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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 6 December 2009

Melayu Ketuanism and Islamism

From Nationalism to Islamism.

Before any one goes into an incoherent rage about the statement 'religion being the opium of the masses', please read the last part of this essay. I was expecting these off base responses. The phrase opium of the masses is often associated with Karl Marx. His ideas are no longer in vogue today. One by one, the countries which adopted his thinking have fallen to capitalism. It seems those people, in those counties where the 'opium' is widely adopted have prospered. Meanwhile those countries which adopted his 'godless' doctrines have fumbled.

In my own not too distant past, I came across this very phrase that resulted in very extreme agitation and violent responses from certain quarters. That is not the meaning I applied in my previous essay. Accordingly, I am not going to be drawn into an argument on a topic or subject I did not sponsor. I have to politely decline the invitation to get into the subject in that context.

My object of interest was the combustible issue raised in the Dewan Rakyat a few days ago.

A few days ago, the MP from Ipoh Barat made a statement that caused ruckus and din in the Dewan Rakyat. The MP from Sri Gading demanded the minister in charge of we don't know what, to answer.

Many others and I find this strange- something was said about Ketuanan Melayu being a stumbling block to meaningful national unity, yet we expect and even demand a Chinese Minister to answer on our behalf?

Why don't those clever Malay MPs other than those from Sri Gading and Pasir Mas answer or challenge the assumption stated by the Ipoh Barat MP?

The MP from Pasir Mas was quick off his seat with his usual trademark stock in trade- berating anyone touching on the issue of Malayness. Ibrahim's Ali overt and at times combative defense of Malayness or all things Malay does not prove he is more Malay than other Malays. If at all, he has proven not to be beneath out-shouting other people or jumping on the bench.

It means nothing to skeptical and thinking people who do not care a hoot about how one declares his 'patriotism'. The manner in which he expressed his, is not the only one. This isn't a shouting contest where the one who shouts loudest is the winner.

Both the MP from Sri Gading and Pasir Mas were united in a very fundamental but non productive and therefore, less clever obsession- that of spending time on fighting for and fighting off over what we Malays already had- which is the protection of Malay interests by the constitution.

Why are we fighting over something we already have in our hands? Shouldn't our energy, efforts and resources be directed to acquiring for instance what we haven't got such as technological progress and finding ways how to increase productivity?

Now, the above paragraph can also describe what is happening in Muslim countries all over the world. Instead of focusing on acquiring what we Muslims have not yet acquired, we are busily fighting among ourselves over something which we already have.

If for example, Islam is already completed, why are we fighting over whose version is purer? Because we are obsessed over asserting whose version is purer, we kill off each other, we want to cane people, we want to arrest preachers who are not given accreditation and do all sorts of other unimaginable punitive things.

Let's ask the perennial question- why is it that Muslim countries have generally underperformed in almost all aspects of human progress? In Malaysia, this issue is nothing new. At the turn of the 19th century, returned Malay scholars who have studied in the Middle East were asking the same questions.

In the early 20th century, the first cogent and coherent arguments outlining the reasons of Muslim and Malay backwardness were offered by Zaaba. Just so readers know, Zaaba argued in the English Language. He wrote his early essays in The Malay Mail. I am very certain no one would ever doubt Zaaba's nationalistic credentials and indeed he was one of the founding members of UMNO in 1946.

We return to the question. Why did the societies of Islamic civilization stagnate? The same question finds its double in the inquiry- why did Malay civilization stagnate?

We have to assume here that for Islamic civilization, the driving force behind Islamic civilization has to be Islam itself. What about Malay civilization? Since we are obsessed with Ketuanan Melayu, I have to accept that the driving force is Malay Nationalism. I therefore take Ketuanan Melayu to mean Malay Nationalism and not that bastardized version of Ketuanan Melayu so despised by the MP from Ipoh Barat.

