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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 1 October 2009

Beyond Isa Samad.

The choice of Isa Samad as UMNO candidate doesn't alter the bigger agenda of transforming UMNO. This mustn't be lost on the UMNO leadership. We have to be realistic though because the pursuit of the agenda is not going to be travelled along a straight trajectory. Politics is not an exact science and its essence is, it defies predictability. Accordingly, I am not going to regard Isa's choice as candidate as one bringing an abrupt end to the longer term agenda. It must be seen in its context- a matter of political expediency. One that is needed to earn UMNO a win that has ramifications beyond the confines of sedentary analyses such as my own at the moment.

It must still address the issues of good government, rule of law, upholding the principles of democracy, improving it by evaluating the institutions that support democracy- the judiciary, law enforcement, the civil service. It still must address the overriding issue of managing the economy, division of wealth.

These bigger issues are beyond the Isa Samad issue. Transformation of UMNO for example, doesn't even begin at the lowly level as the choice of Isa Samad as ADUN. The transformation must begin at the apex of UMNO leadership. Since a fish rots at its head, it's at the head of the organization that the agenda for transformation must begin.

Take the proposal on changes in the way UMNO elects its leaders. There should not be any qualifications and pre set conditions as to who can or cannot contest the top leadership posts. Why for example, must it be conditional upon one having been a member of the MKT? That would make those who got elected into the present batch on dubious grounds, be exempted from the rigors of 'examination' by a bigger caucus. Freedom to contest any post at the leadership apex must be made unconditional.

Remove the ban on campaigning. It's a contumelious argument to say that if anyone were to contest he/she doesn't have to campaign as everyone will have known him/her. This is absolute crap. It's an argument designed to limit entry into the market. A new aspirant who isn't known to the enlarged caucus has no way to make known his presence if he isn't allowed to campaign or advertise himself. Any busybody or crackpot in moreover would be easily spotted and exposed as mere charlatans if he hasn't got the substance to be considered. The leadership apex shouldn't impute ignorance and stupidity on the part of the larger caucus. Every committee member at division level has attained comparatively higher levels of political consciousness sufficient enough to be discernable. If some don't, the numbers game will operate.

Secondly, the choice of Isa is not going to stop public spirited UMNO members from speaking out. Many of us will continue speaking out at the many forms of injustices and defects that are breeding within UMNO. Isa's candidacy hasn't reduced our fervor to continue speaking out against the excesses within UMNO.


Greenbottle 1 October 2009 at 09:30  

i pray for umno trsansformation and the ultimate transformation is for umno to DISBAND and JOIN PAS.

in this way the core struggle dear to umno heart (malay dominance) will still be safe and ensured and at the same time Islam will be the major force in malaysia.

ps: those significant minority among umno leaders and followers who don't understand islam or don't want islam as their core principle may form a new party or just join gerakan DAP PKR or whatever....

syedhs 1 October 2009 at 11:04  

Okay this make sense. The path toward recovery is not necessarily (or more often than not) a straight line. There are many aspects which one has to weigh pro & cons which in this case, Isa Samad is nominated, although he was earlier convicted.

However, money politics must go and must be equated to pure corruption. And Isa Samad has been convicted in the past, while unfortunately will remain so but it was actually the right to do then. IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE to implicate everyone involved in money politics, because otherwise UMNO will be almost empty inside. However, not to do anything will amount to agreeing to it so that was it.

Just in case you had not realized Datok, many Malay voters are probably like me - we want to see things well done, not well said. Otherwise, hasta lavista baby, probably a knockout in the next GE is the only medicine. Sincerity must come together with it, and in the long run, $$$ shouldn't be equated with UMNO anymore.

Anonymous,  1 October 2009 at 12:00  


It was a moment lost for Najib and his team. Moment that probably will be defined as a turning point in the political history of UMNO and BN. There was this golden opportunity to regain the lost ground. All is needed is an act of statesmanship by all the leading players. Alas, UMNO has again shown that it has little understanding of the power of perception.

I really pity this party called UMNO.


Kala Jengking,  1 October 2009 at 12:19  

This piece is commendable. Credit must be given to you when it is due.

