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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Pahang: not a PKFZ please.

Pahang has no PKA- Port Klang Authority. But it has PKNP. Pahang does not have its Kuala Dimensi. But it has Putra Perdana SB, PPES( Swak) SB, Arus Widuri and Ibra' Construction. I have a feeling all these people have a common ancestor lurking behind. Pahang has no PKFZ but it can have its own version in Tanjung Agas Oil and Gas Supply Base. If we are not careful, the state stands to forfeit 5000 acres of land belonging to the people and lots and lots of money disappearing faster than David Copperfield's vanishing monuments trick.

The PKFZ mess should be a reminder to all public money spending bodies to be fastidious and disciplined. In that case, the original cost of RM 1 over billion then became RM 4 over billion and finally will be a RM 12 billion granddaddy of all financial disasters. Some people must have misled and withheld information from the government but later managed to persuade the government in making a retrospective authorization for the additional expenditures. The government must explain this monumental slippage in attention. Otherwise, it will stand to be accused as co-embezzler of public money. We hear reports and counter reports but so far no one has been brought to bear responsibility. We have the dead body in the form of PKFZ, but we don't have the murderers.

I hope the culprits behind the PKFZ will be brought to justice. Public office is not an excuse to plunder public money. We are tired of scams schemes involving the privatization of profits but socializing or making public the costs. No matter how powerful the people who were responsible, the government mustn't back off from bringing them to justice.

Here, in Pahang, if we are not careful, we will have our own carbon copy of a PKFZ horror. It involves the development of some 5000 acres in Pekan in an area known as Tanjung Agas. There, the sponsors of the idea planned to develop the area into a gigantic oil and gas supply base. Jolly good.

But let's be clear about this- the sponsor of this idea is only the developer of the facility. Developing the area and making it hum and buzz are 2 different things. As developer, whoever the chosen one  is, it will build the entire infrastructure, the buildings, clear land, prepare plots for industries, factories and fabrication yards all that. They have already formed a club there- no others can enter. Maybe later, at the persuasion of the PM who is MP in this area, all the class F contractors the majority of whom are UMNO members will get to build culverts here and there, toilets for workers, perimeter fences etc. They will be happy enough to proclaim, this is another benefit of BN rule. Maybe they will get 5-10 million worth of jobs, sufficient to buy loyalty and obedience.

The sponsors don't have the money- so they borrow from the federal government. Hence the claim that they will finance it privately is a bloody lie. They have only the idea but no money. Even the original idea was hijacked from one fellow who has since passed away. But the people at PKNP, the performance--challenged GLC behemoth, was enamored with the idea. The idea landed on their laps after the Pahang MB decided that PKNP not PASDEC Corporation was the more suitable business partner.

They can be easily satisfied with a crumb of equity- a free 30%, the standard requirement sufficient to buy acquiescence and docility. Certainly they live up to their reputation as the most famous and prominent Ali-Baba entity.

The whole area is set to become a one stop super market for the oil and gas industry. After readying all the facilities, TAOGSB will lease/sell/rent out the facilities to operating companies- ship builders, fabricators, oil field service providers who will set up shop. I suppose the sponsors will employ their charm to attract some major oil field players- Murphy oil, Halliburton, Schlumberger, and others to operate out of Tanjung Agas. But where are the oil fields? Somewhere off the cost of South Pahang and North Johor?

We will talk about that later. Right now, we, PUTRA PERDANA SDN BHD, PPES ( Swak) Sdn bhd with our esteemed friend ARUS WIDURI SB and IBRA' CONSTRCTION, we are just doing the infra work. RM 300 million is not peanuts- it's almost half of the state's yearly revenue.

The sponsors of this idea have roped in members of the Pahang Royalty- notably the Tengku Muda who is a respectful and affable person. At least sakmongkol can also tell his cynical and republicanish friends that the scion of the royalty from his home state can also do business. They have business acumen in addition to other better known attributes. To add weight to the proposal they also brought in the state government in the form of the leading GLC in the state- Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Pahang( PKNP). Hence by definition, the TAOGSB becomes a GLC and should be managed by people seconded by the government.

