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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 22 December 2009

The Debate: How should UMNO handle MCA?-1

A few days ago, I wrote an article on the way UMNO is handling the MCA crisis. I said, the way UMNO is handling it is flawed. I said, the UMNO style of broadcasting to the world, giving MCA ultimatums, at times seeming to take sides, is making MCA lose face. I then proceeded to explain briefly, the significance of giving and losing face.

That article has spawned a raging debate which at times, becomes an issue of the proper place of UMNO vis-a-vis its junior partners. At other times, the debate evolved into a spirited discussion of what UMNO stands for.

I found these debates to be very stimulating. There is one gentleman by the name of Shamsul Anuar who makes it out that I am less UMNO than he is. I leave it to readers to judge that. I am publishing his views on the article I wrote and that of the rest of the other energetic debaters. I think, the debate that rages on, should also be heard by a wider audience. I have published them verbatim, but have found it necessary to re arrange in paragraphs.

shamshul anuar said...

Dear Sakmongkol,

I am surprise at your comment. You seem are not happy with the way UMNO deals with its allies within BN. Let us get real. UMNO is the dominant party in BN . It is treated as "Big Brother" in BN. It however never cry out loud demanding such treatment. Rather treatment accorded as Big brother comes with reality that it is the most powerful party in BN. That is the fact. Just like a situation whereby a person owns approximately 60% share in a Sdn Bhd co. He may be a humble folk but everybody knows that he controls the company. By saying that, I am not suggesting that it is OK to be arrogant. You seem to miss the point that MCA leaders who went all out to make "courtesy calls" to UMNO leaders.

Why? Simple. because UMNO leaders are also leader of the govt. I believe UMNO's record of "generosity" know no bound. At height of power when at times it controlled almost 70% of Parliamentary seats, it still continue to shall its hallmark" ;that is willingness to share.When Gerakan and MCA were anything but wiped out in 1999 General Election, Gerakan was still rewarded the Chief Minister post of Penang despite UMNO being the most senior party in BN Penang.

where on earth you will find such magnaminity?Granted, UMNo also wins because of non Malay votes. Or MORE IMPORTANTLY, other parties like Gerakan and MCA and MIC depend on UMNO for survival. The last election shows that without UMNO, these 3 parties would have been annihilated completely.

It is no secret that these 3 parties won because of Malay votes ( due to their alliance to UMNO). So, give some credit. As for MCA, the enemy is within. AS long as MCa leaders are reluctant to tell Chinese community that alliance with UMNO is not a sign of weakness, it will always have problem to secure Chinese votes.

As long as MCA keeps quiet( sort of silently agreeing) to DAP' trying to instill hatred to Chinese community that , it will always will end up losing Chinese support. As long as MCA panders to Chinese extremists, MCA will end up losing.

MCA must have the courage to tell Chinese community that UMNO is dominant because it holds 79 seats out of 139 won by BN. Simple mathematics will show that without UMNO, BN will collapse.

Whatever said about UMNO, nobody can deny its sway among Malay voters. In Perak, many Malays told me that BN would have easily won in MAC 2008 if not for Malays rejecting Bn indian candidates inb MMalay majority areas.

For decades, UMNO was accused as "sleeping with infidel" by PAS for accepting reality that non Muslims must be included in govt line up for being sizable majority. It shows "sederhana" is the hallmark of UMNO.

Upset over Hindraf's slander on Malay and UMNO, Malays punished BN by voting for Malays, resulting in Indian BN candidates lost. The same goes in seats such as Kota Raja, Lunas, Pasir panjang, Bandar Tun Razak, Teluk Kemang, kuantan.

Muhyiddin is not behaving like a maharaja. He just reminded any reasonable person that firmness is required here and interest of party is superior to personal interest. What is wrong in saying that. And time table is needed here as clearly without time table , the split can go on for years.

Do not blame UMNO if MCA loses support. MCA leaders , by asking Najib to intervene shows that they recognise dominance of UMNO. There is nothing to be embarrased about that.

19 December 2009 15:12

Peter said...

Shamshul Anwar,

Wow .. UMNO is dominant party and all must bow down to it. In fact those chicken parties did just that. They all bowed down in awe of the power of UMNO. UMNO only need to ask them to shut up .. they did just that and in time is became normal.

Before March 2008, that UMNO roar was loudest. After that it was more or less chickened ... a bit. and obviously you are very unset by it reading your post how everyone owes you their living.

For crying out loud .. wake up to reality. UMNO is nothing if not for the other component parties. No racist party can survive alone.

So you think those Chicken parties would have lost without Malay support? Right you are ... so the same goes.. without those Chickens UMNO would have been history because if you dare to do your maths properly, no one party commands support of all the Malays.