1st para - do you honestly believe other UMNO candidate, apart from Isa, will not be able to win BP? Due to boycot/backlash from the state warlords? We know many warlords in the state are after Mat Hassan's head. After Isa's win, will there not be internal squable, ala Terengganu, in the state? Just asking for your thoughts.

2nd Para - Agree. We will wait whether these issues will be effectively addressed.

3rd Para - Yes indeed. The head must lead by example and implement what is right for the country and not policies that will make him popular among his club members.

4th and 5th Para - Bravo. I like this one. This is what I have been telling my UMNO friends all along. Allow direct election. If it is not possible at this stage, for a start, a few hundred thousands members must be allwed to vote to select the leaders. Don't make it as an exclusive club.

And yes allow campaigning. Otherwise, as you correctly said, how would the members evaluate the candidates if aspirants are not allowed to openly campaign? This must be implemented hopely during the party's upcoming assembly. Voting need not be held at PWTC. It can be done at division and state level. Vote tally can be done at PWTC. Limiting the the presidency of the party - perhaps max 3 terms - must also be considered.

By implememting all this, the flwg can be achieved :

1. reduce money politics as it will not be easy to bribe hundreds of thousand of members for votes.
2. it will empower the members to select its leaders.
3. the power of warlords can be greatly curtailed.
4. new leaders with quality and integrity will probably emerge and this will be good for the country.

I only want the best for this country - for the sake of all our citizens of diferent races and religions, for the sake our children's future and the generations to come.

As I said earlier, this piece of yours is commendable and make sense as in many of your other pieces. One lingering question though....will the change/transformation take place?

We shall wait and see.....but please do not take too long with long excuses.....the next GE is approaching fast. People are watching. Don't take us as fools.

Anonymous,  1 October 2009 at 12:49  

Datuk Sak,
Qing Empire in the dying days have done all kinds of things.

1) Modernising the armed forces
2) Absorption Western technology
3) Refrom initiated by Kangxi empire
4) Qinghua University
5) Qing Empire constituition

Plenty of reforms carried with one intention....Keep Qing Empire in power. Li Hong Zhang just as you are one of architect. Brilliant but stuck to the idea that certain things to be happened
Whatever it's, Qing Empire is doomed....Prolong such actions has made China gone in turmoil for the next 40 over years since 1911 before Communist took over & stabilise China, making it one of the dominant country in the world

Datuk Sak,
Please don't be Li Hong Zhang. Be Stauffenberg. Revolt! End it! Zaid Ibrahim has done it. But you should do it better. Remember Operation Valyree

Datuk Sak,

Plus The first Sino Japanese War is also the reminiscent of teh War in Bagan Pinang.......Would Mohammad Hassan sabotage Isa as Isa's big win would lead to ouster of Mohammad Hassan as MB of NS?????Hahaha!

d'enricher 1 October 2009 at 12:53  


I would have thought that Tan Sri Isa would have said to the leadership, thanks but no thanks.

Please choose this person (and not his son of course)and me and my supporter will make sure that UMNO/BN will wins BIG.

Now does that sound nice ... Utopia maybe.

Unknown 1 October 2009 at 14:40  


Your latest article is best read after the Bagan Pinang Election results are out...

The response of UMNO's management to the byelection results will truly set the scene for the future....

- Can Isa get more votes than the previous BN rep?
- If he succeeds, can Isa claim to be the UMNO hero that saved the day?
- If Less? Was choosing Isa another mistake?

True, what you said about the path not being straight.....It's the Intention that matters and not whether you fail or succeeed to achieve the right objective.

pandaktukan 1 October 2009 at 15:05  

Oh dear, Sak. You are living in denial. No doubt about it.

It's no longer a situation of the fish rotting from its head. The more truthful description is that the whole fish is already rotten: head, tail and everything else in between. That would be the correct description of umno as it stands today.

When the Telok Kemang division submitted only Isa Samad's name despite being instructed to give several, what did the rest of the umno membership do? Absolutely nothing. Just total and complete silence when it was clearly an insubordination to the party leadership's instruction, an act which calls for censure from the whole organisation.

