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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 19 December 2009

UMNO and MCA-brother or satellite vassal?


The way UMNO is handling the MCA crisis is tactically wrong. Tactics are employed at winning battles. Strategy is the better way. It is for winning wars. Strategy is for longer term.

The longer term interest is to ensure MCA retains the trust of the Chinese community. It must see MCA as a dependable, rational and stable representative of the Chinese community.

Now how has UMNO been doing its part to help out MCA?

First, it's treating MCA just like a little brother who needs twisting on the ear. Not respectable to treat a party which has helped out UMNO since the 1940's not just by delivering Chinese allegiance but at times, material help.

Two, it offers solutions to MCA in pompous and even arrogant manner- everything splashed on the political silver screen. Muhyidin is not going to get best actor award for that. You are asking the MCA to accomplish something within a forced time table. The MCA leaders have been battling it out for over 18 months.

How does this typical arrogant UMNO approach create more damage than healing process?

Very simply, it makes MCA lose face. Not just to MCA, but to all Chinese in general losing face is a big deal. UMNO makes MCA lose face. It loses trust. In Chinese culture, losing face, saving face and giving face is very important and should never be forgotten. A person can lose face as a result of confronting an individual or putting them on the spot or acting in an arrogant manner or failing to show appropriate respect.

Has UMNO accorded MCA mutual respect?

Perhaps, it's timely to give UMNO a reminder in the exercise of humility. Please remember that in the last general elections UMNO candidates obtained 2.38 million votes within which there was a sizeable portion of non Malay votes. Actual Malay votes UMNO candidates received were probably around the region of 2 million.

Accordingly please stop to think. You have 3.5 million card carrying, profanity shouting members and yet you could only muster 2 million Malay votes. That means more than 1 million of your own members rejected your half past six candidates. With this kind of legitimacy, you want to throw your weight around?

There were over 5 million Malay voters in the last elections. That means over 3 million Malays did not vote for UMNO candidates, demolishing your claim that you are representing the Malays. What UMNO represents is just the concept of Malay interests and Malays as a concept simpliciter. In substance, it hopes to regain.

What I am trying to say, is that if UMNO wants to regain Malay trust it must ensure it regains the trust of its political partners. At the very elementary level, it must begin by giving trust to MCA leadership. It must not show its taking sides. The only way it does this, is by letting MCA be MCA. Let it be itself. Allow MCA to carry out what measures IT sees necessary not what UMNO sees it.

Perhaps the UMNO leadership needs to learn a few things about face in Chinese culture. Face idiomatically meaning "dignity; prestige". Face is the respectability and/or deference which a person can claim for himself from others.

MCA has achieved some standing among the Chinese community. It can validly claim the same standing as UMNO does within the Malay community despite losing much support at the previous elections. If UMNO, despite losing much Malay ground can still go around convincing itself that it still represents the Malays- that same privilege must be accorded to MCA. But by imposing your weight around and throat-pushing your solution on the MCA crisis, UMNO causes the MCA to lose face.

UMNO leaders must learn some interaction etiquette. Face is something that is emotionally invested, and that can be lost, maintained, or enhanced, and must be constantly attended to in interaction. In general, people cooperate in maintaining face in interaction, such cooperation being based on the mutual vulnerability of face.

How vulnerable is Face?

Face is a sense of worth that comes from knowing one's status and reflects concern with the congruency between one's performance or appearance and one's real worth. "Face" means 'prestige; dignity; honor; respect; status'.

Lin Yutang writing in 1935, considered the psychology of "face" saying as interesting as the Chinese physiological face is, it is the psychological face that makes a still more fascinating study. It is not a face that can be washed or shaved, but a face that can be "granted" and "lost" and "fought for" and "presented as a gift." This is something UMNO needs to learn about Chinese social psychology. Abstract and intangible, it is yet the most delicate standard by which Chinese social intercourse is regulated. Losing face has far more serious implications for one's sense of self-esteem or decency than gaining face.

The other pertinent point to note, that the way UMNO handles the MCA crisis actually reveals to others its true character. Anyone who does not wish to declare his social bankruptcy must show a regard for face: he must claim for himself, and must extend to others, some degree of compliance, respect, and deference in order to maintain a minimum level of effective social functioning. By bullying others, being pugnacious in some ways reveal the social bankruptcy of UMNO.

By bossing around, UMNO shows its impoliteness. Some sociologists have shown that there are two sides in a face. The positive and the negative face. Positive face is the positive self-image or personality claimed by interactants". MCA has the legitimate desire to be seen as the representative voice of the Chinese and it expects this self image to be appreciated and approved by others. UMNO cannot replace MCA as the voice of the Chinese. Negative face is the basic claim to territories, personal preserves, rights to non-distraction -- i.e. to freedom of action and freedom from imposition.

I found a most pertinent observation about the concept of face that is worth pondering:-

Face is the public image that a person claims for himself. Within this claim there are three dimensions. Autonomy face describes a desire to appear independent, in control, and responsible. Fellowship face describes a desire to seem cooperative, accepted, and loved. Competence face describes a desire to appear intelligent, accomplished, and capable


Anonymous,  19 December 2009 at 12:00  

Just as you mentioned in your last article-loyalty vs IN/competency!!!
That is what we have within the UMNO top guns like Muhyideen!!! Behaving like the maharajah trying to force the issue when he can't even handle situation within his own party.
The founding father of the nation is feeling very uncomfortable in their grave, what a pity!!!
Maybe Namawee was right when he did that Negara kuku!!! though many people are angry for reason of loyalty but as what is happening right now, the present UMNO leaderships need to be kicked out!!!
Semua orang dah kena sakit jiwa sekarang Dato', siapa lah agak nya yang akan menyelamatkan negara ku ini!!!!! Maybe listening to songs by the late P Ramli and some of the oldies is the better option!!!
Good luck sir!!!