Malay Nationalism must be taken to mean a set of precepts propelling the Malay forward. It necessarily includes elements such as affinity with fellow Malays, professed love for all things Malay; willful resolve to see things gets better for Malays and so forth. It must surely NOT include such concepts of a master race enforcing hegemony over other Malaysians.

That last bit is a misconception held and perpetuated by the very same people speaking outwardly of a meaningful unity but holding different and possibly opposite private beliefs. It is worsened further by the presence of agitators from the opposite side. Can anyone imagine the Ipoh Barat MP holding a different version of Ketuanan Melayu other that the one which he WANTS to keep and  the one he assumes every Melayu out there adopts?

But like the minister in charge of we-don't-what said- harmony among Malaysian races is the RULE not the exception. Lunatics with their own hallucinations and from both divides, prosper on the EXCEPTION rather than the rule.

Let us forget about ALL these MPs with their pet assumptions. For Malays especially, let us try to find answers as to what is holding back Muslims and Malays.

As preliminary statements, we can state the following.

  1. One, what seems to be holding back Muslims are NOT the precise doctrines of the religion but rather the uses to which the religion is applied to and the readiness of societies to change and reinterpret the doctrines.

  2. Two, what seems to be holding back Malays are not the doctrines of the fearsome Ketuanan Melayu, but rather the uses to which that concept is applied to and the willingness of Malay society to change and reinterpret the doctrines.

The ironic truth is that Islamism has sometimes provided a useful cover to governments wanting to maintain control over their economies and people. Likewise, Melayu Ketuanism is more likely used to provide a useful cover to interest groups to maintain control over the economy and the rest of us Malays.


Peter,  6 December 2009 at 11:00  

The method the Malays used to uplift themselves is flawed.

Using the NEP without tact is bound to fail.

If you use the "Ketuanan" way... you get rejection. Come on which race or people in this world accept another as lord or tuan especially one that is better than the tuan!

You impose "tuans", they move away.
You impose "artificial ceilings" they do not join you and move away.
You tell them they do not belong.. they move away.

who loses in the end?

Remember, today is not like yesteryears. Today is so easy to reach the other end of the world to find your living.

I can say this for certainty , Malaysia is losing hundreds of thousands of talents (and whose children and grandchildren will likely be educated to the same levels) and this is not reversible taking into consideration the situation the attitudes of the entire communities are now in.

Malaysia has lost that edge she had in yesteryears when all were regarded as equal Malaysians.

Do what you can while the going is still good. The future ? God knows.

Tam Dalyell 6 December 2009 at 13:19  

From the very beginning, they are the ones who incubates, shapes and defines the concept of "Ketuanans Melayu" and forced it into the public's throat to demonise, subvert and destabilised the Malays.

Peter's lines are good examples.

shamshul anuar,  6 December 2009 at 18:46  

DEar Peter,

May I ask who among us who talk alot about "Ketuanan".

As far as I concern, it is not a big deal in Malay community. Even UMNO or PAS members who I talk to very seldom touch on the subject.

What is this "Ketuanan?" actually. Ask any politician and they give vague answers.

However, generally Malays see the basic structure of the country is based on Malay culture. That is all. Ask any Malay and you will find that the Malays want to control the politics.

With due respect to you, no Malays believe that DAP can take care of their interests. For them DAP is a chauvinist party and maintains a very anti Malay attitude.

What do you mean "You impose 'tuans'?" . Has any Malay forced you to renounce your language, religion, or vernacular school?

HAD UMNO for the past 50 years tried to sideline Chinese or Indian community? If UMNO really wanted to do so, it had 50 years to do. Remember, at one times it controlled almosat 70% of Parliamentary seats. It it a matter of wanting to do or not.

Besides, Malays also give and willing to consider Chjinese or Indians. . Many MCA and MIC candidates win in Malay areas.

Tell me one Malay politician winning in Chinese majority area. Surely, that shows character that is considering the interest of non Malay.

If you ask any Malay, you will know that all of them will say that no Malay can win in Chinese majority area. why?

The problem with people like you is ( from the perceptiopn of Malatys) is that you want all for yourselves.

