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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 29 November 2022

Reimagining the DAP

1. It's gratifying to know that umno is going to sing praises for DAP.

2. Let's now see how they are actually going to do it. After years of demonizing Dap, it would be interesting to see how umno is going to break the straight jacket.

3. But I am sorry to tell umno to stop the blame shifting to say, blackened Dap is the result of pn narrative.

4. To be fair, it's true that PN is responsible for maligning, besmirching, disparaging and belittling dap.

5. To the haters in PN, dap is pushing the Christian and Jewish agenda and horrors, it's communist and godless.

6. I have debunked this black propaganda in my earlier article, 'voting DAP'. See the blog article.

7. But umno too is guilty of the black propaganda. At every umno general assembly, the Chinese are blamed for all the ills befalling the Malay community.

8. At every umno general assembly, delegates will not forfeit the opportunity to berate and lambast Chinese greed and rapaciousness for causing the overall backwardness of the malays. And the Chinese behaved that way, because of Dap. For that, DAP is public enemy number one.

9. So while assigning blame to pn, which is but a recent creation, umno must first deconstruct its own racist nationalism.

10. Sure, kill off mahiadin's false claims about Dap christian and Jewish agenda. It's so riculous

11. Pour boiling water over Hadis hallucinations of anti-Malay, anti Islam and lbgt lovers attributed maliciously to Dap.

12. Umno should be able to do these. It is no stranger to the black art of verbal sophistry and internet propaganda. Herr Lokman will salivate at that task. The pontian gnome needs only to give his approval.

13. The umno leadership must acknowledge and make it known to the umno hoi polloi, that the general backwardness of the malays is not caused by the Chinese and not instigated by the dap.

14. That really the way forward for the malays rests on endogenous diligence, skill sets and industriousness. Not in blaming others. Envy of others should spur competitiveness.

15. It's easier to blame and berate pn for the negative perception of the dap. It's more difficult for umno to deconstruct its own prejudices on the Dap.

16. Umnos work is made more difficult, because of the fact that out of the 7million first time voters, the majority of them voted for the ecclesiastical dictators.

17. Which means the impressionable young minds believed the lies perpetrated by the mad mullahs.

18. Which suggests that umno, dap and even muda have not paid heed to first time voters.

19. Umno must do many things. First, to deconstruct its own racial bigotry, begining with the coming pau. Second, to attack pn mercilessly. 3rd, to cultivate and engage the 1st time voters

20. Being impressionable can only imply, the minds of the young, the majority of them can be cleansed. The pondok and the madrasah crowd are probably dyed in the wool apparatchiks.

21. The sober truth is, umno can only do so much. Moreover, we cannot believe the pontian gnome completely.

22. It's up to the Dap to say convincing and repeatedly, it's never anti-Malay, anti Islam or anti monarchy. It's no communist. A person's religious denomination and a person's sexual preferences is a personal choice and is not daps business.

23. It needs to carry out field programs to cultivate and engage the young meaningfully.

24. In carrying out its tasks, dap need not change its spots. Its democratic socialism has worked well over the years and will probably endure indefinitely.

25. Dap must remain as the bulwark against social injustices and all wrongdoings. It's democratic socialism must rest in the idea of meritocracy, pragmatic policies and honesty. Leave the BS to others


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