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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 2 October 2009

Treachery amidst morality

We are here fighting between UMNO and its adversary. Some pesky and irritable fellow have been asking me to answer the difference between Isa Samad and KJ. I have no wish to entertain his wet dreams. Our barrage of arguments should be directed at demolishing the opposition. Yet some UMNO lunatic freaks insist on settling some unfinished scores. Let's wait for the next UMNO elections shall we? Are you infected with KJphyllis? Go write your own blog or go to someone else's blog.

At the moment I am interested to verify the accuracy of some whispers passed on to me by some PKR people. Did Anwar Ibrahim meet up with PM Najib and did some horse trading? Surely we can't be satisfied with an answer like- sure I meet him all the time, in parliament, here and there.

Have you ever seen Anwar Ibrahim acting coy when asked did he meet up with PM Najib? This man has never been known to downplay any chance to amplify his cause with the media if given the opportunity. This is the man who will not un-seven eleven himself to talk about 'principles' such as meritocracy, accountability, transparency, integrity and so forth. Yet he was evasive in this instance. He could have said categorically no. Perhaps purposely so. If such a meeting did actually take place, it was leaked out by somebody. He/she must have been at the meeting.

Or, the leak was also done on purpose to test public acceptance or rejection. In which case, we are all suckered.

Fact or fiction?

Maybe Anwar Ibrahim isn't above making deals for himself in spite of the pontifications about values, morality and that entire renaissance sounding gimmickry. He will not care about all the hopes and emotional camaraderie that he has built up among loyal friends, devotees and all that. He cares for his interests and the interests of his loved ones.

That in itself is not morally faulty. Every one of us, share the same feelings. Except that Anwar Ibrahim is not every one. Because he is Anwar Ibrahim, he shoulders a higher degree of accountability. His position will become blameworthy when he, who goes about with the iconic name ANWAR IBRAHIM abandons all the trust and faith invested on him, he abandons all the principles that he has so heroically fought. Once he assumed leadership on these principles, breathe and live with them, if he then abandons them, he deserves to be abandoned in turn. He simply can't turn his back on his followers.

It reminds us of the cavalier answer he gave to Tun Dr Mahathir when Anwar asked-is it bad to be having sex scandals? To which Mahathir answered- for the lesser mortals they are irrelevant, but for one who has been talking constantly about principles and Islam there and here, yes and decidedly relevant. Or something to the effect.

I mean, for someone who has been talking about moral cleanliness, transparency, all the principles, to such an extent that so much so he has been identified as the paragon of all virtues that are desirable, for him to suddenly abandon this cause in exchange for 'baser' personal interests, is utterly shocking.

So what's the subject matter of the deal?

Perhaps this time, the case against Anwar regarding all the charges that are known in 1 Malaysia, has substance after all. The matter hasn't been brought before the court and therefore we have no way of endorsing the claims of a medical report saying there were no traces of sodomy or whatever. Until then, this People can claim this and that- but until it's proven or disproven in court, the coming trial for the PKR de facto leader is potentially damaging and energy sapping.

Why is Anwar so eager to disqualify the prosecution team if he is so cocksure that he has a watertight case to exonerate him? Ah yes…we are entreated to another rounds of allegations that the judiciary is rotten.

Let's make a deal upon such terms as follows: the government will not contest to Anwar's claim that he is innocent. In return Anwar will instruct his foot soldiers to lay off the issue of the Mongolian matter. Anwar and his scarlet O'Hara may decide to retire into the American sunset somewhere in some nice home there. Or, he may have also asked the government not to go after his children and their interests (business, political) with vengeance. Like ordinary mortals, he wants the family to be taken care of and not victimized.

The icing on the cake will be his 'nonfeasance' over the coming breakdown of the Selangor government. He will not actively intervene to stop the tectonic fissures that have developed and are developing that will see the demise of the Khalid Ibrahim government. By refusing to use his influence to solve the Selangor problem, Anwar contributes to the handing of Selangor to the BN by default. Anwar Ibrahim sees a drowning man. He does nothing to save the man from drowning. His action is not legally wrong but its morally reprehensible.

If these shady backroom deals are true, this development is certainly a cause for worry to the PKR leadership who have fought very hard and honorably to uphold the principles on which PKR is said to be found. I have no problems with people standing by their party of choice. I only asked to be given the same right.


Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 15:18  


Another well said!

