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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 10 March 2010

NeoNEPs vs. NEM

Not a few commentators were questioning why didn't I combine with Ibrahim Ali? I take that to mean why I don't subscribe to Ibrahim Ali's views about Malays in Malaysia. Aren't you Malay and an UMNO?
Let me quickly put aside these misgivings; I know of Ibrahim Ali but don't know him personally. In the 1970's he used to be invited by UM students for students forum. I remembered one that had as its star guest, Comrade Kassim Ahmad (as he was then). When it was question time, this chap at the back of the audience stood up to say- all of what Kassim said are solvable by Islam. That chap was Ibrahim Ali and he was wearing his trademark PLO scarf then.
Indeed as Muslims, we can't argue with stating our religion as the universal panacea. But that does not excuse us from laying down the details, thinking out the means to solve and giving rational arguments. Not an excuse not to think and work. We CAN have Islamic solutions but because it was said by Ibrahim Ali then, no one gave a tinker's cuss about what he said. He was then, today and perhaps in future of no relevance to mentally rigorous audience. He was a rabble-rouser.
Why don't I combine? The answer is simple. Our ideas on the economic development of Malays are diametrically opposed. He stands for command centre economics- we-command-and-we-control kind of freakish approach to economics. I stand for free market system or some variation of the free market system based on the fundamental principle of man's freedom and voluntariness. Yes, we know there are poor Malays and their plight must be addressed by market intervention. But the manner of solving them is no longer along the prescriptions outlined by Brahim Ali- we surrender our destiny to a bunch of economic despots or we are taken in by the arguments that Malay economic problems can be solved by some people on behalf of. I am opposed to the system which he invites us to subscribe- the very system that hasn't been able to achieve the targets set for Malays.
Maybe, I haven't made myself clear. Let me quote what I have stated in the previous article:-
Look at the whole government system. All the district officers are Malays. Most of the ADOs are Malays. The officers too. All the Pengarahs are Malays. All the MBs are Malays. The head of the judiciary, police, army and other uniform bodies are almost all Malays. The kings and Agongs are all Malays. You have Malays in power since 1957 and these Malays have put in place a governing system that is supposed to uplift all Malays. Now look at the accomplishments.
Despite the entire machinery of the government being almost all Malay- we haven't reached the 30% target of equity control in the corporate world. Out of the 52 billion Ringgit allocated under the NEP to selected individuals, only RM2 billion is left. In terms of education, Malay graduates formed the largest group of unemployed and unemployable. You take up sports science; you want to be an oil trader in Shell? You take up literature; you want to be an investment analyst. You take up religious studies; you want to be a trade officer. In terms of business ownership, ownership of business premises, ownership of land planted with palm oil, hotels, and the entire spectrum of business- the Malays have underperformed.
These were achieved under the terms and the regime of affirmative actions aggressively insisted to be retained by Ibrahim Ali. This insistence was made despite article 153 of the Federal Constitution and despite the demography of the Malays. The truth is, you can't legislate the will to succeed and you can't legislate success. More importantly, we can't allow people like Brahim Ali to legislate for us.
There is one truth emerging from all these shortcomings- those in power- from Kings to the officers in the land offices have not helped out the Malays achieved what were set down in the NEP. So, why should we return to the dark past? The f***ing Malay Patricians and Mandarins have not helped out the Plebeian Malays. 
This is what Ibrahim Ali proposes and this is why we decline. I repeat what I said- this whole exercise is just an excuse to reinforce an economic system where only the Puteras in the Bumi will benefit. One commentator said- this round-table forum was attended even by sons of Naza- wow! That is supposed to mean something of earth shattering significance? They were there maybe to ensure the system that has enriched them stays.
The main problem is the majority of Malays are not buying into a scam that leads to the enrichment of a small elite of Malays exploiting and riding on ethnic fears cultivated assiduously by people like Ibrahim Ali and some UMNO leaders holding power.
You want to solve the economic problem of the Malays at large? Place wealth creating factors and assets directly into the hands of economic agents. Give every Malay 20 acre of land so that they can cultivate or turn them into wealth creating assets. They don't become millionaires but at least they can provide for their families. You have a system that has been in place since 1970, yet you find it difficult and you have set in a long winding process just to allow the average Malay to own a minimal one acre of land.
So Mr. Ibrahim Ali and his ilk – you know what to do with your suggestions?