Chinese politicians seldom remind young Chinese ( I mean no disrespect) that Malay generosity knows no bound. It was well manifasted when they agreed to grant citizenship more than 1 million in a day ( August 31 1957) . That is unheard in any other part of the world.

Peter, please accept reality of the land. Do advise chauvinistic DAP leaders not to question Malay rights as enshrined in Constitution.

As for people migrating, if that is your rationale, why then Singaporeans also migrate in droves. Did LKY say they do not belong there?

What I mean is that economy is the reason, mainly. Go migrate but do not insult the country of your birth by telling lies or sending letter to Queen Elizabeth that UMNO conducts etnic cleansing . Yes Sir. that was the content of letter to British PM and also to Queen.

Are you aware that in return to their unrivalled magnaminity of granting more than 1 million citizenship, Malays in return are guaranteed 4 out of 5 civil service post?

As for UMNO, it "earns" the right to rule as UMNO wins the General Election.

If you ask any Malay, you will find that they ussually wonder why Chinese are so not satisfied despite Malaysia being the only country with vernbacular school and funded by Govt.

Do not be so upset with this Ketuanan Melayu. You also have Ketuanan Cina whereby State of Selangor took "wakaf" Land donated by a Muslim and give to Chinese cemetary in Batu 3hah alam.

Unknown 6 December 2009 at 18:56  

Dengan haq Ismul 'Adzam pohon tutupkanlah ya Allah segala jalan DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj ini.

Demi keagungan Asma-u-lhusna pohon ya Robbana lumpuhkan DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj ini.

Dengan Nama Tuhan bagi Muhammad dan sekelian Nabi Rasul a.s.w.s.; minggir engkau (noor-M-mu) hai DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj.

Bis-mil-lah ... gelap seluruh sudut mu hai DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj.

Bis-mil-lah ... tersumbat seluruh rongga mu hai DAP keturunan Juj wa Ma'juj.

Bis-mil-lah ... dipohonkan bantuan bagi kaum yang (mengaku) kelemahan.

Peter,  7 December 2009 at 01:49  

Hello shamshul anuar

Say what you wish, the facts speak for itself. The affected people are leaving and many do so today.

Are they ungrateful when they see blantant lack of opportunities under the excuse 50 or years ago their elders supposed graciously given citizenships?

One honest question. If there were no Chinese or Indians being given Citizenship, would Malaysia had risen (only to fall again now with their migration) the level Malaysia was at par with Singapore , taiwan etc in the 80s? Or rather would have been just another small Indonesia.

Your guess is as good as mind. I do know the answer ... do you?

As to your bashing about DAP being a chauvinist party.... now now.. you are surely one guy brainwashed since Dr Mahathir's time to demonise guys like Lim Kit Siang to put fear into guys like you. Guest to this day , you are still with that phobia obviously

I wish to challenge you .. can you quote an instance DAP has said publicly against Malays? DAP to this day I know has been consistently fighting for a Malaysia for all.

Even Lim Guan Eng, has to go to jail helping a Malay girl (Yes many of us did whisper stupid that guy was). And you dare to say DAP is chauvinist just because the majority are Chinese ??? Gosh, look around .. to which party can a Chinese who supports the opposition go to? None except DAP!

Guys like you have UMNO,PAS, and even Gerakan to join. Now which is more Chauvinist ... the party you join or DAP?

You asked me to advise DAP not to question Malay rights???? Gosh, can you define Malay rights? I am at a loss other than the need to uplift their wellbeings and that was through the NEP nothing more.

Do you know that citizens as defined in the world have equal rights in real democracies?

Like my posting did say... the way NEP was/is/and will be implemented is flawed.

You dont go round trumpeting your rights to deny other people rights. You do that they go away.

Those who are going away owes you nothing and they are going away.

Please please, don't use the excuse of being gracious, or allowing this and that. The young men and women of today only knows...where can he find better fair treatment and better prospects... they decide with their feet... they go away. They bother no one else. They help those who help them.