Ti Lian Ker 19 December 2009 at 14:46  


wong 19 December 2009 at 15:06  

when mca n gerakan die, there only one sentence on them..umno nailed them into the grave.
umno and gangs can keep doing it..that make the opposition work easier,,,n concentrate on umno penang demand gerakan koh to relinquished his state chairmanship , with ahmad returned..i think the penang gerakan left over grassroots will swing to dap ..koh is one thick faced chinese but not the grassroad.they dont depend on politics to eat their meals.

shamshul anuar,  19 December 2009 at 15:12  

Dear Sakmongkol,

I am surprise at your comment. You seem are not happy with the way UMNO deals with its allies within BN.

Let us get real. UMNO is the dominant party in BN . It is treated as "Big Brother" in BN. It however never cry out loud demanding such treatment.

Rather treatment accorded as Big brother comes with reality that it is the most powerful party in BN. That is the fact.

Just like a situation whereby a person owns approximately 60% share in a Sdn Bhd co. He may be a humble folk but everybody knows that he controls the company.

By saying that, I am not suggesting that it is OK to be arrogant. You seem to miss the point that MCA leaders who went all out to make "courtesy calls" to UMNO leaders.

Why? Simple. because UMNO leaders are also leader of the govt. I believe UMNO's record of "generosity" know no bound. At height of power when at times it controlled almost 70% of Parliamentary seats, it still continue to shall its hallmark" ;that is willingness to share.

When Gerakan and MCA were anything but wiped out in 1999 General Election, Gerakan was still rewarded the Chief Minister post of Penang despite UMNO being the most senior party in BN Penang.

where on earth you will find such magnaminity?Granted, UMNo also wins because of non Malay votes.

Or MORE IMPORTANTLY, other parties like Gerakan and MCA and MIC depend on UMNO for survival. The last election shows that without UMNO, these 3 parties would have been annihilated completely.

It is no secret that these 3 parties won because of Malay votes ( due to their alliance to UMNO).

So, give some credit. As for MCA, the enemy is within. AS long as MCa leaders are reluctant to tell Chinese community that alliance with UMNO is not a sign of weakness, it will always have problem to secure Chinese votes.

As long as MCA keeps quiet( sort of silently agreeing) to DAP' trying to instill hatred to Chinese community that , it will always will end up losing Chinese support. As long as MCA panders to Chinese extremists, MCA will end up losing.

MCA must have the courage to tell Chinese community that UMNO is dominant because it holds 79 seats out of 139 won by BN. Simple mathematics will show that without UMNO, BN will collapse.

Whatever said about UMNO, nobody can deny its sway among Malay voters. In Perak, many Malays told me that BN would have easily won in MAC 2008 if not for Malays rejecting Bn indian candidates inb MMalay majority areas.

For decades, UMNO was accused as "sleeping with infidel" by PAS for accepting reality that non Muslims must be included in govt line up for being sizable majority. It shows "sederhana" is the hallmark of UMNO.

Upset over Hindraf's slander on Malay and UMNO, Malays punished BN by voting for Malays, resulting in Indian BN candidates lost.

The same goes in seats such as Kota Raja, Lunas, Pasir panjang, Bandar Tun Razak, Teluk Kemang, kuantan.

Muhyiddin is not behaving like a maharaja. He just reminded any reasonable person that firmness is required here and interest of party is superior to personal interest. What is wrong in saying that. And time table is needed here as clearly without time table , the split can go on for years.

Do not blame UMNO if MCA loses support. MCA leaders , by asking Najib to intervene shows that they recognise dominance of UMNO. There is nothing to be embarrased about that.

Peter,  19 December 2009 at 17:48  

Shamshul Anwar,

Wow .. UMNO is dominant party and all must bow down to it. In fact those chicken parties did just that. They all bowed down in awe of the power of UMNO. UMNO only need to ask them to shut up .. they did just that and in time is became normal.

Before March 2008, that UMNO roar was loudest. After that it was more or less chickened ... a bit. and obviously you are very unset by it reading your post how everyone owes you their living.

For crying out loud .. wake up to reality. UMNO is nothing if not for the other component parties. No racist party can survive alone.

So you think those Chicken parties would have lost without Malay support? Right you are ... so the same goes.. without those Chickens UMNO would have been history because if you dare to do your maths properly, no one party commands support of all the Malays.

As Dato has said only a maximum of 2 million Malays voted for the almighty UMNO. Even so the BN depended on Sabah and Sarawak to form the govt.

So how the cows can you be powerful if not for chickens? They really are still very chickens i tell you. .. and that is why they are going to be history... and together with them UMNO

Being the majority does not give you the right to lord over others. In any country you have to look after all the minorities under one single roof to be able to rule the country properly. Miss that you have lots and lots of problems as you can see for your own self what is happening to our country.

