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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 9 January 2022

The Brothers Karamazov and the SPRM Trojan Horse. Part 2

1. It seems the favourite words of thieves and robbers are as follows:-

2. I find it very distressing for the good Tan Sri to say, no need to form an rci. It is very costly.

3. That is not the attitude expected from the chairman of a board, who ought to be vigilant in the pursuit of truth and justice. If cost were the consideration, then might as well do away with the inquiry and trials of the umno court cluster.

4. How can we have a chairman with a chinchai and lackadaisical attitude?

5. To save costs and satisfy charman Wile E Coyote, may I suggest we bring back trial by ordeal? Let azam baki place his hands in boiling water. If he is not scalded, he's innocent. End of story.

6. One of the brothers Karamazov is lying, or both are. If azam baki says that he does not know his brother buys shares using azams cds account, he is lying through his teeth.

7. As far as I know, the central depository account system, the cds account, only registers share ownership. It does not accept payment for the purchase of shares.

8. The silly chairman should now check the cds account to establish who actually own the shares.

9. Is the actual owner ab or nb? Is nb only a nominee? Then it would mean that ab is the actual owner. Where does he get the finances? Or if he provides collateral, how does he get them?

10. Like Indira Ghandi says :-the woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep. Please do not sleep, Ts chairman.

11. Therefore, Azam Baki must mean a stockbrokerage or trading account. Things are getting more interesting here.

12. When ab opened the bloody trading account and filled the required forms, did he state he was/is a direct owner or nominee? Did he name nb as the beneficial owner? For god’s sake - check the damn forms, tuan chairman.

13. Who's the remissier? Did he abet in a crime started by ab?

14. The chaimam must know that he has done a half past six job. He says, let's leave it to the pm.

15. Leaving it to an equally hazy pm is an admission that he has done a lousy job. 2nd, he seeks protection from the mafioso.

16. So like Lenin asked, 'what is to done? ' After taking considered opinion from everybody who matters, the pm should:-

17. A. Remove Tan Sri Abu as macc board. He is a dullard.
B. Remove ab as macc boss. He abuses his power and did many illegalities.
C. Restructure macc. There are many woodwoms there.

18. These actions are necessary to bring back the credibility of sprm. It's the custodian of honesty. Not a nest of hoodlums.

19. Let us now deal with the issue of Terrence Gomez. I first got his letter of resignation from an mp friend.

20. I don't know tg. I know he has written books on corporate serpentine shenanigans. But i have met him once with my friend Zaid Ibrahim.

21. Next time if I do meet him I'll treat him for idli, apomor tosai or banana leaf meal at Nirvana Bangsar.

22. T gomez is not a hobo loitering the streets at Chow Kit. He has a Doctorate in Economics. The opinions of a hobo and that of tg's dhould be given their respective weighted considerations.

23. He has written a letter of resignation and reasons for it. The letter went viral over the internet social media. Which means what?

24. Which means that anybody who reads the letter is deemed to have implied knowledge, which is almost as good as actual knowledge. Abu Zahar perhaps read it as an accompaniment to his ene script.

25. Which means to need to go see Tan Sri or make a police report.

26. Terrence Gomez has elevated the potent of implied knowledge. Many leads emanate therefrom.

27. When chairman Abu read it, he is deemed to have implied knowledge and can act on it. But to take action robustly. When the police read it, they can mount an investigation. 0Depending on what the chaiman and ab said at the inquiry, several other parties can already take action.

28. Sprm can already investigate. When they do, ab must take leave. Otherwise, it will be a whitewash. Bank negara can investigate the particular bank and its officers for giving the brothers Karamazov preferential treatment. Bursa saham or the sc can already investigate the stocbroking firm and the remisier/s. Investigate allowing the remisiers client for allowing his account being used by a 3rd party. Fined him and compound the 3rd party.

29. So Tuan chaiman, it is not a simple matter. What a tangled web you weave. You are hoist with your own petard.

By: Mohd Ariff Sabri bin Hj Abdul Aziz.
Ex AdUN, pulau manis, pekan pahang(umno)
Ex mp raub(DAP)


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