I can go on refuting your entire statements but it would not be nice and unnecesary for the facts are out there.

We are going down and will be going down so long as guys like you still bring up excuses of events happening more than 50 years ago.

Look forward .. what do you see when the oil goes dry? Do you know that most of the revenue Malaysia makes are from oil? .. just like Arab countries?

In fact the Chinese or Indians in Malaysia are no more competitive compared to neighbouring countries.
They are a spent economic force thanks to total lack of support.

and you tell us .. not to be upset with Ketuanan Melayu. No we are not upset, we just do not agree with that. .. no one in the world agrees with that. You just agree with yourself and continue imagine that in your head not ours.

Unknown 7 December 2009 at 08:38  

Some kadok naik junjung said, "... The affected people are leaving and many do so today.." --- So we say, ".... arn't you affected Pete dear? You too? So when are you leaving? We are very much affected by your presence here. But we are not leaving. None ... no other square inch of soil is better than Malaysiaan soil because hujan emas di negeri orang hujan lembing di negeri sendiri, baik lagi negeri sendiri. Because this is "negeri orang" to you, we lough at your sour grape tirrades. You are a foreigner.

Then this self-alienated pretender again said, "Are they ungrateful when they see blantant lack of opportunities ..." --- The ready answer is, "They are ungratful delinquents. As such no motherland would foolishly offers any opportunities to any ungratefuls. Would you Pete offer your ungrateful friends further hospitalities. You would be stupid indeed to do that."

Then this delusional scorned lover claimed, "If there were no Chinese or Indians being given Citizenship, would Malaysia had risen .... bla ...bla" --- What? Me not hear you? Oh that. Well that time me thought me love you. Me thought you make good bedfellows. Now me sadly not love you anymore because you got greedy and love my backyard more than me. Who cares whether you can tilt my land better or not. The fact remains that you not hot any more. Go share somebody's bed.

Pete the indoctrinator added, "As to your bashing about DAP being a chauvinist party.... now now.. you are surely one guy brainwashed since Dr Mahathir's time to demonise guys like Lim Kit Siang to put fear into guys like you..." --- Aiyaaaaa! Did Mahathir do that? True? Atak butuk kaaa? Butut? Really? He did that? Itu macam kalooo ... hey Mahathir please brainwash us some more. Please. Please. We have no ears. We have no eyes. We can't hear. We can't see. Dei aney Pete, we can see and hear for ourselves even if DAP alias PAP is as tiny as half a gnat.

Waaah. This Atom Ant now throws a challenge saying, "I wish to challenge you .. can you quote an instance DAP has said publicly against Malays? DAP to this day I know has been consistently fighting for a Malaysia for all. " --- No. Not publicly. Never. He is soooo sweet that even Nik Aziz is bought over. Fighting for Malaysia? Oh thaaat? Ya! Ya .. Malaysia for Chin Peng. Malaysia for the descendants of Chin Peng's CPM. DAP is CPM camouflaged.

Suci Dalam Debu 7 December 2009 at 12:47  


One can love his country to death. The Eskimos love their snow which would be too cold for us. But what attracts "foreigners" to the eskimos is definitely not snow but the potential hydrocarbons beneath the snow.

However, economics and the getting-smaller-borderless world has caused a lot of changes to values and make it a lot easier to vote with our feet.

There's a Malay proverd that says "Di mana ada gula, di situ ada semut"....where there's sugar, there are ants.

This simple phrase above tells us that there is nothing about loyalty. Ronald Reagan said" It is the economy, stupid".

Malaysia on one hand says it wants to attract back the talents lost to other countries but at the same time it is indirectly expediting the brain drain by practising policies that even Southern Africa has abandoned.

You can call it whatever you like, but facts remain facts. Malaysia and especially the Malays will suffer, yes really suffer, when our oil exports dwindle doen to zero, maybe in 10 year's time. Other Mlaysians will also suffer but many talented ones would have left the country by then.