The PKNP is only a passive partner. Yet, the PKNP proudly says, they got something for free and unashamedly admit they don't have the knowledge in this area. Of course they don't- having spent their miserable free loading lives as enforcers of bureaucratic rules. Everyone regards PKNP as the mandore extraordinaire. I don't blame the PKNP tongongs because they probably only heard of this 'novel' idea for the first time in their lives.

So the pleasantly surprised PKNP felt happy at being given 30% of equity in the venture. Maybe they are right – 30% equity is the biggest deal they had. All previous deals and transactions ended in fiasco. Even the equity they got through PASDEC on the development of the EAST COAST MALL is only 17%. This was admitted by the MB in answer to my question in the DEWAN. I say this now, because I don't want some eager beavers from either PKNP or PASDEC to deny they got only 17%. So I am going to say this also, since you managed to get only 17% , I consider you stupider than the makcik in Jaya Gading who would have insisted to get at least 40% EQUITY plus some premium upfront. Did you people ask for a premium upfront? So the state through its agency got only 17% in return for the land where Transit Quarters once stood. I am emotional over this matter- because as a young boy I stayed there in Jalan Lipis exactly the spot occupied by the entrance to east coast mall.

Sorry for the digression. Back to Tanjung Agas.

Through it, the state of Pahang will alienate by way of a long term lease, the 5000 acres needed for the venture. I have written several articles about this venture. Some smart alec in PKNP thought I didn't know what I was talking. Allow me to tell these people that I know what I am talking because I was from the oil and gas industry. I am also aware the land isn't given or sold. Some jokers in PKNP triumphantly declared that the land isn't sold but only leased and thought by saying that, somehow their passive role in this business venture is redeemed. Sorry, people will still say, PKNP is full of shit.

Of course I and everyone know- only the state government can give out land. Any land alienated to a 3rd body such as PKNP in this case, becomes automatically leasehold land. That is why when I was serving as ADUN, I asked the dewan to declare whether the land developed as EAST COAST MALL was leasehold or free hold. Either PKNP or PASDEC as owner of the land on the east coast mall has no authority to alienate land to the developers as free hold land. I had asked the question because I have heard of some moves by unseen hands to convert the land to freehold. Let me remind these ghosts that the land doesn't belonged to you or your father. It belongs to the state of Pahang.

Regarding the Tanjung Agas Oil and Supply base, I hope it will not be managed by PKNP. Hell, they can't even manage Kompleks Teruntum and it will be incredulously stupid to allow them to assume greater responsibility.

I hope some public spirited ADUNs will ask what the public wants to ask; wasn't the whole project was to be financed by private initiatives? So I was surprised to hear that the federal government gave them a start up fund to develop the infrastructure over the land.

The people of Pekan, I am sorry to say, they know nothing of the business deals that are taking place there. What they were told was to expect some trickle down effects from the project. Rest assured, the expected trickle down will just be some very viscous drips. To do what? The infrastructure works- namely the construction of a RM300 million access road were already given to a group of companies and will be a joint venture between this group and a Sarawakian developer. Let me repeat- a Sarawakian developer. How does PKNP feature in this arrangement? Just as a bystander.

If we have sunk huge amounts of money in setting up the facilities and infrastructure, how could any operating companies domiciling in Tanjung Agas hope to compete? The logistics of the location in relation to oil fields represent a daunting cost hurdle. All the new oil fields at present are located off the Sabah Coast. These can be serviced by the Labuan Supply Base. Would any oil drillers out there source their services and products from Tanjung Agas when they can get these cheaper from Labuan? Singapore has its own supply base and can compete with a newcomer such as Tanjung Agas. Or perhaps, the field of transport economics has reached perfection that now; it will cost the operating companies in Tanjung Agas nothing to transport their goods and services to far flung oil fields. Wow!


Anonymous,  20 October 2009 at 11:08  

Will anyone listen to you?
Chances are not!

As for PKFZ, Chan Kong Choy has been fingered by the PAC on live TV and will take the rap for all the BN fellas who benefitted from the project. Everyone else will get away scot free!

Well done Malaysia.


Donplaypuks® 20 October 2009 at 11:34  

Keep at it bro.

All these 'spend first, account later' scams must be nipped in the bud, especially where huge sums of Taxpayers money are involved.

