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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 12 March 2010

Freedom for Economic Advancement

How do we get to a high income economy? By leveraging on productivity and creativity says the PM. Productivity depends on personalized knowledge- how deep you cultivate yourself with the required knowledge and skills. This is the key to wealth creation- infusing oneself with the 'want' to succeed. This, you can't legislate nor can you depend on others to do it for you.
MPM can't do it for the Malays. Ibrahim Ali certainly can't. Perkasa can't. It just an organization for has beens to stay politically relevant. See and be seen place.
You can't plan for the myriad of urges that reside in people. This you leave to the market system. It will prove to be liberating for the Malays who have had centuries of inhibiting culture. How do you know they cannot thrive under a regime that is freer? Those Malays, who have turned out to be successful, shared one common characteristic- each has developed more or less under of regime of freedom from central command. They have cultivated themselves with the skills and creativity under a regime of self made success.
It's not that when you adopt a freer market system, those Malays in power will abandon their inclination to help out, will they? It's not that when you adopt a freer market system, Malays immediately lose their demographic advantage? Or article 153 will disappear? Or the institution of the monarchy will disappear? Or the religion that resides in each individual's bosom will go up in smoke?
What the elites fear is that when we adopt a more liberal climate, we have competition and those lay-abouts and loafer-mentality leaders will be booted out. What the elites fear is the emergence of competing good leadership.
What's missing is good leadership at the implementing levels. Dedicated, selfless, efficient and visionary leadership at the implementing levels.
Let's start by bringing good leadership here. Let's not have second raters as department heads, second raters at the front line. Let's make the civil service exemplary, the repository of the Malay creme de la crème.
Creativity in turn, depends on willingness to push your imagination to the limits.
Both thrive on freedom of the individual. This is directly opposite the economic philosophies of those pushing for a revitalized NEP.
Has the NEP failed? For the Malays at large it has. They have pointed out to me the facts about every branch of the executive and most of the legislative being controlled by Malays. Yet the position of Malays has not moved even to the 75% mark. We targeted 30% ownership of corporate wealth; we now have only 19%. What about land ownership? What about many other things which are of economic significance? What about ownership of housing, land, factories and business premises, capital goods?
How do you reconcile these economic outcomes with the fact that almost all decision making resources are controlled by Malays? The answer: the Malays controlling decision making resources have not assisted Malays in getting their economic share. They helped themselves more as evidenced by the highest GINI ratio within the Malays. Income disparities between Malays have widened most when compared to income disparities between races.
This clearly suggest that those who helped themselves to having special relationships, to having shared 'market' knowledge have advanced more than those dependent on others . this was the system that resulted from the implementation of the NEP.
Someone said 20 acre may not be much. But FELDA is the only land ownership scheme that has successfully elevated Malays economically and any land schemes that replicated the FELDA methods have more or less succeeded in elevating Malays economically. FELCRA, RISDA etc. because land is an important wealth creating resource. . They have empowered the common man. So giving 20 acres each directly to economic actors, is no small and shallow matter.
My friend in Kampung Jaya Gading in KUantan aged 65 has more economic sense than Ibrahim Ali. It's because people like Ibrahim Ali who has been shouting loudly about Malay this and Malay that have not been genuinely helping out Malays like my friend. There is no need to talk about complex economic theories and economic conspiracies secretly planned by non Malays to take over this country. The real enemies are not non Malays- every business venture carried out by the shouting Malays are done in partnership with Chinese towkays. Many of the UMNO leaders up there have Chinese as partners running their businesses. So how can the Chinese be the enemy of the Puteras in the Bumi?
No, it failed because of leadership is not there.
So my kampong friend has his own vision 2020. He says it bluntly- 2020 means, 2 for Chinese 0 for Malays; 2 for Indians, 0 for Malays. Looking at the Malaysian Business top 10 richest Malaysian, his vision 2020 is more prescient than Mahathirs' 2020.
Let us see what the NEM is all about.


Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 07:49  

SETUJU... "awak memang jahat"... jangan la buka tembelang NEP tu... let all the "ELIT- tak kira la apa pun party dia" temberang orang2 kampung. Kasi mati je orang2 melayu tu. Biar Mahathir dan kroni2 dia kenyang, Ibrahim Ali and co. boroi...etc..etc.. kan banyak kroni dia kena bela. Dalam BN dalam Pakatan, semua dia bela... aisehh... politik malaysia... duduk la BN ke PKR ke... semua nya kroni... Kalau nak betul jalannya, senang jerr... buang semua ahli politik yang ada sekarang, ganti terus muka2 baru... terutama yang dah tahap "nyanyuk" macam Mahathir cakap pada Tunku Abdul Rahman dulu, umur dah lanjut but still want to control everything... patut dah jadi penasihat sekali sekala bila umur tu masuk 65 tahun... let those younger generation learn to manage la pulak... jangan jadi tolol.. time come... kau babai jerr.. yang tinggal tercangak-cangak cari haluan... hmm lagi rosak..

d'enricher 12 March 2010 at 08:13  

Well said Dato,

So what next, what should be done how can each an everyone of us make it work. Like it or not there are freeloader, that's why MOST of those who joined political parties wants this days. It doesn't matter which side they are, BN, PR as proven recently.

Yesterday the SPM results were announced, congratulations to those who did well, lucky us that there are no more "17 A1", "21 A1" crap. Anyway that top student from Sarawak "10 A+", can be compared to orher students who also take 10 subject.

But what next? JPA, Petronas, MARA Scholar? Overseas or local Universities, the fight begins for the number of Scholarship offered.

The present system failed because the people entrusted to help did not sincerely wants to assist seriously. It is always the easier way out.

Some people despise Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim when he represent PKR, but what most people did not know or "buat Buat don't know" is when he try to be part of UMNO grassroot through his cawangan and got block. By who ? Ketua Cawangan, Ketua Bahagian... or maybe he forgot to offer 'good coffee money'.

Anyway, he got the chance during IJOK by Election and lost. If I am not mistaken, during one of his campaign his closing was sokonglah "Barisan Nasional" and all the TV shows that part over and over again.

Just like you, even if I do not know you personally, I like the way you present yourself in your writing, but most people do not agree with you.

This people are the likes of Ibrahim Ali and his gang of old timer and that guy Tun Faisal who wants to be seen as if he is so smart.

We owe it to our children for this country we call MALAYSIA, and we appreciate the good that has been done by our forefathers. Do not take away what is good but please do not condone what is bad and wrong.

Cinta Alam Malaysia

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 09:50  

So sorry for Malaysians when someone like Ibrahim Ali is around.
Wonder what Najib wants to do with this frog? This frog should have been shunned and Najib will get at least some of his credibility with whatever left with him.
The nation is facing leadership problem and it is very serious and critical indeed!!! Over 50 years the people have been relying on the UMNO leaderships and becoz of political expediency the organization that not only respected by the Malays and others in this country has become the laughing stock and abhor by the people. And allowing Ibrahim Ali that is desperate to keep his relevancy tag will not help at all. It is so disgusting listening to this frog and he is a recipe for disaster as for Ibrahim is more of a hypocrite.
Watch out Mr. PM and AK47 is pointing right at you and be very careful as the lethal weapon is with the frog Brahim!!! the trump card is with Mr. PM and the choice very soon will be with the masses.
Rest my case with UMNO leadership!!! and Dato' you will not regret as you have said almost everything and hit both side of the political divide. Apa lagi nak buat bang oiii!!! mereka tak nak faham.

Y1 12 March 2010 at 10:11  

Thank you Dato for making sense. I pray that more Malays will be as right thinking and fearless and secure as you are so that our country will have a better future. We are surely going through growing pains for now.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 10:12  

And now what is that bloody katak going to say after the exposure of him by RPK about him working for vincent tan.You have nailed it Dato penyamun memang penyamun but the come in various disguises.

Eyes Wide Open 12 March 2010 at 10:35  


Another tour de force in common sense solutions and eyes wide open analysis of the real problems plaguing our country.