The arrogance shown by your posting gives proof to all the problems with our country. Be arrogant people ignores you and do not work with you. Without partners how the cow can you govern?

Wake up.... look into the mirror and you would know who is actually at fault.

In most countries, most partners have equal rights ... not the lopsided partners you have in BN.

Look into the Pakatan today... they do not have your weakness of one lording over the other.

Bet who will survive longest? Guest who i would vote for ? Chickens or those who stand up for their members' rights?

Anonymous,  19 December 2009 at 18:18  

That is exactly the way to lose an election. DS is talking about WINNING! Your talking about LOSING! (hmmm then you can blame money politics).
Most people perceive the double game between the PM and the DPM. Its quite clear and what Dato is doing is to just make it clear.

If Dato is right, BN will lose the next by election in a mixed race constituency. If Dato is wrong, BN will win.

That is my conclusion. But a loss in 2010 so soon to the 13th GE will be disastrous.

For me, BN can still win because operationally the Opposition are weak and people know it. Although initially a skeptic, from my conversations, 1Malaysia can sell. The marketing right now is working, at this pt people are still unsure about the end product, but are willing to take a gamble. If the Majority control card is being played in the background, however, it may not be the best way to win votes.

Lastly, when on earth does a person use a business analogy for a political dimension? Sounds stupid, but alas, thats what I would expect from a bona-fide supporter of a minion like Parpukari.

d'enricher 19 December 2009 at 18:45  

All being said, the truth remains that in Malaysia, every one needs each other. More so for BN and definately for PR.

The only problem is as usual, there will be people be it individual or group that wants to show power, and so I am bigger/stronger than you.

That kind of politics should be kick out, because once arrogance kicks in, you will be booted out.

If BN with all its member are ok with its gameplan, PR with theirs, than come GE13, let the people decide.

So whats the big deal?

Anonymous,  19 December 2009 at 19:30  

Datuk Sakmongkol,

I like this write-up of yours - written in a logical and humane manner. Your article never fails to captivate me, I must say.

You should have been the Education Minister of this country. I bet you will be able to unlock the intellectual potential of our children and take the entire nation to its next level of academic growth and excellence.

Look at the state of our education now - pathetic.

Your article demonstrates your deep understanding of human relationships and how to foster good inter-racial relationship and understanding.

Why can't UMNO/BN leaders learn from you through the many articles you have written over the years? They are either thick-skulled or numb-skulled. If only you are the one who runs this country.

With your capability and calibre, please help and save this nation from rotting further.

Shamshul Anuar, a commentor of this article, is exactly the end-product of years of conditioning and brain-washing by UMNO/BN and its BTN course. End-products as such do not go far and they are the ones who act as the mouthpiece of UMNO/BN and follow in the footsteps of UMNO/BN ie to incite hatred and to hate other races.

Datuk, I am so glad you are one class above these UMNO/BN is very clear to us readers.

I look forward to your next article. By the way, I enjoyed your article with pictures of all the foreign expensive cars belonging to you-know-who.

A Chinese, female admirer of your brain power and avid follower of your blog :))

Anonymous,  19 December 2009 at 19:36  

Datuk Sakmongkol,

There is a photo of a man in Thai boxing gear under "ABOUT". Is that you?

I would like to request that you put a photo which shows the front profile instead of a side profile under "ABOUT". I hope this is not to much to ask of you.

Many Thanks.


Anonymous,  19 December 2009 at 20:22  

Do not worry about saving the faces of those MCA politicians. Those are a different breed of Animals. Money speaks louder than anything else to them. As long as UMNo are willing to throw some crumbs once in a while, they don't mind lower themselves to the level of dogs! This is the absolute truth!! Or else how do you explain the behaviour of the MCA Politicians when they were screwed in broad daylight right under the eyes of every Malaysian and yet they never retaliate but only make strange incomprehensible vulgar sound!! Seem to me like they enjoyed being screwed by Ketuanan Melayu.

sam,  19 December 2009 at 20:27  

If your post is summarised into two words, it would be "Ketuanan Melayu".
Good. Let UMNO be the big brother and lord over the little brothers and lets see how BN performs in the next GE.
You also seem to justifies UMNO's absolute control on the police, judiciary, macc, ec and the media... because it holds majority shares in the listed company called Malaysia.

Fi-sha 19 December 2009 at 21:01  


Dear Dato' Sak

The way UMNO tackled MCA's 'morning sickness' is truly a perfect example of 'ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan'.

I wonder how long we malaysians have to bear with 'bodoh sombong' attitude of UMNO leaders because such continuous political instability (or maybe in our context, it's stupidity) would only wreck our free-falling economy.

UMNO is indeed cancerous...

ding-a-lng,  19 December 2009 at 22:01  

Najib allowed the crisis to fester on for so long. He should be like Dr M, dictator some may say. Summon the leaders, give them ultimatum and tell them to shut up. Kick Ng Tee Kiat. He started it all with sidelining CSL. His main aim is to oust CSL. But for political expendiency and pushed to a corner he become pally with CSL. But last week he doubted CSL again.

