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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 7 October 2022

The Great Dictator in the House.

1. The court cannot enforce its own rulings. It has to depend on others to enforce them.

2. If other parties voluntarily refuse to enforce the sentencing of the supreme court, might as well not have the sentencing itself.

3. We can't expect the CJ or any of the federal court judges to go to the ground and teach the imbeciles how to do their job.

4. We can't expect these esteemed judges to tell the jailors at kajang, the prison director and his Tonto (yes kemosabe), the health minister and home ministers how to their jobs.

5. Recent developments have convinced me that issues of the law such as rule of law, constitution or otherwise general issues of the law, quite apart from specific and technical legal issues, are too important to be left to professional lawyers.

6. Especially if left to the shyster and shylockian ones. We are made into fools. We may be fools, but we are not bloody fools.

7. If other parties do not carry out what is ruled by the court, then they sabotaged and subvert the court.

8. This insubordination amounts to contempt of court of the highest order. It's triable and, if convicted, merits all the legal retributions.

9. I repeat, the people who defy what the courts ruled, are in contempt of the courts just as much as those who disparage the courts in any manner.

10. And by people, I include the jailers, the ministers if they are involved, the police and now the dumb ass speaker of parliament.

11. The last idiot, for entertaining the idea of allowing a convict to attend parliament.

12. Next time if a convict wants to back for hari raya, cny, Christmas and deepavali, boleh ya? If a convict wants to go back to do his husband or wifely duties-can aah?

13. I find the suggestion by an MP, that a convict like Najib can attend parliament a little thoughtless and preposterous.

14. Preposterous because both the mp and the speaker are lawyers who ought to know that allowing a convict to attend parliament is intrinsically wrong and illegal ab initio.

15. That means the speaker cannot cup his hands over his genitals and do an Alfred (of mad magazine) and say 'what me know' or in the Malaysian context, I can't stop Najib from attending parliament.

16. It also means, the mp cannot cover his private parts with his hands and say can come but najibs hands must be handcuffed.

17. Whether Najib the convict can attend parliament or not, does not depend on what the speaker and mp say, but on whether Najib is allowed to, is inherently wrong and against the law.

18. To allow a convict attend parliament would open the floodgates for other degenerates, to attend parliament or DUN.

19. For instance, the Dap adun who was convicted of rape, could now apply to attend the perak DUN. Let the dun speaker show that he is more intelligent than the lapdog in the dewan rakyat.

20. Can the speaker be referred to some committees of the House to have his statement on a convict censured? That was the stand of the speaker not parliament.

21. I am puzzled as to why Najib is still an mp. When Tian Chua was fined 2k, he immediately ceases to be an mp. Whether Najib is still an mp is not a function of whether he is in the process of getting a royal pardon. His status depends on whether he fined more than 2k. That is the first cr criteria. That is the fatal condition not he is getting a pardon or not. As Teresa says, haiyya!

22. So why is the speaker gedebak gedebu here and there?
As the kedahan would say
These people, they come back from Amerika
They think they are very kleva
Gerumal sini, gerumal sana
Semua jadi caca merba.

23. This speaker must be the most hated person in Malaysia. He's only revered by crooks and the followers of Najib. This Kim Jong-un wannabe is a very, very bad nightmare for Malaysia. He runs parliament like North Korea.

24. He gives a new meaning to the proverb, if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go the mountain. Fart Harun has indeed found a way to turn parliament into a Papa doc Duvalier's Haiti.

25. We can do a Churchill never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few to never in the history of our parliament has one person brought so much disrepute to one institution. He puts to shame the animal from kebinatangan and the rabbid dog from pasir salak. With a friend like the speaker, who needs an enemy.

26. As to the convict in chief, with friends like the jailers at kajang, the prison directors, possibly some police bad hats, some people in high places and now the small fascist in parliament, who needs enemies?


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