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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 6 November 2022

Vote Anwar 'The Rock' Ibrahim.


1. I don't agree with Anwar on several things. As I see it, he's prone to being drowned in his own rhetoric. His debate on the sapura issue was wanting.

2. But the things that I agree with him far outweigh those that I don't .

3. The things that I don't serve as a hurdle preventing me from giving unconditional support. If he has persuasive arguments it's mad if I don't support him.

4. His unflinching adherence to principles is very commendable.

5. Wasn't it Thomas Jefferson who said:on matters of style, swim with the current.on matters of principle stand like rock

6. He could have become the pm had he agreed to the conditions put by Ali babavum Najib.

7. Had he succumbed to the pleadings of Najib, Anwar would have become just a stooge. At once manipulated and pliable.

8. He stands like a rock ,unmoved by the seductive persuasions of Mr red lips

9. Who do we choose? The corrupt and corruptible or people like Anwar? Do like John Quincy Adams said. Vote for principles, though you may vote alone.

10. His motto of being anti corruption, anti abuse of power and anti wastage,strikes a resonance with many us. Allow him to actually do them

11.let us see beyond personalities and outward appearance. Anwar has showed substance. What maters to us are principles. And these are free enterprise, rule of law and treating everyone as equals before the law

12. We now want his vision for Malaysia. Other than the above, is he ready to appoint people based on merit. Will he eliminate positioning people using the ascribed status? That one's professional destiny is preordained by race, sex and familial ties,?

13. Let us hope he is determined to implement pragmatic policies. Not the ones tied to particular ideologies or theories or even irrational racist theory, but policies whose acid test is only-does this policy work and produce the desired results?

14. For example, bumiputraism, which rears its ugly head in many of our policies are actually counterproductive, abandon them . Choose another policy .

15. Finally, let us desire of him, to place HONESTY as the underlying principle behind every decision. Let's put honest leadership at every level in our society.

16. Dishonest people, who are proven by law, no matter who they are, ex pm,ministers, judges, heads of department etc, will be jailed

17. In a sermon by one Frederick Lewis Donaldson at Westminster Abbey in 1925, mentioned 7 deadly social sins.

18. One of the 7 principles he mentioned was-politics without principles.

19. Now, Anwar Ibrahim, Pak sheikh, brother Anwar,abg nun, is a man of principle. Choose him!


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