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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The recipe for economic serfdom.

The economic ideas of Ibrahim Ali and his cub friends are not difficult to identify. He has supporters of such economic ideas among old school UMNO leaders. His PERKASA has the support of Dr Mahathir who can largely be credited with putting in place many of the economic measures which the current PM is seeking to dismantle.
It's all about placing near absolute powers in the hands of an economic clique which alone will determine what's good for the Malays at large. It's a benevolent despot's version of economics. It has been a system that has created, in the words of Mr. Walla the following situation:-
In the last almost forty years, the entire political script of this country has been written by a bunch of racial hypomaniacs and rent-collecting cronies which have chalked up their personal bank accounts by running this country into the ground.
That's the crux of the matter really. PM Najib must clearly disengage his administration from this apparition called Perkasa and MPM. Maybe it's just a Trojan horse backed by DR Mahathir who is stalking PM Najib. How do we know, perhaps the PERKASA and MPM are actually the extensions of the hawkish side of UMNO and its presence is countenanced and supported by the life giving system of UMNO style intrigue and political subterfuge? To allay our apprehensions and suspicions, the PM must distance his administration from Ibrahim Ali's guerrilla groupings. Why is the deputy head of PERKASA appointed as the boss of JASA?
The truth is, Malays at large don't require some supranational body to speak on our behalf anymore. They and those before them have screwed up everything.
Let me put it in blunt terms.
Look at the whole government system. All the district officers are Malays. Most of the ADOs are Malays. The officers too. All the Pengarahs are Malays. All the MBs are Malays. The head of the judiciary, police, army and other uniform bodies are almost all Malays. The kings and Agongs are all Malays. You have Malays in power since 1957 and these Malays have put in place a governing system that is supposed to uplift all Malays. Now look at the accomplishments.
Out of the 10 wealthiest persons in Malaysia, only 1 is Malay. Out of 40 richest, maybe only 15 are Malays. Out of 10 business premises, almost all are owned by non Malays. In almost every aspect of economic life, they are all dominated by non Malays.
This environment is the direct result of the system put in place by the very ideas that are being bandied around by Ibrahim Ali.
I want to ask the Malays this question. Suppose the entire population of Malaysia is made up of Malays. We see this kind of disparity around, who are we to blame? We blame the system that has been perpetuated and perpetrated by the social and political elite, whose membership is eagerly sought of by Brahim Ali.
The government will announce its NEM soon. When, we don't know. It was supposed to be the end of March. Perhaps some people have warned the government about the ides of March when great misfortunes have befallen many a Caesar. PM Najib doesn't want to be a Caesar and so has decided that the announcement of the NEM be done away with. No ceremony. No pyrotechnics. No dancing to be provided for by Rais Yatim. No chance for Rais to showcase his latest technique in apple polishing.
Amir Sham will just present his findings to the PM, who will in turn do some tweaking here and there and incorporate the recommendations of the NEM into the 10th Malaysia Plan. That will be sometime in June I think. There have been some reservations about certain aspects of the NEP that caused some 'trepidations' among cabinet members. What could possibly spook the cabinet members to that extent so as to lead them asking for revision?
It could only be implications of the new approach to embrace competition which challenges the standard operating procedure of BN leaders learned in the ways of command centre economics supported on the outside by one of the beneficiaries of patronage economics- Ibrahim Ali. The government has only to ignore Ibrahim Ali. Ask him to debate about this in parliament instead of agitating for changes using extra-parliamentary ways. Why should MUkhriz be there at all in the first place other than motivated by his own selfish desire to look good among the Malay hawks?
The NEM offers an alternative to the 'we-command and we control kind' of economics so favored by people like Ibrahim Ali and his friends in the cabinet. The Malays at large are ready to embrace a level playing field provided the tools by which to compete are made available to them.
What will happen when Malays at large embrace the competitive spirit of the NEM? Ties that were built on patronage, dependency on others for economic succor will be broken and along with these, possibly allegiance that has so far produced nothing except serfdom.
The ideas of NEM are dangerous to mentally challenged people like Ibrahim Ali and his ilk.


Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 11:43  

Tok Sak, Tok Sak,

Camana nak selesaikan masalah di sektor swasta di mana terdapat kes siswazah melayu yang sama kelayakan dan kemahiran diberi gaji yang kurang berbanding dengan siswazah cina yang sama kelayakannya? Diskriminasi ini berleluasa di dalam sektor swasta hingga banyak pekerja melayu tidak dapat naik pangkat.

Kalau tok tak dapat mencetus idea bagaimana nak mengimbangi masalah ini, mungkin MPM boleh tolong.

Satu lagi, kenapa le Tok tak telepon aje si Ibrahim tu... kan ke kawan?

Lagi satu, sebab sorang hamba Allah dalam Malaysia ni tak tau apa bijik butir NEM tu, menjadi tanggungjawab kita memberi idea di dalam sesuatu perbincangan yang formal.

Jangan bila dah dirasmikan baru kita nak terlolong memekak sana sini dalam blog tak puas hati.

NGO bukan Melayu dah lama bagi memorandum kat Amirsham. Melayu kena juga bagi memorandum kalau tak, memang rugi nasib Melayu ni (ahli politik seperti Husni dah cakap yang kerajaan Melayu ni tak takut dengan risiko kehilangan undi Melayu bila bentangkan NEM nanti).

Bersatu lah Tok... tolak ego. Bincang dengan berahim ali.

Tak rugi pun.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 11:48  

If all the power base like DOs, ADOs, Ministers, civil servants are majority if not completely Malays, then how can the Chinese take control in the next GE as Ibrahim Ali alleges ? Surely the Malays cannot be that inept as he suggest ?
It boggles the mind that he is suggesting that Malays are a helpless lot even when you control the all the branches of government. Allah help you all if that is the case.

Ariff Sabri 9 March 2010 at 12:09  

anon 11:48

my point is why are we harping on a system that has given us all these problems? i am not putting my arguments the way you put it. even a malay is asking all sorts of questions.

Ariff Sabri 9 March 2010 at 12:14  

anon 11:43.

yang melalak ini Ibrahim ali wok oi. dia ahli parlimen- kenapa tak debat dalam parlimen?
oleh kerana perkara ini di bawa kepada dada awam, maka sesiapa sahaja ada hak yang sama untuk beri komen atau pekik sana pekik sini.
jgnlah jadikankan syarat mesti ada kat sana, baru boleh bercakap. perkar ayang di percakapkan pula melibatkan masa depan semua orang- yang ada di sana atau tidak ada sana.
ini bukan soal bergabung dan bersatu. pendekatan yang di juangkan oleh brahim ali ini telah lama di amalkan oleh kerajaan dan gagal menyelesaikan masaalah ekonomi orang Melayu.

dzieta 9 March 2010 at 12:36  

politik Melayu ambik sebab suka bersorak,ekonomi bukan Melayu sapu sebab depa suka kerja!bila Melayu dah set mentaliti nak keja gomen,jd org bukan Melayu pun takut nk ambik budak Melayu kerja sebab takut depa tu semua mentaliti bagi gaji kecik dulu..percayalah,if kita berjaya prove kat depa,depa will reward kita accordingly..

kuldeep 9 March 2010 at 12:36  

Read Amy chua's writings (m sure u hv..)
Then sort out the atrocity thats called differentiate economic value added thru innovations as opposed to paper shuffling n follow the leader mindset.
Then,have ministers who can see the forest and the trees plus the carbon credits.
Then,expel the public relations guys incl the NGOs that turns molehills into mountains whilst allowing termites to fester.
Then and only then..we are ready to develop the NEM.
Leadership..damned if u do now but history will recognise the brave,

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 13:18  

No offense meant Dato.
It is just that some people actually believe Ibrahim Ali's logic. Only the Malays can reply to these rhetorics or else they will get away with murder if this perception is not corrected by moderate Malays.

Anon 11.43
If it is true that a Malay graduate with the same qualifications as a Chinese is given lower salary, then he should get a government job. Don't kid yourself. The Chinese are practical people and will grab the smartest and most able people for their business for these are the people who will help them to make more money.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 13:23  

Allow me to chip in with mix of English and Malay, if you don’t mind.

Datuk, forget about Ibrahim Ali. He is a goner lah. Always blaming others but never himself.