As far as my experience goes, no one in the private sector will undertake a project of this nature without tying down pat the marketing side. Unless of course, right from the beginning the project is underwritten by the Govt as was PKFZ, so there is no risk and no incentive to perform and secure adequate RoI.

Therein lies the con and the very unique local fraudtrepreneur!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  20 October 2009 at 11:38  

Sak, Donla be so negative. Once the Spore Third Link is completed, there will be a highway linking East Coast SEZ (which Tg Agas is part of) with Spore. So expat execs staying in Spore can make day trips to Tg Agas. Just like KL-based chaps make day trips to Cerating nowadays. As for the gas, havent you heard that they are coming from Natuna fields! Natuna! Which is nearer to Tg Agas than any landfall on earth. Hidup Pahaeng!

Navi 20 October 2009 at 12:48  

Is YB Tiong's hand behind the RM300 million investment by the government? He's got a long reach after all. He is Kuala Dimensi.

samsaimon,  20 October 2009 at 12:50  

Salam Dato',

It sounds more like you Dato', not like the last few articles of 'balls carrier'.

Thanks for this thought provoking write up. We are to correct the wrongs that insult our intelligence, THE PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID.

kubang buaya.

Ariff Sabri 20 October 2009 at 13:06  

anon at 11.38
if you travel at 9/10 knotts- you will reach Natuna in 23 houurs. you choose from Kemaman, Miri, Labuan and Loyang/Singapore. you havent read the article- yr capex is aleardy high and this will be reflected in your product and service cost. not pressimistic at all. tak hidup pahang.sorry.

Anonymous,  20 October 2009 at 14:09  

Salam Dato'

Idea yang bernas, luar biasa, praktikal dan menguntungkan memang boleh mendapatkan pulangan lumayan dengan menjualnya. Apatah lagi kalau ada talian 'kabel' dengan pihak yang diamanahkan untuk melaksanakan semua idea yang baik itu - pemerintah.

Cumanya tidak semua idea yang baik dan yang tidak pernah kedengaran sebelum ini yang apabila diterjemahkan di lapangan mampu membawa kebaikan kepada semua pihak sama ada yang terlibat atau yang tidak terlibat secara langsung dengan idea berkenaan.

Lebih teruk kalau idea berkenaan apabila diterjemahkan akan hanya menguntungkan segelintir pihak yang berkepentingan atau pihak lain yang selamanya berupaya memonopoli semua bentuk pembangunan kerana telah mempunyai 'talian lansung' dengan pihak yang menduduki koridor kuasa.

Idea yang baik sepatutnya mampu membawa pulangan yang maksimum bukan saja kepada pemiliknya malah kepada mereka yang akan mejayakan idea berkenaan. Anehnya, untuk apa menjayakan satu idea yang baik walhal yang mendapat keuntungan terbanyak adalah orang lain?

Budaya sebegini kalau diteruskan akan hanya memajukan individu tetapi bukan kalangan terbanyak. Sikap ini kalau diteruskan akan menambahkan kemasyhuran buat segelintir pihak tetapi akan menambahkan calitan hitam kepada trek rekod kerajaan yang memerintah.

Sudah tentulah mereka yang berkepentingan yang mana idea mereka dijayakan akan mendapat faedah dan tersenyum puas menuju ke bank tetapi, silap-silap hari bulan pihak kerajaan yang membantu menjayakan idea mereka itu yang akan mendapat impak negatif kalau-kalau idea berkenaan tidak membawa kebaikan seperti mana yang di laung-laungkan.

Siapa yang akan berdepan dengan penilaian yang akan dibuat oleh rakyat? Individu atau enterpris atau parti yang memerintah?

Andikarya Maya

Unknown 20 October 2009 at 15:01  


You said:

"There, the sponsors of the idea planned to develop the area into a gigantic oil and gas supply base. Jolly good."

The abovementioned concept alone is destined for failure...

Which Oilfields will this gigantic supply base service?

There are NO oilfields Offshore Pahang.

Kemaman Supply Base has been barely surviving even with the numerous oilfields it has been servicing for more than Two Decades.

The Fields Offshore Terengganu has been depleted and require minimal intrusive work with little additional exploration needed offshore East Coast...

I consider the plans mentioned by you to be an excuse for another Land Scam.... Future "Real" Plans for Resorts Maybe?

