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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 8 March 2010

The road to serfdom- Malaysian style.

Here is a problem having a civilized debate. In my previous article, I deliberately stated I did not attend the round table forum. As expected, comments immediately zoomed in on this. Instead of offering views on the economic agenda and my perception on the views offered by Mukhriz, criticisms were centered instead on whether I attended or not as something of consequence.
The attendance was of no consequence. Those who attended have not been been able to write anything of significance either. Statements came from Ibrahim Ali and Mukhriz. That's all we needed to work on.
What do these people expect? The whole of Malaysia must attend the forum to qualify them making comments? What's spoken in there wasn't rocket science. Anyway you know, the main points of the forum will be published by others sufficient enough for any perceptive persons to make fair comments. The subject matter spoken in that forum was not as though, it required extraordinary deftness like in reading an academic journal. If that is a requirement, perhaps many of sitting behind the laptops bloggers are not qualified to attend.
So today, encouraged by the success of his round table conference, Ibrahim Ali declared the market system isn't good for the Malays. Why? We are not told how so. I was planning to justify the fears of the MPM on the viciousness of the free market system; but after hearing Ibrahim Ali, I am forced to modify my views.
You see, the economic advancement of Malays is all about wealth creation. Now if the sources and factors of wealth creation are dependent on who you know, dependent on shareable privileged information, - dependent as a whole on others, then Malays will forever be under performing. This is the basis of the economic idea of Ibrahim Ali and his gang.
Malay economic advancement depends on who you know, depends on how close you are to dispensers of patronage. These are the every elements that destroy creativity and innovation, the two sources that this present government thinks will drive Malaysians to high income economy.
The economic idea of Ibrahim Ali and that of his club friends is the same rehashed economic strategies of the past- let US, we who are in power, plan your future. We, who are in power knows best. We must be control. Its back on the road to serfdom for the Malays.


Anonymous,  8 March 2010 at 22:31  

ditto datuk.

how did the maahtir family accumulated so much wealth within a generation? am i jealous? hell no. I just dont like his hypocrisy and using his divisive ways to camouflage the wealth accumulation at the expense of the poor, where ironically the majority is from the Malay community.

Dato, its gonna be a class issue between the have and have-nots within the Malay community. On one hand, the elites are from UMNO and its cronies including the 2,600 Class F contractors. On the other side, are the poor Malays from the East Coast and East Malaysia as well as the urban poor who barely scrapped thru their lives with miserable earnings.

bat8 8 March 2010 at 22:39  

Dato sak

Spot on komen you tentang setengah pengulas diatas. These typeof people banyak terdapat dimana-mana blog. dah la tak menyumbang, tak segan silu menunjukkan kecetekan akal. Apatah lagi kebanyakan mereka ini adalah orang kita, orang melayu.patutlah kita senang diyipu dan diperkotak-katik oleh setengah pemimpin kita untuk kepentingan diri.


You are giving too much credence to berahim ali. But then l understand because if you do not expose this guy, parah kita orang melayu. U got to do wat u got to do.

Being kelantanese, we knew him to well. With giving him undeserved reverence, suffice for me to say dia dah tak boleh menipu orang kelantan lagi so now dia cuba menipu melayu-melayu diluar kelantan semata-mata untuk kepentingan diri sahaja. Tak lebih dan kurang dari itu.

nampaknya ramai juga orang melayu diluar kelantan yang termakan dengan auta iberahim ni.


p/s: hampir 30 tahun ibrahim ali ni dok jual temberang kat kelantan. We knew him too well.

bat8 8 March 2010 at 22:42  

sambung skit..

Kalaulah Perkasa ini satu vehicle yang real, sepatutnya ia mendapat sokongan besar di kelantan kerana kelantan adalah home base politik ibrahim ali for more than 30 years. Setakat ini Perkasa Negeri Kelantan pun tak wujud lagi!!

Kelantanlah sepatutnya menjadi base utama bagi Perkasa sebagaimana Kelantan menjadi base utama Semangat 46 dulu.


