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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 30 June 2008


I am no fan of Anwar Ibrahim. Since my university days. I regarded him as a master of hunting with the hounds and running with the hares. He and his party started well this year. Winning 31 parliamentary seats.

Three months ago, he took in a young aide. The lad’s name is Saiful Bukhari Azlan. He is 23 years old. Young and nubile perhaps. That decision to take the young man in, was his biggest mistake.

Perhaps, the tide has turned. Will 2008 become annus teribilis ( dreadful year) for Anwar?

This lad Saiful Bukhari made a police report. In it he said his employer had sodomised him. His employer is Anwar Ibrahim. Now, was. He made the police report from his hospital bed.

We saw a photograph of this lad with his fiancée on a bed and in a bedroom. That shows that he is a man with male inclinations. He is not a beautiful boy who fancies another beautiful boy. He is 23 years old. He is not a small boy. He says his employer brought him to a condominium and there committed the despicable act.

For god sake! You are 23 years old. You can desist the advances of an alleged homosexual cant you, you twerp.

It is the conduct of the police that is at issue here. When the report became public everyone seems to focus on this. Who is this Saiful Bukhari to receive honours from the director of the CID? I was told that any report on sodomy can be investigated by an ordinary policeman. Apparently, the report by Saiful Bukhari Azlan merits the attention of the CID Director.

The law enforcing institutions seem to have found a renewed vigour. Their focus more intense. There appears to be a real sense of urgency. It would seem that right now, Anwar Ibrahim must be incarcerated. Perhaps given a few kicks at some strategic locations. Maybe this is why he has sought and given refuge at the Turkish embassy. Maybe he is enjoying Turkish bath there no?

The same intensity however was not present in the case of investigating the statutory declaration by that many times removed Bugis descendant. RPK is the name of that rouge blogger. Why doesn’t the police issue an arrest warrant against this man?. He is said to have committed criminal defamation which is a very serious case. In this case alleging that certain people were present during the C4ing of the Mongolian whose name, like Macbeth cannot be mentioned by theatre actors. Can anyone enlighten this law ignorant economist as between an SD and a police report, which one has more legal force?

Two out the three people mentioned in the SD have filed for defamation against RPK. The Lt. colonel and his wife. They are suing RPK for a mere RM 1 million. Chicken feed when compared to an imputation that you are part of a murder conspiracy. Surprise surprise, that case didn’t merit the attention of the CID director.

Then there is the ongoing case of the murdered Mongolian. Could the police be guilty of malfeasance? They appeared to have failed to do the one thing that is most crucial. Getting confessions from the accused. I though the police will be thorough in securing confessions. They have caught the accused murderers. When your investigation reports are faulty, justice will be delayed. Justice delayed is justice denied. And it would appear so. The case before the court now is taking an inordinately long time to come to a conclusion. We have plots within subplots until we are not sure why we went to the court in the first place.

A person has been murdered. It would seem comical to suggest that the deceased before the person moved on, shot herself, tied herself with explosives and bombed herself to kingdom come.

Are we pursuing justice?


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