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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Warning letter, suspend or expel . Nazri's draconian panacea. Burn the whole mosquito net to get rid of one mosquito.

Don't be afraid to take action against ku li nazri tells umno

1. Herr Nazi, I mean, nazri is a lawyer. Not sure if he is in practice, though. But I am sure he has come across the legal adage-those who come into equity, come with clean hands

2. The court refuses to give relief to a complainant, if he is, himself, blemished.

3. In this case, nazri has violated good faith in the claim he has made.

4. We know that nazri himself played a prominent role in installing the leader of the renegades as PM. In deeds, nazri represents the not umno elements in umno.

5. Therefore, his call for umno to take action against ku li is a proposal not to strengthen umno but to get rid of the only sane voice in the party led by mad men.

6. Left to the machinations of the crazy lot, umno will self-destruct. Hurrah!

7. Fortunately, umno is intelligent enough to ignore the braying of a fifth columnist like nazri. The mp of the itchy tree, will remain a saboteur, umno should be wary about.

8. Nazri has no standing whatsoever to ask umno to take action against ku li.

9. He ignores the fact, that umno has only got a bloody 38 mps. Ismail sabri is pm at the pleasure of bersatu and pas and east Malaysian colluding parties.

10. Just what kind of action does nazri propose umno do against n ku li:? A warning letter? Suspend ku li? Expel ku li?

11. It would be interesting to know what the pontian gnome can suggest to the pliant mkt.

12. Suppose umno take any of these actions. Can we then expect ku li to support any resolutions umno makes in or outside parliament?

13. Umno isn't scared to take action against anyone, but it knows to do anything taken as a slight, will make umno implode faster. Ku li is not a person without support.
We salivate at the prospects of umno imploding.

14. Take la action, Mr umno -we are eager to see umno self-destruct.

15. But wait, let us humor vat Herr nazri said. He is asking for umno to take action because by being neutral, ku li opposes the government.

16. It's true that the pm is an umno man, but it's not an umno government. It's an umno plus government.

17. The umno man can stay on as the puppet pm at the pleasure of the ecclesiastical dictators, bersatu mensheviks and others.

18. Indeed, to stay on as part of the gado gado government which nazri supports shows that umno has no sense of self-worth. It has no amour propre.

19. The actions of ku li on the other hand, shows that he is inching away from umno.

20. The indisputable fact is, umno has no future. It is incapable of reforming itself. It's the umno we have lost.

21. Umno survives because it's supported by male and female Malay rednecks, Malay supremacists and the bigoted malays. It will be irrelevant in pru 15.

22. The most logical and foreseeable outcome is the total decoupling of ku li from an incorrigible and irreformable umno.

23. Leave umno and form a new platform. As for umno, go on ...shove the pillow to a sleepy person.

24. In the final analysis, to borrow the analogy from Dennis Skinner, a one time labour mp, 1/3 of umno are not crooks .


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