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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 3 June 2008

does najib deserve to be the umno president? Part One.

My present writing could have been titled de-branding najib. My intention is to de-mystify Najib. I want people, especially UMNO members and supporters to see Najib for what he is. A large portion of the Najib personality is myth, spinned by clever image builders and pliant journalists. Good looks certainly helped. I am told many ladies in Pekan can go into fits of orgasm just by looking at Najib's reddened lips. Of course, there is an expletive version as to why Najib's lips are perpetually red. We shall not get into that. One poor soul has even gone mad. She can be seen cycling around Pekan town, declaring Najib loves her. I am sure he has capitalised on his physical assets. But i must decline any invitation to speculate on between the blanket- and -mattress tales. I know nothing of those. I am more inclined to battle another warrior in the arena.
I am trying to reason out whether Dato sri najib deserves to be the next UMNO president. my own estimation is he does not. I say in a nutshell, this is not his bloody party, this isnt his bloody country and don't take us for bloody fools! i hope Malays in particular will not be fooled by form rather than substance. As UMNO president, he becomes by extension, the prime minister of Malaysia. That is an ominous outcome. UMNO does not belong to PakLah. Despite his stated intention to hand over UMNO to Dato Najib, that must be done according to UMNO constitution.Pak Lah cannot do it unilaterally. UMNO practices democracy and that decision must be carried out by delegates. Unless Pak Lah exits earlier, then the post of UMNO president becomes vacant and Najib becomes acting UMNO President. He can still be challenged at the end of the year. and judging from the political groundswell, his position is not guaranteed. If Najib is endorsed by the delegates in December 2008, then so be it. as gentlemen, we will accept that outcome. if that happens, i will still hold to my belief that Dato Najib is ill suited to become the UMNO President and by extension the prime minister.

For now, I will try to fathom the issue from the standpoint of a pekanite( i.e. those hailing from Pekan). Pekan folks insist Najib must become the UMNO president and prime minister. this insistance is shaped by years of mental conditioning. Pekan folks in general have been turned into pitiful supplicants for handouts from Najib. Every weekend, throngs of people will que up at Najib's Pekan residence to receive money. since 1976, Pekan folks have come to expect Najib to behave like Santa Claus. he has plenty of things to give away.
that was why Najib wasnt at all ashamed to admit he was confident of winning. Reason number one: he has given the poor Pekan folks a lot of goodies. over the years, he has given gratis- school bags and uniforms, food, bycycles, whatever the poor of Pekan desire. and yes, there are many poor people in Pekan despite the fact that Najib has been its MP from 1976 at the age of 24.
I am qualified to talk about this issue because of several reasons.I am a Pekanite. I was born in Kampung Parit in the heart of Pekan. My parents were born in Pekan. Their fathers and mothers before them were born in Pekan. secondly I am a member of UMNO Pekan, the division headed by Najib. Thirdly, I was an active member having served as a division committee member since 1992 and the information chief for 4 years. i am not ashamed to say during my tenure as the party information chief i had carried out the largest number of information activities before and after my tenure. in 1999 Najib won his seat by a 241 votes majority. in 2004, his majority was almost 23,000. i dont care if the other bloody cow-dungs in Pekan unashamedly claim to have contributed to that victory but I, on the other hand, can justifiably claim to have made a substantial contribution. You know the Malay saying, after the house is completed, then only the chisel starts making noises. A certain person now serving in an important political post with Dato Najib started a short lived reunification pact with PAS members. It was to become just a tool to shore up his personal political fortunes. but it is precisely this kind of falsity and pompous parlay of political support that is appreciated by Najib. Najib is a person given easily to artificial adulation. part of the victory is deservedly related to najib's personality and political image. after all he is a thoroughbred. his father was the great Tun Razak. And Pekan people still swear by TUn Razak. Najib is blessed with good looks and is quite an affable person. Of course, a larger part of the victory was due to monetary inducements. I am witness to all these things in their unadulterated form, so I can claim to know the strengths and weaknesses of UMNO Pekan. I was also a member of the Pahang legislative assembly or ADUN or wakil rakyat for Pulau Manis in Pekan( 2004-2008).
how does a typical pekanite view the prospects of Najib?. nowadays, the common talk in Pekan is Najib should take on Pak Lah as UMNO president. i can tell you right away- this will never happen in a million years. Najib has never been and will never be a fighter. he is by nature a timid soul, waiting by default to become the next in line. Najib became the member of parliament for Pekan by default on account of TUn Razak's demise. at 22, he wasnt that politically aware. he was still sowing his wild oats everywhere. he was quite a ladies man. najib was protected by TUn Hussen Onn his uncle when the latter was prime minsiter( 1976-1981). he was quite untouchable. he became the UMNO youth chief because anwar ibrahim wanted him there. otherwise he was contented to sit it out as deputy youth chief. he became the vice president by latching himself onto the anwar juggenaut., during the halcyon days when anwar ruled supreme and money was the god worshipped on the political altar. he was a deputy UMNO president for three terms. during that time, all the UMNO vice presidents literally bought their way to their positions. when anwar ibrahim was sacked, PakLah moved up the ladder. Najib was quite pissed off when this happened. Indeed he was said to have holidayed in Singapore to wallow away. he had received the highest number of votes as the vice president, but was sidestepped. The reason was that he was relatively too young. when Tun Mahathir retired in 2003, he waited albeit for an agonizing long time to be handed the deputy president's post. with that post he became Deputy Premier. now tell me, at which point in time has najib ever genuinely earned his position? through out his political life, Najib lived on a largess of political subsidies. on this reasoning, i say once again, not in a million years. he hasnt got the gumption nor the fortitude to challenge Pak Lah. he would rather wait until pressure pushes out Pak Lah or by some act of divine intervention, Mahathir endorses his challenge. Tun Mahathir is keeping his options wide open.


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