After so many years of affirmative action, many Malays are still leaving in poverty both in urban and rural areas. What went wrong? It is not too difficult to figure that out if one is being honest. Does he know that Malays in Spore are better off than the majority Malays in Malaysia in terms of standard of living and quality of education? A Malay worker in Spore enjoys a better standard of living in terms of purchasing power parity. No Malays as chief or army? Police? Top Civil servants? important ministers? Spore.? What about Malaysia? Any non-Malays holding important positions in army/police/MACC/GLC's or ministries in Malaysia? Spore has only 15% Malays now. But the per capita income of their citizens is 5 times more than ours. How does Singapore do it? Suruh Berahim Ali pergi belajar dengan LKY.

The government says the poverty rate in Malaysia is low. Less than 3%. Do many people know what is the threshold income that the government use for one to be classified as poor? A household income (family of 4) of about RM600 a month. (For hard-core poor, it is about RM450/mth). Is this not ridiculous? Tell me how a family of 4 is going to have a decent living even with a RM800/mth income a month? Makan satu keluarga paling minima pun at least RM500 sebelum. Susu anak yang harga paling murah untuk 2 orang pun dah dekat RM200/mth. Ini tak masuk sewa, tambang, api, air, pakaian etc.

Why not raise the threshold income to at least RM1200/mth? But the government will not do that for the simple reason that it will increase the poverty level of this country to more than 15%. Now, will it not then reflect bad on the government both internally and internationaly? Of course, it will. That's the reason they have not changed the threshold income for so many years already... hoodwinking the rakyat all the time. Kadar kemiskinan kita rendah blah...blah...blah...


antumalay,  9 March 2010 at 13:28  


Suppose the entire population of Malaysia is made up of Malays. We see this kind of disparity around, who are we to blame?

I dont think there will be this kind of disparity around if the entire population is made of Malays.

I think issue here is more on the race-relationship (where the malays seems to be sidelined by their own leaders in the midst of demands by other races) rather than the "umnoputeras" (?) issue.

So to me, if UMNO is not taking care of Malays, then Perkasa/Malay NGO thing is most welcome by the majority of the Malays.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 13:36  


Sigh....if manage properly and professionally, with honesty and integrity, we should have been already a high income country at par if not better than Spore,Taiwan, Korea and H.Kong. And maybe we will be paying only RM140,000 for a brand new Merc 200k, or just RM70,000 for a new 2.4 Toyota Camry, RM 35,000 for a 1.5 liter Japanese car, RM200,000 for a standard double storey link house, RM30 for a buffet lunch/dinner at a good hotel, a five star hotel room at just about RM200/day, fly to London on MAS for only RM2000 return, pay only RM4 for an ice blended mocha at coffee bean or starbucks etc...etc...

In Switzerland (they don’t have oil or gas), their average income earner needs to work only for 9 hours to be able to buy the latest Apple i-Pod. In Malaysia one month gaji pun tak boleh beli. How to become a develop and high income country? Rhetorics will not take us anywhere. We need concrete action plans. But the top is busy....busy making money for themselves lah. I hope the NEM is not just another window dressing exercise.

Our currency has deteriorated so much that every year we are getting poorer instead of richer. So much of imported inflation. But...wait a minute.....just blame it on the currency traders....we are never at fault.....always in denial mode.

Bawak kepala lembu hina agama lain pun boleh.....orang Melayu yang sokong pembangkang tiba-tiba jadi pengkhianat bangsa Melayu.....orang Cina(Melayu pun ada) buat kerja judi haram, vcd haram, curi balak, human smuggling, buat masuk pendatang haram dan 'china dolls' as prostitutes semua boleh. Semua boleh sebab orang Melayu (police, immigration, customs, rela, dbkl, majlis daerah, jpj etc..etc) ambil rasuah. I am being blunt here. Kalau orang Melayu yang memegang kuasa tak ambil rasuah dan menjalankan kerja dengan jujur dan ikut undang-undang, you think all this illegal activities can thrive in Malaysia? You think orang Cina (Melayu pun ramai) boleh senang-senang jadi kaya? You think Malaysia will not then be a better country? Spore is much more 'cleaner' than Malaysia. In China, corruption = death sentence.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 13:39  


Unless UMNO make a drastic change in many aspects (their constitution, policies, quality/integrity of office bearers etc) then the future of this country is bleak and that means the future of our children, grandchildren and all future generations. UMNO must change the MINDSET of the Malays. But this is a difficult task as the leaders have the same mindset.