Anonymous,  19 December 2009 at 22:37  

Excellent explanation on the meaning and significance "face" to the Chinese community and by right it should be a must read article to your UMNO members. but I beg to differ on your take on the role of MCA. I'm not a MCA member, but I'd agree it HAD yes HAD some standing ages ago. Not many Chinese give a damn to what's happening in MCA but the way UMNO is siding with LTL only confirms what has been on the Chinese mind- MCA is nothing but a UNMO lapdog,period!

shamshul anuar,  19 December 2009 at 22:47  

Dear Sam,

Perhaps you should reread carefully what I wrote. Nowhere in my writing that I used the word "Ketuanan Melayu".

What i stress is a fact. Was it not MCA leaders who made "courtesy calls" to UMNO leaders due to the latter's position as leaders of the govt of the day.

It was MCa leaders who asked help from UMNO to solve the problem. So, do not blame UMNO for this.

UMNO is dominant in BN. And it earns the dominance through winning in ballot box. Let us face it. It won 79 out of 139 seats held by BN.

Yu may loath to accept but that is the fact. It has the most influence due to its winning the most number of seats. That cant be construed as being arrogant.

As for Peter, do not get upset. Do reread my comment. Nowheew in my writing that I deny the votes of non Malays. Rather, I only tell the truth. In the last election, MCA, MIC and Gerakan were saved from total disaster due to their alliance with UMNO.

Check the results. Majority of seats won by these parties are Malay majority areas such as Tapah, Grik, Pandan, Simpang Renggam.

I never say it is OK to be arrogant. Rather, I do not agree with Salmongkol's blaming UMNO for trying to help MCA out of this messy problem. What is wrong in agreeing to help?

Merely trying to help cant be construed as bullying other into submission. I however, understand the tagline "One vote for MCa is one vote for UMNO" was used very succesfully by DAP to instill hatred towards UMNO.

It is however a double sword. If you care to analyse( if only), you will find that Malays also start behaving like Chinese community. Many of them, upset at being accused as racist or worse still "conducting etnic cleansing), vowed to vote only for Malay candidates even they are from PKR or PAS.

That is why BN candidates for Teluk Kemang, Bandar Tun Razak, Pasir Panjang, Kuantan, Lunas lost among other.

"Siap kau Tan Chai Hoe", many of my friends told me at eve of general election. Not that they are angre with him personally. Only they feel MCA is not doing enough to criticize DAP for stirring racial issue.

Dear Anonymous, what make you think I am being brainwashed by UMNO. I am also critical of UMNO. I told off one Ketua Bahagian UMNO for being so "distant" with rakyat.

But I also give credit when it is due. For decades, UMNO was ridiculed for agreeing to let MCA and MIC won in Malay majority areas. Is that not an act of generosity?

Remember, PAS used to belittle UMNO as being "sinful" for asking Malays to vote for MIC or MCA?

And who is the hypocrite. Do remember that way back on JUne 1998, Karpal Singh during DAP convention in WP said Anwar is a homosex and challenged Dr Mahathir to sack him.

And PAS now may want to forget Mohd Sabu's numerous call that Anwar is "Aljuburi" for sodomy and never fail to challenge DR Mahathir to sack his DPM.

This aptly reminder never fail to elicit the same response from PAS members; red face with immediate attempt to change the topic of conversation.

shamshul anuar,  19 December 2009 at 23:22  

Dear Wenger Khairy,

This is my observation;
1) Malay support for PAS and PKR is steadily eroding. PAS is perceived as "submitting " to DAP which is to Malays is the most racist party in Malaysia.

Besides, PAS used to ridicule UMNO for its alliance with non Malay political parties. So, PAS is at lost to justify its alliance with DAP.

2) Anwar is a traitor from viewpoinnt of many Malays. He lost respect when he refuses to swear. Swearing before Kuran is seem as ultimate act of telling the truth. And Anwar refuses.

Besides, he is seen as being vengeful and playing dirty just like when he was with UMNO.

3) Malays start to warm up to UMNO as they are dissapointed with PAS becoming "slave" to DAP.

dua sen,  20 December 2009 at 00:07  


You're going a bit off tangent on DS's essay.

If memory serves me right, during UMNO crisis in 1987, did MCA ie Tun Ling take advantage of the situation when he held the fort in Parliament when UMNO deregistered ? The issue is not which party contributes more. Otherwise, don't call it BN. If UMNO thinks that it can go alone, then cubalah...

kuldeep 20 December 2009 at 03:23  

The government believes in fairy tales..such as NKRAs,GTP etc...all PR bullshit.

Today,someone close to my heart had the unfortunate experience of a smash n grab in broad a residential area of middle class of primarily Malays.The material loss is nothing compared to the "fear factor"..the fact that no one is safe anymore.

The police took it as a normal everyday occurence..something they have no control over..something they accept as a norm.

If it happens to one of the BN VVIPs..the IGP will be on the scene..the VVIPs will have 24 by 7 protection..the works.

And the IGP will be recognised as a man of action and conferred awards and extensions of contract..myb a golden handshake or two.

Nobody wants the truth..only embellished and varnished storylines.

And the roadmap to improve security is nothing but an eyewash towards capex in cctv,police beats,mobile police stations...

If they go back to the basic concept of community interaction..with consistent patrols and intelligence..they can achieve a lot more,But sweat and hard work does not benefit anyone.

Yes..when it happens to someone close to you (or yourself) you suddenly realise that we're a failed country.

Whats the purpose of fancy fighter planes,helicopters,ships and submarines to protect our borders if WITHIN the country there is no longer the security.