‘That in itself is not morally faulty. Every one of us, share the same feelings. Except that Anwar Ibrahim is not every one. Because he is Anwar Ibrahim, he shoulders a higher degree of accountability. His position will become blameworthy when he, who goes about with the iconic name ANWAR IBRAHIM abandons all the trust and faith invested on him, he abandons all the principles that he has so heroically fought. Once he assumed leadership on these principles, breathe and live with them, if he then abandons them, he deserves to be abandoned in turn. He simply can't turn his back on his followers.”

If we substitute Anwar Ibrahim in the above with umno then the fit is almost air-tight!

What say U???


Ariff Sabri 2 October 2009 at 15:40  

of course anomie.
talking about UMNO is a sin. unfortunately UMNO has never cloaked itself with moral saintliness.

sunwayopal,  2 October 2009 at 15:41  

You must be dreaming of another Perak is it?

In the event and I might add SUPER UNLIKELY event that PAS and DAP can no longer work together, the MB will ask for a dissolution.

And you think UMNO can win the state back through state wide elections?

Handing it back to UMNO?

Haha, you mean stealing it back ala Perak. You guys cant win a proper fair election lah.

Even know, with all the disagreements, Pakatan will win the state .....dead easy. Maybe we should , just to chuck away that trouble maker Hassan Ali.


Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 15:49  

yes chuck out hassan ali. maybe anwar ibrahim too. elect eli wong as mb. we can benefit from her favours. she same standard as Italian porn actor.

besi buruk,  2 October 2009 at 16:01  

Ceteris Paribus or something to that effect which means when things remain equal or other things in relative remain equal. But other things do not remain equal and the Good Dato' is actually excessively spinning and for someone or something that everyone quite knows. Howsoever Honorable Dato did not mince his words as he did admit that he is his party's man. And he is doing just that of which is voicing for his consociation. Coming back to the ceteris paribus contention well Umno and the nation's apparatus work as one and that's a fact even if the kind Sir choose to ignore such. So whatever that Anwar tries to manipulate by conniving with yet anybody, he does it with a premise that it is nearly impossible to gain an unbiased verdict, be it so, considering the entire machinery that is conspiring against him, all the more. But the palpable change is not about him alone and the given procedures that the opposing forces have at hand are prepared for such eventualities. Meaning PR is always ready to move forward even without it's iconic Head Honcho. Maybe it's now time for politics of issues and philosophies. Perhaps I am just rambling aimlessly but the recent Malay based DAP branches just may prove my inconsequential pontifications not incorrect.

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 16:35  

besi buruk,

apa lu cakap ni? tulisan dato ni dah lah susah nak faham, ko tambah lagi dengan putar alam, buat menyemak je.
omak kato belajar rajin rajin bahasa inggeris dulu, ekau asyik ponteng jo.

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 16:58  

Tsk! tsk! tsk! Why ohh why Dato'you waste your God-given intelligence to defend the indefensible? I'll say those PMR 'graduates'have better judgement on UMNO. What say you?

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 17:00  

'unfortunately UMNO has never cloaked itself with moral saintliness.'

Dato' I disagree!

Isn't umno trying to be more Islam than PAS recently - just trying to out-do PAS?

What about all those piety slogans by TDM, Pak Lah & Najib? R they not the top hunchos of umno - whom's sayings go & treat like gospels?

Ain't these just two of the many cloaked examples of umno's moral saintliness?

Or sorry, r they just simple jingoism for the harden umno die-hards & ignoramus heartlanders?

A mean to achieve an ends? Morality? What morality high ground - more like an island of pseudo-piety by arguing on semantics!

'talking about UMNO is a sin'

No - talking about UMNO is not a sin ! But talking about umno's excesses definitely is! Is that the logic of yr current umno-view??

Dato, U carry too much weight on yr shoulder for man of yr calibre. & yet lately, U have been trying very hard to defense the indefensible!

What takes? A wind to the rocky mountain???


besi buruk,  2 October 2009 at 17:06  

For a while there i thought you were never going to publish my comment due to the very skewed to one side only viewpoints but i was wrong and it just proves that you are a much bigger person than my lesser self. cheers..salam.

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 18:31  

My honest assessment is that PAS and DAP are quite happy to let AI install himself as the Opposition leader, for they know that UMNO will train their guns on him. End fight will still be between PAS+DAP+New Company vs. BN. Will PAS - DAP alliance break without Anwar, well its more likely than not. Its still a couple of months away though (the proof of the pudding). All horse trading is conditioned on the results of the latest by-election.