As Dato has said only a maximum of 2 million Malays voted for the almighty UMNO. Even so the BN depended on Sabah and Sarawak to form the govt.

So how the cows can you be powerful if not for chickens? They really are still very chickens i tell you. .. and that is why they are going to be history... and together with them UMNO

Being the majority does not give you the right to lord over others. In any country you have to look after all the minorities under one single roof to be able to rule the country properly. Miss that you have lots and lots of problems as you can see for your own self what is happening to our country.

The arrogance shown by your posting gives proof to all the problems with our country. Be arrogant people ignores you and do not work with you. Without partners how the cow can you govern?

Wake up.... look into the mirror and you would know who is actually at fault.

In most countries, most partners have equal rights ... not the lopsided partners you have in BN. Look into the Pakatan today... they do not have your weakness of one lording over the other.

Bet who will survive longest? Guest who i would vote for ? Chickens or those who stand up for their members' rights?

19 December 2009 17:48

Wenger J Khairy said...

That is exactly the way to lose an election. DS is talking about WINNING! Your talking about LOSING! (hmmm then you can blame money politics).
Most people perceive the double game between the PM and the DPM. Its quite clear and what Dato is doing is to just make it clear.

If Dato is right, BN will lose the next by election in a mixed race constituency. If Dato is wrong, BN will win.

That is my conclusion. But a loss in 2010 so soon to the 13th GE will be disastrous.

For me, BN can still win because operationally the Opposition are weak and people know it. Although initially a skeptic, from my conversations, 1Malaysia can sell. The marketing right now is working, at this pt people are still unsure about the end product, but are willing to take a gamble. If the Majority control card is being played in the background, however, it may not be the best way to win votes.

Lastly, when on earth does a person use a business analogy for a political dimension? Sounds stupid, but alas, thats what I would expect from a bona-fide supporter of a minion like Parpukari.

19 December 2009 18:18

sam said...

If your post is summarised into two words, it would be "Ketuanan Melayu".
Good. Let UMNO be the big brother and lord over the little brothers and lets see how BN performs in the next GE.
You also seem to justifies UMNO's absolute control on the police, judiciary, macc, ec and the media... because it holds majority shares in the listed company called Malaysia.

19 December 2009 20:27

shamshul anuar said...

Dear Sam,

Perhaps you should reread carefully what I wrote. Nowhere in my writing that I used the word "Ketuanan Melayu".

What i stress is a fact. Was it not MCA leaders who made "courtesy calls" to UMNO leaders due to the latter's position as leaders of the govt of the day. It was MCa leaders who asked help from UMNO to solve the problem. So, do not blame UMNO for this.

UMNO is dominant in BN. And it earns the dominance through winning in ballot box. Let us face it. It won 79 out of 139 seats held by BN.

Yu may loath to accept but that is the fact. It has the most influence due to its winning the most number of seats. That cant be construed as being arrogant.

As for Peter, do not get upset. Do reread my comment. Nowheew in my writing that I deny the votes of non Malays. Rather, I only tell the truth. In the last election, MCA, MIC and Gerakan were saved from total disaster due to their alliance with UMNO.

Check the results. Majority of seats won by these parties are Malay majority areas such as Tapah, Grik, Pandan, Simpang Renggam.

I never say it is OK to be arrogant. Rather, I do not agree with Salmongkol's blaming UMNO for trying to help MCA out of this messy problem. What is wrong in agreeing to help?

Merely trying to help cant be construed as bullying other into submission. I however, understand the tagline "One vote for MCa is one vote for UMNO" was used very succesfully by DAP to instill hatred towards UMNO.

It is however a double sword. If you care to analyse( if only), you will find that Malays also start behaving like Chinese community. Many of them, upset at being accused as racist or worse still "conducting etnic cleansing), vowed to vote only for Malay candidates even they are from PKR or PAS.

That is why BN candidates for Teluk Kemang, Bandar Tun Razak, Pasir Panjang, Kuantan, Lunas lost among other.

"Siap kau Tan Chai Hoe", many of my friends told me at eve of general election. Not that they are angre with him personally. Only they feel MCA is not doing enough to criticize DAP for stirring racial issue.

Dear Anonymous, what make you think I am being brainwashed by UMNO. I am also critical of UMNO. I told off one Ketua Bahagian UMNO for being so "distant" with rakyat.

But I also give credit when it is due. For decades, UMNO was ridiculed for agreeing to let MCA and MIC won in Malay majority areas. Is that not an act of generosity?

Remember, PAS used to belittle UMNO as being "sinful" for asking Malays to vote for MIC or MCA?

