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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 28 June 2008


BELLUM DOMESTICUM?- war among family members?

We cant help but notice that Dato Najib’s body language lately revealed emotional insecurities. The latest signal from him is that he is considering challenging Pak Lah for the UMNO presidentship. We can expect internecine war if that is to happen. It is all part of UMNO’s - war among UMNO family members.

But is it too late and too heavy a burden for Dato Najib- a man given to easy life? Has he got the amour propre to wage war? If your soldiers are not convinced of your political and moral credentials, Dato Najib is doomed.

In law, the axiom of those proffering equity to seek redress is that those who plead equity must come with clean hands. Dato Najib’s hands are dirtied by many filths that will be systematically released after this.

It’s already too late for Dato Najib. When the prime minister and Khairi denied having any knowledge about the statutory declaration from the anarchic Raja Petra, the signals from there are as follows:- what Pak Lah and Khairi said is that they can have access to utmost confidential information from the intelligence establishments. New evidences can surface as to change the whole scenario.

QUI NON EST HODIE ERAS MINUS APTUS ERIT- he who is not prepared today will be less so tomorrow.

Hence Dato Najib shifting stance is a trifle too late sir. You are like what the Latin description- gladiator in arena consilium capit- the gladiator is making his plan in the arena( i.e. too late my dear). Dato Najib has not prepared for war.

In one of my earlier blogs, I wrote that Dato Najib’s strategy have similarities like the American strategy of détente. This was what I wrote:-

Najib’s strategy is like what the west adopted during the period of détente. It was assumed then that a particular action by the west led by the US would draw forth a parallel reaction from the soviets. Thus if we wanted peace, we should not prepare for war, if we wanted security we should not threaten and if we wanted cooperation we should compromise. Najib wanted peace so he will not prepare for war, he wanted security of his position so he will not threaten and he wants cooperation from the various groups in UMNO so he will compromise. Making deals is second nature to Najib- as long as it profits him.

Dato Najib’s strategy like that adopted by many US administration during the period of détente was entirely wrong. Writing about this strategy, Margaret Thatcher stated:- When the United States were led by administrations which were intent on compromise with the soviets, the soviet union expanded its military arsenals and intensified its military interventions. But once there was an American president who openly proclaimed his aims of military superiority( read assertive leadership), systematic competition( read resoluteness) and the global roll-back of soviet power( read dismissal of certain personages in UMNO), the soviet union cooperated, disarmed and finally collapsed.

Cito fit quod dii volunt- what the gods want happens soon.


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