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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Voting for Dap

1. In a telling remark about making choices,a netizen said:- Choosing the dap does not diminish my faith, but choosing corruption certainly does not elevate my faith.

2. That's what an election really is, a choice between parties .parties with a vision of how to run a country.

3. It's a choice between a party representing evil, profligate spending, racial hegemony, corruption and emasculation of democratic institutions.

4. Umno is the embodiment of everything evil. Its Weltanschauung is racial supremacy and hegemony, corruption and pillaging the country. It's current raison detre is to free Ali babavum Najib and overrule the law by might.

5. A spectre is haunting Malaysia. The spectre of umnoism. Its tenets are racial supremacy, religious extremism and absolute monarchism.

6. The reactionary forces are forming an unholy alliance with it. The ecclesiastical dictators, ustazs and ustazahs, kings and thugs. They want to exorcise umnoism and unleashed evil.

7. Which political party that stands in opposition to umnoism has not been branded subversive, racist and chauvinistic and now communist?

8. The dap, a member of PH is one such victim. It's demonised as racist, chauvinist and now, communist.

9. The characterisation is of course patently false. Dap is multiracial and strives for inclusiveness. It aims to promote meritocracy, pursue pragmatic policies and works earnestly to infuse honesty in governance at all levels

10.dap is a danger to umno precisely because it's objectives are so appealing to all right-thinking persons and readily strike a resonance with the people.

11. Isn't that what everyone wants? To co-exist peacefully with each other, from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs?
Instead of living in a pressure cooker with mistrust and constant conflict?

12. Because of these universal ideas, dap stands in direct opposite to umno. It is at once anti corruption, anti abuse of power and anti wastage. Fundamentally, it believes everyone progresses by his own bootstraps, instead as in umno people are patronized and rise according to heritage. It is undemocratic.

13. Dap is a mortal danger to umno. It must be put down at all cost. What better way, than to label it as racist, chauvinist and communist?

14. Why is the choice between dap and corruption (umno) framed in terms of faith? Precisely because faith does not require reasoning, explaining and rationale. All it needs is blind belief.

15. Just believe that dap is racist. Just believe it is communist. Well, that is no longer that way.

16. That is the only way of the umno Goebbelsian propagandists. That is the way of the ecclesiastical dictators.

17. Umno is a product of 1940s. Dap is the product of the 60s. It was a reaction product of the reactionary umno politics.

18. Dap is not racist because it speaks out for legitimate Chinese interests. Umno speaks for legitimate Malay interests. If each speaks for the legitimate interests of a particular race, isn't it fair? Is it etched in stone, that non malays can't speak of matters affecting them?

19. If any party can be termed as racist, regrettably, it must be umno. Because it institutionalized Malay rights in its constitution. Then, Malay first is translated into various policies of the government. Education, public employment, economic policies etc. For example, when tun Razak says is penuh, it never meant is with idiots

20. Dap is not racist because it disagrees with your imbecilic ideas. Take out the racial component of the disagreement. The crux is the disagreement, not the racial originator.

21. A person cannot be faulted for his racial origins. You can't choose to be what race. Therefore, if that non-Malay stands in opposition to your ideas, you cannot fault his ethnic origins and termed him racist.

22. It may mean you can't reason or out argue the other person, and your only recourse is to besmirch the other person's ethnicity.

22. In the 1960s, white Americans wanting to rid black Americans instead of providing cogent arguments would just label the irritable black as mad and commit him to the asylum.

23. That is the tool in trade of the supremacist. Is tajuddin a supremacist?

24. Give us the reasoning as to why the dap is racist. Is it racist for speaking out for Chinese interests, for speaking out for any wrongdoings and disagreeing, or just being Chinese? Which? Or just being irritable and, therefore, can be committed to the asylum?

25. Then, there is this mad mullah who claimed to have dreamt meeting the holy prophet of Islam repeatedly, labelling dap as communist.

26. Fuyoo, that's a next level argument. May we ask his holiness, did the prophet ask him to pronounce dap as communist?

27. I am sure in labeling dap as communist, Hadi wasn't talking about the Marxian labor theory of value or the communist manifesto or the 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.

28. The only thing that matters to him, is the racial component of his argument. Since China is communist, and dap being Chinese, it too must be communist! All Chinese who refuses him, must be communists.

29. Being ungodly is not unique among the Chinese in dap. Those who commit all kinds of wrong, pillage the country are also ungodly. Thus, a Malay who commits all these regard God as irrelevant.

30. Allow me to quote a para from the poem 'sidang ruh'by the late kassim Ahmad, who himself was labelled an apostate by some men of God.


Nanti akan padamlah dengan sendiri
Lampu Dari menara tinggi
Karena dibawahnya orang Kian mabuk
Dan tuhan sudah mati.

32. To people who commit all kinds of wrong, to the court cluster in umno,to Ali babavum Najib, God no longer exist.

33. I have been an umno member, Ajk bahagian and it's adun. I am now with dap and was given a chance to serve as it's mp. I am in position to compare the two.

34. But first, let me begin with the religious hypocrisy that confronts you for being a dap member.

35. Many years ago I was with a cousin. During our meet, a member of the pahang royal family called him.
36. My cousin told the caller that he was a dap mp. To which the caller exclaimed. What happened to him? Dah murtad ke?

37. Notice how skewed is the thinking of some people. Choosing a political party is equated with religion. If you are a Muslim, being dap means you are blasphemous and an apostate.

38. Be ready to face all sorts of deprave name callings. Pembelot bangsa lah, anjing Lim kit Siang lah , dapig lah, etc.


To all which I answer with a quatrain or pantun.
Antan dan lesung lagi bertingkah
Suami isteri bertikam lidah
Saya tukar wadah bukan aqidah
Kepada Allah jua yang saya sembah.

40. When I attended my first dap congress in December 2012, I got a shocker during lunch. Everyone ate the same halal nasi bungkus. Leaders and ordinary members get their own food. No special treatment.

41. This maybe insignificant. But compare it to what occurs in umno.
The darjat system is entrenched in umno. Delegates would eat in a hall, while mkt members eat in a separate room.

42. All proceedings in dap congress is conducted entirely in Malay. That should answer dap critics that it doesn't respect bm. Many years later, even Dr Mahathir was surprised that dap congress is in Malay. Leaders and delegates spoke in Malay.

43. While umno celebrates mediocrity, dap values excellence. Umno will bring your intelligence to the level of below average while dap will push your intelligence to above average. In umno, those with better learning are almost always prejudiced. Soon umno will be composed of dullards and the mediocre .

44. In my years as a dap member, I have never anyone who is from team red bean army. Clearly, the red bean army is just the imagination of a Hitler worshiper like bung mokhtar.

45. Nor have I ever met dap leaders and members who are racists or speak about Chinese triumphalism. The love, affection and respect showed to me is deeply appreciated.

46. Know that people like tajuddin is a morbid nationalist and a bully, while Hadi really is a religious nationalist. Both are actually racists.

47. While umno and pas embellish corruption and other depravities, dap is the opposite.

48. Dap stands for uprightness, doing the right things correctly. For that I urge readers to vote dap. Long live Malaysia.


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