Tanah Putih, Kuantan,  10 March 2010 at 10:03  

Salam Tuan,

You are absolutely right! So direct and easy to understand on what you higlighted on Ibrahim Ali. Potraying himself to levitate the economic condition of the Malays, but through command and control of the elite few, is now seen to be thing of the past and insulting to the rakyat.
Ibrahim Ali appears to belong to the politician zaman dulu who never feel guilty surrendering Singapura to others at the expense of the then innocent and ignorant Melayu Singapura where Singapura was originally part of Tanah Melayu. Now, what happened to these people? They are treated as aliens and common to harsh questioning by the immigration officers for whatever reason upon leaving Malaysia. Ini kan tanah datuk moyang mereka dan mereka berhak untuk balik dan mendapatkan kerakyatan. Bukan saja ekonomi mesti diperbaiki, sejarah Melayu juga jangan terus diketepikan.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 10:58  

we have the power, we have the resources, however we are still arguing on what to do, bangsa kita terus di landa masalah.
where do we begin? Let us together build the foundation on a right footing.

Unknown 10 March 2010 at 11:02  


If Ibrahim Ali is the best that the Malays can come up with, I feel sorry for the Malay Race....

If you go to Kelantan, you'll find a number of Kedai Kopis that entertained the mentally deprived allowing them to vent their deluded minds as entertainment for customers...
From what I gather, Ibrahim Ali fail to make it in the Kedai Kopi's selection process after which he decided to go National...

Lo Behold, he is now touted as the National Malay creme de la creme!

Well! It has somewhat restored our faith in the Acumen of the Kelantanese Malays.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 11:17  

Look at Kg Baru in the middle of KL, surrounded by expensive real estate. It is Malay Reserve land. Like you said Dato, it belongs entirely to Malays but why is it still like a slum ? The easy way out would have been to sell the land to non-Malays who will put their own money to develop it. But unfortunately, it can only be sold to Malays. Need any more examples why Ibrahim Ali know nuts about economics and how to help his fellow Malays ?

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 11:37  

You want to solve the economic problem of the Malays at large? Place wealth creating factors and assets directly into the hands of economic agents. Give every Malay 20 acre of land so that they can cultivate or turn them into wealth creating assets. They don't become millionaires but at least they can provide for their families.

Isnt that FELDA's way? NEP also wat.

and yes, sell Kg Baru to the non Malays. Let the chinese run it. that will solve all problems.

d'enricher 10 March 2010 at 11:54  

Malam tadi saya terklik TV9 dan Program Hujah dengan pengacara yang berkobar kobar dengan dua panelis. Salah seorang dari mereka adalah Ibrahim Ali.

Nak komen banyak, pasal ekonomi tak berani nanti macam pandai aje, tapi yang menarik dari kata Ibrahim ialah dia memberi contoh bolasepak, kalau nak lawan MU, tak boleh sekarang, kenalah tunggu jadi Chelsea.

Tapi dia lupa pula nak 'compare' satu ketika dulu, kita lebih hebat dari Korea Selatan dan Jepun dalam arena Bolasepak, kita makin teruk mereka dah pun bertanding di Piala Dunia sambil pernah menganjurkannya.

Jadi isunya, bukan pasal orang melayu tak berjaya, ramai dah maju yang jadi masaalah sekumpulan yang tak nak cara susah, dapat kontrak atau peluang cara mudah.

Bukan semua macam ni, tapi kalau maju peluang kepada yang memerlukan dan sanggup bekerja kuat, baik dalam pelajaran mau pun ekonomi.

Kalau ada 1000 orang yang susah, agaknya berapa peratus orang melayu? Ada 50% tak? Saya rasa lebih lagi. kalau semua orang susah itu di bantu sama rata dan mereka bekerja kuat dan semua 100% berjaya, maknanya adalah lebih 50% orang melayu yang berjaya.

Apa kata Dato??? Ibrahim Ali cam mana pula???