A few months back, I was at the book fest at KL Convention Centre. I notice more than 90% of the visitors are non-Malays. Where are the Malays? It is a fact that Malays don't like to read. How to gain knowledge? Was 'Iqra' (Read) not the first word reveal to our prophet? But when we have free concerts like Jom Heboh, we see thousands of Malays. Can we see the imbalance?

I am not a member of any opposition parties. I became disillusioned with the current administration by default (due their actions - their arrogance, their corrupt ways, their abusing of powers, their cheating ways, self interest, rent-seeking etc...).

What choice do I have to see a better and more prosperous Malaysia? Some people say that it is better to choose the devil that you know than the devil that you don't know. But the devil that you don't know may turn out to be the better devil than the devil you know!! Any other choice?? Mahathir likes the song "I did it my way" and that is the reason why he will not agree with others doing the other way even if his way is not the right.

Najib is a “play safe” PM. He is not the “do the right thing” PM. He has to please the powerful warlords to stay as PM as he has a lot of baggage. He will not dare “do the right thing” for fear of losing support among his warlords who are mostly rent-seekers with unlimited greed for wealth the easy way. I am afraid if he does not change his ways, the country will not improve.

Until then we can dream on…….

Mmm-hmm,  9 March 2010 at 13:46  

It's interesting to note you said Najib is trying to dismantle some of Tun M's policy.
I agree with that.
But why is Tun M keeping quiet?
Why isn't he making so much noise like he did to Dollah Badawi.
Is it because he is happy his son is placed in the cabinet over Kairy who is smarter?
Pandaikan Datuk Najib.

vinnan,  9 March 2010 at 13:54  

"Camana nak selesaikan masalah di sektor swasta di mana terdapat kes siswazah melayu yang sama kelayakan dan kemahiran diberi gaji yang kurang berbanding dengan siswazah cina yang sama kelayakannya? Diskriminasi ini berleluasa di dalam sektor swasta hingga banyak pekerja melayu tidak dapat naik pangkat."

Beza swasta dan kerajaan. Swasta wang majikan (peribadi), kerajaan wang cukai dari rakyat. Di Malaysia siapa yang bayar paling banyak cukai tapi dapat manfaaat yang paling kecil?

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 14:44  

Good piece Dato but after this u be labelled as u r no yellow belly keep up the good work and then only will we see Malaysia move forward with malays like you.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 16:26  

Of course the civil services in the centre and in the districts are Malay dominated to better acquiesce to all pro UMNO get rich schemes. That's why it is surprising that People like Daim and Mahathir do not make the Rich list. Is it because those in the list posses wealth that can be accounted for?
So we have rich UMNO personalities who works to protect that wealth, and if they feel that things are not going well and their wealth threatened they may opt for changes. On the otherhand there are those who have squandered or who have just came, they would want the easy handouts to be maintained.
So we will see some jostling??

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 16:38  

Dato Sak

Ibrahim Ali is a 'katak'.No one can trust him if you look at his track record. he is an apportunist.Today he call himself independent and the next day BN. So UMNO will make use of him as a bait to convince the Malay. I don't think the Malay is so bodoh to believe what he is fighting for. Today's Malay are smart and they can think for their future.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 16:52  

I am surprised that this piece is written by a Malay and an UMNO member.
If only the Malays can see like you then your race will prosper.

I have ben told by teachers how smart Malay children who are not willing to slog for many As (in PMR and SPM/STP)and compete with the non-Malay children because they have been assured of places in residential schools, university places and scholarships to boot.

I have seen peons suddenly becoming a Class F contractor but they sub his job to the Chinese at half the price.
I have seen an UMNO member who was a primary school teacher turned wakil rakyat suddenly driving a Mercedes with row of other cars in his garage.
I have personally heard some Malays telling me that their vote depends on "who gives what to me."

UMNO members have no ideology, no principles, no mission. That's why they can jump from one party to another like frogs.