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 19:20  

"We are here fighting between UMNO and its adversary."

Setelah begitu lama menjadi ahli dalam parti pemerintah dan dengan adanya nikmat dan faedah yang tidak sedikit, kini mereka terbuai dan seterusnya terlentuk hingga melupakan tujuan asal usul kenapa mereka menjadi ahli bagi parti yang terbesar itu. Oleh itu tidak hairanlah kalau mereka sudah tidak nampak adanya musuh di luar daripada kepompong sendiri dan semuanya itu disebabkan terlalu asyik mencipta seteru dalam kalangan sesama puak yang berkepentingan.

Kemana pi nya slogan "bersatu teguh bercerai roboh"?

Andikarya Maya

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 19:50  


Hang ni baca banyak sangat buku2 conspiracy theory. You still believe in the gunmen on the grassy knoll thingy? I think you're giving way too much credit to Anwar.

This may be old news to you but not everyone in PKR thinks Anwar will last to be the PM.

Anyway happy hunting..

BeliaSinaran Kg Attap

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 20:07  

"Some pesky and irritable fellow have been asking me to answer the difference between Isa Samad and KJ. I have no wish to entertain his wet dreams. Our barrage of arguments should be directed at demolishing the opposition."

Mereka mengatakan kekuatan harus terbina dari bawah ke atas. Masalahnya, kalau semua usaha ditumpukan untuk naik ke atas, siapa pula yang akan mengukuhkan kedudukan di bawah?

Untuk memasuki medan tempur bukan saja ketua harus berwibawa malah aspek yang sama juga harus dimiliki oleh semua para anggota bawahan. Lagipun musuh tidak akan gerun cuma kerana terbayangkan kehebatan seorang dua kepala tentera tetapi merea pasti gerun kalau kesemua bala tentera digeruni sebagaimana musuh tadi gerunkan pihak yang mengepalai bala tentera berkenaan.

Akhirnya untuk apa mengadu domba dan menunjukkan taring kehebatan dalam kubu dan antara sesama sendiri tanpa memikirkan sama ada kekuatan secara kolektif yang dimiliki mampu atau tidak menyaingi pihak musuh yang berada di luar kubu.

Andikarya Maya

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 20:31  

Jika PKR, PAS dan DAP diharamkan dan Anwar dipenjara sekalipun, BN tetap akan kecundang dalam pilihanraya selagi mana calon bukan BN dibenarkan bertanding. Pada pilihanraya umum bulan Mac, 2008, calon PKR di Bukit Selambau telah ditolak pencalonannya kerana kesilapan teknikal. Pertandingan yang berlaku hanya di antara BN dan calon bebas yang tidak dikenali oleh sesiapa pun. Calon bebas ini tidak pernah namanya masuk suratkhabar dan TV sepanjang hayat. Apabila keputusan pilihanraya diumumkan, calon BN tetap tewas dengan majoriti yang besar. Ini menunjukkan sebab rakyat menolak BN tiada kena mengena dengan bagaimana bagus atau berkebolehan Anwar, Pas, PKR dan DAP. Kepada rakyat Malaysia, Umno = ketidakadilan, pencabulan sistem keadilan, ketidakcekapan. Secara ringkasnya, rakyat Malaysia percaya Umno itu jahat. Maaf jika ini menyinggung perasaan pembaca. Tetapi ini realiti yang berlaku.Walaupun mungkin rakyat malaysia percaya PAS = jumud, DAP = sekular, PKR = bercelaru... tetapi yang penting ialah mereka bukan .... = jahat.

Ariff Sabri 2 October 2009 at 20:43  

one pip,

saya menyebut:
PKR leadership who have fought very hard and honorably to uphold the principles on which PKR is said to be found. I have no problems with people standing by their party of choice

saya akui bahawa pimpinan PKR mengandungi oran orang yang honourable. saya tidak ada masaalah dengan statement saudara.