And BN/UMNO leadership manages all crisis in the same way..i.e imaginary fixes without getting the basics right.Thus their MCA solution.

Anonymous,  20 December 2009 at 04:01  

Look at Selangor. If UMNO fails to win 65-70% of the Malay vote it will lose the state once again. These are facts, read here. The difference is I actually do my background research before I open my mouth. I back what I say with facts and figures. That is my style. Parpu and similar people just bark without having ZERO STRATEGY and when they LOSE, CRY LIKE A BUNCH OF BABIES.

These are facts Doc. I was there!

Peter,  20 December 2009 at 10:28  


The more you post the more it looks rediculous. There are a lot of crabs in your posts.

You wrote..
"Perhaps you should reread carefully what I wrote. Nowhere in my writing that I used the word "Ketuanan Melayu"."

One does not have to post the word "ketuanan Melayu" to be seen as one. Just read your post! It is full of "I am majority kind , and you listen to me" kind.

You wrote...
"What i stress is a fact. Was it not MCA leaders who made "courtesy calls" to UMNO leaders due to the latter's position as leaders of the govt of the day.
It was MCa leaders who asked help from UMNO to solve the problem. So, do not blame UMNO for this."
How shallow your statement and using this as argument. In any alliance, "courtesy calls" are normal like paying respect to the elders of the family. Yes, the very trouble of BN is this kind of structure. You have the elders who commands over the others and as you said they have to pay "courtesy calls" to their abang. What you call this? You see this happening in Pakatan?

"UMNO is dominant in BN. And it earns the dominance through winning in ballot box. Let us face it. It won 79 out of 139 seats held by BN.
Yu may loath to accept but that is the fact. It has the most influence due to its winning the most number of seats. That cant be construed as being arrogant."
If you lord over others just because you have the most seats and expect everyone to listen to you is not "arrogant" what is? Your very posting shows it! Hey go and look up in a dictionary what is the word "arrogant" means

"As for Peter, do not get upset. Do reread my comment. Nowheew in my writing that I deny the votes of non Malays. Rather, I only tell the truth. In the last election, MCA, MIC and Gerakan were saved from total disaster due to their alliance with UMNO.Check the results. Majority of seats won by these parties are Malay majority areas such as Tapah, Grik, Pandan, Simpang Renggam. "

Sure those Chickens did win in Malay majority seats ... because UMNO must ensure they survive ! Come on if you are a Chinese and look at how compliant MCA had been all these years , and how the rights of their community are being abused day in and out, would you really vote for them? The fact is that, without the Chinese votes in many areas , UMNO would have lost to PAS too. Not all Chinese or Indians believe in PAS in March 2008 I mind you and they voted as many years before for BN.

Perhaps you should do an analysis in those seat in Malay Majority seats. take away all the NON Malay votes times 2(because when a vote switches you need 2 to compensate) and compare the majoriy won , how many UMNO seats you have left among all the parliament seats?

"I never say it is OK to be arrogant. Rather, I do not agree with Salmongkol's blaming UMNO for trying to help MCA out of this messy problem. What is wrong in agreeing to help?

Merely trying to help cant be construed as bullying other into submission. I however, understand the tagline "One vote for MCa is one vote for UMNO" was used very succesfully by DAP to instill hatred towards UMNO."

Is this true in the first place? If so what gives? Where have you been all these years? Outside the country and not realising what has been said and not said prior to mar 2008?

Peter,  20 December 2009 at 10:28  

Shamsul ...

You said...

"It is however a double sword. If you care to analyse( if only), you will find that Malays also start behaving like Chinese community. Many of them, upset at being accused as racist or worse still "conducting etnic cleansing), vowed to vote only for Malay candidates even they are from PKR or PAS.
That is why BN candidates for Teluk Kemang, Bandar Tun Razak, Pasir Panjang, Kuantan, Lunas lost among other."
You lost because of the lost of trust, corruption, and the Internet when their children went home to pass the message. Today is not 50 years ago when MSM rules.

"But I also give credit when it is due. For decades, UMNO was ridiculed for agreeing to let MCA and MIC won in Malay majority areas. Is that not an act of generosity?"
UMNO should not have. It would have left UMNO with far far few seats than it is holding today . NOt more. Why? Without non Malay votes UMNO would have lost in many many other seats as well.

"Remember, PAS used to belittle UMNO as being "sinful" for asking Malays to vote for MIC or MCA?
And who is the hypocrite. Do remember that way back on JUne 1998, Karpal Singh during DAP convention in WP said Anwar is a homosex and challenged Dr Mahathir to sack him."

As for PAS and DAP , both as far as we know today kowtows to no one. Both are still very deep rooted in their believes. They just agreed to disagree and have a longer term strategy of a common good. Get rid of BN and form a new govt and this is bad for you.

As for your claim that PAS ever give way to DAP is totally false. When has PAS ever given way to DAP or DAP given way to PAS ???? None whatsoevery.

Just tell us what has PAS given way to DAP other than DAP's fight for rights denied under the constitution to the other races in Malaysia? The only problem they have given away is they do not believe in "Ketuanan Melayu". They believe in Ketuanan Rakyat. ..that means "ketuanan You and Ketuanan ME". Is that wrong?

Still say you are not brainwashed by BTN?

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  20 December 2009 at 13:09  

So we are all racist(all race based party are racist)...but not to the point of killing each want to maintain your status quo from your mainland China and India..while the Malays want to maintain the status quo of pribumi since parameswara..

can we settle at that...and start get down to business..

