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Friday 13 June 2008

najib and his UMNO

Assalamulaikum and salam sejahtera.

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Najib says he won’t be challenging Pak Lah for the post of party president. He says he is an UMNO man. A true one. Perhaps truer than true, eh Najib? He says he is not the son who will destroy the party that his father helped set up. So it is all about preserving what the father has bequeathed. That is why I say Najib will be as much a disappointment as Pak Lah- he regards the party as a family heirloom. He wants to remain loyal because this is the party set up by the father. Is that rationale a defensible one? It has not got deep roots. Belief not based on conviction will later waste away. Like his father, Najib is currently the deputy prime minister just as the father was when another Penangnite was the prime minister then. He has seen so many deputy prime minister became casualties when they became restless. Being the coward that he is , he wont go to war. He does not mind if the party disintegrate because of incompetent and inept leadership. He is by his own admission, someone who values tradition.

Naturally, Najib’s statement from the one time metropolis of imperialism, the land of fish and chips imperialism, raises more questions than it answers. What is the tradition that he so extols? What response shall we adopt of someone who says explicitly, that because this was a party that his father helped found, he must be around to guard it. Margaret Thatcher once said- …we must go on to assume that anyone who claims special powers, rights and privileges on the basis that he or she is the only person that be can be relied upon to be altruistic ..must be viewed with extreme suspicion. I can only persuade others to adopt this attitude. Najib is very similar to those sycophantic supporters of his who believed that only Najib has that special talent to solve UMNO’s problems. That optimism is perhaps ill founded. We must do everything to stop a recurrence of treating the party as a personal property. That sums up all about Najib tun razak. It isn’t for some gimmicky effect when Tun Mahathir says Najib is a coward. I have long held the belief that Najib is a political invertebrate.

The most recent statements of Najib made during a visit and a much needed holiday in UK, must not be allowed to pass without being challenged.

First, we must examine the choices available to Najib. Second we will examine his implicit belief that UMNO is the same party as that one the father helped set up. Najib’s future hangs on the balance. He is betting his future on the premise or even faith that the present UMNO is still the same UMNO that fights for Malay nationalism.

Najib cannot afford to say the wrong things. He is but a step away from the party president’s post and with that the premiership. He must exhibit unquestioning loyalty and subservience to Pak Lah otherwise Pak Lah’s horsemen will come after him with their scythes.


Ramli Mohd Yunus 24 June 2008 at 01:18  

Saudara Mat Tomoi,

You are one great hell of a guy. You stay in Pekan and was an ADUN once, yet you dare enough to stand up for the truth.

You are one of a very rare species in UMNO (that if you are still an UMNO member). I am in with you all the way brother!!

Visit my blog if you have the time.

Ramli Mohd Yunus

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