Seeing that much of our country's food is imported, 20 acres would make a lot of people rich if they use the land to plant high demand essentials such as onions, garlic and other herbs/condiments, rear livestock, plant veges/padi/fruits, etc.

This can only be good for our country because it will help lower the food cost for the rakyat and provide employment. The govt can help by subsidising modern farming machinery and provide training for modern farming techniques.

Wenger J. Khairy 12 March 2010 at 11:52  

What the elites fear is that when we adopt a more liberal climate, we have competition and those lay-abouts and loafer-mentality leaders will be booted out. What the elites fear is the emergence of competing good leadership.(OR MONEY)

Best summary so far. I totally agree. This is the problem.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 12:02  

at least Mahathir dah driven the economy from agriculture base to manufacturing.

access to education dah bertambah ,tak pi universiti pun blh dapat degree macam open universiti sebab ti kita ada banyak bijak pandai macam anon 0749

macam mana nak control ekonomi kalau u tak control resources .Kita ada natural resources tapi distribution channel sapa yang control.

orang melayu dengan dasar affirmative dapat jadi vendor Proton or Perodua . Please check raw material yang depa beli who is the suppliers . Dapat sales 10m ,raw material 75% or 7.5m and 100% of 7.5m goes to other and not malay . Balance tu nak bayar gaji and other manufacturing and cost.Berapa sangat yang Bumiputra dapat as profit margin.

Let say the non malay distributor jual material dengan harga more than 5% compare to harga yang dia jual kat competitor malay tadi which is non malay .Do you think this malay can get the sales with open tender .

yang boroi tu cuma orang melayu yang makan commission .kat mana blh makan komisen ..cuma tender kerajaaan and how much tender kerajaan conpare to KDNK.

Lagi satu nak buat business ni kena ada know how and know who .pi la kat mana mana dalam dunia ni that the important elements. Saya ada knowledge dan kepakaran if i want to involve in business i cannot simply put my business proposal and hope to be accepted. nak kena tahu siapa yang evaluate proposal tu and who make the decision. so i have to get somebody yang kenal siapa yang buat decision so i could explain my plan ,i need a contact ..siapa contact tu? the best is politician. so bila baik dengan politician tersebut and the business is success last last orang anggap kroni politician tersebut sedangkan politician hanya sekadar give are helping hand.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 12:03  

Bluntly spoken but truthful, highly embarassing for others to admit mistakes but necessary, in order to improve and advance.
It takes a courageous and honest person to dissect the prolems and expose the weaknesses in order to understand and find remedies and solutions. There is no short cut to lasting success and one needs to bite the bullet, roll their sleeves and work dilligently towards their goal and better future.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 12:06  

Pls forget abt Berahim Ali. Orang UMNO Pasir Mas tahu siapa dia dan macam mana dia cari makan dengan goyang kaki sahaja. Melayu macam ni tak boleh pakai.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 13:54  

Katak, itu jambatan KB-P.Mas berapa juta comm dapat? Samy Vellu pun tahu. Orang P.Mas pun tahu.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 14:39  

Anon 12 March 2010 12:02

Looks like you are still in denial. How many years have Proton been protected from foreign competition ? Yet they still lose money Meanwhile Rafidah issued tons of APs for Naza to print money. So salah siapa ? Air mak control, letrik bapa control. Untung anak ambil. Adu kepada jiran.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 15:40  

to anon 12:02

"Politician give a helping hand" ... boleh explain how politician give a helping hand? No commission no help isn't?

Access to education dah bertambah, then why our distribution channel monopoly by only ....? Tak ada yang tahu bagaimana "manage the distribution channel" or "tak cukup commission for the politician to approve when u apply for it?

Yes, there's some... only some good guy.. yang memang nak tolong.. tp kalau yang nak menolong sorang jerr... yang nak ambil kesempatan 100 orang... hmm.. better change the way you face the situation.. Nah... let them move with another program..