Tapi satu yang nyata, kalau orang melayu sekarang mengharapkan kepimpinan macam Ibrahim habis lah kita orang melayu.

Siapa agaknya "PEMIMPIN" dalam kelompok orang melayu ya?????

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 11:58  

Dear Datuk,

We are all familiar with the expression: From out of the mouth of babes comes wisdom.

The adults were talking about the gap between the rich and the poor when this 10-year-old piped out with, "Why don't these rich people adopt a few poor families each and then help these poor people to climb up the ladder of life, the ladder of success?"

Well, why not indeed? The adults were momentarily dumbfounded by the child's comment. Direct, personal mentoring may be a good way to help the poor upgrade their situation. When a person is trapped in the quagmire of poverty it is very, very difficult for him/her to climb out of the pit. A helping hand will really make a difference.

Governmental and centrally directed poverty eradication campaigns can't help much because it is by nature remote, distant, and impersonal. Moreover, there's the possibility that most of this assistance (especially the monetary part) will be lost or simply leaked away as it moves down the chain of command. Also, we know that people will respond better when the help is given in a direct, personal, face-to-face manner.


Tun Faisal Ismail bin Aziz 10 March 2010 at 12:04  

I dont think u understand the issue urself - if the plight of Malays is abt u and ibrahim ali, i think the malays will not get anywhere. i dont think ur writing in ur blog will help malay economy & spending time 2 attend the roundtable discussion might help u and other malays to think of better ways 2 help 2 develop malay economy. i think u spend to much time disillusioning urself in on-line media tht u hv forgotten to go out and understand the real world. do u think u can solve malay economy by ur writing & ur blog? no, i dont think so. u need 2 go out and engage wt people, like those who attended the meeting. wake up dato..

" Give every Malay 20 acre of land so that they can cultivate or turn them into wealth creating assets. They don't become millionaires but at least they can provide for their families. You have a system that has been in place since 1970, yet you find it difficult and you have set in a long winding process just to allow the average Malay to own a minimal one acre of land."

thts ur solution? so shallow :)

temenggong,  10 March 2010 at 12:09  

Honesty and soul searching exudes from this article.

But Sak, entrenching Malays even more into agriculture is not the solution. Retaining malay reserve land is not the solution. English education is one, so that the Malay hoi polloi can break free from the clutches of mediocrity and feudalism. Like you!

Just apply the same formula that you did for yourself.

Bleacher,  10 March 2010 at 12:47  

Dato Sak,

I may not agree with you in some of the articles you written before but this time it is honest and straight to the fundamental of the problem.

As there is a saying ""Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime". This principle stand true test of time. Our independent forefathers had this vision but somehow this has lost along the way.

Fighting for Malay does not require shouting or slogans but require detail thinking, planning and executions. This is where we Malay fail miserably.

As the Government develop MEB, only hope is the people who formulate this policy are people who are closer to the ground not some fancy people or expansive consultants who have lost their touch with reality and doesn't understand our history.

Braim's old pal,  10 March 2010 at 13:25  

I pernah sama kelas dengan dia.
Dia tak pandai, duduk belakang kelas.
Not participatinglah, cakap orang
I terkejut badak dia jadi tokoh politik.
Tapi satu tentang Braim ni.
Dia setia kepada seseorang dan pandai mengenang budi.
Itu sebab dia disayangi.
Sebagai contoh baru-baru ini seorang tokoh politik meninggal.
Dia pergi melawat ke rumah dua kali, ke masjid sembahyang jenazah dan juga tahlil dua kali.
I think dia ikut stail KuLi.
Mana ada orang Umno macam tu.

smoking gun 10 March 2010 at 13:48  

quote"Honesty and soul searching exudes from this article"
I second.

Anyway we has implementing and experimenting on a horde of mechanisms really but when eventually it fail, we're so quick to point fingers and play a blame game yet we never admit responsibilities and never sit down and reflect upon ourself of what really when wrong.