Sam 20 December 2009 at 15:00  

Hi Lian Ker,
After 50 over years working with UMNO, the respect for each other should deeply be bonded and up held at all times. UMNO continues to treat MCA as younger brother and deems their right to interfer MCA affairs.
The political situation in Malaysia has changed dramatically after the last GE. Gerakgan lost their glory after they failed to win even a single state seat in Penang. Even thier president was voted out. They are no more relevant in Malaysian politics. The stage is betweem MCA and DAP. The Chinese will look upon these two parties and will give their suppot in the next GE, depending on which party can deliver. DAP is seemed a rising star with the newly formed PR. They have released their new manifesto to entice the Chinese's support.
MCA is still having a civil war and has not time to regian the confidence of the Chinese. Even, the civil war can be ended soon or later, MCA may wish to consider seriously to stand on their own feet and be a independent party friendly to UMNO. If MCA can prove that they are independent and are able to perform and serve the Chinese they will defintely regain the support of the Chinese.
Go to GE by yourself and when the party wins more parlamentary seats then negotiate with UMNO for better deal.
Think about the concept.

Suci Dalam Debu 20 December 2009 at 18:40  


A good big brother is one who guides and protects his little brothers.

If UMNO is considered a big brother, then it is a wicked big brother.

You conveniently forgot that it UMNO lost it all in 1999 and his saviour were none other than the little brothers.

It is pretty obvious that you are similar to the white south africans during the apartheid years.

Insaflah sebelum kamu diinsafkan.

shamshul anuar,  21 December 2009 at 01:18  

Dear Dua sen,

I believe you misinterpret my response. I never say that UMNO claims it can go all alone.

Rather, I do not agree to the allegation that UMNO is accused of bullying other parties simply because it is the dominant party in BN.

That is why I beg to differ with what Mr Sakmongkol said. I do not agree with the preposterous allegation that MCA lost faces on allegation( allegation , not the truth) when UMNO interves.

UMNO intervenes due to request by MCA top leadership. If youy care to reread the newspapers, you will find that MCA leaders had been urging Najib( on his capacity as BN Chairman and PM) to help.

My point is that Sakmongkol is being unfair in blaming UMNO for the mess MCA is facing now. In another word, do not blame others for unfavorable predicament you are facing. That is my point.

It is an rony that those who hate UMNO so much here also recognise UMNO's eminent position in BN and also in Malaysian politics. If not, they would not chided BN as UBN Govt. Meaning they still recognise UMNO's dominant position.

Just like DAP being dominant in PR, UMNO is dominant in BN. So, there is nothing to be embarassed about.

Just like Chines is dominant in economy by earning it through sheer hard work and close alliance with the ruling party, UMNO earns the dominance by winning through ballot box.

As for Suci dalam Debu, well I hope you do not forget your mannerism( in case you have one). If you can associate UMNO with apartheid, then please explain why there are vernacular schools in malaysia, an unheard phenomenon in many countries.

If UMNO practises apartheid, you will find bunting declaring " Chinese or Dog" not allowed into Tasik Perdana.

Upset? So, please be careful with your words. For decades , UMNO stands by its allies in BN. It maintains that it is not "haram" to vote non Malay candidates when PAS never fails to poison Malay community that it is sinful to vote for non Muslim candidates.

In Pasir Panjang, Dr Vasan lost to Nizar partly because PAS members sent leaflets in surau and mosques telling Malay community that "haram" to vote for MIC candidate.

So, which part of UMNO's action that you deemed "wicked?". Is it the part when UMNO responds to MCA's request for intervention?

As for Peter, so please ask MCA why on earth the leaders are willing to pay "courtesy call". Why? Please also tell me which party in BN has the most influence say in Perak. UMNO with 28 seat and MCA with 1 seat.

Or in Penang where UMNO has 11 with Gerakan and MCA and MIC none ? Or in Selangor where UMNO has 18 seats and other BN components have 2 seats?

THe recognition comes naturally , not because they are forced to. As for MCA, if they want to be independent of BN, well MCA then cant expect UMNO members to vote for them again. So, Ong Tee Keat may most probably lose in Pandan.

Since when UMNO "lords" over others? Being dominant does not mean that you lord over others.

As for PAS, why on earth the support from Malay community is eroding. Because , many Malays feel that it "kowtows" to DAP. It is now willingly said that the goal is no longer Islamic state.

UMNO leaders in Perak were dumbfdounded when Nizar himself said that PAS never has Islam in its Constitution.

Just to be on good book of DAP, PAS is so willing to drop "Islamic state" concept. and no Malay can forget how Nizar was chided as puppet during his tenure as Perak MB. Why PAS influence among Malay community decrease as shown in Bukit Gantang. No doubt he won but why Malay support decreases for PAS?

You are dreaming if you can not detect how upset Malays are with PAS when they are so willing to abandon principle just to be in good book of DAP.

As for MCA, the problem( beside leadership issue) from Malay perspective is that it dares not stand to DAP's lies that any alliance with UMNO is a symbol of weakness.

Suci Dalam Debu 21 December 2009 at 11:48  

Aduhai Encik Shamshul,

Perkataan "Apartheid" sungguh menyinggung hati engkau.

