that are currently setting upon Anwar is his comeuppance.
Strange, that this is the only line of argument that can overcome any attempts at rationalizing this case. Anwar will never be one to accept trial by the Malaysian judiciary. So, arguing what he is undergoing at the moment on rational grounds is futile.
So this impasse can only be resolved by accepting the interception of divine intervention. The divine intervention hoped for by Anwar supporters has already taken place when he was snatched away from the next few steps of the highest office. Perhaps it was indeed divine intervention that saved us all.


Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 08:57  

Tak kan tak habis habis lagi Dato'.
It is not Anwar that will topple UMNO but the people.
Semua orang dah tahu Dato' buat lah cerita lain yang berfaedah dan tak usah lah nak memandai mandai.
Not that UMNO the people hate but the UMNO leaders.

Mmm-hmm,  2 March 2010 at 09:45  

Allah will only help those who are innocent.
Anwar has guilt written all over his face.
If not,why was he using every devious way to derail justice.
If he is innocent, he will want the trial to speed up to prove his innocence.
My heart goes out to Saiful who wants justice done to get on his life.
Al-juburi supporters use the word divine intervention as a last recourse for sympathy.
It's normal for humans to turn to divine intervention when all else fails.
But it's abused by those who is in the wrong too.
P.S. There's a typo error in the second paragraph, line 10 of your article. It should read career. Thanks.

Ariff Sabri 2 March 2010 at 10:25  

of course takkan habis- as long as you people write all the nonsense, they must be countered. you mean all those articles that appear to support anwar an dhentam UMNO- should be left unanswered. macam you- tak jawab pun the arguments here. you resort to the familiar name calling lah, membodohkan orang lain lah.


ye betul. saya rasa rakyat jelata dan mual dengan cerita2 pasal Anwar. kita orang Islam percaya, sesuatu berlaku mesti ada sebab.
Anwar tak jadi PM dan kena tuduhan yang serupa mesti ada sebeb sebab nya.
mungkin juga Allah nak selamatkan dia. tapi pada saya Allah nak selamatkan Malaysia.

Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 11:02  

See, thats the problem. You say they write nonsense. They say you write nonsense. Actually both also shiok sendiri.

Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 11:57  


You are a good spinner but the fact remains why charge Anwar when there is no collaborative evidence but only on the basis of an admission from Saiful, one person, the purpoted victim. Where is the credible witness who will swear he saw the act. Lagi tak masuk akal when Saiful said he was an unwilling party.

Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 12:18  

Dato who asked for the case to be postponed this time was'nt it the prosecution.We live in this temporary world once make sure we do it right tq.

Mmm-hmm,  2 March 2010 at 12:27  

Spot on. Allah nak selamatkan Malaysia.
Allah tidak akan membiarkan Malaysia dipimpin oleh orang tidak bermoral.
Allah lebih mengetahui siapa yang layak menjadi pemimpin, lebih-lebih lagi Malaysia sebagai negara yang mendokong Islam.
Tuduhan meliwat, jika sekalipun tidak ada bukti, sudah cukup untuk menjadikan seorang itu tidak layak memimpin kita.
Dan dalam kes Al-juburi, the proof is as clear as day.
Siapalah nak mereka tuduhan seberat itu tanpa incriminating evidences.
Dia cari helah nak memperlekehkan hakim-hakim kita dan undang-undang Malaysia sehingga negara menjadi tohmahan barat sepeeti US dan Australia.
Sekarang dah tau takkan menang, gunakan nama Allah untuk mencari helah.
Yang sedihnya sebab taksub kepadanya, para-penyokong menghalalkan perbuatan yang haram.
Saiful. mangsanya pula yang menjadi bahan ejekan.

Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 13:30  


Have you looked at it from another angle ? Yes, AI is scum, a fornicator, traitor and every other name that you can think of. But the more dangerous enemy is within. AI you can see and target. Meanwhile, the enemy within continues to operate with impunity and will consolidate their position by diverting everyone's attention at AI.
Perhaps if AI really begin to look like a threat, then only will the masses galvanise and throw out the enemy within for they are a bigger threat to the survival of UMNO than AI ever can be.
If UMNO keep accepting all the PKR rejects than what is there to differentiate UMNO from PKR ? Worst still, these rejects come with major baggage and unsavoury reputation. Has any reasonably good PKR supporter or at least those without controversy jumped ship ?
You don't revive a party with more FLCEs and doing what the current opposition is doing. At least LGE attempts to provide good governance and transparency though he will have a hard time. If you short change your own brother of their oil royalties which is so apparent, what other things will you or have you short changed them ? It will come down to credibility and honour which Ku Li can claim.


Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 16:06  

"It is not Anwar that will topple UMNO but the people."

Betul dan Benar !!!


Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 16:32  

Regretably, I have to disagree with your statement, "...The only weapon that Anwar has is to convince others that the whole legal system and the judiciary are conspiring to do him in..." for the very simple reason that it is his only line of defense.

Imagine what would happen if Anwar were to claim his innocence by publicly announcing that he is NOT a homosexual...

... a lot of guys, or half-guys if you prefer, would become instant billionaires.

since the first trial up till now... has Anwar ever claimed his innocence by saying that he is NOT a practicing homosexual?



go figure!

if one were to read every article, written by every news agency or by any Tom, Dick and Harry... it is always political conspiracy... yada, yada, political conspiracy... yada, yada, political conspiracy
... yada, yada, political conspiracy.

innocence by repetition... courtesy of Herr Goebbels.

... which brings us to the question of why the Americans were backing (pun?) Anwar?

also, how did Anwar manage to finance his entire post-1998-existence?

so, SAK47... follow the money trail?

an immense task... anybody up to it?