It's the implementing part that equally important as much as the policy itself.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 14:21  

dato, stop hiding behind computers and blogs lah..come out and be missed your chance to stick it to ibrahim ali..instead you chose to hide behind closed doors and throw stones at people you are angry with and people who you think are stupid and unworthy...stop throwing stones and hiding behind tress

Blow d' whistle 10 March 2010 at 14:32  


i'm assuming tun faisal are among those small malay elites that would do anything to enrich themselves by participating into Salentia's forum

20 acre to be seen as shallow...yes because to the big GUNS like tun faisal dont engage themselves with the marhain like us very much...heheheh

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 14:54  

Datuk Sak. Well said. I could not have done better.

This Ibrahim Ali beats all the morons on this earth.

Market economy is a threat to the Malays? No. It is a threat to Ibrahim Ali, Mukhriz Mahatir and the sons of Naza. It is not a threat to the plebian Malays.

leekh,  10 March 2010 at 15:44  

Ibrahim Ali is full of generalizations! Lets see some concrete proposals. Affirmative actions! What are you talking about? How do you "modify" the price mechanism? Most of the time he is full of emotions. You want to help? You need somebody who can come up with a plan! Where have you been hiding these 52 years?
And if you can the whole world will be indebted to you. Come on Ibrahim us your plan!

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 15:53  

This Ibrahim Ali who lost his deposit in the 2004 election in his home turf is now set to be a national hero - funded and sponsored by UMNO.
He has been hopping from one party to another - Berjasa, UMNO, Semangat 46, UMNO Baru and now heading for the lunatic asylum.

He will uplift the Malay cause by organizing demonstrations and condemning the Chinese. What else can a riff-raff do?

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 16:13  

You stand head and shoulders above Ibrahim Ali. He is no match for your acumen, intelligence and insight.

But, unfortunately, it is people like him which UMNO needs to prop up its sagging fortunes.
Men like you will never make it to the higher echelons in UMNO.
Ibrahim Ali is actually admitting to the world that UMNO has failed (or cheated) the Malays for 52 years.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 16:46  

Ibrahim Ali's suggestions should be stuffed up in the most appropriate place - up his xxxe.

sri hartamas

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 17:07  

I think Malaysia would still be in this quagmire for at least another generation. I don't see the present crop of leaders being capable of leading Malaysia out of this mess. I see the local UMNO warlords(you said it as much) as being the real hand controlling UMNO hence the destiny of the country and it is this bunch of people that needs to be changed somehow. I think people like yourself Dato, should have been one the warlords. If so Malaysia would have a brighter future. How to achieve this- educate the masses properly(no social engineering and other bullshit. Just pure unadulterated education). No substitute for this really. Someone mentioned the bolasepak team in those days are comparable to South Korea and Japan, maybe we should go back and analyse what makes them tick in those days. UM too in those days were hebat. Examples of these are abundant. Go to Singapore's Queen Elizabeth Hospital and you will see the bunch of doctors there have qualifications from UM. Our esteemed blogger himself is from UM. Where‘s UM these days? Just 2 cents

Oghe Pasir Mah,  10 March 2010 at 17:09  

Mu dok kecek Braim katak,
Mu dok kecek Braim bodoh, perkaumae.
Mu melalak dalam komputer dengai disokong oleh pembodek.
Tapi Braim buak keja.
Dia dah jumpo Sultae Selangor mendapak restu untuk Perkasa,
Oghe Umno cayo samo dio.
Brahim's pal takdi tu cakap beno.
Braim ado caro buak oghe sayang dio.
Kalu tak camne Tok Guru Pah bagi dia bertanding.
Mu Sak oghe kayo, oghe bando.
Tak tahu hati orghe kampung, nasib oghe kampung.
Kita perlu DEB dan subsidi kerajaae.
Mu bolehlah pikir mache keling, mache Chino.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 17:35  

YB Dato'

Your articles well said but cannot be done. Why is that so ?

1. Your are talking and hiding behind the computer.Make known yourself and pour it out in NEAC, since you sounds like an economist.

