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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Off to a bad start. The perils of a pm with a catastrophic illiteracy in economics.

1. On 10th October, the pm dissolved parliament. Let's put the fear of God into the hearts of these umno people

2. Fear of god means real and genuine, deep-seated fear. They should be fearful, because ultimately, it's we, the people, who exercise power.

3. We, the people, have the ultimate power to change things, rectify mistakes and remove deadwoods. Kick out umno.

4. Purge them and together with them the racist and supremacist indoctrination, the corrosive corruption, the opportunistic exploitation of the royalty and the fake religiosity.

5.we will continue with that theme later. I don't know if people notice it or not, before announcing the dissolution of parliament, the pm spoke about economics.

6. Let me be brutal about this. Much like anything else, the pm doesn't know what he's talking about. Or his speechwriter is an idiot.

7. He claimed that our economy is growing at 8%, unemployment is down, inflation is down etc.

8. I will not touch on our strategy of combating the covid pandemic. We haven't grilled the health minister as vigorously as we should. The strategy is in the pits. Big pharma, especially those which are umno linked, are making tons of money and people in the health ministry are mired in corruption. We don't ask inconvenient questions, because all we are interested in is to be safe from the pandemic. So, some of us are willing to cope up with the financial duggery.

9. Where does the pm get his figures? Is he on ketum?

10. The UK is growing at 2%, china at 4%, USA at around 3%, Europe is not faring that well. The world is heading to a recession and, touch wood, not stagflation.

11. And here, insignificant Malaysia is growing at an incredulous 8%? Jeepers! The pm was lying.

12. Where are the sources of economic growth? If the advanced economies reduce their imports of our intermediate and finished goods, where do get the 8%?

13. The sources cannot be domestic. These depend on external imports .

14. Our food import may now be 60 to 65b a year, our commodities exports are dampened by worldwide economic downturn. Our export of oil is restricted by OPEC quota, we can't sell at a price we simply want. Our export of exhaustible minerals is also constrained. So where is the 8% growth?

15. Hasn't the pm heard of the department of statistics?

16. His brief but preposterous economic claims, reflect his utter, catastrophic illiteracy in economics.

17. If he had familiarized himself, he would have said something ridiculous about inflation. The cost of everyday goods, foodstuffs and groceries is soaring. Therefore, his claims about inflation being under control are absurd.

18. Likewise, he would not have made imbecilic claims about reduced unemployment. That's hurtful to the millions seeking jobs, unless like regarding 10 people looking after 1 cow as being gainfully employed. That way, as my old professor, the late Harcharan Singh Khera says, there's no unemployment

19. So, as James Carville says, it's the economy, stupid. Every leader of any country direct a large part of their energy to improving their economies. Not about where KJ is contesting or about busying ourselves about the fate of Faisal Azumu or about creating 3 DPMs. By the way, that's stark bribery. That's the cerebral quality of wak jahid. Stupid is what stupid does.

20. So when umno rushes in when angels dare not tread, the pm was off to a bad start. That's an ominous sign for umno. Like bossakau, umno rushes to its peril.

21. Like Fred Flintstone says, yabedabedoo!


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