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 21:04  

dato pun kena penyakit anwar ibrahim jugak, ingatkan ezam aje

cukup2 lah dato, anwar tu hanya seorang manusia, dia tak dapat buat semua ideanya kerana dia masih lagi pembangkang

apa yang penting, segala yang dilakukanya telah mengubah persepsi masyarakat malaysia terhadap BN dan sekarang ni pun dah tak dengar pemimpin umno suruh rakyat bersyukur, bersyukur, bersyukur kpd pemimpin macam zaman mahathir dulu...nak muntah rasanya...apa dia ingat gaji dia sape yang bayar?

dato kurangkanlah hentam individu anwar, apa kata dato perbaiki diri dato dulu dan juga parti dato.

kalau dato nak hentam anwar, hentam idea bodoh dia, dato cadangkan idea yang lebih baik untuk rakyat


Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 22:08  

"Yet some UMNO lunatic freaks insist on settling some unfinished scores. Let's wait for the next UMNO elections shall we? Are you infected with KJphyllis? Go write your own blog or go to someone else's blog."

Tidak mengapa mengamalkan sikap kedaerahan, kenegerian atau kepuak-puakan dalam sesebuah organisasi asalkan sikap sedemikian di ketepikan dan perpaduan diutamakan dan dimantapkan apabila berdepan dengan musuh hakiki organisasi.

Apa yang berlaku tidak begitu. Amatlah menghairankan kenapa mereka tidak boleh melupakan musuh kecil walaupun buat seketika apabila organisasi berdepan dengan musuh yang lebih besar?

Andikarya Maya

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 22:53  


The crux of the issue is not about Eli Wong, Isa or moral high horses. It was a golden opportunity for UMNO to show that it is different from PKR, PAS or DAP.

UMNO could have gone on the offensive and said they are not like the opposition for they do not have Eli Wong. Instead, you have to defend UMNO by justifying it is not wrong to have Isa run because Eli Wong did not resign. That is being defensive and to defend from a position of weakness make all this moral high horse claims look hollow.

The bigger implication is that DSN is not in control. If he can get his way in Petronas, why not in BP ? This compromises his position. The next time around, he will have a harder time being heard. I would have thought that he would have learnt from PP with a disbarred lawyer. To make a mistake once is human. To make the same mistake twice is stupidity. This does not reflect well on the DPM also. TDM would have taken no prisoners. But then if you have baggage, it makes it more difficult to take the moral high ground.

It’s the same in Selangor. How can UMNO have credibility when you have Toyol suggesting that Eli Wong resign when he himself have so much baggage with him ? How much respect can CSL command if he manages to take over MCA ? Same issue with Samy Vellu. BN has a credibility issue.

At the end of the day, voters are more forgiving towards underdogs than the incumbents. Say what you like about Eli Wong and DSA, the voters will give them a chance for the simple reason that they cannot see any difference between UMNO, PKR, PAS or DAP.

Want UMNO to be great again ? Don’t benchmark the opposition. TDM benchmarked Japan for technological advancement. Don’t benchmark Zimbabwe for political credibility.


Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 22:59  

Imagine how ironical it would be if Muhamed2, Isa, Ali Rustam or Toyol coming out to say they want to curb money politics in UMNO ? Any bets on the voters believing it will happen ?

Anonymous,  3 October 2009 at 01:14  

Those in PR (for example Hassan Ali and Nordin) who brave enough to say: "No, we disagree" to whatever directive or decision made by the warlords must realised that they are actually dealing with the mother of all dictators!

They (the dissenters) could easily be branded as the trouble maker even though they were just defending a good cause. Worst still they are risking their status as members of the most prestigious holy moo's society on earth.

If this is how they treat dissenting voice coming from the peers, the time is running out for those who have not yet registered their name as the members of PR as this coalition (unless with divine intervention) would come to an end very soon!

Pious Chinglot

Anonymous,  3 October 2009 at 01:35  

Hhahaa thats was a funny sarcastic reply to anomie Dato .
It is so easy to talk about purity etc when you do not rule.
I want to share my experience with a Cheras DAP foot ground business assoc of mine over some projects.
He will mock,torment etc any move government do , did or planned.Funny when I asked him so if its you how will you do it?He said they are the gov , they should know.
Anyway,we were working on together to design a project we did in Kelantan.Things went well due to my 6 years knowing the client how sincere I want to do the job and able to do it perfectly.Once we had dinner in KL and I invited my DAP inclined friend along with Kelantanese gov clients.He was hammering UMNO like crazy ..did make a mistake when he said 'Melayu sini' with gave a glaring stares from those chaps.Me.. as a businessman was keeping the conversation neutral.Then there was like 3 hours talk about corruption in UMNO , which kept me whispering Oi use BN la not UMNO.Sound universal..or sort of.
End of our projects with final payment received,suddenly my friend called me,Hey I got 50k with me want to pass to you, I replied what for ? He said he tried to give to the Kelantanese guys behind my back as token but they told me to talk to you first.I was dumbfounded.Forget about the idea he did it behind my back .. as being had in business is common.
What baffled me when I asked him why you try to offer them when you chatted about corruptions etc for the bloody 3 hours which does made me sleepy looking at the watch showing 2am near Curve.
His reply was 'Oh kalau Kelantan sama kita buat ok , sebab kita orang baik. I was speechless.That was his excuse ? He do its ok becuase cari makan , others do is carnal sin ?