Anonymous,  20 October 2009 at 15:11  

Dato ,
Dont take those snide voices against your move to ensure public coffer are well spent.Either from the ruling party or the opposition side(here .. I do not understand why are oppostions guys here are whining even what you expose are the right thing).
Shahrir wasnt a popular guy even among his gang when he slammed table over PKTZ issue.I know there are good guys in BN.Just keep it up.
I see donplaypuks , a PR devotee agreeing with you on this matter.It is a good sign that at some issues we are able to share common ground.That is maturity and what the majority people on the street wants.It is not we are anti development but we want maximum ROI from ringgit spent.
We do not have to focus on issues like race religion all the time , wise spending by all leaders should be the focus at the current time now.

Jamal JB

Anonymous,  20 October 2009 at 15:19  

Mr. Sak,

Interesting info, Pahang oh Pahang Why....Why. What Tongongs Why the State Government is still maintance them. Replace them by bright and good people to lead PKNP. Please rectify before to late. TQ. By the way dato, where and what happen to MEC City. Is still there?.

Anonymous,  20 October 2009 at 15:24  


Who is tongongs? ,it is PKNP or people who lead pknp.

seriati,  20 October 2009 at 15:32  

YB, Salam hormat.
Saya tak pandai nak tulis, saya orang kampung. Nak sampai rasa sedih pandang masa depan.
Tak tahulah apa nak jadi, tak serik2 pemimpin kita ni.
Dulu Far East Holding pun di makan oleh anak dari Banting. Sekarang bapak dah jadi anak. Di Muadzam penuh dgn kepala2 bapak.
Dan lihat pula apa jadi dgn penswastaan DARA kepada Teras Dara yg di penghului oleh orang kuat Melayu. Saham Dara Lamsoon yg di pegang oleh Dara berpuluh tahun pun di jual. Sekarang Kilang Sawit Sawira pun dlm genggaman bapak2 dari Banting.
Ketuanan Melayu? Ya, dah layu ketuanan.

Unknown 20 October 2009 at 17:26  

Get a reputable Quantity Surveying Firm/Firms to come early to carry out a technical audit. This specialist can run the numbers , see whether cost is reflective of the design,the risk that soft cost are not excluded & the contracts cover all eventualities.

There must always be a check & balance especially where large sum of money is involved.

Unknown 20 October 2009 at 22:14  

kalau gi tengok kat mmg nampak mcm project ni very impressive.

But keeping in mind again your pointing out the inefficiencies of our PKNP, some seed of worries is definitely sowed here.

Heard from somewhere this project will take off after Chinese New Year as the main fund provider will be from Korea. Dunno how far it is true, though...

Kala Jengking,  20 October 2009 at 23:52  

Good write-up. I am impressed that you can call a spade a spade. Having been in the oil and gas industry myself, I am not impressed with this Tg Agas project.

Somebody out there are trying to make a quick buck. Just wait and see. This one will be another scandal pretty much like the PKFZ. Another sad episode for the country. But will any heads roll? Sigh...when will all this get-rich-quick end.

God bless Malaysia!

vinnan,  20 October 2009 at 23:52  

The money spent on developing Tangjung Agas will go to UMNO members and their friends. So what are you bitching about. Isa is known for his generosity in Bagan Pinang. Didn't his money come from the thousands of acres of balak concessions he gave out. Stop bitching. This is the real SOCIAL CONTRACT in Malaysia. The people in power 'cekik' as much as they can and Malaysians with the Malays in particular will vote for the government so long as the subsidies and freebies keep flowing. You UMNO fellows should be happy about this Tanjung agas project. After all where are the UMNO politicians going to get the money to pay for all the kenduris in Pahang. Moohidden is well-liked in Pagoh because he gives tents, tables and chairs to Malay couples to hold their kenduris. What a generous man. Hei, wtf. UMNO can keep fuc;[;' the rakyat so long as the freebies keep coming. Well one day the money will run out and at that point in time I want the Malays and UMNO in particular to understand that the non-Malays WILL not take the blame for their stupidity and greed. Let's just say there are many ways to stop a man with an AK 47 assault rifle. By the way out of curiosity, how do you fire an AK 47 rifle?