2. Stand in the coming election to prove your worth again.You have been an MP before,let the Malay in Kuantan support you fully and you carry more weight when you speak, otherwise reading your blog sounds so noble like reading daily newspaper and good for kopitiam talk.
3.Dr. Mahathir said, Melayu Mudah Lupa, not many Malay like Mathematics and Science subject. They had difficulty to remember trigonometry and calculus formula. And therefore you cannot think logically but instead take Art subjects and be like 'MAWI'Akedemi Fantasia. He is good
4.No matter what you suggest in your blog,going against all odds is the name of the game. Look at Dato Ti Lian Ker, talk so much, write the truth, in the end,no place in MCA. (Make Chinese Angry.)
5. In Malaysia we have talented people recognised internationally.

Michelle Yeoh - James Bond Girl
Datuk Sheik - FRANCE entertainer
Lee Chong Wei-Badminton Sport
Nicol David - Squash Sport

Those of the above are not politician and yet their achievement is undisputable and respectable by all Malaysian

For our Local Politician and Leaders, I could not find one which is outstanding except Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Red Alfa 10 March 2010 at 18:05  

Dear Dato'

If we can see what Ibrahim Ali, Mukhriz, are really up to, then there's still hope. Commentators who still don't see, would they ever learn?

Would like to say that here in Kazakhstan they had taken our concept of ketuanan back in 1990s. But the bumi Kazakhs are doing it with the right attitude!.. Today, Kazakhstan has a high income economy way above its Central Asian/ Eurasian neighbours (and of course leaving Malaysia behind, also!) and their non-bumis are happily accepting ketuanan Kazakh! A case of the student has bested the teacher; so all dear teachers among us, please learn from this student....

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 18:05  

the malays (and to a lesser extent indians) do have a real problem.

the chinese values of hard work and entreprenurship will wipe out the non-chinese if there is a level playing field.

their clanishness excludes other races from participating with them.

ibrahim ali is therefore needed if only to keep the chinese in check.

what say you?

ServiceB4Self,  10 March 2010 at 18:27  


The way forward is by way of education and what I mean is not just education through the formal system.

The reality, most of the graduates or our younger generation develop their career skills during their employment. How well they do depends on the culture and discipline a particular organisation have and of course the willingness on the part of such person to learn.

There are a lot for us to learn from the various races and nationalities that opened their businesses in Malaysia. Most times than not, preference is usually given to one's own race when an employer decides on their employees.

The way forward for the NEM would have to be to ensure and encourage, NOT sharing of wealth, but in actual fact, the sharing of knowledge and experiences. What should be given are additional incentives for ANYONE, irrespective of race, religion or nationality, willing to train not only the Malays, but every other race within the company or organisation.

Set out criterias for anyone to receive such incentive. For example provide a minimum percentage of their staff at EVERY level of their organisation to belong to a particular race. Maybe use the particular race demographic as the bench mark eg. 30% Malays and indegenious races; 17% Chinese; 7% Indians and maybe 1% other races.

Let market forces determine the equity holding of these companies. Don't require the surrendering or quota for shareholdings for any particular race or nationality or negative incentives for any company to tender for a Government contract.

Please note that this is not an affirmative action nor penalising any company that don't meet the criteria.Owners that don't want the incentive just don't have to meet the criteria.

The incentives to be given can be in many forms - double taxation deductions, leeway when it comes to government tenders, lower income tax on dividends etc.

In order to prevent abuses - put into place conditions that the salary and benefits given to the various races must represent the equivalent percentage of the salaries, benefits and bonuses of the particular strata of management within the company.

Structure the scheme such that, for the owners of the company to fully benefit from the incentives, the owners need to train, develop and enhance the capabilities of the respective employees within the company.

Maybe, by doing so, all races have an equal oppurtunity to develop and I am certain, good employees would either be made a co-owner in the same company or leave and set up their own successful companies.

Such a scheme though may benefit the owners immediately, but in the long run, the benefit goes to every employee that is within such companies.The best thing is that the experience and knowledge obtained by that employee is not something that can be sold or be taken away.Given time, maybe within one or two generations,not only the Malays but all races within our country can hold their head high and consider one another their equal and with respect.

syedhs 10 March 2010 at 19:15  

As usual, well said Dato'.

Btw, there are some who said your articles are like utopian (that is my impression on their postings) and therefore, not practicle. So they asked you to come out of hiding and champion your ideas.