SiamangBukit 9 March 2010 at 00:47  

The problems of many Intellectual Malays are that they are always stuck with the history of others who they may despise. About time such intellectuals must disengage themselves from the past and start to be forward thinking. If we are too engrossed in blaming others and failed to do anything strategic we will never be out of the limbo.
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
Will Rogers
US humorist & showman (1879 - 1935)

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 04:22  

sometimes we have to say the least
palatable to our people. I always
maintained that the enemy of the malays is not the chinese but the
pseudo -nationalist like mat brahim
or stylish-but-out-of-sync pseudo pecinta bahasa [aka pelingkup bangsa] rais yatim
who wants to be considered pecinta
bahasa when he is actually an english
educated lawyer.

example 2
Baru baru ini terpandang saya kepada satu berita
- DrM mengulas tentang perkembangan di dalam proton.
Di dalam nukilan yang sama ada berita tentang mahkamah
di Negara jiran, Singapura memberi kemenangan kepada Proton
di dalam kes proton-LG. Bukankahkah ini satu tragedi bangsa
kita . Kes yang melibatkan glc kita dibicarakan di Singapura.

Ada kemungkinan besar jika kes dibicarakan di kl keputusannya
akan memberi outcome yang sama. Namun demikian LG memilih Singapura
sebagai prefferred Court untuk memutusakan timbangtara tersebut.

Persoalannya . Mengapa ini bolih berlaku?

Melayu mudah lupa. TDM langsung tak ingat yang kehakiman kita
langsung keunggulan kredibliti mahkamah negara terjejas teruk sehingga
kes yang melibatkan glc kita terrujuk
di Singapura. Tidakkah pegawai pegawai atasan yang terlibat merasa
janggal atas perkara tersebut?

Kes Ku Li dan Najib

Dulu kedudukan kehakiman negara adalah antara terunggul di dunia.
Jadi tidak ada keraguan untuk wakil wakil kerajaan negeri di masa
lampau untuk mereka meminta timbang tara diadakan di Singapura. Inilah
yang berlaku. kalau kita ikuti tulisan n h chan fasal kes mb perak,
beliau berpendapat hakim telah mengenepikan undang undang bertulis
untuk memberi kuasa kepada sultan untuk membuang Nizar sebagai MB!
Ada kemungkinan besar hakim akan ikut cara predecessornya untuk
membuat undang undang [creative judicial law making ] baru untuk menolak
hak kepada kelantan apabila akta sediada jelas memberi hak kepada
kelantan tanpa melibatkan apa apa limit di mana telaga minyak itu
berada di pantai kelantan.

Imej Politico dan hakim hakim

Imej hakim hakim kita telah jatuk tergolek apabila
kes kes seperti LG-Proton di timbangtarakan di Singapura.

Tambahanpula ramai penulis blog yang terdiri dari pengamal
undang undang dari singapura dan negara sendiri sangsi dengan
alasan keputusan yang telah dibuat dan ada penulis blog seperti
bekas hakim n h chan merasai yang ada keputusan mahkamah yang jelas
salah kerana ianya bertentangan dengan akta yang termaktub.
dari segi akta yang termaktub.

Where do I want to lead the readers?

we know kelantan and terengganu represent the two poorest states in the country. Nobody is going to dispute this including berahim ali.

Now if the gomen comprising the malsys- najib and his ilk, malay
cabinet members-rais, no mohamamed
and the melayus in the cabinet want to help their poor country cousins
in kelantan to come out of their poverty traps they can stretch the
law [akta petronas] to interpret in
favour of kelantan getting some
substantial oil money to spread
the wealth to the country cousins.

why have they not done so?

is it because that the top leadership is so taken with the
sanctity of the law that they fear
after life retribution that they
do not wish to interfere with the
four corners of the akta petronas?
In factthere are reasonable legal argument that
will show that kelantan is entitle
to the oil money.

This is where common sense must prevail? No amount of garbage
issued by berahim can help to dispel the fact that he is too
stooopid to understand that he is
just a lunchai used by the party
leadership to misinform the public.
In the animal kingdom we have a rat
like animal called lemmings who
follow their leader to jump over the cliff every year. In this country we have non thinking malays
who follow berahim die as a national bagero.


Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 06:37  

Dear Dato,
Ibrahim Ali is just a typical backward Malay; against free market and wishes a life style of a free marketeer. Bodoh Bodoh!
How on earth will Najib achieve a high-income status with idiot like Ibrahim Ali?
Please tell me which Muslim country is high-income developed nation?
Answer = None.
So why is Islam an obstacle to economic advancement?
This is should be the main topic for debate and not NEP or Ketuanan Melayu.


Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 08:02  

Hanya orang bodoh yang akan mengikut Brehim Ali kaki kelentong.
PM Najib sepatut nya sudah bertindak menchantas Brehim Ali yang perasan. Kenapa Najib mesti takut? Atau memamg nya sikap beliau yang suka main selamat demi menyelamatkan diri sendiri.
Dato' kena tanya Najib di antara Kepentingan negara dan kepentingan peribadi mana yang lebih mustahak. Brahim Ali sudah melampaui batas, orang Melayu sendiri tidak bersetuju dengan cara yang di lakukan kerana kita tahu Brahim lebih mementingkan survival diri nya dengan cuba menonjolkan diri sebagai juara.
Rasa nya negara ini akan jahanam sekira nya Najib membiarkan Brahim Ali terus berpesta. Atau kita biarkan Brahim Ali katak terus menjadi luncai dan minta Najib kalau tak tahu nak buat apa apa maka turun lah dari tahta presiden UMNO tu!!! dan letak lah jawatan PM tu!!!
Where do we go from here Dato'? If Brahim Ali theatrics is not stop then, we are in for more economic disaster and racial relationship will further deteriorate and it is not PERKASA that will be blame but UMNO will disappear soon!!!

walla 9 March 2010 at 10:15  


If Perkasa thinks that the market system isn't good enough for the malays, then why is Najib slated to present at the Asian Investment Conference in Hongkong on March 22nd?

Could it be that our economic situation is so dire the mask has to finally come off and all hope has to be pinned on a national transformation based on a new economic model that Najib will have to hint to funds managers of Asia even in advance of announcement of it in his own country?

If everything is swimmingly well, why have a new model? Why the need to change what has 'worked'? For political support? If the malays command the majority anyway, why is it needed then?

One wonders if a slot is given to Ibrahim Ali immediately after Najib presents at the global platform, what will the Perkasa president be saying? That he disagrees? That only he has the answer on what to do with the government deficit and the oil revenue situation? That his clarion call for a return to malay supremacy will save this land? As it had "done" so magnificently before, looking at the conspicuous consumption levels of the malay dilettante and elites in his midst to which he himself aspires to join very soon? That it is the magic bullet to close the middle income gap which all Malaysians are finally awakened to? - our own made-in-malaysia national dilemma described by one eminent blogger as:

"Too expensive for foreign investors seeking Third World sweatshops. Not skilled enough to create world-beating goods and services. No Blue Oceans. Just the threat of wallowing in a hole that we have created for ourselves."

Let us all understand one thing clearly. Our national situation - economic, industrial, financial, social, health, education, cohesion, cultural - what have you -leaves much to be desired. We all know that. Malaysians have finally woken up to the traps we have set for ourselves, the holes we have fallen into, the crap we have swallowed for too long.

In the last almost forty years, the entire political script of this country has been written by a bunch of racial hypomaniacs and rent-collecting cronies which have chalked up their personal bank accounts by running this country into the ground. After all, the toyo's of GE13 will only be following the tradition of the dero's of GE12.

And symptomatic of their method are the double standards they practice executed by our so-called fair and just institutions. Can Ibrahim Ali and his ilk explain why approval for his party organ can be so quickly approved by the home ministry which has on too many occasions been tardy doing the same for more malaysian-centric bodies such as Malaysiakini?

Is it because Perkasa is a proxy branch of Umno, subcontracted to soothe Mahathir while playing the role that Umno has to relinquish now that it has decided to powder itself as a more people-centric and fair party?

Is it still necessary in this day and age of enlightened public sentiment to rake racial sentiments so as to make sure the malays don't go amok? Isn't that a frigging insult to their cultural equanimity and Islamic spirituality?

Can he and others explain how after half a century of nationhood founded on common aspirations to be liberated from colonialism, we are seeing only the defense by some quarters of a new colonialism in all but name?

One can only credit the non-malays, a term which should be replaced as 'other malaysians' that they have never been the problem. They have only done what any industrious and enlightened malay or any other race on earth would also have done given the circumstances under which they have to belabor.

In voting against the deranged policies and players seen so far, millions of other more otak-centered malays have also finally acknowledged that. They know because they have suffered from the same double standards and oily spin.

walla 9 March 2010 at 10:17  


But as concerned citizens, we must all nevertheless not just be satisfied that such a realization has come about. We must do whatever we can to help all races overcome their internal dilemmas. If the community that is suffering the most from a modernization crisis are the malays, then let's put our heads and hearts together to see what positive measures can be taken to lift them up. They cannot do it on their own. Their leaders have only messed up everything for them and taken this whole nation down the same road with it. They need brotherly support in an open and frank environment that thrives on a new level of trust and understanding free from caginess and past shadows.

Because all will have to realize that never again must affirmative measures be a zero-sum game of trying to come up by making sure others go slower or be labeled as cattle to be milked of their labor in order to support free-rides and unearned goodies that only open the pandora box to ill-gotten gains for a bunch of unethical and hypocritical elite who will then without the slightest shred of conscience use the other malaysians as bogeymen to be blamed so that the malaysians who happen to be malays can be cowered into some unsupportable fear to continue supporting such divisive affirmative policies.