Please .. spare e this crap.About Anwar , when even my mum was into Reformasi mood during 98 (Malay are so sensitive to the Anwar jailing issue that time,the non Malay has bad vibes about him ) ,I was thankful to Mahathir to take back the Finance Minister from him and refrain from IMF ill advises.I was paying 10% for my Wira loan , my pals was hanging over too high interest over loan , housing , business , ASB loan.Seems like those smiling are those with cash capital.Remembered how high was FD in MBF that time. Mahathir gave a damper to cushion back the econ for regulars business like mine.NPL term was extended.It was a relief.But of course my family do not get it they do not do business.You see I am not a big fan of Mahatir but hell I never trust Anwar as a PM , worst managing financial crisis.

Jamal JB

Unknown 3 October 2009 at 07:18  

Tepuk bukan sebelah tangan.

Both NR & DSAI should be incarcerated if what you are relating is true.

You are bias in condemning DSAI but not NR. I wonder why you have not been hard on your ketua bahagian. Ada kira2 ke ?

Anonymous,  3 October 2009 at 10:26  

Dear Sir,

UMNO is given the power by the people. As a government, it should promote transparency and integrity in high government institutions. It is sad to say that UMNO has abused these government institutions.

Bad perception was formed against UMNO by a collectively bad incidents in the public. As a result, an individual will use their own yardstick to pass their own judgment on UMNO. Today , there is no doubt that the public perceive UMNO as a corrupted party. For Elizabeth's case, she is morally guilty but she is not guilty in the majotrity of the public eye. The public has passed their own verdict that she is a vitcim. Therefore, she is not guilty. This case is different from Isa's case.

TDM was right, fielding a clean candidate for Bagan Pinang will restore UMNO's image. By selecting Isa, the public has formed an opinion, "UMNO as a party has been under threat by an tainted individual, Isa's demand". By wining Bagan Pinang, actually UMNO has lost their battle.

Keep on writing!! Thank you.

Anonymous,  3 October 2009 at 11:57  

Just to point out - the Mohd guy is not Mohd Yaacob - your ex-classmate of SABS.

walla 3 October 2009 at 12:10  

Anon 22.53 (ex-M) has written a pointed piece which bears appreciative reading. So too anon 10.26 and many others.

But there is at least one other aspect about the whole issue of Umno which none of its leaders has shown it has been considered which in turn reflects badly on their political DNA.

It's the hypothetical question of what is going to happen assuming Umno and the BN win the next GE.

From all that has been shown so far since BN took a massive punch that knocked out its wind in the last GE, there is no escaping the conclusion that Umno and BN will make sure its last GE performance will never happen again if they win the next one.

Now how will they do that? Win the hearts and minds of all voters? How is that going to happen when today Umno is already talking about not distributing more seats to its BN component members in a way that reflects Umno is veering back to its solitary agenda which is malay dominance in a nation which has lost so much through that agenda that has only split the nation asunder?

Even Tun has admitted as much:

'It makes we wonder whether the country would not be better off if we don't have politicians. Of course I am one. But it does seem that it is the politicians who keep on stoking the fires of racism. Left to themselves the people would accept the way of life that has kept Malaysia almost conflict free all these years.' (Sept 29 2009)

So to avoid that paradox, Umno may be expected to do the most unthinking thing in its cranium in order to ensure that its performance in the last GE will not be repeated - and that is to subvert all institutions of democratic process. It has already shown as much tenacity in Perak; it has probed no less in at least two other states.

One would be blind not to have noticed how in the last three decades rules of law and institutional integrity have been subverted for political expediency arbitrarily defined by a few to safeguard interests that ultimately destroyed all trust by the rakyat in the government.