Well.. well.. to start with, writing ALONE is good enough. Write about things which go (went) wrong, and how to rectify them. Dont just say like 'oh the perception that UMNO blah blah'. See, some people are in denial mode and say 'perception'. And even some UMNO chieves say we need to win the war of information. Dude, you have to correct yourself first, then only good news spread. But you said otherwise, you basically propose solutions which will directly solve them. Bitter they be, it is the medicine we are talking about.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 20:02  

Orang Pasir Mas - Kita disini bukan pembodeklah. Semua komentar dibenarkan dan dibentangkan untuk para pembaca supaya boleh diteliti dan kalau tak setuju boleh hentam balik. Saya dulu pun pernah tinggal kat kampung tapi sekarang kerja kat London. orang kampung tak semestinya selalu tinggal kat kampung kan? tapi kalau takde inspirasi dan pengaruh positif habislah - macam apa yang Ibrahim tengah buat ni- tolong orang kampung konon. kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang

Oghe Pasir Mah,  10 March 2010 at 21:29  

Anon 20.01

Toksay maroh-maroh.
Kita semo nak royat-royat, kecek-kecek.
Gone nak lawe mu oghe London.
Hoktulah perlu Braim.
Tapi lagi baguh kalo KuLi yang jadi PM.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 21:34  


my question. you thnk hwo can waltz pass the UMNO warlords and institute reforms for the betterment of the country? Even teh New Economic Policy to be unveiled by Najib has to be watered down to please the warlords. And I can safely say that the NEP, at its core, will remain unchanged for the benefit of the warlords as you rightly put it.

Put it this way, if you are one of the warlords, what would you do? Not to protect and perpetuate your self interest? How did the Mahatir family became so rich within a generation?

I accnot agree with you more. The current economic policies are designed to enrich the select few within the close circle of UMNO, while the majority ordinary malays suffer. Sure, there are a minority of middle class of malays that emerged from the NEP but at what cost? It will be a class war between the haves and have-nots down the road and it will cross the ethnic line. The poor Malays will revolt, just look at the protest by the second generation Felda settlers who are denied their rights to the land.

As a Malaysian, its so sad to watch how a rich country which has been raped and plundered by the elites while the majority Malays suffer. I dream of the days of Hussein onn and Tunku. Who will emerge to lead this country out of the quadmire, dato'?

Mmm-hmm,  10 March 2010 at 21:40  

Are you a grad of the Chicago School - the world renowned Economics and Business school.
I read the book on it.
The theories you expounded are similar.
But it's rather far-flung for our multi-racial country.

Anonymous,  10 March 2010 at 23:05  


An excellent piece of work. I can't agree more.

I wish you were the economic adviser to Najib. You have the qualification and wisdom to help the Malays, but that Ibrahim Ali is a tin kosong. Yet, he is given the authority and backing to lead us into the path of destruction.

I am speechless.


Anonymous,  11 March 2010 at 01:03  

sometimes its so difficult to understand...
everyone says bumis gets all the cream but..

ytl gets the best IPP,ERL that everyone has to pay for (regardless if u take a cab?),numerous direct nego job..
Ananda got 3Digits,Maxis,Astro,IPP..n did a nice flipover deal on KLCC..
Genting..well speaks for itself but also an IPP
Vincent got Sports toto,Bt Tagar...n many nice land deals as side dishes
Sunway..gets some direct nego jobs,Silk..n lots of support in 98? biggest direct nego job in the WORLD..and a string of them b4,LDP,Kesas.. nego jobs in PutraJaya.. nego jobs for DPM house..n nice land deals (EPF,PKNS...) negoing all the way in Sabah.. negos too esp when times were hard in 2000s...

Then u hv the mother of all scandals PKFZ..
AirAsia..for all the good things they hv achieved..hv got lots of govt assistance too..

Well>> the Gamuda direct Negos is worth more than all the so called Class F direct awards cumulative over the years.

I think Govt have always been very fair to the rich n well connected...only prob is the Malay connected and GLCs supply chain network is not as focussed to their own race as the Gamudas,IJM,YTL etc..

We are too insignificant anyway.