Where on earth is this government gonna get the money to continue feeding their greed? Can we maintain the enormous subsidies?

Prudent management calls for minimizing wastage, reduce leakage and saving or investing for the rainy days ahead. How good is Malaysia at all these?

The way we practice Melayu Ketuanism and Islamism is defintiely not going to help.

To Shamsul, I am sangat kecewa with you not even acknowledging that Lim Guan Eng went to jail for defending a poor Malay family.

shamshul anuar,  7 December 2009 at 13:21  

Dear Peter,

I stand by what I said. I said what I meant and meant what I said.

I do not need Dr Mahathir to instill fear in me . DAP is a racist party hiding under the guise of multiculturalism. Let us face it.

It never fight for the Malays. Not that the Malays hope that DAP fights for them.

History speaks for itself. Who can forget how DAP showed "penyapu: to Malays in Kg Baru, thus starting May 13 incident.

You claimed non Malays are denied opportunities? Really? Are they denied opprtunities when there are hundreds of vernacular schools funded with GOVT MONEY.

Are they denied to work? From what I heard from Malays, colour plays significant factor in private sctor.

Who is racist here? I never deny contribution of Chinese or Indians. My point is very simple. The Malays have also rights. And that is not "ketuanan".

That is just simple rights. They agreed to granting citizenhips and in treturn they get something.As simple as that.

And by all mean, if not satisfied, no body is stopping you to migrate. That is your right. Just want to caution you that you will be dreaming if you insist on Chinese School in Indonesia or USA.

And what is Malay right. what is Chinese right. Perhaps you should take a look into Constitution.

Take a deep look where it says specifically about Malays such as provision on civil service as an example.

Unknown 7 December 2009 at 14:53  

Why are we fighting over something we already have in our hands? Shouldn't our energy, efforts and resources be directed to acquiring for instance what we haven't got such as technological progress and finding ways how to increase productivity?

Agreed with you, instead of asking people to comply with our requirement such as halal food etc.... why not we use duit zakat or baitulmal to open factory or involve in halal biz.

Muslim must create job for muslim, berapa ramai kelantanese kerja dgn resort world atas gunung tu....

Anonymous,  7 December 2009 at 15:56  

Shamsul Anuar,

Please show proof that :

History speaks for itself. Who can forget how DAP showed "penyapu: to Malays in Kg Baru, thus starting May 13 incident.

Don't just anyhow shoot. Dosa kalau fitnah.

shamshul anuar,  7 December 2009 at 21:09  

Dear anonymous,

Yes sir . you right. Fitnah memang berdosa. Say that to DAP.

As for the "penyapu" incident, well that is the truth. That is what many old men in Kg Baru told me. Even my uncle witnessed it.

Being humble old folk, they are quitw reluctant to speak as it will open "old wound".

Quite a number of them told me. They are born and bred in Kg Baru. They witnessed the history.

They of course refused to have this documented. "Yang lepas tu lepas lah"., they said.

I am not anti -Chinese. What I cant tolerate is a group of politicians who question the rights of Malays but silent on their rights.

What I cant tolerate is that any move to clarify about the right of Malays is automatically chided as being racist or trying to lord over CHinese community.

What I cant tolerate is that there are people who try to erase the history by accusing the Malays of imposing "tuan" over Chinese or Indians WHEN the the provision on specific right is actually agreed upon by Chinese and Indian leaders during independent.

As for DAP, it is a racist party, hiding under cloak of multiculturalism. It is actually a Father and son co.

By saying that does not mean that I do not criticize UMNO or Malay community. I criticize a lot. I told some UMNO members that BN will lose in Bandar Tun Razak. They did not take my adsvice seriously.

I am not playing scare Malay or Chinese tactic. that is DAP's forte .

Rather, I clearly mention the provision in the Constitution when I argue.

The biggest mistake this govt do is to allow separate school system. Separation breeds separateness. That is the most important challenge we face as Malaysians.

In accept criticism on DEB. What Malay cant accept is that their right is denied.