Zaman Mahathir dah berlalu, dan ternyata gagal membangunkan semua kaum dalam malaysia.. hanya kaum tertentu sahaja ... baik tukarkan jer muka2 yang tak mau berubah tu.
Jangan dok bela lagi mereka2 yang nak COMMISSION tu... ramai lagi usahawan yang nak mencuba nasib.. give everybody a chance.. bukan orang2 tertentu dengan sebab COMMISSION yang tinggi... hmm.. loya tekak nak menyebut... alias rasuah jerr bunyi Commission tu... orang2 kampung tak reti benda2 Commission nih...

By the way anon 0749 sekolah tingkat 5 jerrr... takdak degree... tak reti ompteh kata orang kampong.. Kije pion jerr

.... adioss

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 18:50  

20 acres? Why not 50. Just say this is given out to 100 people, of this 100 how many will sell it off? I say 95 % will sell off the land and squander the money in lavish bungalow and mercedes and don't forget New wife. 3-5 years later will be selling goring pisang by the roadside, Semua tergadai or terjual. That dato is the reality.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 19:30  

Please expose this riff-raff Brahim Elli for what he really is.
This con-man must be hounded out of main-stream politics.

He wants to appear to be anti-Chinese while being involved with a Chinese for some handouts.
He was probably made directer by Vincent on Mahathir's request.

Richard Loh 12 March 2010 at 19:38  

Najib had given his ministers the KPI, what about him, who is going to grade him.

Take this poll:

How would you grade the PM's KPI (key performance index) during his 1 year in office.

Donplaypuks® 12 March 2010 at 20:15  

"We targeted 30% ownership of corporate wealth; we now have only 19%. What about land ownership?"

As you are probably aware, Lim Teck Ghee (now head of cpiasia) resigned from his Govt post over this valuation issue, on a matter of principle. He had, if I'm not mistaken stated a figure achieved in excess of 30% for Bumi Equity.

I believe our Govt has been less than honest with the Bumi level of equity actually achived, for obvious reasons. I do not know if land ownership was ever factored in!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Ariff Sabri 12 March 2010 at 20:33  


i am aware of LIm Teck Chee's measurement. those are not relevant to the Malay in the street. they are of academic interest only.

those shares are owned by the very groupings which my articles are taking issue with.

Anonymous,  12 March 2010 at 21:10  

actually 2020 is 2 for chinese 0 for malay, 2 more for chinese, and 0 for indians........that is what will happen if your proposals for a level playing field are implemented.......he he he

Donplaypuks® 12 March 2010 at 22:03  


"those are not relevant to the Malay in the street. they are of academic interest only."

Ok, we'll go by your definition. Then neither are the wealth of a few M'sian Chinese tycoons and 1 Indian tycoon are reflective of the wealth of the masses. I mean AK is 1 M'sian Indian out of 2 million and the other 7 or 8 M'sian Chinese on Forbes list constitute less than 1% of 1% of the total!!

So, any new (revised) economic policy must find solutions to a broader distribution of income, opportunities across the board and through tiered taxation.

Perhaps we should find ways for broader ownership of GLC's and companies that became monopolies during TDM's time and continued with AAB.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Orang kampung juga,  12 March 2010 at 22:32  

Betul orang kampung you cakap tu.
Hakikatnya nasib orang kampung sama, DEB baru atau DEB lama.
Kami merayu kepada Datuk Najib ingat-ingatlah sikit orang kampung.
Cukuplah dengan IMalaysia tu.
Kami takut nanti kampung kami tergadai.
Tapi kami tetap mengundi BN.
Itu yang sedihnya.
Undi dari kumpulan elitist, Tok Jib tak tentu.
Undi daripada Keling dan Cina, jangan harap sangatlah.

kuldeep 13 March 2010 at 00:02  

Why always focus on govt tenders?

Its the last bit of a long "value add at every step " supply chain..
But Bumis are pretty familiar with tenders cos its not capital intensive (the way they do it) i.e get quotations..mark up,,and if u win,package it out on a back to back basis.If ur connected..u get better deals by lobbying for direct nego or winning jobs tho ur number 7 lowest..