Anonymous,  11 March 2010 at 02:33  

Salam Dato Sak,

Dayumm. Plenty lot of Negative & Positive Comments no?

I like Anonymous 10 March 2010 18:04, very spot on - Majority banyak bebudak Malay & Me-layu suka MAWI "WORLD" Akademic Fantasy and sometimes, Siti Nurhaliza bulan ni pakai "hijab" warna apa,stylo apa? Not too forget shallow mind people plus during Dollah Tido suka pegang bahu Dato Jamesbong girl at the same time promote "Islam Hadhari" nak bagi rakyat sedap telinga announce macam-macam corridor & Crystal Mosque (Whoa best nye)

Where can you find nowdays bebudak prefer Maths & Sciences? go Ask itu Mohyeedeen flip-flop why from english swap back to Malay language simply because computer jargon word - Joystick = BatangGembira?

Melayu lemah, Jaguh Kampong = Menang Sorak je.

Thats why Kaum Lain² dan sewaktunya suka capitalise on our lack of foresight as they like to compete i.e Workhard, Open System, creative, Inovative etc.

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar - ASTROCoconut most of the time on TV promote, Ambassador, Modeling etc apa ada?
Tazkirah? Speech bebudak sekolah?
Ceh I think I've just fart and swallow my puked at the same time lah.

Melayu apa ada? SUKOM 1998? LRT what the fu*k is LRT? LERT? pergi KLIA pon bayar RM 80 naik taxi " no haggling, strictly on meter" alternative lain ada ka? Bus AIR-ASIA? yeah right, RM 10 service for every half an hour, depa pusing satu SALAK SOUTH sebab elak TOLL whats wrong with the other Highways?

Oh not too forget that Brohim-Ali super-pissed with YTL sebab TNB subcontract/ outsource energy is it?

Looking back mostly at other comments semua ni Anggur-Masam, Marah tak berbaloi, cakap duduk belakang computer/laptop lah ini lah, awat tak pergi forum tadak hak nak cakap banyak etc tak tau perasan orang Kampong lah, tapi bukan orang kampong gak yang suka jual tanah nak dapat profit instant?

Malaysia is doomed.

Godsave us all - Wait for Petronas go bust. Even Acheh is picking up now.


Oh, KBSR & KBSM Brader Anwar punya kerja kan? tak Mungkin Donald Trump kot?

-Ikan Tongkol-

Suci Dalam Debu 11 March 2010 at 07:38  


I truly like anon 11 March 2010 02:33 comments. Right to the point though it hurts.

Keupayaan orang Melayu hanya pada perkara remeh-temeh sahaja. Kalau perkara yang memerlukan pemikiran dan kajian mengdalam, khasnya yang melibatkan ilmu sains dan matematik, memang serah pada orang lain. Lihatlah umat Islam dewasa ini, hanya berdaya "kuatkuasa" dosa-dosa kecil, yang BESAR, tak berupaya dan tak berani sentuh pun. Ibrahim Ali is a living example.

We had Islam Hadhari now dah entah ke mana. 1Malaysia still being primed but for how long can it lasts? Will see after the RMbillions have been spent.

Sir, keep on writing. Some just do not understand the meaning of the pen being mightier than the sword.

Anonymous,  11 March 2010 at 11:42  

Ibrahim Ali is a traitor and he has insulted the intelligence of all Malays.

As the saying goes, "give the man a fish and he will be happy for a day, teach the man to fish and he will be happier for the rest of his life"

In Indonesia, and a popular slang "Lebay (cheesy, so out of touch or hello, where have you been), please dech"