It's all about me, me and gimme, gimme.
Can you blame the Chinese for owning all the shop houses, retail business, workshops, electrical repairs, and you name it, they do it.
Whom do you blame if Malays only want to be civil servants, bank jagas, factory workers, bus/taxi drivers, garbage collectors, nimah karan, hotel workers?
Can Ibrahim Ali and Rais explain why this is so with UMNO at the helm for 52 years?

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 17:26  

Let me rebut the first comment for this article - discrimination within workplace is normal (though not acceptable). I'm not denying that there is a form of racism within the private sectors whereby, in a non-Malay organization, fresh grad Malays get paid lesser than the nons. But another commentator hit the nail when he said, non-Malays have a wrong impression (read WRONG) of the Malay graduates, and the reason is exactly how Malays are supporting this Ibrahim Ali thoughts. Again, let me be clear, I'm not for-racism but we must all admit we generalize.

I always keep a clear mind in the workplace, Malays or not, everyone has their capabilities. What saddens me most is that, here I am trying to believe everyone has the capability to excel, but there are many Malays who are rallying behind Ibrahim's idea that Malays need assistance and help - and to do it with racist propaganda such as Chinese taking over the country. I believe the Malays are able if and when they decide to stand on their own two feet without help (this does not apply to all Malays and also applies to nons)

Unknown 9 March 2010 at 17:29  

Mukriz must have taken his father's advice. The short cut to come up in UMNO is through racism. His father had proven that and had been successful. He sure wants to try that too.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 18:42  

If we start any sentence with malay this Chinese that then no problem can ever be solved. Thanks to our education system this is how most malaysian thinks. So obviously the years of brainwashing actually works. I think this country is screwed. At the end everybody lose. Unfortunately I wont be around to say Ï TOLD YOU SO but I can say now that we deserve it. Do what you think is right.

zorro 9 March 2010 at 21:44  

People, it is not difficult to imagine or envisage what Pahang will be if they have Datuk Sak as the next MB? I hope we need not have to wait long.

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 22:28  

I do agree with you Tok Sak. MITI was to look after the interests of bumiputra by ensuring that the 30% shares subscribed in new companies be distributed to "deserving bumiputras". I read a report some time back that the value of RM52 billion was created but today it only stands at RM2 billion. Where have the RM50 billion gone?? Sold out lah!! Why are there still poor people who don't have a decent place to stay? No food and uncared for? Only when another election is looming, more promises are made. Can u imagine what RM50 billion can do to ALL Malaysians instead of enriching the elite bumis?

Anonymous,  9 March 2010 at 22:54  

Datuk Sak, It be good if you can provide the Malay translation of the article for the benefit of mentally challenged people like anonymous11.43.
Saudara anonymous 11.43, masalah disektor swasta tu berpunca dari sektor pengajian tinggi awam(PTA). Pensyarah terpaksa(jangan tanya siapa paksa la) memberi markah derma kepada pelajar melayu yang lemah. Memang betul lah siswazah cina dan melayu mempunyai kelulusan yang sama(degree) tapi kemahiran dan dan pemikiran sebenar jauh berbeza.
Satu lagi datuk sak tak telepon si ibrahim sebab ibrahim ni seperti kata datuk is a mentally challenged frog.

Lepih sokmo,  9 March 2010 at 23:40  

Datuk Sak as next Pahang MB
Susah sikit kot.
Dah ramai tunggu berbaris-baris.
Orang kampung kaehpun ramai yang mengidam.

David Teoh,  10 March 2010 at 00:40  

After 50 years of affirmative action, the Malays are still not there? How many more years do they need? Many third world countries have past us in their economic growth while the radical Malays continue to ask for a bigger slice of the economic pie while doing little to make themselves more competitive. The competition is not amongst the races but amongst nations. It is time the Malays take the global view. Someday the golden goose (non-bumis) will leave because of the lack of opportunities.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 00:58  

Salam Dato' Sak,

Dear Zorro,I am sorry to say that your wish and hope will not be materealised because,in the first place, Dato' Sak would not be selected as UMNO/BN candidate in the next GE.The reason is obvious.He is too vocal and over critical of what is going on in UMNO/BN today.Even if he is selected, he will not stand chance to win because most of the Malays ,knowing his stand,will not vote for him, and for the non-Malays,I have my doubt they would support him as a candidate from UMNO/BN.