And much worse, what did the party leadership itself do? Yup, gave in to the division's demand to put up as its candidate someone who was penalised by the party for corruption .

Brother, I don't know what else it would take you to see and admit that the WHOLE party is rotten. If I were you, I'll be too ashamed to even admit that I'm an umno member.

"One that is needed to earn UMNO a win...".

Good heavens, man! What makes you so sure umno will win Bagan Pinang with its tainted candidate???

Brother, if you love the party so much what you must do with urgency and all earnestness is to work from within to ensure that umno loses power at the federal level come the next GE. When that happens, all the hapraks and crooks who are in umno for nothing but personal enrichment will desert it, thus leaving the sincere and honest members such as you to take over the party and make it clean and strong. Umno is intoxicated by being in power for far too long. It has a corruptive effect which can only be arrested by the sharp shock of losing power.

If umno cannot survive a few years of being the country's loyal opposition, then maybe it's not worth being kept alive at all.

Think about it, brother.

Anonymous,  1 October 2009 at 15:26  


One distressing phenomena I have notice in all these arguments is that PKR, PAS & DAP also do it so why can't we ? Eli Wong did not resign so why can't Isa stand for election. Two wrongs do not make a right.

If UMNO want to succeed, why benchmark against the opposition ? Being the incumbent, UMNO should lead and not follow. Then it can survive. Or else, it is no better than the opposition who are underdogs and still have to prove themselves. This is like Man U comparing themselves with Div One teams. What are the KPIs, since DSN is so fond of them ? Or is it all shiok sendiri only.


Anonymous,  1 October 2009 at 16:09  

The ground has been cut out from under UMNO's feet as far as leadership is concerned. Call it a matter of percaption, but we, the people see UMNO as a party bankrupt of clean, credible leaders. Against this backdrop, what reformation, renewal of UMNO can you do.As someone, said, UMNO is the real cancer of Malaysian politics and it is a party that must and surely die- for the good of this country we all love.

Anak Malaysia

Yap 1 October 2009 at 19:54  

Is Isa nominated to neutralise the present MB. I was informed they are not in good terms and Teluk Kemang umno warlords have not been getting contracts. All major contracts go the MB's brother.

If Isa wins looks like another trengganu coming up. If this is the case the MB supporters will vote for PR.

Anonymous,  1 October 2009 at 22:01  

UMNO might win the battle this round but will definitely loss the war come PRU13 !!

The only way to make Malaysia a better place for all is to get rid of this UMNO RASUAH !!


Unknown 1 October 2009 at 22:33  

A test of statemanship is a leader who is not afraid of competition and by this token will allow a fair election without any pre-conditions. NR has this opportunity but choose to cling to his new found power.

For an effective change you cannot look back and allow witch hunt. As a step forward NR must consider amnesty for all members and ignore past faults. Start afresh , learn from past mistakes ,which should not be repeated.

Anonymous,  2 October 2009 at 00:27  


Eli admitted doing something not only against her own principle but against the universally accepted value as well.

A gnawing fact was that she never made to face the consequence of doing something considered immoral and worst still she had never paid the price.

Just imagine if she was an artist and if several photographs of hers showing the unveiled bottom made available on the Net, what people's reaction would be?.

Yes, apart from having drawing public eyes, would it not the knee jerk reaction come in the form of mad criticism, denigration and bla, bla?

The question is would the people let her off scot-free? Would she still have the popularity? In other word, would it be business as usual.

However Eli is not an artist. Her salary is paid using the tax's money collected from Petronas and etc. And, if in the context of morality, an artist doesn't enjoy total freedom but then why should Eli!

Pious Chinglot

white grampus,  2 October 2009 at 11:34  

Isa Samad phenomenon only substantiates that corruption in UMNO has reached the grassroot level. Those who have savoured the sweetness of graft/bribery during Isa Samad's time then now want to taste it again...

Anonymous,  3 October 2009 at 10:22  

Datuk Sak,
Read the link below

Datuk Sak,
The Final Solution for BN partners proposed by UMNO.....Just like the Final Soultion by Nazi to exterminate all Jews during the Holocaust
Still wanna be in UMNO or Be bold & brave like Stauffenberg

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