Anonymous,  21 October 2009 at 02:07  

vinnan said...

"The money spent on developing Tangjung Agas will go to UMNO members and their friends."

I can bet ya only small portion will go to them but the large chunk of it will benefit Go-Balak for making the road, LKS / IKS for becoming the main con and PR-Baba for supplying the construction materiala.

Fence Sitter

vinnan,  21 October 2009 at 08:30  

Fence Sitter,

Which by the way you are not. name the projects please that these PR and LKS people are benefiting from. Like I said one day the money will run out and people like you Fence Sitter better not blame any non-Malays for it.

Unknown 21 October 2009 at 08:36  


Regardless of What Negative Comments are made here...Let's get real.

This Project will be a SUCCESS for DS Najib.

He needs to ensure that support for him in the constituent continues unfailing before the next general elections. This project will be the highlight of his POLITICAL Success..

But Its looking more like "Political Success but Economic Failure"

walla 21 October 2009 at 10:15  

A: 'You quiet one.'

B: 'Take this:

"Tanjong Agas Supply Base and Marine Services' managing director Mohd Faidzal Ahmad Mahidin said about RM2 billion was needed for building the infrastructure and the company was seeking financial support from KAF Investment Bank Bhd and the federal government."

Any loan signing ceremony so far for this rm4.8 billion project due to start next year and be completed by 2013?

Secondly, south of this:

is this:

Analyse those with this:

Some questions thus:

two: was the state govt's 30 percent equity determined before or after the project price was tagged? was the land to be leased to the consortium valuated before or after the project price was tagged?

three: one of the consortium members is Petronas' Putrajaya developer, others have no experience in projects of such nature which had caused PKFZ to consult a middle-eastern body at ruinous rates; what assurance is there the two korean shipbuilders will not renege on technology transfer and at what cost to find alternatives?

four: if a steel mill is proposed for the project, will it be beyond Perwaja's output, from national viewpoint? Also, what is the steel situation in the world today - pointing at the shipbuilding situation today where shippers are selling off their ships?

five: is there an MOU by MISC to really buy eight LNG carriers from the project?

six: how will LNG carriers of such tonnage be constructed in the place when the waterline of even Kuantan port is too low for large carriers? have deepening costs been realistically factored?

seven: did the govt factor in the cost of a new power station needed for the project and did the consortium factor in the cost of building something over acqueous land that will be soft for hard industries in much the same way that KLIA had cost overruns on hard land?

eight: where are the potential customers?

If from EM, they have their own shipyards. If from Indonesia, they will pass sembawang first. If others, it will all be petronas in the main.'

A: 'there is something else you want to say, isn't there, B?'

walla 21 October 2009 at 10:16  

B: 'sigh..this looks like a state project started by the private sector and drawing support from the federal government. We have all seen this before. Weak communication, exuberant projections, possibly unsupportable assumptions, but most of all, undefined customer base. It's going to be more than five b in price so that means sustainability is the prime thing. How will it be sustained beyond launch? Will Petronas be called in again? Is it another msia inc project read govt-private jv or a govt GLC? The distinctions there the treasury will tell you can run into billions.

So, nine, where's the surgical insertion and extraction of project due diligence by independent experts reporting to both federal and state agencies with a media release to the rakyat?

The industry has already voiced bafflement that out of the blue a company consortised to do this appeared and it hasn't clearly articulated how the whole project will be positioned looking at today's and tomorrow's market projections.

That's the least anyone can do in a world where there is no such thing as free.'

A: 'But surely it has merits, B?'

B: 'Of course, it is well and good to want to believe that. But this is not some small potato project and while saying thirty thousand jobs will be created does pull the heartstrings but, ten, why haven't the big banks run to offer their syndicated financing then?'

A: 'If we look at the two maps, it does look good to have both sides of the harbour mouth developed as hubs, B.'

B: 'Sure, it's nice. The synergies can be there..but is there something not right about the waterline? And eleven, what's the role here of another state (Sarawak) so far from home?'

A: 'Symmetrize, B. Ask your last question.'

B: 'Twelve then, A. Does the federal govt have a methodology to work out what to do when private concerns approach it with a project that will inevitably call for its monetizable participation, support and because of the job-creating element, social bailout?