Saya bersetuju dengan sebahagian daripada pandangan dan pendirian Dato' Sak tetapi kita harus ingat bahawa kebanyakan orang Melayu,khususnya orang UMNO tidak dapat menerima hakikat yg diutarakan itu,lebih-lebih lagi cara dan kaedah penyampiannya kurang meyenangkan.Saya menyatakan perkara ini melalui pengalaman sendiri yg menentang secara terbuka segala kepincangan di dalam Bahagian,termasuk politik wang, sehingga menyebabkan Ketua Bahagian digantong selama satu tahun.Tapi keadaan tidak juga berubah dan yg berubahnya hanyalah satu,iaitu saya terpinggir dan terasing.

Askar Tua

Farouk A. Peru 10 March 2010 at 06:04  

My comment on your post, sir:

Suci Dalam Debu 10 March 2010 at 06:54  


Clearly the "Jerebu" MP Rais Yatim does not share your view as Ibrahim Ali got a lot of exposure in the MSM. Despite what you said being obvious to many, only those who have gained a lot by riding the easy-money train have hazy brains that cannot see the obvious.

I hope you will continue playing a good role as an agent of change.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 07:01  

I still remember in the 70s and 80s, our politicians would always make comparisons with Spore, Taiwan, South Korea, maybe HK. Nowadays, we are comparing with Indon, Vietnam, Thailand, Phil. 20 years down the road, whom are we comparing with?

I was born in Msia, even both of my parents were born in Msia for Christ or Allah's sake. Was it really too much to ask for equality?

Is Msia going to be like Zimbabwe and Indonesia, where someone just trespassed to your home and make claims to their "rights" (your whole life savings, properties or worst your wife and daughters)?

I still remember about 10 years ago, when i was working in a well-known international bank. In a year when my promotion is more than expected and anticipated, i was told on my face that the bank was being questioned of racial inbalance in management team by bank negara. Therefore, my promotion would have to be 'sacrificed' to pave the way for the 'others'.

Justice, non-discrimination, equality in Msia? I am not being pessimistic, but i seriously don't think this would happen in my life time.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 08:42  

Malay graduates of similar qualification get lower pay in the private sector compare to other graduates. So the first commentator said. What similar qualification? BSc for BSc? LLB for LLB? MBA for MBA? and etc? But hey, can they speak and write proper english? And I am not going into the other problems with malay graduates. I expect them to be of the same quality as the rest. But the umno system has failed to bring out the best in them. So they under perform and under achieve - hoping all the time for handouts and dreaming of joining umno and establishing quick contacts for mega contracts etc and instant wealth (like fellow pendatang toyo from indon).

alwaysfair,  10 March 2010 at 12:01  

These people remind me of a man who was handicapped and begging on the streets for a living. After his children had all grown up he advised them to have a career as beggars because it is easy, not much effort can get free money.
But his children feel they are as capable as others since they are not handicapped and prefer to work for their own living. Even though initially the going was tough they were proud what they got was sweated for with dignity and pride.
Of course the angry father could'nt understand why they refuse to join him.


Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 13:52  


I read your blog from time to time and I am a Msian Chinese cari makan in Spore.

I am not going to debate on who works harder or not. I have got immediate family members who is married to tycoons who makes their money from bribing malays, immediate family members who is the p.a to some gambling tycoons who acts as the bagman for the tycoons to bribe the govt officials. It is the whole system that works this way and I was very blunt to tell the Msian chinese every time they want a debate on the economic situation in Msia, that who causes the economy stagnation in Msia now, it is the Msian chinese.

To cut the story short, it is easy also to sell those ketuanan ideas to the malays becoz sadly the mamak has destroyed the education system, therefore your own kind find it hard to understand what the world around them is all about now.

I have made a few trips lately to places outside the Klang Valley for breaks. The latest one is Langkawi. I enter the kampung to look 4 nasi campur, pisang goreng, roti canai, ikan bakar. These people are courteous, honest and kind, remind me of my growing up days in Melaka in the 70s n 80s.

Whereas, i just hate the trips back to Shah Alam and Klang to visit my parents n in laws where u c the corruption n arrogance all over of the powers that has been especially the hawkers where there is a different price charge according to your skin colour.