Saya nak tanya sedikit

1. ASB untuk siapa dan di mana dividenya datang dari mana dan dibiayai oleh siapa?

2. MARA itu kalau di bawa ke Parlimen Afrika Selatan hari ini, kau ingat boleh lulus tak?

3. Kalau diberi nama apa sekalipun, tahi tetap berbau seperti tahi juga.

4. Affirmative action dalam bentuk sekarang masih mendapat sokong padu from you. Saya rasa malulah.

5. You think Khir Toyo, Zakaria Mat Deros dan sebagainya adalah abberation?

I am sorry to say that despite all the education you have been provided for, you remain an "uneducated" person hiding behind a mask.

You seems to fit the Brahmin Bumiputera group to the dot.

Suci Dalam Debu 21 December 2009 at 11:52  


I forgot to add. The buntings you were asking for is like

Mulai hari ini,ASB dan MARA di buka untuk semua orang di Malaysia.

Did you see it somewhere, on TV3 perhaps, or maybe Utusan Malaysia.

Maybe they also mention cows can fly at putrajaya.

Then I can start believing in you.

shamshul anuar,  21 December 2009 at 13:40  

Dear Suci Dalam debu,

To make 1 Malaysia slogan meaningful, then the only way is to start from young; meaning from school level.

Separate school system breeds separateness. Why not have one school system with compulsory Mandarin class for Chinese and Tamil for Indians. The point is learn under one roof.

Believe me in the land that cries of meritocracy there is also affirmative action. Like in USA where special care is accorded to Native, minority, women, etc.

As for "Brahmin Bumiputera" , there is no such thing in Islam or malay culture. I am from a very humble background. There is nothing to be embarassed about.

As for MARA, please understand that the provision is accorded in recognition on the fact that at eve of independence, Malay Rulers agreed to granting of more than 1 million citizenship to your fore fathers, thus changing them from immigrants to citizens.

As such, something must be given back to malays. I agree with help given to Malaysian irregardless of race. But once you question other rights, so be prepared to have the other side question your rights.

Anonymous,  21 December 2009 at 15:14  

Dear ALL Rational readers,

Don't waste your time debating with someone who argues in the same way as Parpukari. Wenger J Kairy is right. He claims what others say as allegations but what his uncle says about May 13 as the gospel truth.

Suci Dalam Debu 21 December 2009 at 20:00  

Dear Shamshul,

Please stop trying to assume my identity.

Sekolah berbagai aliran sudah wujud sekian lama dan muhibah di antara berbagai kaum lebih baik di zaman itu berbanding sekarang.

Ingatlah bahawa yang menjadi petualang dan perosak kepada kaum melayu adalah tidak lain dan tidak bukan UMNO sendiri.

Usah menuding jari kepada orang lain. Jangan mengharamkan apa yang dihalalkan dan jangan menghalalkan apa yang diharamkan.

Orang Melayu, Cina, India, Iban, Kadazan, berbagai suku kaum dan khasnya orang asli sudah lama bersetuju untuk bersatu di bawah panji Malaysia.

Yang memecah-belahkan rakyat Malaysia adalah UMNO dalam bentuk yang ada sekarang (mungkin dah 30 tahun)dengan berselindung di belakang topeng DEB, media massa dan duit Petronas.

Tengku Razaleigh pun sudah sedar. Apakah kamu masih dalam lamunan?

Maaf jikalau tulisan saya menyinggung persaan saudara. Semoga tidak cepat melatah.

Marilah kita bersama-sama Dato' Sak membina era baru dan belayar menuju samudra bahagia.

shamshul anuar,  21 December 2009 at 22:39  

Saudara Suci Dalam Debu,

Sejak bila pula saya menghalalkan apa yang haram dan sebaliknya.

Yanbg memudaratkan umat melayu bukan UMNO tetapi sikap orang melayu yang suka mendengar fitnah dan tidak suka usul periksa.

Mulut berbuih cakap "fitnah lebih dahsyat dari membunuh" tapi setakat dimulut saja. Peringatan Allah swt akan betapa perlu meneliti sesuatu berita hanya jadi hafalan tanpa mahu mengamalkannya.

Berita dari orang fasik dan munafik dipercayai terus menerus. kebencian sesama Islam melampaui batas. Tidak ada tolak ansur tetapi begitu sanggup bertuankan musuh seagama sebangsa. Bagaimanapun ini bukanlah perkara pelik. Raja-Raja arab Sepanyol pun dulu perangai macam itu juga. Berbaik dengan musuh ugama untuk jatuhkan saudara seagama. Kesannya amat buruk.

Kesalahan UMNO Yang terbesar ialah membenarkan sekolah berbagai aliran. Kesannya kita tidak lagi kenal mengenali sesama sendiri.

Saya pun rasa tak ada hormat pada ADUN yang mewakili UMNO tetapi dengan mudah memfitnah UMNO kononnya satu dosa hanya kerana jadi parti teras dalam BN.

UMNO memang dominan dalam BN . Ini adalah hakikat. Dan bukan jadi satu kesalahan untuk jadi dominan dalam BN kerana ia memenangi lebih separuh kerusi yang dimenangi BN.

Mestikah UMNO dipersalahkan bila pemimpin MCA sendiri minta bantuan UMNO untuk selesaikan kemelut MCA. Kenapa dipandang serong bila MCA sendiri minta bantuan UMNO.