That is not malay supremacy. That is national suppression, swindling and siphonage.

Furthermore, to the middle income trap, we must add what may be called the middle class trap. Not many of you will know that Ghafar Baba and Musa Hitam were asked to ponder carefully on the inception of a middle class for the malays. They were advised that creating a middle class was fine but it has to be done carefully because when it is created in one community using affirmative policies, then for those policies to continue the policymakers will need ongoing support and incentives, as much for themselves - since they were also in the same situation and see themselves as partakers as much as dispensers. In this condition, the middle class that is created will soon enough grow to create an income disparity gap which will pit the elites against the masses they are supposed to serve in the same community. That we are seeing today.

And the reason why that gap has grown is because the rate of wealth accumulation of the elites is faster and more compounding than that for the masses whose earnings will be eroded by inflation and other factors which naturally arise from an economy artificially propped by such policies.

The malay dilemma is only the making of the malay policy designers and decision makers. Its entrenchment is only the workings of malay zealots and cultural purists. The other malaysians have continued on their own doing the best they can at immense sacrifices over generations which could have been more efficiently invested in building a really great nation for all. True, some of them have benefited immensely beyond their own masses and they achieved unconscionable accumulation by aligning themselves as cronies but it would be naive to think the dispensers didn't personally benefited from the special arrangements as well. This is unhealthy. It has to stop. Because the price of bribed privileges increases the cost of business and products sold to investors and consumers. Like all of us. They push our economic competitiveness and attractiveness as a place to make honest profits down the drain. And that's where we are.

walla 9 March 2010 at 10:23  


Since i don't write a piece here, a piece there, let me finish painting the landscape.

Some of us will suspect that history could be repeating itself in the MCA. What is happening now in this Barisan coalition partner retro's to what had happened in the time of NYP-TKS. There was an unseen hand, a third party which wanted to unseat NYP for his vociferate defense of a more mature malaysian polity. The unseen hand supported TKS because it represented another party which wanted to control the MCA. Only corporate improprieties in the domain of TKS ultimately turned the course of that party later. The going rate at that time twenty years ago was rm3,000 for each vote at the party elections. At today's rate, that could be rm30,000. Of course NYP lost. He was after all just an ex-lecturer. The businessman won with the help of the same unseen political party which is now seen by many to be playing again the same puppeteering today. Najib not attending the meeting recently says nothing. Perhaps it's because he doesn't want to be associated with a pornographic actor and his sidekicks who might have already been promised the top seats after due process of spraying SD-40 on the election process. OTK can't be greased. After all, wasn't he the one who wanted to start the first integrity movement in Barisan in half a century? The unseen hand wants to take PKFZ to a dead road to protect some people, it has been surmised. Let the rakyat be proven wrong. It's not going to be easy. Sadly that's because the voting delegates still have some of the DNA of yonder days. Fortune, followed by fame.

Last but one: has Umno changed?

The state built a crystal mosque at immense cost. TRH has written it can't be used. The state suffered the burning down of its oldest temple. The MB disdained even offering a token of support to rebuild it. Is this 1Malaysia, celebration of diversity, reflection of the openness and universality of a great faith?

Five hundred sabahans and sarawakians are left by the roadsides of kayel after being cheated by job finders; they cannot go back because their home states have no jobs for them. Do they need to look for the son of kal-el instead to help relieve their unfortunate plight because not a single Umno or Barisan leader has come out to say what will be done for them that has to be left to NGOs? Is it because they fear it will seen as politically incorrect if they are to do so for these youngsters?

Malaysia has lost her conscience. But her peoples have lost their innocence. And that's the first ray of sunlight and hope in a long while.

Lastly, no one is naive to think the new model will not remain accommodative to malay privileges intractably sold as 'rights'. Nomenclature and intent aside, what is portrayed and what the world cares about are not synonymous. Investors in the present global economic situation don't have time or patience to play our game of political niceties. They answer only to their shareholders who will only ask the malays and others in the same honey jar to grow up and realize the real world is about modernization and progressive mindsets, not the ibrahimization of reality.

BTW, one question:

considering how our social-economic policies and behavior of our politicians have been like jumping beans, how long is their time horizon when they open their mouths or ponder about things?

read this if we all haven't:

The road to serfdom can only be rehabilitated by reality. That's the yolk of human bondage on this planet, the price to pay for freedom.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 10:30  

If Source of wealth creation is dependent on who we know, not much difference with how the chinese work.