Peter,  8 December 2009 at 02:44  

Hello Shamsul,

By your posting , we all know you are really brainwashed. Till now you cannot furnish proof that DAP is racist and your UMNO is not ... What a laugh?????

Till now you still do not get it. Who are challenging Malay rights or rather should who are crying not to deny the rights of the non Malays?

What an empty statement. You need only to study fully what is happening ... whether it is Malay rights that have been denied or non Malay rights that have been denied. Which way is it?

Heard of the saying Gajah di bibir tidak nampak , lalat diseberang laut nampak(terang terang).

Perhaps you can bring out which part of the constitution said what and where Malay rights are being challenged? List it out. dont just say that others are denying or challenging Malay rights. We are all ears to hear.

I am waiting. because I know you cant.

You said,
"The biggest mistake this govt do is to allow separate school system. Separation breeds separateness. That is the most important challenge we face as Malaysians."

How stupid this statement is. Why are you soooooooooo blind? Who are the ones preaching openly among themselves separateness for years and years ? Heard of BTN? I am certain you are a graduate from there.

Have you been out of the country all these or what? who are the ones that had been spewing racists statements publicly? until 8th March brought these goons to their senses? Now these same guys are quieter. These are all facts.

Facts are there and you continue to deny the truth.

... the affected people just acted with their feet . and they did and many will continue to do so. This is a fact.

Today smart productive people can easily cari makan anywhere they can especially the talented ones. They do not have to look for it, foreign govts look for them!

When this happens and when the country loses.. please don't blame those who acted with their feet because they owe you nothing.
You should blame yourself.

.. and in the end who cares.

shamshul anuar,  8 December 2009 at 13:25  

Dear Peter,

Do read my comments carefully. I am not degrading those who work in oversea.

Most of them go due to lucrative offer. I know as many of my classmates work in far away places like Qatar, USA, Sudan, Libya, Australia and many other places.

There is nothing wrong about it. It is a two way process.

My point is do not go around insulting your own govt by telling lies , thus giving impression that Malaysian Govt is cruel.

An example is Hindraf lied about etnic cleansing.Worse still, it accused that UMNO led Givt is involved in sysrematic killing of Indians.

As for DAP, these are cases of its racism:
1) Teresa KOk made a blunder on a detainee as she taught she is a Chinese. Unfortunately, this create a diplomatic problem with China.

Teresa Kok becomes suddenly quiet when she realized that the detainee is a Malay.

2) DAP appoints an assistant who control the allocation of fund in Malay Kmapung in Penang. This is done in order to weaken the influence of maly Ketua Kmapung.

Why no appointment when Kg Baru Cina is involved.

3) And who can forget where puppet Nizar granted 999 lease to Kg Baru Cina mainly.

4)Bigger allocation to Sekolah Cinain selangor while Malay religious school given less despite bigger number of student.

5) DAP continously rejecting one school system . Who is racist here?

As for bTN, which part of the course that you deemed racist? Please tell me. Please tell me the incident, the facts involved? Who, among the facilitators who spew racism?

Anonymous,  11 December 2009 at 15:50  

Shamsul Anuar,

Hearsay is hearsay until someone dares to own up. No court of law will accept hearsay. If you can accept your uncle's word as the truth, then good luck.

Would you be the first to cast a stone ?

shamshul anuar,  12 December 2009 at 09:14  

Saudara Anonymous,

It is up to you to listen to what you want to hear.

No need luck on this matter. A picture is worth thousand words. If you care to verify my claim, you will find ample evidence .May I suggest internet as a good source to start.

Besides, I do not think 10 people ( actually there are many more) would like as their stories upon witnessing DAP's antic during May 13 are almost the same.

Besides, you can interview live witnesses on your own. Just make sure you do not take your morning breakfast or you will throw up upon hearing their stories. Go to Kg Baru and ask around.

This is not anti Chinese ranting. Rather the truth about DAP that is so fond in playing with racial issue.

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