And who is the hypocrite. Do remember that way back on JUne 1998, Karpal Singh during DAP convention in WP said Anwar is a homosex and challenged Dr Mahathir to sack him.

And PAS now may want to forget Mohd Sabu's numerous call that Anwar is "Aljuburi" for sodomy and never fail to challenge DR Mahathir to sack his DPM.

This aptly reminder never fail to elicit the same response from PAS members; red face with immediate attempt to change the topic of conversation.

19 December 2009 22:47

shamshul anuar said...

Dear Wenger Khairy,

This is my observation;
1) Malay support for PAS and PKR is steadily eroding. PAS is perceived as "submitting " to DAP which is to Malays is the most racist party in Malaysia.

Besides, PAS used to ridicule UMNO for its alliance with non Malay political parties. So, PAS is at lost to justify its alliance with DAP.

2) Anwar is a traitor from viewpoinnt of many Malays. He lost respect when he refuses to swear. Swearing before Kuran is seem as ultimate act of telling the truth. And Anwar refuses.

Besides, he is seen as being vengeful and playing dirty just like when he was with UMNO.

3) Malays start to warm up to UMNO as they are dissapointed with PAS becoming "slave" to DAP.

19 December 2009 23:22


gram.kong 23 December 2009 at 14:08  

Dear Samsul Anuar,

You are absolutely right there must be 'first among equals'There must be boss of bosses.

In fact you only need 51 percent to control a company and the other 49 percent may have to listen to you.

Yes, UMNO is the 'taikoh' in BN and can set the rules.There is no equality in politics. Democracy works on the principle of serving the majority.That's why we have elections to chose the government.

Whatever, negative perceptions people have of UMNO , it is still benevolent to the other races.During its pinnacle of power it could have refused to share power with the other races but it didn't.

The party is not run by mindless extremists but by level-headed leaders who know the consequence of extremism and racialism in a multi-racial society.

I can't say the same of Pakatan Rakyat.I think there are more racists and hypocrites in Pakatan than in UMNO.

Just take a look at DAP, its very foundation is built on racism.Lim Kit Siang's inundated rhetoric on racial issues have become most unsettling. PAS,hypocritical of UMNO sleeping with the infidels before now not only sleeps but also eats with the infidels.PKR, resorted to all kind of dirty politics and lies including posting doctored photographs of the PM on the Internet.

If UMNO is a racist party there wouldn't be Chinese and Indians ministers in the cabinet, there wouldn't be Chinese and Indian political parties and the Chinese and Indians would be robbed of their wealth as what happened in Uganda under Adi Amin and Zimbabwe under Mugabe.The Chinese still controls major portion of the economy, of course, due to their hard work.

I think the opposition is barking up the wrong tree.Instead of coming up with something more constructive they prefer racial bashing to gain political mileage.

I believe PAS will leave Pakatan before the next GE and fight the elections on their own.

I am afraid Malaysians are hooked on to this kind of politicking but I still believe BN would still win the next GE with better results than the 2008 GE.

Suci Dalam Debu 23 December 2009 at 17:24  

Dear Hantu Laut,

I was indoctrinated for many years and used to think alike.

It was when a Chinaman called Lim Guang Eng went to jail for defending a poor girl, an Irish Malay gentleman called RPK who said "over our dead bodies" to protect the Chinese Malaysians and someone saved by a heart transplanted from another at IJN, I awoke from my slumber.

DAP is definitely not a racist party. UMNO is unless you want to disqualify Mamaks as Malays. MCA & MIC are racists parties too.

Sudah terang dan bersuluh, masih nak teka-teki dalam gelap?

shamshul anuar,  24 December 2009 at 01:00  

Dear hantu Laut,

You got it right. UMNO may have many weaknesses just like other political parties. In fact I can list down its numerous mistakes. you can do too.

But its records in racial handling is a source of inspiration. At times when it controlled almost 70% of seats, It rejected PAS's call to exclude the non Malays.

At times where it is expected in other parts of the worls that a PM should send troops to take over a belligerent state, late Tunku simply refused to do so. Despite calls by many for him to imprison Lee Kuan yew for continously attacking the rights of Malays in Constitution, Tunku simply refused to use high handed manner. He could have easily throw LKY into jail like what the latter did to his political opponents . Some of them langushing in jails for more than 2 decades.

Despite being accused as racist, UMNO never calls for Chinese newspapers to be banned. But now, just not even 2 years in power, DAP had already banned Utusan Malaysia from Guan eng's press conference.

At times when MCA and Gerakan were annihilated in 1990 election in Penang State assembly, UMNO rejected the proposal to take over the CM post.

Where in the world where a party is willing to give the coveted post to other races. I remember vividly when a Thai friend of mine came to visit Penang just after the election in 1990.