Its whom you know in their community as well.

Besides, you should have gone there.

So that you could chip in on the ideas you have.

But you didn't.

And now you cry foul over the outcome of the roundtable talks.

One would guess you could have at least present an alternative view there.

If you love your own kind that is.

But the fact is, Perkasa and MPM are gaining traction.

Just like how Hindraf got a lot of support due to its extremism, MPM will receive a lot of support as well.

Same goes to the vile Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI (GMP) that managed to cause riot in KL.

Point is, both these organisations did not receive much flak from minorities. Why? Because both of them will weaken the majority.

You yourself never condemn Hindraf or Suqiu or GMP openly. Because you uphold freedom of free speech.

But you are so against Perkasa and MPM. Let them say what they want

If you love your own kind, let them be the pressure group of Umno.

Don't fall the trap of the minorities and their cheerleaders in your blog.

They are just nervous because for the first time, after gleefully watching minority groups such as Hindraf, Bersih and anti ISA do their work to weaken the Malays,

there now exist a group that strives to remind Umno about their philosophy - empowering the Malays.

What's so wrong about that?

It is only to your imagination that MPM want to enslave the Malays' mentality - like how you had written.

Never in the conference such reference was made. To your own detriment, you failed to realise that those who came are Malays from all walks of life.

From the average parents living in low cost housing to anak Naza Motors.

But all agree on one thing - a more level playing field must be acieved before meritocratic economy sets in. That's why affirmative action is needed.

Nobody was saying anything like how your supposition tries to insinuate.

Nobody said - Malays will be rich depending on who you know regardless whether you're capable or not.

In fact, MPM there wanted the govt to increase the technical know how of young Malays, formulate better education system, provide more opportunities in the private sector, better reward schemes to motivate students and undergraduates etc.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Too bad you weren't there to give your priceless input.

What is so wrong with a roundtable discussion anyway? Freedom to hold association is it not?

Why are you so againts your own kind trying to do something for the benefit of the majority?

You chose not to take up any mantle to lead the way towards your own brand of empowering the Malays.

You should have work together with Ibrahim Ali and his group. As if you don't have his phone number.

Too bad you chose to be part of the minorities condemning this. If not, MPM would be the best conduit for you to extol your own brand of Malay virtues.

I challenge you to make MPM stronger so that it can benefit the Malays.

If Indians have Hindraf, Chinese have their NGOs, why can't Malays?

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 10:35  

Walla, an Umno Sabah leader came to alleviate the plights of those who were cheated about their jobs in KL.

I also think a Malacca CM or maybe the Johor MB made statement that theyir states will help those who are jobless to find jobs in their states.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 11:37  

Anon 9 March 2010 10:30

Pray tell, how much more of a level playing field do you want ? If the current lopsided NEP and ketuanan policies still isn't enough then how else can you alleviate and help your fellow Malays ?

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 12:22  


Sememangnya menjadi lumrah sesebuah perjanjian sekiranya terjadi perbalahan, arbitration selalunya dibuat dinegara dimana perbalahan berlaku. Isu antara Proton & sykt dari Cina (tak ingat namanya) ini telah memilih Singapura dan bukannya Beijing atau pun Kuala Lumpur. Saya rasa komen mengenai pemilihan kehakiman di S'pura tidak tepat kerana memilih KL ataupun Beijing akan menjadi tidak adil.

Inilah masalah orang Melayu. Bila ada pemimpin yang ingin menyatu padu utk mempertahankan kepentingan orang Melayu, terdapat pula kata kata sinis mencela perjuangan mereka. Tahap kepentingan orang Melayu semakin terhiris oleh kaum lain menyebabkan ianya perlu digembeling semula buat kepuasan semua. Berilah sokongan dan komen bernas, bukan halangan sebelum ianya menjadi kenyataan. Perlukah kumpulan ini dilabel sebagai rasis semata mata kerana mempertahankan kepentingan & hak orang Melayu?

Red Alfa 10 March 2010 at 14:47  

Dear Dato'

You are on the right track seeing what Ibrahim Ali, Mukhriz, are up to!

Would like to say much more but for the moment my take; here in Kazakhstan they had taken to the concept of ketuanan back in 1990s in like manner our own good & honest thinkers had understood and had fully espoused. But the bumi Kazakhs are doing it with a difference!.. Today, Kazakhstan has a high income economy way above its Central Asian/ Eurasian neighbours (and Malaysia, too) and their non-bumis happily accept ketuanan Kazakh! A case of the student besting the teacher; but would the teacher learn from his student....

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