Reality is eventually most of the value of the contract is retained downstream..

And thats how/where long term value creation occurs i.e investments in plant/eqpt,manufacturing,logistics,special expertise etc etc>>but its NO easy task.It takes years of hard work in competitive markets to break even or to make decent profits.But once you have critical mass and productive workforce..and hands on knowledge..u will have the really competitive edge and sustainability.

Even the big Malay Corporates have no patience for such capacity building cos they just don't understand the fundamentals of the business.

And honestly its not easy cos the market is very2 competitive and crowded.Need lots of innovation,daring and pure hard work.

All the GLC Accounting CEOs an the big time Bumi tycoons can grasp is "how much profit margin/mark up from subcon/chinese partner price?" Thats the easiest way to run a MMC have decided from their Gamuda:MMC JV model.

Thus,if the govt is serious about Bumi capacity building look for talents who are not afraid of hard work...and provide the right framework for them to get bigger slice of the supply chain in SPECIALISED or NEW areas.

Problem is Shaziman does not understand the industry..and CIDB is all conferences and hot air.

Bumis..ur doomed.Just be happy with a gomen job and bila penchen balik kampung duduk diam2.

msleepyhead,  13 March 2010 at 00:41  

to a certain extent at least we are just concerned about economic well being and are not fighting over faith.

we should be thankful we are spared from suicide bombers and political upheavals seen in other parts of the world.

even the nice thais congregate on the streets at times, with large tanks looming all over. indonesia we already know.

we are still graceful people taking swings on blogs only, and showing emotion in ceramahs.

please keep up the good work encouraging dialog Dato'.

umar,  13 March 2010 at 04:15  

The reality today :

1. Malay boys and girls working as waiters in hotels, pubs, Exclusive social and golf clubs. These are graduates of local Uni. The patrons are also elite Malays.
Very soon these jobs may go to Banglas brought in by malay VIP with permits to bring in foreign workers.
2. Malay boys working as massuers in ever increasing massage centres around Cheras areas.The owners also employ foreigners.More malay youths are inclining towards moral decadence.
3. Security guard jobs are taken by Nepalese all over the country.

There are no jobs to go around. Those working in KL don't tell their parents back home about their work. The old-folks also never ask their children about their job in KL.
What is the future of ordinary Malays ? Does Ibrahim Ali speak for them ? Everyday a new NGO is born . What have they accomplished ?

The UMNOPUTRAs have indeed been enjoying the fruits without labour.They want that system to eternity.
The Malay mindset has to change.The PM annouced higher pays for doctors and lecturers.Why provide more for those already in comfort-zone ?

Anonymous,  13 March 2010 at 11:46  

do you have any ideas on how to improve the economy..being a Pekan ADUN, you should have some form of knowledge on how to get to the PM. Maybe you should drop a letter at his house in Pekan..dont wait for it to come out and then trash the NEM...your thoughts would be invaluable to the PM if it is feasible...make and be the change..dont throw stones behind trees

Anonymous,  13 March 2010 at 11:56  

Yo bro kuldeep

Sak, didn't mention about gomen tender loo... it anon 12 march 2010 12:02 yang mention. He did so sebab dia ada banyak tender "beli" dari politician but still not enuf.. belum boroi lagi dia tu.

Sak, just open the story of New Economic Model comparing to model yang dah basi... Najib already run some of the programme cuma dia tak cakap secara lansung... benda tu dah start dah.. The only thing is to tell the rakyat, what he got in mind.. lagi pun pada saya la kan.. as a pion, bila tawkey2 cina dah menyalak macam awak tu... hehehe.. that provide one thing jerr... yes.. this time we let the programme running.. lagi pun... tawkey2 yang menyalak tu... semuanya yang parti2 politik dak bela dulu... the only thing is i'm not going to tell all my view... kena ISA kang... mampossss...


Anonymous,  13 March 2010 at 21:14  

kenapa orang melayu suka sangat panggil orang india malaysia "keling"?kebanyakkan orang tahu perkataaan ini amat terhina terhadap kaum india pada zaman sekarang.

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