It opens the govt to not calling for open tenders but if it doesn't call for open tenders how will the rakyat know they are getting a good deal for their money?

Secondly since it wasn't the consortium's idea in the first place, will the family of the originator be reimbursed for the original proposal even if it didn't connect owing to financing?

Which thus asks why wasn't it financiable in the first place?'

A:'That's more than thirteen, B.'

B:'Yeah, i gotta stop. You know it costs more than eight mill to lease a favallet crane and you will need lots of cranes in such a place to do fabrication things. Does anyone in the govt know of such things which have blown a lot of contracts undelivered by o&g fabricators?'

Raison D'etre 21 October 2009 at 10:24  

Hi AK,

Trickle down effect is a bullshit term to justify amassing bollocks load of opportunities to select few and giving of left over crumbs to the masses who would be happy with the benevolence of their benefactor.

Wool over our eyes.

Peter,  21 October 2009 at 10:51  

There are more states coming up with their own hare brain schemes. More to come.

Just wonder , where does all those money come from? While nations around us are using those funds developing.. ours? Going to private pockets and money earned parked overseas.

cheers Malaysians.... This is normal news. We are so used to listening to such stories.

Ever thought of joining these guys? LOL

Anonymous,  21 October 2009 at 11:20  

The whole of Malaysia will hit by a tsunami if financial scandals as all these projects had been incubating the last 5 -7 years of our sleep walking PM Bodowi with very little control. It does not rain but pours! Suddenly when the storm clears we are much poorer 100 times and our next 2 generations will have to bear the costs. This is the law of Karma. Don't think you can escape this Law of the universe - even if the present kangaroo courts and Mickey Mouse MACC clear you of any wrong doing. Malaysia APA PUN BOLIH!

Anonymous,  21 October 2009 at 12:47  

Entah la weh!!! bila la kita ni nak hancur. Apa nak jadi pemimpin kita.
Anyway, lawan jangan tak lawan!!!
Tak kira la BN ke PAKATAN kalau tak betul hit them brother.
Pahang oi pahaeng.... alahai... MB Pahang tapi tak pe PM orang Pahang!!!

Anonymous,  21 October 2009 at 14:35  

Although Chan Kong Choy had been fingered but he is still keeping head. I hope the axe will fall on his head soon.

Anonymous,  21 October 2009 at 15:35  

this is a great project...It is pure visionary and forward looking
make no mistake about it.

This project will turn Pekan-Tg agas corridor as the next Dubai-Abu dhabi.

There should be immediate plans for

1>Pahang Airlines (AirPah) based in a brand new airport in Pekan
2>A modern LRT linking Pekan and Tg Agas
3>A new 8 lane highway linking Kuantan and Pekan
4>Six brand new 7 stars hotels in Pekan and Tg Agas with minimum 500 rooms each
5>Six international precincts to be developed in the corridor with 500 Villas and 6000 condominium in each precinct to service the needs of the expected population.The units will serve an expatriate population of 60,000 targetted by 2012.
6>>3 new shopping malls with minimum 5 million sq feet..
7>> A ski resort with artificial 24 x 7 snow.The resort will be in a 300 acres enclave to be named TA IcePalazio..and will have hotels,inns and other necessities.
8>>As the South China Sea makes reclaimation expensive..the alternative is to to dig up entensive canals to bring the shoreline on shore.The extended beach front will enhance property values and also provides the opportunity to have numerous fancy bridges.

Those are some of the basic essentials which should form the bedrock for the development.

At a later stage,the branding exercise will continue with relocation of Old Trafford,transfer of Golden Gate Bridge and new Hollywood,possibly a brand new White House.

Its never about O&G..cos no one would spend that money in a dying industry..the promoters of TA hv great foresight to hit the world with the xtreme bazooka>>glitz n entertainment.

Watch this Space

Anonymous,  21 October 2009 at 23:11  


Kalau tak buat sekarang, apabila sampai giliran PR mendiami koridor kuasa mereka juga tidak ada kaedah lain untuk memenuhi periuk nasi parti dan juak-juak mereka melainkan menerusi kaedah yang sedia ada - buat cadangan, lobi sana sini dan kalau bintangnya cerah maka dapatlah diimplementasikan cadangan itu, ini dsbnya.

