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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 6 October 2009

False race-blind rancorous monologues


Could easily be UMNO/Malay Guilt.

There you are. As soon as you speak about the fears, hopes and legitimate interests of the Malays, you are branded as a hidden racist. Precisely what I have said- that you have been so brainwashed to believe it's guilty to talk about these things.

But you know when PKR, DAP speak; they are just false race-blind rancorous monologues. I feel sorry too for the misguided Malay Uncle Toms.


Eyes Wide Open 6 October 2009 at 16:15  


I think you put up the wrong video clip. This guy mentions the labelling of people as racist at a drop of a hat by certain parties...true

But the main thrust of his message is that most people, blacks or whites:

1. just want to live in peace
2. want equality for all, regardless of race
3. merely see each other as human beings
4. do not judge each other by the colour of their skin,


Do we see this among the politicians in Malaysia? What about the BTN? Utusan?

I'm not bringing up a race issue but a political issue. Politicians using race as a lightning rod to gather support.

What the difference between our politicians here and the politicians they decry like Pauline Hanson and the Israeli state?

Anonymous,  6 October 2009 at 18:19  


Nothing wrong in talking about the fears, hopes and legitimate interests (FHI) of the Malays.

But there is definitely something very wrong when the fears, hopes & legitimate interests of the common Malays r intertwined with those of same of the elite Malays, who initiate the start of these UMNO/Malay Guilt monologues!

This wayang-kuliting of the elite Malays' FHIs, by relayying onto the inherent feudalistic common Malays' FHI is really the cause of the so called symptom of 'brainwashed to believe it's guilty to talk about these things.' Pray tell, who r the beneficiates & who r the sufferers.

BTW those misguided Malay Uncle Toms can be labeled both ways - for and against UMNO/Malay Guilt. Whichever enlightenment one group has had with the umno causes, this remains as THE individual interpretation of one’s experiences & expectations in light of the on-going umno circumstances.

So can u be an exception - even if u had tried to remain on the middle path?

This write-up reminds me of an interview done with a white-supremacy Afrikaner during the later days of S Africa. He talked about the same things as U did now – fears, hopes & legitimate interests of the white Afrikaners. & the only way to PROTECT these FHIs r the continuing uses of the apartheid policies!

Sound familiar??????? The only difference is that the Afrikaners r minority with power while the elite Malays r majority – iff the umno-leaning misguided Malay Uncle Toms r included!

So who is the misguided one now?????

This is definitely the beginning of another one bite the dust, especially when those abandoned-ship rats r now clamouring to board yr ship once again when they smell the change of tones in yr false race-blind rancorous monologue.


Anonymous,  6 October 2009 at 22:31  

When the Chinese speak about their fears, hopes and legitimate interest they are referred to as an enemy of the state and compared with communist and Al-Maunah insurgents.

Remarks:: if you don't like it here you can leave..Balik negeri China...Hoi pendatang.

You think the chinese will vote for BN esp umno.


Anonymous,  7 October 2009 at 11:45  

Funny when we compare with SA.

Majority is black
Wealth to the white
Minority with wealth oppressing the majority

Majority is Bumiputera
Wealth is Others
Majority with no wealth oppressing .. How can you oppress when you have no wealth.That is survival affirmative,struggle.Which in some cases hijacked the cause by some greedy one.

Street violence during those days are norm.
You dont see in public people carry guns or machete freely

Mandela freed , no money

Freed , Still keep huge mansion in Segambut Hill

Anonymous,  7 October 2009 at 11:53  

When some idiot Malay said balik tongsan , you still follows him because he is Ketua Bahagian etc and still able to give you contract.Talking about swallowing back saliva.
But those regular Malay on the street , you still wont promote him in the company even he does a good job.You even sell him higher price secondhand car because he is naive and easy to be cheated.You even shouted at him when he is serving your drinks.

Who are the one who wait outside to buy drinks at Legend,Parkroyal etc after an UMNO convention at PWTC ? Regular Malay could not afford those lobbying.You shout over lobbying but you would not want to do business the right way.
Let me say , I saw it is harder for regular Malay honest businessman to survive due to this readily available fund to kopi kopi.

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