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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 7 January 2022

The Brothers Karamazov And The SPRM Trojan Horse. Part 1.

1. Roadrunner Azam Baki only needs to say, 'beep beep' and Wile E Coyote Abu Zahar Ujang will jump the cliff.

2. The day the MACC board met the press must be a looney day. It ought to be renamed how not to catch the would-be-crook.

3. The explanation given by chairman Wile E Coyote abu zahar ujang is both comical and laughable. Hee Haw!

4. It's a simple matter which suffices an explanation from the roadrunner. No need for an RCI. It's too expensive and cost a lot of money.

5. It's the fault of Terrence Gomez. He didn't come to me. He didn't make a police report. Blame the flood victims for staying near water sources.

6. I can now confirm this. This government is a bourgeoisie government. It exists to perpetuate its own supremacy.

7. I use the present term 'confirm' to denote past, present and future. Not something only of historical significance as captured by the term 'confirmed'. Ok boss?

8. The propertied class and those who control the apparatuses of state and their allies will use everything necessary to perpetuate their supremacy. Thats the essence of a bourgeoisie government.

9. They will shuffle and hustle and use verbal gymnastics to exonerate a fellow bourgeoisie. Thats the purpose of an inhouse inquiry anyway.

10. An in-house inquiry will give a semblance of impartiality. Accordingly his door is always opened to be slammed in Terrence Gomez's face.

11. Now, let us examine the statements by chairman Wile E Coyote.

12. We, the people expect the macc board to be composed of honest, robust and upright men and women. Not composed of meek and timorous souls. And under the sycophantic stewardship of wile e coyote. Its a recipe of doom.

13. Why do we demand that? Because the macc is the guardian against corruption, abuse of power and conflicts of interest and all forms of fiduciary duplicity. Threfore the board must consists of resolute persons. People not easily persuaded by verbal trickery and simple explanation.

14. Contrary to what you say Tan Sri Sir, thing are not so simple. Allow me to put on my Sherlock Holmes hat first.

15. Please tell us the name of the extremely generous bank. This bank gave out millios of money easily and has very liberal and loose requirements allowing someone else to use another persons account.

16. What kind of bank has these very liberal requirements? Theres a new accounting principle. They maybe brothers, but in accounting must be treated as seperate entities. The identities of Azam and Nasir were mysteriously merged.

17. There must be documents regarding the loan to Nasir Baki. Have Tan Sri cited these? There must also be written permission from Azam permitting Nasir to use his account. Has Wile E Coyote cited this?

18. Rudyard Kipling in his hugely popular novel, 'Jungle Book' told us that stranger things have happed in the jungles of India. He got it right except for the jungles part. He meant in the banks of Malaysia.

19. If it were possible to use another person of reputes account, I too would rush to use it. Hey you brothers of pm, mb state secretary, ketua pengarah use your brothers account, man.

20. I have problems here. If the million ringgit loan was given, it must have been given on account of azams position. Wouldnt this suggests an abuse of position for pecuniary advantage?

21. This must be in breach of some securities law.

22. Compound Azam, impale the bank manager, revoke the banks license. It must be a kopi 'o' variety.

23. Pardon my ignorance. If the loan was given in the name of Azam, then wouldn't legal title on the shares be vested in Azam the irresolute's name?

24. There must be some documents pertaining to this. Has Zahar Ujang cited these? Dont treat this matter as cincai. Unless of course zahar ujang himself is of cincai constution. In that case, we have a fool as chairman of the macc board.

25. That also speaks volume about the quality of the other macc board members. Most of them perhaps, are just LCE holders. If you dressed a monkey in a suit, that person still remains a monkey.

26. A few months later, we are told legal title on the shares was transferred to nasir bakis name. Here too, I have some problems. Tan sri, please enlighten me.

27. In order to effect the transfer, nasir baki must have paid off the loan. Were there documents substantiating this? Did abu cited these? Where's the beef?

28. To pay off the loan nasir b must have cash money or secured a loan. The bank must have records.

29. Get nasir b to explain where he came by the money or if he secured a loan, what was the collateral and wat was its value?

30. Where did the brothers Karamazov get millions of money? Do they own half of the land in putrajaya?

31. The brothers Karamazov must have a lot of money or a lot of valuable collateral. These are necessary conditions but not sufficient. The sufficient condition,the icing on the cake at it were, is an important position in sprm.

32. We can only conclude that the brothers Karamazov used sprm as a Trojan horse.

33. By the way does Tan Sri Abu reads this? Or like the typical Malay he reads only 2 pages a year. And one of the pages is about empat nombor ekor,toto and loteri.

Pembukaan akaun sekuriti

Seksyen 25 Akta Pasaran Modal dan Perkhidmatan mengkehendaki:

1. Setiap orang yang mahu berurusan dengan mana-mana sekuriti (dealing in securities) mestilah mempunyai akaun sekuriti

2. Semasa membuka akaun, orang yang membukanya perlu membuat pengisytiharan samada dia adalah pemilik berkepentingan (beneficial owner) atau pun nomini yang dibenarkan (authorised nominee).

Kegagalan membuat pengisytiharan boleh di denda tidak melebihi RM 3 juta atau penjara tidak melebihi 10 tahun atau kedua-duanya sekali.

34. Azam must have take a leave from Najib and Zahid. Saya tak tahu duit keluar akaun saya. And saya tak tahu duit yayasan diguna untuk bayar kad kredit saya. Azam says ini adik saya buat.

35. I need to have a part 2. For I know the attention span of Malaysians is short.


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