Teng Joo

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 13:55  

Ibrahim Ali is doing all this for his own political survival. His political history speaks for itself.Like Dr M, just ignore them and soon they will be irelevant. Sincere politicians are hard to come by.

Dato' S.M. Salim,  10 March 2010 at 14:48  

Dato' Sakmongkol,

What you said is simply not good enough.

You denounce PERKASA.

But why are you defending Najib, who is immensely tainted in character?

Sorry to say but your analysis, while very good and sharp, can be characterised by the Malay saying which goes "Gajah di seberang nampak, tapi kuman di depan mata tak nampak".

Ariff Sabri 10 March 2010 at 15:34  

dato sm salim

i am assuming you have not read my earlier blogs where i have not shied away from criticizing DS Najib.

as regards the Altantuya business- it is something beyond my knowledge so i cant honestly write about it with conviction.
even in the case of Anwar Ibrahim i have been writing about the politics of the whole thing- the technicalities of that case are beyond my understanding. in fact is different frm in law- Anwar Ibrahim may be acquitted in law for all you know.

as regards the PM and the government there are many areas of policies which i dont agree and i will write on these from time to time.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 18:15  

Dato Sakmongkol,

Barang kali apa yg dimaksukan oilh Dato' S.M.Salim ialah,"Kuman di seberang laut nampak tetapi gajah di depan mata tak nampak".

Tepat dan benar sekali apa yg dikatakan olih Dato'S.M.Salim itu.Biasanya perkara semacam itu boleh berlaku kerana ianya dirangsang olih sentimen kebencian atau perasaan terlampau taksub kepada salah satu diantara dua pihak.Apabila perkara itu berlaku maka pemikiran akan menjadi kacau dan pertimbangan tidak seimbang serta penglihatan menjadi cacat dan rosak.Dalam keadaan beginilah barangkali Datop' Sak tidak ternampak segala kesalahan Khairy seperti rasuh politik wang yg beliau telah dibuktikan bersalah;penglibatan dengan pengambilan syarikat Avenue Capital Resources olih ECM Libra;penjualan MV Augusta;pembatalan jambatan Bengkok ke Singapore dan projek-projek wang ehsan minyak di Terangganu bersama Patrik Lim.Sabaleknya,dosa Mukriz,jika menghadiri mesyuarat meja bulat MPM bolih dianggap sebagai satu dosa,diperbesar-besarkan dan dikecam hebat.Perkara ini amat mendukacitakan kerana, disamping ianya memperlihat keperibadian kita yg bolih dipersoalkan tentang kejujoran,keadilan dan kewarasan tetapi juga mempamirkan perbuatan kita seperti kata Mat Saleh,"Washing dirty linen in public".Alangkah malu dan ruginya kita orang Melayu yg kini didedahkan dengan segala macam keburokan dan kelemahan olih semua pihak, termasuk kaum dan anak bangsanya sendiri.

Askar Tua

kuldeep 10 March 2010 at 18:15  

Start with some "nifty" assumptions
>bumis not competitive in business
>bumis are lazy and not dedicated
>the education system have deteriorated cos of policy to meet NEP
>Bumi graduates are not "employable"
>Cos of policy to gv bumi opportunities instead of meritocracy..brilliant and capable non bumis hv left for greener pastures abroad
>these non bumis are DOING so well abroad thus a lost asset for the nation

Due to the above,the country have lost competitiveness and if this continues the country will be locked in the mid income trap or wateva?

Solution: Bumis should be made to compete..and if they can't learn to stand on their own two let it be.

Sounds very reasonable this and very modern progressive thinking...

If the real reasons for the slower economic growth is cos of corruption,real talents not recognised and nurtured,Malay graduates not given right exposure and opportunities etc etc...then the solution could well be different.

I would think the real reason is poor leadership..and too many monkeys masquerading as intellectuals,CEOs and KSUs

ravin perumal 10 March 2010 at 20:24  

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Quote by Albert Einstien
You can’t keep doing the same thing everyday and expect different results. In other words, you can’t keep doing the same workout routine and expect to look differently. In order for your life to change, you must change, to the degree that you change your actions and your thinking is to the degree that your life will change.

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