If anything the last GE results were the rakyats' voice in unison that they want political integrity and good governance from the government, not excuses drafted by drawing comparisons with its opposition or adversaries in order to grasp some tenuous justification that lasts only as long as the next spin.

After all, the persistent absence of checks-and-balances reflects that the government had all along and knowingly intended to get away with whatever it was doing in the name of political expediency. There has been too many unexplained non-closures. Whether one is at home or in the field, office or mosque, everyone in and out of Umno already knows what they are.

Now, is political integrity also individual morality? The people will say yes because there is no deed done or not done except by individuals. In government, good or bad is magnified through the policies effected and actions made by and through individuals in the precedents they create. And high standards cannot be procrastinated. Because it is the incumbent which can create precedents first, wider and faster, therefore setting the standards by which governance will be measured. Which means across-board transformation or reform cannot be procrastinated by the sort of flimsy excuses that no rakyat can accept anymore.

walla 3 October 2009 at 12:10  

What will happen if Umno and what's left of its BN wins again? Certainly more than Isa and ISA. Definitely an explosion of money politics, flight of capital and brains, massive inflation of business costs, exceptional strangulation of all dissent and voices unsupportive of the incumbents, insertion of counterintelligence agents and splittists....the scenario can be easily constructed without much IQ or EQ.

And why will these be countenanced by those who wield power? Simply because they have already shown again and again they are not beneath them.

And why has it been acceptable to them? Fear and greed. Fear of losing their power, and greed from what they can personally gain from it.

Why else would they be so worked up about getting elected by riding on outdated agendas to just appear in their big offices in order to sign off basic services that anyone in his or her right mind would have had to do anyway for the rakyat?

And to get there, we see them cooking up series after series of sandiwarish and carnivalish hip-rah's with speeches, banners and buntings. All to no avail. Because our politicians have by their own doing become irrelevant to the rakyat. And the greatest tragedy is that their irrelevance to the rakyat will end up with the rakyat being irrelevant to the world. That includes those Umno members trying to make ends meet today, tomorrow...

The transformation will deplete ninety three percent of the Umno leadership? So what? Better to have a few good men than a cackle of irrelevant geezers pulling all down into the water. Go back to basics and pay the toll and piper for all those years of excesses and deprinciplization of Malaysia. There is no free lunch and ticket in His world.

What's the bottomline? Since the conclusion is that Umno and BN will be doing in democratic processes if they win back, the only recourse the rakyat will have is a two-party system permanently entrenched in this country's politics in order to safeguard their voice for power checks and balances. Because Umno has shown that it cannot handle power.

Is this a reasonable or not reasonable conclusion?

syedhs 3 October 2009 at 13:20  


Regarding Anwar, sometimes you have to look beyond what rights or wrongs or any analysis on his character etc etc. In fact I am not very comfortable with Anwar and probably I am wrong, but that is just my feeling.

BUT, you have to understand one thing: without Anwar, yes I repeat without him, PR will not be strong because there isn't anyone you can look up as Prime Minister material. He is a moderate Malay which can be accepted by all kind of races and religions. And by that, I also say that Tok Guru Hadi Awang doesn't have 'Prime Minister' material, neither of course Lim Kit Siang/Lim Guan Eng.

And without strong PR, UMNO & BN will continue with its arrogance, corruption because rakyat doesn't have any real choice.

So scrutinize anything, anyone as you will, but Anwar is definitely a savior in this regard, and UMNO/BN is crook in this regard too. Btw, I really hope when PR & BN 'fights', the real winner will be rakyat as both of them will continue to shape up as the better YBs.

And the result so far now is Najib & Muhyidin are now keep talking about no-nonsense changes within UMNO/BN and while it is certainly a good thing, it has to be executed well which I haven't seen any so far. You must walk the talk, and must be bundled with sincerity as well. But sincerity is probably a bit lacking because right now, UMNO/BN is doing it because they are pressured to do it, not because they choose to.

Well.. in a nutshell, Anwar is certainly our savior from many perspectives!!

Anonymous,  4 October 2009 at 16:42  

Being the messenger of God, Muhammad is the only sincere person in the world who could have led the human kind to the correct path. Other than this man, very hard to find one who is sincere and making thing not in the context of saving its own rice bowl. Full stop.


Anonymous,  5 October 2009 at 13:53  

double treatchery - can accept a known political figure who was also convicted of corruption, but cannot accept another political figure convicted and served his time for corruption..whats the diff between the golden boy and old boy?

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