Cumanya pada masa akan datang, mungkin juak dan kroni PR pula yang akan mendapat giliran mereka tetapi hakikatnya pendekatan mereka juga tetap seperti itu, iaitu: Go-Balak enterprise yang akan buat jalan raya, LKS and Son Sdn Bhd yang akan jadi kontrakor utama dan RPK-Baba yang akan bekalkan bahan binaan.

Apa yang digambarkan ini tidak ada kaitan dengan sifat iri hati atau prejudis tetapi sekadar menyatakan realiti sebenar yang melata buat masa ini dan juga pada masa-masa yang mendatang, yakni dalam konteks pengisian temolok masing-masing termasuklah PR. Tidak perlulah gusar untuk mengakui realiti tersebut dan terima sajalah realiti tersebut meskipun ianya tidaklah begitu manis untuk ditelan.

Kita hanya menjadi insan yang hipokrit kalau ada yang enggan mengakui bahawa antara PR dan BN tidak ada banyak perbezaan dari segi sistem dan pendekatan untuk memewahkan diri sendiri? Lihat sajalah di Kelantan. Pengisian temolok tetap berlaku. Bukankah sistem yang diamalkan di situ adalah sama dengan sistem yang diamalkan di Pahang, Terengganu, P Pinang dllnya?

Fence Sitter

vinnan,  22 October 2009 at 13:02  

Hei Fence Sitter the Auditor -General just pointed out that Penang is the best financially managed state in Malaysia. I wonder why a state like Penang with no natural resources can outperform states such as Sarawak, Sabah and Terengganu with all their oil wealth. LGE has done what no BN Mentri Besar or Chief MInister have done in Malaysian history in less than 2 years of being in office. The Kelantan state government has no Federal debts unlike the bastion of UMNO in Johor.

PR have PROVEN they can run a state WITHOUT Federal bailouts because they have managed to keep corruption to a minimum. BN states on the other hand NEED corruption to stay alive in the same way a Mat Gian needs drugs to stay alive.

Anonymous,  22 October 2009 at 13:31  


Baca laporan berikut:

1. Tian Chua dihukum penjara cederakan anggota polis


KUALA LUMPUR 22 Okt. - Ahli Parlimen Batu, Tian Chua dihukum penjara enam bulan dan denda RM3,000 oleh Mahkamah Majistret di sini hari ini atas tuduhan mencederakan anggota polis dua tahun lalu....

2. Minyak petrol RM300 seliter!


Umum mengetahui harga minyak petrol pada kadar RM1.80 seliter di mana-mana jua tempat di negara ini. Namun, Jabatan Audit Negara menemui bukti pembelian minyak petrol sehingga RM300 seliter oleh pihak tertentu di Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan (SUK) Negeri Pulau Pinang....

Apa maknanya? Itu baru satu tahun setengah. Bayangkan kalau 20 tahun!!!

Fence Sitter

Anonymous,  23 October 2009 at 01:30  

it won't be a PKFZ..don't worry.
If at all it fails it has to be bigger than PKFZ..its natural progression i.e. inflation.

Wonder why u need Putra Perdana to do up ur infra..aren't there capable contractors in Pahang?Can even split into 30 ten million dollar least will keep lots of Pahang households in McDonalds and kerpolk lekors heaven for 2 years.

Well,its too complex.Myb should watch out for the private jets at Kuantan airports..

Anyway,you are keeping lots more "inside" information close to your chest..hope you will remain a Dato' for awhile yet

Anonymous,  23 October 2009 at 07:58  

Anon 01:30,

You mean all datuks are yessss man??
Keep it up tok sak without favour or fear. Anon ni takut hilang dia punya cut kot..

mimi, kerteh

Anonymous,  23 October 2009 at 10:24  

jawapannya ada pada mereka yang hadir pada majlis perlancarannya beberapa bulan yang lalu.

fizi 23 October 2009 at 15:57  

jangan local people jadi kuli batak je dah la.. just curious, I don't really see it coming in Pekan, no ad or promo whatsoever.. and that PKNP managing (or mismanaging) Teruntum bits.. hahahahahahha

Anonymous,  24 October 2009 at 13:46  

Another PKFZ. Check out who have bought a couple of Gulfstreams and you will find the mastermind.

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