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Tuesday 22 December 2009

Brochures to Economic Heaven.

What do the people want? They want first of all a good government. Now, a good government could not possibly be described in a single sentence. It has been suggested that a good government can provide a fertile ground of democracy. The elements of democracy as people know, include such principles as the rule of law, free elections, freedom of speech, assembly and association and so forth. These are highly valued to be sure, but I am not sure they occupy the first level of priority.

The people's definition of good government would likely define it as a government that provides an enabling environment where people are well taken care and provided for. I say environment, not the actual things that come along in one's shopping list of being well cared for. We want and desire a government that is honest, efficient and effective in protecting its people, a government that provides law and order within which all can advance, they can have a good life, a future for the family and children.

We are led to believe and I think such a belief is justified, that the present government wants to create a new economic model. That would be one that creates an enabling environment that supports a high income economy. Within that economy, everyone can advance in life, have a good life, and provide a decent future for the family and children. Further, upon the achievements of these key result areas (yes, these are the people's KRAs), we shall build a meaningful democracy with the attendant elements that make it so.

How do we get there, is the next question. Wise people say, it is easier to describe heaven than it is to provide a map getting there. Yet we have the sneaky feeling that those people who undertake a detailed description of the utopia fail to provide us answers to the second part of the process. How do we get there?

Sure, we are told our economy will grow. We are also told that our stock market, our products, our workers- the creative and the not so creative are very productive, we are competitive, our exports are growing by each quarter- yes, these are all the outward appearances of a very rosy picture indeed. But they can also be nothing more than glossy real estate brochures about Economic Heaven, based on many assumptions. As a presentation of goals and potentials they are useful.

The chief problem is this. Those people in the driver's seat who want to change the character of the economy are the every same people who hate to usher changes. And to make the great leap forward from what has been to what will become requires fundamental changes in economic thinking.

PM Najib may desire to effect such fundamental change, but will his enthusiasm rub onto others- those conservative UMNO leaders, government servants, interest groups etc? The chief problem with the conservative thinking crowd is to assume what has been will continue to be and this desire to ensure what has been will continue, is overwhelming. What has been include the elements that make up the ' salad days' of being given contracts, having inside tracks on share issues, being given freebies, being in power until passing on, etc. these are powerful hurdles and deterrents to what PM wants.

We shall explore some of the ideas that can bring us there.


Suci Dalam Debu 22 December 2009 at 16:38  


You write so much.

AWAS, jangan burnt out sudahlah.

Khun Pana aka johanssm 22 December 2009 at 19:51  

We dont even know how the govt dries up Petronas money.
Yet the govy keeps on telling that our economy have no problem and fundamentals very strong.
Painting a very glossy brochure image.
So strong till they wants to implement the GST as soon as possible.
It is all contradiction.

At the moment it is all about corridors. Each corridor leads to nowhere. How many corridors are there in fact and what was and being done?
Nil , as it is all on just a brochure.

Suci Dalam Debu 22 December 2009 at 21:17  


I am very happy today. Your good friend Ti Lian Ker has quoted from RPK's Malaysia Today.

He has given MT credibility :-) :-).

I wonder if you are ever going to quote from MT too.

Afterall, RPK is Blogger Par Excellence as far as we are concern.


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