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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Permutations and Possibilities.

1. The facts, as verified by spr are as follows. PH 82, PN 73, BN 30 and the Borneo bloc 35.

2. The Borneo bloc being grs,gps, warisan, pbm ,kdm bebas etc from east Malaysia

3. If what zahid says is true, that is as umno president, he has the mandate to decide umnos course of action, then what abang Johari said and mahiadin said are premature.

4. If zahids mandate is as per umnos resolution, no pact with either pH or pn, nothing is definite yet .

5. Nothing is definite yet as zahids mandate may depart from umnos resolution. The fate of a coalition government is wide opened.

6. Therefore, what abang Johari said is premature and mahiadin said was untrue.

7. Premature because BN has not discussed anything with the Borneo bloc. Mahiadin said was untrue, because at his PC, he said he has received a letter from the palace.

8. Such a letter, may or may not exist. The purported letter, seems to suggest that mahiadin has been given the go ahead to form a government. Mahiadin wants the public to believe that being so.

9. I am inclined to say such a letter with such purposeful intent and want does not exist. But being full of machinations, intrigue and scheming, mahiadin said that with a poker face and in an as a matter of fact manner.

10. Allow me to say it bluntly, mahiadin is a serial liar. Or maybe even a congenital liar.

11. Why should mahiadin be treated preferentialy as he, the master manipulator inferred? His PN has 73 seats as compare with PH with 82 seats?

12. Calling PH and PN at the same time maybe fair and time saving, but it is not right.

13. The better way in my opinion is to call PH(82) to present it's proposals. If it's not successful then only call PN,(73,).

14. In a first pass the post system, it is PH which pass the passed the post first. If the earlier and the latter are treated the same, then an election race is meaningless.

15. If that is the case, let's call a tender and the bids opened at the same time.

16. Also, our government must never be a government by SD. The better way is, the king calls for a special meeting of parliament to verify the validity of the government. Or the king meets all elected mps in person.

17. This way may not be as time saving as calling PH and PN at the same time, but then the business of forming a government is serious business.

18. It must be deliberate and full of care. Not one to be treated cavalierly

19. Let's get back to the issue of zahids mandate . It may be as per umno resolution. Which means not working with either ph or pn .

20. Or now, depending on circumstances, it's at his discretion on what, in his opinion is best for umnos interest.

21. It cannot be grounded on his personal or court cluster's interests .

22. If personal and court cluster interests are factored in, that means his choice of coalition partners are composed of people who are compromisable, irresolute and unprincipled. Not good for the nation.

23. If he is thinking of the nation first, personal and court cluster interests must not be factored in.

24. Let's assume he chooses to work with pn and the Borneo bloc. He then has 30+73+35=138.

25. He can choose to work with ph alone. He then has 30+82=112.

26. He can't work ALONE with either pn (30+73) or the Borneo bloc (30+35).

27. He doesn't want to work with either ph or pn. He wants umno to be a pure oppositon. Something umno is unaccustomed to. Then pn and ph will do some fierce horse trading with the Borneo bloc.

28. Pn with 73 seats can't bargain with the Borneo bloc (35). PH can. 82 +35.

29. We have to consider the anti-hopping act too. . If support for the proposals of any party is considered hopping, we have another scenario. If it's not considered so, the game is an open one.

31. PH can work with umno and the Borneo bloc. 82+30+35=146. Pn 73+30+35=138.

32. We assume pH and pn are adversaries and will perpetually remain so .it will always be pH vs pn.

33. If mps are free to decide without following party lines, then the issue is open-ended

34. Then both pH and pn can work with some elements in umno, in the Borneo bloc and even within PH. PH can also work with some elements within umno, the Borneo bloc and PN.

35. In that case, I will sit back and ask the parties, quo vadis and eventually say like Doris Day, que sera sera.


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