Apakah satu dosa bila memenangi kerusi aDUN dan Parlimen dan bentuk kerajaan. Nak harapkan PAS, sokongan Melayu padanya merosot kerana orang melayu tak suka ia berbaik dengan musuh Melayu hakiki, DAP.

Apakah hinanya DEB? Apakah salah UMNO guna kuasa untuk biayai pelajaran puluhan ribu anak Melayu di luar negeri. Nak diharapkan DAP, mungkin saudara bermimpi.

Saya tidak tahu identiti saudara. tapi kalau saudara orang Melayu, saya rasa sedih melihat saudara rasa terhina hanya kerana saudara sebangsa saudara berkuasa.

Lebih sedih lagi saudara suka dengar fitnah yang tak tentu hala. UMNO macam manusia lkain atau Rasulullah sekali pun memang ada kelemahan. Tetapi tak kan saudara tak nampak langsung jasanya.

Mengenai Dr Khir Toyo, telitilah sendiri bukti resit pembelian banglo beliau. Apalah nak heran sangat seorang bekas MB beli banglo harga RM3 juta ringgit. Janganlah percaya sangat fitnah orang.

Jahat sangatkah MB yang anugerah tanah ratusan ekar pada penduduk kampung contohnya di Batu 13 Puchong. Kenapa berita dari orang fasik lebih dipercayai.

Dan saya bukanlah jenis Brahmin. Saya tak tahu saudara siapa tapi yang jelas dalam budaya dan ugama saya tak ada kasta.

Saya berasal dari kampung. Isteri saya anak pelombong bijih. Kerana ada pemimpin Melayu yang sayang bangsanya( dianggap satu dosa kalau Melayu sayang bangsanya tapi bangsa lain boleh), maka saya , beliau dan ratusan kawan saya dihantar belajar diluar negeri.

Kini kawan saya ada yang jawat jawatan senior di MIDF, FRIM, MIDA, Petronas , dan banyak bank komersial. Tanpa pertolongan dari kerajaan( melalui kuasa UMNO) , tak mungkin ayah saya seorang kerani awam mampu hantar saya ke sana.

Apa pun saudara kata pasal Pariah atau Brahmin, saya tak rasa malu. Terus terang saja. Tanpa UMNO, usahkan belajar di luar negeri, pijak tangga kapal terbang pun susah.

Mungkin Pariah atau Brahmin itu "sinonim" dengan saudara . Syukur alhamdulillah, ugama saya tak ada kasta macam itu.

Kalau ada cacat itu bermakna sikap manusia bukan kerana dilahirkan tak boleh sentuh bayang atau kerana kena bagi emas pada Brahmin sebelum tetapkan tarikh perkahwinan anak.

Ini bukan bermakna saya hina bangsa lain atau ugama bukan Islam. Hak mereka dijaga. Tetapi saya fikir saya tak perlu fitnah bangsa saya hanya untuk dilihat sebagai "modern" atau "liberal" oleh bukan Melayu.

Ariff Sabri 22 December 2009 at 00:02  

i suggest you re read my article on UMNO and MCA. UMNO is not to be blamed for the mess in which MCA finds itself.
my point is, the way by which UMNO is handling this MCA problem is faulty and flawed. it will lead to more damage.
that's 2 different things.

now, as to yr other ramblings about being not ashamed or whatever- you are entitled to that.
my own view is, it is the mark of someone who is not able to argue his case, to accuse his opponent of trying to be looked at as liberal or acceptable. thats condescension disguised behind a patronizing tactic.

hence, using yr tactic, i am able to say this:
you have not been an ADUN before or may not even be an active UMNO member- so dont go around to lecture other people on the ethics of being a true UMNO member.

Anonymous,  22 December 2009 at 09:32  

Dato' is right. How was UMNO handling MCA crisis is flawed.

But, current MCA leadership is really a biggest shame by representing Chinese community.

"Face" is given by others, but "Face" is lost by oneself. The MCA leaders are deserving the disrespect from UMNO but not the Chinese community at large.


Suci Dalam Debu 22 December 2009 at 09:33  


Sorry for going off topic but I hope you will allow me this space. Thank you.

Dear Shamshul,

Sangatlah baik awak tahu bersyukur kerana mendapat bantuan daripada kerajaan....kerajaan UMNO maksud kau.

You got some crumbs and they took the whole cake, yet you sing high praises for them. You turn a blind eye to their robbing of this country. They gave you a tire but stole the engine, bersyukur Alhamdudillah. Macam partners in crime aje ni.

So you believed that the mansion is worth only 3 million and he made it after 8 years as MB? I wonder what has been clouding your mind dan ada selaput apa kat depan mata?

I got no problems when people have different opinions on a certain issue. If you like a black cat or a brown dog, that is fine by me but if you label a Black cat as a brown dog, that is NOT okay with me.

Similarly, if you like NEP, MARA et al and it suits your selera, it is fine by me. Giving them a nice name and calling it fair is NOT okay with me.

If you say apartheid smells like tahi ayam, it is okay with me but to say apartheid smells like roses, it is definitely not on.

Kalau kau sayangkan UMNO, saya tak bangkang. Tetapi menuduh orang lain tak berjuang untuk melayu dan Malaysia, itu tak betul.

I suggest you read more of Tengku Razaleigh's writings.

Have a nice day.

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