"Can I duck you today? "

mmm-hmm,  2 March 2010 at 16:34  

Anon 08.57
Kamal 16.06

Jika ditakdirkan people yang topple BN, takpe.
Jangan Anwar sudahlah.
Nanti kita di bawah telunjuk AS.
P.S Sak. again typo in your spelling of career.
Sorry, I tengah belajar editing.
I nampak typo orang tapi Ipun banyak taip salah.
Macam Anwar pulak. Nampak salah orang tapi salah sendiri tak nampak.

yb,  2 March 2010 at 16:58  

Was it also divine intervention when Perak was snatched away from its voters by the you-know-whos?

Donplaypuks® 2 March 2010 at 17:31  

Divine intervention? God only knows!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 17:39  

The normal people like me will seeks and may be able to looks for indications. These indications will help us to make our own judgement.
We saw what our national leaders are doing and we saw and read about what AI did and with whom he is associated with. One thing interest me more than other.

Why is AI so close with those "doubtful personalities"? They said that most of them are gays and jews. It is an open secret.

Can these personalities bring any good to the country, if AI became PM later?.

or destruction!!!.

Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 17:50  

Aku rasa Malaysia ni nanti akan dipimpin oleh org2 yg bukan tamakkan kuasa dan pangkat. Dan org-org yg anda dengar nama2 nya disebut2 didalam akhbar dan anda kenal sebagai politician...satu pun tak layak..

Yang layak adalah org yg tidak memikirkan sangat pangkat dan nama.

Greenbottle 2 March 2010 at 19:57  

oh dear..leave god out of all this. if the muslims/malays think about god at all they should all vote for PAS.

umno and the malays in PKR are just two sides of the same coin. they have the same 'genes'.

i think the real crime is this unfair hounding of anwar. what if he buggered that stupid boy. why is this so diferent from all the rest who have sex with women unlawfully? is sodomy greater sin than unlawful sex with a woman?

it's clear that that stupid boy is being used by both sides. By umno to bugger anwar metaphorically speaking, and of course by anwar to use him as a 'buggeree' (if what is alledged is proven true ).

umno leaders of all people shouldn't act holier than thou. look yourselves in the mirror and ask yourself have i fucked anyone other than my wife lately?

Probably not a small number of key umno leaders can answer NO truthfully to this.

Anonymous,  2 March 2010 at 20:14  


Dia sendiri tak pernah deny.

End of story.

Ariff Sabri 2 March 2010 at 20:37  

you mean only PAS people can talk about god? why didn't we see you comment when the article on divine intervention came up? was it because it was written by an anti UMNO man? you mean God is the monopoly of PAS people?

no greenbottle- you ask the wrong question. sodomy is a crime as defined in our legal sytem. unlawful sex with women is also a crime- 3 women were caned already.
i think instead of asking UMNO leaders to ask the question that you mentioned, why dont u asked the question on yrself or even better- have you fxxked some other man/boy already? then maybe you can exchange notes with Anwar Ibrahim on some new techniques knowable only to people such as you.

kuldeep 2 March 2010 at 20:50  

funny thing is that anwar was charged for sodomy...then the whole conviction thing got set aside on appeal...thus,he is innocent in the first instance.But,politically he was in the wilderness for umpteen years..n hv black eyes to boot.

this saiful episode is still in courts..AI still not pronounced guilty..but then again,he may found guilty:which again after umpteen years may get overruled.

Meanwhile,its back to political wilderness..

Its so complex

Red Alfa 2 March 2010 at 21:13  

Dear Dato'

Reading the comments we should be reminding ourselves to personally refrain from publicly humiliating and condemning a person as so sinful without the proof as required in accordance with the Sharia'.

However some of the commentators to this blogg are classic examples as are beyond any gentle reminding.

Not much can one counsel good sense to anyone who is demanding that AI prove his innocence for such sins as are being alledged without any proof, isn't it?

Quiet despair,  2 March 2010 at 21:39  

Si Nuar has to abide by Allah's plans in the grand scheme of things.
If the Almighty deems he goes to jail, then jail be it.
I dedicate the song Trouble Is My Middle Name by Bobby Vinton to him,

Anonymous,  3 March 2010 at 01:21  

Salam Bro……..

Oh dear a divine Intervention for AI. Who is he?, a Martyr, a new kind of emerging prophet, the peoples champion, that does not fit at all. One thing peculiar, he is the people’s idiot. Those who are so staunch of their believed in AL, you are one kind of beautiful peoples chosen in a very divine manner.

Friend’s and Foe’s remember the story of Prophet Isa al-Masihi A.S. Yahuza the betrayal was in the eyes of many resembles the Prophet Isa al-Masihi A.S looks. It’s the divine intervention of making those eyes look what they wanted to believed and doesn’t mean to have a visual image of Isa a.s. then one has to referred to the crucification of Yahuza

It is no putting your AL in the same position as the Prophet and what standard has this AL of yours match with the Prophet. But the very divine intervention has and had change your mind eyes, heart and your brain in believing what you want to believed.

There are all sorts of anomaly that are already there and one extreme example is the medical report itself but to those Al believers it is immaterial to consider it at all. Either it is a divine intervention or otherwise but AL really made a fool of you peoples just merely believing his every stupid reasoning’s.

Thank you again for your space.
(A Paixao – Rui Veloso )
(Ghir Enta – Souad Massi)

Anonymous,  3 March 2010 at 08:43  

It matter not who topple UMNO but it does matter a lot that AI should never rule the country.

So people go ahead topple UMNO if you think it is for the good of the country but we shall never allow AI be the PM.


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