He stayed in my brother in law's house in Penang. At that times, Dr Mahathir had yet to decide on the person to be appointed as the Chief Minister of Penang.

What is the fuss' he asked. Just appoint someone from the largest political party in Penang. when i told him that UMNO may appoint someone from Gerakan, he was surprised. What party is this that show such rare magnaminity?

The truth here is not that some extremist( mostly Chinese extremist stirred by DAP) are upset with MCA recognising UMNO's dominance. The truth is that they cant stomach UMNO's dominance in politics. Meaning they hate to accept UMNO( meaning Malays) dominating the political scene.

They cant stomach as they wish to unseat the Malays from political control. And what better way than demonising the very party that represents Malay control in politics; that is UMNO.

For decades , UMNO stands up to PAS by accepting honourable agreement to include Chines and Indians in politics. For decades, UMNO told the Malays that as no constituentcy has Indian majority and if left to "winner takes all a.k.a meritocracy" , no Indians are likely to win in elections for almost 50 years.

For decades, UMNO tolerates garbage by PAS that condemned UMNO as being sinful for accepting Sunday as public holiday instead of Friday. Sound petty? Believe me. I heard it myself in mosque .

As far as my friendship with UMNO, I never find any occasion where they incite against Chinese. In fact, many of them remind malays that they( Malays) have themselves to blame if not working hard enough to catch up with Chinese.

onstitution takes the middle ground. It recognises the need to settle the issue of immigrants once and for all. It also recognises that when British arrives, they also found that (and recognised) the existence of orderly political structure of Malay states.

London may be cunning but they are also legalistic. THey tried to force Malayan Union to Malay Rulers but they still insisted on Highnesses signatures. In fact, the agreement of independence itself was signed By Malay rulers.

Such recognition is manifasted by specific provision regarding Malay rulers, Islam, Bahasa melayu, Malay reserve Land and also the fact that 4 out of 5 of civil servants must be of Malay origin.

Why? Because Malay Rulers agree to grant more than 1 million citizenship to non Malays. In return, something must be given to malays. That is what "Ketuanan Melayu" comes into picture.

It is just a provision recognising the existence of Malay structure in Constitution. It is not like Klu Klux Klan or apartheid in South africa. Rather, an acknowledgement of the oprigin of this country.

Suci Dalam Debu 24 December 2009 at 09:10  

Syabas Shamshul,

You are good gradute of the University of BTN.

shamshul anuar,  24 December 2009 at 13:51  

Dear Suci dalam Debu,

As goes the saying 'It takes two to tango".

Malaysia is a country of diverse races. Compared to other countries with regards to racial handling, it has done quite well.

In Indonesia, animosity betweeN Dayak Mlays, Chinese resulted in blood spilled several years ago. And who could forget how Muslims were slaughtered while praying during Hari Raya Haji in Ambon several years ago.

When I was studying in USA several years ago, I experienced racial class between blacks and Korean americans.

In Bosnia, Muslims were slaughtered simply because they are Muslims. In Mindanao, war has been on going for decades.

Closer to homes, Pattani is in turmoil. But Malaysia despite various races staying together is largely spared of this messy racial clashes.

My point is do not forget the very basic foundation of this country; that is the Constitution. It takes a middle ground, respecting the natives while granting citizenship to non Malays back in 1957.

When non Malay chauvinists start questioning Malay rights, naturally Malays become agitated. So, do not be surprised if our rights are questioned if we question others'.

Criticize how RM50 million equipment lost under the purview of ATM is justified. I also if possible hope the thieves concerned court martialled and face firing squad.

But questinong the specific provisions for Malays in Constitution will open Pandora BOx . It is going to be messy and very unpleasant when Malays also start saying "I will only vote if the candidate is a Malay". It happened already . Why on earth you think Fu ah kiow lost in Kuantan and Dr vasan lost in pasir panjang.

BTN is ridiculed for telling the facts about the country. I encountered many incidents whereby many of my Chinese and Indian friends say that non Malays are given unfair treatment by constitution .

I explained to them . Most of the times, I notice that the anger subsides after I explain the rationale of Constitution.

"Oh now we can understand", many of them said. Sudenly they agree that granting of more than 1 million of citizenship that brings down the % of Malays from 90% to less than 60% is unprecendented in world history.

Surely, such magnaminity deserves some respect. Dear Suci Dalam Debu tends to look down as if historical baggage is no longer important.

Knowing the facts can heal the wound. I stand by what I said. UMNO's record in handling other races is a source of inspiration.

For Guan Eng and the like who like to play racial issue, my advise is just observe what happened to those who dare to question LKY. He will put you in ISA for decades.

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