Anonymous,  11 March 2010 at 17:54  

Salam Dato',

Sebenarnya masalah dalam negara Malaysia ,khususnya masalah orang Melayu, terlalu berat ,amat komplek,rumit dan unik.Selama kira-kira 50 tahun lebih, para pemimpin Negara ini yg mana ada diantara mereka boleh dikatakan bertaraf Negarawan yg berwibawa klas antarabangsa,dengan sokongan sebahagian besar rakyat jelata yg setia dan cintakan negara ini telah dengan segala dayaupaya cuba membangun dan memajukan negara ini supaya berjaya menjadi sebagai sebuah negara maju yg cemerlang dan gemilang.Sekali gus menyelasaikan kebanyakan masalah yg ada,termasuklah masalah sosial,keselamatan, perpaduan dan ekonomi(teratas sekali).Disamping itu,mereka juga dengan begitu bersunggoh telah cuba memantap dan menerapkan semangat jatidiri dan patriotisme serta meningkatkan modal insan dengan pelbagai konsep dan kaedah seperti cetusan revolusi mental,konsep Pandang Ketimur dan Islam Hadhari.Dengan segala macam idea dan komitmen yg tinggi nampaknya,mengikut apa yg kita dengar dan lihat itu,kejayaan masih belum ternampak.

Oilh yg demikian,bolihkah agaknya segala masalah itu,khususnya masalah ekonomi orang Melayu dapat diselesaikan dengan cara yg dibawa olih Dato' Ibrahim Ali atau dengan apa yg dilakarkan olih Dato' Sakmongkol dalam blognya? Atau olih sesiapa sahaja yg ada idea yg difikirkan lebih biak untuk digunapakai.Mungkin setakap idea itu adalah tetapi hasil dan kesannya belum tentu berjaya.

Sebenarnya apa yg diperlukan untuk menghadapi segala masalah itu ialah satu sahaja,iaitu "politikal will" yg berteraskan kepada semangat kesetiaan ,cintakan negara,kejujoran dan keikhlasan.Untuk itu kita perlukan seorang pemimpin yg betul-betul berani,tegas dan dinamik yg sanggup dan berani membuat perubahan yg radikal dan positif.Beliau mesti berani mengambil tindakan yg tegas dan adil untuk mengerakan jentera kerajaan dengan cekap dan pantas.Mana-mana yg lemah,malas, rasuah dan tidak cekap,khususnya diperingkat ketua dan pemimpin,hendaklah diambilan tindakan tegas-pecat ,ditukar atau diturun pangkat.Jika amalan dan tindak seperti ini tidak dilaksanakan kita tak usahlah meletakan sebarang harapan untuk melihat perubahan.Kita perlu akui bahawa betapa baik sekalipun perancangan,perundangan dan peraturan, kita tidak akan mendapat hasil yg baik seperti diharapkan jika kita tidak ada keberanian,ketegasan, keazaman dan kesunggohan dialam perlaksanaan dan penguatkuasaannya.Kita bolih berteori dan berbincang sebanyak dan selama mana pun tapi hasilnya tetap sama,iaitu GAGAL jika kita lakukan apa yg dinyatakan diatas.

ASkar Tua

hassan bp,  11 March 2010 at 19:38  

menitis air mata membacanya.
apakah sukar sangat untuk melihat
dan mentafsirnya.

Frank,  12 March 2010 at 01:33  

Bravo, Dato Sak

You talk plenty of sense. On this one, I am in the same corner as you.

You would have made one hell of a good Pakatan Rakyat leader/ politician.

UMNO is unredeemable, how hard you try. UMNO had 50 years at the top of the heap to reform itself and to truly help the majority of the Malays who are poor. Not that they failed, they DIDN'T do it.

Anonymous,  14 March 2010 at 07:42  

Dato, Keep it up. Your improving dy to day on realities. I want to comment on some of your critics here who has coemmented on your writing. Oghe Pasir typical UMNO crony and a fe few other anonymous writers who I would say have no guts to identify themselves.
Your piece on Brahim Ali, bravo. I fully support you on this issue. Brahim the FROG is trying to hoodwink the malays. He is thinking malays today are still in the 40's and 50's mindset. Well,Brahim FROG is entrapped in his own world together with UMNO who refuse to come out of the BOX.
We have PM talking about 1Malaysia and behind the scene is subscribing to Perkasa. UMNO is giving full support to Mr.FROG. What a pity. In a globalized world and the nations economy in the dooldrums, UMNO is still dreaming. Wake them up Dato. But they wont because they don't treat you as theirs anymore. Well you can join PKR contest win and then jump high like the other frogs. D..0 Zahrain ( refuse to call him on that title) and many others.

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